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There is nowhere to uninstall it ? Tech Support
Where can I find superb hybrid gun? Side Quest
Why don't they have anymore cheat codes? General
Will it run, or will it not? Tech Support

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Will Call of Juarez run on windows 7? General 2 8 years ago
How many Acts does this game have? Plot 3 9 years ago
My game will install OK, but won't run! Why? Tech Support 1 10 years ago
How do I climb down ladders... without falling to my death half the time? General 1 10 years ago
Why does the game freeze? Tech Support 3 10 years ago
How do I solve (saving jackson)? Side Quest 3 10 years ago
How do I beat the quickdraw events ? Enemy/Boss 5 10 years ago
How do I get past the cannon in act 1? Main Quest 2 10 years ago
On the mission to save Jackson, the buckets are always empty? Side Quest 1 10 years ago
About multiplayer? General 3 10 years ago

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