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Zombie Slaughter
Killed 500 zombies. Not a bad start.
Zombie Destruction
Killed 5,000 zombies. Is that all you've got?
Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder
Killed 53,596 zombies. You left them all for dead!
Zombie Genocide Master
Killed 72,000 zombies. King of carnage!
Vigilante Justice
Defeated 5 psychopaths. There's a new sheriff in town!
Judge, Jury and Executioner
Defeated 10 psychopaths. The world is a safer place.
Zombie Fu
Killed 1,000 zombies barehanded. Those were some killer moves!
Wrong Kind of "Chopper"
Killed 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle. Chainsaws on the side make it easier.
He Hasn't Covered Wars...
Used every type of firearm on a zombie. Bang!
Head Trauma
Used every type of melee weapon on a zombie. Anything is deadly in the right hands.
Death From Afar
Used every type of ranged weapon on a zombie. They can't bite you if they're already dead.
Explosive Temper
Used every type of explosive on a zombie. Kaboom!
Slaughter - S = Laughter!
Used every type of novelty weapon on a zombie. Lighten up a bit!
Come on! Follow Me!
Escorted 8 survivors at once. It's a party, everyone is invited!
Saving the Day
Saved 10 survivors. But more are still out there...
Hero of Fortune City
Saved 50 survivors. What a great guy!
Needs More Chainsaw
Created a combo weapon. Introduce it to the nearest zombie!
Duct Tape FTW
Created all combo weapons. Now put them to use!
Apprentice Rising
Reached level 25. Halfway there!
Professional Rising
Reached level 50. You're a machine!
Fashion Aficionado
Changed into 10 different pieces of clothing. Looking dapper, chap!
Chuck Greene: Cross-Dresser?
Changed into all the clothes in the game. Zombie invasion is no excuse for poor style.
Clean Record
Completed The Facts. The End... or is it?
Mixed a drink. Tasty stuff!
Look at All That Juice!
Created and consumed all mixed drinks in the game. Just like Mom used to make.
Finally Full
Ate all types of food in the game. That can't be healthy.
Having a Gas
Killed 1,000 gas zombies. As if zombies weren't bad enough...
Father of the Month
Gave Katey a gift. It's good to spoil her sometimes.
Father of the Year
Gave Katey every possible gift. Bribery is the fastest way to earn a child's love!
Justice Served
Completed Overtime Mode. TK got what he deserved.
Better With a Friend
Solved all case files in Co-op. You're a great friend!
Don't You Die on Me!
Revived another player in Co-op. He owes you one.
Big Spender
Spent $6,000,000 total in Fortune City. Where did you get all that money?
Window Shopper
Entered all the stores in the game. Did you buy anything?
Had 10 zombies with masks on at once. You showed them who's boss!
Improper Behavior
Spray-painted all Zombrex posters. They didn't do much good in the first place.
TK's Favorite
Played and won in all 9 TIR events. A true American hero!
Rising Star
Came in first place in a single TIR event. Victory tastes sweet!
Win Big!
Finished in first place in a TIR episode. Don and Paul love watching you go!
Custom Finish
Gave your bike a custom paint job. Sweet ride!
Curiously Inventive
Collected all combo cards hidden in Fortune City. Inspiration is all around you.
Life Saver
Collected all combo cards from survivors. The gift of zombie killing!
Tough Guy
Collected all combo cards from psychopaths. Pried from their cold, dead fingers.
Half Deck
Collected 25 combo cards. So many combinations, so little time.
Full Deck
Collected all combo cards. All 49. Seems odd, doesn't it?
Data Miner
Filled all entries in the notebook and made some friends along the way.
Smashed 100 zombies using the Smash skill move. Brains everywhere!
Stick 'em up
Covered a zombie in objects. That sure was funny!
The Skill to Survive
Tamed Snowflake. Keep some steak handy, just in case.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Tape It or DIE!
Discovered the secret combo card

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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