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FAQ/Walkthrough by Farshaft

Version: Final | Updated: 02/05/2010

 \:::::::-.    :::.    :::::::..    :::  .  \
  ;;,   `';,  ;;`;;   ;;;;``;;;;   ;;; .;;,. \
  `[[     [[ ,[[ '[[,  [[[,/[[['   [[[[[/'    \
   $$,    $$c$$$cc$$$c $$$$$$c    _$$$$,       \
   888_,o8P' 888   888,888b "88bo,"888"88o,     \
   MMMMP"`   YMM   ""` MMMM   "W"  MMM "MMP"     \
 .-:::::' :::.      :::      :::        .::.      \
 ;;;''''  ;;`;;     ;;;      ;;;       ;'`';;,     \
 [[[,,== ,[[ '[[,   [[[      [[[          .n[[      \
 `$$$"``c$$$cc$$$c  $$'      $$'         ``"$$$      \
  888    888   888,o88oo,.__o88oo,.__    ,,o888"      \
  "MM,   YMM   ""` """"YUMMM""""YUMMM    YMMP"         \
             \                                          \

 \ Dark Fall 3: Lost Souls                         \
  \ FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0 by Farshaft                \
   \ Copyright 2010, Austin Kizer and Phillip Clontz.\

+Table of Contents+

A. Overview
B. Icons
C. ToolBar
D. Walkthrough
   1. Tunnels
   2. Train Station
   3. Buffet
   4. Hotel Lobby
   5. Hotel Floor 1
   6. Hotel Floor 2
   7. Hotel Floor 3
   8. Room 3F
E. Bonuses
F. Legal


Dark Fall 3 is a first-person "point and click" game, meaning that the
entire game is controlled exclusively using the mouse. The arrow cursor will
change icons depending on what action you can perform at that spot, depending
on what you are holding the cursor over. You can tell what objects you can
interact with in this way. You move through pre-rendered rooms by clicking at
the edge of the screen in the direction you want to go. This may sound off
putting to a person who has never played a point and click game, but the
result is perfect for an investigation-based game such as this, as a large
amount of detail can be put into it in this way. Unlike its predecessors,
Dark Fall 3 incorporates a seamless 360 degree picture of the room all around
you, so that you can see what is between frames as you turn instead of simply
switching to the next image.

There are notes and books, etc in this game that are optional to read and
give you a fuller picture of what is happening in the game, but in this guide
we will overlook those and just discuss what is neccesary to beat the game.
You will also need to keep some sheets of paper or a small notebook with you
while playing this game, as it involves a good bit of writing things down for
later use. Sometimes in this guide we pick items up that we will not need
until a bit later. If you are not following this guide the whole way through,
the section of the guide is usually referenced that you need to read find that
item. An item checklist is included at the beginning of each section so that
you can go through and easily see where to get everything you might need.

 \ B. ICONS \

-CROSS SYMBOL: Default cursor; nothing to interact with.
-LEFT POINTING HAND: Rotates screen to the left.
-RIGHT POINTING HAND: Rotates screen to the right.
-UPWARD POINTING HAND: Rotates the screen toward the ceiling. Also rotates
 back to normal view if you are already at ceiling view.
-DOWNWARD POINTING HAND: Rotates screen to examine floor. Also brings you back
 from close up view of something.
-FORWARD POINTING HAND: Moves you forward.
-OPEN HAND: Interacts with objects already in the playing field. Collects
-CLOSED FIST: Hold and drag to move objects.
-MAGNIFYING GLASS: Examine in larger detail.
-WRENCH: Use/interact with item.


The Toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen when you hold your mouse over
this area. All items you have collected as well as your Cellphone appear here.
To use a collected item, select it from the toolbar and then click on what you
want to use it on in the field. To deselect, right click and the item will go
back to your inventory. On items that show a mouse with the right button
being clicked, you can right click to examine. Click on the Cellphone to bring
up the Cellphone menu.

The Cellphone acts as the only menu in the game. There are seven buttons you
can use on it.

-FLASHLIGHT: Lights up the room or area you are in. You can only use this
 feature when you hear a whispered "Here..."
-MESSAGES: Shows the last text message you recieved.
-OUTWARD ARROW FLOPPY DISK: Loads a save file. The last image (room) seen on
 that file will be the file indicator.
-INWARD POINTING FLOPPY DISK: Saves your game. When you resume you will return
 to the exact last place you saved.
-OPTIONS: Here you can turn subtitles on or off, and put puzzle difficulty at
 easy or hard. The default positions are subtitles on, and puzzles at hard.
 This guide is written for the hard (default) version.
-HOUSE: Turns games off.
-DOWN ARROW: Closes Cellphone menu. Clicking anywhere outside of the Cellphone
 area also closes it.


 / 1.) TUNNELS /

| DOLL LEG       _____ |
| DOLL LEG 2     _____ |
| BROKEN DOLL    _____ |

Starts out black with man panting. The title screen will then appear. You will
receive a text message. Click on the icon. You will see that it is from ECHO.
Every message you receive in the game will be from this person. The
capitalized letters are in each text and simply spell out a secret word or
message, but each one is unrelated and has no bearing on gameplay, so don't
worry about them too much. Click on your Cellphone and use the FLASHLIGHT
feature. The three items already in your inventory are for fun only.
Take the DOLL LEG from the statue in front of you. Turn to the right
twice and investigate the mattress with the newspapers. Click the article to
read and collect it. Beneath it you will find DOLL LEG 2. Turn to the right
and investigate the makeshift altar. Grab the paper fragments in the
middle. Arrange them so that they form a completed paper. The pieces
cannot be rotated so it is pretty simple. When it is completed it will form a
MISSING POSTER, and will go to your inventory.

Click and drag the top of the small coffin to the left. Use both of the DOLL
LEGS with the broken doll. Click on the BROKEN DOLL to retrieve it. Hit back.
Move forward between the carts, following the direction the arms are pointing.
Move forward until you reach a barrier. Investigate the hole present. Note
the direction the arm is pointing. You are now given the option to move
forward underneath the barrier. Do so, then turn left and investigate the
window panel on the right side. Click the shutters to hit them. Retreat.
There will be a cutscene followed by a white screen. When you regain control
do a 180 and move forward towards the opening. You are now in the Station.


| FUSE 1          _____ |
| FUSE 2          _____ |
| HANDLE          _____ |
| FUSE 3          _____ |
| CRANK           _____ |
| LIGHTBULB       _____ |
| COIN            _____ |
| TAPE PLAYER     _____ |
| BONE KEY        _____ |
| TAPE WHEELS     _____ |
| BONE 1          _____ |

Read your text, then turn to the right and go onto the platform. Look down and
examine the bucket. Grab the FUSE 1 then continue down the platform. Turn to
the left and move across the wooden planks and across the tracks. Turn left
and go up the stairs. After the cut scene, examine the toolbox and grab the
FUSE 2. Turn to the right and examine where the magnifying lens appears. Take
note of the code written on the wall here for later use. It is different every
time you play through the game. Go down the stairs and go back across the
tracks. Once you're back on the platform examine the partially covered window.
Move the sheet to the left and then go through the window. Turn to the right
and examine tall greenish-blue ticket dispenser. Take the HANDLE from it and
exit back through the window. Turn left and head down the platform until you
are near the oil drums. Turn left and pass under the archway. Move forward
and examine the toolbox to take the FUSE 3 and ROTATION HANDLE. Go into the
ladies' room and examine the middle stall. Use the flashlight and take the
CRANK. Turn left and go out through the door.

Go forward under the arch and turn left. Examine the box and use the CRANK and
ROTATING HANDLE on the right hand side. Pull it downward. Watch the scene
and pull it down three times in a row. Head back towards the bathrooms then
turn right and go under the suspended stack of bricks. Look left and examine
the LIGHTBULBs; take one. Turn left twice and examine the empty socket. Use
lightbulb and pull the cord down. Turn left and examine the fusebox. Use the
HANDLE on the top part and remove the burnt out power fuses and replace them
with the ones you have in your inventory. Push the lever up. All of the lights
will come on. Leave through the door you came in. Go under the archway reading
"To the trains." Head back to the window you crawled through earlier. Pass
through again. Head to the end of the hall and turn left into the telephone
room. Grab the receiver on the phone and listen/read. Back up and turn left.
Examine the clipboard and take note of the SN# under the "Mail (Dispatch)"
section. Also note the NO:DO number at the top. This is a random number per
file, and also the position of it in the 3 digit sequence is random (the other
two numbers will be blotted out). Note the number and position (left, middle,
right). Go back and turn right twice. Examine clipboard on the chair. Take
note of the other station number at the top. Go forward and look right twice
and examine the thrid clipboard. Write down the final digit.

Make a 180 and click on the station staff door. Enter into the lock the 3
digit code followed by the SN# you wrote down before. To rotate it to the left
click on the right side of the arrow, and vice versa. When you are on top of
the digit you need, click ENTER and rotate to the next one. It doesn't matter
which way you turn the dial. If you screw up, click the RESET button on the
bottom half of the ENTER button. Upon entering the final digit you will be
automatically moved into the next room. Click on the chair and click the
top left part of the seat cushion to collect a COIN between the crack. The
paper is an optional read. Turn left a bit and examine the ticket stall
windows. Click on the book and read it. We will later use the information on
this page, so note the eye color and mode of death written. Back up and 
examine the gray box on the ground. Open it and collect the TAPE PLAYER. Back
up and click the red book toward the bottom left part of the screen. Turn the
pages until you see the title "Great Western Railway." On that page, find the
figure that corresponds with the DT# number you wrote down earlier on the wall
outside. Copy or memorize the form of this figure. Go to the box with the red
lights on the wall. First click the E on the top row. Then click each dot that
was white on the figure you copied. Then click the switch to the right. A
light will turn red, revealing a crack in the fence.

Turn around and go back outside. Head back under the archway to the ladies'
room you went in earlier. Examine the left sink. Click the leech. Examine
the stall on the far right. Go through every conversation option except the
last one. Click on the stall door twice. Examine the toilet. Arrange the
fragments into a newspaper article: upper part and right side all text,
picture on left. Put it away and collect the BONE KEY from the toilet. Head
back to the platform. Cross back over the tracks toward where the red light
showed a crack in the fence. Turn right and click on the STEERING WHEEL. Do a
180 until you are facing the watertower. Go to it and head up the ladder. Use
the flashlight once you reach the top. Drag the TAPE WHEELS caught under the
chains to collect it. Head back down the ladder and go back towards the
station. Cross back onto the platform and head left toward the hotel. Turn
left and cross the tracks to the other side. Go right (facing hotel) and move
forward. At the foot of the stairs look down and examine the stone ball on the
ground. Drag it to the right and click on the book. Again, take note of the
girl's eye color and mode of death. Turn right and cross the tracks once
again. Examine the buffet doors. Use the BONE KEY on the padlock. You will
lose the key but keep the BONE 1, creating a new item.

 / 3.) BUFFET /

| BONE 2          _____ |
| EXPUL. LETTER   _____ |
| BONE 3          _____ |
| BONE 4          _____ |
| BONE 5          _____ |
| DARK FALL BOOK  _____ |

Read your text and then turn to the left. Take BONE 2 from the outstretched
plate. Look up. In the upper left hand corner there is a box, examine it.
Click and drag the box to the right. Click on the newspaper article and
arrange it with the picture on the left and the "FEARS GROW..." headline
in the middle of the page to the right. Examine the Saint Swithin's textbook.
Take the CIRCUIT BOARDS 1-4. Click the handbag and collect the EXPULSION
LETTER. Click on the bag again to collect BONE 3. After the cutscene, look
right. Move down the hall until you get another text, then look left and
examine the rotting meat. Click on the dead animal and collect BONE 4. Click
back and look to your right and examine the pots on the stove. Click the pan
to collect BONE 5. Turn right and examine the round table. Click on the can
and move it to the left side of the screen for a second. Hold it to the right
side for a second. Right side again for a second. Left side for a split second
and then right for a split second. Right again for a split second. Finally,
left for a full second. Then click in the middle of the table. If you need to
reference what you are trying to do, right click the TAPE WHEELS in your
inventory to hear the sound you are trying to mimic. If done correctly, the
bones will spell out four numbers in the middle of the table. Write down this
number, then head to the end of the hallway past the table. You will zoom in
on a radio emitting static. Click on the book behind the radio to collect the

Leave the buffet and head back towards the telephone booth
you visited earlier. It is in the back of the area that you access by crawling
through the window. Pick up the receiver, then use the COIN [see section 2]
on the slot at the top. Click the *A* lever. Type in the number that appeared
in the bones. If you put it in correctly, the operator will say "I'm putting
you through," and then you will hear music. Head back to the radio in the
Buffet. Open the door at the end of the hallway.

 / 4.) HOTEL LOBBY /

|      ITEM CHECKLIST    |
| ROOM KEY 3F      _____ |
| PAGES (1)        _____ |
| BASEMENT KEY     _____ |
| DARK FALL DISK 1 _____ |

Examine the guest book. Click back and you will automatically collect ROOM KEY
3F. Head right toward the grandfather clock. Examine to the left of the clock
and use your light. Collect PAGES (1) for the DARK FALL BOOK. Take the
BASEMENT KEY underneath. Examine the door underneath the stairs, and use the
BASEMENT KEY on it. Use your flashlight. To the right, click the electric box.
Your objective here is to get the needle into the green area. Click the
bottom left wheel, and then the middle left wheel to turn the power on. Leave
the basement.

Head down the hallway in front of you and examine the papers on the ground at
the end. Time for another jugsaw puzzle. The blue, green, and red box goes on
the left side with the people on the right side. Click away and you will get a
birthday invitation. A girl will appear and want you to play a game. She tells
you what to do, so just obey her instructions. If you hear a board squeaking,
click to the sides to turn around. When you succeed, you will gain DARK FALL
DISK 1. Head back to the entrance of the Buffet and you will recieve two
texts. The second will tell you to head to room 1A. Head back to the lobby and
go up the stairs.

 / 5.) HOTEL FLOOR 1 /

|      ITEM CHECKLIST    |
| KNOB             _____ |
| HAZEL EYE 1      _____ |
| SCISSORS         _____ |
| BLUE EYE 1       _____ |
| GREEN EYE 1      _____ |
| PAGES (2)        _____ |
| DOORKNOB         _____ |
| TV KNOB          _____ |
| GREEN EYE 2      _____ |
| BLUE EYE 2       _____ |
| HAZEL EYE 2      _____ |
| ROOM KEY 1E      _____ |
| PUZZLE DISK 1    _____ |
| PUZZLE DISK 2    _____ |
| PUZZLE DISK 3    _____ |
| PUZZLE DISK 4    _____ |
| BLOODY MONEY     _____ |
| PUZZLE DISK 5    _____ |
| MAGAZINE         _____ |
| DARK FALL DISK 2 _____ |
| LOCKPICK         _____ |

You will recieve another text and hear a door unlock. The first door on the
left is 1A. Enter and look right. Quickly examine the TV and use CIRCUITS 1-4
on it. Your objective here is to connect the colored wires from one matching
dot to the other without a break in that color of the wire before the ghostly
figure reaches you. If he does reach you, just head back into the room until
you get it right; your progress is saved each time. Just click on each one to
rotate it; you can't control what slot each circuit goes on. The TV will come
on. Now you must examine different objects on the screen in the correct order.
First, click Mr. Bones on the far side of the table. Next, examine the
inspector on the near side. Next, click to the left of the Inspectors shadow.
Now click the shadowy "bat" figure behind Mr. Bones. If done correctly, a hole
will appear in the wall. Go through it.

Turn right and click the lightswitch. Turn them off after a few seconds. The
coccoons will now be glowing. Turn to the right and look up. One of the
coccoons in the upper right hand corner will open when clicked and give you
the KNOB. Turn the lights back on and examine the lock on the door. Use the
KNOB on it, slide it to the right, then go through. Read the text, then turn
right until you are looking down the hall. Examine the portrait of the queen.
Now examine the hole at the bottom of the wall opposite the queen. Click on it
to make the roaches come out, then click again to collect the HAZEL EYE 1. Go
into room 1D to the left. Go to the wardrobe on the left side of the room.
Examine it and drag the right door open. Examine the crack on the right side
of the back panel. Go back into the room and examine the mattress on the
opposite wall. Drag it to the right. Enter the hole and turn on your light.
After the scene,  move to the bed and grab one of the SCISSORS off of it. Now
head back to the television in room 1A. Examine the barrel that the TV is on,
then use the SCISSORS on the eye under the floor. Drag them around until the
eye pops out; you will recieve the BLUE EYE 1. Head back to room 1D. You will
recieve a text, then head back through the hole behind the mattress. Look
below the bed and examine the papers. Click through the trash there until you
find the GREEN EYE 1; it will probably be between the two bottles in the upper
right corner. Head back to the wardrobe in the connecting room. Examine it and
use the SCISSORS on the crack. Drag them up and down until the board opens up.
If they break go back and get some more from the mattress. Go through the

Look back down to ground level and examine the overturned chair. Use your
flashlight, and collect PAGES (2). Click this spot again to collect the
DOORKNOB. Look in the bottom right corner and examine the book. Note her eye
color and mode of death. Click on the door and use the DOORKNOB on it. Turn
right and head to the end of the hallway. Go to the right then head through
the door the statue is pointing at. Upon entering you will be locked in. Go to
the dark section of the room beyond the cabinets. From the picture, look left
twice and click on the cans in front of you to collect the TV KNOB. Look left
once again and examine the upper corner of the curtain. Use the SCISSORS on
the cord. Look left and examine the box with crayons on it. Examine the book
and assemble the picture. For reference, Daniel is near the middle a bit to
the right. Now examine the black window on the hotel drawing on the wall.
Once it zooms in, click it again to collect GREEN EYE 2. Head to the TV in
this same room and use the TV KNOB on it. Click it and watch. Now leave the
room. Head straight and out the door to Platform 2. Head back and enter the
window you went in earlier. Head to the far end of the room and examine the
bench to collect BLUE EYE 2.

Now head back to the radio in the Buffet. Click behind it to collect HAZEL EYE
2. Head to the reception desk. Examine the Guest Log on the desk. Collect ROOM
KEY 1E. Examine the mail holes and collect CIGARETTE HOLDER from 2B. Head to
room 1E, the room across from 1F (the one behind the wardrobe). Use ROOM KEY
1E on the door with the glowing symbol.

Examine the two portraits over the endtable. Collect the PUZZLE DISK 1 in the
bottom left corner. Examine the ashtray below this and collect PUZZLE DISK 2.
Turn around and examine the hatbox on the chair. Collect PUZZLE DISK 3.
Examine the teaset and collect PUZZLE DISK 4. Examine the briefcase by the
door. Drag the lid up. After the scene you will be brought back to present
time. Look right and down and examine the floorboards. Use the SCISSORS to
pry off the loose board. Drag the diary out and flip through the pages until
you see the BLOODY MONEY. Click on it. Examine the dresser in the corner and
collect PUZZLE DISK 5 on top of it. Click the glowing symbol above the bed.
Examine the box on the nightstand next to the bed. Click on it and place
PUZZLE PIECES 1-5 into the slots (it doesn't matter where).

Here you must rotate the disks to have each of the four outer ones matching
the color of the center piece where it touches. Turn the bottom right disk
once, the upper right piece once, the bottom left piece once, the top left
twice, and then click the paper fragments. Arrange them into a picture, with
the woman on the right, "the Sly Fox" in bottom left, and "Crime True Tales"
in top left. When you are complete you will collect the MAGAZINE.  Click on
the black and white picture and take note of the name she says (it will be
either Serge, Anton, or Christoph). Open the briefcase again to trigger the
move back to present time.

Go to the far end of the room where the two chairs are in the corner. Examine
the leech and use the SCISSORS on it, clicking over and over until you stab
it. Use the BLOODY MONEY, MAGAZINE, and STEERING WHEEL on the table. Go
through each of the dialogue options with the voice. After this, you must go
through and find the questions to which she answers "Yes, I must not forget,"
or "If only my life could have been different." The correct choices are random
so this will take some trial and error. When you do it correctly she will give
you DARK FALL DISK 2 and LOCKPICK. Leave the room and go back to the stair
well, then head up to the second floor. Turn on your light and examine the
door with the locks. Use the LOCKPICK on the lock. First click at the 10 
oclock position, then 2 oclock, then 12, then 7. The lock will open. You
will be led through to the second floor.

 / 6.) HOTEL FLOOR 2 /

|      ITEM CHECKLIST    |
| DARK FALL DISK 3 _____ |
| ROOM KEY 2E      _____ |
| MAN'S PICTURE    _____ |
| TELESCOPE        _____ |
| CARNATION        _____ |
| MOM AND BABY PIC _____ |
| RATTLE           _____ |
| MILK BOTTLE      _____ |
| MUSIC BOX        _____ |
| LENS             _____ |
| WET DOLL         _____ |
| DARK FALL DISK 4 _____ |
| COINS            _____ |
| STAFF ID         _____ |
| DARK FALL DISK 5 _____ |
| ALCOHOL          _____ |
| CIGARETTES       _____ |
| MATILDA CARD     _____ |
| ROOM KEY 2B      _____ |
| DARK FALL DISK 6 _____ |
| NEWSPAPER        _____ |
| BURNT DOLL       _____ |

You will see a box on the ground in front of you. Grab the birthday card from
behind it. Continue down the hall and enter room 2C on the left. Examine the
ouiji board and click M, A, L, U, and S. Amy will appear and want to play
another game with you. Examine the candles in front of you and pick up the
neckerchief. The screen will move around automatically and you must try to
click her when you see her. Don't be discouraged when you fail multiple times
after it looks like you've touched her. You will have to click her several
times before you can move on. When you're done she will give you DARK FALL
DISK 3. Leave the room.

Head back to the Hotel Lobby. Click on the guestbook and flip through to find
the ROOM KEY 2E. Go to that room and use the key on the door. You will head
back to the past. Look at the desk in front of you. Pick up the letter and
assemble another jigsaw. The thin coffee ring goes in the upper right corner,
the wider in the lower left. Go to the sidetable by the bed. Click on the book
and grab and rip off the MAN'S PIC by moving your mouse to the right. Click on
the box on the bed and use your lockpick. Click at 6 oclock, then 2, then 10,
and then 12. Collect the TELESCOPE. Leave and examine the flowers next to room
F. Collect the CARNATION. Turn left of room F and go down the hall. Turn left
and examine the tripod. Use the TELESCOPE on it. Walk back down the hall to
the stairs. You will return to present time. Head to room 2D. Turn left and
examine the crib. Back in time again. Note that in this room you are timed.
Examine the briefcase on the bed and collect the SOLDIER PICTURE. Off the
bed, take the MOTHER AND BABY PICTURE. Collect the RATTLE off the nightstand.
Take the MILK BOTTLE from the chair. Examine the cradle and use the MOTHER
You will recieve the MUSIC BOX. You will return to present time. Exit the room
and head to the back end of the hall. Go left and examine the telescope. Note
where the knobs are located on the two scales. Go into the door next to you.

Go toward the bathtub and turn right. Examine the leech. Use SCISSORS on it.
If you have lost yours, go to room 2A and get some more off the wall. Place
the MUSIC BOX, CARNATION, and MAN'S PICTURE on the table and go back. Go
through all the dialogue options with the ghost. Ask if you can help it. Tell
him "you run a shop," "you were advised..." and "you should have stayed...."
Write down the five digits he puts on the wall, as they are random. Head back
out to the lobby.

Examine the safe behind the reception desk. Click on the lock. You must slide
the knob to the numbers corresponding to their locations on this chart in the
order you wrote them down a minute ago.

   1 3 5

Collect the LENS. Go to room 2E. Look left and examine the glowing symbol. You
will head back to the past. Go to the telescope. Examine the scales and set
the knobs corresponding to where they were in the present. Use the LENS on the
telescope. You must go through each constellation and check the correct name
for it. You can find all of the constellation diagrams and their names in
Andrew's room at 2E and exploring around for all the different diagrams. There
are 16 in all. *OR* if you can't be bothered with that, you can just look at
the diagram I submitted to GameFAQs with all of the constellations and names
on it. Click through the telescope until you find and identify each of the
constellations on your list (each list is random).


When you are done you will be brought back to the present. Go back to the
bathroom. Examine the bathtub. Grab WET DOLL and DARK FALL DISK 4. Leave the
bathroom and head outside to the train platform. Stand in front of the steps
that lead toward the hotel to recieve a text, then go to the watertower. Go up
the ladder to the top and use your light. Then pull out your pick lock and
click at positions 8 oclock, 6, 12, and 2. Use your light again and go through
the door. Examine the cross of light and drag the metal sheet to the left.
Click on the skeleton's eyesocket to get the COINS. Click his hands to view
the birthday invitation. You will also collect the STAFF ID. Now head back to
the ouiji board in room 2C. Type in M, O, R, C, A, N, and A. Now you'll have
to play yet another game with Amy. She will tell you different sentences and
mention different directions. Simply turn and face whichever way she tells you
(with her representing north). When you are done she will give you DARK FALL

Head toward the stairs and you will be sent back to the past. Make a 180 and
examine the trolley. Look under the lid and collect the ALCOHOL. You will go
back to the present. Head down to the reception desk. Read through the guest
log. Go to outside the Buffet. Turn towards the door and examine the cigarette
dispenser. Use COINS on it and turn the knob. Collect CIGARETTES. Right click
them in your inventory and then click the top to gain the MATILDA CARD. Head
back to room 2B. Kill the leech with the SCISSORS. Use the MATILDA CARD,
CIGARETTE HOLDER, and ALCOHOL on the table and click back. Go through all of
the options once again. You will recieve ROOM KEY 2B (yes, the room you are
in). Leave the room, turn around and use the key on the door you just left.
You will head to the past.

Through your drunken vision, examine everything you can in the room, doing a
360, then examine the bucket of ice. You will stick your head in and your
vision will clear. Examine the desk and pick up the paper. For a second the
paper will be readable, but will quickly become blurry. What is written on it
is random, and you will have to know what it says later. The best you can do
is either click on it multiple times and read as much as you can and write it
down, or quickly press your computer's Print Screen button, minimize the game
(alt, tab...) and paste it into MS Paint. Then you can switch back and forth
to reference it when you need. When you're done with this, click the glowing
symbol on the wall. Back to the present.

Click above the chair to talk to Matilda. Ask "Can I help you?" Next, "You
were drunk..." then "The review was correct..." then "Charles must have..."
then "You should have worn the sash and feathers..." and finally "You were
performing at the Empire Theater." Now you will have to prompt her the correct
lines by referencing the script. When you are done you will recieve DARK FALL
DISK 6 and NEWSPAPER. Grab the WATER DISPENSER, then head out to the alley
near the bathroom outside. Use the WATER DISPENSER on the fire. Collect the
BURNT DOLL. Head to the watertower. Go up the ladder and inside. Examine the
coffins. Place BROKEN DOLL in the left coffin, WET DOLL in middle coffin, and
BURNT DOLL in right coffin. Put the BLUE EYES on the BROKEN DOLL, GREEN EYES

Right click the combined disks in your inventory. The objective here is to
rotate the disks so that the column of symbols facing you are all aligned the
same as the page numbers in the DARK FALL BOOK. Read the book to see what I
mean, and write down what symbol goes with what number. Arrange them assuming
the outermost ring is 1 and the innermost is 6. This puzzle is random so the
best thing you can do is play around with it a bit until you get it, as more
than one ring rotates at a time. When it starts glowing you have succeeded.
Head back to the hotel and go as high up the staircase as you can.

When you are facing up the staircase leading to the third floor, use the DARK
FALL DISK and the way will be clear.

 / 7.) HOTEL FLOOR 3 /

There is only one puzzle on this floor. Each door on the hallway, excluding
3F, has a hand reaching out holding a leech. When clicked, each leech mimics
a different heart rate on a heart monitoring machine. The aim is to click each
one going from a healthy heart to a flatline. The order you click them can be
seen here:


The arrow is where you start out, facing that direction. Click each door in
the above order (ignoring F). When you are done, turn to face room 3F. If you
want to see both endings of the game, save here so you can come back after and
redo it. Use ROOM KEY 3F on the door and go inside.
 / 8.) ROOM 3F /

Look to your right and examine the pictures (all 3 sections). Examine the
cassette player and click play. Examine the mirror to the left. Choose any of
the dialogue options. Now you are given two options. Each one gives a
different ending, so you might as well do one then go back and do the other.


If you choose this, there is nothing left to do but watch the ending.


If you choose this, turn around and use the PICKLOCK on the lock. Click 7
oclock, 6 oclock, 12 oclock, and 2 oclock. You will go through the door and
the game will be over.

 \ E.) BONUSES \

Throughout the game, there are bonus items hidden that give you extra back-
story info. You can collect these on your first playthrough, you just have to
do different things to find them.

BONUS ITEM 1: Type "6813" into the phone before you input the number spelled
              out in the bones.

BONUS ITEM 2: Ring the bell on the reception desk 6 times.

BONUS ITEM 3: In Room 1C, examine the dresser and turn the picture of the
              butterfly 5 times.

BONUS ITEM 4: In Room 2C, on the ouiji board type in either "JONATHAN" or

BONUS ITEM 5: At the end of the 2nd Floor hallway, look at the painting of the
              old woman and examine it 6 times.

BONUS ITEM 6: In Room 2C, enter "CRABTREE" on the ouiji board.

 \ F.) LEGAL \

This guide is to be used only on GameFAQs.com for personal, private use. It
may not be reproduced on another site without the author's permission. For any
corrections, etc, email austinkizer@gmail.com.

Copyright 2010, Austin Kizer and Phillip Clontz.

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