• Secret Levels

    There are five hidden levels that can be accessed in Spelunky. Each of these levels has a secret character hidden within, as well as its own unique journal entry, and can only be accessed via a secret exit under specific conditions.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    The Black MarketGet the Udjat Eye from the Mines; on a random Jungle level, it will start to tick when you are close to the entrance. Use bombs to access it.
    The Golden CityGet the Hedjet from the Ice Caves and the Scepter by killing Anubis. Look for a golden door in Level 4-2 - the treasures will unlock it.
    The Haunted CastleIn any "Restless Dead" jungle level (except 2-4) the entrance is hidden below the grave with the crowned skull in it
    The MothershipIn 3-4, there is a long, metal column on one of the far sides of the level. The entrance is at the top.
    The WormIn 2-1 and 3-1, there will be a sticky, fleshy sphere with drool dripping off it. Toss a live damsel onto it, then jump on it with your Spelunker.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    Meet the conditions to unlock the characters.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CyanIn a coffin in one of the four main areas.
    LimeIn a coffin in one of the four main areas.
    Meat BoyInside a dark green pod near the end of the Worm
    PurpleFound in a coffin in one of the four main areas.
    The CyclopsBought from the Black Market for $10,000, can be stolen, or found in a coffin after seen at the Black Market
    The EskimoIn a coffin in a Yeti Kingdom level
    The Golden MonkIn a coffin the City of Gold
    The Jungle WarriorDefeat Olmec and get to the exit
    The NinjaIn a coffin in Olmec's Chamber
    The RobotIn a capsule in the Mothership
    The Round BoyIn a coffin in a Tiki Village level
    The Round GirlIn a coffin in a Spider's Lair level
    The VikingIn a coffin in Flooded Cavern or Restless Undead levels
    Van HelsingIn a coffin on the top of the Haunted Castle level
    YangDefeat King Yama and get to the exit
    YellowIn a coffin in one of the four main areas.

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  • Access Hell and the true final boss

    In order to access the secret final area of the game - Hell - and the true final boss, King Yama, the player must collect one item from each area of the game and beat Olmec in a specific pattern.

    1) In the Mines, in one level (always 1-2, 1-3, or 1-4) a locked chest will spawn, with the key spawning somewhere else in the same level. Running over the chest while holding the key will give the player the Udjat Eye, which reveals hidden treasure and also hints at the path to the Black Market.
    2) In the Jungle, in a random level (always 2-1, 2-2, or 2-3) the hidden entrance to the Black Market will spawn. In order to find it, listen for the Udjat Eye to start ticking. The closer you get to the entrance, the faster the Eye will tick. The entrance will always spawn behind a solid block - use an explosion or the mattock to reveal it. In the Black Market, there will always be a unique item - the Ankh - for sale for 50,000 gold in an isolated shop to the lower-right of the screen. Purchase or steal it to continue (be warned that if you steal it and/or enter the Black Market while wanted, you must fight off seven shopkeepers, all of whom are armed with shotguns). The Ankh will automatically resurrect you once when you die, but it must be used at a specific time if you wish to access Hell.
    3) In the Ice Caves, in either Level 3-2 or 3-3, a Moai (a sculpture of a gigantic head) will spawn. Allow yourself to die in this level, in any manner aside from using the "End Adventure" option in the menu, and you will be resurrected inside the Moai, directly in front of a hidden level exit. You will gain the Hedjet (make sure not to leave the level before you pick it up!) and can then leave.
    Note: if you access The Worm in Level 3-1, you can still access the Moai despite the fact that you will skip Level 3-2 and Level 3-3. When you spawn in 3-4, enter and complete The Mothership. Afterwards, you will be returned to (a new) 3-4 - this level will always spawn the Moai.
    4) In the Temple, in Level 4-1, kill Anubis and take his Sceptre. Then, in 4-2, use the Sceptre and the Hedjet to unlock the golden doorway and enter the Golden City. Inside the Golden City, look for a small room with a book inside - this is the Book of the Dead. Take it (doing so will spawn Anubis II, who will pursue you for the rest of the game unless killed) and exit the level.
    5) In Olmec's Lair, watch the Book of the Dead's icon in your inventory as you move (horizontally) around the level. When you are getting close to the entrance to Hell, the book will start writhing; when it starts writhing quickly, you should be directly over top of the entrance. Make sure that when Olmec is defeated, it is over this area - unlike all other entrances in the game, the entrance to Hell does not have a platform for your Spelunker to stand on, so you must use the sinking corpse of Olmec instead.

    Note also that the entrance to Hell will only open if you have the Book of the Dead in your inventory. If you reach Olmec's lair without having performed the above steps, the entrance to Hell will still spawn, but the door will be shut with no way to open it.

    Contributed By: darkknight109.

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  • Hidden 8-bit Spelunker Sprite

    You start the game as usual, you pick "Adventure". When you're in the lobby, you go to the tutorial door. Then, play all the levels until you get to the final tutorial. Go to the shop, kill the shopkeeper and bomb down the shop floor until you find a hidden 8-bit Spelunker sprite.

    Contributed By: xxxzamixxx.

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Secret Items

  • Secret Items from Kali's Altar

    Sacrificing corpses or stunned allies/enemies on Kali's Altar will earn you favour and rewards; however, there are two secret rewards you can get by placing other items on the altar.

    EggplantPlace a wrapped Mystery Box on the altar. If used on King Yama, it will reduce him to 1 HP.
    Golden/Crystal MonkeyPlace a Gold or Crystal Skull on the altar. The monkey periodically drops gold nuggets.

    Contributed By: darkknight109.

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