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by ralebeau

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ralebeau

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/12/17

Table of Contents

  1. Objectives
    1. ! Leave the room-
    2. ! Find something to open the call button with-
    3. ! Repair the call button-
    4. ! Find a manager-
    5. ! Convince him to let you leave-
    6. ! Recover your things-
    7. ! Use your key to leave the floor-
    8. ! Inspect the key in your inventory-
    9. ! Find an original copy of the key to the exit-
    10. ! Find a way to repair the key to the exit-
    11. ! Send the key to the Youkols via the messenger-
    12. ! Pick up the repaired key to the exit-
    13. ! Leave the sick ward-
    14. ! Find Dr. Zamiatine-
    15. ! Speak to Dr. Olga-
    16. ! Find Dr. Olga-
    17. ! Use the waterway to get to the Youkols-
    18. ! Help the Youkols-
    19. ! Use the dam to filter the water-
    20. ! Go see Ayawaska, the Youkol shaman, in the souk-
    21. ! Find a pass to the city-
    22. ! Stamp the pass with the Valsembor seal-
    23. ! Free us!-
    24. ! Go to Valsembor-
    25. ! Find Simon Steiner, the craftsman-
    26. ! Take the medication to Steiner-
    27. ! Help Steiner in the cellar-
    28. ! Go see Steiner upstairs-
    29. ! Find Captain Obo in the tavern-
    30. ! Convince Captain Obo to take the Youkols across the lake-
    31. ! Join the Captain on board the Krystal-
    32. ! Load the Krystal with coal-
    33. ! Fill the water tanks on the Krystal-
    34. ! Join the Captain on board the Krystal- (2)
    35. ! Find out if there is duplicate ignition key for the Krystal-
    36. ! Inspect the model of the Krystal-
    37. ! Obtain an ignition key that is the right size-
    38. ! Try your duplicate ignition key on the Krystal-
    39. ! Convince the mayor to open the locks-
    40. ! Join the Captain on board the Krystal- (3)
    41. ! Prepare and assemble the diving equipment-
    42. ! Open the two locks-
    43. ! Inform Ayawaska that everything is ready for departure-
    44. ! Go over the situation with your allies-
    45. ! Go back to the clinic-
    46. ! Find Kurk!-
    47. ! Bring Kurk round and free him-
    48. ! Activate the ice breakers in the machine room-
    49. ! Inspect the Krystals stern-
    50. ! Destroy the lights on the bridge-
    51. ! Turn off the Krystals engines-
    52. ! Go back to Captain Obo-
    53. ! Bring the Captain a light source-
    54. ! Find a way to measure the surrounding radiation-
    55. ! Find a way to pull the Krystal from the sand-
    56. ! Install Oscars heart in the automaton-
    57. ! Repair an automaton-
    58. ! Find a Voralberg activation key-
    59. ! Restore power to the Krystal-
    60. ! Finish repairing the automaton-
    61. ! Find clothes for Oscar-
    62. ! Join Oscar on the Pier-
    63. ! Help Oscar tow the Krystal-
    64. ! Find another way to tow the Krystal-
    65. ! Go back to the Krystal-
    66. ! Bring the ostriches out of the hold-
    67. ! Inspect the tunnel-
    68. ! Go over the situation with Kurk-
    69. ! Get rid of the bats-
    70. ! Find a way to open the conduits in the ceiling-
    71. ! Open the conduits for Kate Walker-
    72. ! Escape the mechanical dogs-
    73. ! Join Kate Walker-
    74. ! Load iodine into the airlock-
    75. ! Join Kurk-
    76. ! Find the hidden Youkol temple-
    77. ! Get the Youkol journal translated-
    78. ! Help the Youkols open the hidden temple-
    79. ! Join the Youkols in the Temple-
    80. ! Join Kurk- (2)
    81. ! Meet the watcher on the other side-
    82. ! Start the bridge engine-
    83. ! Go back and talk with the customs officer-
    84. ! Find alcohol for the watcher-
    85. ! Recite the prayer for the spirits-

Syberia 3

PC version walker by ralebeau

Starting a second play-through I don't expect this to be a hand-holding walkthrough, but will try and list objectives and item locations to reduce extra walking during the search. I will not cover all the dialog choices since the branching ones could provide a slightly different game experience but I expect them to arrive at the same checkpoint save, which makes them too trying to retry. For regular conversations old school rules apply and each line should be spoken to be sure and set all game triggers for new game objectives also marking doors and items as newly useable.

Pixel search is gone with such a high resolution and detailed 3D screen, but Kate must still search by approaching the hot location from the correct direction. If the camera does not follow Kate out in the distance, behind the wrecked truck and such, it is unlikely she will find anything there. In game hints mention that it is a good idea to make the camera move around to search as well, looking higher up, down, and to both sides will catch some key locations that the following camera does not. This is an even bigger requirement when already zoomed in on an interactive object, since some puzzles allow and require that the camera move all the way behind or around the scene to see all the interactive locations. Game hints mention using a controller, I do not have one for my PC but mouse and keys are not an easy way to use items within this game so those who can use a controller may want to try one here. Tools, levers, and keys may need to be turned for use. If a single click does nothing hold the mouse button and move to duplicate the required action, tight circles seemed to work better for me than larger arcs. Opening the inventory while inspecting objects will then show a hovered over interactive spot pictured with the selected item where it could be tried. There are achievements for many objectives and other points in the game but even the completionist in me stalled upon seeing a list of them so much so that I will not provide many of them here. You can hear what Kate thinks about some branching response choices by selecting the light bulb while holding shift, but branch conversations will keep the other person asking for a reply the longer it takes to choose. Play Kate as you wish, I think there is more worry about a game crash than a GAME OVER screen on these.

Search everywhere and talk to everyone is the old school adventure game mantra, more work for less return in the modern 3D worlds that are larger and more populated, but in-game hints say that more items and information will help with some of the branching conversations. I ran into trouble with crashes and then the save would not load, only one save is kept for each play-through. These could be backed up should crashes start though mine was a video hardware fault and a bit unique. The procedure is there on Steam support for Syberia 3. If you can see hidden directories: Users(username)AppDataLocalLowMicroidsSyberia3 is the location, save the file there to a different location if you want an autosave kept safe, the lead number keeps track of how many times the game is started new.


! Leave the room-

Look at the single screw, and the diagram on the side of the box, then Kurk prompts the next step.

! Find something to open the call button with-

Knife next to the steaming bowl. Back looking at the button a tutorial could show telling about opening inventory, turn the screw in a loosen direction circle with the knife.

! Repair the call button-

Puzzle, pull the wire to the empty socket, move the switch down in the holder to match the drawing, close the cover, then push the button to open the door.

! Find a manager-

This room is the yard Kurk mentioned, we know more than Kate does but it is safe to talk to the white coats and other inmates. Dr. Mangoling's door has his name on it.

! Convince him to let you leave-

Try and get around the lie detector.

! Recover your things-

Pull open the file cabinet drawer and take the clothes.

! Use your key to leave the floor-

Select the elevator door, that key slot on the left sure matches the key, bring up inventory to make the key slot active and use the squid key. New view of the key but it will not fit yet, select the spot on the key and get to the tentacle control view so each one can be set to match the holes. Like most puzzles here there are set spots the items will stay in, if they move a little bit from the desired spot that is still good and a cut scene will start once correct.

! Inspect the key in your inventory-

Turn the key around as you observe it looking for interactive spots, check the hole through the central body.

! Find an original copy of the key to the exit-

The Dr. is out of his office now so return there and select the chair in front of his desk. With the drawer open grab and move items aside to find the brochure, the needed item will usually stop the search right there. Pull open the pages to find a picture of the key, open inventory to the key and select.

! Find a way to repair the key to the exit-

Talk to Kurk.

! Send the key to the Youkols via the messenger-

Through the door to the right of Kurk is an open balcony, locate the bird perch on the sill of a foreground window for the viewpoint. The owl is not hard to spot but his hot spot and two others in the view are hard to see against the light sky. No help yet so talk to Kurk again and start searching the yard. The chess player is now asleep so steal the key from his neck and a bird from the cage, open inventory to get the cage key hole active. Back on the balcony view the mechanical bird will go on the perch, select him again to start him up so the owl will come over to get the key.

! Pick up the repaired key to the exit-

Return to the Balcony and take the key from the owl.

! Leave the sick ward-

Double meaning there, use the key at the elevator, then an elevator button inside.

! Find Dr. Zamiatine-

Departing the elevator there is a directory board left of the reception office that can be examined. To the right passing in front of reception is the hall to the office doors, Dr. Zamiatine to the left.

! Speak to Dr. Olga-

Oh really! Kate knows almost as much as we do now, but here goes. Read the Anthology book translation on the way, the translation pages will pull up using the bar on the right hand side, and look at Dr. Z's book collection on the way out. Olgas door is on the other side of the entrance hall already half open, go in for the cut scene to bring Kate past what we knew already.

! Find Dr. Olga-

The active curtain pull is where Olga left from so start with the computer and read all of the active marked entries, quit is active so why not! Pull down on the curtain pull for the puzzle. The gems on that shield must be turned to the correct color, the sword hilt also moved and is active so start there. Fashion the squid logo on the hilt by turning the three sections, they will turn further if the latches on the left side are moved left and up, tentacles are at the bottom pointing up, tail at the top, put the side latches back when each ring looks good and the puzzle will finish when the last ring is stopped close enough. Down to the sword tip we have the color key, rotate the shield gems to match. Door opens, take another elevator down.

! Use the waterway to get to the Youkols-

Get the gas can located near the passage Kate entered from, and some hydrochloric acid from the blue drum to the left after crossing the bridge. Olgas metal door won't open, so look at the waterway and the chain holding the boat, then use the acid on that chain to free the boat.

! Help the Youkols-

Go near the oily ostrich to the right on the beach to talk to the Youkols and start the cut scene with Berut and Ayawaska, the shaman. Back to the dam Kate rode past, she will ask for some spirit help along the walk back and is later shown a view of the dam.

! Use the dam to filter the water-

A dam puzzle, ok ok, oil is on top of the water so close the highest flow. Look at the diagram by the flow meter, the lowest gate is also bad so open the two middle gates with their wheels by the ladder. Clean now but the flow rate is too high on the meter, crank the upper middle gate to half open and as soon as the needle changes to the green let go and see if the problem is solved.

! Go see Ayawaska, the Youkol shaman, in the souk-

Berut, the Youkul with the horn, will talk to Kate as she reaches the souk door. Busy place inside, Ayawaska's door has the dream catchers on the left side and an antlered skull over the door.

! Find a pass to the city-

Ayawaska mentions to check with the towns folk buying and selling in the souk, along with the broken pass stamp by the gate. Note the tall squid sculpture with the movie icon, these provide a panorama sweep that the normal camera movement will not always cover. Nearby Youkol merchant has more conversation and information about the squid than most others here. Around the outer section is a mobile yurt Kate can climb into once the ladder is active, look in the box and sort through the items for a bundle of candles. Look for the tavern owner from the town, apron and warm hat with the ear flaps up standing in the middle between two ostriches, he can provide an un-stamped pass.

! Stamp the pass with the Valsembor seal-

The exit door is between the Yurt you entered and a collection of squid statues on the ground. Panorama spot on the small trees on the right side of the path from the souk door. The guard at the gate will not let Kate pass without a valid pass, time to enter the gate-house and fix this. The big lever stamp machine is missing a part. Need ink, take that sponge, take out that leather base pad indented with the shape we need by pushing the clamp levers aside. Go outside and take the right path before entering the souk, get ink from the dead squid down by the waters edge. Enter the souk and see the blacksmith by the forge, give him the imprinted pad then the candles to get the stamp head. (The ostrich you can pet is nearby.) Return to the gate house. View the stamp machine and then the base plate, return the leather pad and put the blank pass on top of it, raise both clamp levers again. Put the ink sponge into the cup, and the stamp head into place then pull down the small lever to hold the head in place. Move the ink cup under the head and back the view out to operate the large lever to ink the stamp, close the view back in and move the ink cup out of the way. Back the view out again and operate the large lever down and up to print. Closer view to open the clamps and take the pass just in time for trouble.

! Free us!-

If you trick Canton into getting Kate a drink while they wait, try the bottle, didn't break, try the desk lamp. Get the nearby piece of glass and leave the gate house.

! Go to Valsembor-

Show the pass to the gate guard.

! Find Simon Steiner, the craftsman-

The town is not huge with some extra areas blocked off, but a pain without a map function unless you do go old school and make your own, that tavern keeper was nice so look for his shield sign as you travel. Kate will start in town facing the ferry ship in the harbor. While there are things to explore in the harbor off to the left that trip can be saved for later, off to the right and around the ship Kate meets Captain Obo. No help finding Steiner there, but that ship is an obvious solution to the migration problem, and Obos condition another problem. The Krystal can be explored now with views and comments that are gone later on, plus the Captains new log book behind the bridge area on the upper deck changes conversation options later on. The first road leading off to the right and away from the water has the shield sign of the tavern. Listen to the argument inside, talk to the tavern keeper, then Sarah for directions to the Steiner shop. Back outside turn left and then left again at the intersection. Follow this winding alley and go up a set of steps at the end to reach Steiner's shop.

! Take the medication to Steiner-

Check the front counter, take the cup from the far counter. The back side of Steiners front counter has many drawers with only his prescription slip removable however the clocks on the wall behind Steiner deserve a look. The cuckoo clock with the tea stain must be it, put the cup over the stain and open the face to reach the hands but now a hint where to set them is required. Go down stairs, look at the unfinished prosthetic leg and the note above it for the puzzle clue of 3 hours before dinner. Back at the clock now when is dinner around here? Must be 8pm, set the clock hands to 5:00 and take the filled cup to Steiner.

! Help Steiner in the cellar-

The box on the floor just as Kate enters has the film Steiner wants to show. Mount the film on the projector.

! Go see Steiner upstairs-

Take the newspaper clipping to read the translation and go back upstairs, the tools and the ship model, with its light switch, are of interest, more for that model later on.

! Find Captain Obo in the tavern-

Retrace steps down the alley to return to the tavern. The painting above the Captain is a worth a look. Talk to Obo, then return to the Tavern keeper and Sarah to talk with them. Get advice on how to talk to Obo.

! Convince Captain Obo to take the Youkols across the lake-

Talk to Obo and get him to agree.

! Join the Captain on board the Krystal-

Head back to the harbor and enter the gangway for the Krystal. Enter the passenger cabin, there is a door straight ahead from the gangway amidships, also to the left of Kate, aft down the starboard side (sorry , old sailor here). Go aft down the center isle of the seats, stairs down to the engines can be seen on either side at the end of the cabin, but just forward of these are enclosed stairs going up which is toward the bridge and Captain Obo. The next level has an old gramophone and the Captains new log book, up another small set of stairs to reach the bridge.

! Load the Krystal with coal-

Obo gave instructions and the code needed. Return to the passenger cabin and exit through the forward or starboard door to reach the coaling hatch. Operate wheel to open the white coaling hatch. Walk to the large door across from the ship, to the left of the door is the key pad to enter the code Obo gave. Enter the coal yard, to the right is the cart to fill, empty it can be pushed by hand which is what Kate will do when it is selected. There is a lever to send the full cart outside, it may be set to run straight through already. Eight coal chutes line the walls, the cart will go to the next pair with just a slight push forward or back if there are any behind. Kate can look at a coal chute with the cart there but an inventory item is needed, locate the portable chute inside the wire cage opposite the entry door. Place the folding chute between a chute hatch and the cart, press the button and, and likely, no coal came out. I didn't find any hints here but there is a rod against the crate just outside the cage, once in hand all 8 chutes are active and get a whack from Kate when selected so listen for the full one and position the cart there for the coal. Now there is a problem since Kate has that rod in hand and I never found the release point for it, walk back outside and it will be gone so the full chute can take the folding one and fill the cart with coal. Use the track lever to switch for going outside. Loaded Kate can't push the cart so fire up the motorized push cart, and the next puzzle. Assume the lever would control direction, the two lower right buttons depress and latch but not the top one, Hmm. Open inventory and the top button and the lower right slot are both active, use the knife on the top button as a lever and then remove it to inventory where it will go into that right hand spot. Click on it there, push the lever forward and Kate will be off on her own. Now for the crane, locate the code box which is on a seaward side leg, corner closer to the tavern. Enter the code to lower the ladder then climb to the cab. The operation must be controlled viewing the different video cameras, controlled by the small buttons, the crane is already close enough to pick up the coal cart. The T handle on the right rotates the turntables on the pier, and the circle track lever turns the boom, so turn that over the cart. With a view of the boom and cart, the top square button will auto-open up, lower, clamp and raise the coal cart. Switch to a camera showing the crane tracks and move using the left hand lever to move and T handle for the turntables. The position needed is one move in the direction of the ships bow from the pier turntable close to the ship, swing the boom out over the ship. Use the camera angle from the deck of the ship to check alignment and push the bottom square button to finish loading.

! Fill the water tanks on the Krystal-

Up the gangway and forward alongside the coal hatch is the fill nozzle from the water tank and its coupling on the deck. Open the coupling wider with the lever, then move the nozzle inside. Latch the nozzle with that same lever and return to the pier. Climb the water tank ladder and operate the lever to fill the tanks.

! Join the Captain on board the Krystal- (2)

Alright, once there Kate gets a new problem to solve.

! Find out if there is duplicate ignition key for the Krystal-

Return to Steiners shop, Sarah is there now but does not know of any key. Ask to look at the model so Sarah will provide the hand crank to open its display.

! Inspect the model of the Krystal-

Return to the model in Steiners basement locate the light switch and move it to on. Back the view out and look at the hand crank socket, install the crank and open up the display. Read the plaque under the bow for the puzzle clues, all the numbers and backwards. The view of the side of the model will show her side-wheel with a pointer and numbers. Reverse the order of the numbers listed on the plaque so set the pointer to the last number shown and see the models anchor chain lower a bit. A wrong number or the pointer latching a wrong number will raise the chain again and require starting over. 30, 80, 60, stop at 98, back the view out and return if the anchor chain is not active yet, pull down on the anchor chain to open up the top of the model. There is a key there with two actions, turning will start the engine, take the key.

! Obtain an ignition key that is the right size-

Take the 50% key to the key cutting machine on the workbench. Get a key blank from the shelf below before the next zoom on the machine. Original goes on the left side, open the door and put the model key in the center, pull the silver lever on the left to extend the pointed arms, and close the door. Blank goes on the right side, open the door and place the blank from inventory there and close the door. Set the wooden crank handle to the size change needed, 200, and hit the red switch. If correct, taking the finished key will stop the puzzle.

! Try your duplicate ignition key on the Krystal-

Click on the key slot and Kate will go ahead and try the key right away.

! Convince the mayor to open the locks-

Past the tavern again but turn right this time and forge ahead a few streets to a wide set of steps and the central plaza with the town hall. The merchants protest is still going on, wait for quiet then talk to the mayor and convince him.

! Join the Captain on board the Krystal- (3)

! Go to the shed at the end of the seawall-
Now explore all the dock, that shed is on the seawall past the stern of the Krystal. There is a view spot of that boat outside the seawall just before the shed, and the fisherman up by the lighthouse has a tale to tell.

! Prepare and assemble the diving equipment-

Take the full length yellow dive suit from the hanging clothes, and the empty dive tanks next to the clothes, the dive helmet is on the table past the air charging station. Observe each of these items in inventory and their hot spot comments, the dive tanks have a plate with puzzle information, 180bar, and the gauge showing empty. Select the charging station twice and use the tanks from inventory. Lower the long metal bar over the valves to connect, back out the view to see the compressor station to the left and view it. Use the hex knob to set the pressure needle to 180bar and press the small green button. Back to the tank valves, operate one red lever to fill one side then return it upright and do the other side, when both are full Kate will get the tanks back in inventory. Select the entry of the changing booth to put on the dive gear.

! Open the two locks-

In the water have Kate walk along the seawall to the right side of the camera view to where she saw the red hand wheel. There is a gear and a square key in front of the puzzle plus two more gears when the view is close. Refer to the superintendents notice translation in document inventory for hints, the gears have their foundry numbers on them when turned over for inspection. Once in the correct places they cannot be removed, but there was no chain here. Push on further to the next door. The other side can be opened right away, but to see how it works turn the square key from inventory in the square hole below the red hand wheel and open the cover. Turn the red hand wheel then pull down the lever on the left side to open the door. Now to search for the missing chain, both the inner harbor and just outside that open lock door can be searched. The small shipwreck just outside has a panorama view and the chain. Install the chain and single click the lever on the right to start the cut scene.

! Inform Ayawaska that everything is ready for departure-

Talk to her.

! Go over the situation with your allies-

Walk toward the gangway to start a cut scene, do not go visit Obo unless that last patch prevents getting stuck on the bridge.

! Go back to the clinic-

Kate needs the funicular car to get to the clinic, the route past Steiners shop will show an open gate with needed supplies, or the via main plaza for a cut scene with the mayor. Stairs from both locations lead to the now closed station. The ticket office is empty, look at the loading platform for a panorama view, and now the door puzzle. The door is locked but there are views at the bottom of the door, a big gap but some special things are needed in inventory. Up the alley from Steiners there is a newly open gate with a wagon inside. Go along the outer railing from the ticket office and down the steps to reach the opening and take a wedge from under the wheels. Kate will have two wedges but look for another smaller wedge right where the wagon used to be. Back at the door puzzle there are two placement spots when the bottom of the door is examined with the inventory open. Only the small wedge will fit either now, so place it on the left side and see the door go up with another placement spot show up right next to the wedge. Put a wedge in the new spot and take back the small wedge, repeat on the other side. With two large wedges in place and the small in inventory new placements on top of both large wedges are needed, put the small wedge on the right side by the hinge and get rid of the door. No power on the panel, and the electric box beside the tall wood cabinet is shut tight. Sticking a knife into an electric box? Work the knife down to open the box and operate the switch. At the control panel pull the handle down. Enter the car and view the controls for Kate to take over.

! Find Kurk!-

Look at the helicopter, go inside then from the box at the rear take the walky-talky and examine it. Enter the clinic and overhear, with the focus still on the soldiers use the walky-talky on them. I prefer saying Kate Walker is here, have fun with the others. Sneak around reception past the guard by the front door past the view of the medication cart mess to reach the offices. Dr. Z will flag Kate into his office.

! Bring Kurk round and free him-

Kurk is in Olgas office, but will not respond to Kate yet so start to work on that chair. The back of the chair has a sliding panel that will expose some of the workings such as for the hypno-pendulum, holding the belts will stop them, use the paper clip from the medication list on one side of the chair. Need to stop the medical injections, examine the hypo, move the needle to dump Olgas but put it back on. Open the top part now and from inventory use the shamans bottle here and reclose. Use the wheel in the back to bring Kurk around. Click on the arm restraint, need to deal with that code box. Search Olgas desk check out the statue, but the code is torn from that note. Look at the code box on the chair, there is nothing else in the room so bring up inventory, grab something Kate said was heavy and bash, like Olgas statue on the box number display.

! Activate the ice breakers in the machine room-

In the center isle of the passenger cabin look out for some matches. Use stairs in the aft part of the cabin to reach the machinery. Below deck go forward to the raised platform behind the large gears of the ice breaker and its controls. Engage the gears with the wheel on the right side, the start button below has a cover that needs to be lifted off first. Lets see if the patch made this any easier, the trick is to keep the torque needle close to green, easy as we speed up through the gears with the breakers raised, but will not stay in high for long anyway, and once the ice breakers are lowered with that middle lever to do work things go bad fast. Obo will say we have to be quick to shift back to 2 from 3. By the mouse I could not do it fast enough. With the gear lever held by the mouse key it will also respond a bit better to the WASD and arrow keys, something else to try, if you are not so good at twitch like me. Seems the trick is easier to pull off with the ice breakers lowered, up through the gears 1, 2,3 then right back to 2.

! Inspect the Krystals stern-

Watch for another inspect as Kate moves aft down the center isle again. There is a box under the seat, pull it out and lift the latch then lid, she needs that flare.

! Destroy the lights on the bridge-

No, not the ones inside, but the large lights around the outside of the main deck. Cannot do that by hand, look on the starboard side going forward for a crate and boat hook leaning on it. Now Kate can take out those lights, lower the light with a hand crank, if she can't then move something to stand on. The stern light is different with a tentacle right there, use the flare on the light then bash it out.

! Turn off the Krystals engines-

Back in the machine room by the ice breaker controls, go further starboard to a switch on the side, funny way to control a steam powered side wheeler but anyway, off.

! Go back to Captain Obo-

For a side trip head back aft on the port side to the work bench (and what might be needed soon but can't be touched yet) the center door aft is a view of the ferry cargo hold in the stern. Using the starboard stair out of the machine room, Obo will be visible in the starboard lifeboat so head out there.

! Bring the Captain a light source-

The lamp parts were there on the machine room work bench port side aft, but unlikely to have any fuel for the puzzle nearby, so look for where Captain Obo might have some alcohol on the bridge front or back. Open up that book on the deck where Kate says something's wrong. That will work an alcohol lamp. At the work bench inspect the lamp parts, use the vodka on the fuel port of the base, not the wick on top. Light it with the matches, and install the top section. Take the lamp to Obo.

! Find a way to measure the surrounding radiation-

There on the foredeck is fixed radiation monitor, check the front and sides, need a familiar key. Go to the bridge, take the key of the Krystal from the post near the helm. Turn the key on the handle of the radiation monitor, pull the handle and take the goggles.

! Find a way to pull the Krystal from the sand-

From the foredeck you can use the panorama for the billboard on the pier. Leave via the gangway, on the pier check those cables hanging in the air, then look at the small hatch just forward of the gangway on the Krystal and the round connectors there. The pier has a gap for now, use the broken section to walk down to the beach and over to the bow, on the port side of the bow is a view spot and then for the breaker on the bow. As Kate nears the benches below the boardwalk and its stairs a cut scene will start and show a new quest objective to work on as well as this one. To the left of the boardwalk steps is a dark beach house with a ladder, on the front landing is a handy telescoping hook. That hook is the item needed to restore power to the park, when I used it early the Youkols were all enjoying the rides, at some point there is a cutoff since the rides didn't start running on my second play, the power instructions are further below. Enter the park doors. Inside the park the maintenance building is to Kates right or the left side as we look back at Kate in the entrance. Inside the building is a map of the park on the near wall with the panorama icon, someone has made a lot of notes here on that track ride around the park, they were working on the same puzzle Kate must solve so pay attention to the white circle and results for III, those red marks are stops on the track. Even better is the Voralberg tool box on the bench but it needs a key. Leave by the door on the back wall to reach the rest of the boardwalk, the Ferris wheel is reachable from here but that can be saved for later. Walk over to the two cars on their sides and check the coupler. Oops, but now the tracks are clear at least so we skipped one objective Another ZX2000 in a more serious looking tractor, check the driver and the winch on the back, Kate wants to drive and tow the Krystal but the seat is for automatons, now check the poor one she dragged off the seat and take the key. Another objective is showing now. After the cut scene at the Parks gate into town go to the left for another door to check on and further left is a hole in the park fence blocked by danger signs and views of the radiation hazard. On the ground here is a metal shank Kate needs to take. Stalled getting Oscar back, return to the pier alongside the Krystal and use the telescoping hook to bring down those power cables, accept Beruts offer to help. A new objective for power shows. After the park is repowered Kate will be on the ships bow to watch, head back into the park. At the park doors Kate gets a hint about who was working out car stops on that map, time for the next puzzle. The car she heard stopped above ground, look to the right for the stairs. With power in the park it might be time to look for another part in the maintenance building, the active box on the center table has a gear cog to take. Upstairs at the car park find the paper scrap on the floor and examine it for more hints, look at the car off the track then get in the one on the track for a ride. Once in the car the lock bar comes over and Kate is in a view mode, backing out will exit the car, pan right to collect a metal shank. That hand crank will wind the spring and raise the release lever on the right, the spring will not latch unless fully wound when the hand crank is released. The metal shank will go in the holes of the dial with those numbers matching the map and note Kate saw, once wound the shank can be installed in a hole to stop the car on the track, no other actions can be done except removing the shank and finishing the ride. Kate must have two metal shanks for this puzzle since the car needs to stop more than once around the track, one from the car and one from the ground near the hole in the fence mentioned above. Take a slow trip around the track, by pulling down the long lever keeping a shank in each hole in turn, Kate will get a better chance to see the views and that passage view, the trick to stopping there is to have the right speed/distance between stops. Need to stop the car at that one interior viewpoint on the inside of the track where Kate wonders where the passage goes, the exterior outside viewpoints have nothing new. Use 25 and 15 as shown on the map so Kate can leave the car at the passage and explore. The new area is the subway entrance to the park, up the stairs is the rubble seen from the other door, down stairs is the subway line. Along the left side is the subway system map view then an interesting porthole similar to one on the left of the stairway as we entered. Further down on the floor past the animal skin and laundry is a shrine then a mushroom farm. Enter the subway car, view the dishes, radio, and Olympic hardware on the right, photo and album on the left side. The wardrobe is locked waiting for the right inventory key. Observe the photo album, while departing Katerina will arrive and show off her Voralberg key that Kate needs.

! Install Oscars heart in the automaton-

Turn the cross wrench to unlock the chest plate, then open it. Click on the old heart to view then again to remove it. Use Oscars heart from inventory, open the two top caps by lifting and connect the now interactive pipes, they will insert if close enough when released. Now the brass colored dome cap is interactive as is the bolt holding it, use the L wrench and open the cap to finish this pair of objectives for now, return to the Krystal objectives.

! Repair an automaton-

Back inside the workshop turn the key, open the toolbox, and take the two wrenches needed, return to the beachfront automaton. At the door to the beach a cut scene runs, need a new route through town, to the left of the gate to town is a door that leads to a passage blocked by rubble. Explore further to the left for a hole in the fence and a metal shank on the ground. The beach gate is to the right of the town gate.

! Find a Voralberg activation key-

Get the key from Katerina.

! Restore power to the Krystal-

Close that switch Kate opened to stop the engines in the machine room.

! Finish repairing the automaton-

Return to the ladder and car, remove the shank to finish the ride. Ayawaska and Kurk are waiting there. Open the chest panel again and wind the key from inventory.

! Find clothes for Oscar-

Time to take that key back to Katerina, check and see if the rubble is cleared out from the passage to the subway. In the subway car give Katerina her key back and ask for clothes. Open the wardrobe with the key, though Kate seems to say it won't work. When leaving view the Geiger counter on the subway wall.

! Join Oscar on the Pier-

Either path will reach the tractor, there is a patch between pier sections now.

! Help Oscar tow the Krystal-

Talk to the Youkuls for help hooking the tow cable to the tractor. Have Oscar try and tow the ship. The winch will only try to tighten, use the L wrench to change direction, I have not found an in-game hint for this, now use the winch crank to loosen until Kate stops on her own. Have Oscar try again.

! Find another way to tow the Krystal-

Need something tall and moving, now for the Ferris wheel. Ask the Youkols for help again. Climb up the ladder to the controls, look at the gears, next view Kate will say something is wrong so use the gear from the maintenance building. Pull down the lever on the right and the chain will shift to the new gear, now hit the button on the panel to the left of the ladder.

! Go back to the Krystal-

Some good some bad done there, head back through the maintenance building to reach the beach, walk ahead once out on the sand, and the cut scene starts.

! Bring the ostriches out of the hold-

Operate the control port side aft to start the show.

! Inspect the tunnel-

Walk to the tunnel.

! Go over the situation with Kurk-

Talk to Kurk.

! Get rid of the bats-

Take a moment to walk closer to the tunnel until Kate can see the source of that light from above and the several views up there. Now try the steps up either side of the station, there are places to climb up from the tracks adjacent to each archway. Oscar is on the left side, while looking down the tunnel toward the bats, standing next to an airlock with some hints to give. Inside the airlock, go ahead and press the far red button to let Kate check things out. On the right hand side of the tracks the next subway tunnel is flooded, but grab the orange seaweed to the left of the stairs. View the water as Kate walks down the flooded tunnel, then talk to the Youkol at the far end for the nice piece of wood. With a torch in mind some cloth is needed, check out the ostrich yurts to find one hanging on the outside. Use the workbench set up for you in the dry tunnel, put the round stick in the square hole, add the cloth and use the flask from the bench on it. Light the torch with the lighter from the bench and head for the bats. Not effective, return to this objective later. With the conduit open click on the lighter at the workbench for Kate to relight the torch and solve the bat problem once and for all ,and the journey to continue in cut scene.

! Find a way to open the conduits in the ceiling-

To high to reach, talk to Kurk then check with Oscar about going outside.

! Open the conduits for Kate Walker-

As Oscar, exit the subway. Just past the statue is a view of the conduits on the roof, notice the fire truck just down the road for this puzzle. In the cab of the fire truck look at the key slot and the gear lever just for fun, scan right then pull open the glove box. Use and turn the ignition key from the glove box in the slot, pull down for some drive on the gears, Oscar will drive to the right spot and climb out of the cab. Climb to the ladder controls from the back of the truck. The upper wheel is direction, lower is elevation, and the lever is ladder extension. A correct aim will shift the view to the back of the truck with an action spot on the ladder, click and Oscar will climb to the conduit opening. Need tools, go back down the ladder, assume the truck and wrecks have been stripped already look for an open door along the street. There are views from sight-seeing binoculars on the other side of the circle, and in a broken shop window down the street the fire truck came from. Further down that street is a an open door to a small bank where Oscar can find shears to remove the metal conduit covers.

! Escape the mechanical dogs-

The fire nozzle on the rear of the truck was active before but now will change the view. Remove the lock pin from the hose reel, then the cap from the nozzle stand, now rotate the view to see the active spot on the reel and turn it to connect the hose to the stand. Open the valve above the hose connection, then the bail valve handle on top of the nozzle and Oscar will deal with the metal dogs.

! Join Kate Walker-

Return to the airlock

! Load iodine into the airlock-

Talk to Kurk then Ayawaska, put the seaweed from the flooded tunnel into the airlock cup.

! Join Kurk-

As Kate starts to move Berut offers a yurt for her to sleep in, Oscar has found a friend nearby to occupy him so check out the yurt if you like but no supplies or nap just yet. Kurk and Ayawaska are to the left of the yurt close to the fire pit, look for the tent with the antlered skull.

! Find the hidden Youkol temple-

The Olympic complex is large and hard to search, as it should be, the camera angle changes make left/right directions confusing. Save the iron fences and gates of the stadium area for later and locate the swimming pool, go left at the stadium fences and look for a left hand path as the walk curves around the stadium. Take that left hand path to a set of brass double doors. The red moon through the skylight and design at the far end of the empty pool are part of the final puzzle, climb the diving tower for the panorama view and to find that the end of the platform likely needs 3 inventory items. Ayawaska is here but not talking. Now for the stadium, retrace the path to the iron fences, the gate that would be to the left of Kate as she came from the pool is a large area with some subway station doors and a view into the stadium but seems empty otherwise. On around the stadium one gate to the interior is open, enter and climb the escalator. Around the upper level there is an inset door to locked trophy cases, lounge areas and another view of the moon. Keep going around the level until the dead end with escalators going down, on the lower level there is a gate to go back outside but also a set of stairs and Youkol searcher further inside. The Youkol says there must be clues here, and the chair has a compartment with a puzzle for sure, but need a clue for that too. Return to the outside gate just down the stairs from the chair, this is a new area to search straight ahead from the gate, turning right outside the gate is back toward the Youkol camp through another gate. On the path with the candles, read the legible tombstones, must be maintained by the dark clad figure who watched the arrival. Look for the graves and fresh dug grave by the shovel. Check the window and door at the log cabin house. With the translated journal clue in bold print for the stadium chair return there to solve it. Sacrifice, pain, death, sacrifice, mourning, madness. The view will change to the chair seat, lift it to reach the lens. Return to the trophy case in light of that journal hint, wait for Kate to comment on the case and the view to shift with another interactive spot to click for the next hint. Use the scarf from inventory on the glass. With all three lenses return to the swimming pool. If not already done so climb to the bottom of the pool and look at the design on the end, take note of the color and position of the seven lights and return to the top of the diving platform for the final temple puzzle. With the view of the three hole at the end of the platform open inventory for the three locations to go active, each lens will only go into one particular location, at least for the difficulty I was playing, good luck if the lenses go anywhere.

! Get the Youkol journal translated-

The small cave by the cabin has one of the Youkol lenses. Open the gate along side the stadium and talk to Kurk. Read the translated journal and return to the temple objective.

! Help the Youkols open the hidden temple-

Click on the end of the platform to see and control the whole puzzle. The four blue lights may be the best place to start with four needed and both highest and lowest positions. Mirrors redirect and crystals can split beams, correct positions are latched and mentioned by Kate, have fun!

! Join the Youkols in the Temple-

This is the last chance to go back to the log cabin and see if Kurk went there.

! Join Kurk- (2)

Not as easy as it sounds, to the right of the bridge and customs house look for some black rocks sticking up past some stove pipes and go around them to the edge of the river. If he can't be found climb down the ladders behind the house and start the waterwheel, as you climb back up Kurk can be seen on the riverbank.

! Meet the watcher on the other side-

Talk to the agent in the customs house.

! Start the bridge engine-

Behind the customs house, go down the ladder. Under the house there is the control for the cargo line car. Go down another ladder and operate the lever.

! Go back and talk with the customs officer-

Talk to him.

! Find alcohol for the watcher-

The customs officer said they used to trade so head back over the bridge. The officer leaves in a hurry look at the tracks he left behind and take that brick. Try to get into the customs house since there didn't seem to be good supplies in that downstairs area. The first side door is locked, break the glass with the brick at the other side door. View the bridge controls, someone will have to stay behind for the migration to cross. Take the flask from the fishermans basket, view the imposing poster, and take the pile of customs papers from the table. Send the flask over on the cargo line and get back some bags of sawdust for the spirit smoke puzzle.

! Recite the prayer for the spirits-

This shows a bit early, get the watcher his booze first, likely this sets interaction spots for the smoke signals. Check with Ayawaska for help with this, she tells about the smoke then goes to sleep, take just her staff from the chest. Observe the staff for the puzzle hint, now just which direction to read them. Do some last minute shopping in your own yurt, take the lighter and knife from the box. At the smoke pipes the wood outside is wet, open the lower section to take the colored resin, dry log, and the three smoke shapers. Examine each item, the smoke shapers have a symbol to match Ayawaskas staff. Put the papers and then the log in the center section. Close the door for now and back the view out to put sawdust in each of the four drawers. Open each of the pipe chambers on the front side, zoom in to take any resin already there. Back the view out to the whole smoker, the first selected view, and select Aywaskas staff from inventory which should fit behind the middle pipes and give the order when viewed there. The colors are red, blue, blue, yellow, and just a quarter of resin is needed for each with only one blue quarter. Turn away from the smoker to the interactive tree stump and cut the round blue resin with a knife, Kate takes the quarter with her. Place a resin quarter in each pipe over a set of holes, back out and raise the platform with the handle to see the opening in the lower section, be consistent with alignment choices for all four pipes to find errors quicker, I put the resin in the lower left and the opening below in the lower left avoiding the open section on the upper left above. Lower the resins back down and close the pipes. With the resin in place swing the view around to the back and install the proper smoke shapers in each stack, taking this reversal of order into account, and close the pipes. Open the fire box in the front again and with the damper on the far left open, to keep it burning, light the fire with the lighter. Open each of the four pipes dampers, and close the damper on the left to start the smoke, if correct the cliff hanger finale will start.