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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by ultrasilver64

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/06/2009

¦ Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures                                         ¦
¦ Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees                                         ¦

This FAQ (c) ultrasilver64(Mark Watts) 2009

This FAQ is to be distributed only on GameFAQs.


1. Hello, chuck!
2. Disclaimer
3. About this FAQ
4. Version History
5. Quick Clues
6. Full Walkthrough
7. Other FAQs by ultrasilver64
8. Credits

¦ 1. Hello, chuck!                                                            ¦

Hello, chuck! It's ultrasilver64 here with another of my GameFAQs. This time
around I've given Telltale Games newest series a go: Wallace & Gromit's Grand
Adventures. This is the first episode of this new series: Fright of the
Bumblebees! Plus, this is my first FAQ for the PC!

¦2. Disclaimer                                                                ¦

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All references to Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will be and remain
copyrighted to Telltale Games. Wallace & Gromit was created by Nick Park and
will remain copyrighted to Wallace & Gromit Limited. All rights reserved.

I myself recognise this copyright and thus do not claim any responsibility on
their creations or their games. I recognise Telltale Games and their copyrights
on Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, as well as Wallace & Gromit Limited's
copyright on Wallace & Gromit themselves and will not reproduce either of them
publicly without their full written consent.

¦3. About this FAQ                                                            ¦

This is a complete walkthrough to Episode 1 of Telltale Games newest series
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures: Fright of the Bumblebees! Wallace & Gromit
have started a new honey delivery service: From Bee To You! But soon things
start to get out of control regarding the bees...

¦4. Version History                                                           ¦

v1.0 - Initial release of the FAQ

¦5. Quick Clues                                                               ¦

Quick Clues are to help you with a situation if you get stuck, without having
to resort to using the full walkthrough. This way you can simply look up a
section you're stuck on, without looking at the full solution and beyond. It
starts with 4 suggestive clues to get you started and the 5th one is what you
actually do to solve the puzzle, so you can get a few hints without being
spoiled. If you think you can come up with better Quick Clues than what we have
here, please feel free to e-mail me any suggestions (make sure the Subject is
"Wallace & Gromit FAQ").


5a. "Breakfast time, Gromit!"

How do I start off the episode?

- Have you seen 'The Wrong Trousers'?

- It's just a lever away

- It's close to where you start

- Check the right side of the screen

- Use the lever above the pedal bin to get Wallace out of bed

How do I stop the squirrel from stealing the toast?

- Notice what the squirrel stepped one

- Gromit will sniff at it and know what's missing

- Have you looked in the fridge?

- Something slippery will stop the squirrel

- Use the butter from the fridge on the butterdish, then make the toast again.

How do I fix the fried egg maker?

- Have you noticed what's missing?

- Was there something similar eariler? With Wallace perhaps?

- Smashing an egg won't do it!

- An adjustment is needed

- Use the badger from the dining room on the wire, then switch the dial from

Where do I get the honey?

- Did you notice where it was during the opening credits?

- Have you searched around the house thoroughly?

- It's not far from where Gromit started the episode?

- "From Bee To You" uses this to get honey directly

- Use the honey tap in the dining room to get a jar of honey


6b. "50 gallons!!! Tonight?!"

Where do I get Energides?

- Energides is part of Rex Armstrong's Super Growth Muscle Formula

- The Sniffer 3000 has it also, but it's imprisoned

- You'll need to convince Constable Dibbins that it is sorry

- But it only homes in on cheese

- Put some Wensleydale under the prison cot, some Goronzola inside Constable
  Dibbins helmet, then use the remote control box while he's interrogating it.
  Selecting the right cheese is key.

Where do I get Grotein?

- Have you checked with Major Crum and his suitcase?

- Did you show the snail to everyone?

- Have you listened to Major Crum's war stories?

- The house should have what you need to recommission the Major

- Give the dog-tags and the helmet to the Major and he'll leave Gromit with the
  Grotein bars. Get one from Gromit, if the Major forced you to eat yours.

Where do I get Strongium?

- Have you checked the kitchen?

- Remember what the squirrel likes to get it back

- You need to get rid of the first flowerpot via Mr. Gabberley

- The correct words are key to get the purple posies

- Use the purple posies on the purple posies sign to get the tea-bag back from
  Miss Flitt


6c. "Blinking 'eck, Gromit! Giant bees!"

How do I trap the bees in the town centre?

- Remember, you need to trap them HUMANELY. So you can't kill them.

- You need to play a message to shut the newsagents

- Doesn't an awning make a makeshift net of sorts?

- You need to trigger it remotely while you're doing something else

- Use the frying pan on the support stick, then use the drainpipe near Mr.

How do I get rid of the bees outside the house?

- You need to set up something for one of the gnomes

- Shooting the bees only stuns them, so you can't kill them

- Trapping them is the only way. Can't you use normal objects as makeshift

- Try shooting other objects to see how you can use them to trap the bees

- Use the pond to trap the first one, the garbage can for the second and the
  Techno-Trousers in the shed for the third one

How do I get past the bees dancing?

- Did you check Wallace's clothes for something you can use?

- Can you see something in the background that can help?

- Metal can deflect stings you know...

- You need to set up some cheese to do it

- Use the remote control on Gorgonzola, get into the Sniffer 3000, then switch
  to Wensleydale


6d. "Help me, Gromit. I've been bee-napped!"

How do I make the Queen Bee drop Wallace?

- Grabbing Wallace won't work, as she's too strong

- She has strong arms, but a soft underbelly

- Can you use something to touch her with?

- Did you check the windscreen for something you can use?

- Use the feather on the Queen Bee to release Wallace

How do I defeat the Queen Bee?

- Remember, you are currently in a tunnel

- Shooting her will not work alone

- Can't you make her bigger, so she blocks the tunnel?

- The Super Growth Formula can only be taken internally

- Use the Growth Formula on the hatch, switch the radio to something funny,
  then blast her in the mouth when it's open

¦6. Full Walkthrough                                                          ¦

Okay, I guess the Quick Clues didn't help and you'd prefer the full walkthrough
treatment. Well go ahead and look, but don't say I didn't spoil it for you...

6a. "Breakfast time, Gromit!"

You start off as Gromit in the dining room and Wallace is asking for his
breakfast. Go to the right and pull the lever to get Wallace out of bed. After
the scene you'll be asked to get Wallace his breakfast: a fried egg, toast &
honey. Go to the tap behind Wallace. Use it and Gromit will automatically
collect the jar of honey. Head out of the dining room and the post will arrive.
Collect the post and head back into the dining room. After the scene, collect
the trolley that looks like a badger. Head out of the dining room, go down
the hall and enter the kitchen (the far left door).

In the kitchen, click on either the breadbin or the toaster and  Gromit will
try to make toast. A squirrel will arrive and steal it. Let's get rid of that
thief shall we? Go to the fridge and open it. Collect the butter that's inside
(you can close the fridge afterwards if you wish). Go to the butterdish and use
the butter on it. Now try to make the toast again. The squirrel will be stopped
and Gromit will automatically collect the toast. That's two down...

Go to the dial near the door and use it to change it from BASH to TAP. Go near
the fridge and press the red button. Gromit will notice that the trolley is
missing. Use the trolley on the pulley wheel, then press the red button again
to reset it. Now press the red button once again and you'll get a fried egg
which Gromit will automatically collect. That's all of Wallace's breakfast!

Now leave the kitchen and go back to the dining room. Give the egg, toast and
honey (doesn't matter which order you give them) to Wallace. Watch the upcoming
scene with Mr. Paneer.

6b. "50 gallons!!! Tonight?!"

You'll now be playing as Wallace for this chapter and what an order "From Bee
To You" has got to fill: 50 gallons of honey for Mr. Paneer by tonight! Well,
let's get cracking...

Go to the shelves on the left and collect the "Sniffer 3000!" remote control
box. Head far right and click on either the poster of the Queen Bee or the
record player to make the bee leave their hive to salute her. While they're
away from their hive, quickly click on the metal helmet (it's on top of the
hive) to collect it. Head back left and collect the flowers on the table. Use
these flowers on the Pollenator (the big machine to the left of the hive).
Wallace will notice that there's not enough honey and that more flowers are
needed! Head up the stairs to leave the cellar.

A poster will come out of the letterbox and Wallace will automatically collect
it. Check the bin that's left of the door to collect Gromit's dog-tags as well.
Now head upstairs to Wallace's room and collect the piece of Gorgonzola cheese
on the bedside table. Return downstairs and  Leave throught the front door to
the garden. Approach the fence on the right to strike up a conversation with
Miss Flitt, who will give you a packet of daisy seeds afterwards. Use these on
the dirt patch at the front of the garden and Wallace will read the poster
afterwards about Rex Armstrong's Super Growth Muscle Formula. Make a note of
the 3 ingredients: Grotein, Energides and Strongium. We'll need all 3 to
quick-grow those flowers, so we better get to it!

Wallace will automatically leave the garden onto West Wallaby Street. Head
right and speak to Major Crum. After the conversation, click on the jar to talk
about it to the Major. A snail will be revealed. Collect it and the Major will
give you a new task: show the snail to everyone you meet! Next, click on the
suitcase to talk about it to the Major. They're Grotein bars, one of the
ingredients you need! We can't get them yet, so leave West Wallaby Street by
heading right.

Welcome to the Town Centre, the largest area in this Episode. Head over to Mr.
Paneer's store and talk to him to get a map. You can now use this to go any of
the three locations quickly! Click on the Wensleydale samples and Wallace will
eat one & collect another for later. Now head over to the Police Station (just
past the newsagents) and examine the Petition. Constable Dibbins will talk to
you and will attempt to interrogate your Sniffer 3000, but without success.
Afterwards, go to the side of the Station and look through the prison window.
Wallace will mention that the Sniffer 3000 is powered by an Energides battery,
which is another of the ingredients you need. We've got to get it out of there!

While you're looking through the window, use the Wensleydale cube on the prison
cot to toss it under there. Back out and head over to Constable Dibbins. Click
on his helmet (not his head or you'll talk to him instead!) to talk about it to
him. Constable Dibbins will temporarily remove his helmet. Quickly while it's
down, use the Gorgonzola piece on it and Wallace will sneakily toss it in! Now
talk to Constable Dibbins again and he'll try to interrogate the Sniffer 3000

This next bit is important, so you have to get it right...
Once you've got a view of the window, get out the remote control box and switch
it to Gorgonzola. After the scene, switch it to Wensleydale. After the next
scene, finally switch it to Rotterdam. Constable Dibbins will be convinced and
will let the Sniffer 3000 go. Watch the next scene and Wallace will snag the
Energides battery while it is passing. That's one ingredient found!

To get the next one, you'll need to show the snail Major Crum asked to show to
everyone in the Town Centre (that's Mr. Paneer, Mrs Gabberley & Constable
Dibbins).Once you've done that, return to West Wallaby Street. Talk to Major
Crum twice and he'll  suggest you show it to Miss Flitt. Go back to your garden
and show the snail to Miss Flitt. Watch the next scene and Major Crum will flee
into your house. You can't access West Wallaby Street anymore as the front gate
will now take you to the Town Centre instead.

Head into your house and go down into the cellar. Click on the suitcase to talk
about it and Major Crum will give both Wallace and Gromit a Grotein bar.
(Note: Don't try to leave the cellar, or Major Crum will force you to eat it
and you'll have to get another one later! Talk to the Major and he'll ask you
listen to some of his war stories and will leave 3 photos on the counter-top.
Click on each photo in turn, then click on Gromit. You'll be asked to provide
the Major with a set of dog-tags and a war helmet. Give the dog-tags and the
helmet to Major Crum. He'll then run out of the cellar and you'll be free to
leave with the Grotein bar (if you lost it, talk to Gromit to request another
one...). That's two ingredients found!

To get the last one, leave the cellar and go to the kitchen. Open the top
cupboard to get the Strongium tea-bag... only to have it stolen by the squirrel
from earlier. We've got to get it back from him! Collect the toast while you're
here. Leave the kitchen through either the back or front door and go to your
garden. Give the toast to the squirrel to try and coax him down. Wallace will
try to grab the Strongium tea-bag, but it will end up on Miss Flitt's bosom!
You can try talking to her, but she will refuse to bend down to her flowers,
so we'll have to do it another way...

Go back to the Town Centre and head for the newsagents. Click on the window
ledge and Mr. Gabberley will slam the window shut causing the yellow flowers to
drop. Collect the flowers, then speak to Mrs. Gabberley and she'll ask you to
play a word game with her.

* What you need to do here is to provide Mrs. Gabberley with a verb, an object,
a descriptive word and a person/animal. You can only use the posters around her
shop and she'll transform them into an insult to use on her husband. You need
to create such an insult that will force Mr. Gabberley to slam the window,
dropping the purple pansies that you need!

Choose any of the first two words, but make sure the last 2 are "Mild" (click
on the gum poster) and "Gentleman" (click on the Stuff poster with the watch).
This will insult Mr. Gabberley so much he'll slam the window! Collect the
purple pansies that drop.

Return to your garden and use the purple pansies on the purple pansies sign in
Miss Flitt's garden. Watch the scene and Wallace will grab the Strongium
tea-bag afterwards. That's all 3 ingredients found! Time to mix them

Go back into your house and head for the kitchen. Approach the mixer and use
the Grotein bar, Energides battery & Strongium tea-bag on the mixer. Watch the
scene and Wallace will end up with giant daisies! Collect them and head back to
the Cellar. Use the giant daisies on the Pollenator. Watch the long scene with
Mr. Paneer & Major Crum.

6c. "Blinking 'eck, Gromit! Giant bees!"

Oh no, now Wallace has done it! There are GIANT BEES all over the place and
he's been ousted out of his Dining Room by Gromit & Major Crum! You'll now play
as Gromit for this chapter and your aim is clear: Get rid of the giant bees!

Leave the Dining Room and Gromit will notice Wallace head for the kitchen to
answer the phone. Follow him into the kitchen and after the phone call, Wallace
will head out to sort out the bees... and return with only his boxer shorts
on!! Damn bees....

Wallace will accidentally knock the answer machine off the wall, while trying
to answer the phone Click on it to listen to it, then again to collect it.
Collect the frying pan off the stove as well. Leave the kitchen and head
upstairs to Wallace's room. Notice the bee on his bed, who will stop you if you
try to take the record (don't worry, we'll get rid of him in a moment). Collect
the tennis racquet, then head back downstairs and leave the house. Approach
Miss Flitt and she'll call Gromit over. Talk to her to get an S.O.S. note from
her for Wallace. Use the tennis racquet on the left-most garden gnome, then
leave through the front gate to the Town Centre.

Poor Mr. Paneer... He's stuck in his shop with 3 giant bees outside his door!
Go to the newsagents and give the answer machine to Mrs. Gabberley. She'll shut
up shop and head upstairs to take on her husband! Click on the Police Station
door and Constable Dibbins will pop out and drop a piece of Gorgonzola out of
his helmet (the piece Wallace dropped in earlier!). Collect it.

Time to capture those 3 bees humanely! Use the frying pan on the support stick
holding up the awning outside the newsagents. Now leg it to Mr. Paneer's shop
and use the drain pipe (I don't know if it's timed, but better to be on the
safe side!) to frighten the bees and trap them in the awning. You've saved
Mr. Paneer... and Constable Dibbins will take all the credit! Sheesh!
Oh well... Collect the Wensleydale sample from the overturned table before you
leave the Town Centre.

Back at the house, head over to the kitchen and Wallace will receive a call
from Constable Dibbins crediting Gromit for saving Mr. Paneer (about time!!!)
and will start working on an antidote to reverse the Growth Formula. Give
Wallace the S.O.S. note from Miss Flitt and he'll shoot off to save her... and
will be forced back into the kitchen! Blasted bees...

Leave the kitchen and click on Wallace's clothes (near the Cellar door) to
reveal two items: the map and the remote control box for the Sniffer 3000.
Collect them both (you don't really need the map, but you might as well get it)
and head into the dining room. Talk to Major Crum to start a short mini-game.

* What you have to do here is shoot the bees to stun them, then trap them
humanely using whatever's available. Here's how to trap each of the 3 bees:

Bee 1 (above the two garden gnomes)
Shoot the right gnome to change the pathway into a pond (like in A Close
Shave), then shoot the bee when it's above it to stun it. Quickly shoot the
right gnome to catapult it into the tennis racquet, then into Miss Flitt's tree
trapping the bugger!

Bee 2 (above the trash can)
First shoot the trash can, then the top of Miss Flitt's tree to bring out the
squirrel. Then shoot the bee when it's above the trash can to stun it. Quickly
shoot the squirrel to trap the bee in the trash can!

Bee 3 (above Miss Flitt's fence)
Believe me, this one had me stumped at first! First shoot the far right shed to
bring out the Techno-Trousers (from The Wrong Trousers) attached to a
lawnmower. Shoot the bee when it's above the Techno-Trousers to stun it.
Finally shoot the Techno-Trousers to make them retreat back into the shed,
trapping the last one!

That's it, you've got them all! Major Crum will now fall asleep. Head right and
pull the lever to eject the bee from Wallace's bed and trap it in the wastebin.
Leave the dining room and head upstairs to Wallace's room. Collect the record
and return downstairs. Leave the house through the front door, then go far
right and enter the backyard through the wooden gate.

Look down the hole to the cellar and Gromit will notice a record player on top
of a GIANT HIVE! Use the Wensleydale cube on the hole, then use the record on
the hole. Re-enter the house through the back door (head right from here to do
so) and leave the kitchen to the hall, then down to the cellar.

Boy, do those bees know how to party? Notice that Gromit is now behind an
overturned table. If he tried to use an item outside the table or leave it, the
bees will force him back behind it (the latter will have him being chased from
the cellar and then return). Notice the Sniffer 3000 in the background. Use the
remote control box and switch it to Gorgonzola. Once the Sniffer 3000 has
arrived, click on it and Gromit will hide in it. Switch the remote control box
to Wensleydale and Gromit will head up the hive, protected from the bees'
stings thanks to the Sniffer 3000's metal casing.

Once at the top, Gromit will automatically exit the Sniffer 3000. Collect the
record and finally use it on the record player. Watch the long scene and
prepare yourself, it's not over yet!

6d. "Help me, Gromit. I've been bee-napped!"

Wallace is in real trouble now! The Queen Bee had kidnapped him and you'll be
Gromit again inside the Honey truck. You've gotta save Wallace!!

First access the dashboard and open the glove compartment. Collect the crank
inside (close it if you wish), click on the top middle button to open the
sun-roof, then click on the auto pilot. Use the sun-roof to leave the truck,
then use the crank on the ladder access box  to bring out the ladder. Watch
the next scene.

Damn, that's torn it! The ladder's broken in half. You'll have to try something

Return to the sun-roof and use it to return to the truck. Access the dashboard
and click the far left button to dislodge the chicken that was on the
windscreen, leaving a feather. Use the sun-roof to leave the truck again.
Collect the feather from the windscreen wipers. Use the ladder to get on it,
then use the feather on the Queen Bee.

Great, you've saved Wallace! But now you've got a giant Queen Bee to deal with
and inside a tunnel nonetheless!! You'll now play as both Wallace and Gromit
co-operatively. Time to take her Beeness out!

Starting with Gromit, back out to switch to Wallace. Use the Growth Formula on
the hatch (outside near the tank) to add it to the honey. Next, access the
dashboard and twiddle with the radio to get a very boring programme. It will
start to make her very sleeply. Twiddle it again to get a comedy programme and
she'll start laughing. Back out of the dashboard and use the binoculars to
switch back to Gromit.

As Gromit, just aim for her mouth and fire when her mouth is open. That's it,
you've done it! You've finished Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees!

Now just wait until late April for Episode 2: The Last Resort! See ya!

¦7. Other FAQs by ultrasilver64                                               ¦

Well, since it's my FAQ, I might as well mention my other FAQs too. So if
you're interested, here are the ones I've done:

Dark Cloud - PS2:
Miracle Chests FAQ

Gameboy Advance:
Metroid Fusion FAQ

It's not much, but I'm getting there...

¦8. Credits                                                                   ¦

I'd like to thank the following individuals & companies:

Nick Park - For creating such a fantastic memorable duo! I've loved all of their
            crazy animations, especially their newest one: A Matter of Loaf &

Telltale Games - For bringing Wallace & Gromit to the PC, as well as
                 resurrecting Sam & Max and introducing Strong Bad. Keep it up
                 with the games!

Aardman Animatons - For bringing Wallace & Gromit to life, as well as to the
                    silver screen in The Curse of the Were Rabbit!

And finally, CJayC - For creating GameFAQs and inspiring me to become a FAQ

This Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures
   - Fright of the Bumblebees FAQ (C) 2009 Mark Watts

That's a cracking FAQ done, Gromit! ;D

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