How do you increase your 'right to rule'?

  1. My right to rule now is 12, where the other kings don't see me as a ruler to a kingdom. How do you increase it?

    User Info: chrono02

    chrono02 - 9 years ago
  2. I can't do this sign "~" please help.

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    Wzyism - 5 years ago

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  1. Since this is the #1 for the subject I will clarify:

    1. At the start of the game: Join a faction! If you do not ally yourself with a king to get established you WILL be ignored by all nobility forever. THIS MUST BE DONE.

    2. If you wish to be a ruler supporting nobility, you will want these companions first:
    Bunduk; Deshavi; Klethi; Jeremus; Ymira; Katrin; Marnid; Nizar

    Run through a few bandit raids and complete a few quests. Once they level a few times level their Charisma to 10+ and Intelligence high enough for +3 Persuasion, then send them one by one to announce your claim as king.

    Dialogue: Let me ask you something - You know I plan to rule one day (or something like that)

    Afterward boot the lot of them they served their purpose.

    Now pick up:
    Artimenner; Borcha; Lezalit; Rolf; Matheld; Alayen; Baheshtur; Firentis

    This will prevent the conflict of the characters leaving or getting angry, also every one except Artimenner and Borcha are nobility. Which means you can promote them to very loyal and good Vassals later. Boost their Charisma and Intelligence as high as you are willing then divide their points between Leadership (most important), tactics, trade, prisoner management, training, inventory management, etc.

    Artimenner and Borcha can be raised as you wish they will forever be your personal guard.

    You now have at least (provided you did nothing else) 48 for your "Right to Rule" score.

    3. Do whatever you can to try to force your nation into wars. Raid villages, pillage caravans, be an instigator (just don't get yourself into trouble - save often).

    Once you are at war pummel the enemy, take down cities and castles for your liege and hold other lords prisoner.

    When the loser cries for peace you get +3 RTR!

    4. You should be at about 50-60+ RTR - time to separate from your liege and take a city for your own. Lords will begin throwing themselves at you claiming ill treatment under their former king. Every recruited lord is equal to +5 RTR.

    5. Get married... Begin seeing a girl. Find out who her family is and get on their good side by assisting them in missions and such. Once you are betrothed you will get another +3 RTR and the wifey serves as a great castle bank.

    6. Sending out companions now (any you haven't used before) on ambassador style political missions may return with a letter from another kingdom recognizing you as a monarch in your own right. This is a bonus +10 RTR.

    7. Always resolve disputes and take care of your country's needs. These can subtract (-2) from your RTR.

    Max RTR is 99

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  1. - You have to be on the winning side when 2 faction make piece with each other. As a mercenary or as a vassal.

    - You can marry the "wants to marry well" type of lady. (not sure about this)

    - you can send your companions to missions (talk to them about supporting you) 3 points per mission, 1 companion only 1 mission of this type and each of them will request something about your future ruling behaviour. If you send one of your companion an other will complain about it and will never support you. Or at least not go to the quest but doesn't leave your party. Few days later your companion join you again and you gain the 3 RTR now you can send an other one.

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  2. - You can capture towns, castles or capture enemy lords as a king and wait for your enemies beg you to make peace.

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  3. Or if you are really desperate:
    Press Ctrl + ~ and type in: cheatmenu and press enter.
    Then, go to camp and click "CHEAT MENU" you will have many different options. Also, if you click "take an action" you will get a handy little menu to
    "find an item". Very handy if you ask me :D

    User Info: Cutpurse3

    Cutpurse3 - 8 years ago 2   3

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