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FAQ/Walkthrough by dontyoulookatme

Updated: 08/27/09


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Walkthrough              [WLK]

Greetings                [GRT]

Notes                    [NTS]

Astral Academy           [AA]

Wolvercote Catacombs     [WC]

Dragon Graveyard         [DG]

Crystal Caverns          [CC]

Crypt of the Damned      [COTD]

Forsaken Dungeons        [FD]

Throne of the Lost King  [THRN]

Fangle Forest            [FF]

Shadowthorn Thicket      [ST]

Ruins of the Perished    [ROP]

Heartlands Mines         [HM]

Bramblestoke Village     [BV]

Iron Forge               [IF]

Tower of Sarek           [TS]

Thanks/ Version History  [TVH]




Hello, and welcome to my walkthrough of Trine, an old school side scrolling
platformer with clever elements, and great gameplay. I for one am a sucker for
well done platformers, and have been known to play a lot of old school games.
However, for others who don't share my likings, some (though they may still
find the games enjoyable) find the games difficult, frustrating, and sometimes
confusing. Well, that's what this guide is for. Hopefully this guide will help
you on your way to reclaiming the Trine.




Since platformers have an emphasis on jumping and timing, your skill level may
be a factor in some cases, and in such cases, though you know what to do, it
may take some trial and error to succeed.

The strategies I use are fairly the most efficient from my experiences, but
feel free to experiment with techniques and styles when playing when you have a
grasp on what to do already.

This help you enjoy the game more, because, like math, there are more than one
way to solve some of the problems in the game.

Since there are equipments that help in your quest that have many attributes
and features, you should feel free to equip whatever helps you, or what you
think will help you, unless you are advised to use a specific combination.

The skills and equipments are to help you succeed against that harder levels
and enemies, and to generally make the game slightly easier, based on what the
problematic sections may be.

You have three characters to switch between that are useful for different
situations, and are needed for specific tasks.

Though I'll recommend using the best character for the occasion, you can still
have room to experiment if you aren't having much trouble.

Well, without further ado, let's get this thing going.







Start off, easy enough, by jumping right on the platforms. Should you fall, you
can climb back up, or use your grappling hook on the bottom of the platforms.
You'll need to use the grappling hook to get past the gap. Move into the
castle, and use the grappling hook on the top of the lanterns to avoid getting
slashed. Swing along  to the right.

Don't stop moving, as a falling block with smash you if you do. Move along to
the treasure chest, and watch the scene.  You'll now take control of the
wizard. Run along, and use your grappling spell to grab the second big box, and
place it on the first. Make sure they stand high, and that there's room on the
first box for you to jump.

Jump on the  boxes to reach the top, and pick up the potions. Keep moving and
lower the bridge with your magic. Move down to the lower level now, and move
the small boxes that impede your path. Move through, and step on the first step
switch. Then draw a box to appear on the second.

A path will open up, but first, control the box to make a stepping tool for you
to jump to the left. On the higher level, pull down the first platform, jump on
it, and then pull down the second, as needed to get across. Pick up the potion,
and then you can either draw a box or tilt the platform with the potion to make
it fall. The latter is easier.

Head down and through the exit. Move through an to the chest for another scene.
Now you'll be able to take control of the knight. Jump up the block and slash
at the stone hindering you.

It'll drop to the bottom, revealing a space with a potion. Grab it, and jump on
the fallen block to continue. Move through and break the door. Slash at the
rope that's holding the wood, and move through to obtain the potion. Then turn
back, and slash the left side to head down to the lower level.

Grab the potion, and then move up the new bridge. Jump slash the rope at the
top to make it hit the potion, grab it, and then jump slash the platform
holding the next potion that's directly above the doorway.

Moe through, and use your shield to defend yourself from the debris. Move
through to join up with the rest of the party. When you're in control again,
move to the right, and head on. You can switch characters, so if you miss the
potion, use the wizard to pull it down.

Use the knight to attack the skeleton. Push the box to the right to gain enough
footing to jump to the other side of the mushroom-like tree. Grappling with the
thief makes traversing these platforms easier, and do so to obtain the potions.
You can use the knight to attack the skeletons, but you'll have to be up close,
so using the thief's bow and arrow is more effective.

Head down near the rotating platform. Take the skeleton out from a distance
with your bow and arrow. On the lower right of the spinning platform, there's a
little space you can enter. After that, head back to the main path. Use the
wizard to move the mechanism up to to the far right.

Doing so opens up the path, continue, and take out the enemy. It's best to use
the thief to take the skeletons out from a far, and there's one that'll move
down the gap, so do just that. Head down for the goodies, and then move back
and grapple to the other side.

You can reach the top of the next platform by grappling, you just have to have
enough backwards momentum. Move past and switch to the knight when the enemies
come out. Shield yourself from harm when they attack, and retaliate with
attacks of your own.

Make sure the coast is clear before grappling with the thief. Before moving on,
grapple forward of the blocking up top. You should be able to retract the
grapple enough to move in on the left to pick up the goodies. Then proceed as

Move through the rotating platforms, head up top to get the potion, and then
take out the skeleton. Be careful not to move too far to the left, as the
ceiling comes down. The knight is handy here. Don't leap over the platforms
yet, for skeletons will come. Take the one at a distance out with the thief.

Grapple the teeter totter and then jump on it, and quickly to the left. Hit the
bridge, or pull the bridge down, depending on your character. Grapple on the
tree ledge to pick up some goodies, and move along, and use the wizard to
rotate the ledges until they're set, then move across them.

Move through, avoiding the flames, and attack the skeleton. Move up and to the
right, shield yourself from the flames with the knight. Don't spend too much
time on the bridge, as you'll regret it. Watch the little cut scene, and then
turn back. Take the enemy out, and use the wizard to move the top block for the

Grapple on it to get to the other side, move back through the flames, but this
time, head to the right. There are a number of skeletons to take out, while
watching for the flames, so take your time, and be careful not to lose too much

Head down with the thief, but grapple immediately before touching the ground.
It's lethal. Head up the merry-go-round thingy, and head upwards, while taking
the skeletons out from a distance.

Move from the top to the right where there are two weights, in a kind of
balance platform. Use the wizard to push the stone upwards up, and then move as
it drops down. Use the knight next, for there are a lot of skeletons.

Move along, and head upwards to the merry-go-round. Grapple it, and it should
hoister you up. Then move past the platforms picking up the potions as you
pass. Tilt the bridge with the flames with one of your ranged characters before
moving across. You need it slanted to move up the next ledge.

Move along, and pick up the potion near the box on the right before using the
wizard to grab it and move it upwards. Place it on the top ledge, and then
after moving on it to pick up the potion, head to the left, and upwards.

Move past the enemies, and then use your wizard, as you jump on the mechanism.
Pull it to move you upwards in a clockwise motion. Head to the left to pick up
the goodies. At around this point, there's usually a notification that you've
leveled up.

You can distribute skills to your characters, but don't worry about that too
much for now, as you're just starting out. Head to the right, and take out the
annoying, yet persistent skeleton enemies. Head up to the right after taking
the enemies out by way of the thief.

Grapple the goodies if you need them and continue on. Continue along the
platforms with the thief, and should you fall from the platforms near the gap,
be sure to grapple immediately. You'll be done with the level soon




Head right, and take the skeleton out from a distance. Then move to the bottom
and combat the other one. Wait for the one up top on the right to come down,
and then take him out, preferably with the knight.

Pick up the goodies, and then head left, and grapple to get to higher ground.
Grapple up top to pick up the potions. Move along and take out the skeletons.
There's an archer skeleton on one of the above platforms, so try to shield
yourself with that platform, and strike when the arrows aren't close by.
Alternatively, you can jump slash him off the platform with the knight, and
then take him out as he comes down.

There's another one up top, and the thief is the best choice to deal with him.
Move up to the potion by grappling, and then switch to the knight before you
decide to move past the flames. You can shield yourself this way. Step on the
foot switch to unlock a new location, which will be shown to you in the brief
cutscene. Skeletons will respawn, so it's best to stick as the knight if they
get too close, otherwise take them out from a distance with the thief. Head
down the new path, and grapple if you missed the potion.

Keep your guard up, for more enemies await. Move along the bottom path, taking
out the enemies as you go by, then use the thief to take the skeleton out from
up top. If his friend's coming, though quickly use the wizard to hit the top
one with the box, and then deal with the one that's nearest to you.

Make sure all the enemies are gone before using the wizard to hinge the box in
the spikes and then bring down the drawbridge. You must position the box so
that the drawbridge is straight enough to support you. Grapple the top
platforms first and get the goodies before moving on, though. There's a chest
up top which contains an equippable item.

Move to the right to fight the huge skeleton. He'll walk up to you, so you want
to start the battle with ranged thief attacks. Timing your shots will leave him
taking damage for a while before he retaliates. When he finally comes at you,
switch to the knight and jump slash when he isn't attacking you. Shield when
necessary. When you take him out, move to the right and open the next chest to
collect the item.

Equip it as you see fit, and throw the boxes at the skeletons at the bottom
with the knight. Use the wizard to get the goodies up top, and then use the
knight to throw the other boxes down. Throw a box on the top of the pipe that
spits the fire, and throw some more to keep the fire at bay.

Move up and to the right, and grapple through the platforms. There are
skeletons at the bottom, so take them out from a distance. Now here, use the
wizard to grab a box and prevent the first fire balls to get to you. Then draw
a box at the lower right and then switch to the thief. Move up the first box,
drop down to collect the potion, and then grapple your way back to the left.

Use the knight to jump through, and shield yourself if the fires get a little
too close for comfort. Move through the pendulum room, and then take care of
the skeletal baddies. Head to the top left by grappling, pick up the goodies,
and then move to the right. Keep moving, and take out the single skeleton
enemy. Grapple your way to the next area and move on through.

Use the wizard to move the spike bomb out of harm's way. Move it all the way to
the left. Jump over all three switches and head to the right. There re a lot of
skeletons, to keep your distance and play it safe.

Use the wizard to wedge the box in the spikes to the right, and then grapple up
there with the thief. A couple of skeletons will pass by, so prepare. Take them
out before they get within swing distance. When done, move the box to the
spikes on the left to move over there and collect the goodies.

There's a chest there as well. Use the wizard to take the small rock on the
ground to hit the platform up top when you move to the right. A skeleton will
approach you in this part. Use the thief for the next part. You'll have to be
quick, but you should also time your jumps when the flames aren't coming at
you. At the last edge, grapple to the top. You can draw a box as the wizard to
hit the top near the middle of the flames for some goodies.

The box can also be used to tip the platforms, giving you a little more
leverage. Though helpful, you still have the flames to worry about, so speed is
favored here. Head to the right to end the level.




Move to the right, and then jump to the left for the goody. Move normally to
the right, and take the skeletons out. There are a lot of them, so be prepared.
When you've taken care of them, grapple on to the moving platform when it's a
little to the right, and then proceed.

There are still a bunch of skeletons to watch for. It's hard to do your job
with them running rampant, so take them out before you do anything else. Break
through the ground to pick up the goodies. Use the wizard to move the box in
between the spikes, and then move on through.

Get to the top, and then use the wizard to move the mechanism. There's a
skeleton archer that will try to make trouble for you, though. Fight fire with
fire. Or, arrow with arrow, rather...when you get to the right platform, jump
to the top of the mechanism and then move it to the left to get the goodies,
and the chest.

Grapple, and jump your way through on the right until you get to the next
chest. There are still skeleton enemies all over the place, so keeping your bow
and arrow handy is a good idea. Draw a line with the wizard to make a makeshift
bridge to continue. Grapple the first top platform near the spiked ball, and
try standing on the top of it. Grapple your way through, avoiding the spiked

You'll notice that the skeletons are now coming at you with shields in hand. No
worries, for if they're far away, you can still catch them with arched shot,
and they don't always have their shield up. There are a lot more skeletons, so
take them out, and watch out for the stray arrows.

There's a good chance you'll lose a lot of health here due to the large amount
of skeleton enemies that come your way. So whenever you see health vials and
you don't readily need them, remember to come back to them if possible. Keep an
eye out, because a top one of the platforms, there is a chest. There's an enemy
guarding it, so take care of him first.

When you're done, move to the right and then head up to the mechanism. Step on
it, and then move it to the right with the wizard. Then, move the bottom part
where you're standing from side to side and then jump off to get to the other
side. Don't move too fast as there are skeletons that are going to come up, and
it's best to get them out of the way. Traverse the right after dispatching the
skeletons. Just in case you were getting lonely, more shall come.

Take them out, pushing them off is an advisable tactic. Use the wizard to draw
a line that will stop the first propeller, then move on to the next, and use
your weight from jumping to stop the second one in place. Position it so that
it has a point in the air that you can jump on. Time your jumps to get past and
complete the level.




Move along and wait for the debris to fall. Grapple the top planks and don't
forget to get the potion. You can alternatively make a bridge on the spikes on
the ground as the wizard and walk across. Move to the right, and then use the
knight to protect yourself from the falling debris. Use the thief to break the
rope that's holding up the heavy object.

You can move a plank over the two poles and then make a box to jump to the
space which contains the potions. When done, move along, attacking the
skeletons, and head to the top left; the bridge over the water. Attack the
skeleton from a distance with the thief, and swim in the water. You have an
oxygen guage, but it's individual for each character.

The down side is that the knight isn't the best swimmer. Take the ever so eager
skeletons out, and then head up by jumping on the box. Swing your way to the
top, but do not neglect your enemies. You can see where the goodies are. Make a
box on the place you're standing, and then connect the goody space with a
plank. Move along and you'll come to a box in the air, hung by a chain. Grab
the box with the wizard, and move it to the right a bit.

Then grapple across with the thief. Walk along shielding yourself form the
falling debris. Keep heading right, and you'll fall through a broken bridge.
Head deeper into the water, and head left in the opening. Move up, collect the
goodies, and then move back from where you came.

Head deeper still, and then to the right. Eventually you'll reach the end of
the lake and will be able to jump out. To the right, make a box with the
wizard, and wedge it in the top right. Then bring the box in the water on the
left to the top right of the first box.

Then grapple your way up with the thief. Head to the left, and then pick up the
goodies. Move to the right, swinging, and tip the boulder to make it fall. Head
to the right taking the bats out, and then move past. Platforming isn't
efficient, so swing on the bottoms. Head right, and use the wizard to move the
boulder into the water. Then head left and move the box.

Place a bridge on the spikes if you can't come into reach. Push the box into
the water and then jump from it to the right on to the plane with the goodies,
and the chest. Swim down and avoid the stray spikes.

When you notice your oxygen getting low, immediately switch to another
characters. Get out of the water and then take out the skeletons.

Continue ahead, and take the bats out. Lay waste to the skeleton on the other
side of the bridge before you venture across it. Be sure to shield yourself as
the knight when the debris falls, and should you fall as well, quickly use the
thief to grapple your way back up to safety.

It's kind of a good idea not to touch the putrid gunk to the bottom of the
screen. The platform layout should make taking the skeletons out without being
hit back fairly easy. Just jump and take them out from a distance, using the
bottom of the platform as a shield against the attacks of the ones that are at
the bottom.

Though they are using fire breath attacks, so you still need to be careful not
to take too much damage. Hop through and shield yourself from above and move
through to complete the level.




It's going to be a little dark here, as the characters may have given away.
Stand on the platforms near the gunk, and take the skeletons out as they come
along. You don't have much space, so try not to get hit off. The thief's arrow
is a friend here, yet again.

Move through to the doorway arc. Jump grapple the top platform to pick up the
potion, and then prepare to combat the undead. Take the skeletons out before
opening the chest. Use the wizard to pick the box up top, and break the
flooring. Then use your thief's fire arrows to break through the wood on the
right. Take the skeletons out, and then use your wizard to pick the top plank
off of the section that houses the two potions.

Light the torch with the fire bow, and then jump grapple to the other side.
Light the next two torches, and you'll notice that you can jump down near the
three boxes. Move them to make a box bridge, and then move on to take out the
skeletons and bats.

There will then be two torches that need to be lit. Lite the two torches and
then use the wizard to pick the box up from up top. Then drop it on the lower
right. If the box isn't close enough to the ledge, you can draw a box to move
through. Then take out the baddies. Pick up the potion on the top left and then
move through. Place the box on the bottom to make a path for yourself. It
should go without saying to light the torches you come across.

Move along and push the blue rock. There'll be a lot of enemies to watch for.
Move down below the bridge and pick up the potion. Get across the murk by way
of the wizard and keep going. When you reach a wall, don't out, use the wizard
to make a box and then move on through. Open the chest.

Go back from where you came, and then cross the bridge now. There are still
enemies, so keep on your toes. Move through, and then use the wizard to pull
the broken bridge back up, and set it down to make a path. Make sure the coast
is clear before venturing through the bridge. Continue on, lighting things as
you go, and taking out the enemies that are so eager to greet you. Head up the
top platforms, and keep ready, as the enemies don't take time off.

Light the next torches, and move through the bridge. There will be bats,
though. You'll move towards a torch, and then a gap. You'll have to move the
broken bridges to move through, however, move the first one back. Leave in on
it's side, and only place the second one correctly. There are goodies and a
chest in the pocket that the first bridge piece was. Collect the items and then
move on through.
A huge enemy will pop out through the brick wall.

He's a boss. You have to jump behind him and attack to beat him. The knight is
the most versatile here. He'll be done soon, but as you move through, don't
jump across the gap. Rather jump downwards, and grapple to the left through the
hidden spot. Pick up the goodies, and turn the lever to proceed. Pull the level
to lower the bridge and then move through to end the level.




Move along, and use the wizard to grab the box you'll come across and break the
trapping. You can now grapple up and continue. Now use the wizard to place the
box close to the flames to prevent them from shooting far. Then make another
box on top of it, and then head to the top left for some goodies.

Then move to the  right of t boxes, and then jump on them to collect the next
potion up top at the top right. Go down now, take out the enemy, and move
along. Draw a plank onto the platform with the next pair of flames and move
through. Grapple across the gap, watching for the flames, as you place the box
on the little platform on the lower right.

Take the surrounding enemies out. When they're gone, make a box and move it a
few spaces before the wall. Then position a plank on it to move through. You
can bring the box back up, and jump from it to retrieve the goodies from the
left.  Then hop across the platforms to get to the next potion.

Drop down and move through. Move through the flames, and jump over the
hindrances with the knight, so that you can shield yourself from above. Swim
through and take the skeleton out. Turn the lever and move upwards. Your main
task it to head upwards, but there'll be lots of flames.

Swing up as you can, and should there be any enemies, ignore them for now. Push
through the spiked balls with the knight, and take out the fire breathing
Head down and to the left where you'll see flames shooting to pick up a potion.
Move right and combat the skeleton.

Turn the lever and more skeletons will pop up. Head back left, and jump on the
plank that's hanging on the wall on the right. Get to the top and place a plank
at the gap to get to the potion. Break it with the knight, and then head down.
Head upwards along the path. You're going to have to jump from plank to plank
at a reasonably fast pace.

Turn the lever, after dealing with the enemies, and then head up to get the
potion. Grab the stone slab with the wizard, and then take it down right and
hit it against the right wall to reveal an opening. In it are goodies, and a
chest. Head back left and down through to the new path.

Move left, shielding yourself from the spike balls with the knight, and then
down through the water. Move right and draw a box as the wizard on the spikes
and jump through and to the left. Take the enemy out, a new path should open on
the right. Head right and jump over the planks and attack the enemy.

Move right and attack the mega sized skeleton with the thief's arrows to make
it through. Move along picking up whatever goodies you can get and then fight
the regular sized skeletons.

Take your time, as more will come out after seconds of silence. Use the wizard
to draw a plank vertically on the bottom to keep it from moving. Then jump up
and onwards. Keep it moving to end the level.




Head right past the dangerous area, and jump over the rotating planks to get
across. Take the enemies out, and use the wizard to move the stone slab at the
bottom to get to the goodies.

There is also a chest in that area. Grapple upwards, and continue jumping in
the top part of the level, collecting the loot. There will be bats, so find a
platform with enough space before you decide to dispatch them. Move along and
on the last platform, use the wizard to move it like a pendulum, giving you
enough momentum to swing to the ledge.

When you take out the shielded skeleton, grapple up from the second top plank
and head upwards, collecting the loot. Move the bridge down with the wizard at
the end, and make sure to get everything. You're going to drop down to a
segment with four archer skeletons, and a moving mechanism. Push the mechanism
to form a make shift barrier, and take the skeletons out from a distance. You
should do this quickly because they can overwhelm you.

When you take all of the baddies out, get to the top of the mechanism and jump
your way out of there. Step on the floor panel to progress. Take the skeleton
out at the bottom, and continue on the bottom path. There are a bunch of
skeletons that will spawn, so take them out before heading back up. Watch out
for the pendulum blades, though. Open the chest, and continue to the right.
This,of course, is after you take the enemies out.

Be really careful moving forward. Move the spikes out of your way with the
wizard. Preferably the right, since you have a chance of taking out a skeleton.
It's easy to lose a lot of health in a short amount of time here, so be
careful. The pendulums do massive damage. Place a plank on the bottom right,
over the spikes, and take the skeleton out.

There are a lot more behind him, one of which is an archer, so be careful.
Don't be afraid to run back and take them out with the bow. The skeletons will
keep coming, but alas, they're not infinite. Using the knight to pick up the
stone slab and then throwing it at the skeletons is a very useful technique,
but it works well only if the skeletons are all on one side.

Turn back and grapple upwards. Pick the goodies up and be careful when you come
to the cogs, and spiked balls. Move on to the little elevator wooden thingy
that will take you to the bottom. Move along, and place planks into the cogs to
stop them from moving. Hop on them, and quickly take out the skeleton before he
breaks the plank.

If he does, though, don't worry, as you'll be on the bottom platform. You'll
have to move on the top of the cogs, but doing so causes them to move. So place
planks and boxes in the cogs that can be stopped, and for the others, you'll
have to use your jumping dexterity and your wizarding skills to place boxes in
between them.

Some may have to planks, and others work well with boxes on them, but it all
depends on how far you're able to jump, so you're going to have to experiment
if it doesn't work for you (the game's physics) so this part can take a couple
of trials. The good news, though, is that you'll be done with the level once
you get past this part. A fitting reward for such a difficult part, eh?




Before you move to the right, make boxes and place them on the left to jump
from them to obtain the hidden goodies. Then grapple right, and take out the
unsuspecting skeleton.

Create a plank, and then walk over it to get past the spikes. Break the door,
and take out the shielded skeleton from a distance. A bunch of skeletons will
spawn, but if you use your bow and arrow, and are fairly quick and well aimed,
they won't even come down to your level below.

When you get to higher ground, head left to pick up the goodies, and contend
with the bats. The go right and take out the skeleton. There is one up top.
Take him out, and take his spot to snipe the next batch of foes. Swing from the
moving platform, and then take out the skeleton.

There are a lot of skeletons coming, but few (if any) archers. You can take
them out from a distance without them getting close enough to do damage. Swing
on the bottom of the bridge left, since right is a dead end, and gain enough
momentum to get on the top of it.

Take jack skellington out and be careful as you move through the right. The
rocky path obscures your sight, and there are enemies waiting there. Blindly
shooting into that area helps, though. Pick up the goody near the water, and
open up the chest. Dive into the water to the right, and touch the box below to
get it to rise to the top. Then, before heading up, swim to the left, and then
down to pick up some goodies. Then head up and jump from the box to the right
ledge. You may have to push it to the right if it is too far away.

In the next area with the dropping platforms, you're going to have to draw a
vertical plank with the wizard and position it under the on to the far right,
and then use a box/boxes to place under the one closest to you. Prior to that
though, make a plank to the right over the spikes to get across to the goodies
before heading back.  Jump across and take out the skeletons.

You can neglect the vertical plank altogether if your jumping skills are
adequate, though. Be sure to pick up the goodies before moving right, and using
the wizard to place a plank at the bottom near the spikes. As you head to the
bridge area with the multiple skeletons, take them out while watching out for
the archers. It's easy to get overwhelmed here, to take your time;there's no

Take them out and move on. When you get to the area with the dropping
platforms, hop across, being mindful of the skeleton, and if you're going to
pick up the goody, and you miss the jump back, be sure to grapple your way to
safety. It's your only life line. Take the horde of enemies out, and use your
wizard to gain footing to hop across. Keep moving forward to end the level.




This is another darkness level. If you've got any fire weapons, they will make
the level a little more convenient. Fire at the torches to light them as you
move along, and lay waste to the bats you'll come across.

Move along using your incredible jumping, and skeleton mashing skills to get to
the next part where you have to light torches. The skeletons here admire you
use of fire, and as such they are fire wielders themselves, so be careful. In
your attempt to get the goody in the dark at the bottom, know that the spot
where it's on is the only safe spot to land, so be careful.

The darkness prevents you from noticing that until it's too late. Head onwards,
and open up the chest. Apparently by opening the chest, you've violated some
anti-chest opening laws, and so the skeleton patrol with greet you.

You don't have your license with you, so your best option is to beat the crap
out of them. Use your newly found attack for the knight to get through to the
next part. The attack is also very useful against skeletons, since it has
shield breaking properties.

Break the little wood sitting up top to reveal, and release a swinging
platform. Move upwards across the bridge since this is a path that has goodies,
and is less dangerous. Before you try to figure out what to do, make sure that
there are no enemies to bother you.

When they're taken care of, cut the rope on the left that holds up the
battering ram, and it will drop and break the wall. Make a box and use it to
push the goody down to where you can grab it before you move along. You'll come
across a mini boss. You'll have to place a plank on two, and the stand on one
of the floor steps when you are done tackling this boss.

He is easily felled with the knight, jump move on over to the  top of the ledge
to the left, and then jump slash behind him a couple of times. He should go
down before you know it. Take the spiders out, and then light the torches. Then
grapple your way up top, and be sure to collect the goodies.

Place planks as opposed to jumping over the thin platforms, and use a box to
get to the goody up top. Keep rolling, and you'll want to take the skeleton out
from a far, and then head up to the swinging mechanism. Get on top of it, and
use your wizard to get a hold of it, and pus it for leverage.

Pick up the goody, and open up the chest. Jump from mechanism to mechanism, and
grapple should you fall. As you head up the stairs, a spiked ball will come
rolling at you. When you've kept your distance long enough, grab it with the
wizard, and move it to the left of you to get it out of your way. Move the next
two spiked balls to the left of you and keep moving to end the level.




Wait for the moving platform to come your way and then hang on it. Needless to
say, don't touch the spikes on the bottom. There will be a lot more archer
skeletons than there were in the last level, so taking the out with the thief's
bow and arrow attacks are a Godsend here. You'll have to head over the
battering ram when you take them out to proceed.

When it seems like you've taken them all out, more will come, so be patient.
Don't go blindly jumping from the battering ram until you use your wizard to
gain enough peak to help you get to the other side. And even then, the jumping
should be well executed. Not mindless.

The only thing mindless about the game is the skeletons. And even they are
pretty smart............anyway...pick up the goodies, and then head down into
the water. Head through the spike way, and break the wood on the right near the
box. Place a box on the spikes that down move, and then swing upwards to the
left. Open up the chest. Next head down and under the water again.

Move past the spikes. Although there is a potion in the lower left corner, out
of view. When done, head up, and use your wizard to make a box or plank and use
it to move the goody at the top. To get through to the next part, place boxes
in a way to stop the first dropping platform from dropping, and then use a
vertical plank to keep the second one from moving.

To get the goody up top, the wizard is your friend again. Place a plank between
the next two and proceed. Move up the top of the mechanism to get to the goody.
You'll have to use the wizard to move it though. Pick up the stone ball up top
and drop it so that it can drop and break the wood and head down. Move through
the water and push the box to the right. Head to the right and make sure the
coast is clear before jumping on the dropping platforms.

Ignore the battering ram for now. Use your oh so familiar box and vertical
plank action to get to the top and then head onto the battering ram. Swing it
with the wizard, and then hop off to the platform. Swing it all the way up as
it can go, and then let go. Then hop onto the flat surface as it comes up to
pick up the goodies. Move to the right and take out the skeletons when the
gates come down. Then move on through when the gates come back up. Move to the
right to where the three dropping platforms are. Use the wizard to move the
goodies down as you place three planks on the three platforms. When the top one
drops down, the plank will fall and land on the other on, giving you support.

Then head right and take out the skeleton. Keep heading on, taking the
skeletons out as you continue. Head under the bridge and move along and pick up
the goody. Place planks and boxes to get across the wide gap. Using a plank,
then a box, then a plank seems to be the most effective, but as you move on,
the physics will most likely keep it from standing up right. In that case,
place a slanted plank on the collapsing objects to move across.

As the physics system is unpredictable, experimenting and making paths out of
the falling planks/ boxes is essential. There will be another one of those
bosses with the blue ore behind their backs down below. You can take him out
without being hit by using the thief, and sniping from above. Place a box in
the top of the spikes, and then put a plank on it to move across.  Use the
wizard again to use boxes to move the goodies from above.

As you move on, take the skeletons out as they'll spawn before you get far.
Head below the bridge to pick up the goody, and then grapple back up. Move
across the bridge. Taking the enemies out from a distance is the best course of
action. Hit the stone slab to move it to the right, and fall, and then jump
across to pick up the potion. Grapple back up and head to the right, and take
the skeleton out. Head up and again, use the wizard to move the potion down.

As you get to the battering ram, some more enemies will spawn. Make sure the
skeletons are taken care of, because they have a tendency of sneaking up and
messing up the puzzle solving process when they spawn and start shooting at
you. Head on the top of the battering ram, and then use the wizard to swing it
to the left, and then head over there.

Place a vertical plank below the second platform, and a box below the first to
keep them both from falling down, and then jump through. Keep moving to end the




Before moving right as usual, head left, and swing up to collect the goody.
Move to the right. There's a pocket to the right with goodies, and as such,
don't leave them there all by their lonesome. Move down the wide area, and
combat the skeletons. There are archers, and so you should watch their arrows
and retaliate with arrows of your own.

Head to the left and pick up the goody, while slashing away at nearby enemies
with the knight. Step on the floor switch to open the path. A skeleton will
jump to you, because he has a crush on you (if you're the thief)
You owe him money and he wants to collect (if you're the knight) and you made
his family disappear (if you're the wizard). Break the boards to the left, and
then swing to get the lonely goody.

Move along and don't move too fast, as object will fall from above. As you move
along, ad spiked ball will come your way. The tactic from before doesn't work
well here, so swing to the left and let it fall. Two more will follow suit as
you continue along. There will be the neighborhood skeleton dwellers who have a
bone to pick with you (could you believe, no pun was intended?). Head up, grab
the goods, and watch your head.

There's a swinging spiked ball above the bridge you need to go through. Wait
till it swings high up and quickly run through. Waiting for it to swing up the
left side is slightly more effective.

To get the trapped potion, you'll have to use your wizard. Careful, though, as
enemies will come at you in a sporadic manner. You have to make a box or plank
and move the potion to the right. Although, due to the tight spacing, this is
easier said than done. See the tempting mine cart? Don't go in it. Jump in to
pick the goody up, but then quickly jump out.

Stick around, and you'll see why. Swing up to get the chest, and take the
enemies out that come your way. Move up through the area with the cogs. Taking
out the skeleton with the arrows might take some trial, since there's a cog
keeping the arrows of your bow from moving normally. When you get to the molten
area, move the mechanism on the right to the left, and then pull the broken
bridge that should be at your feet and set it right.

Open up the chest, and you'll now be able to draw triangles with the wizard.
You can swing from it, so place it in the air, and then grapple with the thief.
Head up and break through the path.

Head through the skeleton riddled path, while jumping upwards. Jumping head on
towards the fire breathers is not a good idea. Take them out from a distance.
They should be the last two enemies you fight in this path. Place a triangle up
and swing from it to the left to pick up the goodies.

Swing on to the bottom to pick up goodies and a chest, but be careful as it's
easy to mis grapple and fall. Head up to the swinging platform, and move the
triangle and swing from it to the right to get across. Keep moving to end the




Head right and start attacking the skeletons. Head up when done and don't miss
the goodies up top. There is also a chest there, so open it. Move through and
use the wizard to move the stone slabs. Traverse the area all the way through
the ferris wheel thingy.

Another one of the mini bosses wait for you as you continue through. There is
also a potion surrounded by flames to the left, if you're feeling bold. Grapple
to get to it, and if you don't time it right, you may sustain a lot of damage.
Head round the other side and jump across to get to the right.

Move along and head up top. Grapple onto the rotating panel and it should move
you to the right. Place a box on the top right of the spikes and then head back
and up to move to the right. The whole level's about traversal, and so there
shouldn't be much confusion as to where to go, more so than what to do. Head up
to the top right to pick up the goodies.

Head down into the caverns. Take out the spider and then head left for the
goodies and a chest. Make a sharp turn right and move along. Jump grapple to
the right of the rotator. Plank your way to the rock, and then swing through
the flames to get past. Grab the stone slab with the wizard and break the
flooring up top to get the goodies to fall.

Pick up the potion to the right and then keep moving right. Jump rapidly past
the rotators and grapple when possible. There are some goodies at the lower
right, but be careful when getting to them.

Use the wizard to move the plank to get to them. Move up back into the
colorful, and less menacing atmosphere. Pick the potion up from the left by
means of the wizard, and then move right.

Take the skeletons out that come, and try not to take that much damage. Take
your time, and then head upwards. There will be more to take out, and so do
just that as you move to the right, beneath the rotating platform wheel.

Head up and right after dealing with them, and move along, taking out any stray
skinny little critters you come across. Jump grapple when you come to the gap
to the right. Grapple up and to the top left to get the potion. Then use the
wizard to get past the gap.

You'll come across another barrage of skeletons near another rotating platform
wheel. It's best to make sure there's no opposition before continuing across
the wheels.

Move along and then take out the bats to the right. As you move along, there'll
be some enemies to take out, followed by a wooden elevator to take you down.
Move to the left to pick up the potion on the left. Move to the far right and
shoot arrows until the rotating plank comes your way before moving onto it.
Enemies will spawn, but if you are quick, you can avoid them.

To the left is a lever that you must pull. Just make sure there aren't
skeletons jumping into you, swords drawn before you do so. Move along the
wheel, and back. Since the previously blocked path is available, that is your
new destination, but first take care of the skeletons. There are actually a lot
of skeletons to take out, so don't be deceived when it seems there aren't many.
Take them all out, and move along to end the level.




You're getting close to the end, now. Persevere, and you'll be done in no time.
Doesn't mean that things are getting easier, though. Grapple across the spikes,
and be careful, as you come across the spiked ball. Take the enemies out, and
then drop a plank to get across.

More enemies will spawn. Pull the stone slab into the lava to make a stepping
stool, and then jump across. Pull the platform scale down, and then move to the
second platform and take out the enemy.

Pull the lever, and grapple to get the goody. Take the side ways elevator to
move back and then the wizard to place a box in the spikes. Then place a
slanted plank to move up. Head up and left, and place a plank to move past the
gap. There are a multitude of enemies to take out.

Just what don't they want you to get? Oh, never mind. Head up the elevator and
jump when necessary to the top left to grapple and get the potions. At the
flame area, it's best to draw a triangle and grapple from the box to it while
waiting for the flames to move down. Again, a lot of skeleton enemies will come
your way, and so don't waste any time taking them out.

Heading upwards is your goal, though your path will be peppered with enemies.
Use arrows to move the rotating planks to get to the top. To the left, place a
triangle in the air and grapple to the left. Place a box in the spikes and move
through to the left. Grapple to get the potions, and then through the spiked
floor. You can place a box in the spikes on the bottom right and then head
through to pick up the potion. Pull the lever to open up a new path.

Head down to the right to get to the newly opened path. Head down after you're
all set, and place a triangle in the air to get through the gap. Fire arrows at
the rotating plank to get it moving. Drop the stone slab and then move it to
the right. Head up the plank and land on the slab that should be on the right,
watch for spikes, and then move through.

Head all the way right until you come across skeleton enemies. Head up the top
dropping platforms, and move along the path. When you get to the stone slab
scales, break the flooring and place a plank on the appropriate floor panels to
open a new path. Head to the left down to get to the chest. Take the enemies
out as you move to the right to the path that has opened up.

Swing past the spikes. Swing past and watch out for the spiked balls. There are
goodies up top, should you want to pick them up. Do so by way of triangle
grappling. Head up to where the spiked ball is, and push through with the
knight. Head through the next section after taking out the enemies, and watch
for the flames and the magma. Use the wizard's triangles and boxes to get to
the top right where you have to break the wood siding to make the scale slab
move. Head down on the right slab, and swing to the right.

Place a plank on the bottom so that it lands on the two floor panels, and then
swing and land on the top floor panel. The path will open, so triangulate your
way through. To get to the top, place a triangle at the top and swing up and
fire arrows at the rotating the plank to get to the top, or draw a well placed
triangle and then swing to the other side.




This is it. The final level. Usually final levels, and final bosses tend to be
difficult, so I guess this is kind of a bitter sweet experience. Move across to
the right and you'll come across a wraith.

He's going to put obstacles on your path as you move upwards, break the panels,
and the boxes he throws at you, but the most problematic thing is the spiked
balls. Avoid them like a plague and you'd better have a death vial handy. You
have to be quick, otherwise you'll be a wraith soon too.

I'm not going to lie, this part is very difficult. To succeed, you have to jump
quickly, be quick with the bow and arrow, and pay attention to your
surroundings before hand, so as to not get trapped.

Keep heading up, and you'll eventually come across skeleton enemies. Place a
triangle to get to the glowing round objects up top. The skeletons make this a
hassle, though. Do so................................and you'll have beaten the

Watch the cut scene, and the touching ending. Congratulations. You've beaten
the game. You deserve that feeling of accomplishment that you're having right
now. I hope my guide had helped you through your endeavored. This is a sad
time, for I must leave you now. This game hath been a great one. Though there
were moments of which your rage hath got the best of you. Or that you had
thrown thine controller...there were also the great moments of discovery, and
the successful combat therein. And the satisfaction of solving the puzzles.
Thank you so much for reading my guide. And thanks for Trine, a wonderful game.




I'd like to thank all the viewers who have read this guide, and I hope you
found it helpful. I'd also like to thank Gamefaqs.com for allowing me to host
this guide.
This guide is copyright of 2009 dontyoulookatme, and is to be hosted only at
Gamefaqs.com unless otherwise specified.

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Version 2.0

Tweaks and finished the guide. (Yay!)


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