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FAQ/Walkthrough by RainingMetal

Version: 1.79 | Updated: 02/25/11

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		     	CCC	     &&		 CCC
		     	CCC	     &&&	 CCC
			CCC	    &  &&    &	 CCC
			 CCCCCCC     &  &&  &	  CCCCCCC
			  CCCC	      &&&&&	   CCCC

	RR   R	EE	DD  D	    A A	     LL	     EE     RR   R     TT
	RRRRRR	EEEEE	DD   D	   A   A     LL	     EEEEE  RRRRRR     TT
	RR R	EEEEE	DD   D	  AAAAAAA    LL	     EEEEE  RR R       TT
	RR  R	EE	DD  D	 A       A   LLLLLL  EE     RR  R      TT
	RR   R	EEEEE	DDDD	A         A  LLLLLL  EEEEE  RR   R     TT

			       3333		3333333
			       3333		3333333


C&C Red Alert 3 (Uprising) FAQ/Walkthrough
For the PC
By Raining Metal
Version 1.79

>Table of Contents<

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Version History

2.0 Basics
2.1 Story
2.2 How to Play
2.3 Factions
2.4 Units
2.5 Structures
2.6 Support Powers
2.7 Characters
2.8 Co-Commanders
2.9 Crates

3.00 Vanilla Campaign Walkthrough
3.10 Soviet Campaign
3.11 The Shrike and the Thorn
3.12 Circus of Treachery
3.13 Taking back Ice Harbor
3.14 March of the Red Army
3.15 The Science of War
3.16 No Traitors Tomorrow
3.17 To tame a living God
3.18 The Stone-faced witnesses
3.19 Blight on the Big Apple
3.20 Allied Campaign
3.21 Ride of the Red Menace
3.22 The Shark and the Lure
3.23 The Famous Liberation
3.24 Enemy of our Enemy
3.25 The Unfathomable Fortress
3.26 A Monument of Madness
3.27 Forever sets the Sun
3.28 The Great Bear Trap
3.29 The Moon shall never have them
3.30 Imperial Campaign
3.31 The Death of Father Frost
3.32 To Conquer Shattered Spirits
3.33 Behold the Mighty Saint of Swords
3.34 Graveyard of a foolish Fleet
3.35 Assault on the Black Tortise
3.36 Rage of the Black Tortise
3.37 Barbarians at the Bay
3.38 Crumble, Kremlin, Crumble
3.39 The Last Red Blossom Trembled

4.00 Uprising Campaign Walkthrough
4.10 Soviet Campaign
4.11 Raid on Lost Castle
4.12 Schemes on the Intruders
4.13 A Much Brighter Future
4.14 As Time Stood Still
4.20 Allied Campaign
4.21 End of Tradition
4.22 A House Unfit for Rebels
4.23 The True Shogun's Stand
4.30 Imperial Campaign
4.31 Greed of the Vanquished
4.32 Before the Hallowed Tomb
4.33 Blood in the Water
4.40 Yuriko's Campaign
4.41 Final Exam
4.42 The Traceless Massacre
4.43 Ruin and Reunion

5.000 Commander's Challenge
5.100 Main Challenges
5.101 Dead Meat
5.102 Blood Feud
5.103 Defense of the Archipalego
5.104 Where Satellites go to die
5.105 Symphony of Steel
5.106 Athena's Wrath
5.107 Scavenger
5.108 Offshore Killing
5.109 Chrono you didn't
5.110 Tesla's castle
5.111 Double-Barreled
5.112 Out of the Blue
5.113 Fury of the Empire
5.200 Side Challenges
5.201 Creeping Death
5.202 Crate and Red Barrel
5.203 Are you Experienced
5.204 Caught in the Crossfire
5.205 Dangerous Skies
5.206 All Guns Blazing
5.207 Two Sides to Everything
5.208 Ready to Roll Out
5.209 Dirty Tricks
5.210 Gosh Darn Mongolians!
5.211 Cat Fight
5.212 Number One Threat to America
5.213 No Place to Hide
5.214 High-Water Mark
5.215 Behind the Iron Curtain
5.216 Show of Force
5.217 No Match for the Guardian
5.218 Reap what you Sow
5.219 Kill-A-Ton
5.220 King of the Monsters
5.221 Your Gold Mine has Collapsed
5.222 The Omega Program
5.223 Shrink Zone
5.224 Viscious Circle
5.225 Robots and Ninjas
5.226 Battle Royale
5.227 High Seas Duel
5.228 Superb Commander
5.229 Red Crush
5.230 Be Quick or be Dead
5.231 Ice Breaker
5.232 The Final Countdown
5.233 Come and get it
5.234 Arms Race
5.235 Battle Room
5.236 The Motherland
5.237 Future Warfare

5.300 General advice

6.0 Multiplayer
6.1 Skirmish
6.2 Maps
6.3 LAN
6.4 Online
6.5 Multiplayer Tips

7.0 And The Rest!
7.1 F.A.Q.
7.2 Email Guide
7.3 Website List
7.4 Credits
7.5 Legal Disclaimer

To search for the section wanted in this Guide, Highlight the Number beside the
subject (Such as 2.3) and press Ctrl + C, then F, and then V. This will
activate a finding system to look for the text put in (in this case, a number
with a decimal) and simply click “Next”.

1.0 >Introduction<
It's been too long, Red Alert fans. And now the day has passed. It's time to
Red Oktoberfest with RainingMetal! I'll help out on any hard missions and
technical issues. Into the time machine...

Note: While Red Alert 3 is also available for Mac, 360, and PS3 systems,
Uprising is exclusive to PC. However, the Commander's Challenge is available
to the 360 and PS3 systems via standalone download.

1.0 >Version History<

Version 1.79

Added a strategy on the Challenges by Kanyenke_ARG.


Version 1.78

Added a strategy on the Challenges by G3N.


Version 1.77

Added a strategy on the Challenges by SovRaptor.


Version 1.76

Added strategies on the Challenges by Pac Nether. Added more details on Versus
and Online.


Version 1.75

Added strategies on the Challenges by Raudence.


Version 1.74

Added strategies on the Challenges by VX4. Added the colours to opponents.


Version 1.69

Added a strategy on the Challenges by Jacobs 6 Geno.


Version 1.68

Added new ASCII art to the title. 


Version 1.67

Added a strategy on the Challenges by N00bKefka.


Version 1.66

Added a strategy on the Challenges by Hunta, and made a few corrections on the
Apocalypse Tank info.


Version 1.65

Added LOTS of strategies on the Challenges by Ace_Strife, and added more
tidbits handed in by Ryozo.


Version 1.63

Made more adjustments to the mission "The Moon shall never have them".


Version 1.62

Added even more tips on the Campaigns by Ryozo, and added a link to
razattack1337's Youtube channel for his amazing video walkthroughs.


Version 1.60

Added tips on the Campaigns by Ryozo.


Version 1.58

Removed the note in "No Traitors Tomorrow" by Dorleon, as his theory was
recently disproven (sorry!).


Version 1.57

Added tips on the Challenges by SoMeBoDy.


Version 1.56

Added a note to "No Traitors Tomorrow", and added tips on the Challenges by
Subk123 and Lindley.


Version 1.55

Added tips on the Challenges by JB, and added a very important note on the
Email guide. PLEASE READ IT!


Version 1.53

Added tips on the Challenges by Slipshod.


Version 1.52

Added tips on the Challenges by UltimateBladez.


Version 1.51

Added tips on the Challenges by FlareBladeLord.


Version 1.50

Added tips on the Challenges by bGate.


Version 1.49

Made some adjustments regarding the latest patch.


Version 1.48

Added tips on the Challenges by Naranek Angmar and K-Dub.


Version 1.47

Added tips on the Campaigns by ba12348.


Version 1.46

Added tips on the Challenges by Roundhouse, and made a few tweaks to the "Ready
to Roll Out" Challenge.


Version 1.45

Added tips on the Challenges by Galrun, as well as adding an extra question to
the FAQ along with other adjustments.


Version 1.44

Added tips on the Challenges by WolfSpam.


Version 1.43

Added tips on the Challenges by Manuras.


Version 1.42

Made an update on the Units list regarding the special abilities and their
respective types.


Version 1.41

Added tips on the Imperial campaign by oStRicH-EgReT.


Version 1.40

Added more tips on the Challenges by Skyfortress.


Version 1.39

Added a tip on the Challenges by Geo, and made a few other adjustments to this


Version 1.38

Added EVEN MORE tips on the Challenges by ZeroSasaki.


Version 1.37

Added MORE tips on the Challenges by ZeroSasaki. Made numerous spelling
corrections regarding the word "Vaccum".


Version 1.36

Added more tips on the Challenges by Skyfortress and ZeroSasaki, and added the
general tips section to the Commander's Challenge.


Version 1.35

Added various strategies on the Challenges by ArabianSharkCT, Hezzara, Helix25,
LexShine, Lellouch, Shadowstalker7, and leo158. I've also completed "The


Version 1.30

Made another huge update. This update includes the Commander's Challenge. More
updates will come in the future!


Version 1.20

Made a HUGE update to compensate for the Uprising Content. I also added the
Soviet multiplayer strategy from kpw on top of the old, oudated one. The
Commander's Challenge will be added in a later update.


Version 1.05

Made some changes regarding the latest patch.


Verison 1.04

Added Allied Campaign tips by TeeWrench.


Version 1.03

Added a Multiplayer tip by Skillswords809, as well as the Multiplayer Tips


Version 1.02

Minor Update. Made a few more corrections and notes by the GameFAQs squad.


Version 1.01

Made spelling corrections regarding the word "Tesla".


Version 1.00

Added the "Monument of Madness" strategies by Caael and Krall. Completed the
Map list section, and added a few other tweaks.


Version 0.98

Initial Release. Requires information regarding LAN gameplay and the
Multiplayer Map list in order to be complete.

2.0 >Basics<
This chapter covers the information required to play this game. I suggest
playing the Tutorial before heading into the actual game. In the options menu
is an option named "Classic C&C mouse setup". Use it.

2.1 >Story<
In the beginning, Albert Einstein created a Time Machine in order to erase
Adolf Hitler. With Hitler removed, however, the USSR would take over Asia and
Eastern Europe without much resistance. The Allies manage to defeat the Soviets
in the end. Later, the Soviets would invade the USA, thinking they were the
ones responsible for their last defeat. The Americans and other Allied Nations
rally against the Russians and manage to defeat the USSR once more. After being
defeated by the Allies twice, the Soviets decide to build their own Time
Machine and erase Einstein, who brought upon Technological superiority for the
Allies. With Einstein AND Hitler removed, the Soviets would once again be the
dominant power in the war between Allies and Soviets. However, without
Einstein's boastful technology, a new power, the Empire of the Rising Sun,
would make a sudden appearance without the fear of the Allies' technology.

There are now three Factions fighting for Global conquest...

2.2 >How to Play<
Here are the basic instructions on playing this game (please note that this is
with the "Classic C&C" mouse setup enabled. Use it!):

-Scroll around the map by shifting the mouse around the screen.

-Left-Click on Units to select them.

-When selecting a Unit, left-click on a location to make it move there.

-Left-Click on an enemy to attack it.

-Right-Click to deselect the Unit.

-Drag the mouse across the screen while clicking to select a bunch of units.

-The Camera can be adjusted by using the various keys on the Number Pad. To
return to the default Camera position, press 5 on the Pad (make sure Num Lock
is enabled!).

-Money is needed to purchase Units and construct buildings. To collect Money,
place a Refinery next to special buildings known as Ore Nodes or Ore Mines. The
Ore Collector will automatically collect funds (it's different from the classic
C&C method of making dough). A Depleted Ore Node will still provide funds, just

-Power is needed to maintain Defences and Superweapons. If the Power level is
lower than the demand for power, all Defences and Superweapons will deactivate,
and the process of building Structures and making Units is twice as long as it
should be.

-There are many Tech Structures on the map. Make use of these by sending an
Engineer into the Structure.

-The areas on the map that are not occupied by a friendly unit are covered in
shroud known as "The Fog of War". This shows Buildings and terrain, but hides

-Units are divided into three tiers. The first tier consists of the basic
Infantry, Armour, Aircraft, and Navals. The second tier consists of Tanks,
combat vessels, special Infantry and Infiltrators, and more Aircraft. The third
tier allows the production of bigger Tanks, Artillery, and the best Units of
that faction! Each faction has a different way of getting the prequisites for
higher-tier units.

-Units can Guard, Attack-Move, or use other special abilities. Guarding makes
them guard the area from enemies, including hostile Structures. Attack-Move
makes the unit move to the area, as well as attacking other targets on the way.

-Each side has a Super Weapon, and each has a certain recharge timer. Once it
reaches zero, it can be used.

-All Units have some sort of Special Ability (Hotkey is F). Use them!

-Support Powers can also be used to harass the enemy, or upgrade friendly
troops. Each Power requires a point to be used. To gain these points, stay
alive, or go into battle! There are three trees of Support Powers. Unlocking
one allows the next one in the tree to be purchased. Support Powers can be
purchased by clicking on the golden sphere at the bottom-left corner of the

-Next to the golden sphere is the Threat Meter. The higher the Threat Meter is,
the faster Units gain experience, and the faster Support Power points are

-Many civilian Structures can be Garrisoned by most Infantry. The Infantry can
shoot out of the Structure, but certain Units can flush them out with their
Special Ability.

-Buildings can be Repaired for a price, and can also be Sold for extra cash.

-Infiltrators (Spies and Shinobi) can enter enemy Buildings for substantial
benefeits. Entering a Power Plant will sabotage enemy Power. Entering a
Production Structure will prevent any production of the unit type the Structure
produces. Entering a Refinery will steal funds. Entering a Technology Structure
will prevent the production of any Tier 3 Units. Entering an Outpost will
disable the enemy's radar. Entering a Construction Yard provides a full view of
all of the enemy's Structures. An infiltrated buiding will have an exclamation
sign over it.

-All Jet Aircraft (with the exception of Imperial Aircraft) need to refuel at
Airbase/Airfields. They can use their Special Ability to immediatley withdrawl
to the hangars. Century Bombers need to return manually through clicking on the
Airbase/Airfield as a move command.

-Only certain units can attack submerged Navals if they aren't attacking.

-Armour, Aircraft, and Navals can be repaired by Repair Drones. These robots are
usually found at production structures, or at Crusher Cranes for the Soviets.

-All Combat Units can receive "experience" by killing other enemy Units.
Veterans and Elites will deal more damage and will have more health, and Heroic
Units can also heal gradually when not in combat.

-There will be various [important] announcements during gameplay. Press the
Space Bar to immediately head to the area where the announcement is referring
to (such as "Enemy Units Detected").

-Units at lower levels cannot see what's going on at higher levels (such as
over cliffs). Aircraft can see all.

-Feel free to use the M key for voice commands when playing online!

2.3 >Factions<
There are three sides in the game, each one having its strengths and
weaknesses. They also have different ways of building Structures.

Allied Powers
The Allies excell at technology and air superiority. They build their
Structures in the classic C&C fasion. They build the Structure within the
Construction Yard, and plant it on a location when ready. They go through their
Technologies by purchasing upgrades at Construction Yards or Command HUBs. The
two structures are required to expand building space and operating their
production Structures (the buildings are individually required to upgrade). A
sketchy line will be displayed to a selected Production Structure, which will
indicate which Structure it depends on for Technology levels.

Soviet Army
The Soviets have expertise in brute, direct force. They build their Structures
much like how buildings are erected in Generals; they build from the ground up.
This means that they can put a building onto a location first before it's even
finished. They upgrade Technologies and expand in the classic C&C style. They
simply purchase higher-tech buildings to advance through Technologies, and 
expand by building near the borders and increasing the borders as a result.

Japanese Empire
The new Faction, the Empire of the Rising Sun, have even higher technolgies
than the Allies, and many of their Units can transform! They construct
buildings by producing Units known as Nanocores. The Nanocores deploy into the
buildings that help out the Empire's army. Since the Empire has no building
bounds, they can expand very quickly. They elevate their Technologies by
upgrading their production Structures individually. Non-Defence Structures also
create an aura for which foreign Structures can be built on.

2.4 >Units<
Units are various types of soldiers or vehicles that fight against the enemy.
There are four classes of Units: Infantry, Armour, Aircraft, and Navals.
Aircraft Units are vulnerable to only certain types of units. Infantry and
Armour, usually travel on Land, while Navals are native to the Waters.
Amphibious Units are capable of crossing both types of terrain, as can
Aircraft. Some Navals are submerged, and can only be attacked by certain units
when passive, but can be attacked by anything when emerged (often to attack
things). These Navals are always some sort of Submarine. Infantry can be run
over by certain types of Armour, and bigger Armour can crush smaller Armour.



Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Garrison.
Role: Main Infantry.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Medium/Short.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium/Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Riot Shield/Shotgun (Toggle).
Produced At: Boot Camp.
Cost: $200.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Peacekeepers replace GIs as the basic Allied Soldier. Their Shotguns are best
used at close range. They can get close enough in direct combat by using their
Shields. This will slow them down, but will protect them from any direct
gunfire. They can use their Shields to protect themselves against bullets while
they enter and clear out a Garrisoned Building.

*Attack Dog*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry.
Role: Scout.
Weapon Type: Melee.
Range: Melee.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Amplified Bark (Instant).
Produced At: Boot Camp.
Cost: $200.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Attack Dogs are Anti-Infantry Scouts. They can annihilate groups of Infantry by
Barking, rendering the victims parylized. They can also neutralize disguises.
They aren't durable at all, so use the Bark fast!


Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Base Repair, Base Capture, Healer.
Role: Worker, Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: Structures.
Bad Versus: Everything Else.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: First Aid Tent/Unpack (Toggle).
Produced At: Boot Camp.
Cost: $500.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Command and Conquer Series has always featured Engineer-type Units for
every faction (except in Generals). All Engineers were capable of Capturing
enemy Buildings, and Repairing Friendly Buildings. In Red Alert 3, Engineers
can cross water as well as land. Allied Engineers are also able to bring up
Medical Tents to heal friendly Infantry when on the ground.

*Javelin Soldier*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Aircraft.
Role: Support Infantry.
Weapon Type: Rocket.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Infantry.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Laser Guided Mode/Self-Guided Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Boot Camp.
Cost: $300.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Javelin Soldiers support Peacekeepers with their heavy Anti-Armour Bazookas.
They can switch to Laser Guidance mode to fire a heavier barrage of Rockets.
They cannot fire for a moment until they lock on their target, so use the
Laser Guidance Rockets for stationary targets, like Structures.


Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Base Infiltration.
Role: Infiltrator.
Weapon Type: Disguise.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: Structures.
Bad Versus: Scouts.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Bribe (Instant).
Produced At: Boot Camp.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Heightened Clearance.
Games: Both.

Spies, like in previous Red Alert games, rely on disguises to get into enemy
compounds. Attacking an enemy as a Spy will make the Spy disguise as that unit
(so Spies can only "attack" Infantry). Along with the Infiltrator techniques,
the Spy can also Bribe Units for $1000 to fight against the enemy. This leaves
the Spy vulnerable and his cover blown for a few seconds.

*Cryo Legionnaire*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour.
Role: Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: Freeze.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Defences, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Boost Kick (Target).
Produced At: Boot Camp.
Cost: $1500.
Requires: Heightened Clearance, Defence Bureau.
Games: Uprising Only.

The German Cryo Legionnaire is the replacement for the Chrono Legionnaire from
Red Alert 2. His Cryo Cannon can freeze Infantry in seconds, making them
vulnerable to the slightest touch. Thanks to their ability to flash-freeze the
water below, Cryo Legionnaires are also amphibious. A Cryo Legionnaire is also
able to target Aircraft as long as he's in a Multigunner IFV.


Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour, Anti-Structure.
Role: Commando.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Explosive.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Time Belt (Instant).
Produced At: Boot Camp.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Maximum Clearance, Defence Bureau.
Games: Both.

Tanya Adams rides again! Like in previous games, she is extremely deadly
against Infantry, and can plant explosives on Armour and Structures. She can
also swim. This time, she's got the Time Belt up her sleeve. Using it will put
her in the position she was a few seconds ago, possibly recovering lost health
and retracing her steps.


Class: Armour.
Purpose: Money Making, Base Expansion.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Unpack into Command HUB (Target).
Produced At: Armour Facility, Seaport, Ore Refinery.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Prospectors are the main Money Maker for the Allies. They are able to unpack
into Command HUBs for base expansion. The process takes quite a while.

*Riptide ACV*

Class: Armour/Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Transport.
Role: Support Armour/Transport.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Torpedo.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Evacuate Passengers (Instant).
Produced At: Armour Facility, Seaport.
Cost: $750.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Riptides are the primary Transport for the Allies. It can cross water and land,
and can carry Infantry. It is armed with a Machine Gun and Torpedoes for self-

*Multigunner IFV*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Aircraft.
Role: Support Armour.
Weapon Type: Varies.
Range: Varies.
Good Versus: Varies.
Bad Versus: Varies.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Evacuate Passenger (Instant).
Produced At: Armour Facility.
Cost: $800.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The IFV returns, and it has more Infantry options available! Be default, it is
armed with a Rocket Launcher, powerful against Armour and Aircraft. The Unit
inside the IFV determines its new weapon. Some of the combinations include:

-Peacekeeper: Bullet Blaster.
-Attack Dog: Stun Speakers.
-Engineer: Repair Crane.
-Javelin Soldier: Bigger Rocket Barrage.
-Spy: Sniper Turret.
-Cryo Legionnaire: Freeze Turret.
-Tanya: Infantry Destroyer.
-Tesla Trooper: Electric Coil.
-Shinobi: Dart Launcher.

*Allied MCV*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Base Establishment.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Unpack into Construction Yard (Target).
Produced At: Armour Facility, Seaport.
Cost: $5000.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

MCV stands for Mobile Construction Vehicle. When they unpack, armies are
authorized to construct other Structures. It can deploy on land and water.

*Guardian Tank*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour.
Role: Main Armour.
Weapon Type: Shell.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Target Painter/Main Gun (Toggle).
Produced At: Armour Facility.
Cost: $950.
Requires: Heightened Clearance.
Games: Both.

Guardian Tanks are the shield of the Allies. In packs, they can deal lots of
damage. They can also switch to the Laser Pointer to have its target receive
more damage!

*Pacifier FAV*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Defence.
Role: Special Armour, Artillery.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Collider.
Range: Medium/Long.
Good Versus: Infantry, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Unpack Artillery/Pack up Artillery (Toggle).
Produced At: Armour Facility.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Heightened Clearance, Defence Bureau.
Games: Uprising Only.

A sly nod to the Terran Seige Tank of Starcraft, the Pacifier comes in two
modes. Its default mode is a mobile, amphibious hovercraft, which is armed with
a pair of powerful chain guns. When deployed, the FAV becomes an artillery
cannon, capable of devastating Structures. In this mode, the FAV is immobile.
It cannot deploy on water.

*Athena Cannon*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Structure, Anti-Defence.
Role: Artillery.
Weapon Type: Spectrum.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Structures.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Aircraft, Armour.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Aegis Shield (Instant).
Produced At: Armour Facility.
Cost: $1400.
Requires: Maximum Clearance.
Games: Both.

The Allied Artillery Unit. This truck carries a laser beam that fires straight
into the sky, reflects off various satellites, and hits its target on the
surface. Because of this, its sight is its range, which is quite long. It can
also bring up a protective Shield in case of danger.

*Mirage Tank*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Infantry.
Role: Ultimate Armour.
Weapon Type: Spectrum.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Gap Generator/Strike Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Armour Facility.
Cost: $1600.
Requires: Maximum Clearance.
Games: Both.

Despite Einstein being erased from time, the Mirage Tank still exists. When
stationary, the Mirage Tank is disguised as a generic object (like a car or a
tree). It fires a deadly Spectrum beam at targets. Alternatively, it can
activate its Mobile Gap Generator to hide other nearby Units. It cannot fire
when using the Generator, and the Tank itself is always visible.

*Future Tank X-1*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour.
Role: Ultimate Armour.
Weapon Type: Collider.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Defences, Aircraft.
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Riot Beam (Target).
Produced At: Armour Facility.
Cost: $3000.
Requires: Maximum Clearance, Defence Bureau.
Games: Uprising Only.

Not much is known about the Future Tank, as it is currently in development by
FutureTech officials. It is rumoured that the Future Tank is the toughest
Allied ground Unit, as well as one of the most powerful. Its Riot Beam can take
out the toughest Structures and units in one hit!


Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Naval.
Role: Light Naval.
Weapon Type: Beam.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Navals.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: High Jump (Target).
Produced At: Seaport.
Cost: $750.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Dolphins, like the ones in Red Alert 2, use a Beam weapon against other Naval
Units. It can also jump from bodies of water, making them able to dodge certain
attacks, or to get from one body of water to another.


Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Air.
Role: Support Naval.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Jammer.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Armour, Navals.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Weapon Jammer/AA Gun (Toggle).
Produced At: Seaport.
Cost: $900.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Hydrofoils are the Allies' Anti-Air weapon on the water. Its machine gun can
tear through Aircraft without much difficulty. If the Hydrofoil is ever
attacked by other Naval units, it can switch to its Weapon Jammer to render the
Unit harmless. The Jammer also works on Aircraft.

*Assault Destroyer*

Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Naval, Anti-Armour.
Role: Main Naval.
Weapon Type: Shell.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Navals, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Black Hole Armour/Main Gun (Toggle).
Produced At: Seaport.
Cost: $1500.
Requires: Heightened Clearance.
Games: Both.

The Allied Destroyer has developed some new abilities. It can travel on the
land as well as on the water, and can use its Black Hole Armour to force all
projectiles fired in the area to it (this helps other weaker Units survive
around the Destroyer longer). The Black Hole Armour also boosts the Destroyer's

*Aircraft Carrier*

Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Structure, Anti-Defence.
Role: Artillery.
Weapon Type: Aircraft.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Structures, Navals.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Blackout Missile (Target).
Produced At: Seaport.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Maximum Clearance.
Games: Both.

The Aircraft Carrier is a long-range artillery weapon on the waters. Along with
its many fighters, it can also use its Blackout Missile to sabotage any
Structures or Armour in the target area.


Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Defence, Anti-Armour.
Role: Tactical Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Bomb.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Return to Base (Instant).
Produced At: Airbase.
Cost: $1200.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Vindicators are the Allies' primary Aircraft Unit, used to strike at any target
and return immediatley back to base. Vindicators can return back to base
quickly as their Special Ability (even if they're already retreating, they can
fly even faster when using this Ability), making them good hit-and-run units.

*Apollo Fighter*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Air.
Role: Fighter Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Defences, Armour.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Return to Base (Instant).
Produced At: Airbase.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Kick the tires and light the fires! The Apollo Fighter is the Allies' Air-
superiority Unit, and is the strongest Air-to-Air Unit in the game! Its speed
allows it to strike any unfortunate Aircraft that happens to be unsupervised.
The Apollo can refuel by returning to base.


Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour.
Role: Special Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Freeze.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Shrink Beam (Target).
Produced At: Airbase.
Cost: $1600.
Requires: Heightened Clearance.
Games: Both.

The Cyrocopter is one of the Allies' more unique Units. While it can't harm
anything on its own, its Freeze ray can lower the temperatures of a unit to
such a low degree that a single poke may destroy it (imagine a nerd poking a
frozen Apocalypse tank and the tank explodes)! It can also reduce the offensive
capabilities of a Unit by shrinking it. It can shrink enemy Units to make them
weaker, or it can be used on friendly units to make them move faster. The
Shrink beam only works on Armour and Navals.

*Century Bomber*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Structure.
Role: Bomber Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Bomb.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Structures.
Bad Versus: Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Paradrop (Instant).
Produced At: Airbase.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Maximum Clearance.
Games: Both.

The Century Bomber lays waste to enemy compounds by dropping carpet bombs.
Along with the carpet barrages, it can also load up 5 Infantry passengers and
drop them on any desired location. Since it doesn't have the Return to Base
command, they'll have to return back manually.

*Harbinger Gunship*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure.
Role: Special Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Collider, Bullet.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Chain Guns/Collider Cannons (Toggle).
Produced At: Airbase.
Cost: $3600.
Requires: Maximum Clearance, Defence Bureau.
Games: Uprising Only.

Even more powerful than the Century Bomber, the Harbinger lays waste to its
targets with its Collider Cannons. For smaller targets, the Harbinger can
switch to its chain guns for precision. The Harbinger's weapons are located on
only one side of the plane, so it must circle around its target. The Harbinger
does not need to return to base to refuel, but it can still return to the
Airbase for some repairs if necessary.



Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Garrison.
Role: Main Infantry.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Grenade.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Molotov Cocktails/Assault Rifle (Toggle).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $100.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Conscripts are simple partisians in the Soviet army. In Red Alert 3, they also
carry Molotov Cocktails as well as Rifles. The Cocktails are effective against
enemy Garrisons and enemy Structures.

*War Bear*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry.
Role: Scout.
Weapon Type: Melee.
Range: Melee.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Amplified Roar (Instant).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $225.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Soviet counterpart to Allied Attack Dogs, they basically function the same
way, except that Bears are more durable and more expensive. They are the 
natural bane against Spies and Engineers.

*Combat Engineer*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Base Repair, Base Capture.
Role: Worker, Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Structures, Infantry.
Bad Versus: Everything Else.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Erect Battle Bunker (Target).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $500.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Command and Conquer Series has always featured Engineer-type Units for
every faction (except in Generals). All Engineers were capable of Capturing
enemy Buildings, and Repairing Friendly Buildings. In Red Alert 3, Engineers
can cross water as well as land. Soviet Engineers are also armed with a pistol,
and can build a Bunker that acts like a Garrisonable Structure anywhere on

*Flak Trooper*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Air.
Role: Support Infantry.
Weapon Type: Flak, Explosive.
Range: Long, Melee.
Good Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Infantry.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Magnetic Mines/Flak Cannon (Toggle).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $400.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Flak Troopers are another returning bunch of Units in Red Alert 3. Improved
Flak Cannons make these Soldiers effective against Armour as well as Aircraft.
The crazier Troopers can also get up close and plant explosive charges against
Structures or Vehicles for more damage!

*Tesla Trooper*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour.
Role: Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: Tesla.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: EM Surge/Tesla Coilguns (Toggle).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $750.
Requires: Super Reactor.
Games: Both.

Tesla Troopers also return. They can electrocute Infantry and Vehicles, making
them formidable soldiers. They can use the EMP Surge attack, which disables any
vehicles nearby, but makes the Trooper immobile.

*Chief Scientist*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Healer.
Role: Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: N/A.
Produced At: N/A.
Cost: N/A.
Requires: Campaign Only.
Games: Uprising Only.

FutureTech has kidnapped some of the finest Russian Scientists. The Scientists
are willing to do whatever they can to help, which is pretty much acting like a

*Mortar Cycle*

Class: Armour/Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure.
Role: Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: Grenade, Shell.
Range: Short/Long.
Good Versus: Infantry, Structures.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Light.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Porta-Mortar/Molotov Flurry (Toggle).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $600.
Requires: War Factory.
Games: Uprising Only.

Although Mortar Cycles are classified as Armoured Units, they are produced at
the Barracks. Mortar Cycles are armed with Molotov Cocktails or with their
Porta-Mortar Cannons, making them effective against Defences and Garrisons.
Mortar Cycles can attack and move when using Molotovs, but not with Mortars.

*Desolator Trooper*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry.
Role: Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: Toxic.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Defences, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Splattershot Mode/Deathspray Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $1500.
Requires: Battle Lab.
Games: Uprising Only.

The Desolator is a deadly Unit against Infantry, splashing his victims with
Toxins. If the enemy sends in Armour in response, the Desolator can use his
Splattershot Gun to make Armour more vulnerable to Toxins.


Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour, Anti-Structure.
Role: Commando.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Aircraft.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Pilot Snipe (Target).
Produced At: Barracks.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Battle Lab.
Games: Both.

Natasha's a legendary Sniper and a Hero to the Soviet army. She can easily
shoot her victims' heads off, and her bullets can go through multiple targets!
Against Armour and Structures, she uses her laser designator to signal an Air
Strike, destroying the target no matter how strong it is! She can also snipe
the driver of a vehicle, leaving it open for anyone to take control of it.

*Ore Collector*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Money Making.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Medium/High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Reactive Armour/Cargo Bay (Toggle).
Produced At: War Factory, Naval Yard, Ore Refinery.
Cost: $1400.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Ore Collectors collect Ore from the Ore Nodes for the Soviet Army. In the case
where the Soviet Ore Collector is under attack, it can use its Armour Platings
for extra defence. It cannot collect Ore with the platings.


Class: Armour.
Purpose: Base Expansion.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Unpack into Outpost (Target).
Produced At: War Factory, Naval Yard.
Cost: $1200.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Sputniks unpack into Outposts, allowing base expansion for the Soviets. It sets
up quickly to allow the hasty construction of another base.

*Terror Drone*

Class: Armour/Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour.
Role: Special Armour.
Weapon Type: Melee.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: Light.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Electro-Statis Ray/Dismantler Claws (Toggle).
Produced At: War Factory.
Cost: $600.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Terror Drones tear apart Vehicles from the inside. Once inside, it can only be
removed by Repair Drones. It can also use its claws to kill Infantry, and can
use its Statis Ray to prevent Vehicles from moving. Despite being built from
the War Factory, Terror Drones can be launched from Bullfrogs, and multiple
Drones can be carried by Twinblades. They are also more vulnerable to Anti-
Infantry weapons than Anti-Armour weapons.


Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry.
Role: Support Armour.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour.
Armour: Light.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Flea Jump (Target).
Produced At: War Factory.
Cost: $900.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Sickles, like Terror Drones, walk on spider-like legs. The Sickle, however, is
not amphibious, and does not have claws. Instead, it is armed with machine
guns, effective against Infantry. It can leap over ledges or on victims.


Class: Armour/Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Air, Transport.
Role: Support Armour/Naval, Transport.
Weapon Type: Flak.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Armour.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Man-Cannon (Target).
Produced At: War Factory, Naval Yard.
Cost: $900.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Bullfrogs are versatile armoured-cars. They can traverse on land and water, and
can carry up to five people. The passengers are launched in different areas
with the Man-Cannon. Lastly, the Bullfrog is armed with a powerful Flak Cannon.
Watch out for Anti-Air when launching Infantry.

*Soviet MCV*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Base Establishment.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Unpack into Construction Yard (Target).
Produced At: War Factory, Naval Yard.
Cost: $5000.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

MCV stands for Mobile Construction Vehicle. When they unpack, armies are
authorized to construct other Structures. It can deploy on land and water.

*Hammer Tank*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour.
Role: Main Armour.
Weapon Type: Shell, Leech Beam.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Leech Beam/Main Weapons (Toggle).
Produced At: War Factory.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Super Reactor.
Games: Both.

Hammer Tanks are the brute force of the Soviet Armoured Forces. Along with its
already powerful cannon, it can use its Leech Beam to slowly deterriorate enemy
vehicles. When a Hammer Tank destroys a vehicle with its Beam, it gains the
weapon of the victim vehicle (if a Hammer Tank Leeches off a Guardian Tank, it
gains another cannon).


Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Air.
Role: Support Armour.
Weapon Type: Rocket, Shell.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Defences.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Proto-Jump (Target).
Produced At: War Factory.
Cost: $1200.
Requires: Super Reactor.
Games: Uprising Only.

A variant of the Sickle, the Reaper is armed to the teeth with Missile
Launchers. The Sickle can also deploy into a makeshift turret, which allows it
to use its spare Grenade Launchers along with its Rocket Barrages. The Reaper
can also leap onto enemy Armour, destroying it instantly (which makes the
Reaper one of the ultimate MCV killers).


Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Structure.
Role: Special Armour.
Weapon Type: Grinder.
Range: Melee.
Good Versus: Armour, Navals, Structures.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium/Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Turbo-Charge (Instant).
Produced At: War Factory.
Cost: $1600.
Requires: Super Reactor, Crusher Crane.
Games: Uprising Only.

Pretty much like the Apocalypse Tank, only without the turrets. The Grinder,
however, is amphibious, allowing it to smush up Naval Units along with Armour.
If that isn't enough, the Grinder can Turbo-Charge against retreating enemies
to prevent them from escaping.

*V4 Rocket Launcher*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Defence, Anti-Structure.
Role: Artillery.
Weapon Type: Missile.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Defences.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Multi-Warheads/Precision Warheads (Toggle).
Produced At: War Factory.
Cost: $1200.
Requires: Battle Lab.
Games: Both.

V4s are the Soviet's trademark Artillery Unit. Its Rockets are devastating. It
can also switch to its Cluster Missile in order to attack widespread targets
with lesser damage.

*Apocalypse Tank*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Structure.
Role: Ultimate Armour.
Weapon Type: Shell, Grinder.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: M-Harpoon/Main Guns (Toggle).
Produced At: War Factory.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Battle Lab.
Games: Both.

The Apocalypse Tank is the most powerful Tank in the world. Its dual cannons
already make it a force to be reckoned with, and its Magnetic Grapple can lure
its targets towards its Grinder, or makes the Tank approach Structures and
shreds them. Either way, it's best to avoid its deadly Grapple. The Grapple
replaced the Tank's anti-air cannons, so the Apocalypse is no longer a one-man
army. Either the Grapple or the Turrets are enabled; both cannot be used at the
same time.

*Tesla Tank*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour.
Role: Special Armour.
Weapon Type: Tesla.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: EM Surge/Tesla Coilguns (Toggle).
Produced At: Cherdenko's War Factory.
Cost: $2200.
Requires: Campaign Only.
Games: Both.

The new Prototype Tesla Tanks are one of the most unique, and yet deadly Units
available. It's a superior Anti-Surface Unit, as it can take on both Infantry
and Armour. Its only weakness is when it gets overwhelmed by many enemies.


Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Naval, Anti-Infantry.
Role: Light Naval.
Weapon Type: Tesla.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Navals.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Armour.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast/Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Tesla Surge (Instant).
Produced At: Naval Yard.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Stingrays are fast, and sometimes deadly Units. It uses the Tesla Coils
against any threats (mostly Dolphins), and can use the Tesla Surge attack to
electrocute the area surrounding the Stingray. It can also board land, although
it is much slower, and it can't use the Tesla Surge.

*Akula Sub*

Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Naval.
Role: Main Naval.
Weapon Type: Torpedo.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Navals, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Ultra Torpedoes (Instant).
Produced At: Naval Yard.
Cost: $1800.
Requires: Super Reactor.
Games: Both.

This verison of the Soviet Submarine is much more heavily armoured, but more
expensive. Its Torpedoes can make quick work of enemy Ships, and its Ultra
Torpedo can deal LOTS of damage. It fires in a straight line, so it may hit
friendly Units, which should be avoided. It can also lay waste to Defences from


Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Defence, Anti-Structure.
Role: Artillery.
Weapon Type: Missile.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Defences, Structures.
Bad Versus: Navals.
Armour: High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Sacrifice Launchers/Safe Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Naval Yard.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Battle Lab.
Games: Both.

The Dreadnought is the pride of the Soviet Navy. Its three Missile Launchers
make quick work of enemy Structures, particularily Defences. It can fire even
faster, at the cost of being damaged overtime. Perfect in conjunction with the
Iron Curtain.


Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour, Transport.
Role: Tactical Aircraft, Transport.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Rocket.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Evacuate Passengers (Instant).
Produced At: Airfield.
Cost: $1200.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Twinblades are versatile attack helicopters that can make quick work of most
surface targets. It can also carry either up to 5 Infantry Units, or one Armour
Unit. The Twinblade can unload its cargo anywhere on land.

*MiG Fighter*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Air.
Role: Fighter Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Rocket.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Return to Base (Instant).
Produced At: Airfield.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The MiG Fighter is the Soviet's Air-to-Air Jet. It's not as powerful as the
Allied Apollo Fighter, but it can take down any other Aircraft without much

*Kirov Airship*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Structure.
Role: Bomber Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Bomb.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Structures.
Bad Versus: Defences, Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Gastroburners/Propellers (Toggle).
Produced At: Airfield.
Cost: $2500.
Requires: Battle Lab.
Games: Both.

The fearsome Kirov Blimps drop Bombs on any unfortunate targets below. It's
slow, but when it reaches its target, it's worth watching! It can go faster
with the Gastroburners, but this ability slowly damages the Airship overtime.
The Kirov repairs itself overtime, without the need of Drones or Heroism.


*Imperial Warrior*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Garrison.
Role: Main Infantry.
Weapon Type: Bullet, Melee.
Range: Medium/Melee.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium/Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Banzai Charge (Instant)
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $150.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Imperial Warrior is the basic Soldier in the Japanese military. Along with
their pulse rifles, they are also armed with Katanas. When they use these
powerful swords, their speed drastically increases, and they can kill Infantry
instantly when they get close enough. They can use the Katana speed to rush
into a Garrisoned building and clear it out.

*Burst Drone*

Class: Infantry/Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Air.
Role: Scout.
Weapon Type: Melee.
Range: Melee.
Good Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Defences.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Self-Destruct (Instant).
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $300.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Instead of using animals, the Empire uses robots resembling dragonflies to
detect disguises and scout out new lands. The Burst Drone is unable to harm
Infantry, but can attach itself to any Vehicle or Aircraft. A Unit with a Burst
Drone on it is slowed down, and the Drone can blow itself up to deal damage to
that Unit.


Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Base Repair, Base Capture.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Medium/Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Sprint (Instant).
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $500.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Command and Conquer Series has always featured Engineer-type Units for
every faction (except in Generals). All Engineers were capable of Capturing
enemy Buildings, and Repairing Friendly Buildings. In Red Alert 3, Engineers
can cross water as well as land. The Japanese Engineers are faster than other
Engineers, and can run even faster by Sprinting. Although Sprinting may force
the Engineer to catch his breath, it can make the difference between a Captured
Structure or a dead Engineer.

*Tank Buster*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Armour.
Role: Support Infantry.
Weapon Type: Wave-Force.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Spider Burrow/Leave Burrow (Toggle).
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $300.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

Unlike most Support Infantry Units, Tank Busters cannot attack Air Units. They
only fare best against Armour. They can hide in a Spider-Hole to go unnoticed
by the enemy, and can pop back up as an ambush. The Spider-Hole gives them a
bit more protection against enemy arms.

*Archer Maiden*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Air.
Role: Support Infantry.
Weapon Type: Arrow.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Armour, Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Barrage Shot (Target).
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $500.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Uprising Only.

The Archer Maiden is a deadly Anti-Air and Anti-Infantry Unit. While it seems
that their bows may be ineffective against Aircraft, the bolts they launch cut
right through planes. They can also launch a bombardment of arrows, which is
effective against clusters of Infantry.


Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Base Infiltration.
Role: Infiltrator.
Weapon Type: Dart, Blade.
Range: Medium/Melee.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Smoke Bomb (Instant).
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Dojo Upgrade.
Games: Both.

The Shinobi are much like Ninjas. They prowl around, assassinating any victims
with ancient weaponry, and can sneak into enemy bases. If the Shinobi finds
himself in any trouble, he can use the Smoke Cloud to get out safely.

*Rocket Angel*

Class: Infantry/Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Air.
Role: Special Infantry.
Weapon Type: Rocket.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Paralysis Whip/Combat Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $900.
Requires: Dojo Breakthrough.
Games: Both.

Hovering armoured female soldiers, Rocket Angels can let loose barrages of
rockets on any target! They can use the Paralysis Whip to disable a ground

*Yuriko Omega*

Class: Infantry.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Air.
Role: Commando.
Weapon Type: Psionic.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Defences, Infantry.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Psychokinetic Burst (Instant).
Produced At: Instant Dojo.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Dojo Breakthrough.
Games: Both.

Yuriko may appear as a teenage schoolgirl, but she's really a ruthless woman
who pretty much annihilates everything in her path with her Psionic abilities.
She can lift Armour and smack down Aircraft. If she gets surrounded by
Infantry, she can use her Psychokinetic Burst to send them flying! Her targets
are helpless upon being attacked by her Psychic abilities, but it still takes a
bit of time. She can only attack one target at a time (although she can switch
targets in between). No wonder she hates crowds!


Class: Armour.
Purpose: Base Construction.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Unfurl (Target).
Produced At: Construction Yard, Imperial Docks.
Cost: Varies.
Requires: Varies.
Games: Both.

Nanocores are produced at the Construction Yard. When producing Structures,
Nanocores pop up instead. The Nanocores can be deployed anywhere. The Structure
the Nanocore unpacks into varies, and the cost of the Nanocore varies. Certain
Nanocores can deploy into Giga Fortresses.

*Ore Collector*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Money Making.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Short.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Everything Else.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Security System/Cargo Bay (Toggle).
Produced At: Mecha Bay, Imperial Docks, Ore Refinery.
Cost: $1400.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Japanese Ore Collector gathers funds for the Empire. In case of danger, the
Collector can switch to using its Turret against marauders. Although it cannot
collect Ore with the Turret activated, it is surprisingly effective against

*Sudden Transport*

Class: Armour/Naval.
Purpose: Transport.
Role: Transport.
Weapon Type: Disguise.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Scouts.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Evacuate Passengers (Toggle).
Produced At: Mecha Bay, Imperial Docks.
Cost: $500.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Sudden Transport may not sound much like an interesting Unit, but it can
disguise itself as another vehicle, and sneak past enemy lines if there are no
Scouts present. It's handy for carrying around Infantry (including Engineers).

*Mecha Tengu*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry.
Role: Support Armour.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry.
Bad Versus: Armour.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Jet Mode/Mecha Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Mecha Bay.
Cost: $800.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Mecha Tengu is a floating mech Unit that is armed with a machine gun, which
is lethal against Infantry. It can Transform into the Jet Tengu.

*Imperial MCV*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Base Establishment.
Role: Worker.
Weapon Type: None.
Range: N/A.
Good Versus: None.
Bad Versus: Everything.
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Unpack into Construction Yard (Target).
Produced At: Mecha Bay, Imperial Docks.
Cost: $5000.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

MCV stands for Mobile Construction Vehicle. When they unpack, armies are
authorized to construct other Structures. It can deploy on land and water.

*Tsunami Tank*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Naval.
Role: Main Armour.
Weapon Type: Shell.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour.
Bad Versus: Infantry, Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Nanodeflectors (Instant).
Produced At: Mecha Bay, Imperial Docks.
Cost: $1000.
Requires: Mecha Bay/Docks Upgrade.
Games: Both.

The Tsunami Tank is lighter than the other two Main Tanks in the game, but it
can travel on Water as well as Land. If it's under heavy fire, it can also use
the Nanodeflectors for extra protection. The Nanodeflectors will also repair
the Tank. The Tsunami cannot fire with the Nanodeflectors active. 

*Striker VX*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Air.
Role: Support Armour.
Weapon Type: Rocket.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Armour, Infantry.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Chopper Mode/Striker Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Mecha Bay.
Cost: $1200.
Requires: Mecha Bay Upgrade.
Games: Both.

The Striker is the only Anti-Air Unit on the Surface for the Japanese (until
the Archer Maiden program was introduced in Uprising). It resembles a T-Rex,
and can Transform into the Chopper VX to attack ground Units.

*Steel Ronin*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Structure.
Role: Special Armour.
Weapon Type: Glaive.
Range: Melee.
Good Versus: Armour, Structures.
Bad Versus: Defences, Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Power Wave (Target).
Produced At: Mecha bay.
Cost: $1600.
Requires: Mecha Bay Upgrade.
Games: Uprising Only.

While most cowards and traitors in the Imperial army are executed, some of the
more experienced ones are encased in the Steel Ronin suit. Armed with a special
Glaive, the Steel Ronin is a tough-as-nails Anti-Armour two-faced cyborg. The
Steel Ronin is not entirely a melee Unit, as it can use its Power Wave against
targets farther away. Perfect for smashing up bases.

*Wave-Force Artillery*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Defence, Anti-Structure.
Role: Artillery.
Weapon Type: Wave-Force.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Defences, Structures.
Bad Versus: Armour.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Premature Discharge (Instant).
Produced At: Mecha Bay.
Cost: $1800.
Requires: Mecha Bay Breakthrough.
Games: Both.

The Wave-Force Artillery is a deadly mobile cannon. It uses the Wave-Force beam
to wipe out Structures. It usually fires when the beam is fully charged, but it
can also fire beams of lesser damage when ordered to do so.

*King Oni*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour.
Role: Ultimate Armour.
Weapon Type: Beam, Melee.
Range: Medium/Melee.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium/Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Bull Rush (Target).
Produced At: Mecha Bay.
Cost: $2000.
Requires: Mecha Bay Breakthrough.
Games: Both.

Rather than using the Tank format, the Empire decided to put the role of
Ultimate destruction into a terrifying mech. King Oni fires lasers from its
eyes to deal chaotic damage, and can Bull Rush towards a target, smashing
anything in its path.

*Greater King Oni*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour, Anti-Air.
Role: Ultimate Armour.
Weapon Type: Beam, Melee, Rocket.
Range: Medium/Melee.
Good Versus: Infantry, Armour, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Nothing!
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Medium/Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Bull Rush (Target).
Produced At: N/A.
Cost: N/A.
Requires: Campaign Only.
Games: Both.

If the regular King Oni wasn't enough, the Empire has a few Greater King Oni
prototypes available. This King Oni can shoot down Aircraft with ease, and its
armour is upgraded. Emperor Yoshiro and Commander Kenji are the only people
authorized to use the Greater King Oni.

*Shogun Executioner*

Class: Armour.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour.
Role: Special Armour.
Weapon Type: Melee, Tesla.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour, Infantry.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: Yes.
Special Ability: Tesla Surge (Instant).
Produced At: N/A.
Cost: N/A.
Requires: Campaign Only.
Games: Both.

Actually, the best mech developed by the Empire is the experimental Shogun
Executioner. This three-legged monstrosity pretty much guarantees victory for
the Empire's army, as it can slice anything in one hit! If that's not enough,
it can use the Tesla Surge, which can annihilate anything in a wide radius. The
Executioner is actually REPAIRED by Tesla attacks, so use them to repair this
towering destroyer.

*Yari Mini-Sub*

Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Naval.
Role: Light Naval.
Weapon Type: Torpedo, Melee.
Range: Medium/Melee.
Good Versus: Navals.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Last Voyage (Target).
Produced At: Imperial Docks.
Cost: $800.
Requires: Available at Start.
Games: Both.

The Yari Mini-Sub is a lightweight Japanese Submarine. It fires Torpedoes on
its targets. It can also crash into targets, causing massive damage, but
destroying the Sub itself in the process.


Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Air.
Role: Support Naval.
Weapon Type: Rocket.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Navals.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Air Emerge (Toggle).
Produced At: Imperial Docks.
Cost: $1100.
Requires: Docks Upgrade.
Games: Both.

The Sea-Wing is another transforming Unit. By default, the Sea-Wing is an
Anti-Air Submarine, and can help other Naval Units fight off Aircraft. It can
Emerge from the waters and Transform into the Sky-Wing Bomber.

*Naginata Cruiser*

Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Naval.
Role: Main Naval.
Weapon Type: Torpedo.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Navals.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Armour.
Armour: High.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Torpedo Type-S (Instant).
Produced At: Imperial Docks.
Cost: $1800.
Requires: Docks Upgrade.
Games: Both.

The Empire's Navy consists of mostly Naginata Cruisers, which are deadly ships
that lay waste to other Navals in the competition. It can fire one Torpedo at a
time, or it can launch a salvo of 5 in different directions. Since it is not
submerged and only uses Torpedoes, it is vulnerable to Aircraft and Armour.

*Shogun Battleship*

Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Defence, Anti-Structure.
Role: Artillery.
Weapon Type: Shell.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Defences, Structures.
Bad Versus: Navals, Aircraft.
Armour: High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Ramming Speed (Target).
Produced At: Imperial Docks.
Cost: $2200.
Requires: Docks Breakthrough.
Games: Both.

The Battleship is slow-moving death. Its cannons reach far across the oceans,
and can destroy any target unforunate enough to be far away. The vessel can
also ram into other Naval Units, sinking the target ship, and increasing the
Battleship's speed.

*Giga Fortress*

Class: Naval.
Purpose: Anti-Naval, Anti-Aircraft.
Role: Special Naval.
Weapon Type: Shell, Rocket.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Navals, Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Defences.
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: No.
Special Ability: Sky Fortress Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Imperial Docks (through Fortress Nanocore).
Cost: $6300.
Requires: Docks Breakthrough (through Fortress Nanocore).
Games: Uprising Only.

The most expensive thing in the game, the Giga Fortress is deployed through a
Nanocore which is produced at the Docks. In Sea Fortress mode, the Giga
Fortress is armed to the teeth with turrets, both Anti-Surface and Anti-

*Jet Tengu*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Air.
Role: Fighter Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Aircraft.
Bad Versus: Defences.
Armour: Low.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Mecha Mode/Jet Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Mecha Bay (through Mecha Tengu).
Cost: $800.
Requires: Available at Start (through Mecha Tengu).
Games: Both.

Although the Jet Tengu is the weakest of all the Air-to-Air Aircraft, it can
still bring down Bomber and Tactical Aircraft. If it is to encounter Apollos or
MiGs, it can always just Transform back into Mecha Tengu. It is the only
Fighter Aircraft with unlimited ammo.

*Chopper VX*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Infantry.
Role: Tactical Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Rocket.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Armour, Infantry.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Fast.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Striker Mode/Chopper Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Mecha Bay (through Striker VX).
Cost: $1200.
Requires: Mecha Bay Upgrade (through Striker VX).
Games: Both.

The Chopper VX is an anti-surface Helicopter. It can lay waste to most ground
Units, although it should avoid Anti-Air Units.


Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure.
Role: Special Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Bullet.
Range: Medium.
Good Versus: Infantry, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft, Defences.
Armour: Medium.
Speed: Medium.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Sea Submerge (Toggle).
Produced At: Imperial Docks (through Sea-Wing).
Cost: $1100.
Requires: Docks Upgrade (through Sea-Wing).
Games: Both.

The Sky-Wing can slaughter groups of Infantry from the Air, and can destroy
Structures fairly quickly as well. It's vulnerable to Aircraft, so when it
comes across Fighter Aircraft, it should Submerge back into the waters.

*Giga Head*

Class: Aircraft.
Purpose: Anti-Structure.
Role: Bomber Aircraft.
Weapon Type: Wave-Force.
Range: Long.
Good Versus: Armour, Structures.
Bad Versus: Aircraft.
Armour: Very High.
Speed: Slow.
Amphibious?: N/A.
Special Ability: Sea Fortress Mode (Toggle).
Produced At: Imperial Docks (through Giga Fortress).
Cost: $6300.
Requires: Docks Breakthrough (through Giga Fortress).
Games: Uprising Only.

The most expensive thing in the game, the Giga Fortress is deployed through a
Nanocore which is produced at the Docks. In Sky Fortress mode, the Head fires a
deadly Wave-Force beam, which can annihilate bases in seconds! It is not armed
with Anti-Air weapons, and its attacks are quite slow, so protect it with Jet
Tengu, and other such Units.

2.5 >Structures<
Structures all have at least one purpose. Defences cannot be Captured. Building
more than one of the same kind of Production Structure will add an additional
Production Que (Two Barrackses will allow two Production Ques, so two
Conscripts can be trained at once!).


*Construction Yard*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Structures.
Armour: Very High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $5000 (through MCV).
Power Consumption: Provides 50.
Requires: MCV.

Structures are built by the Construction Yard. If all Construction Yards are
destroyed, no more Structures can be built. The more Construction Yards
established, the faster other Structures can be built. Construction Yards can
only be established through the MCV. Surround them with Walls; don't let them
be Captured. Allied Construction Yards provide Security Clearance. Upgrade the
Clearance Levels to Upgrade the nearby Production Structures to allow the
production of better Units from the Structures.

*Power Plant*

Type: Power Provider.
Purpose: Provides Power.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $800.
Power Consumption: Provides 100.
Requires: Available at Start.

The Power Plant is a simple Power-Providing Structure for the Allies.

*Boot Camp*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Infantry.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $500.
Power Consumption: 25.
Requires: Available at Start.

The Boot Camp produces Allied Infantry. The Boot Camp can only be built on

*Ore Refinery*

Type: Money Making.
Purpose: Collects Ore.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $2000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Power Plant.

The Ore Refinery is a Structure for Prospectors to dump their Ore. It is often
placed on locations next to Ore Nodes indicated when placing this Structure.

*Armour Facility*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Armour.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Large.
Cost: $2000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Armour Facility produces Allied Armour. The Armour Facility also provides
Repair Drones. The Armour Facility can only be placed on land.


Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Very Large.
Cost: $1000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Power Plant.

The Airbase builds the finest of Allied Aircraft. The Airbase also provides
Repair Drones, and can hold up to 4 Jet Aircraft.


Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Navals.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Large.
Cost: $1000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Seaport constructs true-blue Allied Navals and trains Allied Dolphins. The
Seaport also provides Repair Drones. The Seaport can only be placed on the

*Defence Bureau*

Type: Technology.
Purpose: Technology Extension.
Armour: High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $1500.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: War Factory.

The Defence Bureau allows the production of advanced FutureTech weapons, such
as the Spectrum Tower, Proton Collider, and Pacifier FAVs.

*Command HUB*

Type: Territorial Control.
Purpose: Base Expansion.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $1400.
Power Consumption: 0.
Requires: Prospector.

Command HUBs provide Security Clearance. Upgrade the Clearance Levels to
Upgrade the nearby Production Structures to allow the production of better
Units from the Structures. Each time a Command HUB upgrades its Clearance
Levels, its armour is boosted by 25%.

*Fortress Wall*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Blocks off areas.
Armour: Low.
Size: Small.
Cost: $10.
Power Consumption: 0.
Requires: Available at Start.

Walls can block off vital Structures, or can surround Bases or block off choke
points. When built, Walls can be created by placing Wall parts a little bit
away from existing Wall parts, stretching and blocking off the area indicated
on the screen. They can be destroyed by Shells or explosives.

*Multigunner Turret*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $800.
Power Consumption: 25.
Requires: Power Plant.

The Multigunner Turret is a versitale Defence Structure. By itself, it is a
formidable Anti-Armour and Anti-Air gun. Like the IFV, the Infantry Unit that
enters this Structure determines its weapon (Peacekeepers can turn this into an
Anti-Infantry Defence, Javelin Soldiers can enhance the Turret's Rocket
Launching abilities, etc).

*Spectrum Tower*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $1200.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Power Plant, Defence Bureau.

The Spectrum Tower, formerly known as the Prism Tower, is a powerful Defence.
It can kill Infantry in one hit and can do lots of damage against Armour as
well. Spectrum Towers placed together can deal out more damage than they can do


Type: Superweapon.
Purpose: Teleports Armour and Navals.
Armour: High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $1500.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Defence Bureau.

Despite the absence of Einstein, the guys at FutureTech allowed the
Chronosphere to still be intact in the Allied Arsenal. It is capable of
teleporting a small group of Armour or Navals to any location desirable. This
can provide a good sneak attack on an unguarded base. It can also teleport
enemy Armour to water, where they will be destroyed, and Navals to land, where
they will have the same miserable fate. Last but not least, it can kill

To use the Chronosphere, first select the location of the Armour that will be
transported. Then select the location where they will go and kick butt!

*Proton Collider*

Type: Ultimate Weapon.
Purpose: Fires a barrage of Super Shells onto an area.
Armour: Very High.
Size: Very Large.
Cost: $5000.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Defence Bureau.

The Proton Collider is the Allies' Ultimate Weapon. It can blow up an entire
Base and lay waste to a large area!


*Construction Yard*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Structures.
Armour: Very High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $5000 (through MCV).
Power Consumption: Provides 50.
Requires: MCV.

Structures are built by the Construction Yard. If all Construction Yards and
Cranes are destroyed, no more Structures can be built. The more Construction
Yards established, the faster other Structures can be built. Construction Yards
can only be established through the MCV. Surround them with Walls; don't let
them be Captured. Soviet Construction Yards can produce Crusher Cranes, which
provide another Structure Production Que.


Type: Power Provider.
Purpose: Provides Power.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $800.
Power Consumption: Provides 100.
Requires: Available at Start.

The Reactor is a simple Structure that provides Power to Soviet Structures.
Although it may not provide as much Power as the Super Reactor, it is still
required to Construct many of the higher-tech Structures.


Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Infantry.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $500.
Power Consumption: 25.
Requires: Available at Start.

The Barracks trains massive amounts of soldiers in the people's army. The
Barracks can only be constructed on land.

*Ore Refinery*

Type: Money Making.
Purpose: Collects Ore.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $2000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Reactor.

The Ore Refinery is a Structure for Ore Collectors to dump their Ore. It is
often placed on locations next to Ore Nodes indicated when placing this

*War Factory*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Armour.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Large.
Cost: $2000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The War Factory assembles the mightiest of Soviet Armour. The War Factory can
only be built on land.


Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Aircraft.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Very Large.
Cost: $1000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Super Reactor.

The Airfield creates the mighty Soviet Airforce. It can hold up to 4 MiGs.

*Naval Yard*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Navals.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Large.
Cost: $2000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Naval Yard produces the Soviet Navy. The Naval Yard can only be erected
from the waters.

*Super Reactor*

Type: Power Provider/Technology.
Purpose: Provides Power, Technology Extension.
Armour: High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $2000.
Power Consumption: Provides 350.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Super Reactor provides more Power than the regular Reactor, and can also
unlock more Soviet Technology. This Structure if volatile; if it is destroyed,
it blows up and will likely destroy anything nearby.

*Battle Lab*

Type: Technology.
Purpose: Technology Extension.
Armour: High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $3000
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Super Reactor.

The Battle Lab unlocks the finest and best of Soviet Infantry, Armour,
Aircraft, and Naval Units.

*Crusher Crane*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Structures (except for other Cranes).
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $1500.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Available at Start.

The Crusher Crane allows access to an additional Structure Que without having
to create another MCV (although it cannot build other Cranes). Along with this,
it also comes with Repair Drones, and any Armour or Navals can drive into it
and scrap itself for raw materials, and then into cash.


Type: Territorial Control.
Purpose: Base Expansion.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $1200.
Power Consumption: 0.
Requires: Sputnik.

The Sputnik unpacks into the Outpost, and the Outpost provides more land for
base construction.

*Fortress Wall*

Type: Defece.
Purpose: Blocks off areas.
Armour: Low.
Size: Small.
Cost: $10.
Power Consumption: 0.
Requires: Available at Start.

Walls can block off vital Structures, or can surround Bases or block off choke
points. When built, Walls can be created by placing Wall parts a little bit
away from existing Wall parts, stretching and blocking off the area indicated
on the screen. They can be destroyed by Shells or explosives.

*Battle Bunker*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Garrisoning Structure.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $500.
Power Consumption: 0.
Requires: Combat Engineer.

Combat Engineers can build Battle Bunkers anywhere on land. Up to 5 Infantry
can enter this building and can fire out of the windows.

*Sentry Gun*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $800.
Power Consumption: 25.
Requires: Reactor.

The Sentry Gun is an Anti-Infantry Defence Structure. It can also be placed on
water, like most Structures.

*Flak Cannon*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $800.
Power Consumption: 25.
Requires: Reactor.

While Sentry Guns shred Infantry, Flak Cannons make quick work of any Aircraft
that pass by it.

*Tesla Coil*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $1500.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Super Reactor.

The Tesla Coil is a very effective Anti-Surface Defence. Its offensive power
and range can be increased by Tesla Troopers and Stingrays.

*Reaper Turret*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $1200.
Power Consumption: 0.
Requires: Reaper.

Reapers can leap into the ground, turning them into Reaper Turrets. They fire
Rockets and Grenades when burrowed.

*Iron Curtain*

Type: Superweapon.
Purpose: Makes Armour and Navals Invulnerable for a period.
Armour: High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $1500.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Super Reactor, Battle Lab.

The Iron Curtain, much like the one in Red Alert 2, makes all Armour and Navals
in the target area invincible. It also kills Infantry. To use the Iron Curtain,
simply target the Armour and/or Navals that need to turn invulnerable. The Iron
Curtain can also apply to Structures.

*Vacuum Imploder*

Type: Ultimate Weapon.
Purpose: Damages everything gradually in the target area.
Armour: Very High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $5000.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Battle Lab.

Instead of using Nukes, the Soviets now use what's known as the Vacuum
Imploder. It damages everything in a large radius gradually, but nothing can
escape its damaging influence!


*Construction Yard*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Structures.
Armour: Very High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $5000 (through MCV).
Power Consumption: Provides 50.
Requires: MCV.

Structures are built by the Construction Yard. If all Construction Yards and
Cranes are destroyed, no more Structures can be built. The more Construction
Yards established, the faster other Structures can be built. Construction Yards
can only be established through the MCV. Surround them with Walls; don't let
them be Captured. Soviet Construction Yards can produce Crusher Cranes, which
provide another Structure Production Que.

*Instant Generator*

Type: Power Provider.
Purpose: Provides Power.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $800.
Power Consumption: Provides 100.
Requires: Available at Start.

The Instant Generator is more expensive than most other Power Providers, but it
can be placed anywhere thanks to the Nanocore Technology.

*Instant Dojo*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Infantry.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $500.
Power Consumption: 25.
Requires: Available at Start.

The Instant Dojo trains many of the fanatical warrios loyal to the Emperor,
and it also produces the Burst Drones as well. The Dojo can only be built on

*Ore Refinery*

Type: Money Making.
Purpose: Collects Ore.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $2500.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Instant Generator.

The Ore Refinery is a Structure for Ore Collectors to dump their Ore. It is
often placed on locations next to Ore Nodes indicated when placing this

*Mecha Bay*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Armour.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Large.
Cost: $2000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Mecha Bay assembles the High-Tech Armour Units of the Empire. It also
provides some Repair Drones. The Mecha Bay can only be placed on land.

*Imperial Docks*

Type: Production.
Purpose: Produces Navals.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Large.
Cost: $1000.
Power Consumption: 50.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Imperial Docks lets loose the finest vessels of the Japanese Navy. The
Docks also provide Repair Drones. The Docks can only be built on the water.

*Nanotech Mainframe*

Type: Technology.
Purpose: Technology Extension.
Armour: High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $2500.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Mainframe allows all Production Structures to use the Breakthrough Upgrade,
as well as unlocking some of the finest weapons in the Japanese Armoury.

*Fortress Wall*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Blocks off areas.
Armour: Low.
Size: Small.
Cost: $10.
Power Consumption: 0.
Requires: Available at Start.

Walls can block off vital Structures, or can surround Bases or block off choke
points. When built, Walls can be created by placing Wall parts a little bit
away from existing Wall parts, stretching and blocking off the area indicated
on the screen. They can be destroyed by Shells or explosives.

*Defender VX*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Small.
Cost: $800.
Power Consumption: 25.
Requires: Ore Refinery.

The Defender VX can switch between Anti-Infantry and Anti-Air Modes, making
this a formidable weapon.

*Wave-Force Tower*

Type: Defence.
Purpose: Attacks Enemies.
Armour: Medium.
Size: Medium.
Cost: $1400.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Nanotech Mainframe.

The Wave-Force Tower is a powerful Defence. It's only thwarted by Aircraft and

*Nanoswarm Hive*

Type: Superweapon.
Purpose: Creates an impenatrable field in a target area.
Armour: High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $1500.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Nanotech Mainframe.

The Nanoswarm Hive is a very strange Superweapon. It creates a dome where
nothing can go in OR out, including projectiles and attacks. It's good for
either neutralizing an enemy batallion, or protecting a friendly one. Simply
target the area the Nanoswarm Hive will surround.

*Psionic Decimator*

Type: Ultimate Weapon.
Purpose: Deals Psionic damage in a target area.
Armour: Very High.
Size: Large.
Cost: $5000.
Power Consumption: 75.
Requires: Nanotech Mainframe.

The Psionic Decimator can deal out lots of damage in the target area. It's best
to avoid the results of this weapon as the victim.

These Structures can be captured by Engineers, and will provide substantial

*Oil Derrick*

Purpose: Provides Money.

The Oil Derrick can supply armies with an increased income. Oil Derricks will
explode when destroyed. Oil Derricks give a bonus to whoever Captured it first.


Purpose: Heals Infantry.

The Hospital allows Infantry to gradually heal regardless of their location on
the map. Hospitals are only found on land.


Purpose: Heals Armour.

The Garage allows Armour to gradually heal regardless of their location on the
map. Garages are only found on land.


Purpose: Heals Aircraft.

The Airfield allows Aircraft to gradually heal regardless of their location on
the map. Airports are only found on land.

*Dry Dock*

Purpose: Heals Navals.

The Dry Dock allows Navals to gradually heal regardless of their location on
the map. Dry Docks are only found in the water.

*Observation Post*

Purpose: Reveals the Fog of War surrounding the Structure.

The Observation Post will reveal a large portion of the map surrounding the

*Veteran Academy*

Purpose: All Units will be produced as Veterans. Capturing more Academies will
result in being able to produce more and more experienced Units.

2.6 >Support Powers<
Support Powers are unlocked by purchasing them with Security Points. They can
be accessed by clicking on the golden circle on the bottom-left corner of the
screen. Nearby it is a meter indicating how much action needed is left to get
another Point. The amount of Points available is also displayed on the golden
circle. There are three trees of Support Powers, and the first Power in the
tree needs to be purchased in order to be able to purchase the next one in the
tree, and so forth. The Powers may Upgrade Units, or they may be active Support
Powers to help beat back the enemy. Anything that will be affected by a
striking Support Power will glow red when targeted.


*Surgical Strike*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Deals damage to target area.

The Surgical Strike ability is a simple and instant attack on the target area.
It's good for roughening up a Defence Structure. It's also highly effective
when used in conjunction with the Cryo Shots.

*Time Bomb Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Teleports a Bomb into target area.

The Time Bomb is much like the Surgical Strike. Place it, and it will go off in
seconds, causing more damage than the Surgical Strike. Upgrading the Time Bomb
ability will allow the Bomb to deal more damage. Don't use it in conjunction
with the Cryoshot Ability though, it CAN freeze.

Fed up with the long detonation time? Use the Chronosphere to teleport it when
it's about to blow!

*Advanced Aeronautics*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Increases Ammunition Levels, Health, and decreases Reload Times of

Advanced Aeronautics allows Allied Aircraft to be even more deadly! All
Aircraft fanatics MUST have this Upgrade.

*High Technology*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Upgrades the Special Abilities of Attack Dogs, Destroyers, Carriers,
and Cyrocopters.

High Technology will increase the effectiveness of Allied Support Units.

*Paradrop Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Drops Peacekeepers, Javelin Soldiers, and Attack Dogs on target area.

The Paradrop can bolster the amount of forces needed to attack or defend a
position. The Paratroopers are dropped by a Century Bomber. Only available in
Campaign Mode.

*Surveillance Sweep*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Scans the Map, removing Shroud in a straight line.

The Surveillance Sweep Ability is good in conjunction with any Striking
Ability, since most Abilities require the Fog of War to be removed in the
target area. To use this ability, select one point, and then another. The Fog
of War passing through those two points will be removed.

*Cryoshot Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Fires a Cryoshot on the target area, freezing anything in the area.

The Cryoshot attack can Freeze any Unit, rendering weak and defenceless.
Upgraded versions of the Cryoshot will be able to Freeze more powerful Units
and Structures. The Cryoshot will take time before striking its target.

*Free Trade*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Allows Prospectors to collect more Revenue (that's income!).

Free Trade is good for struggling economies. This Upgrade can also be used as
an excuse to spend on Unit production!

*Chrono Swap*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Switches the positions of two Units.

The Chrono Swap is good for transfering a slow Unit to the frontlines, or
allowing a weak Unit to repair itself. It can also be used to bring Commandos
back to safety after they deal some damage to an enemy base. Think of the

*Chrono Rift*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Turns Units in target area unable to interact or be interacted.

The Chrono Rift is much like the Nanoswarm Hive. It's also effective against
Construction Yards and Production Structures. Only available in Skirmish and
Multiplayer Modes.


*Magnetic Satellite Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Lifts up all Armour and Navals up into the Sky within target area.

No Armoured Unit can be able to stay calm when the Magnetic Satellite is
activated. It can lift up any Armoured Unit, and it can also be moved (like the
Particle Cannon in Generals). Simply click on the Green Arrows in the middle of
the Gravitational Field and move it like any other Unit. Stronger Magnetic
Satellites will last longer and will have bigger Fields. In some cases, the
Magnetic Satellite will delay when first used, so be sure to trap any Armour
that's intended to be picked up.

In Multiplayer modes, the Magnetic Satellite is only able to lift up heavier
units when upgraded. Weaker Magnetic Satellites cannot lift up an MCV, for

*Orbital Drop Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Drops space junk onto target area.

The best Ability that goes with the Magnetic Satellite is the Orbital Drop. It
drops lots of space junk onto the area ordered. What makes it go with the
Magnetic Satellite is the fact that some of the space garbage thrown down is
the Units brought up by the Magnetic Satellite! Bigger and better Orbital Drops
drops more and more space junk!

*Terror Drone Surprise*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Allows Terror Drones to pop up from the remains of destroyed friendly

The Terror Drone Surprise is a good Upgrade to invest in when there's lots of
Armour being thrown away.

*Desolator Airstrike Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Infects target area with biohazardous waste.

The Desolator Airstrike is VERY effective versus Infantry and light Armour, and
it can prevent most of everything from passing through the terrain for a short
period. It is also capable of flushing out Garrisons.

*Grinder Treads*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Allows Armour to repair themselves after running over Infantry or

Much like what the Purpose describes, this Upgrade makes the wheels of Armour
more resourceful. Crushed Armour (through Shrinkage or Apocalypse Tanks) also
provide health.

*Cash Bounty*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Makes target Units give up cash when destroyed.

The Cash Bounty helps the Soviet Union be able to take some victory bonds for
kills in battle. Use this Ability on enemy Units guaranteed to be destroyed.

*Toxic Corrosion*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Makes a friendly Unit leak acid and take damage overtime.

The Toxic Corrosion is best used on cheap Units. The Unit infected will leak
out some bad stuff, lethal against all Infantry.

*Mass Production*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Makes all Units and Structures 25% cheaper to build.

What the description says. Good for making large armies and bases.

*Magnetic Singularity*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Prevents Armour from moving from target area.

The Magnetic Singularity Ability acts like a giant Tesla Trooper's EMP attack;
it can prevent enemy Armour from going anywhere! Just be sure to have Aircraft
and Artillery to crush the enemy in the Singularity. Don't worry about enemy
Infantry though, they will be electrocuted.


*Final Squadron Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Sends in planes to attack and crash into target area.

The Final Squadron attack is a versitalle Ability to use on Structures and
Defences. Each Upgrade allows more and more planes to crash.

*Point-Defence Drones*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Produces Point-Defence Drones to protect all Armour and Navals in
target area.

Point-Defence Drones surround all the Armour and Navals in the area, which
makes them last longer.

*Emperor's Rage Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Makes all Units in target area more powerful, but less speedy.

Emperor's Rage is best used in big firefights.

*Fortified Fleet*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Increases Speed, Health, and Power of Navals.

What the description says. When this Upgrade is purchased, the Imperial Navals
will have red stripes on them.

*Honourable Discharge*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Units self-destruct when taken enough damage.

The Honourable Discharge Upgrade can make Units deadly even when near death! Be
sure to have all Units spaced out, and have dying Units get up close in battle.
This Upgrade increases the efficiency of Yari Subs and Burst Drones.

*Robotic Assembly*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: Nanocores deploy faster.

Robotic Assembly will allow the Empire to expand even more quickly, as their
Structures will unpack faster.

*Advanced Rocket Pods*

Type: Upgrade.
Purpose: All Rocket-Firing Units will fire even more Rockets.

The Advanced Rocket Pods Upgrade will dramatically increase the effectiveness
of Striker/Chopper-VXs and Rocket Angels.

*Sleeper Ambush*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Tankbusters pop up from the ground (slowly) at target area.

The Sleeper Ambush is a clever way to bring Tankbusters into enemy lines,
though the process of them getting up is slow. It's better used within friendly
territory so they can pop up safely.

*Balloon Bomb Series*

Type: Ability.
Purpose: Drops Bombs on target area.

Little can stop the Balloon Bombs from hitting the surface. Better Balloon
Bomb Abilities will drop more Bombs!

2.7 >Characters<
Here are the characters in the game.


Marshall Bingham: The highest of Military Command of the Allied forces in
Europe, Bingham could think of a simpler and calmer life before he joined the

President Ackerman: The President of the USA. Due to the Time Traveling
business, Ackerman won the election instead of Dugan. Ackerman is an American
Patriot whose last task on his mind is to say "Hello" to the Soviets. He'd much
rather work with the Japanese rather than the Russians if he was forced to

Lieutenant Eva: The Allied Intelligence Officer. Eva's ladylike, but very
serious and straightforward character. She also seems to have a crush on
whoever's been hired by Bingham...

Tanya Adams III: Tanya is the best of the best in the Allied Infantry Corps.
She's more impulsive and aggressive than Eva, but she also knows what she must

Brenda Snow: A reporter in News3.

President Thornley: The President of the European Union. He's a strong
supporter of the controversial FutureTech company.

Kelly Weaver: The head of the FutureTech company. Although seemingly innocent,
she has more sinister plans for those who stand in her way.


Premier Cherdenko: A former officer serving under the order of General Krukov,
going back in Time turned Cherdenko into the Soviet Premier. He's a bit
scheeming and greedy...

General Krukov: The highest authority in the Soviet Military, Krukov is a
boastful General, and, like Cherdenko, Greed gets the better of him. Going back
in time made his subsidary Cherdenko into the Premier, which kind of made
Krukov envious (if not, jealous).

Dr. Zelinsky: The scientist who created the Time Machine, which removed
Einstein, Zelinsky is an eccentric individual who doesn't really want to cope
with the new timeline that he created.

Lieutenant Dasha: The Soviet Intelligence Officer. Her loyalty to the new
Commander is unquestioned.

Natasha Volkova: A legendary Russian Sniper. Whatever she sees through her
scope is no more. She's actually shy when she's with the Premier and with other
Soviet Military Authorities.


Emperor Yoshiro: The divine and wise leader of the Empire of the Rising Sun. He
believes it is the ineveitable destiny for the Japanese to have complete
control of Earth.

General Tatsu: Yoshiro's only son, and hence, his rightful heir. Tatsu is a
more arrogant and impulsive individual than his father.

Lieutenant Suki: The Imperial Intelligence Officer. Like most of the Empire's
personell, she believes it is the Empire's righteous destiny to win the war.

Yuriko "Omega" Matsui: The Psychic Japanese schoolgirl, kidnapped as a child
for twisted military research...

Izumi Matsui: Yuriko's sister, or so it would seem...

Dr. Shimada: The one in charge of the Imperial military research. He happens to
be able to communicate telepathically.

2.8 >Co-Commanders<
In all the Campaigns, there are two Armies that fight alongside each other
against the enemy. One of the Armies is controlled by a player, the other is
either controlled by another player or one of the Co-Commanders in the army.
The Co-Commanders can also be fought against in the Campaigns, in Skirmish
Mode, or in the Commander's Challenge.


Warren Fuller: The finest of the American Army, Warren is a decisive commander
who makes versitalle armies to fight his enemies. He's willing to follow orders
from his superiors.

Lissette Hanley: An espionage and infiltration expert, Lissette has her
unconventional tactics that seem to defeat the enemy every time.

Giles Price: The best Commander in the RAF, Giles is a Commander that uses Air
Power and Superiority against those who oppose him. His skills in Aircraft are

Douglas Hill: A lively Commander. As Fuller stepped down, Hill took his place.
Like Fuller, Hill always fights with brute force, coupled with Shock & Awe.

Lydia Winters: A British Commander that believes in sportsmanship. Lydia's
efforts were responsible in the Athena bombardments during the war. Lydia is
also one of those logical thinkers.


Oleg Vodnik: A well-respected officer in the Soviet Armour division, Oleg uses
his Tanks to crush the enemies that attempt to destroy him. He uses the Iron
Curtain and Grinder technologies extensively.

Nikolai Moskvin: Most of his enemies regard him as "The Sadist Fable",
Moskvin's forces put the fear in his enemies, and even sometimes his own
allies. He's a rusher, but is also a sadistic one.

Zhana Agonskaya: The Charismatic Commander in the people's army, Zhana is the
most well-respected officer in the Air Force, and she always dares to challenge
those who try to target the morale of Russia.

Vera Belova: Zhana's replacement. Vera is a spirited Commander in charge of the
Soviet Air Force.


Shinzo Nagama: Shinzo believes in honourable tactics and the bushido code.
Shinzo will do anything to ensure victory for the Empire.

Kenji Tenzai: Another Japanese loyalist, Kenji is a fan of mech-units (he's
watched too many Transformer movies).

Naomi Shirada: The queen of the seas, Naomi is adept at building fleets of

Takara Sato: After Naomi called it quits, Takara called shotgun on who would be
the next Imperial Naval Commander. She also couples her Naval forces with her
elite Shinobi Ninjas and Rocket Angels.

When there's a Co-Op Commander available, there's a box at the top-left corner
of the screen. A few basic orders can be issued to him/her and his/her army:

-Take Position: All of the Commander's available Units will head to that area.

-Attack Target: The Commander's forces will attack that target until it is

-Plan Attack: The Commander will gather up some Units, and will send them to
that area, attacking anything on the way.

-Keep Command: The Commander will do his/her own things. This can be used to
cancel other commands.

There are also other Co-Commander actions. When a "square" appears on the
radar, that indicates that an action can be performed at that location. Common
types of miscellaneous commands include focusing attacks that location, or
sending in an infiltrator, etc.

2.9 >Crates<

There are Crates that can provide bonuses located on maps. In Single-Player,
they appear frequently in certain areas. In Multi-Player, they can appear in
random places at random times, but disappear if they aren't picked up fast
enough. Crates give bonuses to units nearby the Crate upon pickup, so group any
units in need of a promotion/fix before grabbing the box.

The types of Crates are:

-Health. Has a green "+" symbol. Restores Health on the Unit that grabbed the

-Veterancy. Has golden chevron. Promotes the Unit that grabbed the grate.

-Cash. Has a red "$" symbol. Rewards the army an undetermined amount of cash.

3.00 >Vanilla Campaign Walkthrough<
Here are the Campaign Walkthroughs for Red Alert 3. The Fun Factor meter is a
scale of 1 (Boring) to 10 (Great Fun!).

3.10 >Soviet Campaign<
Ever since the three Soviet characters went back in time, things really haven't
been looking up for the Soviet Union. Although the Allies are about to lose
Europe, the Empire of the Rising Sun is at the Motherland's doorstep. Much of
Russia is being lost at the hands of the Japanese. It's time to strike back!

3.11 >The Shrike and the Thorn<

Location: Leningrad.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 6.
Featured Bulletin: Oleg Vodnik.
Co-Commander: Oleg.
Opponent: Kenji (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Defend the Fortress.
-Natasha must survive.
-Destroy the Shogun Battleships.

Secondary Objectives:
-Train 5 Flak Troopers.
-Train 5 Conscripts.
-Liberate the Treasury.

Notes: Natasha, Conscripts, Flak Troopers, and Bullfrogs are introduced.

Overview: The Leningrad Fortress has recently been taken over by the Japanese.
Take back the Fortress and defend it from harm.

Opinion: This is the introduction to the Soviet Campaign. Natasha will be the
trump card of this operation.

Once Natasha drops to the ground, have her kill all of the Imperial Warriors in
front of the Fortress walls. She'll be able to shoot through them quickly. Call
in an Airstrike to breach the walls and take out the enemies inside. Oleg will
join in the fight. He's got some Conscripts and Flak Troopers at his side.
There are some Tankbusters behind the other end of the Fortress. While
Defending the Fort, train some Flak Troopers and Conscripts when they become
available. Tsunami Tanks and Striker VXs will target the fort, so use the Flak
Troopers against those. Sudden Transports will also arrive at the scene.

Eventually, the Treasury will be under fire, and a Bullfrog will appear in the
Fort. Use it to launch Natasha to the Treasury so she can neutralize the
enemies on that part of the map. Use the Bullfrog on the "island" to launch her

Kenji's Fleet will keep attacking the Fortress. Natasha must sink the
Battleships surrounding the island. Meanwhile, the Fortress must be defended.
Sudden Transports will come disguised as Bullfrogs, so attack them before they
unload their passengers. Use the Magnetic Satellite to lift a few of the ships
while Natasha makes quick work of the rest of the fleet (stay away from the
Mecha Tengu).

Putting Heads Together:
-The Greens start off with six Conscripts accompanying Natasha. Try putting
them in the various buildings around the Fortress for protection.

-The Green Army should follow the same strategy as the Reds, but they only need
to concern about the safety of the Fortress.

3.12 >Circus of Treachery<

Location: Krasna-45.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 5.
Featured Bulletin: Nikolai Moskvin.
Co-Commander: Moskvin.
Opponent: Shinzo (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Get Natasha to the K-45 Launch Facility.
-Eliminate the Imperial Ambush Division.

Secondary Objectives:
-Assist the Tesla Troopers.
-Rescue the Tesla Troopers.

Notes: War Bears, Tesla Troopers, and Sickles are introduced.

Overview: Krasna-45 is an important launch facility in Russia. Taking it back
from the Japanese will allow the Russians to co-ordinate Orbital Drops against
the Empire. This place is also a circus, or so it may seem...

Opinion: This mission will take some micromanagement to get through safely. The
forces here are limited, so be careful.

The Sickles will clear the area for Natasha. Leap over the river and ambush the
Warriors on the other side. There's a Veterancy Crate on the island. Leap over
there to get it. The War Bears in the cages will be rescued. Now it's time to
save the rest of the other troops in this area.

Start with the Tesla Troopers to the north. They're being held captive by more
Japanese soldiers. Take them out. The Tesla Troopers to the south are being
tormented by Tankbusters. Dispatch them.

Now that all of the troops are in control, it's time to head to the station.
Use the Tesla Troopers against the Tsunami Tanks ahead. Take out all the
enemies in the circus area. Use the Magnetic Satellite against the Armour
division guarding the station.

Once Natasha's reached the station, the circus tents will reveal Japanese
Structures. They need to be destroyed in order to complete this mission. Order
Natasha to snipe the Shinobi near one of the bases, and have her take out the
MCV when nearby. Use the Orbital Drop ability on Yuriko.

Putting Heads Together:
-As the Greens, always take advantage of Natasha's long range attacks. She can
be used frequently to snipe enemies from a safe distance. She should also be
used to take out Yuriko Omega and the Shinobi.

-Try not to get Natasha killed.

3.13 >Taking back Ice Harbor<

Location: Vladivostok.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 5.
Featured Bulletin: Zhana Agonskaya.
Co-Commander: Zhana.
Opponent: Tatsu (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Clear the Island of enemy forces.
-Construct a Barracks and Naval Yard.
-Destroy the Imperial Scout Base.
-Destroy the Imperial Naval Base.
-Destroy the Imperial Military Admin.

Secondary Objectives:
-Set up Base Defences.
-Destroy the Generators.

Notes: Combat Engineers and Stingrays are introduced. Dreadnoughts can also be

Overview: The last remaining Japanese base in Russian territory is the
Vladivostok harbor. Drive the enemy out in order to secure the motherland.

Opinion: This is the first mission in the Soviet Campaign that involves Base
establishment. It also features Naval warfare prominently.

Launch all Infantry from the Bullfrogs onto the centre of the island, and deal
as much damage to the base as possible. When the Mecha Tengu come in and fight
the Infantry, there will be some Stingrays available to finish them off and
what's left of the base. Try to prevent the Tengu from eliminating too many

When the MCV arrives (once the Japanese Base has been destroyed), set up on the
western side of the island (Zhana, the Co-Commander, will set up on the east
side). Build a Barracks and Naval Yard, as well as some Defences. Be sure to
build Refineries next to the Nodes ASAP.

Once the Base has been established, get an Engineer into the Dry Dock to the
east, and have the Bullfrogs launch some Infantry to the Generators, where they
can either destroy or Capture them. With the Generators gone, the turrets
guarding the Dreadnoughts at the dock will no longer be a threat. However,
there's still an enemy Mecha Bay and Refinery to the north. The Tengu and the
Collector can easily mash up Infantry if not careful, so take out the Mecha Bay
and the Collector (as well as any Tengu left behind). Consider Capturing the
Refinery and build an Ore Collector from the Naval Yard to harvest more Ore.

Use the Stingrays to destroy the Defences for good. Flush out the enemy on this
part of the mainland (the Admin's on the northeast part of the island, but it's
way too high up). Capture the Hospital here and secure the Resources in this

The Japanese in the northwest portion of the map in the ocean is a big threat.
Use the Stingrays and Dreadnoughts to take out the Construction Yard and the
Battleships. Now it's time to take the western part of the mainland. Launch
some Infantry to the dock and liberate the Engineers and the Barrackses.
Destroy the Imperial forces nearby, using the Barrackses to pump out extra

Those dirty rotten warriors have launched a sneak attack on Zhana's base! Use
the Magnetic Sattelite to make quick work of the majority of their ambush
battalion, and use Units to finish off the survivors. Use the Dreadnoughts to
smash the Defences guarding the docks and the Admin, then launch a mass-attack
on the Administrative Building (remember that Stingrays are Amphibious).
Another option is to head back to the village with some loaded Bullfrogs, and
launch the passengers over the cliff, and have the Infantry destroy the
Generator, bringing the Turrets defending the Admin offline.

Once the Building has taken some damage, Tatsu will block it off with the
Nanoswarm Hive, and will send in a King Oni to save the Structure. Destroy the
Mech Unit, then finish off the building to complete this operation.

Putting Heads Together:
-The Green Army starts out with more War Bears and less Conscripts.

-Decide who gets which side of the island.

-When the Japanese launch an assault on the island, TWO Magnetic Satellites can
be used on the ambush force, almost defeating the need to send in troops!

-The Dreadnoughts only fall under Red control. Sorry!

3.14 >March of the Red Army<

Location: Geneva.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Akula Submarine.
Co-Commander: Oleg.
Opponent: Lissette (Blue).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Allied Supply Port.
-Destroy the Allied Army Base.
-Destroy the Allied Command HQ.
-Krukov's HQ must survive.

Secondary Objectives:
-Capture the six Swiss Banks.

Notes: Hammer Tanks, Akula Subs, and V4 Rocket Launchers are introduced.
Sputniks can also be used.

Overview: Just when things were looking up for the Soviets, it seemed that the
USA wasn't involved in the new war until now, thanks to Ackerman winning the
election. According to Cherdenko, Ackerman's nothing but an ignorant fanatic.
The Soviets will launch an attack on Geneva before Allied Reinforcements will
repel the Soviets. Krukov will be involved in this mission.

Opinion: It's time to play Red Alert 3 old-school style, Soviets and Allies!
Seriously, this mission's fun, and many of the Soviet's finest Units are
introduced. Also, be sure NOT to destroy the Swiss Banks!

Build a few more Stingrays, as well as a Barracks and War Factory next to
Oleg's base. Send in the Stingrays to the island to the northwest, and dispatch
the Javelin Soldiers guarding it. Use a Bullfrog to send in three Engineers to
Capture the Bank, the Hospital, and the Observation Post. Oleg will likely
Capture the nearest Bank on the mainland.

Lissette will use her Chronosphere to transport Naval forces to the lake. When
she first uses it, 4 Akula Subs will join the fight, and more can be created at
the Naval Yard. Use them or the Satellite to take care of this surprise. Use
the Akulas and the Stingrays to attack the Allied Naval Base (take advantage of
the Ultratorpedoes whenever possible).

While this is going on, march through the city, eliminating any Allied forces
and Capturing as many Tech Buildings as possible. Flatten the Port. Head to the
eastern side of the map and make a flanked assault on the Base. Target the
Power Plants in the base to bring the Spectrum Tower next to the last Bank
offline, allowing an Engineer to take it (or just use lots and lots of Hammer
Tanks to take it out). Since the Banks are as fragile as old people, DO NOT use
the Orbital Drop to take care of the Tower.

Once all of the Allied Production Structures have been destroyed, Krukov's
Elite Forces will arrive, and the battlefield is expanded. Produce a Sputnik
from the Naval Yard (none can be built from the War Factories) and take the Ore
nodes in the late Allied base.

V4 Rocket Launchers are now available. DON'T use them to destroy the
aforementioned Spectrum Tower. Instead, push an assault on the HQ and the
Chronosphere. Send in the Akulas and Stingrays to destroy the next Allied
Naval Base. Ignore Krukov's forces Capturing unecessary buildings (yes,
FRIENDLY buildings!). Instead, keep advancing to the HQ. Stay sharp of any
Allied forces coming in from the east attempting to attack Krukov's base
(especially Athena Cannons; one can take out Natasha without much difficulty!).
The rest of the mission involves the V4s destroying the Towers to make way for
the rest of the troops to smash the base to bits.

Putting Heads Together:
-While Oleg will refuse to make any Naval Units, any other Commander
controlling the Green army can build a Naval Yard next to the Red Base on the
water and build Stingrays and Akulas.

-Don't panic when Krukov captures an Ore Refinery. This is normal.

-The Green army is unable to recruit Natasha.

3.15 >The Science of War<

Location: Mykonos.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Soviet Aircraft.
Co-Commander: Zhana.
Opponents: Warren (Blue), Giles (Cyan).
Primary Objectives:
-Expand to the Islands.
-Capture the Allied Science Facility.
-Destroy the Allied Naval Base.
-Hold the Science Facility.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Tech Inhibitor.

Notes: Sputniks, Twinblades, MiGs, and Dreadnoughts are introduced.

Overview: Although the Allies are out of Geneva, they have been researching a
new weapon in Mykonos. The facility needs to be Captured and it needs to be out
of the Allies' hands. Also, Cherdenko's been attacked by an unknown

Opinion: If only there were more unique missions like this one, where
technology for each army was limited. Anyways, this mission is also like a
maze, and it will take some teamwork to get through the first portion.

Build some Twinblades, Stingrays, and Akulas. Send the Twinblades to the
northern island, while Zhana takes on the southern island. Expand to the two
islands once the coast is clear, and take out the Inhibitor in order to be able
to use the full Soviet Arsenal.

There's an opening to Warren's base to the northwest. There's no defences
there, so it's an ideal area to make a sneak attack with Twinblades and
Bullfrogs carrying passengers. Make quick work of Warren's blue base, then
destroy the Defences surrounding the Science Building. Have some Engineers
build a few Bunkers around the Facility and then Capture it. Be sure to set up
a base on what used to be Warren's base, Ore Refineries, production Structures
and everything.

Since Giles' cyan army will arrive to retake the Facility, MiGs will be
available for production at the Air Fields. Defend the Structure against Giles'
forces long enough to send him in retreat. If enough forces are available, feel
free to assault Giles' base to end the operation quickly.

Here's some tidbits from Ryozo:

* Capturing the Allied base associated with the Tech Inhibitor is a good idea
for a variety of reasons, like having a place to repair Twinblades close to the

* As with certain other missions, you can take all the time you need to prepare
for the final act. Before capturing the laboratory, place a pair of Bunkers
filled with a mix of Flak and Javelin Troopers in the northeast and northwest
entrances (making 4 in all) instead of Turrets to back up your Twinblades.
Quite aside from not requiring power, these positions will be able to engage
all comers.

* Among all the final preparations for capturing the R&D facility, build two
Airbases nearby (in addition to the pair on the island formerly holding the
Tech Inhibitor) - perhaps the gravest threat is Allied Air power (8 MiGs make a
nice unwelcome mat), and it'd be nice to have a very close rearm/repair point
for your Air units.

* In terms of offence, you want to use your octet of Vindicators to blast the
turrets near the eastern edge of the map - this opens up a path for a pack of
Twinblades (and/or carefully-guided Vindicator groups) to slide in and strike
Giles' Air Bases, Armour Facilities, and Boot Camps; just watch out for Javelin
Troopers and IFVs, and use Orbital Dump as the opportunity presents itself. If
desired, you can also drop Natasha and some Tesla troopers in Giles' rear areas
as well (I didn't try this, though).

* Oh, and speaking of Natasha, she is the single most amusing cure for Warren's
Aircraft Carriers. Why sink them when you can claim them for the Union?"

Putting Heads Together:
-While the Reds can build Aircraft, the Greens can produce Infantry and
Bullfrogs. It's up to the Green team to clear the central island while the Reds
deal with the north island. Once the Tech Inhibitor is gone, the Greens can
build whatever they want (except for Natasha)!

-They can also build Defences. Use them to fend off those pesky Dolphins!

-When taking the central island, sent the paratroopers to the western part of
that island. Try not to drop too close towards the Anti-Air!

-Consider using the bulky Tesla Troopers. They might be able to take enough of
a beating against the Javelin Soldiers and IFVs.

-When the Twinblades take out the power on the southern two islands, the Green
guys can paradrop some forces in there to help out.

3.16 >No Traitors Tomorrow<

Location: Von Esling.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 9.
Featured Bulletin: Iron Curtain.
Co-Commander: Oleg.
Opponents: Giles (Blue), Krukov (Purple).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy both Allied Forward Bases.
-Eliminate Krukov.
-Destroy the Allied Strategic Base.

Secondary Objectives:
-Set up an Expansion Base to the southwest.

Notes: Kirov Airships and the Iron Curtain are introduced.

Overview: The last Allied stronghold in Europe is the Von Esling Airbase. Once
it is destroyed, the Soviets will dominate Europe. Krukov is again in this
mission, supervising this mission.

Opinion: Giles returns again, along with Krukov. Naval Warfare and Aircraft
play a heavy part in this mission.

Build a Crane, then build up the Production Structures. Build a Sputnik and
Flak Cannons, as well as several Twinblade helicopters and Dreadnoughts to
smash up the Allied Forward bases. Build and spend as much as possible before
Krukov arrives, as he will take all of the bonus Credits sent by Dasha. The
Eastern Allied Base is a massive Air facility, so build up some plenty of
Bullfrogs and MiGs to fight them off.

Deploy the Sputnik in the southwest corner of the map after Krukov arrives. Use
Dreadnoughts to blow up the two Allied bases. While this is going on, place an
Engineer next to Krukov's Construction Yard and several V4s next to his HQ
building (with the Twinblades). Be sure to have the Iron Curtain ready. Also,
try not to Capture the Tech Buildings near Krukov's Base. Oleg can be ordered
to focus his attacks on each of the two bases.

The one who attempted to assassinate Cherdenko is Krukov! The Premier is now
ordering the demise of Krukov. At this time, have the Engineer Capture his
Construction Yard and use the Iron Curtain on the V4s next to his HQ so they
can bombard it with Missiles without harm. Once the HQ is destroyed, sell the
Construction Yard. At this point, Kirov Airships can be produced. Capture all
the Tech Buildings around Krukov's Base.

Once Krukov's forces submit to the Red Army, the battlefield is again expanded.
Giles has mocked the USSR for the last time, so send in some Dreadnoughts to
destroy his Proton Collider in the northeast, and send in the Navals to the
west sea and destroy his main Base. Have the Twinblades bring all of Krukov's
ground forces to the front. There's a small base to the northwest that can be
destroyed with ease. Oleg says a happy goodbye.

Here's a tip by Ryozo:

"Capturing one of the forward Allied bases is recommended, mostly so you can
use Vindicators as a quick-strike option. Also, once the Proton Collider is
revealed, much fun can be had by destroying the nearby Spectrum Tower, then
capturing the superweapon."

Putting Heads Together:
-The Reds and Greens can co-ordinate their attack on Krukov. While one army
sends in an Engineer into the Construction Yard, the other can use V4s on the
HQ at the same time! Be sure to sell the Construction Yard once the HQ is

-Krukov's remaining forces will only surrender to the Reds, not the Greens.

-Cover the western part of the island with Tesla Coils and Stingrays. The
western Allied Base will send in Naval forces. Consider destroying the Seaport
and Armour Facility to stop the attacks.

3.17 >To Tame a Living God<

Location: Mt. Fuji.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Emperor Yoshiro.
Co-Commander: Moskvin.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Naomi (Orange), Kenji (Orange), Yoshiro (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Create a Diversion.
-"Assassinate" the Emperor.
-Destroy Shinzo's Base.
-Destroy Naomi's Base.
-Destroy Kenji's Base.
-Destroy the Emperor's Palace.
-Kill the Emperor.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Generators.
-Rescue the Captured Conscript and Bear.

Notes: Apocalypse Tanks are introduced.

Overview: Krukov is no more, and Cherdenko's ordering the final assault on the
Empire of the Rising Sun. This battle will determine the Empire's fate.

Opinion: Things seem humble in the beginning of this mission, but it gets MUCH
larger at the end! Be ready to face 4 mean armies!

A Red Conscript and a Green Bear drop in. Move southeast, then southwest. Wait
for the Warrior to move, then run down the stairs, and northeast. In this time,
avoid the Nanocores. Then throw a Molotov at the Barrel to create a diversion
for the Garden Guards. Move to where the "Emperor" is and kill him with the
Bear (attack the Emperor to do this). This, of course, isn't the real Emperor.

After deploying the MCV, build a Reactor, then a Crusher Crane to repair the
two Apocalypse Tanks provided. Build Walls around the Base and the Oil Derrick.
Produce the Super Reactor and Battle Lab, and the rest of the Structures. Build
a Bunker directly in front of the Crane filled with Flak Troopers and Tesla
Troopers; they should be able to hold out most threats here. Be sure to produce
enough Bullfrogs and MiGs to fight off any Aircraft (erect a few Tesla Coils
and Flak Towers for good measure).

Shinzo, Naomi, and Kenji will fight against the Soviets. Shinzo can be dealt
with first, as his Base is close in the middle. Use V4s to take out his
Defences, and annihilate his Base. Repeat the same for Naomi's and Kenji's
Bases. Naomi's Base is next to the water, so have Moskvin's Subs attack her
Docks (it seems that Moskvin likes building Submarines). Kenji's Base is to the
northwest, on the hills. For all armies, watch out for Yuriko! Take her out
each time with Natasha or Sickles, and level the Dojos as quickly as possible.

Once all three Generals are defeated, the map expands northward. Destroy the
Generators to the northeast. There's more Docks at the Generators. Destroying
the Generators will deactivate the Defences around the Palace. Be sure to
rescue the Conscript and Bear to the northwest. Make a mass attack on the
Palace. Need resources? Capture all the Oil Derricks and all Ore Nodes on the
map as soon as they are clear. 

Yoshiro will come out of the Palace in his Greater King-Oni. Target it with
everything available (see if the Conscript at the beginning can have another
shot at killing the Emperor).

Here's a strategy by ba12348:

"At the end, where the Emperor comes out, I set up a field of Tesla Troopers
with their EMP fields on (I wasn't sure where the Emperor would stop and the
cutscene would resume, he is unaffected until then). He was shut down, and I
beat him up without losing anything.

Also, if you get lucky, you can use the Magnetic Satellite to carry Naomi's
MCV away before she deploys it."

Putting Heads Together:
-While Controlling the Bear, kill the Emperor and stay close to the Conscript.
Don't even think about attacking the Guards!

-As the Greens, try not to make too many Submarines like Moskvin does. Be sure
to have control of the water though, as Naomi's fleet is a very big threat.
After destroying all Imperial forces in the waters, use a Crusher Crane to
recycle the Submarines.

-The building just north of the Green base is an ideal place to put Infantry
for Defence. If it falls, simply replace it with a Battle Bunker.

3.18 >The Stone-faced Witnesses<

Location: Easter Island.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Zhana.
Opponents: Bingham (Blue), Cherdenko (Purple).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Allied Emissary and his Escort.
-Stop the Allied Counter-Offensive.
-Destroy the Vacuum Imploder.
-Destroy the Premier's Volcano Fortress.

Secondary Objectives:

Notes: Tesla Tanks make a cameo.

Overview: The Allies are wishing to make a peace treaty with the Soviets.
Little do they know that the Soviets will make an ambush on them!

Opinion: This is an interesting, though difficult mission. Careful planning is
required to pass this mission.

Build up a Naval Yard and Crane quickly. Get a Sputnik to expand to the naval
Ore Node to collect its resources (or, to save money, have the MCV expand to
the Node, build a Refinery, then move it back). Build some Akulas and
Stingrays, along with Bullfrogs. Capture the Oil Derricks to the north.

Once the Emissary arrives, have a Twinblade or Natasha finish off the Emissary
and use the Magnetic Satellite to lift up the combat forces. The Allied
forces in the west will reveal themselves, so send in a pair of Dreadnoughts
and some Akulas to finish off that base.

The real villain amongst the Soviets is Cherdenko. Now he's going to kill our
heroes! Secure the resources in the Allied island, and send in the Dreadnoughts
to smash the Vacuum Imploder to bits (escorted by Akulas and Bullfrogs). Have a
squad of MiGs to take care of any enemy Kirov that comes to destroy the Bases!
Also, be sure to sink the "Ambassador" Dreadnought.

Cherdenko's Fortress is high up on the hills. Unfortunatley, he's able to
produce Tesla Tanks. His War Factories can be Captured to produce Tesla
Tanks. Neutralize his Power and his Flak Cannons will be offline, allowing
Kirovs to bombard his Fortress Buildings. Zhana will retire.

Putting Heads Together:
-There isn't really anything special to do as the Green Army.

3.19 >Blight on the Big Apple<

Location: New York.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 10.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Moskvin.
Opponent: Ackerman (Blue).
Primary Objectives:
-Eliminate Fort Bradley's Prospectors.
-Destroy Fort Bradley.
-Destroy the Statue of Liberty.

Secondary Objectives:
-Eliminate Tanya.
-Capture the New York Stock exchange.

Notes: Terror Drones and the Vacuum Imploder are introduced. Tesla Tanks can
also be used.

Overview: The last Allied stronghold is in the United States, with the US Army
being led by Ackerman himself. By invading New York, American will have no
choice but to surrender to the Soviet Union!

Opinion: Old school, and topsy-turvy at the same time! This is an incredibly
fun mission, although difficult as well.

The Terror Drones provided will pop out of the unlucky Guardian Tanks. Use them
to destroy the Guardian Tanks ahead, along with the Prospector and IFV at the
Refinery. Tear apart any Guardian Tanks in the northern part of the city, and
let Moskvin use his Terror Drones on the north Refineries. Send the Drones back
to the starting point.

There are 4 Twinblades, 4 Tesla Tanks, and 2 Kirov Airships available to
destroy Fort Bradley for each army. Start with the Ore Refinery to the west.
Destroy the Turret ASAP and the Refinery to let the Tesla Tanks deal more
damage. Then target the rear Refineries. Take out the Turret first and then
level the Refineries for more experience. Meanwhile, have the Kirov Airships
take all the damage from the Anti-Air while they bomb the Boot Camps and Amour
Facilities. Use the Terror Drones to roughen up the Armour in the Base, and let
the Tesla Tanks annihilate the Structures once all enemy Units are destroyed
(if they've already been promoted to Heroic status, use the Twinblades
instead). Ackerman's not pleased at this.

After watching a familiar scene, transport any remaining Tesla Tanks to the new
Base, and construct a Crane. Be sure to build a Tesla Coil on the waters next
to the ramp to zap any intruders, and establish some Flak Towers to keep those
cursed Apollos away. Purchase the Orbital Drop ability, and use it on Tanya
when she reveals herself (on the map that is). Optionally, purchase the
Magnetic Satellite and use it to carry the Allied force that arrives to guard
the Stock Exchange. Keep upgrading Technology and train some Engineers. The
Tesla Tanks should be able to protect the Base while the Soviets plan their
next move. Unfortunatley, the Allies will also send in Ships, so make enough
Akulas to repel the Destroyers. Natasha can also snipe the Ships, allowing
Engineers to take over the vessels.

Back at the "Fort Bradley" island, there are a pair of Tech Structures. Clear
out the enemies guarding the Stock Exchange and Capture the Exchange and the
Hospital. Deploy some Sputniks next to the Ore Nodes to extract their
resources. Defend this island with a pack of War Bears against the
Paratroopers. Paratroopers will drop down mostly on the Red Base, but will also
attack the Fort Bradley island and the Green Base!

As for the assault on the Statue of Liberty, use the Vacuum Imploder on the
Seaports so that the Allies can no longer bother the Soviets with their ships.
Target the Airbases, the Armour Facilities, Boot Camps, and Superweapons next.
Use Akulas to harass the Allied Prospectors in the Northeast, and wipe out
every single Power Plant in order to deactivate the Defences. Don't forget to
destroy the Construction Yard just outside the entrance to the island. The
Allies have a spare, so destroy that too.

Use Dreadnoughts to bombard the Defences, and make a mass attack on the Statue
(examples include legions of Conscripts entering the island via Bullfrogs, or
an armada of Kirov Airships waiting to drop their payloads)! Or just send
Natasha to where the Allied Ore Nodes are and have her laser-paint the Statue
(be sure to have Aircraft near the Statue to allow her to actually see the

Moskvin decides to "celebrate" in New York for this great victory. It's time to
rule Russia as the new Premier!

Here's a tip by ba12348:

"I used 4 Akulas to destroy the Refineries and Command HUB behind the Statue of
Liberty. Two Dreadnoughts destroyed the Construction Yard along with the
replacement one they sent, and the Vacuum Imploder desroyed ALL of their power.
With the Defences down, I sent 3 Engineers from a Bullfrog and a Hammer Tank on
a Twinblade to capture the Chronosphere, Defence Bureau and Proton Collider
(use the Tank to knock down the fence around to Collider), used the Collder on
the Airbases and sold it with the other buildings after using them (the whole
island is a no-build zone so I couldn't set up Defences with a Sputnik).

I used the Chronosphere to bring in 4 Apocalypse Tanks to smash their ground
forces and used a Bullfrog to launch Natasha to destroy the statue."

Putting Heads Together:
-Plan carefully while attacking Fort Bradley. Try not to lose those Tesla

-While the Reds will have to deal with the Chronosphere attacks, the Greens
must fight off Allied Ships. The Greens are on an island, so the only threat
are the Allied Navals. Take out those Seaports ASAP!

-If one army loses all of its Twinblades, the other army can use their
Twinblades to transfer the Tesla Tanks to the bases.

-Both armies should use Tesla Tanks against the incoming Paratroopers near
their own bases.

3.20 >Allied Campaign<
Although the Allies are about to lose Europe, the United Kingdom stands as the
last major nation in Europe from the Soviet invaders (kind of sounds like World
War 2). It's time to strike back at those Commies!

3.21 >Ride of the Red Menace<

Location: Brighton Beach.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Giles Price.
Co-Commander: Giles.
Opponent: Krukov (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Eliminate the Soviets in Brighton.
-Hold out against the invading Soviets.
-Repel the Soviet Navy.
-Eliminate the remaining Soviets.

Secondary Objectives:
-Garrison Four Civilian Structures.
-Capture the Hospital.
-Capture the Coastal Guns.
-Train 5 Javelin Soldiers.
-Build 5 Multigunner IFVs.

Notes: Peacekeepers, Attack Dogs, Engineers, Javelin Soldiers, and Multigunner
IFVs are introduced. Century Bombers make a cameo.

Overview: The Soviets are about to invade England through Brighton Beach. This
coast must be defended in order to prevent all of Europe from falling into Red

Opinion: Although it may seem like the Battle of Britain, this is hardly an Air
Battle. Instead, it involves urban combat and coastal fights!

With the provided Peacekeepers and Attack Dogs, flush out the Russians in the
city. There are more Peacekeepers pinned down all over the city. Rescue them
and they'll help fight back the Reds. One of these locations is next to an
Allied MCV.

Once the city's clear, the MCV will deploy. Giles arrives to assist in the
defence of the beach. Have the Peacekeepers Garrison the indicated Structures.
Have an Engineer Capture the Hospital to the south (it won't be attacked).
Train another pair of them. Once the timer runs out, the Soviets will send in
their Paratroopers. They won't be any match for the Peacekeepers!

Krukov's sending in more of his elite troops. In response to this, Javelin
Soldiers can now be trained. Train lots of them, and Garrison them inside the
Structures with the Peacekeepers. Capture the Coastal Guns on the western side
and have Giles Capture the ones on the east.

Krukov's forces consist of Infantry and Stingrays. Have the Peacekeepers shoot
up the Infantry and target the Stingrays with the Javelins (they'll be at the
Guns). The first wave will target the western side, and the second will target
the eastern side.

Here's a tip from TeeWrench:

"Try to time the position of the bullfrog so you can cryoblast it and the gun
can kill it in one hit."

Multigunner IFVs are now available. Train as many as there are Javelins. Put
the Javelins into the IFVs. The last major assault on Brighton is made up of
Dreadnoughts and Kirov Airships (the Century Bombers will blow up the
Dreadnoughts). Use the IFVs and Javelins to bring down those Bombers! After a
while, the armada will retreat.

Putting Heads Together:
-The Green and Blue armies will be provided with their own squad of
Peacekeepers and Attack Dogs to liberate the town at the start.

-Try not to divert attention to each other's sides.

3.22 >The Shark and the Lure<

Location: Cannes.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 5.
Featured Bulletin: Warren Fuller.
Co-Commander: Warren.
Opponent: Moskvin (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Get Spies into the Port Buildings.
-Save the Allied Leaders.
-Get Tanya into the Port Authority Building.
-Sink the Soviet Dreadnoughts.
-Wipe Out the Soviet Base.

Secondary Objectives:
-Disable the Defences around the Airbase.

Notes: Tanya, Spies, Guardian Tanks, Riptide ACVs, and Vindicators are

Overview: In Cannes, France, Allied leaders are trapped inside the conference
building because of Soviet occupants. Also, Dreadnoughts are bombarding the
city! The Soviets need to be driven out of this area.

Opinion: The first half of the mission is a Commando-Style mission, where
special forces need to sabotage small enemy compounds. The second half is
pretty much destroying the enemy base.

While Warren targets the Conference Centre, Tanya and the Spies should swim to
the southeast island. There, Tanya should destroy the Reactors to the south of
the island to disable the Tesla Coils surrounding the Airbase. This will allow
the production of Vindicators. These planes can bomb the Coils on the other two

At the western island, a Spy should infiltrate the Reactor so that Tanya can
take out the Coil safely. Use the Spies to cut power whenever necessary and
have Tanya mop up any War Bears (remember these are Scouts) and blow up any
Reactors or Barrackses. Send in a Spy in each docking building to have them set
up the trap. Repeat the same for the eastern island, and be on the lookout for
any Crates. Once all buildings are infiltrated, have Tanya enter the Port
Authority Building.

The Akula Subs protecting the north Dreadnoughts are no more, so Tanya can swim
north and send the Dreadnoughts to the bottom of the sea. Once the "island"
objectives are completed, the full Allied Arsenal will be available for use to
take out Moskvin's Base. The Vindicators can bomb the Defences if need be, and
the Army can simply flank to the north and take out Moskvin's Base from behind!

Putting Heads Together:
-While the Blue forces must sabotage the Soviet Navy, it's up to the Green
batallion to save the hostages in the Conference. Build up some Guardian Tanks
and IFVs to take out the enemies patrolling the area. With Infantry, Garrison
the nearby buildings for protection.

-Watch out for Terror Drones! Use IFVs with Engineers to root them out of any

-Secure the nearby Ore Nodes and Capture the Observation Post for further

-When Tanya is done destroying the first island, send in an Engineer to Capture
the Naval Yard. Build up an MCV and use the extra Soviet technology against
Moskvin (use the Bullfrog to transfer some Infantry to the islands to help out

3.23 >The Famous Liberation<

Location: Heidelberg.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Lissette Hanley.
Co-Commander: Lissette.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Escort the MCVs.
-Destroy the Four Super Reactors.
-Destroy the Iron Curtain.
-Destroy the Soviet Headquarters.

Secondary Objectives:
-Assist Agent Tanya.

Notes: Dolphins and Hydrofoils are introduced.

Overview: The Soviets' HQ in Western Europe is in Heidelberg, Germany. The best
way in is through the river, and on the shores of the village. Beware though,
the Soviets have an Iron Curtain in the region!

Opinion: Although some important Allied Naval Units are introduced, this is
hardly a Naval battle at all! Instead, it consists of a decisive land and air
assault on the HQ.

Have two Hydrofoils arm the Weapon Jammer. Send them in to destroy the
Twinblades over the river with ease. Advance and use the Weapon Jammers to
disable the Tesla Coils. Have Lissette's Dolphins destroy them permanently.

Establish a Base (and maybe some Walls). Take out the Super Reactor to the
north, and the closest Super Reactor available. This will destroy the outer
Defences of Oleg's main base. The Iron Curtain itself is heavily guarded, with
many troops inside the walls. Use Vindicators to bomb the Tesla Coils. One of
the best ways to take out the first set of Super Reactors is to use the Javelin
Soldiers available upon landing and shoot the Reactors from long range with
their laser guidance systems. This can also be done with the Barrackses.

Here's a tip from TeeWrench:

"After destroying the first 2 Super Reactors there is also another one behind
the War Factories, next to the base. Take this out to force the Soviets to sell
their Flak Cannons and save you money on re-building Vindicators."

While this is going on, Tanya's trapped in the village to the southwest. Send
in some Spies to bribe the enemies there, and use them to destroy (or Capture)
the Buildings around the place to save Tanya. Tanya will be available for
combat, but she cannot be replaced in this mission.

Build a sizeable armada of Vindicators to bomb the Soviet Production Structures
next to the Iron Curtain, then send in all available troops to level the lower
portion of the base.

With the Iron Curtain gone, the HQ is vulnerable to attack. Unfortunatley,
there are Apocalypse Tanks in the way. Bribe them with Spies to turn the battle
around (or use Vindicators when there are no Spies available). March up to the
HQ and flatten it!

Putting Heads Together:
-Wait for the Hydrofoils to disable the Coils, then use the Dolphins to destroy

-Although the Greens won't be able to control Tanya, they can still contribute
by Bribing the enemies, and bombing the Defences.

-Rushing the first set of Super Reactors on the western front is just as easy
as it is on the eastern front.

3.24 >Enemy of our Enemy<

Location: Gibraltar.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Assault Destroyer.
Co-Commander: Moskvin.
Opponents: Yoshiro (Orange), Kenji (Orange), Naomi (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Hangars.
-Recover the Assault Destroyers.
-Destroy the Imperial Base.

Secondary Objectives:
-Eliminate the King Oni.
-Set Up an Expansion Base in the Southwest.

Notes: Cryocopters and Assault Destroyers are introduced. This is a joint
Allied-Soviet mission.

Overview: While the Allies were fighting the Red Menace, the Empire of the
Rising Sun has secretly been preparing for war! It seems that they're targeting
both the Allies and the Soviets, so they have no choice to to team up with the
Empire. Ackerman's not willing to accept a "truce" with the Soviets...

Opinion: This and the following missions are joint Allied-Soviet missions,
making them fun to play on Co-Op.

Send Tanya north and dispatch the many Imperial soldiers present. The city has
some Garrisoned Structures, so order Natasha to bomb them. Head up north to
destroy the King-Oni Unit in the mountains. The northern edge of the map is the
Imperial Airfield, so shoot the downed Jets to deal some damage to the base.
Level the rest of this portion, as well as the hangars to the west.

Build up a few Defences, and erect a Seaport next to Moskvin's Naval Base. To
rescue the trapped Assault Destroyers (and Akula Subs), use the Cryocopters to
freeze them, then attack them with any Units available. Use the Destroyers to
level Kenji's base to the southwest.

When the Imperial Docks at Yoshiro's base have been destroyed, Naomi will
ambush our heroes from the southeast! Use the Cryocopters to freeze any
dangerous Units and Structures, and use the Destroyers to sink her buildings.
Level Yoshiro's northwest base with any forces available.

Secure the Ore Nodes to the north and south (in the former Imperial Bases) to
secure more funds. Watch for the King Onis next to one of the Ore Nodes!

Here's a tip by Ryozo:

"If you don't have Tanya and Natasha destroy the King Oni prowling the Rock of
Gibraltar, it'll come down to say hi to your new base. Fortunately, your
initial trio of Cryocopters will arrive in time to put him on ice. If you
choose to subvert it with a Spy, you won't get the bonus objective until it
falls to enemy fire; more on this in a bit. Either way, putting Tanya and a
couple of Peacekeepers in the building at the bottom of the cable car run will
put paid to the wave of infantry that'll show up. DO NOT destroy the 'guard
detail' yet.

Behind the imprisoned Akulas and Assault Destroyers is a small Imperial base
(Mecha Bay, Dojo, Refinery, Docks, three Generators). If you're quick, you
might be able to sieze the Dock before the Soviets wreck it.  Clever use of a
Spy will net you a couple of Tsunamis and three Tengus; these should be able to
suppress this base until you can bring an engineer to capture the Dojo.  From
there, you can train additional Engineers to claim everything else. Upgrade
everything; build an Imperial MCV and set up nearby.

Garrison 4 Tankbusters, 3 Warriors, and a Shinobi (or the Spy, if he survived)
in the nearest building; back this up with a Turret, along with some Tsunami
and Tengus. Bring over one of your Cryocopters to help. Build 8 Striker-VXs and
send these to hang out near the Soviet base with the remaining Cryocopters.

Once everything is set, stage the jailbreak.

The Imperials' attention will be mostly on your 'stolen' base; the defence
force you've set up should be able to handle most incursions. When Naomi comes
to say hi, she does so with no anti-air assets; have the Cyrocopters freeze the
Shogun before it causes too much grief while your choppers lay out the
unwelcome mat. Those same aircraft can also wreck the objective Structures in
the main base (watch for enemy Strikers and any Turrets which actually switch
to AA mode).

Notes: If you captured the Docks (or felt like building your own) feel free to
have 4 Naginatas added to the abovementioned unwelcome mat. Should you have
opted to subvert the first King Oni, you'll end up having to send it on a
suicide run for the bonus objective.

Bonus objective #2 is guarded by two more King Onis. You can bribe these as
well; just keep in mind that if left alone they'll wander back to their
original positions.

Consider trading some of the Cryocopters positioned to bushwhack Naomi's task
force for a Spy or two (disguised, of course). That Shogun will come in quite
handy for decimating the outer defences of Yoshiro's base. Oddly, the
patrolling Strikers did not go airborne, but having some Tengu flying top
cover is wise. If you're playing co-op, whoever is subbing for Moskvin can try
having Natasha, uh, make the battleship available.

Yoshiro does not seem to pay much attention to rear-area security. If you
followed my playbook and appropriated the base associated with the 'jail', then
slipping Tanya and some Javelin troopers into said area is easy: load them into
a Sudden Transport, disguise it, and slip into Yoshiro's base via the eastern
entrance. If you try to sneak in Strikers and/or Cryocopters to support them,
keep in mind that the turret in the midst of the power farm is in AA mode, and
on Hard the ones near the Refineries might switch over as well, but having a
Spy standing by to cause a temporary blackout can make things easier."

Putting Heads Together:
-When controlling Natasha, use her to take out any Garrisoned Buildings.

-Along with the Assault Destroyers, the Akula Subs will also be rescued when
the Defences are gone. Use them (and the Ultratorpedoes) against Naomi's strike
force. These are the only Akula Subs available, so use them wisely.

-Be sure to build a Barracks and a War Factory to provide ground support.
Moskvin fails to do this.

3.25 >The Unfathomable Fortress<

Location: North Sea.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Zhana.
Opponent: Naomi (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Protect the Salvage Ship.
-Destroy the First Radar Ship.
-Destroy the Second Radar Ship.
-Capture Both Fortress Power Cores.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Generators.
-Capture the Generators.

Notes: Aircraft Carriers, Apollo Fighters, and Century Bombers are introduced.
This is a joint Allied-Soviet mission.

Overview: The Japanese have a floating fortress in the waters, blocking out
access. Together, the Allies and the Soviets can work together to bring it

Opinion: Another Allies and Soviets mission, this battle focuses primarily on
the waters.

Have two Hydrofoils switch to Weapon Jammer mode. Use the Hydrofoils to take
down the Chopper VXs and render the Cruisers harmless while the Dolphins finish
off the vessels (keep in mind that the Soviets have Stingrays and Bullfrogs as
well, so let them do some work too).

Once the Salvaging is finished, the Spies must deactivate the Generators so
that Natasha can get close enough to them to destroy them. Escort her to the
Radar Ship and have her sink it.

Another similar situation occurs with Tanya and four Combat Engineers. Tanya
needs to clear the way for the Engineers to Capture the Generators. Keep an eye
out for Cash and Health Crates. When all of the Generators are Captured, sink
the second Radar Ship.

Build some Defences around the Base, and start pumping out Hydrofoils and
Assault Destroyers. Aircraft Carriers will also be available for production.
Use the Navals and Aircraft to destroy the Imperial forces near the eastern
island. Secure it once it's safe. Build a Boot Camp and Armour Facility on the
island and secure its resources. Do the same for the northern island.

Here's a tip from TeeWrench:

"If you don't build a Seaport, the empire will not attack you with Shogun
Battleships. Build a large airforce and destroy the Shipyards before building a
Seaport so you don't have to worry about a large sea-based attack."

For the Floating Fortress, use the Aircraft Carriers to bomb the Defences
surrounding the two Cores, and have the Century Bombers drop in some Engineers
next to them. Capture the two Cores simultaneously (or almost, at least). Don't
worry about the rest of the fort's inhabitants unless it's for fun. Watch for
any Sea-Wings trying to get near the Airbases; send them to the bottom with the
Destroyers. The Century Bombers can also flank from behind and take out the
Empire's only two Refineries.

Here's another tip by Ryozo:

"It might be worth the effort to systematically eliminate all the Imperial
mining operations, thus vastly cutting their income. Two of these are 'behind'
the fortress, so you'll have to guide the raid force the long way around to
circumvent the defences.

Warning: If you're not careful, it's possible to be swarmed by Yaris. Moving
your construction yard onto land at the earliest opportunity is a good idea.

Consider sparing one of the Docks (eliminate any nearby Turrets and be sure to
account for all roaming Imperial assets). If you capture this, you can produce
all sorts of Imperial naval units (save for the MCV).

With all roaming Imperial assets out of the way, another nasty trick is to park
a Spy next to each of the pair of Shoguns standing guard. Destroy the nearby
Turrets, then spend $2000 in a highly amusing fashion (be sure to clear the
area of Burst Drones with Apollo Fighters). Once the Spies have gotten you your
new battleships, redisguise them so they can proceed 'inland' to act as forward

Putting Heads Together:
-Use the Bullfrogs to attack Aircraft, and the Stingrays against the Cruisers.

-Wait for the Spies to disable the Generators, then smash it with Natasha
(she'll get killed if she tries to take out the Generators before sabotage).

-Try to Snipe the Naginatas with Natasha. If the Allies happen to run out of
Spies, more will come to Natasha's aid. She can also simply sink them from a

-The aforementioned Spies can take control of the Naginatas.

-Go ahead and Snipe the Radar boat. Try it out!

-Don't rely on using the Combat Engineers in actual Combat. Instead, allow
Tanya to clear the way.

-The Soviets have all of their technologies (minus the Apocalypse Tanks, Kirov
Airships, and Superweapons). Use the Dreadnoughts to bombard the enemy Defences
and use the Bullfrogs to launch some Infantry into the Fortress. Terror Drones
can also roughen up the Imperial ships.

-Keep in mind that Twinblades can carry Armour to the front. This includes
Allied Armour as well, so feel free to transfer any Guardian Tanks if need be.

-Try securing the island to the northwest as the Soviets.

3.26 >A Monument of Madness<

Location: Mount Rushmore.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Howard Ackerman.
Co-Commander: Warren.
Opponent: Ackerman (Purple).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Com Tower.
-Destroy the Rushmore Firebase.
-Eliminate the President.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Power Plant.
-Capture the Boot Camp.
-Capture the Jefferson Head Control Centre.
-Capture the Lincoln Head Control Centre.
-Capture the Washington Head Control Centre.

Notes: Mirage Tanks are introduced.

Overview: It seems that Mr. President has targeted Moscow with a huge weapon in
Mount Rushmore. He needs to be stopped before he breaks the alliance!

Opinion: I never would have thought Allied forces would fight each other. Also,
there isn't any water here, so forget about Naval combat. Co-ordination is key
to completing this mission!

Have Tanya kill the Attack Dogs patrolling the Radar Tower. Don't try to blow
it up just yet, since there's a lethal Turret next to it. Instead, head to the
Power Plant in the north, and kill the Attack Dogs patrolling that area. When
all the Dogs are dead, have Warren send in a Spy to infiltrate the Power Plant.
This will allow Tanya to blow up that pesky Turret (along with the
Peacekeepers). Blow up the Power Plant and have Warren Capture the Boot Camp.
With the Power Plant down, the Turret next to the Tower is no longer a threat,
so have Tanya flush out the enemy guards and topple the Tower.

Since Ackerman cannot transmit the launch code to the base, he's heading there
in person, and he's telling his men to fire the weapon anyways if he gets
killed. A giant lazer cannon is popping out of Rosevelt's hair, so it's up to
the Allies to prevent Mr. President from a'firin' his lazor!

Ackerman's Limo is heading to the fire base (he'll have to circle the map twice
to get there). The Captured Boot Camp will be under Blue Control while Warren
takes the Base to the east. Secure the nearby Oil Derrick. The Boot Camp is
outside the Construction Yard bounds, so build another one next to it in order
to produce more advanced Infantry. From there, train LOTS of Spies. Build a
group of Century Bombers and have the Spies hang out next to the Fire Base's
Ore Refineries. There are a few Cash Crates near the Fire Base; collect them
with the Spies.

At this time, Ackerman's reached the first Control Centre. The Centres need to
be Captured (after Ackerman's reached them) to prevent the heads from firing
lethal lasers across the map! Use the Century Bombers to drop in Engineers to
the Centres. Beware, Ackerman's Limo is guarded by a squad of his Apollo
Fighters, so approach the Centres once he's far away from them. Have the Spies
deactivate the Power so that the Centuries can fly safely. Use Vindicators to
blow up the Turrets at the helipad between the Blue and Green bases.

The Spies can steal the Resources from the Refineries or deactivate the Power
in the northwest portion of the Base. Have them sabotage the Power so that the
Century Bombers can blow up parts of the Fire Base. Mirage Tanks are also
available, so a mass attack can be conducted when the Power is out (the
Spectrum Towers will go offline as well). Try destroying every single Power
Plant in the base to shut off the base's Power permanently. Once the area is
clean of Production Structures, destroy the Fire Base!

The President's not pleased, and is attempting to escape! His Limo will head to
the nearby helipad next to those two pesky Turrets (or where they used to be).
A helicopter will pick him up and carry him away! Use Mirage Tanks to ambush
his Limo, or use Apollo Fighters to shoot his helicopter down. Be aware that
when Ackerman climbs into his chopper, some Javelin Soldiers will appear on the
helipad (eliminate them with Attack Dogs or Tanya). It's a tragic day for the
President, but at least now the alliance between Allied and Soviet nations
still stands.

Here's an alternate strategy from Caael:

"Basically, this tactic eliminates the time limit. As soon as you can, build an
Airbase and upgrade to Heightened Clearance. While Heightened Clearance is
researching, fill the Airbase with Apollo Fighters, and build another Airbase
with some Vindicators. Send these Vindicators east to destroy the 2 Turrets.
Once this is done, build 2-3 Cyrocopters and send them over and freeze the
President's Limo. This means that you have as long as you like to complete the
However there's a drawback. Send over the Apollo fighters to the Cyrocopters
and place them just in front. The reason for this being that every so often,
Ackerman sends out his own Apollo Fighters to protect the limo. You want to
keep the Fighters quite a distance from the Copters, because if any debris
from destroyed Apollo fighters or Copters falls on the Limo, they damage it,
and just 2 chunks of Debris will kill it. So now you'll be wanting to build
some anti-air turrets of your own, because you'll have reached the stage with
the frozen Limo around the area of the map where your allies are. You can build
on your ally's territory, so place a line of anti-air Turrets a bit away from
the Limo. You'll need about 20 of them to destroy any Fighters that come near
before reaching the Limo. This is just me being paranoid though, so you wont
need that many. Keep repairing your Fighters in your ally's Airbase, and keep
building anti-air Turrets until enemy Apollos dont even reach the Copters. 
While building up anti-air Turrets, build an Armour Facility and create an MCV,
and place it somewhere near your current base. Use the extra production tab to
make some Spectrum Towers to keep away any enemy raids on your base. 
Once you've finally build up all of this, the mission should be very easy
because you dont have pressure on you because the Limo is frozen. This means
you have all the time in the world to harvest loads of ore, make a huge army
and go and destroy the base.
If the Limo isn't frozen by the time the Limo has reached the first control
centre, upgrade to Maximum Clearance and build a Century bomber and air-drop an
engineer in so that your Co-Commander can help assaulting the base, instead of
being fried by lasers.
Also, it helps to use one Cyrocopter to shrink the Limo as well, as it's a
smaller target for debris to hit.
One last tip; dont waste time trying to destroy Airbases to stop the Apollos
from guarding the President. The guarding Apollos are a scripted event that
come from outside the map; destroying Airbases won't do anything."

Another tip by Krall:

"After forcing Ackerman to have to manually drive to the control base and the
second part of the mission begins, I like to get an Airbase up as quickly as
possible and begin bombing Turrets with the simple vertigo leading up to the
upper left hand corner of the map, the only place where they have any power
facilities. I then send many bombing runs to annihilate these Power Plants as
quickly as I can. If I've taken long enough or teched up fast enough, a fleet
of Mirage Tanks on aggressive stance and turn that place into rubble. It then
leads the way for you to crush the main base with little worry of the Defences
coming back online. Be sure to destroy any Power Plants being rebuilt within
the other areas of the fire base.

I tend to take out the first two Turrets near Ackerman's Helicopter landing pad
before starting my Power Plant assault so I can quickly send a Century Bomber
over with a fresh Engineer very shortly after Ackerman activates that tower. I
then simply use that same bomber and have him return immediately then send
another Engineer to begin circling the next Control Centre. It's best to have
them waiting to be deployed well before Ackerman gets there, but make sure to
NOT have the Bomber close enough to blow up the Limo from simply getting to
close to it.

Finally, the key factor in this entire strategy that can be introduced to an
existing strategy for this level, and I'm honestly surprised why it hasn't. The

It's quite simply the best way to buy you time in this mission. Keep hammering
that Limo with it! You do zero damage, but the thing comes to a dead stop for a
good 15-30 seconds. You can also potentially "'glitch' the limo if you fire it
right when he's already paused to activate a Control Tower. The game will
remember the last command 'forward' and he'll beeline himself into a wall. This
sometimes counter-glitches and an internal timer takes over rather than
Ackerman actually needing to physically reach the site, though.

Cryocopters are also a valid strategy to buy some time, but they'll get shot
down pretty quickly. The same 'internal timer' glitch may happen as well."

Putting Heads Together:
-When controlling the Spies and Engineers, wait for Tanya to dispatch the Dogs,
then infiltrate the Power Plant so that she can get close enough to blow it up.
Capture the Boot Camp when this is done. At this phase, try to Capture the
nearby Oil Derrick as well. The Boot Camp will remain under Green control for
the rest of the mission.

-Use the Engineers to Capture the nearby Structures in the abandoned Base. Send
some of them north (in an ACV) to Capture the Oil Derricks.

-Try to use Cryoshots whenever possible (but not at the same time).

3.27 >Forever sets the Sun<

Location: Tokyo.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 9.
Featured Bulletin: Chronosphere.
Co-Commander: Lissette.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Tatsu (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Hold out for Soviet Reinforcements.
-Transport an MCV Across the Harbor.
-Take Out the Imperial Military.
-Sink Prince Tatsu's Fleet.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Imperial Blockade.

Notes: Athena Cannons and the Chronosphere are introduced.

Overview: This is it. The final strike against the Empire. If the major
facilities in Tokyo are destroyed, the Empire will be powerless. The Allies
must hold off their position until the Soviets arrive.

Opinion: Don't bother trying to complete the Secondary Objective in this
mission, since the Allies need to harvest as much time as they can before the
timer stops. This will be one of the hardest missions yet, so stay alert.

Train some Guardian Tanks and Javelin Soldiers, as well as Peacekeepers and an
Engineer. Destroy all of the Imperial forces arriving on the island. Build a
fleet of Vindicators and Apollo Fighters, and a pair of Cryocopters. Hold off
against the Imperial invaders until time runs out. Once time runs out, sell all
Structures (except for the Construction Yard) after building a sufficient
amount of Riptide ACVs. Be sure to have the Vindicators and Apollos fly to the
northern edge of the island with the rest of the troops.

Those rotten Soviet cowards didn't decide to come after all! It's up to the
Allies to deal with the Japanese. Now here's why I'd sell my Structures; the
Japanese fire their Psionic Decimator, destroying almost everything on the
island (hopefully, all ground troops survive this attack). If the Prospector
survived, deploy it near the Ore Node. Use the Chronosphere to transfer the MCV
and as many other Armoured Units on the island to the northeastern corner of
the map. Lissette should remain on the island.

Build up two Airbases on the new Base and fly the Vindicators and Apollos to
this new location ASAP. Leave the Cryocopters behind. Build up some Defences on
this location, as the Japanese will send in their strike forces. Taking down
the Superweapons to the west is priority one, so use the Athena Cannons and
Vindicators to topple the Wave-Force Towers, and send in Tanya to wipe out the
base (watch out for the Towers to the south of the base, take them out first).

Priority two is blowing up the Imperial Docks to the south, and putting it out
of commission. Use Vindicators to annihilate the cursed structure.

The next-highest threat is the training facility to the south. A ground assault
should be able to flatten this area. Taking out the Naval base to the far south
should be performed by Air forces. Use the Century Bombers to annihilate the
docks, as well as any key Structures in this base.

The Military Headquarters in the west is the next target. Again, use a combined
force of ground and Air units against this fortification. While this is all
going on, Tatsu's elite fleet will arrive in the western ocean! Use the
Chronosphere quickly on the Battleships to prevent them from bombing Lissette's
base! Have Lissette take care of the rest of the fleet.

The last target is the Mecha facility island. Have Lissette provide support
while the Bombers destroy everything on that island! Be sure to finish off
Tatsu's fleet to complete the mission (use Apollo Fighters to gun down the Sky-
Wings and have the Cryocopters freeze the Naginatas for a quick kill).
Lissette's glad to be part of this operation.

Here's a tip by Ryozo:

"Aside from the Turrets, the Imperials try to set up Dojos and Mecha Bays on
your starting island; feel free to capture these if you can.

Yes, you can destroy the naval blockade with Vindicators alone (with the
Aeronautics upgrade, 3 will do a Turret, 8 put paid to a Dock), but you have
get on this right away and keep at it. If you can put up a third Airbase (for
12 Aircraft total) quickly, do so.

Once you reestablish your base, perhaps the most elegant way to destroy the
Superweapon farm is to send a Spy over to bribe the two King Onis on guard duty
(don't let it wander too far southwest!). One stays inside the perimeter, the
other tends to make circuits with occasional trips inside. Once you've dealt
with nearby Turrets and Burst Drones, you'll want your Spy to grab the two
battlewalkers when they're close together. Alternatively, build lots of extra
Power Plants in addition to everything else, and strike in this direction
first. Relieve the farm of its turrets and [capture] one of the Psionic
Decimators (if you have the juice to support the other two as well, go for
it!). After capturing the Decimator, capture the Nanoswarm Hive (taking the
Nanoswarm Hive first will prevent the Decimator from being used). Capturing
the superweapon farm is very possible. Just remember that the Psi Decimator
cooldown is a whole ten minutes, so it's worthwhile to have enough extra power
for all three so you can stagger them. If you've done this, of course you'll
have to sell them off after destroying all other objective targets.

Upon capturing enough Imperial structures, note that Imperial tier-3 tech is
unavailable, even if you have all the prerequisites. You can't produce Imperial
MCVs either, but, as noted, you can always capture the one situated to the west
of the superweapon farm.

There's a few Shogun Battleships stationed near the Docks in the southeast, all
of them willing to 'fight for the winning team'.

Yes, the AI forces [do] use their support abilities; watch for 'unwelcome mats'
in the form of Final Squadrons, Rocket Angels, and Balloon Bombs."

Putting Heads Together:
-Decide who will transfer to the island. For holding off the island, avoid
using Naval forces until the Naval base to the east is destroyed.

-Cryocopters can make defending the island much easier!

-If both armies use their Chronosphere on Tatsu's fleet, the only things left
will be the Sea-Wings!

-When on the island, play it defensive, and use Aircraft. The Greens only have
one Boot Camp and Armour Facility, unfortunately, and their base is much more
vulnerable to the Imperial naval assaults.

-The Docking base in the southeast is a high-priority target, especially when
holding off on the island. Without it, the Allies can create their own Navy
without any pesky Imperial vessels!

-Be aware of the wall of Wave-Force Towers guarding the coast near the Training
Dojos. Bomb them.

3.28 >The Great Bear Trap<

Location: Havana.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Giles.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Investigate Havana for Soviet Activity.
-Locate a Soviet Base.
-Destroy the Soviet Base.
-Destroy the Kirov Launch Facilities.
-Do Not Let a Kirov Leave Havana.

Secondary Objectives:
-Bribe 10 Soviet Units.

Notes: The Apocalypse Mirage Tank can be used.

Overview: According to Dr. Zelinsky's information, the Soviets were planning to
betray the Allies after all! They're setting up a base in Cuba. Due to the
Soviets erasing Einstein, Kirov Airships have been smuggled on the island
instead of nukes. Additionally, time traveling caused Castro to become a
Dominican insurance salesman, putting Oleg in charge of Cuban operations.

Opinion: This, along with the next mission, is guaranteed to have players on
their toes. Only the best can pass these two missions!

Have the Spies bribe the Engineers and Bullfrog while the Attack Dogs stay
inside the cover of the Mirage Tank. Bribe the Infantry divisions ahead, and
Capture the Crane and War Factory with the Engineers, then sell them (or ignore
them). Avoid the incoming Hammer Tanks, then Bribe the Infantry blockade on the

Garrison any combat Infantry inside the nearby buildings to take out that pesky
Bear, then Bribe the Apocalypse Tanks when ready. At the Soviet Base, Capture
the Construction Yard and start repairing it ASAP (or sell it for additional
funds). Use the Apocalypse Tanks and all other Units to fire upon the rest of
the base.

Oleg's revealed his buffed Kirovs to our heroes! They'll be headed to any city
of their chosing! Have all available forces retreat to the new Base. Giles will
make sure that no Kirovs ever escape Havana. Build a fleet of Apollo Fighters
and Vindicators, and then build a Seaport. Bomb the Refineries in the sea to
the south, then secure the Nodes. Once the Anti-Air on the southeastern island
is absent, use Cryocopters to freeze the facility, then bomb it (or just have a
single unit keep attacking it once the area is completely empty)! Have Giles
clear out the base in the northwest, then secure its resources. If any Combat
Engineers are left after examining the base, bring them back to the Blue base
and construct some Battle Bunkers.

With the Soviet Technology, build a fleet of MiGs to accompany the Apollos
while they hunt down the Kirovs. Keep sending in Century Bombers to bomb the
facilities one by one. Eventually, the Allies will win. Giles certainly had fun
playing around today!

For the steamrolling type, have a fleet of Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers
target the Naval Base to the north to prevent any pesky Soviet fleets from
attacking. In this position, the Carriers might as well bomb the rest of the
Soviet Base.

Putting Heads Together:
-With the Mirage Tank, take it slow, and only move when the Blue forces are
ready. Stick together. When using its Gap Generator, it is automatically
disguised as an enemy Unit, so use it wisely. It can be used as a spotter.

-Use Hydrofoils to keep the Kirovs out of the skies. Beware of any Dreadnoughts
and Akula Subs that attack the Green Base.

-Secure the Resources to the northwest.

-The Soviet Naval Yards are a high-priority target.

3.29 >The Moon shall never have them<

Location: Leningrad.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Warren.
Opponents: Cherdenko (Red), Krukov (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Unpack MCV 1 at Chrono Drop Zone 1.
-Unpack MCV 2 at Chrono Drop Zone 2.
-Clear the Plateau of Soviets.
-Destroy All Seven Iron Curtains.
-Destroy the Leningrad Fortress.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Vacuum Imploder.

Notes: The Proton Collider is introduced.

Overview: The Soviets have retreated to the one place they think is
inpenetrable: Leningrad. The city's fort must be destroyed to bring defeat to
the Soviets!

Opinion: This may very well be the hardest mission in the game, and there's a
good reason why! There is a time limit, and the Soviets aren't planning to play
around! The time limit depends on the difficulty. What resembles the first
mission in the game is now the hardest!

Escort the tiny MCV to the open space to the east. Avoid any Hammer Tanks and
deploy it. Be sure to deploy WITHIN THE CIRCLE OF BEACONS. Use the Mirage Tanks
to clear up this area (if any of them get badly injured, try to give them a bit
more experience in order for them to heal).

Cherdenko's planning to escape to the moon in his secret shuttle in his
fortress! The fort itself is protected by the Iron Curtains all over the map,
so they need to be destroyed. Build up a sizeable force for defence (or use the
Mirage Tanks provided in the start of the level to level the War Factories to
the east to prevent the Soviets from constructing overwhelming armies!), and
make a fleet of Vindicators, Apollo Fighters, and Century Bombers. Warren will
take on the bases to the west. Use the Bombers to help the ground forces level
the bases to the east. One of the Iron Curtains is guarded by Flak Troopers
sitting inside the surrounding buildings. It may be a good idea to garrison
some Javelin Soldiers in the other buildings, or use Athena Cannons to blast
the buildings down! The former can also be used to destroy the Super Reactor
without many casualties. Use the Proton Collider and the Chronosphere as many
times as possible. The Chronosphere can be used to teleport Mirage Tanks, and
Riptide ACVs filled with various types of Infantry. Beware of Natasha hoping to
get the jump on our heroes on the eastern end! Use the Mirage Tanks to kill her
off with prejudice.

The Airfields to the mideast is one of the biggest threats. It needs to be
destroyed. Order Warren to fire his Collider on the base, and then teleport
some Tanks or Engineers there (if the Collider is not available, use a Time
Bomb on the Tanks, and then use a Surgical Strike on the Apocalypse)! Other
than the Tanks, the Airfields are completely vulnerable to an attack by some
Mirage Tanks! The only threat that remains are the Twinblades, so have the
Tanks remove those Flak Cannons and have the Apollo Fighters down the
helicopters (be aware of those MiGs!). Or try using IFVs.

Krukov will deploy his Vacuum Imploder in the northeast next to the nearby
Iron Curtain. Beware! He'll send in a group of Terror Drones to that
location when he's building the Imploder! Bomb, ambush, or capture the two
Superweapons. Along with these targets, be sure to have a squad of Apollo
Fighters to fight off those cursed Kirov Airships, as they might be sneaking to
the Allied bases without warning! For all of the bases, Tanya can be teleported
in an ACV to make quick work of the objectives if necessary.

Try to destroy the Naval yards to the north whenever possible; they are near
the docks, and can be destroyed by a fleet of Century Bombers.

Here are some tips from TeeWrench:

"Try to save the Mirage Tanks you get early in the game. Then quickly build an
Armour Facility to repair them. You can then use these Tanks to attack all 4
War Factories across the Bridge (2 directly to the right and 2 north of the
first Iron Curtain) and prevent the Soviets from spamming Tank rushes until
late in the game.

You can also spare the first Iron Curtain to your right and capture it with an
Engineer so you can use it against the Soviets. Keep in mind that you still
have to sell it later on as it is part of the objective to destroy all Iron

If you are a Co-Commander (or you want to help out Warren), you can see that
the first two Iron Curtains on the left have absolutely NO Air cover! You can
simply take these two out with a Cryocopter to freeze it and another unit that
can hit it (Vindicator, Time Bomb, etc). The third one also has very little Air
cover and you can sneak in a Cryocopter into the middle (place it right
above the iron curtain) to freeze it.

You can also upgrade to level 1 Paradrop and take out the Iron Curtain on the
other side of the map by dropping them next to the Iron Curtain (keep your
Peacekeepers in the back as they tend to attract the Ore Collectors into
running your units over), then switch your Javelin to laser guided (unit
special ability) and attack the Iron Curtain. They will not attack you until
you destroy the Iron Curtain! This strategy is no longer possible if Krukov
builds the Imploder.

For the shuttle, you can put Tanya in an IFV, chrono her onto the island, and
let her out to C4 the shuttle for a quick finish!"

Here's another tip by ba12348:

"After I built the Chronosphere I used it to send 6 Mirage Tanks to the base on
the far side of the map (where Krukov builds the Vacuum Imploder), destroyed
the Iron Curtain, the Construction Yard and Imploder, almost before it was done
building. If you try this, I suggest using the Collider or Time Bomb to soften
them up, and watch for Dreadnaughts in the harbor that will destroy your

Here's even more tips by Ryozo:

* Teleport a Riptide full of Engineers instead of a pack of Mirage Tanks to the
'rear' Iron Curtain right after the Vacuum Imploder comes online - the idea
being to capture and immediately sell the Superweapons and Construction Yard.
Swapping out one of the Engineers for a Spy (make sure to Disguise him before
embarkation) will allow you to subvert the Apocalypse.

* If you opted to send a Mirage pack to deal with the 'rear' Iron Curtain and
Vacuum Imploder (you might want to have them kill off the Apocalypse first!),
any reminder might be able to slide out the eastern exit and attack the airbase
from 'behind', though with all the Twinblades about, this is almost certainly
a suicide run.

* Combining both of the above makes it theoretically possible to actually
[capture] the entire 'rear' base! With an Apocalypse and Mirages (build a Crane
nearby to keep them in shape!), secure both bridges. The major threats to this
position are the Soviet air forces and the odd Dreadnought.

* Contrary to TeeWrench's strategy of using your initial Mirage Tanks to
eliminate all four War Factories to the east of your base, capturing one will
let you bolster the ground assault with Hammer Tanks and Bullfrogs. Nabbing the
Battle Lab as well should make Apocalypse Tanks available for production as
well. If you can build an MCV from it, do so; you'll want the Crane as a
forward repair point.

* With the War Factories accounted for, the biggest threats to your starting
base will be (again) the Soviet air forces and the occasional Dreadnought. For
the former, seed the buildings to the east of your base with Javelin or Flak
Troopers to supplement your Apollo Fighters (this also sets up a nice trap MiGs
can be drawn into); the latter can be dealt with by a couple of Cryocopters and
a sole Vindicator).

* There's no good reason to let the Soviets have all the fun with Twinblades
and Kirovs. In addition to the former being good for hunting down the
Dreadnoughts (don't forget to clear the skies of MiGs!), both units' constant
fire will come in quite handy for cancelling the Soviet leadership's jaunt into
the Big Black. If you've captured one of the eastern War Factories, consider
pressing forward under good AA cover (Bullfrogs and garrisons) to capture the
nearby Air Field (mentioned in tip #2).

* If you're playing co-op here's something for the chap filling Warren's shoes
to consider: the minibase containing the northwest Iron Curtain - along with
an Air Field, Battle Lab, Ore Refinery, and Super Reactor - has no ground
access and only three Flak Turrets in the way of fixed Defences. Yes, it's very
possible to chrono in a Riptide full of Engineers along with some IFVs to deal
with said turrets and any Kirovs which happen to be about (I've never seen
Twinblades here). If you move quickly (and this is hard to do while pressing on
the eastern front) you can purge the nearby canal of Dreadnoughts, warp in the
IFVs and Riptide, and claim everything so you can slide Twinblades along the
north edge of the map and have them in position to bushwhack Krukov. Should you
accomplish this setup, raze his Air Fields first, with the Vacuum Imploder
right behind them."

Once the Iron Curtains are destroyed, the Fortress can be damaged. It's still
strong without the Iron Curtains, and it's heavily guarded by Cherdenko's
finest ships, vehicles, and Airships, so freeze it with some Cryocopters, and
bomb this location. Take out those Kirov Airships defending the Fortress with
Apollo Fighters. Or try using Tanya and have her demolish the structure with a
single entry! Do whatever it takes to destroy that shuttle! Warren salutes and
says goodbye. A man resembling David Hasslehoff becomes the new President (and
he misses good old Ackerman), and Eva and Tanya ask out for a date. It's a
happy ending!

Putting Heads Together:
-The Green army should focus on the west side of the map. While it's not as
heavily guarded as the eastern side, there are some powerful Tesla Tanks in
the way, so watch out.

-The western bases hardly have any Anti-Air weaponry!

-The Soviets will send in Tesla Troopers on the west, and Armour divisions on
the east. Defend the western front with a Spectrum Tower or two.

-Like the Blue boys, the Chronosphere can be used to harass the western bases
(beware of those Tesla Coils though, they can hurt!).

-The Green base is closer to the shores, allowing the Allies to build Naval
forces if they so desire. Avoid the Desolator Strikes on the rivers while doing

-The Iron Curtain field around the fortress can also apply to any ground unit
that comes into that field, including Allied ones! Aircraft Carriers can easily
bombard the Soviet Naval Yards from that position!

-Try sending in a group of Mirage Tanks via the Chronosphere to take out any
inaccessible bases.

-Watch out for those pesky MiGs trying to hover over the Airbases, bring them
to the ground!

3.30 >Imperial Campaign<
The "new" Empire of the Rising Sun is going to take both the Allies and the
Soviets by storm! It's time to fulfill an ineveitable destiny!

3.31 >The Death of Father Frost<

Location: Vorkuta.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 6.
Featured Bulletin: Shinzo Yagama.
Co-Commander: Shinzo.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Reactors.
-Destroy the Statues around the Square.
-Bring Down the Tesla Coils.
-Destroy the Soviet Navy at Harbor.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy all of the Barrackses.
-Capture the Hospital.

Notes: Imperial Warriors, Tankbusters, Engineers, Shinobi, Sudden Transports,
and Yari Mini-Subs are introduced.

Overview: While the Soviets are celebrating New Year's Eve, the real meaning of
this year's celebration will be the invasion of the Japanese!

Opinion: The first Imperial Campaign. There's no bases to control, so try not
to lose too many Units! Be sure to find the Shinobi!

Before rushing in and getting destroyed, disguise the Sudden Transports as the
Bullfrog on the river (be sure it's disguised first!). Send it in and unload
the Imperial Warriors to the west. Ambush the guards and escort the Tankbusters
to the Reactor on the hill to the west. Use Final Squadron to take out the
other Reactor.

Another Transport arrives, this time carrying Tankbusters (Imperial Warriors
for Shinzo's forces). Blow up the Coils and Bullfrogs for fun, then explore the
village. When encountering a Tesla Trooper, Garrison a building for cover.
Find and destroy the Barrackses. Some Engineers will arrive. Capture the
Hospital in the middle of the village, and destroy all the Statues in this

The Shinobi are hiding in a building next to the western bridge. However, a
more convinient way to complete the next Objective is to simply use Final
Squadron on the Reactors to the north! There are plenty to spare, so use them
on the other Soviet Structures! There's a Super Reactor in the southeast, which
isn't really doing anything.

The Mini-Subs will arrive once the Coils are down. Use them to finish off the
Soviet Navy. Send in all forces to clean up the enemy ground Soviets.

Putting Heads Together:
-The Green squad will start off with Tankbusters and will get Imperial Warriors
after destroying the Reactors. Use them to destroy the first Reactor, as well
as the Coils and Bullfrogs.

-Try capturing some of the Soviet Structures for extra cash and troops.

3.32 >To Conquer Shattered Spirits<

Location: Stalingrad.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 5.
Featured Bulletin: Kenji Tenzai.
Co-Commander: Kenji.
Opponent: Zhana (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Establish a Base.
-Destroy the Mother Russia Statue.
-Defend the Transports.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy All Soviet Monuments.

Notes: Burst Drones, Mecha/Jet Tengu, and Tsunami Tanks are introduced.

Overview: The Russian city of Stalingrad holds many Soviet monuments. They can
be toppled to bring down the Russians' morale. The Volga River is also needed
for the Japanese to transport some mysterious cargo to Odessa...

Opinion: In the entire game, this is the ONLY mission where we fight Zhana
(excluding Skirmish games). The basic Armoured forces of the Empire are

Use the Mecha Tengu to shoot down the Flak Troopers at the edges of the river.
Transform them to shoot down the Twinblades. Deploy the MCVs at the indicated
location on the Radar.

Establish a Base and destroy the Monument to the west. Collect the nearby
Crates and do the same for the Monuments to the northeast. Zhana's Base is to
the northwest. Destroy it and the nearby Monument. It is heavily guarded by
Sentry Guns (they are more lethal than they look) and Aircraft, so a Sudden
Transport ambush is the way to go! Flank around, avoiding Bears, and target the
Reactors to bring those guns offline.

Here's a tip by Ryozo:

"As you know, the Soviet base can be easily approached by following the train
line along the northern edge of the map. Bring a small force to suppress the
base, with a couple of Engineers to sieze the Construction Yard and Barracks.
More can then be trained to take the rest of the base. WARNING: you [must]
capture the Super Reactor before the War Factory - when you capture the War
Factory, the Soviets sell everything else off, and you can't build the Super

Before destroying the key monument nearby, assemble a group of Hammer Tanks;
they'll come in handy to help deal with Zhana's interceptor force, especially
if they can all leech a second weapon off of one of the Apocalypse Tanks."

Secure all of the Ore Nodes on the Map. Build lots of Tsunami Tanks and Tengu,
as Zhana will send in Apocalypse Tanks and Twinblades, as well as other
dangerous Units for revenge on assaulting her home city. The Transports will
travel through the northern river, so defend it well. Once all the Transports
are through the river, the mission is won.

Putting Heads Together:
-There isn't many unique things the Green team can do.

-Actually, just work together and try out Ryozo's tip with less pressure.

3.33 >Behold the Mighty Saint of Swords<

Location: Odessa.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 5.
Featured Bulletin: Prince Tatsu.
Co-Commander: Kenji.
Opponents: Moskvin (Red), Krukov (Purple).
Primary Objectives:
-Escort the Transports.
-Destroy the Artillery Bases.
-Destroy the Soviet Bases.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Landmarks.

Notes: Striker/Chopper VXs are introduced. The Shogun Executioner can also be

Overview: The Transports from the last mission are shipping their goods to the
Japanese warehouse in Odessa. Once they get there, the Ultimate Weapon of the
Empire will be unleashed!

Opinion: With the Executioner, this mission is pathetically easy. The only hard
part is escorting the Transports.

Use the Chopper VXs to take down any marauders attacking the Transports (these
include Stingrays and Akulas). Make them land near the warehouse to take down
the Twinblades.

The Executioner has been unleashed! It feeds off of the Tesla Weapons for
health, but cannot attack Aircraft. While Kenji provides support, use it to
destroy all of Moskvin's Red Bases on the lower portion of the map. Use it to
annihilate the Artillery Bases and Landmarks as well.

When all of those targets are destroyed, head for Krukov's Purple Base to the
northeast. Breach the wall and demolish all of his Production Structures, then
his HQ.

Putting Heads Together:
-While escorting the transports, be sure to build up additional Chopper VXs,
as well as Tengu to take down the Twinblades.

-While the Orange army only controls the Executioner, the Green guys have a
functional Base. Their primary task is to destroy any Aircraft attacking the
Executioner, so build up some Striker VXs and Jet Tengu.

-Try not to get in the way of the Executioner's legs.

-Secure any Oil Derricks, Ore Nodes, and Cash Crates.

-When controlling the Executioner, save the Cash Crates for the Green army.

3.34 >Graveyard of a foolish Fleet<

Location: Pearl Harbor.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 5.
Featured Bulletin: Naomi Shirada.
Co-Commander: Naomi.
Opponent: Warren (Blue).
Primary Objectives:
-Defend Pearl Harbor.
-Destroy the Allies' Assault Base.

Secondary Objectives:
-Capture the Long Range Radar Towers.
-Defend the Long Range Radars.

Notes: Naginata Cruisers and Shogun Battleships are introduced.

Overview: General Tatsu's Spy has revealed that the Allies are going to attack
the Japanese Colony of Pearl Harbor! The invaders must be repelled before any
colonists are harmed.

Opinion: Another side effect of Zelinsky's time machine. Many of the Empire's
finest Naval Units are introduced.

Deploy the Defender Cores near the western entry points on the island. Build up
a sizeable ground force of Tsunami Tanks and Tengu, as well as some Subs.
Capture the Radar Towers to reveal the map. The Allies will be using Naval
Forces and Air Drops to attack the city. Use the Tengu to shoot down any
Aircraft, and have the Subs attack the Naval Units.

After some time, some Naginatas will arrive. Use them to help beat back the
invaders. Keep defending against the enemy. The Allies will set up some MCVs at
the doorstep of the island. Fire at them before they deploy.

Here's some tips by Ryozo:

* If you're having trouble with defending the long-range sensor arrays,
consider leaving them alone until you have appropriate Defences in their
vicinity (in the interim, 2-4 disguised Sudden Transports make handy
'cameras'). This bonus objective should not come online until all the arrays
are captured.

* The two 'ports' in your area of responsibility each come with a complement of
repair drones.

* You'll want to [capture] the MCV Warren tries to set up on your doorstep.
Why? So you can build a Shipyard and get your own Hydrofoils, which will be of
great help in dealing with the Cryocopters Warren will field in quantity to
make life for your Navy miserable (besides, the weapon jammer is always handy).
Tengu are capable of doing that, but will get swiss-cheesed by the Apollos
which tend to show up as top cover.

* Naomi will take two of the arrays. By using disguised Suddens as forward
observers, you can leave the third alone until very late in the mission
(getting both bonus objectives in short order).

* Warren makes good use of Cryocopters - this is why you delay sending in your
Shoguns until you can add Hydrofoils to their escorts (this is why I opted to
steal the Construction Yard he sets up on your doorstep).

Utilizing these tips I was able to make a clean sweep of this mission, even if
Naomi found herself being roughly handled. Oddly enough, despite having
firepower to spare, Warren paid the monuments scant attention. Apparently
Nippon's 'Queen of the Seas' was more appetizing."

The Battleships have arrived. Use them to destroy the Allied forward base in
the northeast from afar.

Putting Heads Together:
-The Green army must defend the east side of the island.

3.35 >Assault on the Black Tortise<

Location: Pacific Ocean.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Imperial Navy.
Co-Commander: Naomi.
Opponent: Giles (Blue).
Primary Objectives:
-Stop the Allied MCVs.
-Repair the Fortress Power Cores.
-Protect the Fortress Power Cores.
-Destroy the Allied Assault Forces.

Secondary Objectives:
-Escort the Engineers to the Power Cores in 3 Minutes.

Notes: Rocket Angels and Sea/Sky Wings are introduced.

Overview: While the Allies were attacking Pearl Harbor, they were also
attacking the Black Tortise Fortress near Japan. The Allies must not sink this
fortress, for if they do, Japan will be vulnerable to an assault.

Opinion: The only piece of land in this mission is the Black Tortise Fortress,
so this will be a Naval mission.

Use the forces provided to stop any MCV convoys from getting off the map. The
Rocket Angels' Paralysis Whips will be able to stop the MCVs while the
Naginatas blow them up. Giles will start sending in his own ships to stop the
marauders, so be sure to shoot down any Cryocopters with the Rocket Angels.

To liberate the Black Tortise, Transform the Sea-Wings and make them shoot down
all the Allied Infantry on the Fortress, and have the Rocket Angels blow up the
Riptides. Meanwhile, order the Engineers to repair the Power Cores (make them
Sprint when they're near the Cores).

Establish a functional Base on the Fortress and secure all the Ore Nodes. While
Naomi defends the Fortress, build up a Naval force (the Naval Forces from the
last phase will join in as well), and take on Giles' Bases one by one!

Putting Heads Together:
-While stopping the MCVs, the Green army only has Yari Mini-Subs and Tsunami
Tanks along with three Rocket Angels.

-While liberating the Black Tortise, the Greens control the remaining troops on
the Fortress, as well as their own group of Sea Wings and Rocket Angels. Try to
prevent the Allies from destroying the Structures on the fortress as soon as

-Decide who will defend the Island and who will go after the enemy Bases.

3.36 >Rage of the Black Tortise<

Location: Santa Moncia.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 5.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Naomi.
Opponent: Tanya (Blue).
Primary Objectives:
-Clear a Landing Zone.
-Capture the Media Centres.

Secondary Objectives:
-Capture the International Airport.
-Destroy the Observatory Cannon.
-Destroy the Amusements.

Notes: Wave-Force Artilleries are introduced.

Overview: It's time to secure the Pacific by seizing the American city of LA.
Capture the Media Stations to force the Californians to submit to Japan.

Opinion: Naomi's fighting with us yet again! Also, the opponent of this mission
is not a Commander, but a Unit.

Use the Tricannons to smash apart the Athena Cannons and the nearby Buildings.
Establish a Base with the Construction Yard, and build some Imperial Docks. Use
a Shogun Battleship to tear apart the nearby Allied Base to the north, and the
Amusements to the west. Send in a strike force to the Airport to the south as
soon as possible, and Capture the tower. Alternatively, consider sending in a
Sudden Transport filled with Engineers to Capture the majority of the
Structures in that base. Have Naomi use her forces to take out the Observatory
Cannon. There's a bunch of Cash Crates near the Spectrum Towers below the
Observatory; use a Sudden Transport to take them.

Once these bonus Objectives are completed, smash up the main Allied Base to the
east, then Capture the Media Centres. Beware of any Allied Ambushes near the

Putting Heads Together:
-The Green forces start in the north. Use this position to take out the
Observatory Cannon. It's heavily guarded, so use the Wave-Force Artillery Units
to take out the Turrets.

-Use Chopper-VXs to fly over the hills leading to the Observatory.

-There's no Cash Crates in any of the houses in the Green base.

-Consider sending in Final Squadrons to destroy the Observatory. It's heavily
defended, so this might be the safest way to take it out!

-Don't even think about wasting cash on Naval troops! Feel free to put
Structures in the water though.

3.37 >Barbarians at the Bay<

Location: Yokohama.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Shinzo.
Opponents: Lissette (Blue), Krukov (Purple).
Primary Objectives:
-Retake the Forward Bases.
-Hold Out for Reinforcements.
-Destroy the Allied Relay Stations.

Secondary Objectives:
-Capture the Nanoswarm Hives.
-Destroy the Soviet Forces.

Notes: Yuriko Omega and King Oni are introduced. The Psionic Decimator can also
be used.

Overview: In what seems to be the most bizzare cutscene in the game, the
identity of Tatsu's Spy is revealed. It's President Ackerman! Or, at least, a
robot using his identity. It seems that the President's been kidnapped by the
Japanese. The more important thing to know is that the Empire now knows about
Zelinsky's Time Machine, and how they never existed with Einstein around!
Emperor Yoshiro's lost his marbles, his divine beliefs, and Ackerman the Robot.
Also, the Allies and Soviets are attacking.

Opinion: This mission's intro is likely the highlight of this mission. Also,
the mission itself mirrors Allied mission 7, where the Allies and Soviets plan
to attack the Japanese mainland together. This time, the Soviets actually do
stay to their commitment, which spells bad news for the Empire!

Escort Yuriko along the linear path, using her Psionic Burst against the
Infantry hordes. When an Allied Infantry brigade try to sneak up on the Yurikos
from behind, destroy the bridge to kill them quickly. Follow the road to the
Walls where the King Onis smash it up. Head to the Infantry barricade to see
the Shinobi slice up the occupants.

Have Shinzo Capture the eastern Bases. While he can produce Infantry, the
Orange army is responsible for producing Naval and Armoured Units. Build up
some Naginatas, Battleships, and Sea-Wings to defend this position. Consider
harassing the Allied Base's Seaports to hamper their offencive capabilities.

When the Construction Yards arrive, build up any missing Production Structures
and set up Refineries to the nearby Ore Nodes. By now, Krukov's Elite Forces
have arrived to help Lissette, and is sending in Dreadnoughts! Sink the ships
and bombard Lissette's and Krukov's bases.

There isn't much time, so use the Nanoswarm Hives to block out the Relay
Stations in order to buy some more. Use Tsunami Tanks, Tengu, VXs, Yuriko, and
Sky-Wings to flatten the invaders' base. Use the Battleships for bombardment.

Here's a strategy by oStRicH-EgReT:

"After capturing the bases, do these steps:

1. Build 3 Shogun Battleships ASAP.
2. Go to the middle of the enemy base (it includes 4 Power Plants and 2
3. Order the Battleships to destroy the western area and the MCV.
4. Wipe out the enemy base with Yuriko (and destroy the Chronosphere).
5. The Soviets will build a base there next to the Chronosphere. Destroy it.

-You can destroy the Turrets without taking any damage by attacking it with
-Beware of any Athena Cannons; lure it towards the Battleships by retreating or
use the Nano Shield."

Putting Heads Together:
-Both armies start with their Yuriko.

-Decide who Captures which Bases. Make sure that each army gets a base on the
edges of the map (as they both have Nanoswarm Hives and Docks). There's nothing
worse than having an extra Nanoswarm Hive in such a condition!

-Be sure to alternate using the Nanoswarm on the Relay Stations, making sure
that they aren't used at the same time!

-Whoever is controlling the Dojo should produce Rocket Angels to fight off the
Aircraft. Don't forget to Capture the Oil Derricks!

3.38 >Crumble, Kremlin, Crumble<

Location: Moscow.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Shogun Executioner.
Co-Commander: Kenji.
Opponents: Cherdenko (Red), Krukov (Purple).
Primary Objectives:
-Await the Shogun Executioner.
-Destroy All Soviet Forces and the Kremlin.
-The Shogun Executioner Must Survive.
-Destroy the Time Machine.

Secondary Objectives:
-Capture the Soviet V.I.P. Bunkers.

Notes: The Psionic Decimator is introduced. The Shogun Executioner can also be

Overview: With Tatsu in charge, it's time to finish off the Soviet Union once
and for all! Turn the Russian Capital Moscow into rubble! The Shogun
Executioner will be available to smash up the city.

Opinion: This won't be easy, despite the presence of the Executioner. By far
the biggest threat is the Soviet Air forces.

Establish the Base, and build up a Psionic Decimator ASAP. Use the Sudden
Transport's passengers to Garrison the buildings to the North, as there will be
many Infantry (including Bears) hoping to rush the Imperials out of Moscow.
Capture the Oil Derricks to the southeast if possible (consider destroying the
Barracks near the shores to prevent any Bears from finding the Transport, or
destroy the Tesla Coils, either one of those with VXs).

The Executioner will arrive near the Derricks on the river. Send in a Sudden
Transport full of Engineers to Capture the first Bunker (remember that it can
Disguise itself). Consider destroying all the Barrackses to prevent any more of
those damn Bears from sniffing out the Transports. If enough of the Structures
are destroyed, however, Krukov will send in some of his ground troops!

Do the same for the next Bunker. Alternatively, if there's not enough time, use
the Executioner to flatten it. Sell all Captured Buildings. Try to Capture the
Garage and Hospital in the plaza, and destroy the Bridges leading to the
southern end of the map to prevent access. Try not to accidentally destroy them
with the Executioner!

The Soviets will launch numerous attacks from the sky and from the waters. Keep
an Air armada ready to deal with these many threats. Dreadnoughts and Kirovs
are especially dangerous.

When the first two Bunkers are done for, use the Executioner to take out the
Airfields. The Soviets must not be allowed to produce any more Aircraft! Build
up Tengus and VXs to fight off the enemy Aircraft. Escort the Executioner to
the indicated locations, then smash up the Structures there! Save the Kremlin
for last. Feel free to use the Psionic Decimator on the Soviet Refineries at
any time! There's a whole bunch of Super Reactors spread across the map.
Destroy them all to bring those Flak Cannons offline.

Krukov might send his purple troops against the Imperial bases. Destroy all of
his Terror Drones, Bullfrogs, and Dreadnoughts to send him to his grave.

When the Kremlin falls, use the Executioner's Special Ability to annihilate the
Flak Cannons, and use the Jet Tengu and Striker VXs to shoot down the Twinblade
carrying the Time Machine.

Putting Heads Together:
-In Co-op mode, the Executioner falls under Green control.

-The Green army doesn't start off with a Sudden Transport with Warriors in it,
but that's because they don't need it! The Green base is already well defended,
unlike the Orange base.

-Try to plant the Green Defences near the road to prevent the Soviets from
flanking the Orange Base!

-Don't forget to secure the Ore Nodes left behind by the Soviets!

3.39 >The Last Red Blossom Trembled<

Location: Amsterdam.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 9.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Co-Commander: Shinzo.
Opponents: Bingham (Blue), Zelinsky (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Allied Advance Base.
-Destroy the Allied Air Base.
-Destroy the Final Allied Base.
-Destroy the FutureTech HQ.

Secondary Objectives:
-Neutralize the Proton Colliders.

Notes: Mecha Tengu, Striker VXs, and Sea-Wings cannot Transform until the
Allied Air Base is destroyed. Burst Drones and Rocket Angels are unavailable
until the Allied Air Base is destroyed.

Overview: The FutureTech building in Amsterdam needs to be destroyed in order
to prevent the enemy from making another Time Machine and erase the Empire! The
last of the Allied forces have been stationed here, so make them fall!

Opinion: The enemy is once again a mix of Allied and Soviet armies. Although
this mission isn't as hard as the other two finales, it's still just as

Smash the Advance Base with ease, then set up the Nanocores. Place the
Defenders near the river to the north to fight off the Air forces. Garrison the
Infantry into the Structures near the intersection for ground defence.

Use the Final Squadron Abilities against the Power Plants adjacent to the
Proton Colliders to shut them down. Build up a force consisting of Striker VXs,
King Onis, and Wave-Force Artillery to attack the Air Base. Try to take it out
along with the bridges connecting to the other side to prevent any enemy flank
attacks. There's an enormous Allied Power Plant field to the northwest.
Smashing this field will likely shut off the Allied defences.

Zelinsky's arrived to defend the FutureTech HQ with the Soviet remnants. As
long as his Iron Curtain stays up, the FutureTech HQ cannot be harmed. Advance
and take out the main Allied Base, then advance to the HQ (and the Soviet Base)
and damage it (after destroying the Iron Curtain).

Zelinsky's blown up almost all of Amsterdam! With the small force provided,
dispatch the Soviet Units in the way and blow up the FutureTech HQ for good!
Use any Support Powers whenever possible (Sleeper Ambush can allow Tankbusters
to sneak behind the Soviet forces and level the HQ). The Empire is free to
exist and control Earth, as promised!

Here's a strategy by oStRicH-EgReT:

1. Don't destroy all of the Allied Structures in the southwest (spare the Power
Plant) so that your MCV won't come out, and you won't lose even if Shinzo is
low on credits.
2. Send Yurioko alone to Allied Air Base; put her inside the nearby buildings
to destroy the Multigunner Turret.
3. Try to avoid the Spectrum Tower by flanking to the east.
4. Destroy the Air Base's buildings.
5. Destroy the Power Plants to deactivate the Spectrum Towers.
6. Go up and destroy the field of Power Plants to the northwest.
7. Destroy the Allied MCV and Armour Facility.
8. Go back to the Air Base and cross the bridge over the river.
9. Take the east bridge.
10. Destroy the Soviet base (Don't destroy the FutureTech HQ now!).
11. Destroy the last Allied base.

-Save a lot, and use multiple save games.
-If an Athena Cannon is about to shoot you when Yuriko is inside the building,
just evacuate her to destroy it.
-If any Commandos appear, quickly go inside building to defeat them safely.
-The first step is critical!"

Here's another strategy by ba12348:

"This is a tactic I found to win this quickly and without losses. After
smashing the small Allied base at the beginning, set up your base, build a Dock
and a Nanotech Mainframe. Set the Dock up by your ally and the Mainframe
anywhere, get the Docks Breakthrough at the Dock and build 1 or 2 Shogun
Battleships. Send them with Yuriko up along the east waterway, towards the
FutureTech HQ, use the Battleships to destroy the Spectrum Towers and have
Yuriko damage the HQ to make Zelinsky panic in about a second.

It will ignore the other objectives and go to the final battle then and there.
For this battle take your Rocket Angels as far east as they can go, send them
up into the corner and destroy the HQ without the Soviets so much as moving."

Putting Heads Together:
-The Greens start off with a pair of Naginata Cruisers and Shogun Battleships,
as well as a group of Shinobi.

-With a good enough navy, the Green army can use their Shogun Battleships to
fire upon the Soviet Base next to the FutureTech HQ before even touching the
main Allied base!

4.00 >Uprising Campaign Walkthrough<
Despite the defeat of the Soviet Union and the Empire of the Rising Sun, there
are still pockets of resistance on both sides. The FutureTech corporation has
also been the subject of attention. These are the walkthroughs for the small
Campaigns in Red Alert 3: Uprising.

4.10 >Soviet Campaign<
While Premier Cherdenko and General Krukov have been captured, Lt. Dasha and
some other Russian Generals have escaped in exile from the Allies. The
FutureTech Corporation was mainly responsible for the success of the Allies, so
the Soviet resistance is going to take them down!

4.11 >Raid on Lost Castle<

Location: Romania.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Rupert Thornley.
Opponent: FutureTech Guards (White).
Primary Objectives:
-Rendevous with the Soviet recon squads.
-Free the Scientists.
-Safely rescue at least one Scientist.

Secondary Objectives:
-Safely Rescue all 3 Scientists.

Notes: Desolator Troopers are introduced. Soviet Scientists can also be used.
This mission must be completed in order to unlock the Allied and Imperial

Overview: Although most of the Soviet leaders have been captured by the Allies
after their defeat in Leningrad, some managed to escape. Some Russian
scientists were recently captured by the Allies, so the Soviet guerilla forces
must rescue them.

Opinion: Although it is the first mission in Uprising, it is surprisingly hard
compared to most introductory missions. Micromanagement is key to passing this

A squad of Conscripts arrive by boat and ambush the unlucky Engineers at the
docks (notice how they wear White instead of Blue). Head northeast, eliminating
the patrols. Go up the ramp, and flush those Javelin Soldiers from their
buildings. Garrison the Buildings in order to fight against the incoming
Peacekeepers. Before crossing the bridge, keep an eye out for any enemies

On the other side of the bridge, flush out any Infantry in the nearby
buildings. Head to the first Soviet outpost.

Instead of using the new Flak Troopers on the Assault Destroyer, use the
Conscripts' Molotovs on the Javelin Soldier and the IFVs. Then smash up the
Assault Destroyer (it has its Black Hole Armour on, so it's defenceless without
the extra troops nearby). Breach the wall after this. Grab the Health Crate if

The Athena Cannon ahead will only use its shield, so charge in and take down
the Peacekeepers next to it. Then take down the Athena Cannon. Cross the
bridge. Like before, use Conscripts to bomb the Javelin Soldiers and IFVs
around the Assault Destroyer before taking it down. Break the wall.

A Century Bomber will drop some reinforcements. Use the Flak Troopers to kill
the paratroopers before they land. The Health Crate on the cliff will be
guarded by a paradropping Attack Dog, so have the Flak Troopers take the animal
out. There's a pair of Athena Cannons ahead, using their shields. Advance and
smash up those positions. Rendevous with the Tesla Troopers at the building.

The Tesla Troopers should advance to the ravine where some Guardian Tanks are
watching on the cliffs. Use their EMP attacks to disable the Guardian Tanks so
that the remaining Troopers can take them out with ease. Try not to let anyone
get run over by their treads. Don't be afraid to grab the Health Crates in this

Meet up with the Desolator Troopers to the north. Have them dispatch the
incoming Infantry wave coming from the castle. Move into the castle, making
sure everyone got through.

The castle doors close, so there's no going back! Head southwest down the ramp,
ignoring the Tech Buildings on the upper levels. Use the Desolator Troopers to
weaken any armoured forces in this base, and take out the Boot Camp. Blow up
the Barrels to free the Scientist.

If anyone's hurt, have the Scientist patch them up. Destroy any remaining
Structures in this base (the Defence Bureau is worth a lot of experience), then
head to the camp to the east. Likewise, destroy anything in the way, and blow
up the barrels next to the walls that are keeping the Scientist in captivity.

Go back to the previous base and head southwest from there. Clear out the tower
and annihilate the Structures in this region. Free the Scientist after all of
the FutureTech guards are no more.

The Castle doors open (but not the one the Soviets just went through). The
Soviets must make a break for the docks! Go through the door to the northeast,
but send only a Tesla Trooper. The Pacifier FAV up ahead is causing trouble, so
use the Tesla Trooper's EMP attack to disable the cursed tank (be sure to dodge
its artillery fire). Then send in the rest of the crew to blow it to pieces.

There's another FAV guarding the door on the other side, capable of firing on
the path leading to the docks. Likewise, use the Tesla Trooper's EMP attack on
it in order to take it out safely. Head to the Power Plants to the southwest.

It looks like FutureTech's up to no good. Blow up the Power Plants for extra
experience, and keep going southwest. The ramps leading down below are being
monitored by a third FAV, so send in a Tesla Trooper to disable it. Avoid the
Paratroopers coming in while on the run. Once the FAV is powered down, send in
everyone to take it out. Head to the docks, eliminating any opposition on the

The Soviets manage to make it out alive!

4.12 >Schemes on the Intruders<

Location: Murmansk.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponent: Allied Guards (Blue), Thornley (White).
Primary Objectives:
-Scout out the FutureTech base.
-Fall back to the village.
-Hold out until reinforcements arrive.
-Destroy the FutureTech base.

Secondary Objectives:
-Free the prisoners.

Notes: Mortar Cycles are introduced.

Overview: Another FutureTech base has been located. This time, it's in Russia.
The Soviets plan to take a look at what the FutureTech forces are doing in this

Opinion: There's a lot of enemy resistance in this area, so be sure to build up
big armies and secure as many resources as possible.

Head to the bridge, avoiding the platoon of Peacekeepers. Go across the bridge,
and move east. There's a patrol with a Cryo Legionnaire. Use the Bears to stun
him, then take him out, along with his friends. Have a single Unit go up the
cliff to observe the base.

The research centre is studying Cryo Legionnaires, and they just killed two
unlucky Conscripts! Kirovs are on the way, but they get frozen by the Cryo
Legionnaires in the Turrets (Cryo Legionnaires can't normally attack Aircraft).
Fall back to the village before the FAVs in the base bomb the cliffs! The
village is in the southwest corner of the map.

Garrison the nearby buildings and repair any Structures. A pack of Mortar
Cycles will come in to help in the defence of this town. Use them to soften up
the Cryo Legionnaires that attack the base. If the structures in the town are
no longer strong enough to hold troops, have some Engineers make some Bunkers.

Eventually, reinforcements will arrive and will donate some extra funds. Secure
the resources in the river and head to the hill to the east. Destroy the
outpost and Capture the nearby Tech Structures. With a big enough force,
destroy the Allied military base to the southeast corner of the map (next to
the detention camp). Secure the resources there and rescue the Hammer Tanks
(the Tanks are souped up with upgrades).

Go across the bridge in the centre of the map and head to the military base to
the northwest. Build up a sizeable navy and use the Dreadnoughts to soften up
the Structures in the base, as well as liberating the prisoners with ground

Head back to the previous Allied position and go north from there. Liberate the
last few Hammer Tanks in the northeastern camp. The FutureTech base may build a
Proton Collider on the hill, so use ground troops to level the Superweapon.
When ready, send all available troops at the FutureTech base. Use Dreadnoughts
to bombard the Structures.

Thornley will send in reinforcements, but that won't be enough to stop the
Soviets from reaching their goal! Keep smashing up the place until there's
nothing left!

4.13 >A Much Brighter Future<

Location: Yucatan.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 6.
Featured Bulletin: FutureTech.
Opponent: Thornley (White).
Primary Objectives:
-Clear the islands.
-Destroy the Prospectors.
-Destroy the FutureTech base.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the FutureTech labs.

Notes: Reapers are introduced. Grinders are also available.

Overview: The source of the reinforcements from the last mission came from the
Yucatan. The Soviets must investigate whatever's going on in this region.

Opinion: This mission is reminiscent of a mission in Command and Conquer:
Generals. Micromanagement and careful planning are essential in completing this

With only two Sickles, use them to clear the island ahead. Leap onto the island
and on any Javelin Soldiers nearby, and make good use of the Health Crates on
this island. Avoid the Century Bombers above, and shoot the Barrels next to the

Twinblades will arrive to drop off some Terror Drones. Use them to destroy the
IFVs on the next island. Grab the crates and use the Terror Drones to destroy
the Guardian Tanks on the island north of here. Be sure to zap them with the
Terror Drones to prevent them from falling back to the Armour Facilities (which
will destroy any Terror Drones inside the tanks). Use the Sickles to flush out
any Infantry on this island, as well as annihilating the Armour Facilities.

New forces compose of a Bullfrog. Head north. To deal with the Aircraft Carrier
in the lake, send in a Terror Drone (avoid any Infantry along the way). Use the
Sickles to eliminate any guards, and go up the mountains to destroy the

An MCV will arrive, along with three groups of Reapers. Place the Terror Drones
to the northern part of the map and start building a Reactor. The Prospectors
will arrive shortly after, so use the Terror Drones to infect the trucks for
easy cash. More will arrive to the western edge, so send more Drones there. The
last group of Prospectors will come from the southeast. Avoid the Harbinger
Gunships that arrive to protect the Ore trucks.

Be sure to build Refineries in the southern islands in order to reap as many
resources before they are lost. Build up an Airfield and produce a squad of
MiGs and Twinblades. Use the Twinblades to destroy the Lab to the south, and
have an Engineer collect the Cash Crates, as well as Capturing the Oil Derrick.

Build up a sizeable Navy also. Use Dreadnoughts to bomb the Lab in the centre
of the map, and collect the prizes. Use the rest of the Navy to destroy that
pesky FutureTech Seaport, as well as roughening up the majority of the
FutureTech base. Use more Twinblades to destroy the last two FutureTech labs.
From there, seek and destroy any remaining FutureTech buildings.

If there's any problem regarding the lack of funds, destroy the FutureTech
Seaport, and then secure the two islands to the south if they are lost.

4.14 >As Time Stood Still<

Location: Sigma Island.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponent: Thornley (White).
Primary Objectives:
-Deploy the MCV.
-Destroy the FutureTech production facility.
-Destroy the Sigma Harmonizer.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Airbase.
-Capture the Cooling Towers.

Notes: Grinders are introduced.

Overview: Thornley mentioned the Sigma Harmonizer in the last mission. He plans
to use this against the Soviets, so they take action and go to Sigma to
annihilate whatever this thing is. Rumor has it that it can stop time...

Opinion: This mission is harder than the last missions so far in this Campaign.
FutureTanks and Harbinger Gunships protect this place, and the Sigma Harmonizer
doesn't make things much easier...

Launch the passengers in the Bullfrogs to the buildings to the northeast. Have
the Conscripts barricade themselves in the buildings to eliminate the

Fortify the factory buildings with Flak Troopers, and try to build a "wall" of
Tesla Coils near the ramp. Erect another Tesla Coil next to the Refineries.
Train a few Tesla Troopers, and Capture the Oil Derrick to the west.

Moments later, the Sigma Harmonizer will activate, freezing the Soviet army.
Build a Super Reactor and a Battle Lab. Produce a naval fleet consisting of
four Bullfrogs, two Stingrays, and a Dreadnought or two. The Airbase in the
northeast is a major threat, so send in the navy to take it out (the
Dreadnoughts should annihilate any Spectrum Towers protecting the Airbase while
the Bullfrogs cover the ships against those pesky Gunships. Build up a base
where the Airbases used to stand (reasons for this will be explained four
paragraphs below).

Thornley's sending in FutureTanks to protect the Sigma base! Use the Tesla
Troopers to stop the Tank in its tracks, and take it out. Grinder Tanks will
now be available for crushing those monstrosities.

Send the navy to the northwestern island, and crush both the Seaports and the
Construction Yard. The southwest island is occupied by some Turrets and Power
Plants. Crush them and secure the Resources there.

Go after the Cooling Towers. Send in an Engineer escorted by an army to disable
the Future Tanks for a period of time. Smash the rest of the base on the

Now that the base's production structures are finished, the Sigma Harmonizer is
now vulnerable to an attack (to the northeast). It cannot be accessed by land,
so build up an Air Force to destroy the Sigma Harmonizer once and for all! Use
the MiGs to destroy the Apollo Fighters and use Kirov Airships and Twinblades
to level the Structures. Use Dreadnoughts and Akulas to annihilate the Seaports
as well.

Thornley's plans are foiled, and the Soviets are one step closer to redeeming
Russia to its former glory.

4.20 >Allied Campaign<
Although Japan is under Allied control, several renegade Imperial armies have
made a stand in their homeland. The Allies must stop these rebels in order to
maintain a foothold in the region. With Tatsu's help and the addition of
FutureTech prototypes, the Allies decide to take on this task!

4.21 >End of Tradition<

Location: Sin Iga.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 10.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponent: Shinzo (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Escort the MCV to the drop-off point.
-Destroy Shinzo's loyalist forces.
-Freeze the House of Nagama.
-Freeze Shinzo's Transport.

Secondary Objectives:
-Capture the Nagama Dojos.

Notes: Harbinger Gunships are introduced. Archer Maidens and Shinobi can also
be used.

Overview: Although the Allies were victorious in the war, several of the
Imperial Shogunates have rebelled. Shinzo's traditionalist forces need to be
pacified to prevent the majority of Japan from falling into anarchy.

Opinion: A truly entertaining mission, although difficult. The music in this
level is among the best in Uprising.

Use the Peacekeeper IFVs to blast away any Infantry and Tengus. Use the
Engineer IFVs to repair any other IFVs and the MCV if necessary. The Dogs can
be used to stun the Infantry if need be, and the Javelin Soldiers should be
able to take down any Aircraft. There are some Health Crates to the north, so
make good use of them!

Proceed to the ramp. Put the Javelin Soldiers into the building nearby for
protection as they fire upon the Chopper-VXs and the Burst Drones. Go up the
ramp and shoot the squad of Infantry to the north (be sure to repair the IFVs;
don't lose any units!). The Imperials will detonate the bridge, forcing our
troops to take the detour. A Century Bomber will drop off some Peacekeepers and
more Javelin Soldiers. While the MCV crushes all of the Tengus ahead, keep
repairing it until it reaches its destination. Get the Engineers out of the
IFVs and Capture two of the Observation Posts on this island.

A pair of Harbinger Gunships fly above the island, shooting down the Tsunami
Tanks below. Build a War Factory and send one of the Gunships to the western
camp. Use its machine gun to gun down any Archers in that area, and bomb the
Defender Turrets, and then the rest of the Structures and Units. The other
Gunship should defend against any Imperial forces trying to take down the
Allied base (the Battleships in particular). When the western camp is
destroyed, send in a Prospector to secure the camp's Ore Node (and Capture the
Nagama Dojo there as well). Build up a fleet of Apollo Fighters.

Send the Gunships to destroy the Imperial Docks and any other Imperial
production Structures in the southeast base. Use the Apollos to cover them from
the Jet Tengu and Rocket Angels. Destroy everything except for the Nanotech
Mainframe in the base. Take the base's Ore Node, and Capture the Dojo. Blow up
the bridge to the east.

Send the Gunships to annihilate the Archer camp in the northwest. They should
have little trouble gunning down the Archers there. Capture the Hospital and
the Dojo in that region. Use the Gunships to eliminate any Imperial resistance
left in the map. Be sure to build up a Proton Collider and lots of Cryocopters,
and Capture/Destroy the Nanotech Mainframe when ready.

The battlefield expands, revealing the position of the Nagama House, and
Shinzo's base. Fire the Proton Collider on the production Structures (they're
on the southern end of the castle), and use the Gunships to finish them off.
Blow up every single Imperial Structure in the vicinity, and then freeze the
Nagama House.

Shinzo is attempting to escape in his Transport! Unfortunately, he also
Disguises the Transport as one of the Tsunami Tanks escorting him. Search for
the Tank that moves slightly faster than the other ones. Failing that, simply
freeze one Tank at a time until his Transport is frozen.

4.22 >A House Unfit for Rebels<

Location: Osaka.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponent: Kenji (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Nanoshield Generators.
-Destroy Kenji's HQ.
-Destroy the Tech Inhibitor and Freeze Kenji's Mech.

Secondary Objectives:
-Fix the Bridges.
-Capture the outpost's Dojo and Mecha Bay.

Notes: Cryo Legionnaires are introduced. Archer Maidens and King Oni can also
be used.

Overview: Kenji's forces have taken over Osaka. Unlike Shinzo, Kenji knows the
ways of modern warfare, and he will use the latest Imperial technology to stand
up to the Allies!

Opinion: Although this mission may seem like one that relies on Navy, this is
hardly the case. There's tons of action in this level!

Use the Javelin Soldiers provided to bombard the Rocket Angels guarding this
Nanoshield Generator. Use their laser-guided missile attack on the Generator.

In this area, use the Spies to deactivate the Power Generators, then send in
the Javelin Soldiers' laser attack on the Generator before the Defenders come
back online. Be sure to collect the Cash Crate to the south, and use the
Javelin Soldiers to bomb the Tankbusters from afar.

For the third Generator, use the Engineers to heal the Peacekeepers as they
fight the Imperial forces guarding it. Then destroy or capture the Structure.

Now that the Nanoshield is gone, set up the base and Capture both the Oil
Derrick and the Observation Post here. Build up some Spectrum Towers to guard
both the Bridge and the ramp leading to the water. Build up a squad of Apollo
Fighters and a Riptide ACV. Put some Engineers in it and Capture the Oil
Derrick to the east, along with the Cash Crates. Be sure to fix the Bridges and
collect any Cash Crates/Capture any Oil Derricks on the other side after the
reinforcements get through.

Meanwhile, build up some Harbinger Gunships to eliminate any Imperial Units
hiding in the city. Bomb the Defenders around the outpost near the bridge
leading to the Imperial base, and then Capture both the Dojo and the Mecha Bay.

When ready, send in the troops! Use the Gunships to annihilate any Anti-Air
forces in the base, as well as destroying any Defences in the area. Keep
training Peacekeepers and Cryo Legionnaires, and, when ready, destroy Kenji's

Kenji has a Tech Inhibitor, which means that the Infantry will need to bring
him to justice! Tanya arrives, along with several more Cryo Legionnaires. Use
them and any existing Infantry in the area to battle the hordes of Infantry
Kenji sends. The Cryo Legionnaires should be able to freeze them all in
seconds, allowing Tanya (or even a single Peacekeeper) to dispatch them with
little difficulty!

Use the Cryo Legionnaires to freeze Kenji's Oni, and be sure that every unit
is NOT in aggressive mode! Send in Tanya to destroy the Tech Inhibitor once
Kenji is frozen.

Kenji gets teleported directly to jail, does not pass Go, and does not collect
200 dollars.

4.23 >The True Shogun's Stand<

Location: Miyako.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponents: Takara (Orange), Tatsu (Purple).
Primary Objectives:
-Set up the MCV at one of the two possible locations.
-Defeat Takara.
-Defeat Tatsu.

Secondary Objectives:
-Capture the communications post.

Notes: Pacifier FAVs are introduced. King Oni can also be used.

Overview: The last of the Imperial renegades has been located in Miyako. Takara
is the last remaining rebel, so take her down!

Opinion: Naturally, this mission is the hardest in the Allied Campaign.
Planning will be required for success.

Head to the western mountain, and destroy any Imperial forces. Use the Pacifier
FAVs to bomb the Tanks from afar, and use their machine guns to eliminate any
Infantry. Set up the MCV at the mountain.

Blow up the Bridge to the northeast, and Capture the communications post to the
northwest. Secure the Ore node to the southwest, and use the Pacifier FAVs to
bombard the Imperial forces advancing on the path north of here. Be sure to
Capture the Oil Derrick to the east. When ready, send one of the Pacifiers to
the northern mountain, and bomb the Imperial outpost. Secure the resources
here, and blow up the bridge!

From this position, use the Pacifiers to bomb the Imperial Docks on the river.
Build two Airbases, and fill them up with Apollo Fighters. Use a few Harbinger
Gunships to bomb Takara's Base. Spare her Headquarters, and bomb the rest of
the Structures with ease. Meanwhile, build up a few Defences at the northeast
Allied base, and set up a few Pacifier FAVs there. Repair the bridge connecting
this base to the main base. When ready, level Takara's HQ.

Now that Takara is on the run, Tatsu now has the power all to himself, and
turns on the Allies! Fight off the Imperial forces for as long as possible in
the northern base, and then retreat. Blow up the bridge so the Imperials cannot
get across. Secure the resources in Takara's former base, and use the Apollo
squad to gun down the Giga Fortress head.

Calm down, and send in the Gunships to destroy the Imperial Docks in the river
to the east, as priority one. Secure the Ore Node to the east as well for
additional resources. Unfortunately, Tatsu has a Chronosphere, so build up a
Proton Collider and more Gunships! When ready, send in the air fleet!

The Gunships should be able to take down Tatsu's forces with ease, while the
Apollo Fighters can keep the Tengu and Rocket Angels at bay. As always, be sure
to target any Anti-Air forces first.

Tatsu planned this for so long, and now he has bupkiss, proving that the Allies
cannot be taken off guard!

4.30 >Imperial Campaign<
Because the Imperial forces are now crippled, the Soviets have used this
opportunity to seize some Japanese territories. The Allies won't help, so drive
the Soviets back!

4.31 >Greed of the Vanquished<

Location: Sakhalin Island.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Sneak to the Soviet Air base.
-Capture the VIP Bunker.
-Destroy Oleg's base.
-Destroy Oleg's Grinders.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Air Base.

Notes: The Soviet Arsenal is mainly used in this mission instead of the usual
Imperial one.

Overview: The Soviets have made a daring assault on Sakhalin Island. Kenji is
holding them off, but he will need help driving the Soviets back to Russia. A
sneak attack will be necessary...

Opinion: Because this mission is basically a Soviet mission, there are only two
true Imperial missions as a result!

Disguise the Transport as one of the Bullfrogs fighting the Imperials on the
map. Send it to the Air base to the northwest.

The Transport will be picked up by one of the Twinblades, and will be dropped
off in the main base. Send the Transport north, then west. Drop off the
passengers and use the Shinobi to take out those pesky Bears! When the way is
clear, send in an Engineer to take the VIP Bunker!

Build up an Airfield and build up a fleet of MiGs and some Twinblades. To
cripple Oleg's production, disguise the Transport again, this time as one of
the Ore Collectors, and fill it with Combat Engineers. Send it to the Oleg's
Ore Nodes to the east, and unload! Send in the Engineers to take the Refineries
as soon as possible, along with the Super Reactor. Disguise the Transport again
and bring it back home.

As for the Air base, fill up the Twinblades with Conscripts and Flak Troopers.
Send them to the Air base, and drop them off. Use the Flak Troopers to destroy
any Bullfrogs or Flak Cannons nearby, and use the Twinblades to deal with the
Airfields themselves.

Now that the Airfields are gone, send them back to base, and keep the
Twinblades on the western coast in case of a Dreadnought attack. Use a mix of
Apocalypse Tanks, V4 Rocket Launchers, Bullfrogs, and the Iron Curtain to take
out the main Base from behind! Build up a few Tesla Coils to the entrance of
the captured base to the south.

Once Oleg's base is no more, he will send in some Grinders as a surprise
attack! Take them down, and he calls it quits.

4.32 >Before the Hallowed Tomb<

Location: Oki Island.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponent: Moskvin (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Take the Pacifier FAVs.
-Deploy the Pacifier FAVs at the cliffs.
-Activate the Steel Ronin.
-Destroy the Soviet fleet.
-Take the Observation Posts (or destroy Moskvin's forces).
-The Emperor's tomb must survive.

Secondary Objectives:

Notes: Archer Maidens and Steel Ronin are introduced. Pacifier FAVs can also
be used.

Overview: The Soviets are making another attack on Oki Island, where the tomb
of Emperor Yoshiro is held. The Imperials must prevent the Soviets from
destroying the tomb.

Opinion: The first true Imperial mission, this will be primarily a Naval

Use the Archers to take down the Cryocopters. Use the Tankbusters to blow up
the wall and destroy the Power Plant, bringing the Turrets offline. Destroy
everything else and then take the unmanned FAVs and IFVs.

Transport any remaining Infantry to the island to the west, and activate the
Steel Ronin hanging about around the tomb. Meanwhile, position the FAVs in the
spots indicated.

The Soviet Navy will arrive once all FAVs are in position and all Ronin have
been activated. Target the Dreadnoughts first with the FAVs. The Soviets will
travel through the river and will then attack the tomb from the south. Use the
Ronin to dispatch any Naval Units that try to emerge on the ground. Be sure to
activate the Steel Ronin on the island to the east.

Now that the first Soviet fleet has been taken care of, deploy the MCV and
secure the two Ore Nodes in the water to the west. Send a Dojo Core and a Mecha
Bay Core to the tomb, and set up the Imperial Docks near the Ore Nodes. Build
up a sizeable fleet of Yari Subs and Naginata Cruisers to defend the Nodes.
Meanwhile, secure the Ore Node to the east.

When a sizeable fleet of Naginatas and Shogun Battleships has been produced,
send them to Moskvin's base to the north. Eliminate any Structures there. When
that base is no more, send the fleet to the western island. To the south is a
Soviet base that has taken a foothold on the island. Destroy it.

While this is going on, feel free to Capture any of the Observation Posts on 
the island. A ground assault consisting of Wave-Force Artillery, Steel Ronin,
and Tengu will be able to break through the Soviet outposts on the western
island. There's another Ore Node on the eastern island, so feel free to take
it. Moskvin will be defeated once all Observation Posts are Captured, or if his
Structures are destroyed.

4.33 >Blood in the Water<

Location: Vladivostok.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 10.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponents: Oleg (Red), Moskvin (Purple), Giles (Blue).
Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Soviet Outpost.
-Defeat Oleg.
-Defeat Moskvin.

Secondary Objectives:
-Defeat Giles.

Notes: Giga Fortresses are introduced.

Overview: The Soviets have been driven back to Russia, but apparently that
isn't enough for the Japanese. The Imperials plan to attack Vladivostok (again)
and destroy Oleg and Moskvin once and for all!

Opinion: Much like "Crumble, Kremlin, Crumble", this mission consists of
powerful Units smashing their way through Soviet forces.

Set up shop here and secure the Ore Node to the north, and plant some Defences
there. Build up some Naginatas and Shogun Battleships, then send them north.
West of this position is the Soviet Naval Yard, so blow it up. Go south and
bombard the Soviet Defences in the south, from the south.

When ready, secure the Ore Node in the southwest corner and build up a Dojo and
a Mecha Bay here. Finish off what's left of the Soviet base, and take its Ore

The Giga Fortresses are now available, and three have been sent to reinforce
the invasion. Send them to the docks, and annihilate Oleg's Naval Yards. The
Giga Fortresses on the water can easily dispatch any other enemy ships in the
area. When ready, transform it into Sky mode, and eliminate Oleg's three bases.
Oleg's putting the blame for this on Moskvin.

When enough time passes, Giles' troops will arrive in the southeast corner,
intending to crash this party. The Giga Fortresses should be able to send him
running in fear. When he does, focus back on the Soviets.

For defence, use any Navals that aren't Giga Fortresses to defend any
Structures. Secure the Ore Nodes in the southeast, and keep producing Giga

Meanwhile, keep producing Jet Tengu to cover the Giga Fortresses while they
annihilate everything in their path. When Oleg's bases are no more, head over
to Moskvin's purple base in the northeast, overlooking the entire map. Although
he has lots of Units produced, most of them aren't even Anti-Air! Dispatch his
Structures and Units with ease, and the mission is done! Moskvin is blaming the
late Oleg for this.

4.40 >Yuriko's Campaign<
Unlike the other campaigns, Yuriko's Campaign revolves around Yuriko, and
hence, the only controllable Unit available is Yuriko. She's much more powerful
in this campaign, having FOUR abilities at her disposal!

Left or Right clicking on areas moves Yuriko. Pressing 1 will activate her
trademark Psionic Scream (which can also disable Armour and Defences). Pressing
2 will mind-control a few enemy Units in an area. Pressing 3 will activate her
Psionic Shield, which will not only protect her against attacks, but will
deflect those attacks on the enemy! Pressing 4 (Telekinetic Slam) acts like a
Gravity Gun; Select an object, and throw it somewhere!

There are also certain items of note. Health Stations will replenish her health
when she stands in the green field. Information Terminals will give her credits
to improve her abilities and stats (similar to that of the Support Powers).
Psionic Inhibitors will prevent Yuriko from using her Special Abilities when
she is in the red area, and any Units under her control become free again.
Reinforcement Elevators should be destroyed as soon as possible.

Feel free to pause any time to see the map in case Yuriko gets lost.

4.41 >Final Exam<

Location: Shiro Psychic Research Centre.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 7.
Featured Bulletin: Shimada.
Opponent: Shimada (Orange).
Primary Objectives:
-Access Secret Files to become stronger.
-Escape from Shiro Psychic Research.

Overview: Yuriko finds herself in the Shiro facility. Kidnapped as a child, she
suddenly becomes unstable, and wants out of the facility!

Opinion: Who knew Yuriko could be THIS strong? This is a very easy mission, and
the Imperials don't stand a chance!

Break out of the room and kill the Warriors behind the tables. Use the Terminal
to unlock the Mind-Control ability. Use it on the Imperials ahead.

Follow the linear path, and take out the Imperials attempting to ambush Yuriko.
Annihilate the Tengu that pop out of the hole in the corner. Smash away through
the hallways and check the next Terminal.

Use the Psionic Shield against the Tengu ahead. There's no way to bypass the
barricade blocking the doors, so go southwest into the infirmary. Kill anyone
inside and make good use of those Health Stations. At the end of the infirmary
is another Terminal. Destroy the Reinforcement Elevator also.

Now that Yuriko has her "Gravity Gun", head back to the blockade, destroying
any hostile units in the way. At the blockade, throw away the tables and go
through the door.

Feel free to take the detour to the south. The path leads back to the main
hall. Head to the dead end for another Terminal. Keep heading north and go to
the dead end for another Terminal. The path ahead is quite linear, so take a
path and go!

The room before the exit is heavily guarded. Make good use of the Medical
Stations, and use the Psionic Scream when overwhelmed by the bad guys (it even
works on the Oni!). Throw any explosive Barrels if necessary, and destroy the
Elevators as soon as possible!

When everyone and everything in the room is no more, head to the exit. Yuriko
is caught off guard by Shimada, and his Rocket Angels paralyze her. Don't
worry, the mission is still won for now!

4.42 >The Traceless Massacre<

Location: Detention Camp Dakota.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponents: Allied Guards (Blue), FutureTech Guards (White).
Primary Objectives:
-Escape from Cryo-Statis.
-Utterly Destroy the Detention Camp.
-Head back to the Empire.
-Sink the Carrier Strike Groups.

Overview: After the outcome of the war, Yuriko was captured by the Allies in
Tokyo, and was put into Cryo-Statis with the rest of the vanquished prisoners.
Yuriko isn't too pleased...

Opinion: This mission stands out from the rest of the missions in the campaign,
as Yuriko fights the Allies rather than the Imperials. There are also numerous
Soviet and Imperial Units in the area that won't want to harm Yuriko!

Use the Psionic Shield to freeze the Turrets, then destroy them. Mind-Control
the guards outside of Yuriko's cell and destroy all the Turrets freezing the
rest of the prisoners (they will draw fire away from Yuriko and distract the
Allies). Read the Terminal in the middle of this area, and then head north when
Yuriko's finished.

Destroy any Mirage Tanks hiding in the shadows when heading to the north.
Destroy the Production Structures in this area, and try not to get overwhelmed.
There's a handful of Terminals here, so check them out. When all the Structures
in this area are no more, head back south to the prison area.

Free a few more prisoners in the cells north of where Yuriko was held. A
Desolator is being frozen, so rescue him and bring him under Yuriko's control
(don't forget about the Terminals!). Then head north.

There's a FutureTech base to the north before the bridge. Level it and search
for more Terminals. After all FutureTech Structures are destroyed, go across
the bridge (be sure to check this side of the bridge for any Terminals Yuriko
might have missed before crossing).

On this side of the bridge, check out the Terminals and destroy any Allied
guards here (beware of the Spy that tries to bring back any forces Yuriko
brought with her), then head into the ocean.

This is the hard part. The Dolphins and the Cryo Legionnaires in the water can
be mind-controlled, but the Destroyers cannot be lifted. Use the Psionic Shield
whenever possible, and when it's active, attack the Carriers! If Yuriko's
health runs low, head back to the shores and use the First-Aid Station nearby.
Eventually, Yuriko will make it out of the prisons and will head back to the
Shiro Centre to exact her revenge...

4.43 >Ruin and Reunion<

Location: Shiro Psychic Research Centre.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Featured Bulletin: Random.
Opponents: Shimada (Orange), Izumi (Red).
Primary Objectives:
-Kill everyone in the room.
-Gain access to the lower level.
-Kill Dr. Shimada.
-Kill Izumi.

Overview: Izumi is being held by Shimada at the Shiro Centre. Yuriko plans to
kill Shimada and bring the Centre to ruins, as well as rescuing Izumi, or so it
may seem...

Opinion: Like the first mission, this one takes place in the research centre, a
place full of linear and narrow corridors. Yuriko will have to search her way
through this level...

First use the Psionic Burst, followed by Mind-Controlling some of the Warriors.
Be sure to use the Psionic Shield whenever the guards attack Yuriko, and use
the Telekinetic Slam on a Warrior and send him flying. Check out the Terminal
and use the Health Stations whenever possible.

Once all the guards in the intersection are dead, head to the Detention &
Duplication Quadrant (northwest). At the T-cross, destroy the Turret and head
north. Trash the Tengu and check out the rooms in the south end of this
hallway. One of the rooms has a Terminal, the other is a trap full of

Advance through the hallway and put the Elevator out of commision. Behind the
late Elevator is a room with another Terminal. Go southwest and turn the tide
of the ambush in this room. Go further southwest and see the Elevator get blown
up by Shimada. It seems that he'll try anything to avoid Yuriko's wrath!

Go through this hallway, checking the rooms on the sides for anything of
interest (checking Terminals, destroying Elevators, etc), and then destroy the
Psionic Inhibitor in the hallway to the northeast. Go southeast and try not to
get overwhelmed by the Ore Collectors in the Ore room (they have guns). Try
lifting and throwing them, as well as disabling them with the Psionic Burst,
along with using the Psionic Shield for protection. Throw some explosive
barrels at the Collectors too. Check out the Terminal in this room.

Now enter the Nanotech Labratories by going south, then northwest, following
the corner. Before attempting to get into the Elevator to the northwest, go
southeast and clear the room. Read the Terminal and use the Health Station. Go
back northwest and try to get into the Elevator.

Shimada's done it again! It seems that Yuriko must now return back to the place
she started. First, however, she should take a detour of the Nanotech Labs.
Follow the hallways southwest, then southeast, and annihilate the Reinforcement
Elevator. Take a look in the infirmary to the southwest. Learn a thing or two
in the Terminal and prepare to get ambushed by some Shinobi! Fill the infirmary
with bodies, then head back to where Yuriko started in this mission. Beware of
any Psionic Inhibitors that may be in the way.

Go to the Oni Testing & Coronation Chambers (southeast). Avoid the many Oni and
make a break for the northeast. Check the Terminals and go southeast, towards
the elevator. Shimada's destroyed all but one Elevator leading to his room, so
go back to the crossroads. First, though, go southwest and destroy that pesky
Reinforcements Elevator.

The final area Yuriko will visit is the Security & Administration Sector, a
long, but linear hallway to the northeast. While storming through the hallway,
be sure to check out any Terminals or Elevators on the side areas. Yuriko will
eventually make it to the last Eleavator (Shimada isn't willing to trap

This is it! The final showdown! Before trying to kill Shimada, take out the
Psionic Inhibitors and Reinforcement Elevators first. When the Inhibitors are
down, use the Psionic Shield to protect Yuriko while she makes quick work of
the Elevators. When all Inhibitors, Elevators, and enemy Units are destroyed,
kill Shimada. He's quite fit for a scientist, so make good use of the
Telekinetic Slam ability, or approach him quietly, then attack him!

This is it! The final FINAL showdown! It seems that Izumi was jealous of
Yuriko's success, and she's dispatched a group of Shinobi to kill her! Mind-
Control some of the Shinobi, and use the Telekinetic Slam to throw the tables
at Izumi in order to defeat her. Use the Psionic Shield and Psionic Burst
against the Shinobi for protection. Izumi cannot be killed with Yuriko's
conventional skills; she must use her special abilities.

Izumi is no more, and Yuriko goes off into the distance, wondering what she
should do next...

5.000 >Commander's Challenge<
The Commander's Challenge is a series of Skirmish games in Uprising with
various perks. The FutureTech Corporation is out to complete all of these games
and come out on top of the competing Commanders. During Commander's Challenge,
any of the three Arsenals can be used to complete any mission. Although
FutureTech is stuck with only the base Tier 1 Units, plus Tanks and Fighter
Aircraft, arsenals are expanded by completing certain Challenges and unlocking
technologies. Each Challenge has a Technology to unlock upon completion, and a
par time to beat for the professionals. Credits can also be collected by
completing Challenges. When at least 10,000 Credits are collected, the Red
Alert Button becomes available.

The Red Alert Button causes all of FutureTech's Units to become Heroic, and
grants the army $50,000. It will also reduce the Threat Meter to Zero. Note
that this will cause the current time spent in the match to 99:59 minutes,
completely voiding any chance of getting under-par in that match. It also
costs 10,000 Credits, and requires the threat meter to be full before use.

FutureTech's army is always Yellow. Should these strategies be of insufficient
assistance, razattack1337 has an abundance of Commander's Challenge video
walkthroughs that tackle most of the missions under the Par time! His channel
and videos can be found here:


5.100 >Main Challenges<
These are the Main Challenges, which, when beaten, are required for a promotion
at FutureTech. They also tend to unlock lots of Side Challenges also. Main
Challenges are indicated by a crosshair icon.

5.101 >Dead Meat<

Location: Soundless Hill.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Hill (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Attack Dog.
Unlockable Challenges: Blood Feud.
Requires: Available at Start.
Par Time: 4:30.
Twists: There are hordes of Attack Dogs swarming the map.

Opinion: The first Challenge. The key to victory here is simply not to use any

Try to build up Refineries for the two Ore Nodes, then make a War Factory and a
Barracks. To fight off the Dogs, use Anti-Infantry Armour Units. When ready,
train an Engineer and build a Transport, along with some Tanks.

Now head over to Hill's base in the northeast. Sneak the Transport past the
Peacekeepers and use the Engineer to capture his Construction Yard. Sell it and
use the Engineer to capture another one of Hill's buildings! Then simply smash
Hill's base with the Tanks when there aren't any Peacekeepers around.

As the Soviets:
-Use Sickles. A lot. Their pouncing ability can make even quicker work of those
-The Cash Bounty can be used on the Dogs for easy money.
-The Bullfrog can launch some Engineers past Hill's Infantry division, and can
capture his base in no time!
-Build up a Crane first for faster Structure production, then sell it when it
is no longer needed.

As the Allies:
-The Riptide ACV doubles as a Transport as well as an Infantry-killer. One of
them can get an Engineer to Hill's base while the others suppress his troops.
-Make good use of the Guardian Tank's Laser pointer.

As the Imperials:
-Use Mecha Tengu and make them fly over Hill's base. Then let them fall to the
ground and take out Hill's forces from behind.
-Try not to use the subtletey of the Sudden Transport; the Dogs will make
infiltration difficult.

Here's a strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Use several Dojo cores to crush Hill's infantry and build a dojo inside Hill's
base. Train Engineers and capture all the buildings beginning with the
Construction Yard, then the Boot Camp."

Here's a tip by Subk123:

"You can crush any Dogs along the way, and use waypoint mode to run over
Infantry that try to come out of the Barracks. You will need about 5 Dojos, and
you should use Engineers to capture buildings."

Here's another tip by VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Note: Hill won't run away with his Construction Yard, neither from Engineeres
nor from huge damage.

Easy. 4 Dojo Cores to his base, one crushes all his Dogs and camps at his Boot
Camp, the rest deploy and pump out Engineers. You can sell the captured
Construction Yard for another free Engineer. If you're fast, you're done below
2 mins."

5.102 >Blood Feud<

Location: Honour Bound.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Kenji (Green).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Archer Maiden.
Unlockable Challenges: Defence of the Archipalego, Creeping Death.
Requires: Dead Meat.
Par Time: 10:15.
Twists: Shinzo and Kenji will only fight each other until FutureTech gets
involved. There is no Fog of War.

Opinion: Another fairly tame level. Because Shinzo and Kenji are busy fighting
each other at the beginning, a steamroller tactic is necessary to completing
this mission.

Begin by securing the Ore Nodes here, and capture the Oil Derrick. Send a
Transport filled with an Engineer and some Support Infantry and send it to the
other side of the map. Take the detour by avoiding the bases (go north, then
east to get past Kenji's base without harm). Then capture that Oil Derrick on
the opposite side and use the Infantry to blow up the Bridge.

Secure the Ore Nodes east and north of the Yellow base. Also, cross the Bridge
and secure the Ore Node on the other side. Build up a sizeable force of Tanks,
Anti-Infantry Armour, and Infantry. When ready, charge into Shinzo's weak base.

There's no turning back! Destroy every last one of Shinzo's Structures! If any
of his Structures are on the water, build up a Naval Yard and send in ships to
destroy them. Then head over to Kenji's base.

Kenji's base is more heavily guarded than Shinzo's, but it can be taken down
with a large enough force. Just keep charging at his base.

As the Soviets:
-The Bullfrog can launch Infantry to the opposite corner, saving significant
-The Sickles can also leap onto Shinzo's base without having to go up his ramp.
-The Desolator Airstrike can pin down the Imperials' production Structures.

As the Allies:
-The Javelin Soldiers can make quick work of the Imperial Structures.
-The ACVs can hop onto water as well as land.

As the Imperials:
-Try to avoid using Jet Tengu. There are many Archers in this map.
-A Sudden Transport can easily sneak through the Imperial Defences and capture
the bases with Engineers.

Here's a tip by VX4:

"Note: Both Kenji and Shinzo won't pack up their Construction Yards from

Easy too. Since they won't attack you unless you do, all you have to do is to
capture all their buildings simultaneously, since they don't consider Engineers
a fighting unit, thus a reason to open attack on you. Anyways, if you attempt
to move a Dojo Core inside their base, they will attack you.

So, as the Imperials, use 2 Dojo Cores, one parked right at the end of the
bridge leading to the Shinzo and at the ramp to the Kenji's base. Send 7
Engineers to each base, position them next to the buildings, go into planning
mode, order them to enter, and viola! Instant win.

As the Soviets, you could pack 7 Engineers in 2 Bullfrogs and launch them into
the bases, just make sure to set the Engineers to passive mode so they don't
start shooting.

Allied Engineers will have to walk all the way from your base, but that works

5.103 >Defense of the Archipalego<

Location: Apocalypse Mountain.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponent: Moskvin (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets/Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Tesla Trooper.
Unlockable Challenges: Where Satellites go to die, Crate and Red Barrel.
Requires: Blood Feud.
Par Time: 11:15.
Twists: Moskvin's forces become stronger every time one of his bases get

Opinion: This is a surprisingly difficult mission. However, Anti-Infantry
weapons will help win the day!

Start off by building a Barracks, then take the three Ore Nodes. Send an
Engineer to Capture each of the Oil Derricks visible from the mountain summit.
Then Build Anti-Infantry Defences.

The biggest threats are coming from the east, so build up a force of Infantry
to battle Moskvin's forces. Also, build up some Anti-Infantry Armour, then some

Head for the southwest outpost first. Use the Armour to break through Moskvin's
forces, then destroy his Barracks. Then annihilate his Construction Yard to
force him to withdrawl. When any of his outposts are destroyed, secure the Ore
Nodes he once had.

Repeat the same for the northwest outpost, then the eastern outposts. Moskvin's
last base will fight to the death, so finish off every last Structure!

As the Soviets:
-The Sentry Gun is the premiere weapon against Moskvin's raiders. Two should be
able to hold out on each end.
-The Sickle comes out on top as the Infantry-Killer thanks to its leaping
-If, for any reason, a Super Reactor is destroyed, damaging Units, use the
Leech Beam to repair the Hammer Tanks. The Leech Beam also outranges the blast
radius of the Super Reactor.

As the Allies:
-The Multigunner Turret won't do well. Instead, build lots of Peacekeepers and
Attack Dogs to keep Moskvin's forces at bay.
-The Engineer can Heal any wounded soldiers.
-When available, Tanya can massacre the mass attacks, and can lay waste to
Moskvin's outposts!
-Cyro Legionnaires can also be used to severely weaken Moskvin's militia.

As the Imperials:
-The Defender-VX will do fine, although it takes time to set up. Accompany each
Defender with a few Imperial Warriors.
-A Sudden Transport full of Tankbusters or Engineers can sneak past Moskvin's
troops and take his bases by surprise (be sure to have some Aircraft to allow
the Transport to Disguise itself as an Ore Collector)!

Here's a tip from VX4:

"Note: Moskvin doesn't run with his MCV from Engineers.

It is rather helpful to have Bears or Dogs in this mission. You'll need heavy
micromanagement, but the reward is to finish below 4 mins.

Are you ready? Good. Build 2 Barrackses, train 5 Dogs/Bears and park them in
front of all the hostile Barrackses. That should be relatively easy, these
animals run fast enough to reach their destinations before Mosvkin has built
too many Conscripts, and will rank up fast. Only in the northern base, the
Barracks is so close to one Refinery, that the Collector will come to crush
your Bear/Dog. After the scouts, build 5 Engineers, send them into all 5
Construction Yards, sell the Construction Yard, and capture the respective
Barrackses with the Engineer you get from the sale. The first four bases will
then give up and sell all buildings. In the last base, you will have to 
use additional Engineers to capture the rest.

Just remember to be fast, else he will get up Super Reactors and start building
Tesla Troopers, which your Dogs/Bears cannot handle any more."

5.104 >Where Satellites go to die<

Location: Mir's Landing.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Vera (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Mortar Cycle.
Unlockable Challenges: Symphony of Steel, Cat Fight.
Requires: Defense of the Archipalego.
Par Time: 6:00.
Twists: Orbital Drop is used frequently in certain areas of the map. There is
no Fog of War.

Opinion: The best way around this mission is to simply flank around the centre
of the map and take out Vera's base. The Orbital Drops here are deadly, so
avoid them whenever possible. Keep an eye on the radar; it will indicate when
the Orbital Drops arrive.

Build up and make some Defences to hold off the Mortar Cycles. Build a few
Tanks for good measure. Try to Capture the Oil Derick nearby. When a sizeable
force has been made, flank east, then go north.

When the Orbital Drop between this part of the island and Vera's base has
stopped, head into her base and destroy her Construction Yard to prevent her
from building any Defences. Be sure to eliminate any of her production
Structures first as well.

As the Soviets:
-The Hammer Tank's Leech Beam can be used to repair any damaged Hammer Tanks
when they are under fire by those pesky Sentry Guns.
-The Hammer Tanks can also take the weapons from the Mortar Cycles.
-Launching people from the Bullfrog is risky, as there are Sentry Guns around.

As the Allies:
-The IFV can repair damaged vehicles when there's an Engineer inside.
-Be sure to build lots of Guardian Tanks; one of them can use its Laser.
-The Javelin's Laser Missiles can also deal tons of damage to Vera's
-The Chrono-Rift can prevent Vera from building Defences while the rest of her
base is being destroyed.
-Vindicators, when unlocked, can easily bypass the orbital drops and bombard
Vera's base into submission.

As the Imperials:
-The Chopper-VX will make things much easier to take out Vera's Base.
-A Sudden Transport can cause trouble right inside Vera's base; she doesn't
have any Bears!
-VX4 says to use a Dojo Rush.

5.105 >Symphony of Steel<

Location: Shogun's Alley.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponent: Kenji (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Steel Ronin.
Unlockable Challenges: Athena's Wrath, Caught in the Crossfire, Dirty Tricks,
Gosh Darn Mongolians!
Requires: Where Satellites go to die.
Par Time: 11:00.
Twists: Kenji will mass-produce Steel Ronin and Archers.

Opinion: Kenji makes this mission difficult by mixing Archers with Ronin. A big
mix of diverse troops will be needed to overcome Kenji's legion.

Establish some Defences, and build up Anti-Armour Infantry and Anti-Infantry
Armour. Why? Kenji will send in his fearsome Archers and large Ronin, so use
the Armour against his Archers, and use the Infantry to smash up his Ronin.
Feel free to secure an extra Ore Node or two.

When ready, build up a squad of Tanks, then send them to Kenji's northern base.
Use any special abilities to help them smash up the compound. Do the same for
the rest of Kenji's Bases; just watch out for the Ronin. Should the Tanks ever
meet any fierce resistance, send in some Infantry and Support Armour to help
them out. The Tanks can also run over the Archers if need be.

As the Soviets:
-The Tesla Trooper can make things much easier, thanks to their EMP field. They
can disable any Ronin that come across (just beware of any Archers).
-The Hammer Tank can steal the glaives off of the Ronin.
-The Sickle can leap onto Archers, killing them quickly.
-Engineer Battle Bunkers can be used for extra protection.

As the Allies:
-Multigunner Turrets can help fend off the Steel Ronin and Archers.

As the Imperials:
-Try not to rely on Aircraft too much; the Archer can take them down quickly.
-A Sudden Transport can (yadda yadda yadda).
-Yuriko can take on the Steel Ronin one by one.

Here's a strategy by VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

You have 3 enemy bases and 20,000 credits. Easiest is to rush two of the bases
with 2 Dojos each, which should deploy at their ramps.

Warriors can kill the Archers easily with swords and the Tankbusters should be
able to hande Steel Ronins. In the meanwhile, do  NOT sell your MCV, instead
have 2-3 Generators, 3-4 Refineries, and start with a Mecha Bay to produce VXs
for extra security.

When your 2 Infantry armies are done with 2 of Kenji's bases, rally them in
front of the third one and level it, along with a VX ambush from the rear. Feel
free to capture a Hospital to lenghten the lifespan of your men and the Veteran
Academy in the middle."

5.106 >Athena's Wrath<

Location: Corporate Warfare.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 6.
Opponent: Lydia (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Athena Cannon.
Unlockable Challenges: Scavenger, Ready to Roll Out.
Requires: Symphony of Steel.
Par Time: 12:00.
Twists: Athena Bombardments constantly target certain areas of the map.

Opinion: This is another fairly straightforward Challenge. Unfortunately, the
Athena bombardments make a ground assault difficult; Air Superiority is
essential to beating this mission.

Build up a small force, and send them to Lydia's outpost to the east. Destroy
it and take the area's resources. There's a wall of Athena bombardment in
between, so avoid those lasers!

Be sure to secure the Resources to the north, and blow up the bridge! Now is
the time for Air power; build up some Tactical Aircraft, and use them to bypass
the Athena bombardments and take out Lydia's two bases. Be sure to target any
Anti-Air first.

As the Soviets:
-Mortar Cycles can be used to destroy Lydia's outpost.
-The Twinblade here is a godsend. They can be used to quickly secure the
resources to the north AND annihilate Lydia's northern bases!

As the Allies:
-Vindicators can be used to take out all of Lydia's bases. Just be sure to
build lots of them to prevent Lydia from rebuilding.
-A Prospector can be shrunk to bypass the Athena walls and secure the northern

As the Imperials:
-Nanocores can be transported to secure the northern Resources.
-Steel Ronin can smash up Lydia's outpost with ease.

Here's a tip by ArabianSharkCT:

"Remember: The enemy Athena Cannons outranges even your tier II base Defences,
so keep some anti-armour aircraft (i. e., either Chopper-VXs or Twinblades) in
the air around your base. They don't communicate with each other, so you might
have to micro a bit now and then. Also, watch out for Tanya, she'll try to drop
by more than once. Once you feel safe, build up your army and attack as you

Here's a strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Spam Striker VXs and send all of them to Lydia's nearest base to anniliate it
before moving up to the north east and finally north west. There should be one
group attacking while a small group of about 5 VXs defending against Armour and
Tanya attacks. Striker VXs alone can do the job as they can easily avoid the
lasers. The Rocket Pods and Honourable Discharge upgrades will help a lot."

Another strategy by VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Note: Lydia does not run from Engineers. So, this is gonna be a Dojo rush
similar to the mission with Hill's dogs. Send one Dojo Core to the nearest
base, deploy, capture the Construction Yard, sell the Construction Yard, use
Engineer to capture the rest of that base. Feel free to sell everything here.

At the same time, another 3 Dojo cores move towards the northwest base. One
core crushes Infantry, the other two unpack and produce Engineers. Make sure to
capture the Armour Facility first. When this base is no threat any more, start
pumping out Infantry to level the last base, which already has Athena Cannons
at this point, but they can only target one soldier at a a time. IFVs are to
Tankbusters like butter to a knife, and your Warriors should slash the hostile
Infantry with ease."

5.107 >Scavenger<

Location: Sniper's Hollow.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 9.
Opponents: Vera (Red), Takara (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Natasha.
Unlockable Challenges: Offshore Killing, Your Gold Mine has Collapsed.
Requires: Athena's Wrath.
Par Time: 13:30.
Twists: Empty Vehicles are scattered throughout the map. There is no Fog of

Opinion: This mission may seem impossible, but it simply needs coordination.
Since Vera and Takara are not allies, this turns out to be a battle of
attrition (props to Hezzara helping me out with his strategy).

Build a Barracks ASAP. Send in Infantry to seize the empty vehicles. Be sure to
take the Apocalypse Tanks, Tesla Tanks, King Oni, and any other heavy Armour in
the map before the enemy does. Then take the rest of the Armour near the
FutureTech base. Engineers will have to be used to take the Armour on the

Secure the Ore Node to the east, and wait for Vera and Takara to exhaust their
captured Tanks on each other (only used the salvage force for self-defence).
Watch out for Vera's forces if they try to flank to the rear. When ready, send
in the massive force to take out Takara's base. Hopefully, she only has her
Imperial-built Tanks available.

Do the same to Vera. Try not to let either of the two ladies build up. Avoid
Vera's Magnetic Satellite!

As the Soviets:
-Conscripts are cheaper than most Infantry.

As the Allies:
-Peacekeepers are more expensive, but they can take more of a beating.
-Pacifier FAVs can be used to bombard the crap out of the enemy bases.

As the Imperials:
-The Warrior's Banzai charge gives them speed advantages.

Here's a strategy from ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

Build your Instant Dojo first, then the Instant Reactors and Refineries. You
can set the rally point for the Instant Dojo to the centre of the map, even
while the Dojo is in construction. As soon as you're allowed, train a handful
of Imperial Warriors and send them into the most powerful vehicles in the
middle of the map (i. e., Apocalypse Tanks, Tesla Tanks, King Oni and Wave-
Force Artillery. The other Commanders will chase you off soon enough. That's
your cue to start taking Hammer Tanks, Stingrays and the Athena Cannon by your
base. Meanwhile, build some Defender-VX towers and set them in Air Destroyer
mode. Capturing the Mecha Tengus just south of you Construction Yard can't
hurt. If you capture the Assault Destroyers west of your base (you'll need
Engineers, they're the only amphibian infantry you're likely to have at this
point), they won't be used against you. Once your refineries are set up, build
a Mecha Bay and start pumping out Striker-VXs. With barely anything else to
make on this map, you can play defence for a while. As you collect security
points, focus on greater ranks of Final Squadron. Once you have five or six
Striker-VXs, the ladies around you will most likely have begun taking Oil
Derricks. You can take them back, but, with the rather large initial sum, you
can just destroy them and never worry again. Remember to take your Chopper-VXs
to the strike points by sea.

Vera and Tanaka should give each other enough trouble that you only need worry
with the occasional fledgling units coming your way, so don't muck about. Slyly
cripple them, sneak behind them and take out their Construction Yards, their
War Factories, Tanaka's Docks (very important, otherwise she might deploy Giga
Fortresses) and Vera's Airfield (and she'll be left weeping into her
handkerchief, really). Once you've done that, you can pull back, send some
Final Squadrons at Tanaka's Instant Dojo (she usually has two), call up the
mates and bet which of the ladies will lose first. Meanwhile, build up un your
Mecha Tengus, for when the dust settles and the winner of the two comes after
you, she'll likely have loads of infantry and a few, highly debilitated
vehicles. You can even send your whole army (use the 'Q' key, Luke) and send
them in an 'Attack Move' down to the winner's base, taking out her rag-tag army
on the way."

Another strategy by VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

3 Dojo cores, deploy them near the 3 nodes in the middle. Each core pumps out
7-8 Warriors, which can capture the 2 Apocalypse Tanks, 2 Onis, 2 Tesla Tanks
and 2 Wave Force Artilleries. You can neglect the rest of your economy if
you're fast and need to concentrate on that micromanagement.

Set them to aggresive and send them in two groups to the two enemy bases. Only
threat at this time will be the Athena Cannons the enemy has captured up till
now, the rest will be crushed with ease. You could be done under 3 mins that

5.108 >Offshore Killing<

Location: Oil Slick.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponents: Vera (Red), Hill (Blue), Kenji (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Akula Sub.
Unlockable Challenges: Chrono you didn't, Robots and Ninjas.
Requires: Scavenger.
Par Time: 9:00.
Twists: The amount of Oil Derricks controlled by each Commander is indicated.

Opinion: This mission isn't particularily difficult. However, decisiveness will
be required to win the day! A Naval or Air army is essential.

Begin pumping out Engineers and take those Oil Derricks! Be sure to take the
Dry Dock also, and make a decent Naval Force. Keep holding out, keeping any of
the nearby Oil Derricks out of the wrong hands.

By now, one of the Commanders has been sent packing. Notice the Oil Derricks in
the centre of the map; they are likely now in the control of the enemy. Destroy
them to harass the enemy's economy.

When ready, send in a Naval Force at either Kenji's or Hill's base (depending
on who's left standing). Then attack Vera's Base.

As the Soviets:
-The absence of Akula Subs and Dreadnoughts leaves the Soviets only Stingrays.
Thus, try not to rely on a Naval force too much. Instead, build up an armada of
-If Akula Subs and Dreadnoughts are available, use the Akula Subs and Stingrays
to keep the Engineers away from the Oil Derricks, and spearhead all the Naval
Production Structures.

As the Allies:
-The Allied Navy is the most accessible Navy, as their ships can be unlocked
early. Not only that, but the Pacifier FAV may also be available, so use it to
kill off enemy Engineers and bomb any Structures.
-Vindicators can be used for additional Support.

As the Imperials:
-Like the Soviets, the Empire only has access to smaller ships at this point.
Use Chopper-VXs to do the dirty work.
-Later, the mighty Naginatas and Shoguns will be capable of decimating all
three Commanders (the Giga Fortress can also raise hell on any of them).

Here's a strategy by Helix25:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

For Offshore Killing capture as many Oil Derricks possible, especially try to
grab 1 or 2 in the centre by sending a Dojo north to the south end of the
middle island at the start, unfortunately my experience has shown that 1 or 2
is all you get because Vera rushes in a Stingray. Sell the Dojo and move on.
Keep capturing and build up your base to get a Striker-VX to defend against a
occasional Stingray attack. I have found that on the whole you do not get
attacked very much in this map. Once you have a good defence get a Sudden
Transport/Yuriko combo and head for Kenji's base. Make landfall and wipe out
his base, he doesn't have much in the way of infantry or tengus.

Next build up a large Tengu/VX squad. By this point in the map things can get
weird. My first playthrough I next targeted Hill and took a long time even with
a combined Yuriko and Striker rush to finish him off and by the time I was
wiping up Vera the par time was just exceeded. My second try when I got to
Hill's base Vera had levelled it and his MCV was escaping east toward Kenji's
former base where somehow he had already set up a Refinery...

So taking Vera out right after using sudden-Yuriko and VXs was easy and under

All I can say is beware because in both scenarios that Hill will set up an
expansion where Kenji used to be. Also make sure your Transport is disguised as
Kenji has lots of subs. Overall you don't get attacked much."

Here's another strategy by K-Dub:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Set up 2 Generators and set up a Dojo and create 8-10 Engineers and capture the
Derricks quickly (I captured 4 on the left and 4 on the right). Vera might send
a Bear down to your base. If this happens, hold production of Engineers to save
credits and use your Ore Collector to chase it away and resume production. Once
that is done, set up an Imperial Docks and a Nanotech Mainframe tech up your
Dojo to tier 3 and train Yuriko once your Engineers are finished training. At
the same time tech up the Docks to tier 2 and build 3 Naginata Cruisers to ward
off Hill's ACVs if he sends any (using the 'Torpedo Type-s', as it saves a lot
of time), then tech up your Docks to tier 3 and build 5 Shogun Battleships.

What I did to wait while the Shogun Battleships were creating was send my 3
Naginatas to Kenji's base and destroy all production buildings he had on the
water, especially his Docks. After that send the Naginatas back to your base to
save time. In this process, Yuriko should have been created, send her to
destroy the remains of Kenji's base (keep an eye out for Yuriko here, Kenji
will sell his Generators and Refinery and the Warriors will attack Yuriko, so
don't leave her alone). Use Alt & Click to queue attacks on Kenji's base with
Yuriko, then send your Naginatas and Battleships to Hill's base.

Use the Naginatas to do the same to Hill as Kenji, Naginatas destroy everything
on sea while the Battleships attack his MCV and Boot Camp. By this time, Yuriko
should have destroyed Kenji, so send her to destroy the remains of Hill's base
using the same method, Alt & Click to prevent too much micromanagement. Hill's
base should be free of Infantry so Yuriko can get there safely on her own,
while doing this send your navy to Vera and do the same.

This time destroy her Airfield first as she will produce Twinblades, she might
get away with producing one or two but your Battleships can take the beating,
so hold out until Yuriko finishes off Hill, then use her to destroy the
Twinblades. Same as before, the Naginatas must destroy everything on sea and
the Battleships destroy everything on land. Be careful of the Super Reactor, if
she built it on land then it's fine, but if she built it on sea don't use the
Naginatas. If you have Yuriko there, move her and the Naginatas away from it
and use the Battleships to destroy it.

I could have completed it under 8 minutes but Vera had built a Reactor where
Kenji's base used to be, so watch out for that. If this is done correctly, you
should completed it under 8 mintues."

Here's a tip by VX4:

"Not much to say here, capture as many Derricks as possible using 2 Barrackses,
and use an Air force to avoid suicidal Yaris and powerful Akulas. Best arsenal
here would be the Imperials, using a VX rush to defeat Kenji, then Hill (watch
out for that one Hydrofoil, and be fast before he gets Apollos), then Vera. For
the last one, you might want a Tengu escort against MiGs. Always target the
Naval Yards first, then the Barracks, then Airfields, and lastly the
Construction Yard. If you feel confident, you can also go after the collector
first to make them sell off stuff."

5.109 >Chrono you didn't<

Location: Blitzen's Back.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Lydia (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Chronosphere.
Unlockable Challenges: Tesla's Castle, Shrink Zone.
Requires: Offshore Killing.
Par Time: 14:00.
Twists: Enemy reinforcements will teleport throughout the map. There is no Fog
of War.

Opinion: This mission isn't too hard, just so long as this mission is finished
fast. Lydia's reinforcements will be stronger every time the Chronosphere is

Establish a decent amount of Defences to keep Lydia's reinforcements at bay.
Destroy the Bridge in the middle of the lake, and capture the nearby Tech

A ground assault should be able to take out Lydia's bases. Support them with
some Naval units as well. Focus on one base at a time. Lydia will receive
reinforcements, some of which are Soviet. She may even get a Future Tank, so

As the Soviets:
-Battle Bunkers should be able to keep Lydia's forces away.
-Use some Akula Subs against Lydia's Navy.

As the Allies:
-An Aircraft Carrier should be able to make quick work of Lydia's bases.
Support them with Assault Destroyers.

As the Imperials:
-Steel Ronin, King Oni, and Tankbusters are very effective against Lydia's
-The Wave-Force Tower and Artillery can also annihilate Lydia's forces.

Here's a strategy by VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Classic Dojo rush brings you through this easily. 4 dojos, two in front of the
southwest base, the other two to the northeast base, one Generator Core to the
middle of the lake, then sell the MCV to capture an Oil Derrick or a Hospital.
Level those two enemy bases and heckle the remain base with your surviving

5.110 >Tesla's Castle<

Location: Bear Zamok.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 10.
Opponent: Moskvin (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Tesla Coil.
Unlockable Challenges: Double-Barreled, Superb Commander.
Requires: Chrono you didn't.
Par Time: 13:30.
Twists: Aircraft is unavailable.

Opinion: There's no Aircraft, so don't bother trying a Twinblade/Chopper-VX
attack here. Instead, use Artillery and Armour.

Take out the Tesla Troopers in the base by any means necessary. Then build some
Defences at the entrance to this section of the castle. Moskvin's bases are to
the north.

Neutralize any of Moskvin's forces to the south, then secure the prizes he
leaves behind. Use Artillery to bomb the crap out of the Super Reactors in the
middle of the castle. They can also be used to shatter Moskvin's bases from
beyond the walls.

Beware of Moskvin's Tesla Tanks. Use Artillery against them.

As the Soviets:
-Natasha can be used to capture some of Moskvin's Tesla Tanks.
-Use the Mortar Cycles as cheap Artillery.

As the Allies:
-Although playing as the Allies without Aircraft seems like blasphemy, their
Pacifier FAV more than makes up for this loss. It can barrage Moskvin's
helpless Structures in the castle, and can turn the Tesla Troopers into swiss
-Protect the FAVs with Mirage Tanks (or Future Tanks when they are available).

As the Imperials:
-A Sudden Transport may be able to make its way into Moskvin's territory (think
of the possibilities!).

Here's a strategy by Skyfortress:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

First build up two or three Multigunner Turrets, then build an Armour Facility
and an Airbase for the Choronosphere. Build a Pacifier FAV at Heightened
Clearance and use it to destroy the Super Reactors right outside your base.
Then build one or two Future Tanks(or a group of Guardians and IFVs) and
teleport them and the Pacifier to Moskvin's base with the help of Surveillance
Sweep. Use the Pacifier to take out the other two Super Reactors (and the War
Factory if Moskvin built one there) and use the other tanks to destroy what's
left of Moskvin's base."

Here's another strategy by VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

Note: with the Pacifier, this can be one easy mission. 

Make sure to build Walls around the spots for the Refineries to prevent Tesla
Troopers standing there and blocking the way.

Then do this build order: Power Plant, 2 Refineries, Airbase, Power Plant,
Defence Bureau, sell the Airbase, kill the Tesla Troopers with the Peacekeeper,
Heightened Clearance, Armour Facility. Feel free to build a Multigunner Turret
in the meanwhile too.

Now once you've got Heightened Clearance, the Faciliity, and the Bureau, build
3 Pacifiers, deploy the first two inside your base and bombard the two Super
Reactors, the third one moves outside to kill the Tesla Troopers. Also try to
kill the 3 elite Tesla Tanks in the middle by aiming in front of them with your
deployed artillery.

Next, move your Pacifiers around your base to the middle (use the southern
path, it's hardly guarded) and deploy them in the middle of the map.

Bombard the other 2 Super Reactors and the other buildings near them. Then,
pack up, deploy them in a line in front of the wall to Moskvin's main base.
Kill off the MCV with ease, then the 2 Refineries, and whatever is left. Done
quickly, you could win in less than 6 minutes."

5.111 >Double-Barreled<

Location: Grinder Gulch.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Apocalypse Tank.
Unlockable Challenges: Out of the Blue, Red Crush, Come and get it.
Requires: Tesla's Castle.
Par Time: 13:00.
Twists: Aircraft is unavailable. There is no Fog of War.

Opinion: The fog of war is gone here, so keep an eye out for Oleg's attacks.
Thanks to Lellouch for helping me get through this one.

Try to secure the resources to the east. Get a Commando and use her against
Oleg's base (when she's escorted by some powerful Tanks). Be sure to take out
Oleg's Defences first with Tanks or Artillery. Use some Anti-Armour Infantry
against Oleg's incoming Apocalypse Tanks.

As the Soviets:
-Natasha can neutralize an Apocalypse Tank.
-Use V4 Rocket Launchers to smash Oleg's Structures.

As the Allies:
-Use Tanya on the Apocalypse Tanks (provided that Oleg doesn't have the Terror
Drone Surprise!).
-Pacifier FAVs can bombard Oleg's base.

As the Imperials:
-Yuriko works best against the Apocalypse tanks. Escort her with some King Oni.
-Use the Oni to break through Oleg's Defences.

Here's a strategy by UltimateBladez:

"Suggested faction: Soviets.

First build a Crusher Crane followed by two Reactors and two Refineries. Then
start building a Super Reactor and War Factory. It's recommended to build two
Sentry Guns on the edges of your base (for killing Oleg's Infantry ONLY). After
that's done, build about 10 Terror Drones. Keep a constant flow of Terror
Drones, but space them out. Set ALL Terror Drones on stun mode. He'll start
pulling out Apocalypses soon. While building the Terror Drones, build a
Barracks to produce about 10 Mortar cycles. The Iron Curtain will come in handy

The Mortar Cycles can wait a little bit, but make sure you have at least 1-2. 
Line up your Terror Drones evenly at the edges a little behind the Sentry Guns.
The majority of the TD (Terror Drones) should be at the edges. Keep pumping
them out and ALL on stun. So what should happen is, the Terror Drones stun the
Apocalypses and the Mortar Cycles can move from each side of the base to kill
the stunned Apocalypses. KEEP THE TDs COMING! When you have about 5,000 credits
to spare, build a Battle Lab. Train Natasha as well as a few V4 Rocket
Launchers. During this entire process, if you have about 10 Mortar Cycles; go
and kill off Oleg's Ore Refineries that he has around. But don't go for his
base yet, you can garrison Natasha in one of the buildings, and once it's blown
up, get an Engineer and make a Bunker for Natasha. This makes an excellent
defence. Once you have your V4s set up (about 3 for each side, and 4 in the
middle), you should have about 10-20 TDs on each side. Next is to harass his
base a little...

Build up about 10 more Mortar Cycles. Then avoid the raging Apocalypses and
kill off the Sentry Guns with the Mortar Cannons. As soon as you can, send
them to attack his MCV right away, (Oleg's too stupid to build a Crusher
Crane). If you can take it out, that's good. If not, it's okay. Send a couple
extra Terror Drones to go into his moving MCV. That way he can't unpack
anywhere. Though the MCV won't die from Terror Drones, (because of the Garage),
he's rendered useless. Eventually, send more Mortar Cycles to kill his Garage,
causing his MCV eventually die. Kill off his Super Reactor and War Factory with
Mortars as well. Use the Desolator Strike to kill his garrisoned Infantry and
his wandering ones. You can also use V4 Rockets instead of Mortars. Once his
War Factories are gone (he won't build another MCV), he's done for. Blehhh!
Finish him off however you like.
Remember, this one could take a while.  This strategy is only if you really
have no other choice. There's almost no way in making it through par time with
this. By the end you should have build about 30-40 Terror Drones. Kept about 27
at the end for me. If you feel like it, you can destroy his Apocalypses with
Terror Drones too. It's kinda funny..."

Here's another strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

First build a Power Plant, followed by a Boot Camp and a Refinery before
applying for clearance. Engineers should be trained in order to secure all
civilian buildings in the map. After clearance is completed, Spies can be
trained to infiltrate Oleg's Refinery that is built far away from his main base
for money. Spies can also be used to bribe Oleg's Apocalpse Tanks. Build
Airbases next, then a Defence Bureau and Heightened Clearence for the Pacifier
which can be used to keep those Tanks and Infantry away. Armour Facility is a
must to keep those Terror Drones at bay. Once we have built a sizeable army and
Armoured force, proceed to wipe out Oleg's base."

Here's a bit more informatio by VX4:

"Although Oleg's base starts with 2 Sentry nests to each entrance, this mission
still can be Dojo rushed. Just make sure your first line of attackers are
Warriors, because they have more HP than Tankbusters. You can also capture a
Hostpital. So, place your Dojos near the western Oil Derrick and wait until you
have a respectable force before you charge. Oleg's build order is really slow
here, he'll first build a Super Reactor, then a Battle Lab, then two War
Factories, and only then will start sending Apocalypse Tanks. In the meanwhile,
all he has is some Infantry and those Sentry Guns. Should be easy to overrun
with a large enough Infantry army.

Alternatively, and much more fun but also much slower will be using the
Soviets. You will need Terror Drones for this one. Basically it's gonna be the
same as already described in UltimateBladez's strategy, just that you'll be
doing exactly this:

1. Build a Barracks, a bear and two Engineers, then sell it again. Send the
Bear to the far Oil Derrick (but not too close, else he escorts his otherwise
lonely Engineer).

2. In the meanwhile, build a Crane near one of the Ore Nodes. The Engineers go
for the two Oil Derricks, the Bear kills that enemy Engineer at the far Oil
Derrick when he has come close, then retreats.

3. Once the Crane is done, have the Crane build a Reactor near the other Ore
Node. The MCV should pack up and go to deploy at the 2 Ore Mines in the

4. The Crane builds a Refinery, then a Super Reactor, then another Refinery.
5. When the MCV arrives, simultaneously build 2 Refineries at the new location

6. Build a War Factory and Barracks at the new location (right in front of
Oleg's base) By now he should have started producing Apocalypse Tanks.

7. Build 3-4 Bears, 3-4 Terror Drones, 4-5 Mortar Cycles and up to 8 Hammer
Tanks, in that order. You can also have two Engineers first to capture the
Hospital and Garage.

8. When Oleg starts to move his forces towards you, you root his Apocalypse
Tanks with the Drones, leech their cannon with the Hammers, and deal damage
with the Mortars, and kill his Infantry with your Bears.

9. When you have 5-6 double-barreled Hammer Tanks, start attacking. Bombard his
Defences with your bikes, then just take out whatever comes into your way.

10. Always handle his Apocalypses from afar, using the superior range of
Stasis Beam, Leech Beam and Mortars. 

11. Target his Battle Lab first; no Lab = no Apocs. Garrisioned Infantry is no
problem for Molotovs from your bikes. Don't hesitate to retreat single Hammers
if they get under heavy apoc fire.

12. Profit."

5.112 >Out of the Blue<

Location: Canals of Carnage.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 5.
Opponent: Giles (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Century Bomber.
Unlockable Challenges: Fury of the Empire.
Requires: Double-Barreled.
Par Time: 15:00.
Twists: Giles sends in Paradrops every few minutes. The amount of time between
Paradrops is indicated.

Opinion: Get some Anti-Infantry forces ready for this mission; the Paradrops
are quite deadly if not attended to. A sneak attack will need to be used. Props
to Lellouch for the strategy for beating this mission.

Get some Infantry to fight off the Paratroopers. Secure the Ore Node to the
east and protect that too. Giles has some Power Plants in the middle of the
map. Feel free to take those out.

Use Artillery to break through Giles' Defences and annihilate his base to the
northeast. Use Commandos for maximum efficiency.

As the Soviets:
-Use Desolators, V4 Rocket Launchers, and Natasha to deal with the primary
threats here.

As the Allies:
-Use Apollo Fighters to shoot down the Century Bombers whenever possible.
-Have Pacifier FAVs deal with both Infantry and Structures.

As the Imperials:
-Send in a Burst Drone to Giles' base, avoiding any Apollo Fighters along the
way. Then make a Transport and disguise it as one of Giles' Prospectors.
-Put Yuriko, a Shinobi, and some Tankbusters in the Transport, then sneak it
along the east side of the map.
-Avoid any Dogs, and then unload the Transport in Giles' base! Use Yuriko to
destroy all the Power Plants to neutralize the Defences.
-Destroy the Armour Facility and Construction Yards first.
-Use Shinobi and Warriors to fight off the Paratroopers.

Here's a strategy by FlareBladeLord:

"Suggested faction: Allies.
Start by building two barracks, and start spewing out Infantry. When you've got
enough, say; 30 Peacekeepers and 15 Javelin Soldiers (feel free to add more
units, the more the merrier), send them north to the two Power Plants and take
them out along with the Defences. Keep reinforcing your army as your progress,
until your money is no more. But you probably won't have that much time, so
just keep progressing. When you reach the outskirts of Giles' base, you should
have about the same number of Peacekeeperss as you started with, and at least
20 Javelin Soldiers. Then, send them towards Giles' base, and watch out for his
Century Bombers. This should be fairly easy.
Also, if you want more money, build a Power Plant and sell the Construction
Yard. If you want the Construction Yard safe, send it out on the northern
waters, but make sure you have a Power Plant set up before you do so. But as
for the Engineer you'll get, you can use him to capture one of the Power Plants
to gain some more money."

Here's a tip from VX4:

"Bla, Dojo rush. Remember to place the Generator in the water. Crush Giles'
base, and don't forget the 4 Power Plants in the middle of the battlefield."

5.113 >Fury of the Empire<

Location: Rival Schools.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 6.
Opponent: Takara (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Giga Fortress.
Unlockable Challenges: Future Warfare.
Requires: Out of the Blue.
Par Time: 16:00.
Twists: Takara has some Giga Fortresses patrolling the map. The Fog of War near
the Giga Fortresses are removed.

Opinion: Fly under the radar in this mission; the Giga Fortresses are too
strong to be dealt with directly.

Secure the Oil Derrick and Ore Node to the west, and build up a sizeable Air
force. One of Takara's Giga Fortresses is patrolling the waters, so avoid it.
When it's at the west end of the map, send in the Air force northeast, avoiding
any Anti-Air Takara has in this region.

Destroy Takara's Docks, then the rest of her production Structures. Hunt down
every last one of her Structures before she can send in the Giga Fortresses,
essentially ending the game.

As the Soviets:
-Escort the Twinblades with MiGs.

As the Allies:
-Use Harbingers and Apollos (maybe a few Cyrocopters too).

As the Imperials:
-Use the good old fashioned VX/Tengu strike.

Here's a strategy by Manuras:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

1. Build a Power Plant, an Ore Refinery, and an Airbase.
2. Get the Surveillance Sweep ability.
3. Build 4 Appollos and a Boot Camp.
4. Train 2 Spies and disguise them as one of Takara's soldiers (you can see
them with the Surveillance Sweep).
5. Bring a Spy to the northwest corner and the other to the southeast.
6. Position 2 Apollos near each Spy but don't let them be engaged with the Giga
7. Once you have $2000, bribe the 2 Giga Fortresses (and maybe the Naginatas
near them at the same time). Also, start pumping out lots of Javelins for base
protection. Not that necessary on offence, but it can save your life. 
8. Get your Apollos near your Fortresses and switch the Fortresses to Sky Mode.
9. Rush to Takara's base by shooting down every Jet Tengu with your Apollos. At
this time, your base may be under attack by some Tsunami Tanks and Sky Wings,
but the Javelins will hold them off long enough. Also, try to destroy Takara's
Nanocores ASAP."

Here's more input by Ace_Strife:

"Suggested Faction: Empire.

This mission can be beaten with just Yuriko, but the trick is sneaking her into
the enemy base quickly and undetected. Here's how you do it:

Quickly build three Generator cores and three Refineries; the third ore mine
lies on the southeastern edge of your starting island. While the refineries set
up, build a Dojo and another Generator. When one Refinery is operational,
upgrade your Dojo and build a Mecha Bay, a Mainframe, and three Defender cores.

Set up the Defenders to the east where your lone Refinery lies, with one set as
an Anti-Air defence. When the Mainframe is up and running, upgrade your Dojo
one last time, and build a Sudden Transport and train Yuriko. You may sell your
Construction Yard now for a quick 2500 credits.

Now, disguise the Transport as any enemy vessel (you can do that, even if it's
a naval-only unit), and stick Yuriko inside. Takara's base lies to the
northeast, and if you didn't waste any time, she shouldn't have expanded into
the sea. She'll have a Docks, but ignore that, and make a beeline right for her
base. Avoid the base Defences and unload Yuriko near the Construction Yard.
Take down any enemy threats (Tanks and Imperial Warriors deal damage fast) and
then take down the Dojo and Mecha Bay. Save Yuriko's special ability because an
Infantry division is coming to Takara's aid from the west.

Remember to juggle the enemy if there's too many, but use her ability on the
Infantry division once they arrive. Now, take down Takara's Power and her
Construction Yard, and then everything else, including the Docks just off the
island's south coast. If you haven't won, that's because she has one more
Refinery to the northwestern section of her island; similar to your own third

You should have completed in seven minutes tops."

Here's another tip by VX4:

"This one is surprisingly easy to Dojo rush, just lead your Dojo Cores between
the Sky Fortresses and safely deply them at the southern beach of Takara's
territory. Don't be afraid if she has a Defender VX in her base. Just move a
Burst Drone near it, but out of its range and it will go into anti-air mode,
rendering it useless against your Infantry."

Here's another strategy by Pac Nether:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

The three Giga Fortresses in the water are basically begging to be bribed. To
sum up what I did, I spread out my base as much as possible at the beginning
(i.e. a Power Plant as far northeast as possible, 2 Refineries south west and
a Boot Camp south east). This prevents the Sea Wings which attack the base
later from destroying all the buildings because the other buildings are out of
their vision zone.
Build 6 Spies and use Surveillance Sweep to give the Spies something to
imitate. I sent two Spies to each water Giga Fortress, placing one Spy between
the Giga Fortress and a Naginata Cruiser so that all three would be converted
at the same time. The Giga that patrols the enemy coast requires a bit of
timing in order to prevent the Spy being crushed. Before the southeast Fortress
was converted, I had already moved my Construction Yard between the two Ore
Mines, leaving the buildings behind. Now all was left was to make all 3 Giga
Fortresses airborne and make mincemeat of Takara's buildings."

5.200 >Side Challenges<
There are numerous Side Challenges to complete. Some Side Challenges unlock
more Side Challenges. Side Challenges are indicated by triangle icons.

5.201 >Creeping Death<

Location: Infinity Isle.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 6.
Opponent: Kenji (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Striker/Chopper-VX.
Unlockable Challenges: All Guns Blazing, High-Water Mark.
Requires: Blood Feud.
Par Time: 9:00.
Twists: Kenji mass-produces Defender-VX Cores.

Opinion: A fairly easy map. Kenji attempts to use the Dojo-Rush, hence,
turtling is essential to survival.

Build up, securing the Ore Nodes. Then make a Barracks and send two Engineers
to Capture the Oil Derrick and Observation Post. Send some Support Infantry to
hold off against the Nanocores.

Secure the Ore Nodes in the water and next to the Oil Derrick for extra cash.
Erect a War Factory and start pumping out Tanks. When possible, build an
Airfield and make a squad of Fighter Jets.

When enough Tanks are produced, send them to raid the Defences. When all the
Defences around the southern Ore Node are destroyed, take it and build some
Defences to shoot at the incoming Nanocores.

Try to produce an army before Kenji can build his Wave-Force Towers. Send in
the Tanks to smash everything up! If Kenji has some Chopper-VXs in his base,
use the Fighters to bring them down. Kenji may also expand to the water. Should
this happen, use a Naval fleet to hunt his forces down.

As the Soviets:
-The Engineer's Battle Bunker is a godsend. A single Bunker full of Flak
Troopers should be more than enough to keep the Nanocores away.
-The Hammer's Leech Beam allows the Hammer Tanks to last much longer against

As the Allies:
-The Allies can expand far earlier in the game thanks to the Prospectors. Use
them to gain a quick hold of the various Ore Nodes.
-The Apollo Fighters can be used to distract the Defender-VXs if necessary.
-Allied Engineers can heal the wounded Infantry whenever need be.

As the Imperials:
-Follow suit to Kenji's strategy. Rush some Defender Nanocores to protect the
Observation Post.
-Build the Dojo right next to the Observation Post.
-The Tsunami Tanks can hunt down Kenji's forces, even if they go to the waters.

Here's a strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Build a Dojo Core and send it to the middle of the map. Training 5 Archer
Maidens can be helpful in taking out those annoying Cores. Once the Mecha Bay
is built, upgrade it and send in the Tsunami Tanks to take out the enemy base.
Use the Tsunamis to take out the Defender VXs and have the Archers take out the
Cores and Striker VXs."

5.202 >Crate and Red Barrel<

Location: Quad Damage.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponent: Hill (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Multigunner IFV.
Unlockable Challenges: Are you Experienced, Two Sides to Everything.
Requires: Defense of the Archipalego.
Par Time: 7:30.
Twists: Explosive Barrels and Bonus Crates appear throughout the map. The
amount of Barrels is indicated.

Opinion: This is a straightforward mission. Just watch out for the Barrels that
pop out everywhere. Also, be sure to collect any of the Crates whenever

Try to secure the resources east and south of this position, and Capture every
Tech Building in the vicinity. Destroy the Bridge leading to the centre island.
Try to flank to Hill's base in either direction.

Here comes the tricky part; whenever Hill's forces get near any Barrels, shoot
them to dispatch his troops quickly. Just try to break through his troops and
annihilate his structures.

As the Soviets:
-Flak Troopers are effective against Hill's IFVs.

As the Allies:
-Prospectors can get an early hold of the isolated Ore Nodes in the area.

As the Imperials:
-Tankbusters can eliminate Hill's IFVs with ease.
-Chopper-VXs can provide support.

5.203 >Are you Experienced<

Location: Hard Lesson.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 9.
Opponent: Hill (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Assault Destroyer.
Unlockable Challenges: Number One Threat to America.
Requires: Crate and Red Barrel.
Par Time: 6:30.
Twists: Each army starts out with three Veteran Academies. The amount of
Academies for each side is indicated.

Opinion: Units are even more deadly thanks to the Veteran Academies. Hill's
needs to be destroyed to get the upper hand.

Don't worry if Hill manages to capture an extra Veteran Academy; they can be
taken back. Instead, go to his Academies and blow them up, damaging the morale
of his troops. The Ore Nodes in the water to the southeast can be taken.

Build up a sizeable force, being sure that all Academies are being defended and
maintained, then attack Hill's troops. Without his Academies, Hill's forces
should fall quickly. For extra defence, garrison any of the nearby Structures.

As the Soviets:
-If any of the civilian Structures are destroyed in the firefights, have some
Engineers make some Battle Bunkers for even more protection.

As the Allies:
-IFVs can help repair any damaged troops, or can transfer any Engineers to take
some of Hill's Academies in seconds.

As the Imperials:
-The Chopper-VX can make quick work of Hill's Structures.
-Steel Ronin can easily annihilate any Armour or Structures (including Hill's

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

Don't stress over the Veteran Academies. You start out with three, you might
lose some, that's alright. Remeber the Ore Mine on the water just south of your
Construction Yard is borderline within your reach, you can place a Refinery
there as well. Place two Sentry Turrets next to your northern Ore mine, two on
the flank of your base towards Hill's base and one or two covering your rear
flank, just in case. Then build your Super Reactor and Airfield. Now you can
just spam Twinblades. You probably can't avoid Hill taking over one of your
Academies, but if you shoot the dogs near the other two, he might be
discouraged. You'd be better off razing Hill's Academies than taking them. Same
goes for any academies he takes from you. Remember to wail on his MCV as he
packs it up. Because he's relying so much on Peacekeepers and Riptide ACVs,
both of which fall easy prey to your Sentries (you might need to build a couple
more for the Riptides), you can just leave them be and take out his Assault
Destroyers first, in case they try to get to your base. Mop up and you're

Here's another strategy by Subk123:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Attempt a Dojo Rush against Hill. Send two Dojo Cores to Hill's base and start
an Infantry spam, with the Empire's cheap Infantry. If you see Riptides, ignore
everything else and destroy it and the Armour Facility."

5.204 >Caught in the Crossfire<

Location: Islandgrad.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponents: Giles (Blue), Vera (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Twinblade.
Unlockable Challenges: Dangerous Skies.
Requires: Symphony of Steel.
Par Time: 10:00.
Twists: There is no Fog of War. When one Commander is defeated, the other sends
in bombers.

Opinion: Two of the finest Air Force Generals fight against each other. Don't
be encouraged to favor one of them over the other; they must both go down.

Ignore the Fighter Aircraft blowing each other to bits over the base. Instead,
build a Barracks and garrison the Structures towards the two enemy bases. Build
up two squads of Fighter Aircraft, and make a War Factory to produce Tanks and

Giles, with his Vindicators, is a bigger threat than Vera. He has virtually no
ground forces, so send in a small Infantry division to smash up his base (use a
squad of Fighter Aircraft to fight off his).

When Giles is sent packing, attack Vera. She has a ton of Twinblades at her
disposal, so use some Fighter Aircraft to send them to the ground. After that,
it's all a matter of basic fighting. Secure the Ore Nodes in Giles' late base
if necessary.

When one of the Commanders is defeated, the other will send in their Bombers.
Destroy both Commanders before they can retaliate!

As the Soviets:
-MiGs can destroy clusters of Aircraft.
-Battle Bunkers can be used to replace the civilian Structures in the base.

As the Allies:
-A squad of Apollo Fighters can singlehandedly annihilate any Air force Giles
or Vera can produce.
-Javelin Soldiers can rip apart Giles' base.
-Riptide ACVs can pursue Giles or Vera if they ever think about retreating into
the water.

As the Imperials:
-When the Airfields are destroyed, the Jet Tengu can return back into Mecha
Tengu to add more damage the Chopper-VXs are already creating.
-Tankbusters can smash up the Bases with little difficulty.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Sugested Faction: Soviets.

Giles offers not to attack you if you can keep Vera off his base. Don't trust
him. Resist the temptation to capture the Oil Derricks near by, they'll just
get blown apart. Instead, build some Flak Turrets facing Giles's base first and
a few facing Vera's. Also, plop down some Sentry Guns facing Vera, as she'll
sent the odd few soldiers on foot your way. Then send a handful of Hammer
Tanks, as soon as you can, to pound on Giles' base. It might take more than
one wave. Then recall your surviving tanks and repair them. Once Giles is done,
you can capture the Oil Derrick closer to his base. Start building Bullfrogs.
Vera will get some Kirovs for her birthday, so beef up your anti-air defences.
You might even want to send your MCV over to the site of Giles's former base so
it'll take the Kirovs longer to reach you. When you're ready to attack, send
some bullfrogs ahead to deal with Vera's Twinblades and some tanks just behind
them to deal with the structures. If you have V4 Rocket Launchers, have them
prioritize her Super Reactor, then the Airfield just beyond it, over on the

Here's another strategy by bGate:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

As soon as the mission started, I immediately packed up my MCV and moved into
the water, to the corner of the map with 2 Ore Nodes. The Allies and the
Soviets attacked each other, and not me. I did not have to set up a single
defensive structure. After setting up 2 Refineries at my Construction Yard in
one corner of the map, I sent 2 Refinery cores to the opposite side of the map
(by sneaking around the Soviets hugging the side of the map) and had 4
Refineries running the entire game.
I then set up 2 Docks and upgraded them to give me Sea Wings. I then pumped out
Sea Wings non-stop. The allies got the upper hand against the Soviets while I
massed my Sea Wings. I set my Sea Wings into flying mode and began my assault
on the Allies. The Allies defeated the Soviets while I was attacking the
Allies. The bombers were sent in to the centre of the map, and I was nowhere to
be found and I was never attacked. My squadron of Sea Wings was destroyed, but
I had destroyed their Construction Yard and their War Factory, so it was only a
matter of time for me to beat them down. I used the Final Squadron ability to
help pick off weaker buildings, and that upgrade path also gave me increased
naval strength.
But most importantly, my structures were never attacked!"

Here's a tip by Subk123:

"A Tanya IFV will be able to destroy both bases easily. Just destroy Giles'
base first so he doesn't send Century Bombers at you, Kirovs are less deadly."

5.205 >Dangerous Skies<

Location: Repair Bay.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 6.
Opponents: Vera (Red), Giles (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Vindicator.
Unlockable Challenges: Viscious Circle.
Requires: Caught in the Crossfire.
Par Time: 21:00.
Twists: None.

Opinion: This mission WOULD be easy if it weren't for one thing: MONEY! Heavy
micromanagement is required to completing this mission.

Build up two fleets of Fighter Jets; one for each of the Commanders. Secure the
Ore Nodes on the island to the west whenver possible. Be sure to have enough
defences to fight off both the Vindicators and the Soviet Infantry.

Again, Giles is a greater threat than Vera. Build up a Naval Yard and send some
ships to destroy Giles' base. Produce some Anti-Air ships to fend off Giles'
pesky Vindicators. Use an adequate Air Force or Naval Force to annihilate
Giles' base. Pursue any of his forces until he gives up (and complains).

Vera's base is to the north, so a ground assault is possible. Build up a
sizeable force and charge to her base (use the fleets of Fighters to shatter
her Aircraft). Secure any vacant Ore Nodes whenever possible.

As the Soviets:
-Now that the Twinblade is available, use them to shoot down both of the bases.
-Battle Bunkers are effective at protecting the Tech Structures.

As the Allies:
-The Assault Destroyer will be invaluable for destroying Giles' base.
-Hydrofoils can tear Giles' Vindicators to shreds.

As the Imperials:
-Build lots and lots of Tengu. In Jet form, they can thwart any Air Attacks.
In Mecha form, they can fend off Vera's pesky Infantry.
-A squad of Tengu and VXs should be enough to drive Giles and his cursed army
out of the game.
-Use Steel Ronin to deal with Vera's base.

Here's a strategy by Hezzara:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

First thing I did was pump out 2 Generators, a Dojo, and 2 Refineries. Once
they were set up, I built a Mecha Bay and pumped out a small group of Mecha
Tengus, which I used to patrol around, destroying Vindicators, Twinblades and
Vera's Infantry attacking me until I managed to get a Defender Core set up.
With the skies around my base cleared, I trained a group of Archer Maidens and
another Refinery and escorted it up to the Ore Nodes to the north. With the
Maidens there, Vera hesitates to send any Twinblades against you, though it
might be worthwhile to send a few Tengu to destroy them every now and then.

After I set up two Refineries in the northern ore nodes, guarded by a healthy
amount of Archer Maidens (amazing unit, they are, while tanks can beat them,
Vera doesn't use many tanks, and the Maiden can take out everything else), I
began to focus on Gile's base. Let's just face it, when fighting against Air
units, it's always the Allied Air units that gives the most grief.

A simple VX rush, covered by your Mecha-Tengus, is more than enough to push
Giles out of the game. Apollos might be better than your Tengus, but you have
the advantage of numbers. Vera will probably fair better against your VXs,
however, as she has a lot of flak around her base. You COULD kill her with a VX
rush, but you might do a little better using Steel Ronin to do it. Once again,
covered by your Mecha Tengu to stop those pesky Twinblades."

5.206 >All Guns Blazing<

Location: Battlebase Quartus.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Takara (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Wave-Force Tower.
Unlockable Challenges: Show of Force.
Requires: Creeping Death.
Par Time: 10:00.
Twists: All bases are protected by Tri-Cannons. There is no Fog of War.

Opinion: With Tactical Aircraft, this mission is a joke. Takara virtually has
no Anti-Air, and any sort of Helicopter or Bomber can make quick work of
Takara's Bases.

Since this base is protected by Tri-Cannons, just build a small Infantry force
for defence. The only way to get to this base on land is the ramp, which is
heavily guarded by the Cannons. Build up an Airfield and build a fleet of
Fighter Aircraft, then start mass-producing Tactial Aircraft. Secure the Ore
Nodes in the water.

When ready, attack any of Takara's bases. Use the Fighter Aircraft to protect
the Tactical Aircraft in case Takara builds Tengu. The Tactical Aircraft will
be able to make quick work of Takara's minions with ease.

If, for some reason, the use of Tactical Aircraft is limited, use them to
destroy Takara's Tri-Cannons, and then send in a ground force to destroy
Takara's defenceless Structures.

As the Soviets:
-The Twinblade dominates the sky here, so don't stop building them!

As the Allies:
-Vindicators can be used for quick hit-and-run attacks. Be sure to build lots
of them to prevent Takara from rebuilding.

As the Imperials:
-The Chopper-VX only requires a Mecha Bay. Of course, it also requires a Mecha
Bay upgrade, so pump out some Tengu, and build those choppers!

5.207 >Two Sides to Everything<

Location: Pool Party.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 5.
Opponent: Shinzo (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Sea/Sky-Wing.
Unlockable Challenges: Behind the Iron Curtain.
Requires: Crate and Red Barrel.
Par Time: 9:15.
Twists: The number of Shinzo's Sea-Wings is indicated.

Opinion: Shinzo doesn't make things easy with his Sea-Wings. A formidable Air
force and Naval fleet will need to be used to get past this mission!

Try to build up a fleet of Fighter Jets to fight off the Sky-Wings. Build up a
Naval Yard and start pumping out ships. Shinzo's base to the east is a high
threat, so target that one first. Shinzo will have Infantry guarding his bases
too, so use any Amphibious units whenever possible. Do the same to the rest of
his bases.

As the Soviets:
-The Stingrays are cheap amphibious Units that will fare well against the Sea-
Wings. Escort them with Bullfrogs in case there are any Sky-Wings.

As the Allies:
-The Assault Destroyer is good for destroying bases and Sea-Wings. They should
be accompanied by Hydrofoils and Apollo Fighters to take down any Sky-Wings.

As the Imperials:
-A Chopper-VX and Jet Tengu squad should be enough to destroy Shinzo.

Here's a strategy by Jacobs 6 Geno:

"Suggested faction: Allies.
It is REALLY easy, if you know your opponent's weakness.

Shinzo will rely very heavily on his beloved Sky-Wings, witch can be countered

So, here's how I did it: I immediatly, after I gained control, set my
Construction Yard to build a Power Plant, built it near the Construction Yard,
then built another one. Then came 2 Ore Refineries, and while the second one
was building, I built a Multigunner Turret at the north entrance of my base.

After the two Refineries were buit, I built an Armour Facility, and set its
rally point onto the small land spread east of me.

I started pumping out Riptides and Multigunner IFVs and overwhelmed the
southeast base before he built a Sea-Wing. Chase down his MCV if he tries to

Meanwhile, build up another Turret at the north, and send your likely heroic
IFVs from the leveled base to keep the Sky wWings at bay, keeping them in the
northwestern corner of YOUR starting landspread.

When you kick the behind of his southeast base, it's time to expand.

This is simple, just send a few Prospectors round the map:
-Shinzo's old base
-Southern expansion points...

You probably won't get attacked on your water expansions, but don't let that
fool you, since Shinzo's packing A LOT of Yaris.

Now that you have expanded build up another Armour Facility and set them both

Build a Boot Camp and train different types of Infantry to garrison the IFVs
(Peacekeepers, Dogs, and Javelins do best) and leave a few ungarrisoned (like
20 - 40) so they kick the Sky-Wings.

Send your IFV force north and kill all Infantry (Tankbusters first, Archer
Maidens second, and Imperial Warriors the last.

Kill anything you see and proceed with the north western base and destroy it.
Meanwhile, just in case, keep producing IFVs and keep them, defending your base
with the original IFVs. You can hopefully get it under par and really cheaply,
since IFVs are very cheap."

5.208 >Ready to Roll Out<

Location: Assassin's Road.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Hill (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Pacifier FAV.
Unlockable Challenges: No Match for the Guardian, The Final Countdown.
Requires: Athena's Wrath.
Par Time: 13:00.
Twists: Pacifier FAVs may start popping out on the edges of the map.

Opinion: This mission is tough, but the reward makes it all worthwhile! An Air
force will be needed to fight off the FAVs.

Build up, and secure the Oil Derrick and Ore Node to the west. Build up a fleet
of Fighter Aircraft and then build up some Tactical Aircraft. Erect a few Anti-
Air Defences to keep Hill's Apollo Fighters away, and train a squad of Anti-
Armour soldiers to fight off any FAVs approaching (wait for them to switch to
Seige mode).

A Pacifier just came through the western edge! Use the Tactical Aircraft to
take it down (or a small Anti-Armour Infantry force). When ready, send in the
Tactical Aircraft, escorted by the Fighter Aircraft to Hill's eastern base.
Destroy the Airbase first, then everything else! Ensure that none of the
Structures remain. Do the same to Hill's northwest base.

As the Soviets:
-MiGs and Twinblades make a great pair for destroying Hill's bases.
-Tesla Troopers and their EMP surge can disable FAVs, and Flak Troopers with
their Mines can finish them off quickly.

As the Allies:
-Vindicators won't work well, as they need to return to base to reload.
-Try bribing an FAV with a Spy.

As the Imperials:
-The VX/Tengu works wonders. Be sure to have the Rocket Pods upgrade!
-The Steel Ronin can help defend the base against the FAVs.
-Use a group of Tankbusters to destroy the FAVs when they are in Siege mode.

Here's a strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Using Striker VXs and Tengus are great but there is a way to keep Hill busy
while you destroy one of his bases. Build a Sudden Transport and garrison an
Engineer into it. Disguise it as one of Hill's Pacifiers and head to the far
end of Hill's base away from the Construction Yard. Capturing the Airbase,
Refinery or Defence Bureau is helpful. Wait for Hill's armour to damage the
captured building while sneaking the Sudden Transport back to base. Once it is
near destruction, sell the building off for credits. This can be used to buy
time for the construction of Striker VXs and Tengus. Once the VXs and Tengus
are ready, send them to either base and destroy it before proceeding to the
other. The Rocket Pods upgrade and Honourable Discharge upgrades are

5.209 >Dirty Tricks<

Location: Acid Rain.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Moskvin (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Terror Drone.
Unlockable Challenges: Kill-A-Ton.
Requires: Symphony of Steel.
Par Time: 8:15.
Twists: Desolator Airstrikes constantly bombard the map.

Opinion: Because of all the Terror Drones and Desolator Airstrikes, Anti-
Infantry Armour and Navals will be essential to completing this mission.

Build up, and construct some Defences. Secure the Ore Node to the east. Build
up a sizeable armoured force, and then send them to Moskvin's base. Try to
avoid the Desolator Airstrikes whenever possible. Also, be sure to attack
Moskvin's base as soon as possible, before he can do the same.

As the Soviets:
-Hammer Tanks may be able to push through the Desolator Airstrikes.

As the Allies:
-The Pacifier FAV here is a gift from God. Use them to flank around the island
and then bombard Moskvin's Structures. Their machine guns should be able to
make quick work of his Terror Drones.

As the Imperials:
-When escorting a Disguised Transport, avoid the Desolator Airstrikes and flank
around the island.

Here's a tip from ArabianSharkCT:

"Make sure to place Defender-VX towers close to your Ore Mines in Defender
mode, they'll stop the Terror Drones Moskvin keeps sending at you. Remember
they can't shoot through each other or the Ore Mine or the Refinery, so place
them wisely. Back them up by some more Defender-VX towers in Air Destroyer mode
to deal with Moskvin's Twinblades and eventually put down some Wave-Force
Towers in front of your Ore Mines to take down Moskvin's Reapers. Then attack
him as you would, preferably by air, so you don't have to worry about your
vehicles becoming infected."

5.210 >Gosh Darn Mongolians!<

Location: Pure Oniage.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Kenji (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: King Oni.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Symphony of Steel.
Par Time: 9:45.
Twists: Kenji has a Greater King Oni.

Opinion: Because of the many Onis, Aircraft will need to be used against Kenji

The Onis are breaking down the city walls! Before they can reach the base, try
to get an Air Force ready. Secure the isolated Ore Nodes throughout the map.
When the Onis arrive, use Tactical Aircraft to destroy the Onis safely. When
they break through, be sure to capture any Tech Buildings in the area.

Keep mass-producing Aircraft! When ready, attack Kenji's base! Avoid the
Greater King Oni, as it can destroy Aircraft rather quickly.

As the Soviets:
-Twinblades and MiGs work like a charm in this map.
-Tesla Troopers may be used to disable any King Oni.
-Natasha can snipe some of the Onis.

As the Allies:
-The Pacifier FAV can be used to bomb Kenji's base from afar.
-Cryocopters can shrink the Onis to gain the upper hand.

As the Imperials:
-Chopper VXs can use their rockets against the Oni.
-Be sure to send any Refinery Cores to the Ore Nodes.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

Right from the early start, there are four King Onis poised to attack your
base, so forget about capturing Tech Buildings, Infantry or amassing your army,
instead crank out some Reactor Cores and tech your way up to Tower Cores. Lay
at least seven of those in front of your base so that the walls along the
central lane are just outside of their reach. Remember to put two of them far
along towards the north so that the top of the ramp is in their range. If you
can have eight or nine Towers up by the time the King Oni reach you, you'll be
able to repell them without taking any damage. Then either tech up to Strixer
VXs, if you like air assaults, or start building Tsunami Tanks. Get some Mecha
Tengus as well. When you're ready to attack, sneak your main force around the
island and through the back of Kenji's base, and start hacking at his
Construction Yard, so he won't be able to rebuild his base. Remember to send
your Jet Tengus ahead to the front of the base to draw out his own Jet Tengus
and give you room to maneuver. Prioritise his Construction Yard and his Mecha
Bays in that order so he won't be able to rebuild at all. Remember, if you
leave a Mecha Bay standing, he'll just build an MCV and resume operation, but
if you don't, he'll be left biding his time until you finally take down his
Greater King Oni, which can shoot down your Aircraft, and finish him off for

Here's another strategy by Helix25:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

If you have Yuriko this mission is super easy. To start build your base up with
Generator cores and Refineries. The get a Mecha Bay in production and quickly
get 2 Strikers out. These will eliminate the first 3 heroic Onis charging down
the middle of the map and the one coming from the north-north east. Keep VXs
near your base as Kenji is rather stupid and won't send his tengus much father
than mid way between your bases...

Build a Yuriko and send her on the top road past where you killed the king oni.
Send her right close to the enemy base and garrison her in a structure just
overlooking the north-south road into Kenji's base. The result his tengus and
Greater Oni attacks the building. Destroy the Greater Oni first (after trying a
pure VX strategy and getting creamed by his super Oni's missiles, see it fall
so easily to Yuriko is just funny..) and then ground the Tengus. After that
just a mop-up and your done and way under par time."

Here's yet another strategy by Subk123:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

Build and produce the Structures and Upgrades in this order:
-Instant Generator
-Instant Generator
-Dojo Upgrade
-Nanotech Mainframe
-Dojo Breakthrough
Then sell the Mainframe. Use a Rocket Angel to freeze a King Oni, but leave one
to come to your base. Destroy it with Yuriko and release a King Oni, and with
your spare Rocket Angel, attack the Oni on his own on the ledge to the
northwest. Once Yuriko destroys another Oni, move on to the next one, repeating
what you did with the previous Rocket Angel. Move Yuriko towards Kenji's base,
but do not enter. Once the Rocket Angels destroy the fourth King Oni, Kenji's
Greater Oni will advance towards your base and it doesn't need to Bull Rush, so
freeze it with Rockte Angels and let Yuriko deal with it. Then destroy Kenji's
base, freezing as many Tengus as you can whilst juggling the rest, as they are
a huge threat to Yuriko. This may take a few tries to get under par but it's
very easy."

And a fourth strategy from By N00bKefka:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

Start out with this build order:
Power Plant > Boot Camp > Ore Refineries > rush for Max Clearance.

While rushing for Max Clearance, get 1 Javelin to destroy the wall and capture
the closest Oil Derrick. The moment you get Max Clearance, build another
Refinery and the Armour Facility, get at least 4 Mirage Tanks out. As soon as
you get Tanya out, destroy the furthest King Oni first, then the 3 in the

Try not to get Tanya killed, if you are not good with the Time Belt, you can
always have an Engineer nearby to heal. Take note that the moment took out all
of the heroic King Onis, the Greater Oni will come charging at a very fast
speed, but it will be slowed down when trying to ram over the walls. If Tanya
is in the middle, she should have no problem in taking down the Greater Oni.
However, if Tanya happens to be on top where the furthest Oni is, she might
need to race down for the Greater Oni which would be risky for your base and
Mirage.  After taking down the Greater Oni, the rest of the strategy will be
Tanya will destroy the Onis, the Mirages will turn the Tengu horde into scrap

In this mission, due to the Greater Oni and Kenji being a die-hard fan for
Tengus, I won't recommend air units if you were to complete it under Par time.
If done correctly, it should finished at about 6:30 or so."

5.211 >Cat Fight<

Location: Florazon Basin.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 10.
Opponents: Takara (Orange), Lydia (Blue), Vera (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Tanya.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Where Satellites go to die.
Par Time: 8:30.
Twists: There is no Fog of War.

Opinion: All the female Commanders in Red Alert 3: Uprising have all been put
in one mission, and who shall be the winner? FutureTech of course! Because the
ladies will often divert their attention to one another, this isn't the hardest
mission in the game.

Establish a base, and capture the Oil Derrick to the south. Be sure to secure
the Ore Node in the southwest corner as well. When ready, build up a sizeable

Notice how some of the ladies are being pounded by another. Target the victor
first, and then hunt down the weaker armies. For defence, build a couple of
basic Defences just in case.

As the Soviets:
-Twinblades and Mortar Cycles are incredibly effective here. They can roughen
up Structures and unguarded installations!

As the Allies:
-Vindicators and IFVs make a pretty good team.

As the Imperials:
-Chopper-VXs and Steel Ronin should be able to do some damage. It doesn't
really matter that much which faction is being used.

5.212 >Number One Threat to America<

Location: Kodiak Lake.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 6.
Opponent: Oleg (Red), The Bears (Green).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: War Bear.
Unlockable Challenges: No Place to Hide.
Requires: Are you Experienced.
Par Time: 9:30.
Twists: There are giant Bears on the map.

Opinion: Oleg puts up quite a defence here, and the giant Bears don't make
things much easier! A decisive Air attack will be needed to defeat Oleg.

Be sure to destroy the civilian Structures around the base so that Oleg can't
use them. Capture the Oil Derrick to the north and reap its rewards. Build up
some Defences too.

Produce an Air Force, then send them east. Kill the Bears with Tactical
Aircraft for free experience, and secure the Ore Node. Head north and avoid
Oleg's forces. Smash up Oleg's base, targetting his Construction Yard first,
then his power.

As the Soviets:
-Use Twinblades. A lot.
-Mortar Cycles can be used to clear out the civilian Structures.
-Stingrays are surprisingly effective against the Bears.

As the Allies:
-Use the Vindicators to kill the Bears. Be sure to build lots of them since
they must reload.

As the Imperials:
-The Chopper-VX and Tengu pair work the best on this mission. Be sure to have
the Rocket Pods Upgrade.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

Build up your Defences fast. Three Instant Generators and the base power from
your Construction Yard are enough to power ten Defender Towers and two
Refineries, so do it. Place them in pairs: two in front of your Construction
Yard, two next to either Ore Mine and a pair in between the other pairs. Then
build your Mecha Bay and tech up to Chopper VXs. Destroy the Civilian Buildings
nearby so enemy infantry can't garrison in there, which could allow them to
take down your defences. Once you have about six or eight Chopper VXs, bolster
them with Point Defence Drones, if you have them (or Advanced Rocket Packs)
and send them across the world. Oleg will have his Airfield up and running,
but not many MiGs. Still, if you're worried, sacrifice one or two Chopper VXs
and land them so they can take out the enemy aircraft. You don't have to
absolutely rush this or even be under par time to catch Oleg with his guard
lacking and have an easy time mopping up his buildings. I tried this with
Tsunami Tanks, but the giant bears, unlike their regular counterparts, are
effective against armour as well, making the pond in the middle a place you
don't want to be. I tried this with the soviets as well, but Oleg must have
guessed my intentions and my Twinblades fell to his Bullfrogs."

Here's another strategy by Skyfortress:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

I did this under par time with just Tanya (that's right, Tanya) and some luck.
I built a Power Plant than a Refinery and a Boot Camp. I then built a
Multigunner Turrent for defence than started to upgrade Clearance. At Max I
trained Tanya and built another Refinery. With Tanya she can kill 2 Bears even
at normal level just by using the attack move button. By now the enemy should
either be camping at his base or rushing attacks so build up Defences if they
are at your base or an Airbase if they are camping WHEN Tanya is at the base
(just to be sure). Build Vindicators if the enemy is at the base to take out
Sickles and let Tanya kill the Bears on the lake and the Naval Yard if Oleg
builds it. Once clear bombard the base with Tanya and save the Super Reactor
for last. The end...if Oleg did not expand."

Here's more input by Ace_Strife:

"Each War Bear gives a whopping 2500 credits when killed after being marked by
a Soviet Bounty. You can take them down easily with a couple of Twinblades or
some Stingrays."

5.213 >No Place to Hide<

Location: Killington Cove.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Giles (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Spy.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Number One Threat to America.
Par Time: 4:00.
Twists: None.

Opinion: Here's where those Bears from the last mission will come in handy.
Giles doesn't put up much of a fight here, as he uses lots of Spies, which can
be easily dispatched by Scouts. However, completing this mission under par time
is the hard part.

Build up, and secure the two Oil Derricks in this map. Secure the Ore Nodes to
the east, and send a few Scouts to prevent the Spies from infiltrating any

Make a small force. They should be able to take out Giles' base with little

As the Soviets:
-Use Bears for defence. Meanwhile, keep producing Mortar Cycles and Sickles.

As the Allies:
-The Dogs should be able to prevent those Spies from getting anywhere!
-Vindicators will be effective against Giles' base.

As the Imperials:
-Since Burst Drones cannot kill Infantry, use them with other Units.
-Send Dojo Cores to Giles' side of the town to get a jump on his forces.

5.214 >High-Water Mark<

Location: Last Resort.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 9.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Hill (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Aircraft Carrier.
Unlockable Challenges: The Omega Program.
Requires: Creeping Death.
Par Time: 22:30.
Twists: There is no Fog of War.

Opinion: This is a battle of attrition. Shinzo has more bases than Hill, but
Hill has the almighty Aircraft Carrier. Ensure neither of them overpowers each

Secure all the resources on this island, and take the Ore Node to the
southeast. Destroy Shinzo's base to the west with an Air force, and watch as
Hill and Shinzo fight each other. Destroy the Veteran Academy in the middle to
prevent the enemy from getting the upper hand. If either Hill or Shinzo attack
FutureTech, beat them back! Also, build a few defences to block off Shinzo's

If one of the Commanders are close to finishing the other, attack the winning
Commander while his forces are away from his base! Destroy any production
Structures first to neuter the enemy, then destroy the rest of their

As the Soviets:
-Twinblades and MiGs work well here. Be sure to avoid any Hydrofoils!
-Akula Subs and Dreadnoughts can smash up the bad guys when unlocked.

As the Allies:
-Vindicators can bomb high-priority targets.
-Assault Destroyers can pursue enemy forces should they retreat onto land.
-When available, the Harbinger can lay waste to the enemy.

As the Imperials:
-Again, the Chopper-VX/Tengu squad work here.

Here's a strategy from Hezzara:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

I nabbed my Refineries, as well as 1 of the 2 water-based southern Refineries,
ASAP, as well as 2 Docks Cores behind my base. As I expected Shinzo was the
real threat here, but after using a group of Yari Minisubs to destroy the
southern base's docks, he wasn't much of a threat for a while, much less so
than the northern base who seemed to be dedicated to sending Defender and
Tower cores to the Oil Derrick on my home island. I destroyed them with my Subs
'till I managed to get a couple of Defender and Tower Cores up there myself
(Defender cores proved useful, they send the occasional Shinobi attack).

Unfortunantly this gave the southern island time to recover and build his Docks
again, so I was forced to use a bigger Naval fleet to defend my water Refinery
and destroy his Docks again. I also noticed Hill was losing to the northern 
Shinzo base, and I wanted them fighting as much as possible, so I began using
my support powers on the northern Shinzo, until Hill recovered and began
fighting back, then I used my powers on Hill, forcing them into a back and
forth battle. Eventually I used a combined Tsunami, Tengu and VX attack to
destroy the southern base. In the time I did that I noticed the northern base
had Shoguns, which forced Hill off his island, giving me the 2 eastern water
Ore Nodes free to claim without concern of Hill destroying them. I sent my
Tsunamis to destroy his Docks, and my VX to destroy his Shogun, then noticed
Hill recovered and began bombarding Shinzo again. While he did that, I sent my
VX around to destroy Hill's base from behind. By the time Hill was defeated,
the northern Shinzo base only had a handful of Infantry and a few Power Plants

This was definitely not under par time, and I'm sure you'd do better to go for
a VX rush and wipe the southern island off the map ASAP, but it seems the best
thing to do, until the southern Shinzo is defeated, is to let Hill and Shinzo
duke it out, while using Support Powers against the one who is currently
winning, so they remain busy until you are free from your closest concern.
Then, let the winning side move in to demolish the other's base, while you
demolish his base in a sneak attack. "

5.215 >Behind the Iron Curtain<

Location: Crimson Tide.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 9.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Iron Curtain.
Unlockable Challenges: King of the Monsters, Reap what you Sow.
Requires: Two Sides to Everything.
Par Time: 19:00.
Twists: Each army starts out with an Iron Curtain and a Super Reactor. All
bases start out invulnerable until the Iron Curtain affecting that base is

Opinion: Artillery is a must in this mission. The Iron Curtains are heavily
guarded, but they must all be destroyed.

Build a Naval Yard after building the essentials. Tech up in order to get a
sufficient Navy. Secure the Ore Nodes east and south of the base, and help
defend the Yellow Iron Curtain. It will fall under attack soon, so use the Navy
to fend off Oleg's forces. Use a Fighter Jet force to defend the Iron Curtain
if necessary.

When ready, attack all of Oleg's Iron Curtains. Use the Iron Curtain to protect
any Units attacking the enemy Iron Curtain if necessary. An even better tactic
is to use Artillery to bomb the Iron Curtains from afar. Target the Super
Reactors to deal a LOT of damage to the Iron Curtains first.

When all the Iron Curtains are no more, concentrate attacks on Oleg's bases.
They should now be vulnerable to an attack, so open fire!

As the Soviets:
-A few Stingrays coupled with the Iron Curtain should be able to take down the
Iron Curtains.

As the Allies:
-The Aircraft Carrier is available sooner than any other Artillery Naval, so
use it! Its Blackout Missile can temporarily disable the Defences around the
Iron Curtains, opening the window for an Air assault.
-The Assault Destroyer can climb onto land and finish off Oleg's Bases.
-The Pacifier FAV can provide even more support.

As the Imperials:
-Don't be afraid to send Defence Nanocores to Oleg's Reactors; they can be
protected by the Iron Curtain.

Here's a strategy from ZeroSasaki:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

As the mission starts, simply build two Power Plants, four Ore Refineries, and
a Mecha Bay. Note that, since your base is invincible, it will never come under
attack and thus base Defences are unnecessary as long as your Iron Curtain
still stands. Oleg will attempt to overwhelm the Iron Curtain with swarms of
Stingrays. To counter this in a very, cost-efficient manner, simply build walls
to block off the only land entrance to your Iron Curtain island. Obtain the Ore
Nodes to the South and East of your base then produce about four Jet Tengus and
eight Chopper VXs. Oleg will rarely use Migs, if at all and when he does, he
sends them one at a time. Now the miracle of Transformer Technology comes into
play; have your Chopper VXs change into Chopper mode, fly them over to your
Iron Curtain Island, and transform them into Striker mode next to the Flak
Cannons. Then, with precise timing, wait for their transformation ability to
cooldown and immediately use the Iron Curtain on them, have them transform, and
destroy the Super Reactor of any of the adjacent islands and finish off the
surviving Flak cannon. The Iron Curtain will make the Chopper VXs immune to the
Flak Cannons AND the explosion from the Super Reactor (which would normally
annihilate a Chopper VX attack force). After the anti-air defences are down,
bring in the Tengus to defend against any Migs Oleg might send at you. If done
correctly, you should have zero casualties or at the most, one or two. Rinse
and Repeat. Note that the Iron Curtain will only provide enough protection for
the Chopper VXs to transform and attack Adjacent islands though the Point
Defence Drones can provide additional protection until those Flak Cannons are
dead. From that point on, none of Oleg's bases have any anti-air defences and
will fall quickly to your eight Chopper VXs."

5.216 >Show of Force<

Location: Jungle Stalkers.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Kenji (Green).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Wave-Force Artillery.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: All Guns Blazing.
Par Time: 23:00.
Twists: Shinzo will not attack until Kenji is defeated.

Opinion: This mission revolves around doing things in reverse; attack Shinzo
first, then Kenji.

Be prepared to defend against Kenji's forces. Garrison the Structures on this
ridge, and build a Naval Yard. Secure the Ore Nodes to the southeast, and start
pumping out ships. Build an Airfield and create a sizeable Air force. The only
way up this hill is through the ramp to the northeast. Build plenty of Defences
and units to prevent Kenji's troops from getting up to the hill.

When ready, send the Navy and Air force west, then north. Shinzo's base should
now be in sight. Use the Aircraft to shoot down Shinzo's Anti-Air. Keep out of
range of his Wave-Force cannons, and destroy all of his Structures to kick him
out of the game.

Now focus on Kenji. He's probably all beefed up now, so make a decisive ground
attack on both of his bases. This mission will take time, so be patient. Be
sure that none of his Transports sneak into the base.

As the Soviets:
-Mix Twinblades with MiGs, Bullfrogs, and Stingrays.

As the Allies:
-Instead of building an Air Force, just build a squad of Apollo Fighters for
-Focus on making Hydrofoils, Assault Destroyers, and Aircraft Carriers.
-Use the Blackout Missile on the Wave-Force cannons and production Structures.
-For defence, use Pacifier FAVs, Athena Cannons, and Apollo Fighters.
-Use Vindicators as spotters for the Aircraft Carriers.

As the Imperials:
-Use the Chopper-VX/Tengu combo again.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

This is a matter of going about things in reverse. Shinzo says he won't attack
until you've defeated Kenji, but that's not exactly accurate. He'll attack as
soon as you defeat either "incarnation" of Kenji. He'll even attack if you
"cripple" both instances of Kenji (i. e., destroy their Construction Yard and
all production structures). It doesn't take a genius to realise what you need
to do is attack Shinzo first, as he will defend himself, but he won't
retaliate until you've dealt with Kenji. So set up a tight cluster of Reactors
around your Construction Yard. Usually, this is a bad idea, but a tight cluster
might be easier to defend. Build four Defender-VX towers right on the upper
edge of the ramp leading up to the plateau your base sits upon with a Wave-
Force Tower in between each pair of Defender-VX towers, plus another Defender-
VX just behind each one of the first four Defender-VX towers. You'll want to
keep the Defender-VX towers in Defender mode at first, and switch them to Air
Destroyer mode when Chopper-VXs start coming your way, except for the four in
the back, which you'll want to have in anti-air mode from the start.

At this point, I'd like to notice I couldn't, for some reason, deploy a second
Defender-VX tower in the tile just behind the first Defender-VX tower in the
space between the first and the second Wave-Force Towers counting from the
left, if you were behind them, facing the ramp. If anyone can, please tell me

Onwards. Build an additional Defender-VX on each corner of your central cluster
of buildings, you may need anotherDefender-VX tower on the westernmost corner,
and keep those on anti-air mode. Build your Mecha Bay on the back of your base
and upgrade. As usual, my strategy is to build a large mixed force of
Chopper-VXs and Jet Tengus. Send them along the very edge of the map to the
upper left corner.

When all of them arrive (remember the Tengus fly much faster than the
Choppers), send the Jet Tengus in Aggressive Stance to attack-move (press "A",
then right click on the destination or mini-map) to the forward edge of
Shinzo's base. They'll draw out Shinzo's own Jet Tengus and Rocket Angels.
Immediately after, send the Chopper-VXs to destroy key structures (i. e.,
Construction Yard, Mecha Bay and Barracks, in this order) as they become
visible in the Jet Tengus' wake. If Shinzo has Striker-VX's, deal with the rest
of his air force and land your Tengus. Shinzo's Striker-XVs will take off to
deal with your Mecha Tengus, and likely destroy them, but at least they won't
bother your Chopper-VXs while they do their job. You don't need to defeat
Shinzo, just cripple him and return to base.

Replenish your forces and decide which of Kenji's base to attack next.
Whichever you choose, remember to slip in from behind, but don't go over the
remnants of Shinzo's base; he should still have active Defender-VX towers and
remnants of an air force. Instead, go along the edge of the map like before,
but then get inland before Shinzo's plateau. Start by cripilling the base, then
eliminate all of his Instant Reactors and finally his Refineries. As soon as
you do, all of his remaining (inactive) defences will blow up and his units
will just drop dead. Return any survivors to your base, repair and replenish.
By this time your Ore Mines might have been depleted, and your defences
prevent you from expanding, so, at about 60 credits per trip, your Ore
Collectors will take some time to give you enough credits.

Eventually, when your forces are sufficient, fly over the base you've just
destroyed and attack the other. He'll have no Defences facing that way, and you
can arrive smack dab on top of his Construction Yard. As soon as you destroy
one base, Shinzo will start sharing line of sight with you and will send all he
has at you, but don't worry, you should be more than prepared to take it on.
He'll most likely go to your base, look at your defences, stop and get back in
fear. While you wait for the credits to crawl in, you can send support powers
at his Instant Reactors to mitigate your job once the last of Kenji's bases is

5.217 >No Match for the Guardian<

Location: Island Arena.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 6.
Opponent: Hill (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Spectrum Tower.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Ready to Roll Out.
Par Time: 5:45.
Twists: Only Tanks are available. The amount of Tanks on each side is

Opinion: This battle relies on the special abilities of the three main battle

Secure the Ore Nodes and make a War Factory, pumping out as many Tanks as
possible. Hill will send some of his Guardian Tanks, so be prepared! Keep mass-
producing, and then attack his base! Use the special abilities of the Tanks.
Concentrate fire on each of Hill's Tanks.

As the Soviets:
-The Hammer beats the Guardian in this map, thanks to its Leech Beam!
-Grinders are also available in this map, strangely.
-Get the Grinder Treads Upgrade.

As the Allies:
-Use the Guardian's Laser pointer for extra damage.

As the Imperials:
-When ready, flank the Tsunami Tanks on the water to avoid direct confrontation
with Hill's Tanks.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

Start with a Reactor, two Refineries and a War Factory. It seems the Soviet
Construction Yard has a smaller area of influence (the area on which you may
build) than the Allied MCV, which is fair enough, since every Soviet building
may expand on this area, unlike the Allies. However, Soviet War Factories won't
repair damaged Vehicles, so get the Crusher Treads upgrade from the Top Secret
Protocols menu. Furthermore, the Hammer Tank's Leech Beam should help increase
its survivability. After your first War Factory, build your Super Reactor and
another two Refineries, then start pumping out tanks (again, after Hill. I
could have started sooner, but it would not have been a steady supply). When
you have seven to ten, don't stop making, but start advancing. Keep queueing
the Tanks up, as four Refineries provide more credits than you can probably
spend with two, maybe even three War Factories. Use the Leech Beam whenever
your Tanks start looking a bit under the weather and focus fire always. If you
take Hill's tanks one at a time, they're no match. You'll be wreaking havoc
through his base before you know it."

Here's another strategy by Lindley:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

Note: While your Refineries are building get the Grinder Treads Upgrade, this

Build a Crane, then two Reactors, then 4 Refineries, then a Super Reactor, when
that is about halfway done, start building your War Factory. Once the War
Factory is complete, start throwing out Grinders, put about 50 in the queue,
unpack your MCV and sell one of the Generators, start moving your MCV to the
enemy base, put your War Factories' rally point near the enemy base, and move
any Grinders you have to attack move near the enemy base, while his tanks are
shooting your Grinders, run over them all with your MCV, keep smashing their
tanks with your MCV while you demolish his Construction Yard, Armour
Facilities, and Power Plants. Your MCV should take little to no damage since
the Grinder Treads Upgrade and the Garage should constantly repair it."

Yet another strategy from Hunta:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

1) Start by building a Power Plant, followed by a Refinery.

2) Once the Refinery is finished, immediately build an Armour Facility. Upgrade
it to the next tier AS SOON AS THE ARMOUR FACILITY IS FINISHED so you are able
to build Guardian Tanks. As soon as the upgrade to the next tier is finished
just spam the button to create Guardian Tanks (I stacked 40 in the queue).

3) Wait until you have 4 Guardian Tanks out, then set one of the Tanks to use
its laser pointer. Send them to destroy Hill's Garage to the East (by now Hill
should have 3 Tanks). 

4) While your Tanks make their way over to Hills' Garage, build another Power
Plant followed by a second Refinery and set the rally point of your Armour
Facility to where Hills' Garage is.

5) By now, your Guardian tanks should have almost destroyed Hills' Garage and
maybe a few of his Tanks that came to try and stop you (ALWAYS kill Hills'
Tanks first and remember to focus fire on one Tank at a time to maximize
damage). As soon as the Garage is destroyed head north into Hills' base (by now
you should have 1-3 extra Guardian Tanks), start by killing the Prospectors
closest to the Tanks to slow down his income, then send your Tanks to take out
one of his Armour Facilities, followed by a couple of Power Plants and then
take out his Construction Yard (remember to kill his Tanks first if they appear
out of his Armour Facility). As usual he'll pack his MCV up and try to escape,
just focus fire on it and it'll be dead. Then all you have to do is focus fire
on the rest of the building and you'll be done and under par (I completed with
a minute and a half to spare)."

5.218 >Reap what you Sow<

Location: Twisted Terrace.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Vera (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Reaper.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Behind the Iron Curtain.
Par Time: 8:45.
Twists: None.

Opinion: The key to this mission is rushing. Don't let Vera build any Reapers!

Build a Barracks and IMMEDIATELY send in a squad of Infantry to Vera's base.
Use the main Infantry to deal with Vera's Infantry while the Support Infantry
smash up her Structures (destroy her Construction Yard first, next her
production Structures, then her Refineries, followed by any other of Vera's
Structures). Hopefully, this battle will be over in minutes! Avoid those Ore

As the Soviets:
-Use the Flak Trooper's Mines against Vera's Structures.
-Have an Engineer build a Bunker for extra protection within Vera's base.

As the Allies:
-Use the Javelin's Laser Missiles to tear Vera's Structures to bits.
-An Engineer can help heal any wounded Infantry.

As the Imperials:
-A Dojo Rush may work against Vera. Otherwise, simply pump out Imperial
Warriors and Tankbusters.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

From the word go, pack up your Construction Yard and go near either pair of Ore
Mines on the corners of the map. Now you're safe from this mission's trademark
Reapers. From there on, build two Defender Towers, one in front of each
Refinery, that should protect you from any Terror Drones that come your way.
Then put your Docks in between your Refineries and upgrade. build some Tsunami
Tanks. They won't be the bulk of your assault force, but they'll have a job.
Send them in to draw out the Reapers and make them leap and burrow. Now you
can plainly avoid them when you send Sky-Wings to rain on Vera's parade.
Prioritise her Construction Yard and her War Factory, then go over the chasm to
the former site of your base, she might have put a Crusher Crane there. That's
almost as good as a Construction Yard, and that spells bad news. If she packs
up her MCV, don't despair, instead rejoice, for she might try to run it into
the water, away from any Flak Troopers and Reapers she might have on land. Just
follow it around, the Sky-Wings don't pack enough of a punch to deal with a
whole MCV quickly, but they'll get it, eventually. If there are any
inconveniently positioned Flak Towers or Reaper Turrets, send small groups of
Tsunami Tanks to spoil their day. You might want to soften them up with either
Final Squadron or Balloon Bombs first. If you can safely destroy the reactors
with your Sky-Wings, do so. Just remember that the Super Reactor explodes
*violently* when it's destroyed, and you might lose nearby units. Mopping up
after that only takes time, if you don't build additional units."

Here's another strategy by ZeroSasaki:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

If you tech up a Mecha Bay to Tier 2, produce four Chopper VXs, and obtain the
Rocket Pods upgrade, then it's actually possible to overwhelm the Reapers (Vera
will actually send them at you one by one) by having them all target one Reaper
at a time. As soon as her Reapers are dead, simply target her War Factory so
that she cannot produce more Reapers and an MCV for when you obliterate her
Construction Yard next. She has no Airfield so there is no threat to your
Chopper VXs once the Reapers are dead."

5.219 >Kill-A-Ton<

Location: Desolation.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Moskvin (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Desolator Trooper.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Dirty Tricks.
Par Time: 14:00.
Twists: The map is infested with toxic Super Reactors. A lone Desolator walks
around the map with what appears to be a tiny Yuriko.

Opinion: Again, the key to this mission is rushing. Ignore the Big-Daddy

Build a War Factory, and send in some Tanks. Crush any Infantry and destroy all
of Moskvin's Structures before he can produce more powerful units! Use Support
Armour to deal with Moskvin's lighter Units. Should Moskvin produce any Kirov
Airships, use anti-air units to bring it down.

As the Soviets:
-Build up a Crusher Crane, then sell it upon building a War Factory and Super
-Use the Sickles to leap onto any Infantry.
-Use Mortar Cycles to flush out Moskvin's garrisoned Infantry.
-If Moskvin tries to move his MCV, use a Reaper to leap onto it, destroying it
instantly! Failing that, use a Terror Drone to infect it.

As the Allies:
-Vindicators may be able to bomb Moskvin's Base in time.

As the Imperials:
-The Chopper-VX/Tengu pair may work if Moskvin doesn't build up an Airfield.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

This one is all about dissuasion. If you don't protect your flanks tightly with
Flak Cannons, you'll have Kirovs raining bombs on your base before you can say
"weaponised dirigibles". So start by building a Reactor, then a Refinery, then
a Flak Cannon just behind the houses to the north of your Construction Yard,
then another Flak Cannon just north of the southern Ore Mine, then another
Refinery, then another Reactor, then double up on your Flak Cannons while you
build your Airfield. Because I had seen so many MiGs scouting about (not to
mention Kirovs), I went ahead and built two of them, but it turned out that
when I had four Flak Cannons to the north of my base, four to the east, two
just next to my Construction Yard and another two across my cluster of
buildings from the previous two, Moskvin didn't even consider building an
Airfield of his own. My MiGs never saw any more use than to serve as scouts,
all nine of them (one was shot down by Flak Troopers). When you have at least
one Airfield running, you can think about getting some Oil Derricks. You won't
need them, but they'll speed up your economy. For the one north of your base,
start by making a Twinblade, an Engineer and three Conscripts. Load them into
the Twinblade and taxi them to the Oil Derrick. Unload and return the Twinblade
home. The Engineer's task is obvious enough, then garrison the Conscripts in
the small house just north of the Oil Derrick. This way Moskvin won't even try
to take the Derrick back. I was still wary of the Kirovs, so I taxied over and
garrisoned five Flak Troopers in the house to the north of the Conscripts'
house. None of these Infantry ever had to fire a single round, but, from my
previous attempts, they served as deterrents. The other Oil Derrick, to the far
east, on the southernmost pier, needs no protection, but if you want it, you'd
better fly your Engineer there, he might die on the way from the toxic fumes.
From here on out, you're set. Build plenty of Twinblades (and I mean plenty,
something along the numbers of twenty or so) and make your way north. Moskvin
has Flak Cannons scattered along the edge of his base, but none on the back,
so fly over them and start shooting up his Reactors and his Super Reactor
until his Flak Cannons power down, then deal with the Flak Troopers, the
Barracks and the Construction Yard. Moskvin will have it pack up like a big
girl's blouse, so chase it until it blows up, then go back and finish the job."

Here's another strategy by Hezzara:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

Build a Crane, then two Reactors, then two Refineries, then a War Factory and
Super Reactor. Sell off the Reactors and Crane once those are done. When your
War Factory is built, build 5 Sickles and move them up the western side of the
map and group up just south of his base. Meanwhile, start building Hammer Tanks
too. Jump your Sickles up the cliff and start taking out his Ore Collectors,
and push through the front door once you have a few Hammer Tanks grouped up.
Killing the collectors will limit what he can do to defend, as he'll be too
busy selling and building refineries to replace that barracks your Hammers just
destroyed, limiting Flak Troopers. Once the Collectors are dead you can use
your Sickles against his Airfield, until another Collector is up and running

He WILL build Kirovs, and he probably already has at least one. But these he
will send at your base, and ignore your attacking forces. Since they are slow,
you should be able to destroy his base before the Kirovs reach yours. If you
aren't confident in this, then just pack up your MCV and send it out to sea.
That'll buy you all the time you need to overwhelm him."

5.220 >King of the Monsters<

Location: Caldera of Calamity.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 9.
Opponents: Moskvin (Red), Lydia (Blue), The Shogun Executioner (Cyan).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: V4 Rocket Launcher.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Behind the Iron Curtain.
Par Time: 7:30.
Twists: The Shogun Executioner will walk around the map, waiting to pounce on
any unnoticing units. The Fog of War around the Executioner is removed.

Opinion: Try not to get intimidated by the Shogun Executioner; it can still be
pursuaded to destroy the enemy.

Secure the Ore Node to the northwest, and capture the nearby Oil Derricks.
Don't go for the Ore Node south of this base, as the Shogun Executioner passes
through this area. Build up a sizeable Air force. Don't forget to capture the
Veteran Academy to the northeast!

Produce a light, fast unit, and use it to bring the Executioner towards
Moskvin's/Lydias base. It can do much of the heavy lifting here! Just don't
build too many Defences, as they may bring the Shogun Executioner to the wrong

Finish off what's left of the enemy with the Air force.

As the Soviets:
-A Mortar Cycle is sufficient in attracting the Executioner.
-Use some Terror Drones to infect/paralyze the Executioner.

As the Allies:
-An IFV can transport the Engineers to the Oil Derricks, and it can grab the
Executioner's attention.

As the Imperials:
-A Steel Ronin is fast enough to outrun the Executioner.
-A Rocket Angel can freeze the Executioner.

Here's a strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

This challenge has a special guest participation from the Shogun Executioner.
Just leave it well alone and it will have no beef with you. Meanwhile, Moskvin
and Lydia will do a rubbish job of softening it up for you. Don't wait until
the thing is down to go after the competition, Lydia will get her Proton
Collider up and running and pointed at you long before the Shogun Executioner
is even annoyed. Instead, build a decent size swarm of Chopper VXs and wipe out
Moskvin, then Lydia. Don't even worry about anti-air, you're not likely to be
up against Apollos or MiGs, but make sure you're protected from Moskvin's
Twinblades with a few Defender Towers. When you're all alone with the Shogun
Executioner, remember the only way he can deal with Aircraft is by bumping
against them, so as long as your air force is trailing behind him, you should
be in the clear.

You can do just as easily with the Soviets. Just replace all instances of
'Chopper VX' with 'Twinblade' and 'Defender Tower' with 'Flak Tower'."

5.221 >Your Gold Mine has Collapsed<

Location: Snow Bank.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 5.
Opponent: Lydia (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Mirage Tank.
Unlockable Challenges: Be Quick or Be Dead.
Requires: Scavenger.
Par Time: 3:00.
Twists: All armies start out with lots of resources. All Ore Nodes start off

Opinion: This mission is all about rushing. It isn't easy, so be careful.

Don't stop building and producing! Make an abundance of Infantry, Armour, and
Aircraft. When ready, pound Lydia's forces. She will get a Superweapon or two
up rather quickly, so use some Aircraft to strike her Construction Yard!

Don't worry if Lydia packs up her MCV; she has nowhere else to go.

As the Soviets:
-Twinblades, Mortar Cycles, and Reapers are good hit and run units.

As the Allies:
-Mass-produce Vindicators. 8 of them may be able to take out the Construction
Yard in one run.

As the Imperials:
-Build lots of Chopper-VXs and Tengu.
-A Dojo Rush may be necessary.

Here's a strategy from Helix25:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

1. This mission is nigh impossible to beat under par, and winning it under 3
min requires a carefully planned strategy and much reseting, so here is how I
did it Build 3 Dojo Cores and send them northeast towards Lydia's base. Then
build 2 Generator Cores and deploy them. Then build 2-3 more Dojos and send
them northeast, from now on ignore your main base.

2. Here is where it gets tricky and reseting is somewhat neccesary. Deploy 2
of the first three cores you sent just SE of the base. Your third core should
head straight into her base, crushing the Javelins/Peacekeepers she is using to
attack your two cores and then crush every soldier coming out of her barracks.
Here is where it gets more tricky; as soon as you deploy your first 2 Dojos use
one and set it to build 20-30 Warriors (you are doing this while still Infantry
crushing). The second should build just as many Tankbusters. Use these
Tankbusters to quickly wipe out her Armour Facility and Armour and use the
Warriors to destroy her Infantry. Provided your Infantry-crushing core is still
alive, deploy it and Tankbuster spam.

3. Your other 2-3 cores should be deployed right in the middle of her base
just above her Construction Yard. Whatever you do, do not try to Engineer spam
at all in this map as her Construction Yard will run away. Multi-tasking at
this point is essential. The two top cores should also deploy nothing but
Tankbusters. Use them to support your southeast force by destroying her Armour
Facility and Boot Camp (along with the possible Airbase).

4. Destroy everyhting in her base except the Construction Yard as if you try to
destroy it first I find it has a nasty habit of quickly running away and is
basically uncatchable within the par time. After everything is levelled finish
the Construction Yard your with your 30-40 Tankbusters...and you are done and
under 3 minutes. "

Here's another strategy by ArabianSharkCT:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

Vindicator Rush Bonanza! I'm not much of a rusher, but I do like my
Vindicators. There's only 250 credits in the ore mine next to your Construction
Yard, so don't even bother. Even if you're planning on a long-drawn engagement
(like I do), it's not worth it. Instead, plop down a Power Plant and
immediately place two Airfields. Meawhile, place two Multigunner turrets in
front of your base, about half their effective range apart. As your Airfields
become operational, start cranking out Vindicator Bombers. When the second
Airfield is done, build another power plant, then another Airfield and two more
Multigunner Turrets, aligned with the others. Crank out more Vindicatror
Bombers. Then, after you're done bombing the bolts out of Lydia's War Factory,
build a third Power Plant, a Boot Camp and two or three more Multigunner
Turrets. Once you've dealt with the last of her vehicles, train Peacekeepers
and garrison them in your Mutigunner Turrets. Keep bombing her and rebuilding
any lost Vindicator Bombers.

Don't wait for a massive fleet. As soon as you have three or four Vindicators,
sneak them around the map, through Lydia's rear flank and bomb her Construction
Yard, then her War Factory, then her Airfield. As she always does as she thinks
is best to destroy you, she'll never build bombers, only Apollo Fighters, so
don't worry. Also, if she packs up her MCV and you lose sight of it, don't
worry. She'll try to send it to the best, richest Ore Mines, i. e., straight at
you, you can't miss it. I even had her build another one of those and, because
her first site was already ore-less, she sent it straight into my defences,
bless her little hard-coded heart. Just bear in mind that she'll garrison
civilian structures with Javelin Soldiers, so maneuver carefully. As for Top
Secret Protocols, Advanced Aeronautics is a must. I like Surgical Strike and
Time bomb, but they're not paramount."

5.222 >The Omega Program<

Location: Battlebase Octopon.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponent: Takara (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Yuriko Omega.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: High-Water Mark.
Par Time: 12:30.
Twists: The limit to creating Commandos are removed. The amount of Yurikos
Takara has is indicated.

Opinion: Although this mission encourages the use of mass-producing Commandos,
only use them for Defence. Anti-Infantry Armour is the way to go!

Build a few Defences around the entrances to this base, and Capture the Oil
Derrick to the north. Build another Defence to the south.

When possible, produce Anti-Infantry Armour, and perhaps a few more Commandos.
The Yurikos will arrive soon, so concentrate fire! The Yurikos can be
overwhelmed by the Armour, and there's hardly anything they can do about it, so
mass-produce those Anti-Infantry vehicles!

With a strong force of Armour, send them to one of Takara's bases. Her only
defences are her Infantry, so crush them all! The Armour should be able to take
out her Structures as well. Repeat this paragraph for all of Takara's bases.

As the Sovites:
-The almighty Sickle can easily dominate the likes of Yuriko. Leap onto the
Yurikos to gain the advantage.
-Use Engineers to build Battle Bunkers, and fill them with Natashas.
-Reapers can land on Takara's retreating MCVs.

As the Allies:
-If any Tanyas get hurt, heal them with Engineers.
-Try not to put any Tanyas into the Riptide ACVs.
-If possible, the Pacifier FAV may be a better choice than the ACVs.

As the Imperials:
-The Defender VX is quite effective against the Yurikos.

Here's a strategy by Helix25:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

This mission is easy so long as you can stem the tide of Yuriko coming toward
you. First send your starting Tanya to the Northeast Takara base and destroy it
before she can produce a Yuriko. Beware of the Collector as when you go to
destroy the Refineries they will attack, use time belt immediately after
destroying them to restore some health. If Tanya's health is still low blow up
everything except the last Refinery to get heroic status.

While doing this build up your base with 2 Boot Camps and then Refineries. The
first Boot Camp should produce nothing but Attack Dogs, at 200 a piece they are
cheap and take 2 seconds to build. Build 8-10, send 4-5 of them west just
outside your base and 4-5 more in the water southwest. Keep building Dogs and
send at least 7-8 to the destroyed based and link them up with Tanya. You
should keep building Dogs afterward, by the end of the mission you should have
built maybe 40-50 of them total.

By this point the Yurikos are coming. The best way to take out Yuriko is to
sacrifice 1 Dog. Of the group of 4-5, send 1 Dog ahead, Yuriko will use her
secondary attack and wipe out the 1st Dog. As long as you kept your other 3-4
well enough back they won't get hit. Immediately after she does that, set the
other 3 to attack move and she will be dead. This works to on multiple Yurikos
(and if you have a slightly larger Dog attack force 6-7) as they both will use
their attack even if only 1 Dog is coming, stupid AI...

By this point you have killed at least 1 Yuriko who came across the water from
the southwest and 1 from the central part of the map, but Takara still has 3-4
remaining. Build Javelins from the other Boot Camp and more Dogs. Use the
linked up Dog/Tanya force and move to destroy the western base using the same
Dog tactics to kill whatever Yurikos are there. IMPORTANT: Yuriko > Tanya. If
Yuriko can lock on to Tanya she is dead, so don't let her get targeted, also
Takara ususally build 4-5 Warriors, use Tanya to take them out as they make
mincemeat of the Dogs you send against them.

At this point 2 bases are down and all the while you were still buillding more
dogs. You should have 15 or more Dogs at your base, maybe 6-7 Javelins, send
this force and the Tanya force to the southwest base, and use the usual tactics
to wipe it out, mission completed and way under par."

Here's another strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

Send Natasha to anniliate the base down south. Natasha should garrison into
buildings whenever possible. Spam Twinblades and perform guerrilla warfare on
Takara's base. Build Sentries to keep the Yurikos at bay. Twinblades should hit
the Construction Yard and Dojo first and upon sights of Yuriko, retreat over
water or places where Yuriko needs to take a big turn to get the Twinblades or
just attack Yuriko when she is making a turn around. Keep doing this and
Takara's base should fall. This is the first challege that I did using this
tactic that got me under par time."

5.223 >Shrink Zone<

Location: Wrong Steppe.
Difficulty: Medium.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponent: Lydia (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Cryocopter.
Unlockable Challenges: Ice Breaker.
Requires: Chrono you didn't.
Par Time: 7:00.
Twists: (Almost) All units are shrunk. There is no Fog of War.

Opinion: In what appears to be a replica of the third Allied mission in Red
Alert 3, all units start out small (even Infantry and Aircraft!). Infantry
cannot garrison Structures in this state.

Send two Engineers to the Oil Derricks to the east. Secure the Ore Nodes to the
south as well. Make a reasonable amount of units to deal with Lydia's base.
There isn't much I can say for this mission.

As the Soviets:
-Sickles and Hammer Tanks should be able to deal with Lydia's base.

As the Allies:
-Use Vindicators non-stop.

As the Imperials:
-It seems that Lydia forgot to shrink one type of unit: The Nanocore! Use Dojo
Cores to crush Lydia's Prospectors and Armour, as well as Infantry (information
provided by Helix25).
-Use a squad of Infantry to destroy Lydia's base.
-If Lydia tries to go into the water, use Chopper-VXs.

Here's a strategy by Skyfortress:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

USE SHINOBI. With the speed and agility, they should be able to infiltrate
Lydia's base like a small fly and steal loads of money if you need it. Spies
can also work, provided that Lydia does not produce Attack Dogs (they can also
Bribe Lydia's men for extra firepower)."

Here's another strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

This may sound crazy but I actually did this in under 4 minutes. Build 3 Dojo
Cores and send them rampaging into Lydia's base. Build 2 Generator Cores and 2
Refineries. Use the Dojo Cores to crush Infantry and vehicles. Deploy a Dojo
next to the Construction Yard while using the one to crush Infantry by going to
and fro at the entrance of the Boot Camp. The last Dojo Core is to be on
standby next to Lydia's Construction Yard. Spam Engineers to capture all of
Lydia's buildings. When Lydia packs her Construction Yard, use a Dojo Core to
crush it. Once we capture all of Lydia's building, we are victorious."

5.224 >Viscious Circle<

Location: Fried River.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Giles (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Harbinger Gunship.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Dangerous Skies.
Par Time: 19:00.
Twists: None.

Opinion: Giles doesn't make things easy. However, the Gunship is well worth the
trouble in this mission.

Build some Defences to the north to fight off Giles' ground troops. Try
destroying the Bridges leading to his northern base too. His Airbases to the
southeast are a dangerous threat, so build up an Air/Naval force.

Try destroying his base to the southeast before he can make any Gunships. Use
Aircraft or Artillery on his Defences. Once that base is gone, attack Giles'
ground base. Repair the Bridge if necessary, and hunt down Giles' forces to
the last soldier.

As the Soviets:
-Use Twinblades and MiGs excessively.

As the Allies:
-Use a mix of Vindicators, Apollos, Hydrofoils, and Aircraft Carriers.

As the Imperials:
-Use Chopper-VXs and Tengus.
-Use Steel Ronin to fight off Giles' ground forces.

Here's a strategy by Hezzara:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

I grabbed my Refineries and built Mecha Tengu and some Defender Cores ASAP. The
Tengu I used to hold off the air attacks, while the Cores, a few I used to
defend my base and one-two I used to defend my Oil Derrick and 3rd (and later
4th) Refinery. By the time the northern Giles base uses anything of any serious
threat (that your Defender cores, and if need be your Tengu, cannot handle),
you should have Steel Ronin. I suggest building 2 Mecha Bays, one for Tengu
and one for Ronin, you'll need both.

Once you have a fair sized army of both, attack the northern base with Ronin,
covered by your Tengu. Expect to lose a LOT of forces, this guy is well
defended with Harbingers and garrisoned Rocket Infantry. If you manage to
avoid the garrisons and shoot down the Harbingers, and rush past any vehicle
defences he has, you should be able to take out his Armour Facility and Boot
Camp, allowing you to kill off the defenders without them being rebuilt. The
one thing you HAVE to do, however, is to make sure that his MCV does not
escape. You want this base dead.

Southern Giles won't be an issue because he'll be air spamming with all the
Mecha Tengu you have (he's coded that if you go mass air, he'll go mass
Apollos, but you should have enough Tengu to take down any apollos without too
many casualties). I'd suggest a combined Tengu/VX attack to kill him.

You could probably switch up the tactics for the northern base if you want,
any kind of tank attack should work, as long as they are covered by air, but I
just like the Tengu/Ronin combo because it tricks southern Giles to go mass
Apollos, and Ronin's secondary in large numbers can devestate enemy armies and
buildings very quickly if used right."

Here's another strategy by ZeroSasaki:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Build two Generators, secure both Ore Nodes, then build a Mecha Bay ASAP. As
the Mecha Bay is under construction, train four Tankbusters and have them
destroy the bridges to the north. Giles will, for some odd reason, waste his
time attacking the Refinery thus buying you time. Once the Mecha Bay is up,
build six Jet Tengus to defend your base from air and build about four Tsunami
Tanks. Giles will only send Riptides in the early part of the game, but he will
send LOTS of them accompanied by a mix of Infantry so have the Tsunami Tanks
ready to crush any Javelin Soldiers and blow up the Riptides. Once your defence
is set up, tech up to produce Yuriko and place her in a disguised Sudden
Transport. Since Giles is so heavily focused on his Air force, his southeastern
base is deprived of any land defences save for the two Harbinger Gunships that
patrol the area. Once the Transport is inside this base, move the Jet Tengus
just barely out of the range of the patrolling Apollos. The computer will
usually try to avoid air battles against larger groups. Then, very quickly,
deploy Yuriko and have her yank the Apollos out of the sky and destroy the
Airbases while your Tengus destroy the nearby Harbingers. Make sure to take
advantage of the base Defences being unable to shoot through their own
Structures and take out his Construction Yard after the Airbases are down. Then
destroy the Power Plants one by one until the base is out of power. At this
time, your Mecha Bay should be building at least eight Chopper VXs. Make sure
to let at least one Collector survive Yuriko's onslaught...at least until your
Sudden Transport can gain disguise, then you can destroy it.

At this point, Yuriko should be at Heroic status for having single-handedly
obliterating an entire base by herself. Simply load her back onto the Sudden
Transport and drive it towards Giles' Northeastern base. This time, you can
transform the Chopper VXs and use them as bait to draw out the Apollos then
annihilate them with your larger force of Jet Tengus. Once his anti-air defence
is down, take down any nearby Harbingers and deploy Yuriko again to unleash
destruction upon this final stronghold. As Yuriko is wrecking havoc upon this
base, have your Chopper VXs fly to each and every Ode Node seen on the map.
There is a strong chance that Giles has built a Refinery on each one."

Here's yet another strategy by Roundhouse:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

Quickly build the basics minus an Armor Facility and a Seaport, plus a couple
extra Airbases. Use the Airbases as a makeshift wall along your northeastern

Stock up on Javelin Soldiers and some Peacekeepers.  Garrison nearby
structures, especially the four along the water.  These will buy you time, as
attacking forces try to destroy these first. You should have at least three
Airbases (four is ideal, so you can have eight Vindicators and eight Apollos).
Send three Vindicators to each bridge, avoiding any anti-air (especially
garrisoned buildings). Three should take out each bridge in a single sweep.

Now build your Armor Facility, and get to building Guardian Tanks.  Set the
rally point to the opposite side of the Airbases. With no bridges, the biggest
difficulty you'll have is ACVs, which are no problem for the Guardians. About
eight should do fine, and once those are done, build a couple ACVs of your own,
primarily to deal with any Infantry effectively. Meanwhile, use your Apollos to
watch the eastern border of your base. Once you're ready, send your air fleet
to the east and lay waste to Giles' Airbase. One Vindicator run should take
down the Construction Yard. If that doesn't do it, Surgical Strike it to
smithereens. While the Vindicators reload, take down the two Harbingers hanging
out over here with your Apollos. Then send the Vindicators at the Armor
Facility and next the Airbase. Four and four may do it, but I believe six is
necessary for each.

You don't have to finish them off just yet, but you can if you wish.

Next, follow the same strategy on the northern base. Be careful: Send your air
fleet to the east before heading north to avoid unnecessary damages. By now,
the entire land forces of Giles should be camped out next to the destroyed
bridge, so your path is clear to the south. Construction Yard, Armor Facility,
Barracks, and then its just a matter of finishing off the stragglers.

While your Vindicators eliminate the base, send your Apollos to finish off the
Harbingers. Any Apollos that are lost from here on out, should be replaced with
Vindicators, since the only aircraft left are those Harbingers. The Harbingers
won't attack unless provoked, so first encounter them with your Apollos.

The Airbase wall is a useful strategy on many missions. Attacking forces will
go after the refueling aircraft before attacking your base, so it also buys you
time to counter-attack."

And another strategy by VX4!:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

This mission can be Dojo rushed, even though the southeast Airbase starts right
away with Spectrum Towers and whatnot. Anyways, here goes:

Produce 4-5 Dojo cores, send 2 to the shore of the southeast airbase, and
unpack them there, just out of reach of that Spectrum Tower.

Train 4 Tankbusters and 1 Warrior with each Dojo here, and send 3 Tankbusters
each into the two houses next to the Spectrum Tower.

A few seconds of laser light and that Tower is gone. Then work your way through
the southern border of the Airbase, concentrating on Power Plants and the
Construction Yard; don't get crushed by Collectors, and you should be able to
shut down the defences and kill the rest of this base with ease.

In the meanwhile, the other 3 Dojo cores go to the Ore Node at the Hospital on
the northeast of Giles' territory, train a few troops to stuff into garrisons
while you're busy with the southeast base. Once you've got a big enough zerg
force here, just roll over the helpless northeast base.

Since you start out with 20,000 credits, I would not recommend the no-eco-
conyard-sale strategy, because if you take a bit more time, Giles might have
expanded to the Ore Nodes in the water, so having some docks for Yaris to mop
up the rest is sure handy. Altogether 4-5 minutes and you're through."

5.225 >Robots and Ninjas<

Location: Reef Madness.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 3.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Kenji (Green), Moskvin (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Shinobi.
Unlockable Challenges: Battle Royale.
Requires: Offshore Killing.
Par Time: 11:00.
Twists: None.

Opinion: This is a long and tedious mission. Walls will be needed here, along
with Aircraft.

Surround this island with Walls. Make sure there isn't a single hole in it!
Meanwhile, build some Defences to kill off any intruders. Also, try to get an
Air force ready.

Ready? Attack Shinzo's base to the east. Try not to lose too many planes to
Shinzo's Anti-Air. Ensure that none of his Structures survive. When Shinzo is
out, go for Moskvin and his pesky Terror Drones. Then attack Kenji when Moskvin
is eliminated.

The enemy will try to get past the Walls with Tankbusters, Stingrays, and
Bullfrogs! Build some ground forces to fight them off if the Defences aren't
enough. Alternatively, have one hole in the Walls and defend it heavily.

As the Soviets:
-Along with building Twinblades, use Tesla Coils if available, and use Akula
Subs against enemy ships.

As the Allies:
-The Harbinger is essential for an Allied victory. Escort them with Apollos and
prioritize their attacks.
-The Pacifier FAV may be used to fight off enemies from a distance for defence.

As the Imperials:
-A Dojo Rush may be able to take the enemy by surprise.

Here's a strategy by Helix25:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

This mission is difficult due to the masses of ninjas which constantly harass
your base, Terror Drones which target your collectors, Stingrays which attack
everything, and of course, Burst Drones which are just annoying and don't do
anything... Anywhoo.

To avoid all of this send build 4 Dojo cores, send two north toward Kenji's
base and 2 southwest toward Shinzo's. At your main base deploy 2 refineries and
2 generators at the back of your base (west). Of all the commanders Shinzo is
the easiest to kill but not the first one you should.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 done simultaneously.

1. Deploy 1st north Dojo core on island just southeast of Kenji's base where he
has built his Dojo core. Build 2 Tankbusters and then garrison them in the
structure, sell the Dojo and send the last Warrior into the structure, destroy
his Dojo core fast. Deploy 2nd Dojo core at the southwest tip of Kenji's main
island and leave it for now.

2. Deploy 1st southwest Dojo core rusher directly west of Shinzo's base and
begin by creating 1 Warrior and Tankbusters. Deploy 2nd south of the first one
and then Tankbusters again. 2-3 each. By this point your Tankbuster should
already be taking down Shinzo's Dojo, when it is down to about half health use
your Warrior's Katana and have him wait at the entrance to the Dojo in case a
ninja pops out, if not than it is all good. Destroy the Dojo and camp remaining
forces in hold position just southwest of his Construction Yard so every time a
new core appears your 5-6 Tankbusters will destory it. Sell north Dojo and/or
south dojo. This is done to prevent Moskin from sending Stingrays to kill your

3. At your main base you should establish 2 Generators and 2 Refineries then
build 2 Defender cores, put one beside your northern Refinery on the east side
and beside the southeast Refinery on the north west side. At this point the
northern Defender core will wipe out any of Moskin's Terror Drones coming for
your Refineries and keep the Stingrays at bay. If you lose a collector there is
little hope of completing this under par.

4. At Kenji's northern base right after you control Shinzo's island, begin
pumping out Tankbusters and 1 Warrior to eliminate his northern Collector, it
will come after you. After that Engineer rush his base, his MCV will get away
but that is not a problem. Capture everything and put 3 Tankbusters into the
eastern garrisonable structure to ward off the Stingrays. Then upgrade that
Dojo to level 1 and deploy 1 Dojo core (optional), a Mainframe core and 1 Mecha
Bay core at your home island.

5. Build 1-2 Mecha Tengus from your Mecha Bay and upgrade to next level.
Upgrade northern Dojo to level 2 and train Yuriko. Build 1 Sudden Transport and
disguise it and build 2 Striker VXs.

Use your transport to get Yuriko in range of Kenji's new base, which is likely
to the southeast and wipe our his Generators, Refineries and Construction Yard.
Before this send two Mecha Tengus to protect Yuriko from Terror Drones. Then
destroy Kenji's lone Dojo which should be slightly northeast from his waterbased
expansion. Kenji is gone. Send the two Strikers to Shinzo's base and
eliminate everything, finishing last with the MCV.

6. Lastly Moskvin, switch to Jet Tengus and re-disguise your Sudden Transport.
Land Tengus in northeast corner of base and destroy any Terror Drones. Move the
Sudden Transport quickly along with Tengus to northeast and use Yuriko to
destroy the War Factory. Use her to take out any Stingrays/Terror Drones or
Akulas incoming and destroy the Super Reactor at a safe distance. But beware,
the smoke from the explosion will camouflage enemy Akulas and Terror Drones, so
move Yuriko and the Tengus briefly back to land (for 5-10 seconds). The proceed
to destory the Naval Yard and then everything else."

Here's another strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

First build a Generator followed by 2 Refineries and some Walls to protect them
from Terror Drones and Shinobi. Quickly build a Mecha Bay and Upgrade it. Spam
Striker VXs and send one (before sending in the remaining Striker Vxs) to Kenji
and Shinzo's base and attack the Construction Yard first. One Striker VX each
will keep on attacking Shinzo and Kenji's Construction Yard before being
reinforced might cause it to pack up and leave. Pursue it and destroy the MCV
before proceeding to annihilate their bases. This can also stop them from
producing Mecha Bay and Mecha Tengus. Kenji's Dojo should be located at the
north edge of the map. Flank around Moskvin's base by going east or north and
destroy the War Factory and Naval Yard to halt the production of Bullfrogs.
Destroy the Construction Yard before the rest of Moskvin's base. A huge force
of Striker VXs will do just fine as the only complication are the Bullfrogs as
Stringrays can't hit air. Use Honourable discharge as the falling VXs can
cause damage if they fall onto enemy units or buildings."

Another couple of strategies from VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Fastest way is - surprisingly using the Empire, although they seem to have a
handicap with Wall building. But as a matter of fact they can have their VXs
much earlier than the Soviets can pull out Twinblades, or the Allies getting
Gunships. Using following  build order may solve the walling problem (be sure
to surround the area around the two Ore Nodes with Walls, leaving space for the
Mecha Bay):
1. Build two Generator Cores, place them in a line behind the location of the
upper Ore Node.
2. While they still (move to the) unfurl (location), pack up your MCV and place
it a tiny bit to the southwest, door facing northeast, just so it doesn't
overlap with that line.
3. While your Refinery Cores still move to the unpack locations, you can
already start building Walls along the Generators.
4. When the Refineries are ready and the Mecha Bay is still on the way, you can
start Walling around the Refineries.
5. Don't forget to tech up the Mecha Bay for all the Walling, by the time you
can build VXs, you should be done Walling too.
6. Sell MCV, queue as many VXs as you like. 
7. The first 2-3 VXs go to Mosvkin's base, where they target the Naval Yard,
then the War Factory, then the Construction Yard. 2-3 because you don't want a
single or pair of VXs getting destroyed by a random Bullfrog.
8. The next VX squad goes to Kenji's base in the northest. Target the Dojo,
then the Construction Yard. If you were fast enough, he has neither a Docks nor
a Mecha Bay yet.
9. The next VX goes to Shinzo's base, and does the same as to Kenji.
10. The folling VXs go to Moskvin, then Kenji, then Shinzo, and then start over
with Moskvin again.

It requires quite some micromanagement, especially if you're not familiar where
Kenji and Shinzo like to hide their Dojos, but if done well, you should be done
after around 5-6 minutes.

Suggested Faction: Soviets.

This is going to be a multi Bear/Engineer rush against both Imperial bases, and
a regular Stingray/Akula attack against Moskvin.

Start off with 2 Barrackses, 1st Barracks produces 2 Bears which will camp at
the Dojos of both Imperial bases. Then each of the Barrackses builds two
Engineers (set them to passive) which go after the Refineries of both bases.
Be sure to capture the Collectors along with the buildings.

The northwest base usually has its Dojo on the island with the Dry Docks. If
not, it's either right next to the Construction Yard or more seldomly on the
small patch of land next to the ore mine east of that base. The southeast
base's Dojo is right next to the Construction Yard. Be careful with this one,
it's rather close to one Ore Refinery, so be careful and place the Bear in a
safe distance to the trigger-happy Collector, but not too far from the Dojo.

Don't worry about Shinobi at the beginning, the Dojos first need quite a while
to tech up before they can build Shinobi, and in the meanwhile your Bears
should have long arrived.

When capturing the northern base, let your Engineers go around the Construction
Yard, else it might get scared and pack up. Once both Refineries
of an Imperial base are captured, it will sell off the remaining buildings in
an attempt to scratch enough credits for a new Refinery, but will usually
fail, which means Kenji and Shinzo's bases will be nothing more but a
Construction Yard and a Generator for the rest of the match. If you want to
keep the new Refineries, Wall them in against Terror Drones and Stingrays. The
one on water in the southeast base will get infested sooner or later though.

In the meanwhile, you are building up your base for a regular Naval attack (I
sold the Barracks after recruiting another Engineer for the Dry Docks, then
built a Reactor, 2 Refineries, a Naval Yard, a Superreactor, and a Crane), have
Walled in your own Refineries against Terror Drones, and produced a little
Stingray force to chase Mosvkin's sting rays away. Once you have pulled out
2 Akulas, go attack his base. Destroy Moskvin's Naval Yard using only the
Akulas, while the Stingrays fend off the Terror Drones, then attack the War
Factory with the Stingrays, with one of them camping for newly built Drones.

After that, Mosvkin should fall swiftly, and you can dispose of Kenji's and
Shinzo's bases any way you like. A Twinblade dropping a Grinder or Natasha
would probably be the fastest way to kill the Construction Yards, just be
aware that for some reasons Grinders cannot attack buildings on sea.

Or: Just build a Barracks next to the newly captured Refineries, build a
Tesla Trooper and a couple Flak Troopers. Have the Tesla Trooper goes into
shutdown mode next to the Construction Yard, and order the Flak guys mine that
thing into oblivion.

-Kenji and/or Shinzo do still have enough money to build a new Refinery Core.
That would at least slow them down considerably, but you want them crippled for
good. So, either shoot a new Engineer with a Bullfrog there, or send some

-Mosvkin's Stingrays will say hello to your Bears before you have captured both
Refineries of an Imperial base. In this case, you have to abandon the strategy
above, and Wall in your whole base, and start an aerial assault with
Twinblades, maybe even drop an Engineer and a Terror Drone with a single
Twinblade next to the Imperial Construction Yards first. If you're lucky, the
Drone will make it into the packing MCV, while the Engineer will probably get
mowed down by the Shinobi. Of course you could just Wall in and go around with
a huge Twinblade swarm, but then you'd rather choose to go with Imperial VXs
since those can be built a bit earlier than Twinblades."

5.226 >Battle Royale<

Location: Hostile Hostel.
Difficulty: Easy.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Kenji (Green), Takara (Random).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Naginata Cruiser.
Unlockable Challenges: High Seas Duel.
Requires: Robots and Ninjas.
Par Time: 18:00.
Twists: Takara's colour may vary.

Opinion: Because the Imperial Shogunate cannot get along, this is an incredibly
easy mission! Some of the Commanders may do the dirty work!

Secure the Ore Node on the mountain closest to the base, and protect it with
fortified Infantry. Manufacture a small force and send them to attack Kenji's
base. Hopefully, he would be weakened by Takara's forces.

Hunt down all the Imperial Structures. If any of them even think about building
a Superweapon, target that Commander first.

As the Soviets:
-MiGs, Twinblades and Mortar Cycles can send the enemy packing in minutes!
-Feel free to use any other forces available.
-Use Reapers to destroy any fleeing MCVs.
-Natasha can mop up any remaining Structures.

As the Allies:
-A Gunship may be able to take out the bases one by one.

As the Imperials:
-Fast units like the Steel Ronin and the Chopper-VX can put an end to this
conflict swiftly.

Here's a tip by Helix25:

"Send a Dojo core to middle and capture all 4 Derricks netting you 2000 credits
plus extra, if they get captured later it does not matter. Build up your base
constructing VXs/Tengus for protection against Shinzo/Kenji's Tengus, and then
get a Sudden Transport with Yuriko inside. Rush Kenji with everything and he
easily falls. Double back to your base and while retreating use VXs to destroy
enemy Oil Derricks. Then rush Shinzo, same strat with Yuriko doing the majority
of work. Then with same force move south and crush Takara. Done."

5.227 >High Seas Duel<

Location: Trench Warfare.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 1.
Opponent: Takara (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Shogun Battleship.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Battle Royale.
Par Time: 17:00.
Twists: None.

Opinion: Since Takara dominates the waters, use an Air Force in response. This
is an excruciating mission, and Takara doesn't make things easy.

Build up an Airfield as soon as possible. Use Air forces to deal with Takara's
surprisingly lethal Yari Subs. Build a few ships for good measure. Feel free to
secure the Ore Nodes north and east of here. Defend them also.

When ready, attack Takara's base. Avoid her Sea-Wings and Turrets, and go after
her Generators to shut down the Turrets. Then shoot her production Structures.
Ensure that her MCV does not escape. If her Sea-Wings do pop up, sink them

As the Soviets:
-With a good mix of auto-loading Aircraft and an Airfield, the Soviets will
have the most success.
-Build lots of Twinblades.
-Use Akula Subs and Stingrays for defensive purposes only.

As the Allies:
-If possible, build some Harbinger Gunships for offence.
-Use Hydrofoils to render Takara's ships harmless.

As the Imperials:
-Try not to do this mission as the Empire. The Chopper-VX and Tengu require the
Mecha Bay, and there is no place to put it, leaving the Empire Sky-Wings as
their only Air Unit.

Here's a strategy by Naranek Angmar:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

You need to build 4 Airbases and 16 Vindicators as quickly as possible (build
Cryocopters after that with any spare cash). Use the Vindicators you have
created to defend your base, I recommend creating groups of 2 Vindicators. 
Create a group of 10 Vindicators and a group of 6. Send the 10 to destroy the
Construction Yard and the 6 to destroy the Imperial Docks at the same time, you
might need to use your airstrike to finish it off. You will not need to worry
about being attacked after that and can just concentrate on destroying the
remaining structures."

Here's another strategy by Lindley:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

1. Build two Generator Cores.
2. Build 3 Refineries, 2 for your base, unpack one to the east on one of the
Ore Nodes there.
3. Build a Docks and upgrade it to 2nd tier.
4. Get the Fortified Fleet Upgrade (if you get a second point, use that on the
Rocket Pods upgrade to improve the Sea Wings).
5. Build 5 Naginata Cruisers in queue then 3 Sea-Wings, then 5 Naginata
Cruisers, then 3 Sea-Wings, repeat this a few times so you have about 15-20
Cruisers and 9-12 Wea-Wings in the queue. Use the Cruisers to repel any attacks
and repair them using the Docks (don't build 10 Cruisers and then 6 Sea Wings,
because then it will build 10 Cruisers before it builds the Sea Wings).

Once the first 5 Cruisers and 3 Sea Wings are built, send them to the enemy
base, make sure your Sea Wings don't go in front of the Cruisers, otherwise
they will be destroyed. Use the Cruisers' special ability as often as possible.
For maximum damage, put the Cruiser right in front of the target before using
the ability, that means all the torpedos will hit the same target, which is
very useful for destroying buildings.

This wave will probably die, although you should be sending heavily damaged
Cruisers back to your Docks to repair. Your second fleet should be ready by
then, so send that to attack too, that should be enough to finish Takara's
base (destroy her Docks and Generators first).

With this method I completed the mission in 11:42, which is well under the 17
minute par time."

Another few strategies from VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

Build one Power Plant, one Refinery, two Seaports, then another Refinery,
then sell your Construction Yard. Start spamming Dolphins like there's no
tomorrow and  rally them northwest of Takara's base. When you run low on
credits, you can sell the second Seaport and the Power Plant. You just want
many many dolphins ASAP.

When you have 5-6 Dolphins together, start attacking before Takara sets up too
many defences. High priority targets are the Docks, then the Generators to shut
down existing defences, then the Construction Yard. Her Yaris post the greatest
threat. If you fail to destroy the Docks fast enough, she'll start spamming
suicide Yaris which will eventually exhaust your income with just One refinery.
If you wait too long before attacking though, she will have teched up to
Naginata Cruisers,  and then it's over. 

But if you happen to be lucky, you might love the result, and be surprised by
the spammability and damage dealing capacity of those otherwise useless

Suggested Faction: Imperials.

Takes quite a bit longer, but is 100% safe, I dare to say. It's some sort of
weird wannabe Dojo Rush. Or rather a Docks 'rush'.

Start with 2 Generators and 2 Refineries, then build 2 Docks Cores, and sell
your Construction Yard. Deploy the first Docks Core in your base, while you
send the second one to deploy  close (but not too close) to the single Ore
Node southwest of Takara's base. Don't worry about her Yaris, early on she'll
usually only send them after your Collectors.

Have the first Docks techs up and builds 3 Naginatas with the Fortified Fleet
Upgrade. One ship stays in the base, the following two move to the location of
the far Docks. 

In the meanwhile those 3 Yaris should have arrived at your base to harrass your
economy. The stay-at-home Cruiser will easily dispose of them with the
S-torpedoes, and  even if they suicide, the Cruiser won't die. 

In the meanwhile, the far Docks should have finished deploying, tech them up
and start spamming Naginatas *only* from both Docks. Like, 5 from the one close
to Takara's base, and 2-3 from the Docks at home, before you sell latter one.
With 8-10 Cruisers, and the wise use of the special attack, you should be able
to beat her defending army (far less Cruisers than you have, very few Yaris,
and some Tsunami Tanks. Oh, and of course those Sea-Wings that barely scratch
your ships with their Anti-Infantry weapon.

Try to flank around the defences if possible and go for her Docks and
Generators. Using this method you'd be spending around 4 minutes preparing, and
2-3 minutess for the final battle. That should be under par time, right?"

5.228 >Superb Commander<

Location: Loch Mess.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 10.
Opponents: Moskvin (Red), Kenji (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Dreadnought.
Unlockable Challenges: Battle Room.
Requires: Tesla's Castle.
Par Time: 20:00.
Twists: FutureTech starts out with all 3 Construction Yards and extra
resources, as well as their default one.

Opinion: Ready for a micromanaging nightmare? Be sure to use the hotkeys for
quicker building!

Build Defences around all the Construction Yards, and secure the Resources in
all three locations. Capture the Tech Buildings east of the Imperial Con Yard.
Build up a Barracks for each tree, and then a War Factory. Pump out LOTS of
units, and construct an Air Field in the middle Con Yard.

Use a big enough force to crush Moskvin's bases to the south. It won't be easy,
so mass-produce Tactical/Bomber Aircraft to take him out. Do the same for
Kenji. Should any of the Con Yards be under attack, have them fall back and try
to restore the lost Defences.

As the Soviets:
-Build Tesla Coils for defence.
-Be sure to build lots of Super Reactors to keepall the Defences online.

As the Allies:
-Mass-Produce Harbinger Gunships. They can be used to smash up the enemy bases
as long as they're escorted by Apollo Fighters.
-The Advanced Aeronautics Upgrade should greatly increase the efficiency of the
mighty Allied Aircraft!

As the Imperials:
-Build Defences to fight off the invaders coming through the lake.
-Build an Imperial Docks for extra defence.
-Use Imperial Refineries to secure distant Ore Nodes.

Here's a strategy by Skyfortress:

"Suggested Faction: Any.

Build up Refineries to secure all Ore Nodes within your reach (use Imperial
Refineries for the ones in the western hills). Now have the Imperial base pump
out Mecha Tengu for Anti-Air, the Allies building a Defence Bureau and
obtaining Maximum Clearance, and build a Soviet Airfiled. Allow the Soviet and
Allied bases to build Defences on the north and south bases to defend them
against the enemy attacks.
Once you get all of the above spam the following:
-Mecha Tengu for Aircraft.
-Harbingers to wipe out any ground troops.
-Twinblades to support the Harbingers.
Now when you get 2-3 Harbingers and as many Wwinblade and Tengu, charge at
Moskvin's base (or Kenji's if you hate him more). Keep on pumping units and
swarm the enemy base. Here are some tips:
1) When moving from base to base be careful. The Tengu and Twinblade move
faster, so try to get the Harbinger to enter first, then the others as the
Harbingers can take more heat.
2) The Soviets' Super Reactor is good here. Place one in each base to make
sure a Superweapon blast does not take out all your Power for your Defences.
3) Use Multigunner Turrets/Sentry Guns and Tesla Coils for Defence.
4) Assign the Tengu as group one, the Twinblades as group two, and the
Harbingers as group three to micromanage them more efficiently.

Do this right and you should complete this mission in under 15 minutes."

Here's another strategy by Ace_Strife:

"Suggested Faction: Allies

You have four bases, but it's insanely difficult to keep all of them. Both
Allied bases are easy to defend, so pack up your Soviet and Imperial
Construction Yards and retreat. Send the Soviet Yard to the southern Allied
base and the Imperial Yard to the northern Allied base, and quickly set up
Allied Turrets to the south of the southern base and to the south-east of your
northern allied base. Set up rRefineries including a Soviet one, and build a
Super Reactor while setting up Defences. I haven't had the enemy attack from
east or south of the northern base, or from north of the southern base.

Imperial Refinery cores can capture the Ore mine between both bases and to the
south-east of the northern base. Those six mines should be enough, but the
south-eastern mine will get hit eventually, though it's not a loss if it falls.

Harbingers with an Apollo escort are the way to go, so tech up in the northern
Allied base, build three Airbases, and have each field build two Harbingers.
If you have any superweapons, build them as well, just in case. If you're
running low on cash, sell the Imperial and Soviet Construction Yards at this
point if you decide not to use Superweapons. The enemy bases lie to the
northeast and southeast on dry land, but expansion bases will be built,
complete with a Construction Yard, in the sea in the centre as well.

If you attack clock-wise, saving the Naval expansions for last, you can
complete under par. The only threat to your Harbingers are MiGs, which is why
Apollos are necessary. Beware lone Kirov airships that will target your
southern base periodically. Don't forget to purchase the Advanced Aeronautics
upgrade and the Surveillance Sweep to see exactly where the enemy is if you
need to."

A third strategy from VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

This one can be well rushed using a Dojo rush for Moskvin's bases and a
Tengu/VX rush for Kenji's bases. 

You also don't have to put up with the micromanaging nightmare this way. Or at
least not as much. Use the Imperial faction for the Rocket Pods Upgrade, by the

First, sell the Allied and Soviet MCVs. Then, using the two Imperial MCVs, set
up 3-4 Dojos, a couple of Refineries and 2 Mecha Bays in your central base, not
outside. Place two Defender Turrets at the chokepoint to the north, and start
to build up a large group of Warriors and even more Tankbusters, set them on
aggressive mode, and just let them attack move to Mosvkin's bases. In the
meanwhile, the two Mecha Bays should produce about 6 Tengus and a huge horde of
VXs which you send to kill off Kenji's bases.

When you face Archers, just land some of the Jet Tengus to deal with them. The
key to a fast victory is very trivial, just overrun them with a huge zerg force
before they can bring out serious threats."

5.229 >Red Crush<

Location: Au Revior Resevior.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Grinder.
Unlockable Challenges: The Motherland.
Requires: Double-Barreled.
Par Time: 13:15.
Twists: None.

Opinion: Oleg will use Grinders extensively, so use Aircraft. Defences and
Artillery are also necessary here.

Secure the resources to the east, and garrison the Structures. Build up an Air
Fleet to fight off Oleg's Grinders that arrive on the water, and then make a
Naval fleet. Use them and the Air armada to destroy Oleg's base.

Grab any Tech Structures in the area whenever possible. Artillery may be needed
to bypass or destroy Oleg's defences. Use Defences to help hold off Oleg's
troops whenever he attacks.

As the Soviets:
-Twinblades, Twinblades, Twinblades.
-The Iron Curtain can be used on Stingrays or Dreadnoughts for extra firepower.

As the Allies:
-Vindicators and Harbingers are effective versus the Grinders.
-Hydrofoils won't really work on the Grinders.
-Use Aircraft Carriers to shut down Oleg's Structures.
-Shrink those pesky Grinders with Cryocopters.
-Don't bother building Apollo Fighters; Oleg doesn't use Aircraft here.

As the Imperials:
-The VX should be able to do some damage against the Grinders.
-Use the Shogun Battleship's ram ability against the Grinders if need be.

Here's a strategy by Shadowstalker7:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

Build 2 Generators and deploy them. Then build 2 Ore Refineries and get those
up. Once a Refinery is up, get a naval yard up. Once the Imperial Docks are up,
build 4 Yari Subs, a Mainframe Core and buy the Fortified Fleet Upgrade. Move
the Yari subs to the centre of the lake. Oleg's pathing seems to always take
the Grinders through the middle and they go in pairs.

Don't engage the Grinders directly. Instead, suicide a Yari into each one (from
the side to minimize chance of being stopped by the grinder tread, which
negates the suicide). Each Yari will kill a Grinder from full HP. While you're
doing this, tech up the Docks. By the time the upgrade finishes, you should be
out of Yari. Build 4 more and tech up again. Then build 2 more Yari, sell your
Nanotech Mainframe and buy a Shogun Battleship. Then build 2 more Yari and
queue another Shogun. At this point, you should easily have control of the
lake, since Grinders take a bit of time to produce. Make sure to gun down any
Sputniks that try to run past your Yaris to the lake expansion.

Once you have the two Shogun, get them by your Yari and take out the War
Factory. Once that's out, queue another Shogun or two and set the rally point
to the middle of the lake. In the mean time, trash the Crusher Crane and the
Conyard. Use your remaining Yari to scout if necessary (generally the only non-
Grinder units Oleg will have will be Infantry, Bullfrogs and on the odd
occassion, a Terror Drone or two). If you've been killing the Sputniks and
preventing Oleg from taking the lake expansion, if his Construction Yard packs
up, he'll likely 'get away'. And by 'get away,' I mean charge right into your
army like his foolish Sputniks. Gun it down with the combined might of Yari and

Next, build a Dojo and begin leveling the rest of his base. Build a pair of
Burst Drones and head north to the expansion directly west of his base. He'll
likely have an expansion going and may or may not have built another War
Factory. If he has a War Factory up, try to level it before he gets out another
MCV. Build a Mecha Bay just in case and tech it up so you can build a few
Strikers. When I did it, he got an MCV out, but it went for the lake expansion
again (signaling his doom)) However, I think it's probably possible for him to
think about going after one of the land expansions. That's what the Strikers
are insurance again. In general, though, the Shogun can hit almost anywhere on
the map from the appropriate shore location."

5.230 >Be Quick or be Dead<

Location: Isla Nooblar.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponents: Oleg (Red), Takara (Orange), Hill (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Rocket Angel.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Your Gold Mine has Collapsed.
Par Time: 11:06.
Twists: FutureTech starts out with full technology.

Opinion: There's a good way to relieve the stress on this mission. Nonetheless,
the best way to complete this mission is to rush through it, courtesy of

Capture the Oil Derrick to the south. Try to focus on eliminating one Commander
at a time.

As the Soviets:
-Build three Engineers, two Terror Drones, and two Twinblades. Use one Engineer
to Capture the Oil Derrick to the south, and put a Drone and Engineer in each
-Send the first Twinblade over to Oleg's base, and send the second Twinblade to
Takara's base.
-If any Burst Drones touch any Twinblades, retry the mission.
-Drop off the passengers. The Terror Drones will infect the MCVs.
-Use the Engineer to capture Takara's Dojo.
-Use the Vacuum Imploder on Oleg's Barracks.
-Finish off Hill, then what's left of Oleg and Takara.

As the Allies:
-Send in a Pacifier FAV to bomb Takara's Base.
-Use Harbinger Gunships to kill off any Units.

As the Imperials:
-Rush some Striker-VXs to the bases.

Here's a strategy by Helix25:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

This mission is one of the toughest of them all to get under par and rushing is
essential. To start you get a full made base with Superweapons and everything,
you are going to need them. I'll divide this start into 4 sections, Takara's
base, Hill's base, your base and finally endgame. Steps 1-3 should be done at
relatively the same time for best results. I will create two posts for this one
because I think this mission needs it.

1. Start by sending two Dojo Cores, 1 Tankbuster and 1-2 Warriors using their
Katanas, southeast toward Takara's base and the same north toward Hill's base.
The Tankbuster should be used to destroy the Derrick northwest of Takara's base
as I find it is often captured by Oleg. At Takara's base, deploy your cores
right in her base just on the western edge, but guard them with those 1-2
Warriors you sent from your main base as she has a bad habit of sending an
Engineer to capture your newly formed expansion. Create 1-2 Warriors and then
a bunch of Tankbusters. Destroy her Dojo first then her Mecha Bay core as it is
either deploying or has deployed. After it is destroyed, sell 1 Dojo and
continue to destroy her base starting with her MCV, just make sure it doesn't
escape. Quickly wipe up the rest of her base.

2. At the same time build Tankbusters at the Dojos near Hill's base and use
your 1-2 Warriors to bushido charge Hill's infantry. Attacking Hill's base
early prevents him from expanding south. After their charge is finished quickly
run them into a building as Hill has likely created an Armour Facility. Use
your Tankbuster force and destroy his Boot Camp and Armour Facility and the
rest of his base. Two down, one to go.

3. While your assaults of Hill and Takara are starting you should at your main
base build 1 Engineer to capture the southern Oil Derrick. Then tech up to
level 2 at the Mecha Bay to get Strikers and eventually level 3 at your Dojo
for Yuriko. Bulld a force of Strikers to defend against Oleg's attacks which
consist of Mortar Cycles (the most annoying unit ever) and Sickles/Stingrays.
They have a nasty habit of taking down your Defender and Wave Force cores. Set
the Strikers to aggressive so they will chase away the anti-airless attacking
force. Good use of the Nanoswarm Hive I find helps in stopping large rushes
against your base.

4. Once Takara's base is destroyed, quikcly get your veteran troops the heck
out of there and back to your main base for defence as Oleg will often send a
Sickle force to wipe them out. Once Hill's base is crushed do the same. By this
point you should have a Yuriko. Create a Sudden Transport and disguise it and
move it across the water to the back of Oleg's base (east side) to avoid Bears.
Now is the time to strike, send your VX force east and use them as a
distraction while Yuriko wipes their base out. And that is it.

This mission was extremely tough because the first time I wiped out just Takara
and ended up getting overwhelmed, even my Sudden Yuriko/Striker rush failed
because he tends to build lots of IFVs and Dogs. Each general has a strategy
and specific units they use, Hill favours light vechicles and infantry, takara
massive Infantry and Oleg light vechiles only, especially Sickles and Mortar

As for those who can't rush, beating this mission under par is nigh impossible.
The enemy AI is ultra aggressive and seems to have almost unlimited credits.
Leaving them alone for any period is suicide. The only thing I can suggest is a
massive VX rush. First to take out Takara then Hill then Oleg as while Hill
produces IFVs and Javelins, against 9-10 Strikers even he will fall easily.
Alternatively a good strategy is to play Soviets and just mass a large
Apocalypse rush against each base, first hill then Takara and then Oleg.
Careful use of your Superweapon is essential however, to beat it under par you
will get at best 1 shot so make it count. Hope this guide helped."

Here's another strategy by SoMeBoDy:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets

It's quite an easy challenge, once you get the hang of it. Do NOT waste any
time in this challenge, especially at the beginning.
Start off building a Barracks next to the Airfield right after you get
battlefield control. Make all of your production structures rally to the same
spot. Train 3 Engineers in the first Barracks, and 2 in the second, right
after the Barrackses finish construction. Send the first Engineer to capture
the Oil Derrick to the south. Build 3 Terror Drones and a Sputnik and 4
Apocalypses right after the War Factory is constructed. Build 3 Twinblades and
a MiG right after the Airfield is constructed. Set all the Engineers to hold
fire stance.
Once the first Twinblade comes out, put an Engineer and a Terror Drone in it,
and set out for Hill's Construction Yard right away. Send the passengers down
right next to the Construction Yard. It will pack up and the Terror Drone will
clog it. Use the Engineer to capture the Boot Camp if possible. If not, don't
worry about it (if you wasted no time, Hill would NOT have an Armour Facility).
Send your Twinblade back to base.
Put two Engineers and a Terror Drone into the second Twinblade, and send it to
Takara's Construction Yard. Put one Engineer and a Terror Drone into the third
Twinblade and send them to the Ore mine just outside Oleg's base (it's safe
there). Drop the second twinblade's passengers next to the Construction Yard,
and use the Engineers to capture the Mecha Bay and Dojo. Use the Twinblade to
protect them, and make sure at least the Mecha Bay is captured. If both
Engineers die, restart (but chances are the Mecha Bay will be captured. Tengus
will mow down the Twinblades and the Apocalypses they're carrying, so it's
better to restart).
Drop the third Twinblade's load next to Oleg's Construction Yard. Send your
Engineer to capture the War Factory, but ther's only a 1% chance you'll
If you lose any Twinblades throughout this challenge, rebuild one or two...
Pick up the Apocalypse Tank with a Twinblade and send it to Oleg's base. If you
see any anti-air units, take a detour, and drop off the Apocalypse Tank as
close to the War Factory as possible. Send an Orbital Drop to destroy the War
Factory and Barracks. Use the Iron Curtain if your Apocalypse comes under heavy
fire, and remember to crush over other things destroy the rest of the base if
you can.
Send the second Apocalypse to Hill's base and crush over Infantry, and destroy
the base.
Send 2 Apocalypses to Takara's base using Twinblades. Once you see any Archer
Maidens, drop the two Apocalypses down, and crush all the Infantry. There will
be tons of Archers, so use the Iron Curtain if needed. Destroy Takara's base,
and Oleg's, if you haven't yet.
Sometimes there is a bug, and the Terror dDrones won't destroy the Construction
Yards (it will be clogged and can't unpack, though). Use Grinders and their
boost of speed ability to catch up on MCVs, and destroy them."

5.231 >Ice Breaker<

Location: Spring Fever.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 5.
Opponent: Lydia (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Imperial.
Unlockable Technology: Cryo Legionnaire.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Shrink Zone.
Par Time: 8:15.
Twists: None.

Opinion: Rushing is essential to beating this mission. Don't let Lydia create
any freezers!

Capture the Oil Derrick, and rush some Infantry to Lydia's base. Use Support
Infantry against her pesky Cryocopters, and smash up her buildings.

As the Soviets:
-Send in a Bullfrog full of Flak Troopers and Bears.

As the Allies:
-Send in a Riptide ACV full of Javelin Soldiers and Peacekeepers.
-Use Tanya to wipe out the base.

As the Imperials:
-Build a Dojo south of Lydia's base, and train some Archers and Tankbusters.
-Use the Archers against Lydia's soldiers and Cryocopters.
-Use the Tankbusters to smash up Lydia's Structures.

Here's a strategy by Raudence:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

It will take you a bit of luck, but if you were unlucky before this can help.
Read this through before you start so you don't waste time.

Start of with 2 Generators, 2 Refineries, 1 Dojo Core and deploy it. Make 2
Engineers. When possible make a Mecha Bay and deploy it.

Now build a Tengu and a Sudden Transport and pack your Engineers into them. In
fighter mode send your Tengu to the Lydia's Refinery and your Transport to her
base at the same time, then disguise your Transport as one of Lydia's
Prospectors. Your Tengu will likely die. While this is happening upgrade your
Mecha Bay and Build 3 Tengus and 5 Striker-VXs.

Now that your Transport is at Lydia's base she should already have an Airbase
and Defence Bureau. You may think you're lucky if there's only one of those
built but her forces will not leave without the other up. When you see her
forces leave (this includes the Cryo Legionnaires may be behind the either the
Bureau or Air Base, whichever is further, they too should leave eventually)
unpack your Engineers and capture both the Defence Bureau and Air Base, then
sell them. When you unpack that should send Lydia's MCV retreating to the
North West.

This is where your Tengus and Strikers come in, feel free to have built more if
you had the money. Use your Strikers to destroy the MCV while it is in the
water before it unpacks or builds a Turret and have them escorted by the Tengus
to fend off against her Apollos.

With her MCV, Defence Bureau and Air Base gone all you have to worry
about is her Infantry, which should include about 2 Cryo Legionnaires."

5.232 >The Final Countdown<

Location: Ring of Fire.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponent: Giles (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Proton Collider.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Ready to Roll Out.
Par Time: 15:30.
Twists: Giles will build multiple Proton Colliders. There is no Fog of War.

Opinion: Naval Artillery is almost a must here. Giles has an ample defence
protecting his Proton Colliders, so keep bombing those bases!

Secure the Ore Node to the east and southwest, and reap those resources. Build
a Naval Yard and build up some Anti-Air ships to protect the Artillery. Use the
Artillery to shut off the power and use a Commando to finish off every last
base. Do the same to each of Giles' islands.

Don't fret if Giles fires a Collider; the Construction Yard is able to take
quite a beating.

As the Soviets:
-Use the Dreadnoughts. Activate the Iron Curtain on the Dreadnoughts to allow
them to fire faster without harm.
-Use Natasha to bomb the high-priority Structures first.

As the Allies:
-The Aircraft Carrier's Blackout Missile can deactivate each of the Colliders,
buying some time.
-Use Tanya to annihilate the bases once the Defences are no more.
-Use Spies to deactivate the Power if the Blackout Missiles are not available.

As the Imperials:
-Sneak in a Transport with Yuriko in it, then catch Giles by surprise (after
destroying the Defences with Battleships of course)!

Here's a strategy by LexShine:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

What I did was starting by building a Boot Camp first and train 2 Engineers and
send them to the 2 Oil Derricks in the vicinity islands while building a Power
Plant, then went with the 2 Refineries, another Power Plant, followed by an
Airbase (Queuing 4 Apollos as soon as finished) and a Seaport building a
Riptide. Then started to tech up to Max Clearance to train Tanya. As soon as
she is out I send her in the Riptide to the eastern base (which happens to be
the first one that had a Proton Collider) escorted by Apollos in case
Vindicators try to sunk it down . I attack that base from the eastern side
(almost if not completely undefended) an let Tanya blow up everything in the

Except for the base just north of this one I repeated this on the others. The
thing with the that particular base is that it has 2 Spectrum Towers, which I
destroyed with Vindicators that I build during the attack on the other bases,
allowing Tanya to finish the job."

Here's another strategy by Helix25:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

This mission was rather easy to beat under par though I did suffer 1 Proton
collider hit which wiped out my Power Plants, but I still beat it under par...

Capture the two Oil Derricks near your base and quickly tech up to get Yuriko.
Also as the mission progresses assemble a strike force consisting of VXs and
Tengus. Giles does not build much of anything in the way of attack units from
my memory, because aside from the Colliders I never really felt my base in this
mission was threatened. Use a Sudden-Yuriko and move to the first base
northwest. Each of Giles' islands has 2 garrisonable Structures, so when you
land put Yuriko into 1 and redisguise the Transport. Giles will send
Vindicators to try to level your garrison but Yuriko will ground them. Proceed
to destroy the base then move to the next island in a clockwise pattern, repeat
this process.

I just used Yuriko and won because I kept a stash of credits to build more of
her in case she got killed. But if you want to minimize the chances of Giles
firing his weapons, create a strike force of 5-6 VXs and 3-4 Tengus and send
them to the first base to the northest. Destroy the Power Plants to knock out
power to the base and any base Defences and proceed to finish it off.

By the time this is done you have probably wiped out 2-3 of Giles bases, keep
going and destroy the remaining. Giles might get off a single shot but don't
worry, if you keep the majority of your structures from the start, you won't
lose the mission."

Here's a variation of the above strategy by Slipshod:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

While using Yuriko to clear out the bases, have a few Sudden Transports with
Engineers (I suggest at least 3 in each) ready and waiting near the enemy
Proton Colliders, particularly the first 2 that appear.

While you mop up the enemy bases with Yuriko, keep an eye on the countdown
clock, and when it reaches less then 20 seconds, launch the Engineers and
Capture it!

You will likely lose 1 or 2 Engineers to Vindicator bombing, but the first 2
bases to get Proton Colliders up will normally not have Defences in range of
their Proton Collider.

Then all you need to do is use the enemy superweapon on any of his bases that
might have too many defences for Yuriko to handle (I find the one opposite of
where you start on the map tends to have too many Spectrum Towers for Yuriko to
handle alone, this would make a good target)."

Here's yet another strategy by SoMeBoDy:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.
Go ahead and build a Generator, a Dojo, and 2 more Generators, and then one
Refinery for all the Ore Nodes that you can mine. Giles doesn't usually attack
with units, so it's safe. Use Engineers to capture the Oil Derricks around you
(remember to build as many Generators as you need).
After this, build 2 Docks, a Mainframe, and tech up to Shogun Battleships.
Build as many Battleships as you can, and send them to destroy Giles (don't
worry about the Vindicators, they can't do much damage).
If you didn't waste much time, you'll destroy him before he gets a chance to
use his superweapon on you."

5.233 >Come and get it<

Location: Swimming Hazard.
Difficulty: Hard.
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponent: Shinzo (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Psionic Decimator.
Unlockable Challenges: Arms Race.
Requires: Double-Barreled.
Par Time: 16:00.
Twists: None.

Opinion: Shinzo will take his time and camp at his base. Take advantage of this
and gather resources in order to defeat him.

Build a Barracks and start pumping out Engineers to capture the Oil Derricks in
the lake. Don't worry if Shinzo gets his hands on them sooner or later. Secure
the resources west and east of this position, as well as in the south end of
the map. Destroy the Bridge to prevent Shinzo from getting direct access for an

Build lots and lots of Aircraft after securing every Ore Node in the southern
half of this map. Use the almighty Air armada to annihilate Shinzo's forces. Be
sure to destroy Shinzo's Generators and production Structures first, as well as
any Anti-Air. Also, before going for Shinzo's base, be sure to reduce all of
his Oil Derricks to rubble.

As the Soviets:
-The Sputnik deploys fast.
-The Combat Engineer can kill off any of Shinzo's Engineers when they are near
the Oil Derricks.
-Mass-Produce Twinblades and MiGs.
-Use the Desolator Airstrike to erradicate Shinzo's Archers.

As the Allies:
-The almighty Harbinger can lay waste to all of Shinzo's forces when numerous.
-Pump out Prospectors from the Refineries to secure more Ore Nodes!
-Use eight Apollo Fighters to shoot down any Aircraft (feel free to use more).

As the Imperials:
-Go ahead and build some Docks to produce Sky-Wings as well as VXs and Tengu,
-If available, use a Giga Fortress for extra brutality!

5.234 >Arms Race<

Location: Power Play.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 9.
Opponent: Oleg (Red).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Vacuum Imploder.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Come and get it.
Par Time: 17:00.
Twists: Support Power credits are gained quickly.

Opinion: Because of all the Support Powers used in this mission, Oleg's
Construction Yard is a higher-priority target than ever before! Use those
Support Powers; they can turn the tide of the battle (thanks to Helix25 for
helping me get through this one!).

Secure the Ore Nodes to the southeast, and secure the Oil Derricks (escort the
Engineers with some Infantry). Meanwhile, build an Air force.

Flank around Oleg's defences, and use the Aircraft to destroy Oleg's
Construction Yard. Obliverate his Super Reactor to shut down his Defences, and
blow up his War Factory (thus preventing him from getting another MCV). Finish
off whatever's left of his forces.

Be sure to have an ample defence to hold off against Oleg's thugs. Do whatever
it takes to send them packing!

As the Soviets:
-Upon gaining Magnetic Singularity, send in a Twinblade with an Engineer in it.
Then use the Singularity on his retreating MCV, and then use the Magnetic
Satellite! Use the Orbital Drop on his War Factory after this.

As the Allies:
-Use the Chrono-Rift on Oleg's Construction Yard to delay his powers.
-Use a fleet of Vindicators to crush Oleg's Construction Yard and War Factory.
-Have a group of Harbingers finish off the bulk of Oleg's base.

As the Imperials:
-Feel free to build a Giga Fortress to destroy the majority of Oleg's base.
-The Nanoswarm can protect the base from Oleg's off-map attacks.

Here's a strategy by ZeroSasaki:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

Build a Power Plant, then two Ore Refineries. As the first Ore Refinery is
under construction, build a single Wall across the north entrance to your base
and a single Wall block on the east entrance (Walls require two blocks to form
a complete barrier). As soon as the first Refinery is complete, construct it at
the eastern Ore Node within your base and have it queue up another Prospector.
At the same time, begin construction on your second Ore Refinery. Once the
extra Prospector is built, send it into the ocean toward the TWO Ore Nodes to
the east, not the isolated one in the southeast corner. Once the Prospector is
outside of your base, complete the Wall barrier you started earlier. Oleg will
never enter the ocean (at least not the east side), so there is no need to
worry about defending this location.

After constructing the second Ore Refinery, build another Power Plant and begin
construction of an Airbase. Now, have the Airbase being producing Vindicators;
Oleg has no Airfield of his own so do not bother building Apollos. As all of
this is happening, you should be investing your points into Chrono Rift Series
to both temporarily nullify the existence of his Construction Yard and
consequently his Support Powers and also to obtain the Free Trade Upgrade that
will come into play soon. As soon as the Airbase is done, construct another a
Defence Bureau and upgrade your Construction Yard to Heightened Clearance. Oleg
should only be sending Infantry at your base up to this point, so simply
construct a single Spectrum tower right behind your northern barrier. Now
construct two Ore Refineries at the duo Ore Nodes you sent your Prospector to
deploy into an Outpost at earlier. Build a second Airbase and stock that one
with more Vindicators. Building as many Power Plants as necessary, build a
Proton Collider in your defence Tab and upgrade the Construction Yard to
Maximum Clearance.

At this point, you should have four Ore Refineries and a robust economy; you're
going to need every penny. As soon as the Construction Yard hits Maximum
Clearance, have the Airbases spam Harbingers while you use a combination of the
eight Vindicators and Time Bombs to destroy Oleg's Vacuum Imploder. Soon
enough, you will be able to fire the Particle Collider at Oleg's base, do not
hesitate to do so, aiming for his War Factory in the process. By now, you
should have 4 or more Harbingers, they will absolutely overwhelm Oleg's
superweapon-blasted base."

Here's another strategy by Geo:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

I built 2 Generators, two Refineries, and a Dojo, and let a third Refinery go
to get one of the sea Ore Nodes. Then I quickly packed my base and moved it
into water, well off shore. Then I built two more Refineries, a Mainframe and
then the Decimator. The Imperial Docks followed and I started upgrading it and
produced Sky-Wings. When the Decimator was ready, I just unleashed it on Oleg's
base followed by Support Power strikes. After that it's just a matter of time
before you wipe out his base with attacks from the Battleships, Sky-Wings,
Support Power strikes and Decimator strikes. This tactic is very easy to follow
since there is no need to defend any ground structures. Minor harrasment could
be caused by an enemy Terror Drone or Commando (Sky-Wings handle both well)."

Here's even more help from Ace_Strife:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

You have enough dough to build up Generators and Refineries, so do so. All four
ore mines in the sea can be taken and won't fear any retribution, so use that
to your advantage. Deploy a couple Defender cores at each entrance to your base
and quickly tech up to a Psionic Decimator and build about eight King Onis.

With such an incredible economy going, this should be an easy feat. The
Decimator only costs 1000 and will be ready in 3 minutes in this mission, so
prepare to use it to soften up Oleg's base for your Onis. Once unleashed, rush
the Onis in and focus on Oleg's production structures and reactors. Since he
won't expand to the sea, your offensive is fairly straightforward, and you
should win well under par (nine minutes tops)."

And more input from G3N!:

"Suggestion Faction: Imperial.

Once the mission starts begin by building a Generator, Dojo, another Generator,
and then two Ore Refineries. If you do this correctly you probably won’t even
need base Defences, although I did build a Defender VX near the chokepoint of
my base just to be safe.

For your Support Powers, choose the Rocket Pods upgrade first. By the time your
Dojo is built, the second Support Power to purchase the Sleeper Ambush should
be ready.

Now build a Burst Drone and send it flying towards Oleg’s base. Once that Burst
Drone reaches Oleg’s base, let loose the Sleeper Ambush in the middle of his
base, and aim for his Ore Collectors. Be careful not to let loose the Support
Power too near his Ore Collector, or it will crush your Tankbusters.

The Burst Drone should attach itself to another Ore Collector to slow the
Collector down. Now you need some micromanagement because Oleg will have some
troops to save himself, so just use those Tankbusters to wreak havoc in his
base. I managed to down an Ore Collector plus two Refineries and seriously
wounded Oleg’s MCV and his other Ore Collector (both of their integrities in
the red zone) and caused the MCV to pack up and move away before all my
Tankbusters and Burst Drone were destroyed.

All the while back in your own base you should build a Mecha Bay and then pump
Mecha Tengu followed by Striker VXs. What follows is just a mop up of Oleg’s
base. With about a pair of Tengu and VXs I manage to complete the mission."

5.235 >Battle Room<

Location: Battlebase Hexis.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 4.
Opponents: Shinzo (Orange), Giles (Blue), Vera (Orange).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Nanoswarm Hive.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Superb Commander.
Par Time: 13:31.
Twists: Only Infantry are available.

Opinion: Having three Construction Yards doesn't make things a bit better;
there's not enough resources to maintain three bases, so concentrate on only
one. Commandos can make this mission a lot easier.

Build up in the southern base, and get some Infantry to defend it. Build up the
Refineries, then sell the northern two Construction Yards. Upgrade to the third
tier ASAP, and get a Commando out.

Use the Commando and a few more soldiers to destroy Vera's base. Beware of her
Terror Drones that can pop out of her Ore Collectors. Advance to Shinzo's base
and kill all of his forces, and blow up his base. Lastly, send Giles out of the
game in a similar fashion.

When destroying the bases, keep in mind that the production Structures and
Refineries are high-priority targets that should be handled by the Commandos.
Finish off the enemy Power Plants with regular Infantry.

As the Soviets:
-Natasha can snipe the Ore Collectors, therefore ruining Vera's chance of using
her Terror Drones.
-Escort Natasha with Desolators.

As the Allies:
-Tanya knows best when fighting directly.
-Avoid Vera's Collectors.
-Use Cyro Legionnaires to soften up enemy Infantry.

As the Imperials:
-Use Yuriko and Shinobi. Imperial Warriors can also use their Katanas for quick
-Use the Archer's volleys to fight off the enemy soldiers from afar.
-Rocket Angels are unavailable, as are Burst Drones.

Here are some tips by ZeroSasaki:

"If you build Walls to blockade the front entrance to your base (i.e. building
Wall after Wall), the enemy will be delayed in attempting to destroy it. And
even then, they will only blow a straight line through your barrier forming a
choke point for themselves. Since they are now advancing through a choke point
that makes their vast numbers practically useless, they are at the mercy of
'Crowd Control' infantry such as Desolators and Cryo Legionnaires. This is a
great way to defend your base if you can remember to set up the same type of
base defence at the rear of your base as well.

If you barricade your other Construction Yards with Walls as well, then
regardless of whether or not you sell the other two Construction Yards, the
computer will still treat those walls as 'your base' and attack them one
section at a time. You will even get the voice prompt 'Your base is under
attack' if the enemy attacks your other Walls."

Here's a strategy by Skyfortress:

"Suggested Faction: Imperial.

Now if you are just sick and tired of trying and trying again, it is time to
dishonour yourself by using Tanks. No, not real Tanks, Ore Collectors!

Start by moving the 3 Construction Yards to the northeast, southeast, and west
all simultaneously (they may send forces). Build up one Refinery in each base
after getting a Generator going, then use the Refinery and pump out an
additional Ore Collecter out in each base (to kill off the Scouts). Now build
anther Refinery for all three bases and another Ore Collecter again and set all
those not collecting Ore into Defence Mode (they WILL go inland to get the Ore,
so move them to stop them from moving to their death). With your bases in
water, build a Nanotech Mainframe, than a Psionic Decimator. From here on, it
gets tricky.

They may have destroyed your Hospitals by now so pump out 2 more Refineries and
5-6 Dojo Cores. Use them to secure the 2 Ore Nodes on the northwest, than build
up a force of Ore Collecters (10-12 Collectors should do it). Remember to leave
a pair of them back at each base as the enemy might send Commandos, or even use
the Magnetic Satellite on them. If they do, use the ones collecting Ore to kill
the Commandos and rebuild those 2 Collecters. Got your force on the northwest
going? Attack (the Defence Drones will come in handy)!
Quickly set up all the Dojo Core and have one Upgrade while the rest pump out
as many Warriors as possible. When the first one is Upgraded, build Shinobi.
These guys will send waves of Infantry, so just KEEP PUMPING out those ninjas
(the 8 Refineries should deal with the economy). If any Dojos go down, just
rebuild them.
When the waves are now smaller, it's time to Upgrade the level 2 Dojos to 3 and
get Yuriko (also assign one Dojo to train Tankbusters). Get the force going and
swarm Shinzo's base first (he WILL get a Decimator running). Use you OWN
Decimator and soften him a little before charging in.
Next is the magnetic Soviets. Take them out fast as the Allies are still going
for your Dojo. Once Vera is down, focus on Giles. It may be considered
cheating, but it works!"

Another strategy by Ace_Strife:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

You can't keep all three bases up so pick one (I chose the centre) and build
two Barrackses and a Power Plant. Sell both Construction Yards in the abandoned
bases and send the Engineers to your main base. You may not be able to build
base Defences conventionally from the Construction Yard, but nothing's stopping
you from having Combat Engineers build Battle Bunkers! Train two more
Engineers, and build two Battle Bunkers to the north of your base and two to
the south, taking advantage of the chokepoints (they are somewhat wide,

Don't forget to build two Refineries while doing this, and have each Barracks
pump out ten Conscripts and four War Bears. Place the Conscripts in each
Bunker, and then train eight Tesla Troopers. Build four more Battle Bunkers,
one near each corner of your base (near the entrances), place two Tesla
Troopers in each, and send your MCV out to the sea, south of your position.

Build two Refineries, and then tech up on the sea. Train Natasha and five
Desolators, and this mission is practically finished, even though you haven't
attacked just yet. Set all five Desolators to use their armour-corroding
ability (which is also effective against Infantry) and level each base in any
order you wish. If you work quickly, you can finish below par. You will
constantly be attacked throughout, but your Defences should be more than
capable. The toughest part of this mission is the very beginning when you're
just setting up the Defences, because the enemies attack almost immediately.

That's what the War Bears are for, however. Also, note that you should delegate
each Construction Yard to either building a Barracks or a Reactor in the
beginning and only selling the other two when this is done."

And another strategy by Kanyenke_ARG:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

This may sound somewhat "dishonourable"; but it works, and under par time!
Just after the challenge begins, pack your 3 MCVs and take them to the water.
Here you will be veeery calm...

Deploy them near the Ore Nodes. Then build a Reactor and start building Ore
Refineries. Don't stop until you have all six. Then start upgrading; build a
Super Reactor and a Battle Lab (try to build all the tech buildings on the
southern base). As you are building the Lab, unpack one of the MCVs and move it
to the northrend ramp to the island, just behind the enemy Hospitals. Once the
Lab has been completed, land the MCV, deploy it and immediately construct 3

And then...start pumping out Desolator Troopers! You will be having enough
income to keep building them just fine. Once you have about 10 of them, raze
one of the enemy bases, any you'd like. Remember to have at least one unit to
use its second abilty so buildings can be destroyed easily. To make things a
bit easier, you can always train Natasha to help you. It's also a good idea to
take one of the enemy hospitals with a Combat Engineer. Piece of cake!"

5.236 >The Motherland<

Location: Sub-Zero Hour.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 7.
Opponents: Moskvin (Green), Oleg (Red), Vera (Purple).
Recommended Arsenal: Allies.
Unlockable Technology: Kirov Airship.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Red Crush.
Par Time: 18:00.
Twists: None.

Opinion: This may very well be the hardest Challenge in the game! Careful
planning and efficient strikes are essential to getting even past this mission!
I am in debt to doom111 for helping me get through this escapade!

For now, focus on defence. Build two to three Defences on each ramp to this
hill, and make some Support Infantry to keep the Aircraft at bay. Train a
Commando and send her to Vera's base.

Use the Commando to destroy the base. Target the Airfield first, then the
Construction Yard, then the War Factory, and then the Barracks. Feel free to
annihilate any other Structure (other than the Super Reactor). Do the same to
Moskvin's base.

Oleg's base is even more heavily guarded, so with Moskvin and Vera out of the
way, build a force and try to hold the middle of the map. Use a Superweapon or
Support Powers to roughen up Oleg's base. His Veteran Academies are high-
priority targets, so destroy them before Oleg can repair them.

As the Soviets:
-Put Natasha in a Bullfrog and use MiGs to keep the enemy airplanes away from
Natasha while she blows things up.
-Should Natasha ever encounter some nasty vehicles, snipe them.
-Escort Natasha with some Flak Troopers to destroy any Terror Drones.

As the Allies:
-Put Tanya in a Century Bomber, and send her to the bases. Drop her off and
have her destroy everything!
-Use Apollos to protect Tanya against the Twinblades.
-Use the Chrono-Swap to bring Tanya back to base.
-A good counter against the Kirov Airships are Cryo-Legionnaires in IFVs.

As the Imperials:
-Disguise a Transport and have it bring Yuriko into the bases.
-Use Rocket Angels to destroy Kirov Airships or disable any ground units.

Here's a strategy by JB:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

It's not that insane as claimed as we would have a rough knowledge on the
enemies' strategy after a few tries. My first sucess got me under par time.
The Veteran Academies are important.

Capture all 3 Veteran Academies in proximity and guard them with some Infantry
(Tank Busters, Warriors, and Archers.) Build a force of Tengu and VXs before
sending them against Vera.

Flank around Oleg's heavily guarded base from Vera's position then proceed to
destroy Moskvin's base. The trick is to keep on spamming Tengus and VXs while
guarding the base with Defender VXs.

Wall up the Refineries to avoid Terror Drones. Building a Refinery in the water
will help as most of the attackers attack on land once Vera is taken out as she
will send in Twinblades and Kirovs often while the other 2 usually send Migs
and Flak forces. Once Vera is eliminated, there is a lesser chances of us
getting Kirovs in our area

Vera is the air force commander, which means she sends out Twinblades, MIGs and
Kirovs more than the others while guarding her base with Bullfrogs and Flak
Troopers. Her Twinblades may attack in swarms, therefore Jet Tengus have an
advantage against them.

Moskvin sends Infantry, Terror Drones and V4s more often while defending with
MIGs, Infantry and Terror Drones. Use the Chopper VXs against him.

Oleg used armour such as Mortar Cycles while supported by Bullfrogs and
Infantry. Eliminating Vera is your top priority. Go for Oleg next, and lastly

Another strategy from VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

This can be quite easy with a VX & Tengu rush! Start off by sending 3 Dojo
Cores to the three Academies on your side, each Dojo builds 1 Engineer, 2
Tankbusters and a Warrior, then sell all Dojos. Leave the handful of soldiers
right there to guard them. In the meanwhile, do what you always do for a VX
rush - 2 Generators, 2 Refineries (with Walls to counter Mosvkin's Terror
Drones), one Mecha Bay, then sell off the Construction Yard. Tech up and start
with 6 VXs followed by 4 Tengu, then again VXs and so on. 3 should go to Vera's
base (northwest), the other 3 to Mosvkin's base. Since they start off as elite,
they will pick apart their bases quite easily. First, target their Airfields,
next the Barracks, then the War Factory, and lastly the Construction Yard. 

If you see any captured Academies on your way to the northern bases, do destroy
them along the way. When you're done with both Vera and Moskvin, you can start
to heckle Oleg.

His main anti-air defence will be Tlak Trooper squads, so land our elite Tengus
to eradicate them somewhat easily. Just remember not to go straight from your
base to his base, since his Tlak Troopers might have garrisioned buildings
along the road, so take a detour over the lakes.

If you are unlucky, he will have spammed Bullfrogs or MiGs, but if you were
fast enough, you can still catch him off guard. Fastest I've had using this
strategy was 6 Minutes."

5.237 >Future Warfare<

Location: Holdout Keep.
Difficulty: Insane!
Fun Factor: 8.
Opponents: Hill (Green), Lydia (Purple), Giles (Blue).
Recommended Arsenal: Soviets.
Unlockable Technology: Future Tank X-1.
Unlockable Challenges: None.
Requires: Fury of the Empire.
Par Time: 22:17.
Twists: FutureTech starts out with four Future Tanks.

Opinion: Fight off the living dead, I mean living capitalist foes in the
castle! Use the Future Tanks only for defence, and use a formidable Air army to
destroy Giles, as he is (again) the biggest threat on the arena.

Erect Ore Refineries, and build some Anti-Air Defences beside them. Get an
Airfield up and start pumping out Fighter Jets, then Tactical Aircraft. Send
them to Giles' bases and destroy him before he becomes too powerful.

When Giles is out, use the Air fleet (coupled with a decent ground force) to
destroy Lydia and Hill in no particular order. Use the Future Tanks's Riot
Beams to make quick work of any Structures.

Giles, as always, uses his annoying Aircraft.

Hill will resort to old-fashioned tactics, and will most likely use Infantry
and Tanks.

Lydia will use her high-tech gadgets such as Athena Cannons and IFVs.

As the Soviets:
-Use Twinblades. A lot of them.
-Build Tesla Coils to defend the ground entrances to the castle.
-Use the Twinblades to transport the Future Tanks to Giles' bases for extra
-Transport the Future Tanks on the unguarded flanks of Hill's and Lydia's

As the Allies:
-Use a Vindicator rush on Giles' MCV.

As the Imperials:
-Use the Striker-VXs.

Here's a tip by WolfSpam:

"As the round starts (and the commanders are still talking) send two Future
Tanks near each of the Derricks adjacent to Lydia and Hill's bases; just be
careful to not let Lydia's Javelin Soldiers injure one of the Tanks too badly.
Station the Tanks at the edge of the cliff so they can reach the Boot Camps
below. Take down the Boot Camp, the Armour Facility (if in range), and any
adjacent forces, then attack the ground so the splash damage affects where
those buildings were and any nearby buildings. Both Commanders will continue
to build Boot Camps, Armour Facilities, Power Plants, and sometimes base
Defences near that spot, but you Future Tanks will soon get veterancy and be
able to easily deal with those.

A few notable facts; Sometimes the build patterns may vary and the Armour
Facility will be out of reach of the Future Tanks in one of those bases. If it
happens in Lydia's base, it's great because she'll continue to build IFVs
instead of building Vindicators and forcing you to garrison some AA troops in
the nearby building. If it happens in Hill's base, it may be a problem because
some Riptide ACVs may lose target and go around the cliff requiring some more
micromanagement, and and the constant chipping may kill one of the tanks. Also,
Giles will not attack the Future Tanks, as it seems he's only interested in
flanking your base.

The rest should be easy; I personally like playing as the Soviets, making 2
Refineries on the top part of the castle and have the base quite small and full
of Flak Cannons. Though sometimes annoying, Giles will be no longer a threat if
your base is small and protected well enough. Then a few Twinblades can take
down the power from one of the other Commanders' base and it will easily be
destroyed by the Future Tanks and their Air support. Without the other two,
Giles will fall easily for the Twinblades, the Tanks and a few MiGs."

Here's a strategy by Galrun:

"Suggested Faction: Imperials.

This utilizes a lot of micromanagement, so I would suggest that this be used
only if you're really up to keeping track of multiple areas at once.  Be quick!
Your primary offensive/defensive units will involve spamming a lot of Jet Tengu
and VX Choppers.
First off: Select the Advanced Rocket Pods Upgrade, and then gather up all your
Future Tanks and send them over to stand just outside of the range of the
Spectrum Towers standing guard over the entrance to Lydia's base. Make sure
that those Future Tanks are out of range. They'll take some time getting over
to her base, so build up your basic infrastructure in the meantime. Build three
Instant Generators, two Ore Refineries, and then crank out a Mecha Bay as soon
as you can. Deploy it in the middle of the castle courtyard. By the time the
Mecha Bay Nanocore has finished unpacking, your Future Tanks should be just
outside Lydia's base. Start producing Mecha Tengu and transform them into Jet
Tengu. Station a Jet Tengu near each of your Ore Refineries, Generators, and
your Mecha Bay.
A note: I noticed that Giles' Vindicator Bombers get scared off by Jet Tengu
standing right above their intended targets. They won't attack, so long as the
Jet Tengu are standing guard right over your Structures/Ore Collectors.  Keep
these defending Jet Tengu in "guard stance" only.  Also, produce a Defender VX
base defence tower and station it near your southern base entrance to defend
against Hill's initial ground attacks. Replace it if necessary. 
While your Mecha Tengu are being produced, individually select each one of your
Future Tanks and use their "Riot Beam" special ability on each one of the
Spectrum Towers at Lydia's base. Or in other words: One Riot Beam ability per
Tower. Send them in together, one Future Tank after another in quick
succession; otherwise, the Spectrum Towers might still kill one of your Future
Tanks. Once the Towers are down, send in your Future Tanks to raze her base to
the ground. Prioritize your targets. Take out her Infantry/Armour production
facilities first, then Riot Beam her Construction Yard into ashes before it
tries to pack up and escape. Then finish off her Airbases.

You can choose to mop up after her Refineries and Generators as well, but I
prefer to send my Future Tanks back to base by this time in order to help fend
off Hill's ground attacks.
Remember to also keep producing Mecha Tengu and send them up into the skies as
Jet Tengu to keep Giles off your back. Cluster them near your Generators, Ore
Refineries, and Mecha Bay. Three Jet Tengu standing guard over each structure
is usually enough. Upgrade your Mecha Bay as soon as possible. Deploy Sleeper
Ambushes near your base to "distract" enemy support powers, or to help defend
your Structures.
Once your Future Tanks are back at base from their little jaunt through Lydia's
territory, station them near the southern entrance to help fend off Hill,
preferably near your Mecha Bay to aid in repairs. Watch out for Tanya. Use
Mecha Tengu or Defender VX towers to keep her at bay. While all this is going
on, start cranking out a trio of VX Choppers. Once they're up in the air, send
them over to Giles' northeastern Airbase with an escort of five Jet Tengu. Take
out any Vindicator bombers you might come across on your way, but don't let
your VX Choppers stray from their Jet Tengu escorts. Once you get to Giles'
northeastern base, lay waste to the Barracks first and then go after his
Construction Yard. Have the Jet Tengu shoot down any Cryocopters you might
find, and then stand guard over Giles' Airbases to keep Apollo fighters off
your VX Choppers. The Construction Yard will pack up and attempt to run, so be
sure to keep your VX Choppers trained on the escaping MCV.  Once this MCV is
dealt with, destroy his Airbases and Defence Bureau.  Repeat this strategey for
his southwestern airbase. If he has already built a Proton Collider, deal with
it as a priority target for your VX Choppers after you've destroyed his
Barracks. Once Giles is effectively out of the picture, there's only Hill to
deal with.
While all this is going on, be sure to build up additional Jet Tengu and VX
Choppers to support and defend your base.  Hill will start sending in Athena
Cannons and Future Tanks of his own by this time, as well as Harbinger
Gunships, so keep your eyes peeled and deal with attacking forces appropriately
(VX Choppers for the Athena Cannons/FutureTanks, and Jet Tengu for the
Harbinger Gunships). Don't disregard any notifications of attacks on your base.
By this time, you should have built up enough Jet Tengu and VX Choppers to hold
up as a sufficient strike force. Send them to flank Hill's base from the sides,
and start attacking his Power Plants with your VX Choppers. Once his power's
out, go after the MCV, and then mop up after the rest of his structures and
forces as appropriate. Be quick about it! If you're fast enough, you should
have eliminated all three Allied commanders under the par time."

Another strategy by Ace_Strife:

"Suggested Faction: Allies.

You start off surrounded by indestructible walls and only two land entrances
to your base, already guarded by two Future Tanks, each. Quickly build a Power
Plant and a Refinery. Build three Prospectors, build more power, and claim the
second Node. Just south of your position within the walls are two Ore mines, so
set up an expansion there. We're going to try something a little unconventional
with the other two prospectors. Set one up near each entrance and use this
extra control as a means of buffing up your base defences here. After claiming
the two extra ore refineries, build up a stable power grid and start building
Turrets like mad near the entrances and near your Ore mines, as they will be
hit be Vindicators and Cryocopters throughout the mission. Tech up this entire
time, and build two or three Airbases. Harbingers are perhaps the best units in
the game, and a fleet of 6-9 (I prefer 9) can claim this mission alone, without
AA support. Build a Proton Collider, and then choose a base.

Even though there are only three Allied Commanders, there are indeed four
Allied bases, so felling one base will instantly kill all units that base
controls, so use that to your advantage. Some of the Commanders set up
expansions on your island, so keep a look out near you. There's no need to
build anything more than just 9 Harbingers (not even defensive units), but keep
an eye on your base, replacing fallen turrets and repairing your base when
needed. You will easily complete within par with plenty of room for error.

Note: Since the enemy Commanders attack your base with Vindicators, you
shouldn't be overwhelmed with Apollos, and if you fell their respective bases
quickly, you shouldn't suffer any casualties."

A really intense strategy by VX4:

"Suggested Faction: Soviets.

This can be a walk in the park when you use your Future Tanks right. This is
somewhat micro-intensive, you'll have to jump  between building up your base
and your Future Tanks in two other bases back and forth almost all the time.

When establishing your base, feel free to add a lot of Flak Towers against
Giles. While you build up your base for an early Airfield (Reactor, 2
Refineries, Super Reactor, Airfield), send your Future Tank pairs to Hill and
Lydia respectively.

Position them outside the reach of the Spectrum Towers, fend off the early
Infatry they send, especially Javelins trying to go for a laser lock. When the
first wave is over, attack the Spectrum Towers like this: Go into planning
mode, order each pair to Riot Beam two adjacent defence Towers, then do a
reverse move to retreat from the remaining two Towers, then give the start

The Future Tanks have enough health to take 2 hits from Spectrum Towers. When
their special ability is ready again, do the same with the remaining two
Towers, then just set them to  aggressive and level Hill's and Lydia's bases.
Make use of the Riot Beam on important buildings (Construction Yard, Armour

In the meanwhile, build 4 MiGs, and 4 Twinblades at your Airfield. When the
wrestler and the lady are gone, send your Twinblades to pick up the Future
Tanks. Send two Twinblades escorted by 2 MiGs to each of the two Airbases,
distract or kill the Apollos with your MiGs and drop the Future Tanks in
Giles' bases. A few Riot Beams, and Giles will complain about his
inconsiderate dismissal.

If you're fast, you're done within 6-7 minutes."

5.300 >General Advice<
Basically, the Challenges are all Skirmish games. All enemy Structures must be
destroyed to win the game. All of these tips can apply to all challenges.

-Analyse the briefing regarding the Challenge. It may describe what types of
Units the enemy will be using.

-Failing that, be sure to know what tactics each of the Commanders usually use.

-Try not to let any Commander build or use a Superweapon.

-Destroy Bridges to block off access to certain areas.

-Garrison any Structures that can be used for Defence.

-Use number assignments for each squad of Aircraft, or for Commandos.

Here's a tip by Skyfortress called "The Riot Rush":

"This tactic involves building an Airbase but not upgrading it yet as the
Allies. Build a Defence Bureau than an Armour Facility (with Power Plants for
power in Defences of course). Get a Chronosphere up and running, then start
getting Maximum Clearance. At around 1:30 to Chronosphere activation (if you
built an Armour Facility and Chronosphere at the same time) you get Maximum
Clearance if your economy is good. Build 3 Future Tanks and teleport them right
beside the enemy Construction Yard. Use the Riot Beam and it will totally (yes,
TOTALLY) annihilate the Construction Yard in one go. Aim for the War
Factory/Naval Yard next to prevent reproduction, and voila!

It is good for missions where you have to get through LOADS of obstacles (and
helped me complete 'The Motherland' and helps in 'Dirty Tricks')."

Here's another tip by Naranek Angmar:

"My tip for the Commander's Challenges is that they can all be completed under
par using just Jet Tengus and VX Choppers and sometimes an early mission
Engineer rush to stop their build queue. The exceptions were the challenges
where you don't have access to a Mecha Bay.

As fast as possible create an Dngineer and Transport. Drive it next to the
enemy's Construction Yard and unload the Engineer.  The Construction Yard will
pack up and move to another location near ore. This has two advantages, it
stops all enemy base construction until the Construction Yard is redeployed
and it often leaves the Construction Yard in a much more vulnerable position.
You may even be able to destroy it while it is on the move.

There is a slight variation on that strategy if you are playing Rising Sun. The
first thing you should create is a Dojo, but don't deploy it. Send it towards
the enemy base. Run over any troops and then deploy it near their Construction
Yard and create an Engineer. If you get lucky the Engineer will appear before
your Dojo is destroyed and the Construction Yard will pack up."

Here's some crazy tips by VX4:

"Basically each challenge can be rushed. Against a single opponent, that means
you'd be done under 3-4 minutes,  against several opponents you'll need about
6 minutes max. 

Some things are quite useful to know. For example, if you destroy all your
opponent's Collectors at once, he will sell off both Refineries and additional
buildings to scratch the credits to build a new Refinery. If you keep
destroying the Collectors, he'll be constantly selling stuff to finance a new
Refinery. That way, you can wear him down to just his Construction Yard and one
Power Plant, if you can deny his income. The Soviets could do this with  early
Terror Drones or later on, Twinblades that flank the base, the Imperials could
fly in Tengus from a flank, and the Allies could use Vindicators early on. If
all the Refineries are on sea, the Imperials can send a group of Yaris, which
are practically invulnerable when submerged, and make great hit & runs on
Collectors. Just make sure the other commander has no Oil Derricks, else he'd
rather wait for the +15 credits tickle to buy him new Collectors instead 
of selling his Refineries.

You get similar results when capturing all of his Refineries. He'll sell all
his production buildings and tech buildings to try to rebuild his economy,
leaving him vulnerable. Some of my strategies will evolve around this fact.

One of the easiest and most despised rushes is the Imperial Dojo rush, where
you send 3-4 Dojo Cores towards your opponent's base, deploy them just outside
it while deploying 1-2 Generators and then selling the MCV. Yep, no economy, no
income (except for the MCV Engineer capturing a Derrick maybe), but with a 10k
start up sum, you'd be at  10,000 - (4 x 500 + 2 x 800) + 2500 [+ 500] = 9,400
credits to spam Infantry with.

That is rouhly 10 Warriors and 25 Tankbusters in 1:30 minutes, quite enough to
devastate any base early on, which only have the Barracks (Warrior sword attack
against enemy Infantry) and bottom tier vehicles. Just make sure your units do
not get crushed by Collectors or the MCV. Watch out for Dog barks and Bear
roars though.

A variation is to move the Dojos all the way into the enemy base if it is not
too far away and use one Nanocore to crush all his Infantry and move back and
forth in front of his Barracks to crush any new soldiers. Then deploy the other
ones inside his base, maybe use Engineers to capture the Refineries (if you
want to capture Collectors along with the building, your Engineer has to wait
right next to it and start capturing when the Collector almost turned around
towards the Refinery and starts driving towards it), and spam Infantry

Another good way to rush is the Bear-Engi-Flak rush. Start with 2-3 Bears, park
them right in front of the enemy Barracks (use Roars to get the upper hand on
groups of enemy Infantry), followed by 2-3 Engineers followed by a bunch of
Flak Troopers. 

The key here is to capture both Refineries INCLUDING their Collectors, so they
won't attempt to crush your other Infantry. Your third Engineer could either
capture his Barracks to pump out even more Engineers to overtake the base, or
his freshly built War Factory to prevent vehicular threats. Just don't bring
your Engineers too close to the MCV, or it will pack up and run away.

Once the Refineries are yours, send your Flak Troopers on his MCV using their
mines. These attacks are surprisingly powerful, especially when the MCV tries
to run, the mines of 3-4 Flak guys will kill it within seconds, if you don't
let them get crushed.

If you're up against the Empire/Soviets, the overtaken Refineries will allow
you to build nearby. If you were quick building up your base in the meanwhile
and have a Super Reactor already, you can consider placing a Barracks next to
these Refineires and pump out one Tesla Trooper to park in shutdown mode next
to the MCV to prevent it from running away when packed.

Against a single opponent, you could open with 2 Barrackses. The first Barracks
makes 2-3 Bears, then 2 Engineers and 3 Flaks, the second Barracks builds
another 2 Engineers and 3 Flaks. That way you have more troops in less time
than with only 1 rax. While your men are on the way, just proceed as normal.
Sell off both Barrackses again if you want, and go on with Reactor, Refinery,
another Refinery, Super Reactor, etc.

The Allies could try the same with Dogs, but Dogs don't even have half the HP
of bears and die to a single shotgun/burst rifle hit from Peacekeepers and
Warriors, and need to wait longer between each attack."

A versatile strategy from SovRaptor:

"While playing Commander's Challenge as the Soviets, (my favourite side) I
found a great way to beat many of the missions. It doesn't work on all missions
of course, but is still very useful. Getting 3 Engineers, a Bullfrog, and 2
Terror Drones as quickly as possible; load everyone into the Bullfrog. Then
drive over to the enemy base and launch the passengers into the enemy base, as
close as possible to their Construction yard. The AI without fail will pack up
its Con yard and attempt to drive away when the Engineers get close. A Terror
Drone will leap into the vehicle, while the other one can freeze it in place or
slaughter low-level enemy Infantry attempting to follow their MCV. With the
Terror Drone inside, the MCV cannot re-deploy. The Engineers immediately upon
landing can make a break toward the nearest enemy building, preferably a War
Factory or a Refinery. Even if they don't succeed in capturing anything, the
enemy is so crippled at this point, any other operations against it will be
basically a mop-up. In addition, even if the Terror Drones don't succeed
either, the enemy MCV will still run for it. But look out for Allied Armour
Facilities, Imperial Mecha Bays, or Soviet Crusher Cranes. Their ability to
repair vehicles will kill off any Terror Drones (this also applies to other
Allied and Imperial production Structures, such as the Airbase and their Naval

As you can see, it's a very flexible tactic. You can easily replace Bullfrogs
with Twinblades, or have some Twinblades bring in a tank or Natasha." 

6.0 >Multiplayer<
Multiplayer is a mode where random people can play in random maps with random
teams! Things can get really frantic and fun! Co-Op Commanders can be used as
AI players, and they even provide their own unique intro, victory, and defeat

6.1 >Skirmish<
Ordinary practice for non-ordinary multiplayer matches. Although the individual
Nations for each faction are absent, the AI armies can be selected as the
different Co-Commanders. Each Commander has his/her own unique strategy. The
amount of Credits can be adjusted, and the Bonus Crates can also be available.

6.2 >Maps<
This is the map list for Red Alert 3 in Multiplayer modes. Some of the maps in
Uprising are exact copies of the ones in Red Alert 3 with different names.

Red Alert 3 Maps:

2 Player:
-Battlebase Beta
-Cabana Republic
-Canals of Carnage
-Casual Encounter
-Fire Island/Acid Rain
-Industrial Strength/Power Play
-Infinity Isle
-Secret Shrine
-Snow Plow/Snow Bank
-Spring Fever
-Temple Prime
-Turtle Village

3 Player:
-Caldera of Chaos/Caldera of Calamity
-Hidden Fortress
-Pyroclasm/Sniper's Hollow
-Repair Bay

4 Player:
-Battlebase Octopon
-Blitzen's Back
-Cold Showdown/Quad Damage
-Death Aquatic/Crimson Tide
-Hostile Hostel
-Last Resort
-Pool Party
-Reef Madness
-Ring of Fire
-Rock Ridge
-Roundhouse Redux

5 Player:
-Circus Maximus
-Loch Mess
-Murder Mesa

6 Player:
-Burnt-Out Paradise
-Sub-Zero Hour
-Swimming Hazard.

Uprising exclusive Maps:

2 Player:
-Au Revior Reservior
-Grinder Gulch
-Hard Lesson
-Island Arena
-Killington Cove
-Kodiak Lake
-Mir's Landing
-Pure Oniage
-Rival Schools
-Soundless Hill
-Twisted Terrace
-Wrong Steppe

3 Player:
-Fried River

4 Player:
-Assassin's Road
-Battlebase Quartus
-Bear Zamok
-Corporate Warfare
-Florazon basin
-Honour Bound
-Isla Nooblar
-Jungle Stalkers
-Oil Slick
-Shogun's Alley
-Trench Warfare

6 Player:
-Apocalypse Mountain
-Battlebase Hexis
-Holdout Keep

Additionally, there are many custom maps thanks to Worldbuilder.

6.3 >LAN<
Simply search for a game on the list. In most cases, there shouldn't be much.
Follow the Versus details from here on.

6.4 >Online<
Click on the Star to the top-right corner of the screen. Log in to connect with
other players. There are many Lobbies to chat with others in and search for
players, such as:

-Casual Lobbies.
-Clan Lobbies.
-Foreign Language Lobbies.
-Co-Op Lobbies.

To play a Co-Op Game with someone, start up a mission, and instead of clicking
"Solo", press "Co-Op", and search for someone in the lobbies. Search for the
player's name (after asking first) in the player list, right-click, and select
"Invite". Alternatively, the other player can set up the game and send an
Invite of their own. When this happens, press accept.

As for Versus, all players can pick their Faction, Colour, and team of their
choice. The Host of the game can also set up the rules and settings of the bot

6.5 >Multiplayer Tips<
This section provides tips on how to defeat enemy commanders in Versus mode.

-Skirmishes and Comp Stomp games are excellent ways of getting practice in
Versus mode.

-Defences can be used as a deterrent for smaller Units, or for certain
infiltrators. Don't rely too heavily on Defences, as they can be bombarded or

-Always accompany Defences with units.

-Walls can also be used to keep out smaller units, or they can be used as an
alarm whenever they are under attack.

-Use Scouts to take a peek at enemy bases (or harass their Infantry). Aircraft
can do this just as well.

-Use the MCV as a temporary expansion unit to build at Ore Nodes quickly. It
can also be used to crush most enemy units.

-If an Engineer is about to capture the MCV, unpack it and run (or crush the
Engineer)! Same goes for any conventional enemy assaults.

-Want to spam certain types of units? Build additional production structures to
pump them out even faster!

-Always tired of having to chase down fleeing MCVs as the Allies? Worry no
more! With the Chronosphere in hand, it's possible to teleport an MCV to a
destination so hostile that it will wish to have not packed up at all! Such
examples include next to Tanya or a bribe-happy Spy!

-Always tired of having to chase down fleeing MCVs as the Soviets? Worry no
more! A single Terror Drone can stop an MCV in its tracks, leaving it
vulnerable to the likes of another Terror Drone or Natasha!

-Always tired of having to chase down fleeing MCVs as the Imperials? Worry no
more! A single Rocket Angel can stop an MCV in its tracks, leaving it
vulnerable to the likes of Yuriko!

Here's a Soviet tip provided by kpw:

"1. Build a Crane.
2. Build a Reactor & Barracks.
3. Build 2 Ore Refineries whilst churning out roughly a dozen Infantry,
probably a 3:1 mixture of Conscripts to Flak Troopers. Also an Engineer to
capture your Oil Derrick.
4. Build a War Factory and a Super Reactor, escort your Engineer to his Oil
Derrick, then move your Infantry into an attacking position, if your opponent
has no Infantry you can just charge their base and win the game then and there,
if they do and you fight and lose, I'd recommend building up a few more
Infantry just to be safe.
5. (optional) Build Terror Drones to attack ore miners. If your opponent is
playing as Japan or Allies, you need to send them in pairs, one to immobilise
the miner so it can't repair itself and one to get inside and kill it. If your
opponent is playing Soviets and dont have a crane, you can not bother with one
to immobilise.
6. Now its time to chose, either build an Airfield or a Battle Lab. If you're
playing against Allies I'd recommend the Airfield as an attempt to stop
Vindicator spam.
7a. If you build an Airfield, build 4 Migs, about 5 Hammer Tanks and 2 or 3
Bullfrogs. Once this is done get your Migs flying, this way they can attack Air
units entering your base automatically, rather than you having to set them to.
7b. If you built a Battle Lab build 3 Apoc Tanks, 5 Bullfrogs and maybe a
couple of Hammer Tanks.
8. Now its time to expand, pack up your MCV and send it off to build another
ore miner at an ore node, probably the nearest one, and preferably not one in
the direction of your enemies base. Best to escort your MCV with your units to
keep it safe, once its done return it to your base for protection.
9a. If you built an Airfield now start producing Twinblades, about 5 should do,
also make about another 10 Hammer Tanks and maybe 5 Bullfrogs. You can start
attacking now if you want to, or at least scout your enemies base for units.
9b. If you built a Battle Lab now build an Airfield, if you're playing against
the Allies, 4 Migs and a couple Twinblades should do and then a few more Apocs
and Bullfrogs. If you're playing any other nation then about 10 Twinblades
another 5 Apocs and Bullfrogs. Again scout out your enemies base and decide to
attack or not.
10. Expand again, take another Ore Node and now build a Naval Base, building a
Battle Lab as well if you haven't yet and then start producing Dreadnoughts and
give them support from your Twinblades and Bullfrogs/Migs.
11. Keep unit production on the go, building Twinblades, Dreadnoughts,
Bullfrogs, and Apocs, constantly attack, and outnumber or position your enemy,
attacking from multiple directions, fronts and unit types is always a strong
way to put your opponent in disarray.
For no Crane start then just build more Infantry at the start while
you build a base up slower, you have $3000 extra to start with so use
these for extra units that someone who might have a Crane at the start can't
Base Defences are largely useless and generally slower to build, easier to
destroy, more expensive and weaker than just building more units (Bullfrog vs.
Flak Cannon for example, Sentry vs. 10 Conscripts), a fixed structure can be
avoided or destroyed, a moving unit can cover a larger area and avoid attacks
while being unavoidable. Walls are really only any use against units without
explosive attacks (Peacekeepers, Imperial Warriors, Conscripts, Mecha Tengu,
Sickle etc.) or against Terror Drones, and only really slightly slow down
anything else."

Any more tips would be greatly appreciated.

7.0 >And the Rest!<
The rest of the things in this guide.

7.1 >F.A.Q<

Q: How do I complete the secondary objective in "No Traitors Tommorow"?
A: Just build a Sputnik Outpost in the southwest corner of the map next to the
Ore Node. Simple as dirt pie!

Q: I can't produce high-tech units even though I've upgraded to Maximum
Clearance as the Allies!
A: The Allies upgrade their technologies at SEPARATE AREAS. This means that the
production Structures near certain aeras rely on the Tech level of the
Construction Yard/Command HUB nearby. This also means that despite upgrading a
Construction Yard to Maximum Clearance, any Production Structures that are far
away from the Construction Yard must also upgrade to higher Clearance levels in
order to produce better units at that location.

Q: In Uprising, if I uninstall the game, do I lose all my progress in the
Commander's Challenge? Am I able to recover the data if I reinstall the game?
A: I've been told that the data in the Commander's Challenge is recoverable.

Q: What do I get in return for completing the Campaigns and Commander's
A: In Red Alert 3, only the various cutscenes are unlocked upon completing each
mission. However, in Uprising, completing all Campaigns plants a special star
on the Campaigns tab. Completing all of the main Challenges unlocks a special
movie, promotion, and star for the Challenges tab. Completing all of the side
Challenges unlocks yet another special movie, and yet another star for the
Challenges tab. Completing all Challenges under the par time unlocks the third
and final star for the Challenges tab, and world championship rights! It also
makes stars fall in the main menu.

Q: Is there any sort of multiplayer mode in Uprising?
A: No. Multiplayer modes of any type are unavailable in Uprising (Skirmish mode
is still available though). Damn!

Q: Do I require Red Alert 3 in order to use Uprising?
A: No. Uprising is a stand-alone game (also meaning that the original Campaigns
in Red Alert 3 cannot be played in Uprising).

Q: Is it possible to play Co-op on LAN?
A: No, but there is a mod where two people can play Cooperatively on LAN.

Q: Can I get a saved game file from you?
A: Absolutely not.

A: Calm down!

Q: Can I play with you Online?
A: Sure, but only in Co-op mode or in Comp Stomp matches. I often hang around
Coop Lobby 1 or in Casual Lobby 1, under the name "RainingMetal".

Q: I only want to get a certain part of this guide! What can I do?
A: Select what's necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select
and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click,
and paste (or press control V). Print away!

Q: I want to contribute to this guide by writing some information for it!
A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at boocatcher5(@)hotmail(.)com (omit the

Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below.

7.2 >Email Guide<

Here are some ground rules for sending me e-mails.

1. Spell correctly with good grammar.

2. Don’t ask something that’s already inside this guide.

3. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy
from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help.

4. Don’t forget about the subject (Red Alert 3)! Then I will know what the
topic is about.

5. Don't ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever.

6. If there's an error or a vital note for the guide missing, please inform me
of it immediatley.

7. If you're going to criticize my guide, please leave some constructive

8. Don't forget to leave your nickname so that I can put it on the credits!

Just give me these things if you want to contact me about the guide.

1. Strategies on incomplete stuff.

2. Additional FAQs.

3. Notable glitches.

4. Other stuff to make this guide interesting.

Here's a list of things not to send me (I will block whoever sends me the
-Death Threats
-Invitations to Facebook, Myspace, any kind of blogging websites (because I
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Also, try to make each line of your contribution under 80 characters (letters,
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7.3 >Website List<
This is a list of the Websites that this guide is available to:

-The Gamers Temple.

7.4 >Credits<

-Me, the Author.
-Caael and Krall, for the "Monument of Madness" strategies.
-Icewind0123, Darkmoonbeam, Romaru21, and Skel1 for various tidbits.
-TeeWrench for the Allied Campaign tips.
-kpw for the Soviet Multiplayer Strategy.
-ArabianSharkCT, Hezzara, Helix25, LexShine, Lellouch, Shadowstalker7, doom111,
Skyfortress, ZeroSasaki, leo158, Geo, Manuras, WolfSpam, Galrun, Roundhouse,
Naranek Angmar, K-Dub, bGate, FlareBladeLord, UltimateBladez, Slipshod, JB,
Subk123, Lindley, SoMeBoDy, Ace_Strife, Hunta, N00bKefka, Jacobs 6 Geno, VX4,
Raudence, Pac Nether, SovRaptor, G3N, and Kanyenke_ARG for the additional
Commander's Challenge strategies.
-oStRicH-EgReT for the Imperial Campaign tips.
-ba12348 for the various Campaign tips.
-Ryozo for the various Campaign tips.
-razattack1337 for the Commander's Challenge videos.
-Glass Giant for the ASCII art program.
-EA Games for the game itself.
-GameFAQs for uploading this guide.

7.5 >Legal Disclaimer<

Copyright 2011 Brett Sim

This may be not rewritten under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without permission before so. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
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If you do not agree with the terms here, you should not use this guide any

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