How do i fix the broken hose?

  1. I can not figure it out and i dont know what repair item i need, do I need to buy the tool box smartgirl95 - 12 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. You need to buy the tape when it shows up in the store and place it outside next to the hose then place your person by the hose until it is fixed NNGSmith - 12 years ago - report 7   2


  1. Any water running solves the pressure problem I usually send 1 of the kiddies in2 the shower n let the adults do the job then Blazion - 12 years ago - report 5   5
  2. Buy the waterproof tape from the store, then turn on all the faucets and place the tape on the hose. imanerd17 - 5 years ago - report 3   6
  3. I feel stupid after figuring it out, but the way I fixed it was waiting for one of my sinks to spring a leak, then I sent someone to tape the hose and it worked. After the hose was taped I fixed my sink. I guess that the leaking sink solved that "too much water pressure" problem. punkgoth_vixen - 12 years ago - report 0   4
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