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Guide and Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/2015

             | This guide has a 69.23% GameFAQs approval rating. |
             o-----------------o              o------------------o
                               | 9 Yes / 4 No |   (01/06/2018)

       |    |  _   | |  _    _   _   /\   /  \      _        o _|_ | _
       |    |  _|  | |  _|  / \ /_\  \/   | __ |/\ / \ |/|/| |  |   / '
       | /\ | | |  | | | |  |   |    /\/  |  | |   | | | | | |  |    -
       |/  \| |_/\ | | |_/\ \_/ \_/  \/\  \__/ |   \_/ |   | |  \/  ,_/
          _     _       _          _        _      ___         _   _
         / ' |/ _| |/| | \    /\  | \ \  / |_| |/|  |  | | |/ |_| |_
         \_- | |_| | | |_/   /--\ |_/  \/  |_  | |  |  |_| |  |_   _|
      _____         ____     ___       ____   ____  __     __
        /  /       |    \   /   \     / ___| |  __| \ \   / /
       /  /_   _   | || |  /     \   / / __  | |_    \ \_/ /
      /  /  / /_/  |   (  |       | | | |  | |  _|    \   /
     /  /  / /_    | || |  \     /   \ \_| | | |__     | |
                   |____/   \___/     \____| |____|    |_|
                                              __  __              __   _
                                             |  \/  |     /\     |  \ | |
                                             |      |    /  \    |   \| |
                                             | |\/| |   / /\ \   | |\ | |
                                             | |  | |  / ____ \  | | \  |
                                             |_|  |_| /_/    \_\ |_|  \_|

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Chapter 1 - Joining the Thicket......[020100]  |
          |      ii - Chapter 2 - Saving the Thicket......[020200]  |
          |      iii - Chapter 3 - Winning the Thicket....[020300]  |
          |      iv - Chapter 4 - Freeing the Thicket.....[020400]  |
          |  3 - Just the Clicks..........................[030000]  |
          |  4 - FAQs.....................................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Updates..................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Contact..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Copyright................................[070000]  |
               |                                     |
               | Author: dark52                      |
               | Version: 1.0                        |
               | Last Updated: 14/10/09              |
               | Website: http://faqs.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net  |


Welcome to my guide for the fourth and final chapter of Wallace & Gromit's
Grand Adventures. The walkthrough should be able to guide you straight through
from the start to the end. I do skip a lot of content that is irrelevant to the
progress of the game but you will probably want to explore every option.

There is also a section, 'Just the Clicks', with a streamlined guide to what
you need to do if you only need a little push towards the solution that you're
stuck on. Hopefully it's spoiler free.


 ,--------,           ,---------------------------------,           ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 1 - Joining the Thicket  |~-~-~-~-~| [020100] |
 '--------'           '---------------------------------'           '--------'

We start again as Gromit, Wallace is wanting breakfast so go over to the
irritating buzzer and pull the lever. Once the cutscene is over follow Wallace
and Major Crum back into the dining room (the rest of the house is off limits
for the whole of the episode). You can stick around listening to their
conversation for as long as you like, eventually they'll go round in a circle
and you still won't really have learnt anything.

Take the scissors from the table with the radio on and use them to cut out a
picture from the newspaper by the bookshelf. Grab the Eavesdropper from the box
behind Major Crum, you can ignore the Clue Finder and the Wrench.

Go out the front and use the eavesdropper to hear the remainder of the
conversation between the Miss Flitts. You'll learn that the key to fending off
Miss Flitt is to get Wallace into Prickly Thicket. To town!

After listening to Mr. Paneer and Constable Dibbins talking about a letter from
Prickly Thicket, try and take the letter from the box outside the shop. A huge
pile of boxes will appear outside the shop, click on them and Mr. Paneer will
give you a free sample.

Walk over to the Newsagents and use your picture of Wallace (that you cut out
of the newspaper in the dining room) on the Extreme Putting Magazine. This
should fool Mr. Paneer into thinking Wallace is indeed suitable for membership
for Prickly Thicket.

Go back home and use your free sample of Sticky Nut Butter on the feeding tray
over the fence. This will lure the squirrel into the can, pick up the can and
go back into town. Use the trapped squirrel on the boxes outside Mr. Paneer's
shop and watch.

 ,--------,           ,--------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 2 - Saving the Thicket  |~-~-~-~-~-| [020200] |
 '--------'           '--------------------------------'            '--------'

To start your golfing career off just use your club on the ball on the ground.
Then it's time to search for clues, you'll find them by wandering around the
room and you can't do anything else before you've got all three.

The first is over by the entrance, the second is in the corner behind the
snooker table, and the third is in the corner by the five paintings.

Pull the Tee-Hee Time bell over near Mr. Paneer. This should set the clock to
3, open the clock up and then wander over to where you found that last clue.
Open up the music box and you'll be given the Silver Key.

Next ring the Tee Time Bell by Duncan McBiscuit and you'll start a golf game.
The club you'll want first is the red one. Use it with the front marker and
will cause the ball to hit the picture to the left of the middle. While Duncan
is laughing use the red club on his yellow one to switch them.

He'll then hit the picture to the far left. Switch your yellow club with the
blue one in the bag and again use the front spot. This will hit the painting to
the right of the middle. Again switch clubs giving Duncan the blue one. All
five lights should be on at this point, so finally grab the yellow club from
the bag and use it on the back spot. You should be awarded the Gold Key.

Go home by clicking on the door and then on the signpost for West Wallaby
Street. Take the glass of milk from the table next to Miss Flitt and go into
town. Give the milk to Mrs. Gabberley and then your Driver on the pot of Sticky
Nut Butter.

Constable Dibbins is the key to learning the Ganges Grip, give him your sticky
Driver and his gloves will stick to it when he shows you. Return to Prickly
Thicket and use the Ganges Grip on the snooker balls, reward: Porcelain Key.

Use the three keys on the locks on the painting behind Duncan and you'll find
the Deed.

 ,--------,           ,---------------------------------,           ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 3 - Winning the Thicket  |~-~-~-~-~| [020300] |
 '--------'           '---------------------------------'           '--------'

Try the short hole first, the ball will end up in the sewer. Descend into it
and Wallace will follow to help you search for the ball. Unfortunately it's
full of Mushrooms that look just like Golf Balls. Pick up a mushroom and turn
the valve on the wall. Exit to the street and grab the signs from the score
board from the Newsagents, then go to Prickly Thicket.

Ring the Tee-Hee Time Bell and then take the Joke Book. Leave the club and go
home. Use the Joke Book on Mr. Paneer, while Duncan is busy laughing you'll
have a chance to take the Measuring Club. Show Mr. Paneer the sign asking how
Wallace is doing and he'll leave.

Go into the dining room and pick up the stamp and address from the package on
the table. Turn on the radio and Mr. Paneer should be talking about Wallace,
this should get Miss Flitt to go to his rescue.

As you go back to town you may want to reveal the 18th hole, to do so use the
Measuring Club on the tree over the fence. Use the stamp and address on the
ball sitting on the starting line for the long shot and then go down into the
sewer and Miss Flitt will appear behind you. She'll clear out the sewer
revealing the missing ball.

Climb out of the sewer and turn the large fan around to face the flag, climb
back down and tell Wallace to use the Ganges Grib to get out of the sewer.

Use the normal golf clubs for the long shot now, and it should bounce off the
stream of water shooting out of the fountain and land in the postbox. Constable
Dibbins will deliver it to 62 West Wallaby Street for you.

Head inside at home and Duncan will knock the ball outside once Dibbins posts
it through the door. Tell Wallace to use the normal golf clubs and
unfortunately the squirrel will steal the ball right before it goes in. Use
your Mushroom on the hole to trick the squirrel into taking it and dropping
Wallace's golf ball. Try the shot again and you will succeed.

 ,--------,           ,---------------------------------,           ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 4 - Freeing the Thicket  |~-~-~-~-~| [020400] |
 '--------'           '---------------------------------'           '--------'

This section will require you to move people around whilst making sure not to
get certain people too close. Wallace can't get within one square of Duncan and
Wallace also can't go near Prudence Flitt.

The order to move is: Major Crum, Mr. Paneer, Duncan, Major Crum, Mr. Paneer,
Constable Dibbins, Mrs. Gabberley, Prudence Flitt, Felicity Flitt, Duncan,
Crum, Paneer, Wallace, Mrs. Gabberley, Constable Dibbins, Felicity, Duncan,
Crum, Paneer, Wallace, Felicity, Dibbins, Prudence, Duncan, Crum, Paneer, and
finally Wallace.

Run along the moving green carpet over to the left and pick up the Ball Washer,
then run over to the Chomping Gate and use the Measuring Club to stop it. Climb
through and use the Ball Washer on the Tea Time Bell. This will start a
procession of tea cups falling down a hole under the clock.

Climb back through the Chomping Gate and take the Measuring Club out again, use
it with the Clock Pendulum to put out the fire. Walk over to the door and free
them all to finish the game.

|~-[030000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~JUST THE CLICKS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[030000]-~|

          |  Breakfast  |

Pull lever.

          |  Felicity  |

Pick up eavesdropper.

Go outside.

Use eavesdropper.

          |  Dibbins  |
Go into town.

Try to take envelope.

Look at boxes.

Use jar on feeding tray next door.

Pick up jar.

Use jar with boxes of jars.

          |  Paneer  |

Pick up scissors in dining room.

Use scissors on newspaper.

Use picture on magazine at Newsagents.

          |  Clues  |

Walk to entrance.

Walk to behind snooker table.

Walk to corner by five paintings.

          |  Gold Key  |

Use Tee Time Bell.

Pick up Red Club.

Use club on front line.

Use club on Duncan's club.

Pick up Blue Club.

Use club on front line.

Use club on Duncan's club.

Pick up Yellow Club.

Use club on back line.

Use key on lock.

          |  Silver Key  |

Use Tee-Hee Time Bell.

Open clock.

Use music box in corner.

Use key on lock.

          |  Porcelain Key  |

Take milk from Dining Room.

Give milk to Mrs. Gabberley.

Use Driver on jar.

Give Driver to Dibbins.

Use Driver on snooker ball.

Use key on lock.

          |  Short Hole  |

Take Wallace sign from scoreboard.

Show sign to Paneer at house.

Turn on radio in Dining Room.

Go into sewer.

Climb out.

Click on fan.

Go into sewer.

Tell Wallace to use Ganges Grip.

          |  Long Hole  |

Turn valve in sewer.

Ring Tee-Hee Time Bell.

Take Joke Book.

Show Joke Book to Paneer at house.

Take Measuring Club.

Take stamp from Dining Room.

Use Measuring Club on tree over fence.

Use stamp on ball at long shot spot.

Use golf clubs.

Go into the house.

Use golf clubs.

Throw mushroom at hole.

Use golf clubs.

          |  Sand Trap  |

Major Crum

Mr. Paneer


Major Crum

Mr. Paneer

Constable Dibbins

Mrs. Gabberley

Prudence Flitt

Felicity Flitt

Duncan, Crum



Mrs. Gabberley

Constable Dibbins













          |  Freedom  |

Pick up Ball Washer.

Use Measuring Club on Chomping Gate.

Use Ball Washer on Tea Time Bell.

Pick up Measuring Club.

Use Measuring Club on pendulum.

Open door.


Q: How do I learn the Ganges Grip?
A: You need to give Constable Dibbins a sticky driver so that his grip stays.
To do this you'll need to get Mrs. Gabberley to start talking again (give her
some milk) and then dip the driver into the Sticky Nut Butter.

Q: How do I find the ball in the sewer?
A: Get Paneer to commentate on Wallace by showing him the sign from the
scoreboard, then turn on the radio in the Dining Room.

Q: That squirrel keeps stealing the ball!
A: Give it a mushroom.

Q: How do I move in the sand trap?
A: You move Wallace by click on him.

Q: How do I get through the Chomping Gate without the Club?
A: You don't. You need to use something to pull the bell by itself. Pick up the
Ball Washer and put it by the bell and then you can use the Measuring Club


v1.0 - 14/10/09
First version completed and submitted.


Please contact me at the following email address regarding the game. Make sure
to state the name of the game in your email and to have read the Walkthrough in
order to make sure that your question hasn't already been answered.

                        dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net

I am not technical support.


Copyright 2009 dark52

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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