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Class/Combat Guide by normanlover

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/22/09


Battlefield 1943 Class/Combat Guide 1.0

By FooB / normanlove



1) Introduction
2) Fundamentals
3) The Classes Explained
4) Rifleman
5) Infantryman
6) Scout
7) Working as a team
8) Vehicles/Encampments
10) Conclusion/Credits/Legal Stuff

Version 1.0 - 22/07/2009




	I decided to write this guide because Battlefield 1943 is a very, very
good game. However, its different in many ways from its current rivals on the
market, such as Call of Duty: WaW. Too frequently do i see people buy or try
the game and never play it again in a fit of rage down to what is simple an
unwillingness to learn the basics of a new game, because you automatically
assume the basics are the same as everything else in the genre, and by
extensionyou're automatically awesome at it. The idea of this guide is go
instruct and guide new players into becoming better at the game, and therefore
giving it more of a chance.

	As of right now, my copy of the game is for the Xbox 360. I have not
played the PS3 version but as of writing this i can only assume that the two
versions are nearly identical in everyway now that the PS3 version has unlocked
Coral Sea. If i mention something that is correct int he 360 version but not in
the PS3 version, let me know and i will amend things where possible. I will be
getting the PC version when it comes out and hopefully expanding on the guide
when it does, as the PC version will be different in terms of size and content.
As of right now though, the PC version is still a few months away.




	If you're going to play this game, you will have to know what makes the
game play the way it does, and what sets it apart from the other games that are
available. There is only one game mode and it is known throughout the series as
"Conquest". Basically, each team starts out with a full ticket bar, and five
neutral capture points (or flags) on the map. There is also one "flag" which
serves as a base. Bases are uncapturable so if you find yourself in a 0-5 flag
situation, you can still spawn somewhere and continue playing. To capture a
flag you must simply go and stand near it. For every person standing near it,
the flag will capture quicker (up to 3 people). If there are both you and the
enemy standing near it, then it will capture for the team who has to most
people standing near the flag. If the number is equal, then the capture will
be at a stalemate until the balance is shifted in one teams favour. i.e.
if someone dies or backup arrives. Capturing is the primary objective. You
will win or lose a game based on which team loses all of thier tickets first,
not who kills the most or who dies the least. Keep that in mind when wondering
where to go next. The game is very good at giving you the basic instructions
on where you should be going, by having the "Front Line" symbol showing at all
times during a game. The Front Line symbol indicated which flag is currently
being contested and where there is a fight going on. You dont absolutley HAVE
to go there if you dont want to, but if its quiet and you're looking for a
fight, then head for the yellow symbol with two crossed rifles that looks like
a yellow X.
	Combat in this game is similar to what you would expact, although with
more emphasis placed on Accuracy rather than the sheer spray'n'pray approach
you get with games like Call of Duty. Guns will do a lot less damage than you
would intially expect and you will have to place most of your efforts in
making sure as many of bullets hit your target as you can. There is no
physical damage counter in this game except for a red-screen effect so it is
hard to judge exactly how much damage bullets actually do, but i will outline
what you should expect to use vs one target in the individual class guides.
As for aiming your guns, the head is of course n instant kill, but should only
be your primary target if you are a scout, and are confident enough in your
aiming skills. Starting out, you should always be aiming for Centre Mass.
This basically means aim for the chest. Getting hit in the chest will still
damage very well, and when recoil forces your gun upwards, you will still be
aiming at the chest or head. only a Headshot has the power to kill in one shot
(not including explosives) so you will want to make as many of your bullets
hit as possible.




	In the game, there are three classes. You have the rifleman,
Infantryman and the Scout. There is no "Generic" class, as each class has two
uses and is useful in the different situations you're likely to come across.
Any class isfine to choose, so choose one according to your favourite
playstyle. However, dont be afraid to change class if your team or squad is in
need of a particular task.
Team play is far more important in this game than just lone-wolfing it
around and you will find that no matter what class you play as, you will play
a far better game working in conjuntion with other people, rather than just
wandering around alone. Do not be afraid to use your classes special abilities
either. For instance, that lovely sniper rifle the scout uses is great for long
range combat, but the demolition charges are actually the most potent explosive
in the game, and useful for being up close and blowing the hell out of things.
The best ways to make your classes as effective as possible will be explained
in the next few secions.

	As a first for battlefield games, there is now no medic class present
at all. Both health AND ammo is regenerated automatically and there is no need
for ANY resupplying of any kind. As a result, there is no reviving a dead
ally, however squad spawning is still there so you can still operate as a unit
quite effectivley.




This class is the easiest class to begin with, and is your best chance
against other men. The loadout for the rifleman is as follows ;-

1x Semi-Automatic rifle, 8 bullet clip size.
3x Rifle Grenades
2x Frag Grenades
1x Bayonet

The rifleman is best used for assaulting points directly. Although still
deadly alone, two or more can effectivley neutralise any moderatley defended
flag and snatch it into ally control. Your rifle is your best friend, and
although the rifle grenades are tempting (and aso very effective) the standard
rifle should be used in most situations. 8 bullets are enough to take down two
enemies with some good aim and an effective Rifleman can eliminate about three
enemies with minimal effort.
	When faced with a combat situation, the rifleman should always aim for
Centre Mass, or the chest. 3 centre mass bullets will drop someone more often
than not and recoil will direct the crosshair up towards the head, so lucky
headshots can be commonplace. Stagger your bullets, do not just fire everything
in your clip as quick as you can as your recoil will usually get the best of
you and you will end up facing the clouds whilst reloading, and that pretty
quarantees your death. Should you find yourself in a situation where you still
have enemies present but you are reloading, tap your RB button and switch to
your rifle grenades. Your first one will always be primed and will not require
loading, and is excellent for finishing people off, or even killing in one hit.
If you are forced to do this, aim for the feet. If you miss, the explosion will
still damage your opponent and if you have previously hurt him from a few rifle
rounds, it will ensure the kill.
	The rifle itself is actually pretty long range, and you can hurt people
defending points from a distance. However, this is only recommended if there
are two are less people defending. You can kill them before you get there yes,
but that will require some pretty good aiming to plant at least 3 bullets at
centre mass from range and if you dont get the kill, it will alert the other
enemy to your presence. If those enemies are in a squad, by the time you
arrive at the base he will have respawned on his squadmate and will have the
chance to choose an adeqate class to eliminate you with minimal effort. The
rifle should be used from medium to short range ideally, and only used in
long range fights with a single enemy, usually a sniper or someone camping on
a hill defending a flag.
	The rifle grenade should be used for taking out enemy groups,
encampments and jeeps. One rifle grenade will kill anyone sat at an HMG
encampment, an AA gun and even better, will completey destroy a jeep and all
the soldiers it is carrying. If you manage to land a full jeep, you will get
three kills + another 10 points for vehicle destruction, so keep them for
incoming assaults and people using the mounted guns. Although they wont do
against an enemy tank, still use them against if you face up against one,
because all damage done to a tank will reduce the amount of rockets an anti
tank class will have to use to take the tank out. Another handy use is thier
power can be used to level non-concrete buildings. If you need to run to a flag
but a building is in the way, make your own doors. If an enemy is using a house
for cover when capturing (happens often in Wake Island), then remove his cover
immediatley and finish him off with a bullet or two to the chest.
Frag Grenades are pretty straight forward. use them to clear out bunkers
and assaults when you have to run uphill. If faced with a vehicle and your
r-nades are recharging, use them to chip away at the HP of the vehicle so
anti-tanks can get in there and finish it off.
	The bayonet is just your standard melee weapon. There is vew few chances
to use a melee weapon given the ranges of your weapons on this game so the most
common use is for stabbing a scout in the back without alerting him via noise.
ill explain why this is important in the Scout secion.




	This class is your up close and personal class, and is better used in
a squad rather than wandering around alone. The loadout is as follows ;-

1x Sub-Machine Gun, 30 bullet clip size.
3x Recoilless Rifle rounds (More commonly known as bazooka or RPG)
2x Frag Grenades
1x Wrench

  The infantryman is best used in a squad enviroment, usually to defend a flag
rather than take one although if a flag is being defended by a tank or other
heavy vehicle, and Infrantryman can make short work of it. The Sub-machine
gun is good for taking out enemy personnel but unfortunatley it is pretty
useless at anything other than close range. Staggering bullets can take out
medium-range targets but if your target is a scout or a rifleman, the odds
will be heavily stacked in his favour. If you do face yourself in a close-
combat situation, your clip will be enough for one kill. Half a clip will
drop someone and it is possible to kill two in one clip, but given the in-
accuracy of the SMG, it is very unlikely that all of your bullets will hit
thier intended targets and you will be faced with a reload halfway through
shooting at your second target. The infantrymans Recoilless rifle isnt very
effective at finishing people off in a reload situation like the Riflemans
rifle grenades are, so try and avoid forcing yourself into that situation.
Ideally, and infantryman should be stay in the shadows and let the
Rifleman take point, and then eliminate any vehicular threat that arises
and pick off any weakened or sole enemies that are around when the rifleman
has to reload. If you do have to go up against an enemy vehicle, two
Infantrymen are recommended, as it will take a full compliment of three
rockets to take a heavy vehicle from full to no health, and the rockets
have a smoke trail which will give away your position after your first shot.
if you do have to go up against one alone, then use your frag grenades on it
first, as this will chip away at the HP of the vehicle and in some situations
allow only two rockets for a kill rather than three. Using the frag grenades
will not give away your position immediatley either, so you can stay alive
longer in the hope that any dead rifleman in your squad have enough time
to squad spawn on top of you.
	The Recoilless Rifle should always be kept with a full compliment
of three rockets where possible. If you have to use one to take out a jeep
and you are about to assault a flag, Force a recharge on your rockets incase
a tank should arrive. If you only have two rockets and a tank does arrive, you
will be forced with two reload times AND the recharge time of the ammo, and
will most likely not live long enough to see that happen. If you ever get a
quiet moment to yourself, set your rockets recharging. To do this, press your
reload button whilst you have you rockets out and ready to fire.
The Frag Grenades should be used as mentioned before. Unlike the
rifleman where they should be a last resort behind your rifle mounted grenades,
your fags should be going at a stationary vehicle first to weaken it without
giving away your position. Given reload times for rockets are pretty long, any
chance to reduce the amount of rockets used to kill something from three to two
should be taken at every oppertunity.
       The Wrench is the most useful melee weapon in the game. Although slighly
less powerful than the bayonet or the sword, it can be used to repair vehicles.

  An excellent squad-based strategy involving two Infantrymen is to attack 
with a Rifleman and a Scout in a tank using the main howitzer and secondary
sunner positions, with the two infantrymen using the tank itself for cover
walking behind, fixing any damage caused from defending anti-tanks. One
can do it, but can rarely repair fast enough to keep the tank going.
In squads of two or more, there should ALWAYS be at least one anti-tank, unless
you are running a specific scout/sniper party. Many unskilled players will
instinctivley abandon vehicles that have less than half health, which are just
crying out to be repaired/stolen and used against them. If you have an
Infantryman present, more often than not you can steal a few of the enemy tanks
that have been abandoned and shift the balance of heavy vehicles heavily into
the your favour. If you manage this, you can defend flags very very well.




     Although not as hard of a class to play as the infantryman, A scout will
still face more of a challenge than a rifleman. A scout is actually effective
at both long and short ranges, as the class doubles up as a demolition class.
The scout loadout is as follows ;-

1x Bolt Action Scoped rifle, 1 zoom mode and a 5 bullet clip.
1x Semi-automatic Pistol, 8 bullet clip.
3x Remote Demolition Charge + Plunger.
1x Sword

   The scout is best from long distances. Simple. The scoped rifle has the
most powerful bullet out of the three classes and will kill in two shots, but
the rifle will also allow for easier aiming at the head. Unlike the other two
classes, your main target should actually be the neck. Sniping requires a lot
of skill because there is a buullet delay. A sniper bullet will have to travel
longer for the further away a target is, and it is not uncommon for a target to
shift his position slightly before the bullet reaches its destination. If he
shifts downwards, the bullet will strike his head, and if he shifts upwards it
will strike centre mass. Rarely will your target be standing completely still,
so dont count on it. For a moving target, aim about half a second infront of
where your mark is going, A headshot is unlikely, but more often than not a
hit will spook him into taking cover, which is usally from the wrong direction.
This is most apparent when sniping off the two islands looking at the Fishing
Village flag on Iwo Jima. anybody defending that flag that takes damage will
almost always assume that the damage came from the neighbouring point of
moust suribachi, or the hill from lighthouse, and will take cover behind the
house closest to you, or the rock there as well. There, a second bullet will
easily down your target.
	A good scout will not choose simply to get as much distance from the
action as possible, but to find some shady cover and defend it with your remote
charges. The further away you are from your target, the harder it is to hit
due to the travel times, so the closer you are the better. Hiding behind cover
after each shot should reduce the change of you being spotted, and if you ARE
spotted, most people will have to come in closer to be able to kill you. Place
your demo charges in common entry point to your spot and just wait for your
would-be assailant to arrive. Even splash damage from jsut one of these charges
is an instant kill so get yourself dug in. You should frquently check the area
behind your spot though, and ideally pick one with a good view so you can see
people sneaking up on you. An idiot will try to shoot at you from behind, a
skilled player will walk up and use his melee weapon which means you'll be dead
before you realise he's even behind you. Keep checking your six and if someone
does manage to get in close to you, whip that Semi-automatic pistol out and put
all 8 bullets into him. only about six are needed for a kill, but you will
have to reload if faced with more than two enemies, so you may as well just
empty your clip to maximise the change of a kill before you have to reload.
Ideally, a well placed demo charge should stop you having to resort to the
pistol but it is handy in a fix, so dont forget about it. a Higher position is
ideal but dont be too obvious. Sat directly on top of the biggest hill in
guadalcanal will make you stand out like a massive beacon saying "SHOOT ME NOW"
and any other scout at any direction on the map will be able to shoot you back.
Now, a good scout is not afraid to get up close and personal. You should
remain hidden as much as you can, but an unknown scout can wreak untold damage
on an enemy flag. Just a single Demolition Charge will annihilate anything it
is stuck to, so if you can manage get close to a tank without it seeing you,
it has absolutley zero chance of survival. Laying charges around a flag before
starting your assault is awesome too, as if enemies manage to spawn before you
can neutralise a flag, set your charges off and light them up. Be careful
as they are just as vicious to you as they are to the enemy, and an easy way to
blow your own legs off. Assaulting a flag alone with nothing but a pistol isnt
the greatest thing to be doing, so use those charges wherever possible. You can
lay all three by tapping your left trigger to place them and your right trigger
to detonate when ready.
	Another handy thing to do is to place your charges onto a friendly
vehicles, such has a makeshift anti-tank jihad-jeep. if you have no infantryman
present, stick your charges on the front of a jeep and just drive it right into
side of a heavy vehicle. a swift rifle grenade to the jeep with send the tank
flying. You can also create chokepoints along roads. Find yourself a rock
(such as in wake island) by a roadside, and plce two demo charges at each
side of the road. Most roads will not let you place charges directly in the
middle so use three if you want to maximise your destructive power, and then
just sit in wait for something to drive past. Then, watch it explode in
a massive fireball.
	Your sword is just the same as a bayonet, and will very rarely see
any use as usually you will have no need to sneak up on a scout, as you
have equal range so ideally an enemy scout should be shot in the face.




	The main thing that sets this apart from its rivals, is the emphasis on
team based gameplay. You will function in this game MUCH better as a unit than
on your own, even with just two people in a squad. The maximum you can have is
four, and there is nothing more fun than having a squad of four mates operating
around a map, wreaking team-based havoc on everything you come across.
Squads are useful because of the squad respawn feature. If you are in
the respawn menu, pressing Y will switch you squad spawn which will enable you
to spawn directly on top of any squad member of your choice, providing they are
still alive. The only exception is when a squad member is alive but inside of a
vehicle with no more positions left. Such as a tank or a plane. Squads should
work together to attack from less-travelled positions and stay alive as long as
possible, in order to keep the squad as strong as possible. Assaulting a base
from behind will give you a place to wait for a moment whilst your squad can
spawn on your position and reinforce your assault. The same is present after an
assault. IF you find your squad near eliminated, the best course of action is
find cover and stay alive long enough for them to respawn. Enemies can respawn
directly on thier flag as much as they like if they own it, so you wont be able
to do too much on your own at all, especially if they are wise to an attack.

         Squad formations are entirely up to you. ANY combinations are good, as
it all depends on how comfortably you each play your respective classes. 4
riflemen can take over a flag with very little effort, as well as 4 scouts
can place enough demo charges to raise an entire base to the ground, as well
as providing enough long range firepower to take down a small army. Personally,
the best combinations i have found are as follows;-

                          4 Person squad

Generic Assault - 2x Riflemen 2x Infatrymen (works equally well as Flag
                - 1x Rifleman 2x Infatrymen 1x Scout
Flag defence    - 3x infantrymen 1x Rifleman
Long Range      - 2x Scout 1x Rifleman 1x Infantryman

                          3 Person Squad

Generic Assault - 2x Rifleman 1x Infatryman
                - 2x Infantrymen 1x Rifleman (not as good in 3 person squad)
Long Range	- 2x Scout 1x Rifleman

                          2 person squad

Generic Assault - 1x Rifleman 1x Infantryman
Long Range	- 2x Scout

    Ideally, you would have more than two people in a squad thanks to the open
system in which people can be put into squads with other random people unless
they set thier squads to invite only. However, if you play with one friend
(as i often do) most other squad members will be off doing thier own thing
disregarding the squad, and not be in on the voice comms as you will probably
be using xbox lives party system rather than ingame chat. If you find yourself
in this situation, use the Rifleman/Infrantryman combo and just take note to be
courtious to your fellow squad members. IF you see one running up the road and
you two are passing in a jeep, stop and honk (left stick) and let them in.
This is a good indication that you are currently operating together, and need
as mmuch help as you can get. If you play the infantry role, fix up vehicles
where you can. Not only does it show you as a team player, but you'll get a 15
point repair bonus every time you give more than half the health back to
a friendly vehicle. Thankfully, the userbase tends to be a lot more mature than
your average WaW party so people are a lot more receptive to team tactics and
co-operation. Some of the best games ive played have been two friends and two
randoms working as a squad.
	Always take an infatryman where you can. Coming up against a heavy
vehicle without one is almost suicide and should you end up in a heavy vehicle
vs. heavy vehicle fight, the infantryman that can get out and fire a rocket
at the enemy tank will shift the balance heavily in favour of you winning, let
alone being able to repair the tank after the fight and getting back up to
a fighting standard. More often than not, tanks will be abandoned before they
are destroyed, and this is your cue for your infatryman passenger to get out,
fill the enemy driver with an SMG clip and steal the tank. When its quiet,
fix the tanks and now your squad has two tanks with two secondary gunners, and
is incredibly hard to deal with without having to or more infantrymen to cause
havoc to the vehicles. Unfortunaley, most random unskilled players rarely pick
the infantryman class due to not being able to eliminate tanks in one it, and
coming across two or more in one place is still quite rare unless you're up
against a fellow squad with some common sense.




	There are plenty of different things lying around in BF1943 and they
should all be used where possible. Some have more uses than expected (such as
the jihad-jeep mentioned in the scout section). The vehicles present are as
follows ;-

Landing Craft
A-10 bombers (classed as flying a plane ingame)

The encampments Present are as follows ;-

Heavy Machine Gun (mounted on jeeps, landing craft and sandbags)
AA Gun

	The encampments are stationary weapons dotted around to help defend
certain points, and you will commonly find them sat at the edges of flags
pointing towards the main entrance or entrances. The HMGs are for everything
except heavy vehicles and the AA Gun is for air defence only. They can both
be destroyed with explosive but will shortly respawn after destruction. HMGs
are very very accurate and can be used effectivley against both incoming
personnel and Planes, although the stationary ones make you an easy target
for scouts so if you want to set up an HMG chokepoint, get yourself a couple
of jeeps and use the mobile mounted HMGs on there instead. this allows you to
change position quickly if your chokepoint gets attacked. While HMGs can take
out planes (and should definatley be tried if getting bombed), the AA Guns
do a much better job. IF there are any enemy planes around, including the A-10
bombers incoming, grab an AA gun and take him out of the sky. Although there is
a bullet delay much like the sniper rifle, the limited range of the AA shells
will cause them to explode at maximum range and the smoke you see will make it
much easier to judge your aiming. Plus, although direct hits hurt a LOT, splash
damage will still do a fair bit so taking down enemy planes is fairly using
using an AA gun, beear in mind though, even though your body is rotating with
the gun, you are still an easy target for scouts. AA Guns are absolutley
invaluble against the A-10 carpet bombers, as you can take out the bombers
before they get in range of target and massivley reduce the amount of bombs
the controller can drop. You can never take out a full compliment of three
bombers with a single AA gun but most people will panic massivley when thier
precious bomber start massivley losing health, and will drop thier bombs as
soon as humanly possible just to even try and get whatever precious kills
they can. 75% of the time anybody who panics and drops early wont hit a single
thing and will have wasted thier Air Raid. If you have a fellow plane in the
sky along with your AA gun, you can take out the bombers before they even reach
land. AA guns should never be overlooked.

The Jeep

      The jeep is your average 3-person transport vehicle with a mounted HMG.
Excellent for A to B with a squad (why they didnt make it 4 person is beyond
very quickly, although they have lots of trouble with thier lack of torque.
This basically means if you lose speed on a hill, you arent going anywhere but
backwards. the HMG is great for assaulting enemy personnel on the way to
somewhere, but be weary of riflemen and infantrymen as a single rifle grenade
or rocket will vapourise you. The HMG can also a limited defence against

The Tank

     Tank is pretty much a rolling death machine. Only two places inside, one
driver who will control the tank itself, along with the howitzer and a small
coaxial machine gun. The second player will control a  more powerful HMG
on top of the tank. The driver is immune to bullets and will only die when the
tank blows up, but the secondary gunner cannot cover and is a viable target
for bullets and snipers. When using a tank, try and have an infantryman as a
passenger as most people will see the tank as the most immediate threat and
throw what they have at making it explode. Usually, the tank can win against
everything but other tanks and planes, but it will come out the fight battle-
scarred and in need of repair. Drivers of the tank should use thier coaxial
machine gun against personnel and the howitzer for vehicles and destroying
cover/houses. As tempting as it sounds to shoot a man with a tank-mounted
howitzer, its very inaccurate and only a direct or very close hit will actually
kill, and the coaxial machine gun is BY FAR more effective at killing men than
the howitzer. Use the howtizer to destroy the wall the man is hiding behind,
and then use the coax gun to actually take him down. If you see a jeep driving
along however, let him have it in the face and watch him expode in one hit.
Tanks are the most vunerable from the air however, as Planes can drop bombs
as well as use a machine gun, both of which are deadly to tanks. A well
placed bomb will annihilate a tank in one hit and if you have an enemy in the
skies who knows how to fly a plane, you should worry.

The Landing Craft

     These are only really found on carriers and in the middle of the island
on wake island. They have 5 positions and the primary function is to travel
people from your aircraft carrier to the main shore. Will rarely be
used in the actual game, when they are used they can be very deadly. Landing
Crafts have two HMGs mounted on the back of them, and working together, they
make VERY short work of incoming planes. When a round starts, planes will
fly over and meet over the middle of the map, fighting with eachother.
This will be in range of your HMGs. IF both of you fire and hit, you will be
suprised at how fast the plane will actually fall. The crafts themselves are
also resiliant to fire and take as much as a tank to destroy. This makes them
excellent for temporary cover positions when assaulting a flag from sea
(fishing villiage in Iwo Jima is the best example). Other than that, they arent
used for much else aside from travelling between the two points of wake island.

The Plane
     These are the most sought after at the start of a map, and usually you
will find people fighting over them as soon as the map starts. Planes are
excellent assault tools, but unfortunatley are wasted immediatley when
players grab them and fly them directly into the sea in a flaming pile
of debris. A planes primary function is air DEFENCE, not air OFFENCE. As soon
as someone gets a plane, the first thing they do is go straight for the kill on
an enemy plane. As fun as this is, it has absolutley NO bearing on the current
game. The best use of a plane is to help ground squads assult flags by bombing
and laying machine gun fire on enemy vehicles defending or attacking.
Dogfighting should be kept for self-defence rather than offence. If you 
absolutley must dogfight, then go play Air Superiority mode.
As far as flying a plane is concerned, you must take into account the
controls. An unskilled player will use solely the right stick for movement,
which controls pitch and roll. You can notice these players by how they circle,
in which theier wings will be exactly vertical as they turn. The fastest way to
turns is to bank your wings to about 45 degrees and engage your left stick,
which controls Yaw. Yaw is turn your plane left and right without banking the
wings, much like how a car would turn. If you take your finger off the throttle
drop to half speed, whilst using both the pitch and the rudder to
turn, you will find yourself circling MUCH faster than enemy planes. This will
allow you to stay behind them almost everywhere and make them wonder how you
are vastly out-maneuvering them.
	Also, if you happen to be in the sky when an enemy launches thier A-10
carpet bombers, GO STRAIGHT FOR THE BOMBERS. Much like the AA Gun, the planes
will make short work of the bombers and pressurise the A-10 pilot into dropping
early. The machine gun mounted on a plane however will do more damage than an
AA Gun shell, so if you;re quick you can take down two bombers alone before
they have a chance to drop. you get 10 points for every one of the three
bombers you down, so its an easy 30 points as well. It also counts towards air-
based kills even if they dont count as a kill on the scoreboard, so if you want
your Air Superiority badges then thats the easiest way to get it bar Coral Sea.

The A-10 Bombers.

	Although not techincally a "vehicle", it counts as flight time in game
so i decided to stick it under the planes. The A-10s are a series of remotely
controlled bombers that are VERY slow steering, and have a single release of
bombs per flight. They can waste to an entire base in one well placed shot
and anything unfortunate to be caught underneath the drop zone will be
instantly vapourised, be it tank or man hiding under a bunker. To use them,
you will notice a small bunker with a rotating radar dish at the Airfields
of Wake Island and Iwo Jima, and the Feul Depot on Guadalcanal. There is only
one, and anyone for either team can use it. This usually makes the flag
associated with the bunker the most sought after. 
	If the dish is rotating but the light is
off then the bombers are ready for deployment. If the light is on, there is
someone inside already flying the bombers. If the dish is not spinning, then
it has been used and is currently recharging. You do not have to capture
the associated flag to use the bunker, so you will usually find a lot of people
just camping around the back of it waiting for it to respawn. It is the easiest
way to get multiple kills in one go so you will regularly see people fighting
over it. Use wise, thats pretty much it. Just decide which position you
want to carpet bomb when you get in and steer it there and lay your
armageddon down. The steering is SO SLOW on these bombers that you must
decide which point you want to attack when you are miles out, if you mess
up your targeting, there is no correcting it. The best thing to do is
to find the Front Line icon and line it up with the top of your crosshair
camera, and just head straight there and drop it on the front line. Thats
where its usually the most useful anyway. Although, when you are slightly
closer in, all enemy players on the map will show as red triangles so
if you want just some pure murder, just head for the greatest concentration
of  red triangles and pull your RT when your crosshair is right over the centre
of them and watch them die.
     Tactics wise, they are very good for assaulting the flags they are located
at. If you wait behind one for it to recharge and then duck in before the enemy
use can use the carpet bombs to kill everything at the base you are currently
at, as you will be safe inside the bunker. Once everything is dead, you can
take the flag on your own. Strategically, these points are important to own.
With Guadalcanal being the exception, They are located at airfields and will
give another extra plane and a few tanks. Be weary if youre seen entering the
building, because you will be immediatley killed upon exiting. You will always
pop out right at the red door you entered at, as soon as the bombers have left
the map, so a sensible scout will place a demo charge and just wait for you to
appear. Its not uncommon to exit to a rifle grenade or a rocket in the face.
Its up to you wether you want to bomb everyone aroudn your bunker, or bomb
everyone assaulting a different flag.




	Thats about it for now. I will add to this guide when i get more
information to add. I will add a Coral Sea section when i have played more
Air Superiority mode and gathered a bit more knowledge and tactics about it.

   Please, feel free to email me or message me and give me information that you
think would be useful and/or helpful to include in this guide. If you have any
strategies i havent mentioned i will try them no problem and put them in here
if they are good strategies. Any critisism is appreciated as well and do feel
free to point out any errors or mistakes i have made so i can correctly them

     This guide is copyright me, Graeme Holland, aka FooB aka normanlove and is
intended to be hosted on GameFaqs and Giantbomb. Any theft of this guide will
result in the appropriate legal action being taken. I take pride in my own
work, and id prefer it if people didnt take pride with mine.

If you wish to contact me, message me as;-

Giantbomb - normanlove
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email - nofx_norman(at)hotmail(dot)com

             -- FooB/normanlove

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