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    Trophy Guide by TripleJump

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/09/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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           _____         _______ _______ _     _       _____   _____  _______
          |_____] |      |_____| |       |____/       |     | |_____] |______
          |_____] |_____ |     | |_____  |    \_      |_____| |       ______|
                                 Call of Duty: Black Ops
                         Achievement/Trophy Guide by TripleJump
                           Last Updated: December 9th, 2010
                        Contact: triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com
                             Copyright (c) 2010 TripleJump
                                     Version: 1.0
     NOTE: I will not be posting my PSN Account because I do not wish to play with
           people that I do not know. I will not help you with your trophies in
           game or play Zombies with you. Also, please be aware that this guide may
           contain minor spoilers (although I will try not to post them).
                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS
     For a quicker way to search the guide, press CONTROL + F simultaneously on
     your keyboard and enter the number code on the right of the Table of Contents.
     It will jump directly to the section desired, and save you minutes of
     1.] Introduction ...................................................... [0100]
     2.] Version History ................................................... [0200]
     3.] Veteran Mode ...................................................... [0300]
               3.1] Veteran Mode ........................................... [0310]
               3.2] Veteran Glitch ......................................... [0320]
     4.] Achievements/Trophies ............................................. [0400]
     5.] Credits ........................................................... [0500]
     1.]                             INTRODUCTION                            [0100]
     This guide is designed to help you collect all achievements/trophies in the
     simplest way possible (short of boosting). I will not post any glitches that
     aid in the collection, only legitimate methods.
     Please be aware that the three hidden trophies have their details listed in
     this guide. Also, some trophies partain directly to certain parts of missions,
     and while I may try avoid spoiling them it may be necessary for the sake of
     I own the PS3 version of the game and as such will not be versed in any
     problems or changes there may be in the Xbox 360 version. Please inform me if
     I make any version related mistakes (email is found at the top of the guide).
     Personally I have collected all the trophies and found this game to be quite
     an easy Platinum (relative to some of the other games you could be trying to
     If you have any strategies, want to host this guide or just have a question,
     feel free to send me an email. I will not, however, respond to requests to
     play with you.
     2.]                            VERSION HISTORY                          [0200]
     This section details any updates or changes to the guide, the date they were
     published and in what version. You don't really have to worry about this.
     3.]                              VETERAN MODE                           [0300]
     This section will contain some strategies regarding collecting trophies to
     make things as quick as possible. It also contains some things you should be
     aware of before attempting Veteran.
     3.1]                             Veteran Mode                           [0320]
     1. Play on an the easiest difficulty while collecting extra trophies
     If you are collecting a trophy that isn't dependent on a difficulty, do it on
     the easiest available skill level. In Call of Duty: Black Op's case, do it on
     2. Play the Game on Veteran the first time 
     Veteran can be really annoying, but it will be more annoying if you play
     through the entire game multiple times. Just start with the hardest difficulty
     and you will save time, energy and get the trophies quickest.
     3. Prepare to die
     On Veteran difficulty the enemies aim faster, do more damage and are more
     aggresive. There's no way around it, you will die many times in Veteran. Get
     your stress ball ready and remove all sharp objects from the room.
     4. Infinite Respawns makes it tough
     The biggest difficulty with Veteran mode is not so much the increased damage
     to yourself, but the worst part of it is the enemies respawning. Essentially,
     Veteran is about knowing when to run and knowing when to hide. While you sit
     in a safe location, enemies will continually run in no matter how many you
     kill. That is right, there is an infinite supply of foes. Your campaign allies
     in this game are more useful than in past Call of Duty games, but still will
     not do much in aiding you. It is your job to push up towards the enemies so
     your allies will do so too.
     5. Ration your special grenades
     I strongly recommend holding onto your special grenades for times of extreme
     frustration, this extends especially to smoke grenades, as they generally are
     not found and can be a life saver in particularily difficult parts.
     6. Use auto-aim
     You can lock on to an enemy immediately by tapping the aim-down-sights button.
     While trying to locate enemies in the distance, this can be a godsend. You can
     immediately find their positions and send a burst back at them.
     7. Take cover
     If you have ANY damage at all, wait in a safe spot before engaging the enemy
     again. You will die EXTREMELY fast if you are hit while previously injured.
     Also, you will either need to shoot from behind an object, or around an object
     while prone. This will make it harder for you to get hit.
     8. Take Grenades into account
     While in hiding, remember that the enemy still throws grenades. Make sure you
     have a safe place to move if you have a grenade land next to you (or throw it
     back, if you can).
     9. Learn to hipfire
     When you are in cover, you aim down the sights. When you are moving, HIPFIRE!
     It is always faster to hipfire than pull up the iron sights and pick a shot.
     You will also move faster hipfiring than ADS. At close range, you will
     probably hit them anyway.
     10. Pick up useful attachments
     By this I mean pick up enemy guns that have things like extended mags and dual
     mags, because extra ammunition is always useful. I don't recommend grenade
     launchers on Veteran because you must expose yourself greatly to fire them
     and have to switch back to regular firing if someone sneaks up on you.
     11. Be Aware
     Due to the nature of enemy respawns its not uncommon for an enemy to appear
     behind you, constantly watch your back.
     3.2]                            Veteran Glitch                          [0330]
     One thing you should be aware of while trying to collect all the trophies for
     completing missions on Veteran difficulty is the glitch. Some people have
     complained that the trophies were not unlocking, citing a glitch. Technically
     this is a glitch, but it is easily avoidable.
     The glitch is this: if at any point during a mission you pause and select
     "SAVE AND QUIT", and then select "RESUME MISSION" from the menu later, you
     will not get the trophy even if you complete the mission. Essentially, you
     MUST complete a mission in a single sitting to get the trophy.
     Before you ask "Does that mean I have to beat the campaign all at once?" the
     answer is no. There is a simple work around, everytime you save and quit,
     simply press "Restart level" instead of "Resume Mission" and beat it from the
     start. If you are thinking of stopping partway through a mission, then you
     should either reconsider or restart from the beginning the next time you pick
     up the game.
     4.]                          ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES                      [0400]
     Death to Dictators
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Take down Castro with a headshot.
     GUIDE: On the very first mission (Operation 40) you will breach two rooms. The
            second of which has Castro. Aim down the sights of your pistol and aim
            for his head. It is very easy to do on any difficulty and you will know
            you got it if everything goes slow motion and the camera follows your
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.
     GUIDE: Unavoidable. Simply complete the mission "Operation 40" on any
     Vehicular Slaughter
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.
     GUIDE: During the mission "Vorkuta" you will find yourself holding a minigun
            called a "Death Machine". Destroy every truck you see, and all the
            enemies on it. Later, you get on a motorbike. Kill all the enemies
            around you with your pistol, and then when you get on the truck machine
            gun destroy all vehicles: trucks, motorbikes and the helicopter. If you
            don't get it, you may have missed something. I'm not entirely sure when
            you need to begin destroying enemies on vehicles but I would start from
            as early as possible. Do it on recruit for best results.
    Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Escape Vorkuta.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "Vorkuta" on any difficulty. It's unavoidable.
     Slingshot Kid
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.
     GUIDE: During "Vorkuta" you will man a slingshot. Aim somewhat above the three
            targets pointed out and hold down on the left stick, then release. It
            is pretty easy to do. If it is your first time playing the level I
            recommend doing it again on recruit and just learning the physics of the
            slingshot the first time. 
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Receive orders from Lancer.
     GUIDE: Ridiculously easy, you don't even have to do anything during this
            mission. Simply watch the mission "U.S.D.D." on any difficulty.
     A Safer Place
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Sabotage the Soviet space program.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "Executive Order" on any difficulty. Unavoidable.
     Tough Economy
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in
                  the defense of Khe Sanh.
     GUIDE: During the mission "S.O.G." you will have to use a TOW missile near the
            end to destroy the tanks. Play this on Recruit and take your time to
            aim at the enemies. If you miss, let the tank destroy you or shoot a TOW
            near yourself so you restart from the last checkpoint. Just don't miss.
     Looks Don't Count
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "S.O.G." on any difficulty. Unavoidable.
     SOG Rules
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "The Defector" on any difficulty. Unavoidable.
     Raining Pain
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Rack up a bodycount of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.
     GUIDE: Play the mission "The Defector" on recruit and when you receive the
            ability to call in air support, mark an area with many enemies. Sit
            back, wait until you can call it in and do it again. If you advance
            minimally, you will still get many enemy respawns. Also, you will lose
            the ability to call in the air support at one point but later in the
            mission you get it back, so complete it then if need be.
     The Dragon Within
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.
     GUIDE: At the start of the mission "The Defector" you get a SPAS-12 with
            incendiary "Dragon's Breath" rounds. Simply use this weapon until you
            have 10 kills. I did this on my first runthrough on Veteran but if you
            really need it then do it on recruit.
     Heavy Hand
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.
     GUIDE: During the mission "Victor Charlie" you will receive a Grim Reaper.
            Hold on to this until you reach a point where you are in a house and a
            machine gun is firing on you. Destroy the MG with your machine gun. I
            got this one on my Veteran run but if you'd rather do it on recruit it
            would probably be easier.
     Up Close and Personal
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Silently take out 3 VC.
     GUIDE: During "Victor Charlie" you will have a knife out for all the time.
            There are three Vietcong soldiers you must kill: one in a boat that
            you examine and then pull him down into the water, one sleeping in a
            bunk bed and one sitting with his back to you. This is a very easy
     Double Trouble
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.
     GUIDE: This trophy can be very hard to do on Veteran, so I recommend doing it
            on recruit. Get some dual wielded SMGs as well as pistols and spray.
            This trophy is for the mission "Numbers".
     Broken English
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Escape Kowloon.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "Numbers" on any difficulty. Unavoidable.
     Lord Nelson
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the
     GUIDE: This one can definitely be a pain in the butt. On the mission
            "Crash Site" there is a part where you are on a boat. Go on recruit and
            take your sweet time shooting all the docks, houses and enemies you can
            see. I must have spent at least a good 30 minutes driving back and forth
            slowly shooting at everything. If the structure blows up once, keep
            firing because it will often be destroyed even more. Fire the missiles
            and the machine gun constantly. I'm not entirely sure how much damage
            you need to cause to these buildings but make sure you can't destroy
            them any further. At the end of the level you will fight an enemy boat
            and will be unable to go back after this, so be sure to do it first.
     Never Get Off the Boat
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Find the Soviet connection in Laos.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "Crash Site" on any difficulty.
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 50G
     Description: Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting
     GUIDE: During the mission "WMD" you will be manning a soldier in a spy plane.
            Simply follow the instructions and guide them. At times, you will take
            over the actual soldiers and fight some enemies. If you OR ANY of the
            squadmates die, you will have to restart. After the screen fades to
            white, you will get this.
     Mr. Black OP
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 50G
     Description: Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.
     GUIDE: During the mission "WMD" you will come across a number of enemies that
            are doing things such as fixing cars and patrolling. At this point, you
            must use your silenced AUG and crossbow to take all of the enemies out
            without being discovered. I did it with my crossbow but apparently the
            AUG works better for when there are multiple enemies.
            Simply pick the guy that looks like they're paying the least attention
            and take them out. Often times if there are two enemies your squadmate
            will mop them up. If you miss, you have a few seconds to take them out
            before they sound the alarm. If you fail, kill yourself and try again.
     With Extreme Prejudice
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.
     GUIDE: During the mission "Payback" you will enter a Hind. Do this on recruit
            difficulty and destroy all the targets using only the missile (do not
            even touch the machine gun button). It might be a little harder taking
            down the enemy choppers but it isn't so bad.
     Russian Bar-B-Q
     Trophy:  Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW
     GUIDE: During the mission "Payback" right before you enter the area with the
            POWs there is an enemy with an AK-47 flamethrower. Pick this up and use
            it constantly until you burn 10 enemies to death (do this on recruit).
            It's really not too hard, just don't waste the ammo.
     Light Foot
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 30G
     Description: Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.
     GUIDE: This one can be a pain in the rear. During the mission "Project Nova"
            you have to escape from the ship with 2:15 left on the clock. I would
            recommend playing the level on recruit first just so you can get an
            idea of what you are doing. Specifically, learn where the pipe you have
            to shoot out is (it will be lit up as an objective). Doing this will
            save you some time. Then, you will hit some checkpoints along the way.
            As long as you keep sprinting with an SMG, hipfiring enemies out of your
            path you will make it.
            This will likely take you a few tries. On my attempt, I actually died
            right as I reached the exit rope but still got the trophy. So you don't
            need to actually go down it, as long as you touch it.
     Some Wounds Never Heal
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Escape the Past.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "Project Nova" on any difficulty. Unavoidable.
     I Hate Monkeys
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.
     GUIDE: During the mission "Rebirth", you will reach a lab with many monkeys
            in cages. Right outside the entrance to a large lab with many enemies
            are many of these cages. Pick out two particularily dense corners and
            quickly throw two grenades, then shoot a few monkeys. You will easily
            get it.
     No Leaks
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 50G
     Description: Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth island.
     GUIDE: During the mission "Rebirth" there will be a point where you pull on a
            gas mask. Play this on recruit and go VERY slowly. Use the thermal
            scope you are given to pick out enemies ahead, and be careful in close
            range areas. Your suit will not regenerate health and if you die you
            must restart.
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: Crack the code.
     GUIDE: Complete the mission "Revelations" on any difficulty. Unavoidable.
     Double Whammy
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from the deck
                  of the ship.
     GUIDE: During the mission "Redemption" after you land on the ship deck you will
            eventually pick up a Valkyrie Rocket. Play this on recruit and aim at
            the two choppers when they are close together. You either want to hit
            one of them so they crash into each other or fire the rocket right
            between them and detonate it yourself so both take damage. This will
            likely take a few tries and if you destroy one without the other then
            throw a grenade by your feet and kill yourself for another chance.
     Trophy: Gold
     Gamerscore: 100G
     Description: Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
     GUIDE: I recommend doing this on Veteran as you are going to need to get the
            Veteran mission achievements anyway, so why not? See those trophies for
            more level specific moments.
     Stand Down
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 35G
     Description: Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
     GUIDE: Very easy to do on recruit, but if you are going for all the trophies
            then do it on Veteran. You will receive this trophy in addition to
            BLACK OPS MASTER.
     Frag Master
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade.
     GUIDE: During the escape in Operation 40 you will find yourself exiting
            Castro's house in a large entrance hall. Outside are a number of trucks
            with mounted machine guns, towers and a fountain. Wait until enemies
            approach the fountain and throw a grenade just in front of it. There is
            an explosive barrel that will ignite and kill the enemies around it.
     Sally Likes Blood
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3
                  enemies with a single bullet.
     GUIDE: I found this easiest to get on Dead Ops arcade, simply play the game
            and try to get zombies into crowds. Eventually you will get it by
            spraying. If you want a more reliable method, go onto Kino Der Toten
            and open up all the doors from upstairs to the right all the way to
            the theatre (turn the power on. Get a gun such as the L96A1 and run in
            a route from the theatre, into the lobby, up the stairs and back down
            again. When all the zombies are following you in a straight line, shoot
            the row of zombies and kill three at once. It's easier to do if it is an
            earlier level and you have your gun pack a punched.
     Unconventional Warfare
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the campaign.
     GUIDE: I'm not sure if this is cumulative but in the mission "Executive Order"
            as well as "WMD" you will receive a crossbow. Equip the explosive bolts
            and aim at groups of enemies or explosive barrels in hopes of killing
            more. I did this on Executive Order but like I said, I don't know if it
            adds from levels before so I could use some clarification from you guys
            on it.
     Cold Warrior
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Complete "Operation 40", "Vorkuta", and "Executive Order" on
                  Veteran difficulty.
     GUIDE: This is probably one of the hardest trophies on the game simply because
            it has Executive Order, which I definitely consider to be one of the
            two hardest missions on Veteran. In particular, right before the end you
            find yourself underground and having to fight through a small lab and
            then a narrow hallway. Keep ALL your smoke grenades for this part. You
            will have to slowly pick off people, then throw a smoke in the hall and
            run to your left, taking cover. Watch the right side and repeat the
            process. Then you will want to run into the room on the right and kill
            anyone inside. This room is a deathtrap but once you clean it out you
            shouldn't have too many problems. Work your way to the right and throw
            a smoke. The checkpoint is at the end of the hall where it turns left.
     Down and Dirty
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Complete "SOG" and "The Defector" on Veteran difficulty.
     GUIDE: This is the other one I'd consider for hardest trophy. "SOG" is just
            all around chaotic and difficult to discern friend from foe. The part
            where you detonate C4 on a poorly protected hill is tough, but the
            worst is yet to come. You are on a large hill going downwards with many
            enemies. One of your squadmates will talk to some Marines and order them
            around. At this part, you want to take out some of the enemies and DASH
            down the hill to cover. There's an armory on the right side of the hill
            with some cover.
            Near this armory is a barrel standing on the hill. Most people don't
            notice this, but in order to advance you must shoot as many enemies as
            you can, then before they respawn throw some grenades and dash to the
            barrel. You will be prompted to "knock it over". Do so, and then turn
            around and DIVE for cover. This is one of the most frustrating parts
            and requires persistance. There is also ANOTHER barrel you must knock
            over too, and I don't recall there being a checkpoint there either.
     It's Your Funeral
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Complete "Numbers", "Project Nova" and "Victor Charlie" on
                  Veteran difficulty.
     GUIDE: None of these levels I remember posing any real problem that couldn't
            be overcome by trying it a few more times. Just keep trying.
     Not Today
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Complete "Crash Site", "WMD" and "Payback" on Veteran difficulty.
     GUIDE: None of these levels I remember posing any real problem that couldn't
            be overcome by trying it a few more times. Just keep trying.
     Burn Notice
     Trophy: Silver
     Gamerscore: 25G
     Description: Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty.
     GUIDE: Rebirth features the gas mask part, and this can be very frustrating
            especially when you can't often see who is shooting at you. Take it nice
            and easy and use your thermal scope. Also, the part where you must enter
            the lab area (after taking off the mask) can be a pain too, so be sure
            to keep some ammo for your thermal gun for that (to spot enemies on the
            roof and such).
     Closer Analysis
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description:  Find all the hidden intel.
     GUIDE: This trophy isn't hard but it is time consuming. Play on recruit and go
            through the levels. I recommend doing this one while you do the extra
            trophies (such as "Take out two choppers at once" etc.) Anyway, here is
            a list of all the Intel.
     OPERATION 40:   1. After you and your squad open a door into a room full of
                        enemies and many boxes, look to the back. It is on a box
                        next to an RPG.
                     2. After defeating Castro and entering the large entrance hall
                        area, go to the right. You will enter a bedroom with an
                        enemy and a table. It's on the table.
                     3. After rapelling down the hill, you'll enter a large hangar.
                        On the left of the Hangar is some steps going onto a
                        platform. It's on the platform.
     VORKUTA:        1. After entering the tower to go on the roof, the middle level
                        has it near some radio equipment.
                     2. After sliding under the door while Sergei holds it, head to
                        the room to the back and right behind the stairs. Its near
                        more radio equipment.
                     3. Before getting on your motorbike, look behind you. Its on a
                        shelf to the left.
     EXEC. ORDER:    1. On a table to the right on the third floor of the Comms
                     2. After detonating C4 on the wall enter the room and go to the
                        back left corner. Its on the computer consoles.
                     3. In the last, narrow hallway of the level there is the room
                        with computers on the right. It's on the console in that
                        room (check the left side of the room).
     S.O.G.:         1. After using the detonators, go up the hill and to the back.
                        Theres a bunch of tents with crates and such below it. On a
                        pile of cases is the intel.
                     2. Right below one of the barrels (left side) that gets pushed
                        over on the large hill is a bunker. Enter it, and look at
                        the right window. It's on the ledge.
                     3. After dropping down into a flaming bunker, look to the right
                        and you'll find this on the table.
     THE DEFECTOR:   1. Right after you meet an old friend again, check the room
                        on the right.
                     2. While you are following the friendly vehicle, the road will
                        turn right. Get in the building on the left here and you
                        will find it on a table.
                     3. After destroying the ZSU with your C4, turn right and go
                        into the destroyed building to the right at the end of the
                        road. Its by a phone on a table.
     NUMBERS:        1. At the start of the mission, turn right and you find it in
                        the side room by a computer.
                     2. After going down the roof in slow motion, go forward under
                        the small shelter and check on the ground to the left.
                     3. After climbing down the rooftops and right before you slide
                        down to the end, turn around and you'll find it there.
     PROJECT NOVA:   1. After clearing the first building, its on a table on the
                        top floor.
                     2. In a hangar where the Germans try to surrender, its at the
                        back right room.
                     3. As you exit the ship on a time limit, its right below the
                        ramp to the way out (to the right).
     VICTOR CHARLIE: 1. After climbing through the windows to the sleeping enemies,
                        you will see one standing up. Turn around and find it in a
                        large nook of the building.
                     2. There's a spider hole marked by an objective, and a hut
                        behind it. It's between the table and the wall to the left.
                     3. In the rat tunnels, keep taking the left path until you
                        find this one on the right side of the tunnel.
     CRASH SITE:     1. Head left at the chopper and flare at the start and you will
                        find it on a crate by some barrels.
                     2. After getting off the boat its on the right side of the
                        path leading forward.
                     3. After climbing the wing of the plane turn right and drop
                        down, the intel is right below you. 
     WMD:            1. In the enemy barracks you must destroy, its on a desk near
                        where you enter.
                     2. After kicking in the door and your squad gets in through
                        the window, go around the upper deck and through the door
                        into the large locker room, its on the bench.
                     3. On a table in the middle room of the large hangar near the
                        end. Get it before going in the room.
     PAYBACK:        1. While chasing the Russian through the cave, you will come
                        to an opening with a waterfall. Its on a shelf to the right.
                     2. Before getting in the Hind you can find it on the right on
                        a small table.
                     3. In the last room of the POW compound, go to the back left.
                        Before going down the hall, you will find it on some crates.
     REBIRTH:        1. After killing the man with the Tomahawk, look left.
                     2. In the lab area getting closer to the end is a large
                        bio-dome type thing. It's on the table in here.
                     3. While in the large, gas filled area you will find a house on
                        the right. It is on the back right of the building.
     REVELATIONS:    1. Turn left when you see the number "4" on the wall. Its on
                        top of the bright cabinet.
                     2. When you see the numbers 123 3 on the wall, turn right and
                        check the garbage can.
                     3. When you see the USDD logo on the floor turn left and enter
                        the office building. It's on a desk by a printer.
     REDEMPTION:     1. Once you are foot-mobile on the ship deck, you will pass
                        through a large shipment container. Its on the left in the
                     2. After descending the stairs into a locker room, and even
                        lower to a command room, you can find it under the table
                        by the door. Look at it from the left side of the table.
                     3. Under the desk upstairs in the flooded area near the end.
     Date Night
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Watch a film or clip with a friend.
     GUIDE: Simply get a clip from the community or your own matches and invite a
            friend to a theatre lobby. Watch the clip and bingo, you have a trophy.
     In The Money
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 20G
     Description: Finish 5 Wager Matches "in the money".
     GUIDE: Play the cheapest 10 COD Point wager match available. I preferred Gun
            Game. 5 of these on Nuketown went by very fast and if you can be the
            host for those games you will practically be guaranteed a top finish.
            Being "in the money" means coming in the top three players of a wager
     Ready For Deployment
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Reach rank 10 in Combat Training.
     GUIDE: Very simple, just play a Free-For-All with no teammates against the max
            number of enemies on recruit. In no time you will have shot up many
            ranks and have gotten this.
     The Collector
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 20G
     Description: In Zombie mode, buy every weapon off the walls in a single game.
     GUIDE: Easiest way to do it is on Kino Der Toten. Open all the doors from the
            upstairs of the lobby to the theatre, then turn on the power. Buy an
            MP40 and get the Thundergun. And then run loops from the theatre to the
            dressing room over and over again. Use the MP40 and get headshots in
            order to rack up points, buying ammo off the wall for 500 points when
            need be (192 bullets x 10 points per hit= 1920 points acquired, meaning
            you will always be gaining points even if you buy ammo. Plus, you get
            kills sometimes for 40 extra points).
            After you have racked up 11,250 points (and have opened all the doors)
            go around to everything on the wall and buy it. You must also get a
            Bowie Knife, Frag Grenades and Claymores to get the trophy. The Bowie
            Knife is by the Juggernog machine, the frag grenades are in the
            teleporter room and the Claymores are on the stage. Here's a list of
            the guns and their locations. You probably will have bought some already
            (such as the M14 and MP40).
     M14: 500
     Olympia: 500
     MPL: 1000
     AK74-U: 1000
     Claymores: 1000
     M-16: 1000
     Bowie Knife: 3000
     MP5K: 1000
     MP40: 1000
     Stakeout: 1000
     PM63: 1000
     Frag Grenades: 250
     See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me (Classified)
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive
                  them from a distance.
     GUIDE: Follow the strategy from "The Collector", only this time with a friend.
            Collect a lot of money (10,000 is recommended) and get a last zombie.
            Try the box until you get the ballistic knife, then hop into the
            teleporter and pack a punch it. Have your friend cook a grenade and
            down themselves, then shoot them with the Ballistic Knife. ONLY the
            person doing the reviving gets the trophy.
     Hands Off the Merchandise
     Trophy:  Bronze
     Gamerscore: 20G
     Description: Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.
     GUIDE: This is fairly easy to do if you play the map "Five" a lot on Zombies.
            Basically, after you turn on the power switch (found on the bottom
            level of the map, in the labs) a zombie will come approximately every
            five rounds and steal your guns. Basically, wait until someone has a
            Ray Gun before turning on the power. Then go to the middle level and up
            on the catwalk. When the thief comes, he will appear to one player as
            he actually is and everyone else will see him as a red cloud. The player
            who can see him must run around in circles up top while everyone else
            pelts him with weapons. Even if you can't see him, you can still hurt
            him. The Ray Gun makes quick work with him. He won't be affected by
            monkeys or slowed down with the Winter's Fury.
            Alternately, if you play by yourself and want to get this quite easily
            then just Solo upstairs for a few rounds until you have 4500 points AND
            Quick Revive (on Solo it can be purchased without turning on the power).
            After that, save a last zombie and move out. Open the door leading to
            the elevator, the elevator, take the elevator, open the stairs, open
            the elevator and go down. Turn on the power and go back upstairs. Stand
            on the catwalk on the middle floor and make sure you have a nice view of
            the teleporter. When the thief comes, down yourself with a grenade. On
            Solo, if you have quick revive you will start reviving yourself and will
            be given two pack a punched pistols. These pistols fire explosive rounds
            and you can easily dispatch the thief by firing them at him.
     Sacrificial Lamb
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and
                  kill six zombies with the explosion.
     GUIDE: Follow the strategy from "The Collector" until you have enough money
            to get a Crossbow and Monkey Bombs. Then pack a punch your crossbow.
            The crossbow bolts will act as monkey bombs, but for insurance, have
            someone throw a monkey bomb to collect a crowd of zombies. Next, fire
            a bolt at your partner and have him run into the crowd. You should
            easily kill six zombies. Both the shooter and the lamb get the trophy.
     Insert Coin
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 5G
     Description: Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic
                  Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.
     GUIDE: See the trophy "Just ask me nicely". Find a computer you can access
            nearby here and enter the text "DOA" into the computer. Play the game.
     Easy Rhino
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 10G
     Description: In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed boost to blast your 20 or more
                  enemies at one time.
     GUIDE: Play Dead Ops arcade by yourself and play a couple rounds, when there
            are a lot of enemies coming, run from one corner to another trying to
            get them all to follow you, then when you have a crowd use the speed
            boost to burst through as many zombies as you can.
     Just ask me nicely (Classified)
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Break free from the torture chair.
     GUIDE: At the main menu, press R2/L2 repeatedly (LT RT on 360, I believe) until
            you stand up from the torture chair. Easy!
     Eaten by a Grue (Classified)
     Trophy: Bronze
     Gamerscore: 15G
     Description: Play Zork on the Terminal
     GUIDE: After freeing yourself from the chair (see Just ask me nicely) explore
            the room until you find a computer you can access. Type "Zork" into the
     5.]                               CREDITS                               [0500]
     - Achievement Hunters (RoosterTeeth) who helped me get the intel on my first
     - NextGenTactics, who helped me with some achievements the first time I played
       the game.
     - Any site that is currently hosting this.
     - Anyone who is currently reading this,
     - Multiple sites (Xbox360achievements.org and ps3trophies.org) for the list of
       achievements/trophies as well as their values. PS3trophies.org also has an
       excellent guide for this game in their forums.

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