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Guide and Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/05/2015

             | This guide has a 66.67% GameFAQs approval rating. |
             o-----------------o              o------------------o
                               | 4 Yes / 2 No |   (01/06/2018)

       |    |  _   | |  _    _   _   /\   /  \      _        o _|_ | _
       |    |  _|  | |  _|  / \ /_\  \/   | __ |/\ / \ |/|/| |  |   / '
       | /\ | | |  | | | |  |   |    /\/  |  | |   | | | | | |  |    -
       |/  \| |_/\ | | |_/\ \_/ \_/  \/\  \__/ |   \_/ |   | |  \/  ,_/
          _     _       _          _        _      ___         _   _
         / ' |/ _| |/| | \    /\  | \ \  / |_| |/|  |  | | |/ |_| |_
         \_- | |_| | | |_/   /--\ |_/  \/  |_  | |  |  |_| |  |_   _|
          _____   _   _   ____        ______             ___   _____
         |_   _| | | | | |  __|      /      /  /\       / __\ |_   _|
           | |   | |_| | | |_       /      /  /  \      \ \     | |
           | |   |  _  | |  _|     /      /  / /\ \      \ \    | |
           | |   | | | | | |      /      /  / /__\ \      \ \   | |
           | |   | | | | | |__   /      /  / ______ \   ___\ \  | |
           |_|   |_| |_| |____| /      /  /_/      \_\ |_____/  |_|
          _____       ____     /___     / __    _____      _________
         |   _  \    |  __|   /   /    / /  \  |   _  \   |___   ___|
         |  | |  |   | |     /  //    / | || | |  | |  |      | |
         |  |_|  |   | |_    \  /    /  | || | |  |_|  |      | |
         |      /    |  _|    \/__   /  | || | |      /       | |
         |   _  \    | |       \ /  /   | || | |   _  \       | |
         |  | \  \   | |     _  /  /    | || | |  | \  \      | |
         |  |  \  \  | |__  / //__/ \   | || | |  |  \  \     | |
         |__|   \__\ |____| \_______/    \__/  |__|   \__\    |_|

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Prologue.............................[020100]  |
          |      ii - Chapter 1 - Ocean Notion............[020200]  |
          |      iii - Chapter 2 - The Guest House Mutiny.[020300]  |
          |      iv - Chapter 3 - Hounds of Horror........[020400]  |
          |      v - Chapter 4 - Down the Drain...........[020500]  |
          |  3 - Just the Clicks..........................[030000]  |
          |  4 - Achievements.............................[040000]  |
          |  5 - FAQs.....................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Updates..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Contact..................................[070000]  |
          |  8 - Copyright................................[080000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 1.0                       |
               | Last Updated: 30/09/09             |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |


Welcome to my guide for the second chapter of Wallace & Gromit's Grand
Adventures. The walkthrough should be able to guide you straight through from
the start to the end. I do skip a lot of content that is irrelevant to the
progress of the game but you will probably want to explore every option.

There is also a section, 'Just the Clicks', with a streamlined guide to what
you need to do if you only need a little push towards the solution that you're
stuck on. Hopefully it's spoiler free.

As far as I am aware all versions of the game will be identical, this was
written using the PC version from Telltale Games themselves. Although the
Achievements are only for the Xbox LIVE Arcade version.


 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Prologue  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020100] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

We start the game as Gromit once again. Simply follow the path towards Wallace
and go right. Pass by a circuit breaker on the wall and you'll find the spanner
lying on the ground. Take this back to Wallace and use it on him.

Attempt to get to the circuit breaker you just passed, unfortunately you won't
make it and the tables will sink into the water. Climb into the green float and
you'll find that you can move around on the water now. Go into the opposite
corner of the basement to pick up a canister of rocket fuel.

Next you'll need to go over to the sparking plug socket near the stairs, not
the one at the bottom of the stairs but the one over water. Use the rocket fuel
on it to propel Gromit into the circuit breaker.

 ,--------,              ,--------------------------,               ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 1 - Ocean Notion  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020200] |
 '--------'              '--------------------------'               '--------'

In control of Wallace now you'll not really find anything in the garden so go
over to the front gate and attempt to leave. This will lead to Duncan McBiscuit
appearing carrying a beach umbrella, something that you may have noticed is on
Wallace's list.

For now you should head into town and ignore Duncan and Miss Flitt. Click on
the boxes of Stilton Cheese outside of Mr. Paneer's shop, Wallace's tummy will
grumble. Then click on the sign next to Mr. Paneer and he will tell you of a
delivery of Stilton that he's sent to Wallace's house. You may also want to
inquire about the giant lamp, unfortunately he's holding out for good weather.

Go over to the Newsagents and ask Mrs. Gabberley for a copy of the Weekly
Weather Forecast from the selection of magazines above her. You might as well
hold on before going to talk to Dibbins and Major Crum who are arguing over
some sand bags. Instead take the magazine and show it to Mr. Paneer. This
should convince him that there's no chance of good weather later on and he'll
hand over his giant lamp when you click on it next.

Go back to West Wallaby Street and talk to Miss Flitt over the fence. When they
both crane to listen out for thunder have Wallace crave the boxes of Stilton
next to the front door.

Once Duncan has left you're free to pick up the umbrella. Next you should take
the order form from off the wall and head back into town. Time to sort out the
argument. You can side with either of the two but you won't get any where,
you'll just go round in circles. Instead when they ask you to decide, click on
the poster on the wall behind them.

Major Crum will then require you to give him your Order Form and he'll drive
off to deliver the sand. Go back home to finish the act by tipping the sand
into the basement - just click on it.

 ,--------,         ,------------------------------------,          ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~|  Chapter 2 - The Guest House Mutiny  |~-~-~-~-| [020300] |
 '--------'         '------------------------------------'          '--------'

This section requires you to sort out the problems of everybody in the house.
Talk to Mr. Paneer to get an idea of what he needs to be happy. He is currently
being annoyed by Duncan destroying his sand castle just before completion.

Major Crum is perfectly happy but he's having trouble with a military
re-enactment. This will require some boulders, some vultures, and some tea.

Miss Flitt is also happy but if you click on the magazine next to her you'll
find out that she wants a new look, the picture should give you an idea of what
to look for.

Head towards the stairs but just before going up them you'll want to take a
look at the sound box on the wall. Switch it to Seaside Songbirds for the

If you enter the kitchen you'll be given some tea by Gromit. Next go into the
living room where you'll find Constable Dibbins. Talk to him to get a Formal
Caution for Miss Flitt.

Pick up a ball of wool from the pile in the corner. Then switch the Souvenir
Photographs by turning the dial on the left of it until you get to a scene with
a blue and white flag. Take that flag for Miss Flitt's new look.

Next it's the dining room where Mrs. Gabberley is sitting. To cheer her up
you'll have to click on the various items on the table. Just match the correct
response to her comments:

Q: I'd go home to Mr Gabberley but there's no point. Won't get no sympathy from
'im indoors, will ah?
A: Romance novel.

Q: I should count me blessings. At least me new hat fits. That's something,
isn't it?
A: The sign.

Q: Am I making sense? D'ou catch me drift?
A: Glass.

Q: What do I know! I'm going soft in the head, aren't I?
A: The knife.

Q: Yer in a right mess you are Winnie Gabberley and no mistake! What do do,
what to do?
A: Cup of tea.

Q: It's not just me, is it? What do you think of Duncan McBiscuit?
A: The cheese.
A: Cheese crumbs.

Q: It's a sorry old world, i'n't it? Thanks to the bullies.
A: Cheese crumbs.

Q: 'Appen I may be knockin' on. Too old for a beach holiday, tha's for sure.
A: The daisy.

Eventually she'll sit up fully and get over it. Leave the dining room and head
upstairs to Wallace's room. Pick up the sunglasses from the table next to the
bed and then go back down to the cellar to give all the items to the correct

First give the tea and the balls of wool to Major Crum. His re-enactment should
now go without a hitch provided you've turned the sound the Songbirds. Once he
falls asleep you'll want to take the soldier and take it over to the sand

Ask about each part until you find the Tower of Groceries. Then use the soldier
on that part ready for Duncan to attempt to smash it. With Mr Paneer now happy
you've just got Constable Dibbins to sort out.

Give the sunglasses and the flag to Miss Flitt to complete her new look. Once
she's disguised you should give her the Formal Caution, this will get her to go
find her dogs and as they don't recognise her they'll continue to misbehave
when she gets there. One happy Constable.

 ,--------,            ,------------------------------,             ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 3 - Hounds of Horror  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [020400] |
 '--------'            '------------------------------'             '--------'

For this chapter you'll be playing as Gromit once again. Go over to the yellow
bucket and take it off Duncan's head. Then use your toy shovel to dig him out.

In the accusation stage the ones you want to indicate to are Miss Flitt's two
dogs Poodgie-Woo and Tinkie-Wee. You can accuse anybody else you like but
you'll have to keep accusing until you accuse the dogs.

After that you can point to anybody you like for the motive, weapon or witness,
you won't get anywhere and everybody will leave to sit around the house for a
while. To get back into the accusation simply plug the machine back into the
wall whist the Constable is in the room.

No need to do that now though, you don't have any evidence yet.

Talk to Constable Dibbins and indicate that he should question Major Crum.
Follow him into the kitchen and listen to their conversation. Pick up the
sketch of the spies and the little hat that Major Crum puts on the side.

Go upstairs next and jump out of the window, all the other exits are blocked
off by police tape. Pick an orange flower from next door, identical to that
which Miss Flitt has in her hair currently.

Head into town and go to the Newsagents. Mr Gabberley should be able to help
you choose the new edition of Fashion Now! To get back inside the house you
need to use the pond swivel by clicking on the gnome.

To the living room now. Go over to Miss Flitt and give her the magazine as well
as the hat that Major Crum found. This should allow you to select the same
outfit that Major Crum saw the spies wearing. Click on the dressing up kit and
select the sailor hats you gave her, the trendy glasses that are now in
fashion, and the bandanna. Right click to exit and the dogs will run in to get
dressed up.

Go over to the candyfloss machine next to Mr Paneer and take one. Next go
upstairs whilst the dogs are distracted. Fix the mattress several times until
the spring is at the front. Then go and observe the sign to camouflage

In come the two little dogs and they'll start bouncing on the bed. Quickly
press the button to tilt the bed and take their toy bone that will get caught
on the spring.

Go and get Constable Dibbins to question Mrs. Gabberley next, then follow him
down there. Chat with her and Duncan and he'll start to remember. To ignite his
memory of the chew toy you can either use the chew toy on him or pull the lever
on the Punch and Judy show.

Next he'll need candyfloss and then the flower you picked from outside. He'll
finally remember the weapon, the supper gong mallet! Go back upstairs and the
dogs will take the mallet into the living room where Mr Paneer will unwittingly
take it.

To get it you'll need to send Constable Dibbins in to question Mr Paneer,
during the questioning he'll put the candyfloss with the mallet inside it down.
Grab it and head back to the dining room.

Plug the Deduct-o-Matic into the wall and get solving. For the motive you
should give Wallace the chew toy. For the weapon give him the mallet and for
the witness point to Major Crum. If the dogs are dressed correctly he will
recognise them and the chapter will conclude.

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [020500] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 4 - Down the Drain  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020500] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

A very quick chapter. Row until you get into range of a yellow bucket, then use
the ninja starfish inside and throw one at the lever on the Punch and Judy show
next to Duncan. This will calm down the dogs enough so that you can throw
another starfish at the bone on top of the umbrella.

Throw another starfish at a canister of rocket fuel on the side to knock it
into the water. Pick it up and then use it on the sparking Deduct-o-Matic

|~-[030000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~JUST THE CLICKS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[030000]-~|

          |  Prologue  |

Pick up spanner.

Use spanner on Wallace.

Walk towards circuit breaker.

Jump in float.

Pick up red canister.

Use canister on sparks.

          |  Umbrella  |

Leave for town.

Click on cheese sign.

Return home.

Talk to neighbours.

Crave cheese.

Borrow umbrella.

          |  Sun  |

Choose Weekly Weather Forecast at Newsagents.

Give forecast to Mr Paneer.

Ask about light.

          |  Sand  |

Take orders from wall after cheese delivery.

Talk to Dibbins and Crum.

Click on large poster behind them.

Give Crum orders.

Return home.

Click on sand.

          |  Mr Paneer  |

Switch ambient sound to Seabirds.

Get tea from Gromit in kitchen.

Pick up wool in living room.

Give tea to Major Crum.

Give wool to Major Crum.

Take toy soldier.

Put toy soldier on Tower of Groceries.

          |  Constable Dibbins  |

Take Formal Caution from Dibbins.

Take Flag off photograph scenery.

Find Sunglasses in bedroom.

Give sunglasses to Miss Flitt.

Give flag to Miss Flitt.

Give Formal Caution to Miss Flitt.

          |  Mrs Gabberley  |

Talk to Mrs Gabberley.

Go home to Mr Gabberley - Romance novel.

Count blessings - Sign.

Making sense - Glass.

Soft in the head - Knife.

Right mess - Cup of tea

Think of Duncan McBiscuit - Cheese/Crumbs.

Bullies - Crumbs.

Too old - Daisy.

          |  Buried  |

Use plastic shovel on bucket.

Accuse the dogs.

Select witness (or anything).

Indicate Major Crum (or anyone).

          |  Memory Loss  |

Get Candyfloss from living room.

Jump out of window in bedroom.

Pick flower.

Tap gnome.

Talk to Duncan.

Pull lever on Punch & Judy.

Give Candyfloss.

Give flower.

          |  Weapon  |

After Memory go upstairs.

Ask Constable Dibbins to question Mr Paneer.

Follow him.

Take mallet.

          |  Motive  |

Get dogs to get changed.

Go upstairs when distracted.

Fix springs until one at the front.

Hide next to sign.

Press button.

          |  Witness  |

Ask Dibbins to question Major Crum.

Follow him.

Take hat from side.

Jump out bedroom window.

Take fashion magazine from Newsagents.

Tap gnome in garden.

Give hat to Miss Flitt.

Give magazine to Miss Flitt.

Click on dress-up kit.

Choose bandanna.

Choose sailor hats.

Choose trendy glasses.

          |  Convict  |

Plug Deduct-o-Matic in.

Select Weapon.

Give mallet to Wallace.

Select Motive.

Give chew toy to Wallace.

Point at Major Crum.

          |  Down the Drain  |

Pick up yellow bucket.

Throw starfish at Punch & Judy.

Throw starfish at chew toy on umbrella.

Throw starfish at canister.

Use canister with helmet.


    Ocean Notion
    Complete Chapter 1

    The Guest House Mutiny
    Complete Chapter 2

    Hounds of Horror
    Complete Chapter 3

    Down the Drain
    Complete Chapter 4

    Memory Lane
    Find an object from a Wallace and Gromit movie

There's a train set in the water at the beginning.

    Can the official forecast banish the bully from Felicity's doorstep?

Use the Weekly Weather Forecast on Duncan before doing the Stilton rumble.

    Mmm... Cheese!
    Find this episode's "mystery cheese" in Chapter 2

Activate the Punch and Judy show several times.

    Tea, Everyone?
    Offer a cuppa to all your guests

    When asked Whodunnit for the first time, accuse the innocent

You need to accuse everybody before accusing the dogs.

    Doggie Fashionista
    Try every accessory once.

    Try to cook some sugar in Chapter 3.

Use Candyfloss on oven.

    Oh I Say!
    Hear Wallace say "I say!" in seven situations.

Chapter 1: Comment on umbrella before you rumble.
Chapter 1: Ask Mr Paneer about the giant light.
Chapter 1: Ask Mr Paneer for the giant light after giving the forecast.
Chapter 2: Attempt to pick up chew toy when dogs running around Dibbins.
Chapter 2: Take a photo of Wallace and look at it.
Chapter 3: Bang gong with mallet.
Chapter 4: Throw starfish at Wallace a few times.


Q: How do I get the chew toy from the dogs?
A: You need to give the dogs a new costume to wear so that they leave the
bedroom. Make it so the spring is closest the slide, hide next to the sign and
then press the button.

Q: How do I solve the argument between Constable Dibbins and Major Crum?
A: Click on the poster behind them.

Q: How do I get the dogs to wear the right glasses?
A: Go into town and fetch a new fashion magazine, you can climb out the bedroom

Q: How do I get the flower from Miss Flitt?
A: If you go outside there are more just over the fence.

Q: How do I get the light? He keeps telling me I can have it!
A: You need to confirm that the weather will be bad, give him a copy of the
weather forecast.


v1.1 - 05/11/09
Fixed some previously guessed achievements.

v1.0 - 30/09/09
First version completed and submitted.


Please contact me at the following email address regarding the game. Make sure
to state the name of the game in your email and to have read the Walkthrough in
order to make sure that your question hasn't already been answered.

                        dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net

I am not technical support.


Copyright 2009 dark52

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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