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Reviewed: 08/14/09

A fun game thats perfectly designed for anyone to play.

Purble Place is a free game that comes with all versions of Windows Vista and will come with Windows 7. It is available in both the beta and Release Candidate versions of Windows 7.

Purble Place features three games with varying levels of difficulty.

The first game, Purble Pairs is a memory type game. You have a grid of cards and turn two up at a time trying to get a match. When you get a match those cards are removed and the objective is to clear the whole grid in a limited time. There is the option to turn the timer off in the harder modes.

This is mixed up a bit with special cards. There is the Joker card which will take away the card you turn up and its matching card and the Purble Chef card that will take away some cake cards.

There is also a sneak peek option. You start with three Sneak Peek Icons and can reveal the whole board for a few seconds so you can see where all the cards are. There is always a card with a gold symbol on it on the board; matching that card with its pair gives you another Sneak Peek Icon.

On the harder difficulty you get a larger gird and more similar looking images like different faces and cakes making matches harder because the similar ones might fool you into guessing wrongly where something else is.

On the advanced difficulty level once you clear the Shamrock tile board you go onto hearts and then to other symbols, making it the only game to have different levels instead of the game ending after one run. It also adds the mixer card, which jumbles up all the other cards when you match it and you start with no sneak peeks.

The memory game is fun and addictive and the nice friendly graphics and bright sound make it a nice game to play for kids and just to kill some time.

The next game, Comfy Cakes is a cake making matching game. You have to make the cake that appears on a monitor in a limited time. First you choose the pan shape, then the cake base colour, then the icing colour and then the cake garnish. Between each step you click an arrow button to move the cake to the next step or back if you make a mistake (or have to add another layer). The faster you make the cakes the bigger your bonus points.

Harder difficulty levels add more complicated cakes with harder recopies with an extra layer and the hardest has you making multiple cakes at a time, tho there is the option to always only have one cake at a time.

The game has nice bright colours and sound and even a smiley face garnish! Kids will like it.
The last game, Purble Shop is a face matching, deductive reasoning game. On the easy difficulty level you can pick from three sets of noses, faces and eyes. A silhouette is revealed with a question mark and you have to try and guess which facial features they want. After the first guess of the eye/nose/mouth combination the purble will say something like “There’s something smelly about this nose!” or “Yellow eyes are just right for me!” to help you reason out the combination they want. After the next guess you get another hint to help you complete the face if you didn’t get it right.

The harder difficulty level gives your four colours and four features giving you more combinations to reason out.

The hardest difficulty level just tells you how many features you got the right colour for that feature and how many colours are on the wrong feature but should be on another one. It also one more colour and adds shoes and hair/hats to give you five items for the combination rather than three.

The game also lets you put crosses or checkmarks under features on the shelf to remind you which ones you know are wrong or right. The easy difficulty does this automatically. It also shows the combinations you’ve tried in a row on the bottom of the screen.

The game has you dressing Purbles, which are cartoony, odd looking humanoids with odd faces, adding some personality. The sounds for adding parts are nice with each one making a very different sound.

Purble Place is a fun game that does what it sets out to do, provide a fun simple game for kids and even for adults when there’s a few spare minutes and the nice colourful graphics. the instantly engaging and simple gameplay and the good sound combine to make a game that’s perfect for giving away free with an operating system. It even has options to make the games easier for those that find them too hard like little kids and the game can save your game and let you continue it the next time the game is opened. It’s good for everyone to play, runs on just about any computer and is only a few clicks away. Play it today!


Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Purble Place (US, 11/08/06)

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