You arrive at your home planet after a long space flight, only to find it has been destroyed by warrior aliens that attack for sheer pleasure. It is time for revenge! Your quest is to destroy the alien flagship. On the way, you will liberate several planets from their tyranny. Beware, you will face meteor storms, space forts, hideous creatures, and powerful ships piloted by aliens who will do anything to stop you!
- Excellent action.
- Detailed, smooth scrolling graphics.
- Power-boosting ship modules.
- Tough levels.
- Wild aliens.
- 3 skill levels.
- Music soundtrack and digitized sound.
- Supports a joystick.
- Save and restore games within levels.
- Easy to install so you will be playing in minutes.
If You Like This Adventure
This is the first action-packed Overkill episode in a series of six. It is marketed as shareware; try the first fully functional and excellent adventure before deciding whether to buy the others. Purchase the six planet megablast and also receive a bonus game and special cheat codes.

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