What is the best strategy for headquartes level?

  1. In the Campaign mode when you get to the Panama Defense Force Headquarters level it seems you can not detroy enough of the enemy with out collateral damage although it is in a city. How do I get passed the level wit out destroying the city. I have played the lels about 20 times and it fails due to collateral damage or failure to kill enough. Any help please before I toss it in the garbage.

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    mps5583 - 12 years ago


  1. ME TOOOO.....Damm frustrating...

    User Info: Hunter451

    Hunter451 - 12 years ago 0   0
  2. I'm having the same problem....Need help.

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  3. Does anyone know how to get thru this? Its really ticking me off!

    User Info: jimchape

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  4. Hello everyone,

    I was also looking for a solution for the same problem on Panama Defence Force level and I discovered so i specially registered here so you and others can read and helps themselves.

    First, from start you have constant to use smoke flares (with TAB pressing) so you avoid being hit by SAM rockets, in the meantime you have to search and fight roadblocks with thanks but only from an good position (to avoid collateral damage) and you have to destroid AA-guns to avoid being hit with them..

    hope this wil help you.. on an other level is the story much the same but there you have to burn to the ground buildings marked by your special forces... so not only hitting is enought, but totaly grounding that buildings is needed..

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  5. Mixednl is correct on the TAB to counter the SAMs. I have finished this mission multiple times this is what I do:

    1. During orbit target SAMS and AA guns with 40mm
    2. Hit "m" key to look at map you can destroy the round buildings during this orbit.
    3. I switch to 25mm to hit tanks, it takes 1 to 2 reloads but they are destroyed, you can tell when the tank main gun tube bends.
    4. I also move to center map, the HQ building I lay waste with all guns using 105mm on main building, 40mm on the tanks.
    5. I noticed that once I destroyed the building and tanks around the HQ I finish cleaning up city check points by 25mm gun.

    I was able to complete this every time with this technique.


    User Info: TK-4656

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  6. I know this question's been around for a while, maybe someone still needs assistance. I was stuck on this level for ages, and nearly gave up, but finally found the answer today. First off, to lessen collateral damage, try to wait for clean lines to your target (don't shoot over distant roofs; wait for straight shots up roads, etc.). Two 40mm rounds will take out AA and SAM sites (if they're really close to buildings, shoot to the side opposite the buildings). Stay on the "tab" key for flares whenever you hear a SAM warning--you won't run out of flares, so crank away. The biggest key I found, though, was to hammer the tanks until you either mangle or flip them--DO NOT move on just because the computer said you got a good kill. I usually fired three 40mm or one 105 shell, then hit them again with a couple more 40's to flop them.
    To summarize: Keep hitting "tab", get clean lines, and hammer tanks until they are visibly destroyed. It really is a fun game, but this level is nearly a deal-breaker. Once past it, the rest is clear sailing! I hope this helps.

    User Info: Rushmore24

    Rushmore24 - 10 years ago 0   0

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