Codex page completion can't be done, how can I get the missing ones?

  1. I reached sequence 14 and Ezio got that map that reveals the location of all the codex pages.

    I have 26/30 codex pages found but I can't find the codex pages numbered 1, 7, 22 and 27.. I already did the sync for all the view points and I searched online for image locations for the missing codex pages and when I checked those locations, I found the boxes already opened before.

    I would really really appreciate any help because it would be such a shame that after I reached that far in the game, collected all the feathers and glyphs and most of the treasures, did most of the side quests and completely upgraded the villa, I find out that I have to start over..

    Thanks in advance :)

    User Info: AymanYami

    AymanYami - 6 years ago

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