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FAQ/Walkthrough by iman7

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/14/09

                          BY iman7
             (I'm not into fancy ACSII art)
				    Copyright 2009 iman7

	1. Legal Stuff
	2. Soviet Campaign
		2.1 Soviet Mission 1 - RAID ON LOST CASTLE
		2.2 Soviet Mission 2 - SCHEMES OF THE INTRUDERS
		2.3 Soviet Mission 3 - A MUCH BRIGHTER FUTURE
		2.4 Soviet Mission 4 - AS TIME STOOD STILL
	3. Allied Campaign
		3.1 Allied Mission 1 - END OF TRADITION
		3.2 Allied Mission 2 - A HOUSE UNFIT FOR REBELS
		3.3 Allied Mission 3 - THE TRUE SHOGUN'S STAND
	4. Empire Campaign
		4.1 Empire Mission 1 - GREED OF THE VANQUISHED
		4.2 Empire Mission 2 - BEFORE THE HALLOWED TOMB
		4.3 Empire Mission 3 - BLOOD IN THE WATER
	5. Yuriko Campaign
		5.1 Yuriko Mission 1 - FINAL EXAM
		5.2 Yuriko Mission 2 - THE TRACELESS MASSACRE
		5.3 Yuriko Mission 3 - RUIN AND REUNION
	6. Commander's Challenge
	7. Yuriko Terminal Information
		7.1 - Final Exam
		7.2 - The Traceless Massacre
		7.3 - Ruin and Reunion
	8. Author Information & Thanks

1. Legal Stuff
This guide is the copyright of iman7 2009, this guide may not be posted onto
any site other than www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com, www.gamershell.com,
www.supercheats and www.cheatcc.com without prior consent of the author. 
Alteration and  reproduction of this guide is strictly prohibited and is a 
violation of copyright.

2. Soviet Campaign
A bit tedious, but fun none the less. There isn't anything particularly game
breaking in the new additions section for the Soviet Union. From all the new
units I think theirs is the most balanced.

2.1. Soviet Mission 1 - RAID ON LOST CASTLE - ROMANIA

Take control of the conscripts and have them move over to the ramp just ahead,
killing any opposition along the way. Take out a single Javelin Soldier and
move up. The rest of the Javelins should garrison the buildings nearby. Switch
to the molotovs and burn them out. Quickly garrison your troops into both
buildings because a bunch of peacekeepers will show up. Once they're dead,
leave the buildings and enjoy some of your Heroic Conscripts (like they can do
much). Heal up a unit with the nearby health crate, you can heal more than
one as long as the other units are near the crate when you activate it. 
Move down the ramp next to the bridge and dispose of the Javelins.
Head back up and clear any buildings with the molotov. Careful around the
Conspicuous Barrels, they pack a punch. Approach the objective building and
claim your next prize, a group of Flak Troopers.

Move forward to the Destroyer with its Black Hole Armor activated. Switch the
Flak Troopers to their mines, and set them to aggressive. You can do that by
pressing the little arrow button at the lower right corner of your screen,
this is the Advanced Commands panel, and clicking the icon that looks like
a cross on the lower row. This sets the Flak Trooper to attack enemies whether
or not you told them to. You may be wondering why, well its so that the Flak
Troopers automatically attack the IFVs healing the Destroyer once it’s
destroyed. With the mines attack the destroyer and have the Conscripts
distract the Javelin waiting out front. Heal at the crates if you need to and
move on once everything’s dead. Shortly before you get close to the Athena
Cannon sitting out there, a Century Bomber will drop some infantry, no
worries, the Heroic Conscripts should be able to handle them with ease. Now
turn your sights to the Athena. If you get close it will activate its sheild.
The trick here is to have a single expendable (not your Heroic Conscripts or
Flak Troopers!) unit such as the regular conscript, to trigger the shield.
Sit back and wait for the shield to dissipate enough that the Javelins are no
longer inside it. That is your time to strike, have the conscripts attack the
now exposed Javelins and have the Flak Troopers attack the Athena even though
its still shielded. The shield isn't an invincible wall; it takes damage, and
of course hitting it reduces its strength (and size). Repeat the Strategy for
the following Athena Cannons and Destroyers and you should be fine. One note
though, if you don't really want to go near the Athena Cannon with the IFV
guarding it you can snipe it from the cliff with two Flak Troopers.

Claim your next set of reinforcements in the form of the Tesla Trooper.
The next part is easy; some tanks are waiting on the cliff. Have a Tesla
Trooper walk up to a tank and activate its secondary ability so it disables
the tank. Once the tank is disabled destroy it with whatever you have.
Also, don't just send the Tesla Troopers one by one send them all just incase
the other tanks decide to help their friend. Sometimes the tanks will get
stuck in the cliffs trying to get to a target, unless they switch targets its
an opportune time to disable them. Once you are through head over to the
nearby graveyard to see the new Desolator.

The Desolator is your replacement for the conscript. Once you get them you'll
probably never use the conscript for main combat since the Desolator 1. Kills
infantry almost instantly 2. Is better against vehicles thanks to the splatter
shot. With the four Desolators they give you, I suggest you set one to
splatter shot mode. Splatter shot fires a ball of green toxic goo at an enemy
making them more susceptible to the corrosive effects of the regular gas pump
attack. It also slows down what it hits so thats a plus. Anyway once you get
the Desolator have them garrison a building near the road because soon the
castle gates will open releasing a horde of infantry. The desolator should
have no problem with them. Once everyone has been hosed down (thoroughly) head
into the castle and get the door slammed shut just after you enter. What
hospitality. Free the nearby scientist and have him heal hurt infantry. Go
about killing things with the Desolator doing most of the work under the
protection of the scientists. You'll be surprised how fast vehicles die when
they've been hit by the splatter shot so don't forget about that.

To the West and East are similar bases, take them out starting with the East
and then the West while rescuing the scientists. There's a veterancy crate on
the Eastern cliff if you want that. Once the scientists are rescued, two more
gates near the bases will open, these lead further into the facility. Inside
are the new Pacifier Artillery Cannons, the technique with them is similar to
the Guardian Tank technique. Get close with a Tesla Trooper and shut down the
vehicle. Remember when I said take out the East base first and then the West?
Well there's a reason for that. The Eastern entrance has artillery cannons
covering each others' ranges so that'll be problematic. The Western entrance
is much easier.

Clear out all the artillery in the castle area before heading up ramp where
all the strange looking FutureTech buildings are at. There's nothing much here
just some powerplants. When you head down with the Tesla Trooper take one
Desolator with you. Because there will be some airdrops near the Pacifiers,
keep them some distance apart from each other so they're harder to hit lest
they get stuck somehow. Once the Pacifier near the houses you garrisoned
earlier is down there will be another down at the docks with some infantry
dropped by a Century, once those are out your home free. Enjoy your video of
a bunch of infantry hoping to catch up with your tugboat.


The first part is easy enough. Head over to the bridge, wait for the Javelins
to cross over (the bridge or to the afterlife, you decide). Give the
Peacekeepers a warm welcome in the form of an AK-47 bullet. Cross the bridge
head right, have the bears stun the Cryolegionaire. Fill him with lead, take
out his buddies and head over to the cliff. Watch in horror as my favorite
unit falls before a bunch of Multigunner turrets with Cryolegionaires in them.
Head back to the town and bunker up in the buildings. Build a Barracks and
fill up the rest of the buildings, I suggest you go 1 conscript and the rest
Flak Trooper combination. Things get a lot better when the Mortar Bikes
appear. By default they use the molotovs, remember to switch to the mortars
for extra firepower when vehicles come in. Concentrate on IFVs, then
Javelins, then Riptides. Stay near the houses, the garrisoned troops will help
you out.

Your dug in pretty deeply so defending on the ground won't be a problem. Maybe
some Hammer Tanks, Tesla Coils and flak turrets for good measure and a
Desolator or two to help with infantry and vehicles. Have them guard the
entrance of your base. The bulk of the attacks come from the main entrance
near the ramp down into the water. The area near the windmill won't get much
notice so the infantry there should be able to handle them. Watch out to the
north on the left most side of the map, build a Naval Yard and reinforce some
Tesla Coils with some Akula Subs and Bullfrogs. You'll get Dolphins, Riptides
and the occasional Destroyer. But what were looking out for here is the
Aircraft Carriers and the Harbinger Gunships, you DO NOT want to have them
near your base.

Were done with defense, onto expansion. Now if you can tech up and get
yourself a couple of Apocalypse Tanks, three desolators, and two Bullfrogs
otherwise Hammers and Grinders will do. Go past the first bridge, there should
be an Observation Post and an Ore Node. Unfortunately FutureTech has nested
itself there swell as up ahead at nodes near the gulag. Destroy them and take
them as your own. You should have the necessary resources to take down
FutureTech by now. Build three Kirovs, a couple of Dreadnoughts, five Akula
Subs, four MiGs and a couple of Bullfrogs. The MiGs and Bullfrogs will take
out any aerial opposition (Carrier Drones and the Harbinger) while the Akula
will handle anything at sea, and the dreadnought everything on land. Keeping
everything toghether creep to the bay near the Futuretech base, destroy the
Naval Yard so you won't see anymore naval resistance. From there sit back and
unleash hell onto FutureTech. Have the Kirovs destroy what the Dreadnoughts
can't reach, which shouldn't be much most of its near the water anyways.

As for the gulags, I suggest you leave one FutureTech structure standing so
you don't have to worry about anything else while you go liberate them from
FutureTech's corporate shackles with Apocalypse Tanks and Twinblades.

2.3. Soviet Mission 3 - A MUCH BRIGHTER FUTURE - YUCATAN

Have the Sickles jump onto the infantry waiting just ahead. Kill the other
infantry on the island, this time though the Centuries will be droppine more
than just infantry. Once a Century Bomber is bearing down on you evade its
bombs by moving out of the way or pressing X to scatter the selected units.
At the edge of the island is their Airbase, take it out by blowing up the
barrels. Shortly after clearing the island of any opposition you will recieve
an Outpost and five Terror Drones.

The next island is guarded by five IFVs, use planning mode. (The box in upper
row of advanced commands) to simultaneously attack the IFVs, send two Terror
Drones to the other side of the island watch out for the guardian tanks on
the other island though, then attack the IFVs in a single well coordinated
blow. There's a Veterancy Crate on the island as well as health so heal up.

The next island is filled with Guardian tanks, send two Terror Drones, one
with the Stasis Ray activated to prevent the tanks from retreating to the
factories and killing your terror drones. Once the lower part of the island is
clear, clear the plateau of any tanks and send your sickles and the rest of 
the Drones there to take care of the Javelins. Once the Javelins are down, the
tanks down below won't have much defense against your Terror Drones, hold
them in place then destroy them. Jump over to the next island and take the
crates if you want or need them. Do not go to the edge of that island, for
now stay near the hut.

The next island is going to be a bit tricky and is probably gonna take you a
few tries and some luck to get through. There are two Aircraft carriers in the
"ponds" on the island, why they are defending the island from there I do not
know where they can be of better use patrolling the seas. But hey, never
interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake. Unfortunately the place is
swarming with Javelin soldiers making it hard to get close to the Carrier. The
one on the lower portion of the Island will take some sacrificed terror drones
to clear out the infantry, don't worry you'll get reinforcements once they
whittle down to two units. The northern carrier is much easier since there's
a blind spot where hardly any infantry patrol at the tip of the island.

Once the island is clear, you'll get more Terror Drones and some Flak Troopers
Put the Flak Troopers into the Bullfrog and send them to the center island to
help defend against the Harbingers, at the last island be on guard as a group
infantry will attack your Reapers, you should be fine as long as all of the
Reapers attack. For a "heavy" prototype of the Reaper's the armor seems low.

On the last island build some anti-air and tank defenses. I noticed the naval
attacks come from that area at the bottom of your island between the small
island with the Veterancy crates on it. Build your Naval Yard there and defend
with Akula Subs while using three Tesla Coils on land to deter Destroyers and
other amphibious Vehicles. Try to get yourself a couple of Twinblades to
defend against aircraft carriers as well as to ferry defense troops from
island to island.

Five Grinders + Iron Curtain = FUN, Basic Math. Your two biggest annoyances
are sitting right out in the open, their Construction Yard and their Naval
Yard are at the edge of the water. So since your under the curtain the only
thing you'll have to watch out, there is a pair of Spectrum Towers guarding
the entrance. Have a Dreadnought take care of that. As for other Ships, have
a combo of Twinblades and Akula Subs take them out with MiGs in tow incase of
unfriendly skies. There is one more thing you have to worry about, Units still
freeze even when under the Iron Curtain so you'll have take one Multigunner
Turret with a Cryolegionaire in it with the Dreadnoughts. Once that's out,
send in the Grinders in tight formation. Once they start taking damage, use
the Iron curtain on them and let them loose. Your Priority here is the
Naval Yard, followed by the Construction Yard just after the Naval Yard. Check
what your Grinders are doing though, I've had one heading for the Construction
Yard ram into the powerplants instead wasting time and the Grinder itself. So
you have an extra three grinders. Two are for the Warfactories to your left
and right and one is for Javelins and Turrets or(if you can reach it) the

This mission is practically done; they don't have any ways of rebuilding
their base. All they have now is their airfields which is easy since the MiG
is a great anti-air solution. So sit back and destroy at your own pace. The
same as the previous mission's Secondary Objective, just take leave one
primary objective building and destroy the secondary objectives.

2.4. Soviet Mission 4 - AS TIME STOOD STILL - SIGMA ISLAND

Launch the infantry and garrison the buildings to help you take out the
Peacekeepers, Deploy the MCV at near the Ore Nodes but not on the water.
Build a Crusher Crane near the docks corner. Your biggest threat here
would be the new FutureTank X-1, which has a very large area of effect and
thankfully is as slow as the Apocalypse. The FutureTank as well as a mix of
IFVs, Guardian Tanks will be attacking from the ramp at the west. The Crane
will be your tanks' fall back point when fending off attacks. Have Tesla
Coils hold the area down while you tech up to Apocalypse Tanks.

The cash you will need will be in the form of two Ore Nodes and an Oil Rig
to the north, expand there and build a defensive line of Tesla Coils near
the Rig. Bring your bullfrogs there too since Vindicator runs will be common
Send some Hammer Tanks to help defend and later on, Grinders and Apocalypse
Tanks. If you wish you can build an extra Crusher Crane to fix units. Build
some Akula Subs to handle the seas and get a Dreadnought or two. But hold
off the naval armada until you've got your Base defended. One extra note:
The moment you fortify the ramp near your base with Tesla Coils and
Apocalypse Tanks they seem to switch over to the northern entrance where
the rig is at.

I suggest you tech up to the Apocalypse as soon as possible since they are
sturdy enough to withstand the power of the FutureTank, the Hammer will
simply not enough especially if you're unlucky enough to get FutureTanks
in groups of three.

Once you're well defended, build 5 Akulas, 2 Dreadnoughts and 8 Bullfrogs.
Your target is the Airbase to the North East and the Naval Yards to the
North West. Take out the Airbase first. Should be easy enough save for the
Harbinger Guarding it, but that’s what the ton of bullfrogs are for.

While taking on the Airbase build some extra Akula Subs and Stingrays and
have them rendezvous with you later at the Naval Yard. Once the Naval Yard
is down all you have to worry about is those FutureTanks. Twinblades will
help. Build up your army of Apocalypse Tanks. Although 5 Apocalypse Tanks
and 5 Twinblades did the trick for me. Take out whatever you can, it'll
help if you used the Vacuum Imploder and the Level 3 Orbital Downpour on
the center objective since their Construction Yard and Warfactory is there.

Save the objective in the upper right corner. Mass up your Kirovs before
you destroy it. And send them to the upper right corner of the Map, and
make sure that you have your Vacuum Imploder ready. Destroy the last building
and the very moment the map expands fire your vacuum imploder just off the 
very right most corner of the map. You should hit the Sigma Harmonizer and an
Airfield just behind it. Once the Airfield is down you should have no other
opposition as the Kirovs creep towards their final objective.

Same applies to the past missions' secondary objectives.  Also, the game is
getting predictable that you'll expect some large battle after destroying this
and that. Or maybe its just paranoia kicking in.

3. Allied Campaign
Perhaps the easiest of the three campaigns in my opinion. Well along as you
have a base that is. There are some tough bits at the last mission but hey,
it’s the last mission.

The campaign can be summed up in two words: Harbinger Spam.


Easy mission, the Soviet Mission was at some extent tedious but this is VERY
easy. Start off by having the IFVs take out the tank busters. Then everything
else, before you head up the ramp, remove the peacekeepers from the IFVs and
have the Javelins garrison the brown hut nearby. Four Mecha Tengus will be
waiting for you up top. The Rocket IFVs and garrisoned Javelins should make
quick work of them.

Up the ramp near the bridge, there will be a horde of infantry so put the
Peacekeepers back into the IFVs and mow them down, concentrate on the Archer
Maidens. The bridge will be brought down by one Archer. So you'll have to take
another route. This one is infested with Mecha Tengus but fret not. All you
have to do is sit back and enjoy the show as the MCV will do the work for you.

Watch as Lt. Eva opens up your new toy, the Harbinger Gunships. Their small
Proton Collider Cannons make short work of vehicles and the also have a
chaingun for cleaning up after, or if you don't want too much collateral
damage. As for defense. Put your IFVs without the Peacekeepers in them next
to the Multigunner Turret near the ramp. The airfield should repair them and
build an extra Turret for good measure. Blow the bridges with Tanya (if you
want it blown quick) or the Harbingers. There's only one way into the base
and that’s by the heavily defended ramp where your Harbingers should be
circling like a murder of crows. Buy yourself another gunship and four
Apollos. Head upriver and destroy the Naval Yard to lighten the load.
If you want, destroy the main base but leave the Mainframe (The tower thing
with all the lights and balconies on it). Yes its one of those missions where
you finish the first objective and the rest of the map opens up only to
surprise your opponent because you've taken the time to mass up an army before
you complete the first set of objectives.

Once the mainbase is done for, a bunch of Dojo's are left. The Harbinger's
Collider Cannons should have no problem taking out hordes of infantry.
Once that's done, head back and repair and build yourself a real Proton
Collider. Build more gunships and wait for it to finish charging, when it does
take out the last building.

Shinzo's production structures are that elevated right most area. That's where
fire your Proton Collider. It should take out most of his units and structures
since they're pretty close together, have the Apollos and Harbingers clean up
and check for any Rocket Angels and Archer Maidens. Before you freeze Shinzo's
palace. Build more Cryocopters around 10. When you freeze his palace Shinzo
will try to escape via Sudden Transport. Freeze all of them and eventually
you'll find which is which. Interesting that he can still talk when the
transport should be an ice cube once you're done. On a semi-related note,
If you're lucky you can get Shinzo with the first transport you freeze.

3.2. Allied Mission 2 - A HOUSE UNFIT FOR REBELS - OSAKA

Take out the Rocket Angels, and switch to Laser Guided mode. This makes the
Javelins fire at insane rates letting you dish out lots of damage at the cost
of waiting for it to lock on which is about two or so seconds. Ignore the
Powerplant and destroy the Nanoswarm Hive EX.

Onto the next hive. This time disguise the Spy as the Tankbuster by right
clicking on it and infiltrate the powerplant. Once the power is down have the
Javelins in Laser Guided Mode take out the Nanoswarm Hive.

Last hive; deploy both your engineers so they heal the Peacekeepers. Have one
Peacekeeper lure the Imperial Warriors over to the rest of the group and mow
them down with the good ol' hand cannon. Capture the Hive to complete your
first objective.

You get your MCV some 4 Peacekeepers and Javelins. Sometime Later they'll drop
4 Cryolegionaiers, these guys are awesome in multigunner turrets. Build three
engineers one for the Oil Derrick, one for the Observation Post and one to
deploy near the bridge to help with defense. Your Defensive line will consist
of four Multigunner turrets near the bridge, two with cryolegionaiers in them,
and two multigunner turrets and a Spectrum Tower near the ramp. Deploy the
Engineer at the bridge and this is where your Javelins and Cryolegionaires
will camp helping take out aircraft and vehicles.

Build two Harbingers, and four Apollos. Take them into the city destroying
garrisoned buildings and Chopper-VXs, near the bridge to Kenji's base
there is an Instant Dojo and a Mechabay. Destroy them. The Secondary
Objectives for this mission actually has some incentive aside from the
small group of units. Build two Riptides and fill them with three engineers
each. Escorted by the Harbingers, send both to the bridges and repair them
take the Oil Derricks after the bridges and claim your units. The Archer
Maidens are actually a big help since there are a lot of Tengus and Skywings
attacking the base. Once you are in control of the derricks destroy the
bridges again just to be sure. Near bridge to Kenji's base there is a
Dojo and a Mechabay, its lightly guarded and should pose little threat.

Build up more Harbingers and destroy Kenji's Naval Yard to the north.
Prioritize the Anti-air turrets then the Production Structures themselves.
Don't get too close to Kenji's main structure, its littered with anti-air.
Just avoid the central area until you take out the Powerplants. Most of them
are near the top next to the Ore Refinery. Once his base has been leveled
destroy Kenji's HQ. And you won't need any massed up army for the next part,
only the provided cryolegionaires and Tanya.

The trick here is to force fire (ctrl + right click) onto the bridges and let
the infantry come to you. Once they freeze, have Tanya take them out. Repeat
until you get to Kenji. Once all his infantry is dead, C4 the Tech inhibitor
and freeze Kenji.

3.3. Allied Mission 3 - THE TRUE SHOGUN'S STAND - MIYAKO

Remember that epic part of the first mission where an MCV crushes all those
Tengus? Well you're gonna be doing that against Tengus and Tsunami Tanks. Head
for the west base, its better geographically. Mainly because you only have two
entrances once the bridge is down and you have a nice view of the battlefield
from there. Run over tanks with the MCV and gun down infantry with the
Pacifier. Deploy in that area with the walls.

Here's where things get problematic. Constant hordes of enemies but the
Pacifier will help you out immensely. Deploy your Pacifiers beside your MCV
Build a powerplant, an ore refinery a barracks and an airfield. Keep the close
together and far from the water. Build the airfield near your Pacifiers.

From the barracks pump out two engineers and three Javelins. Have on engineer
deploy near the Pacifiers and have the infantry camp there. Send one engineer
to capture the Com Tower, this is critical since it will help you spot any
approaching forces especially the Shogun Battleship. Take them out with the
Pacifiers by leading your shots.

Build three multigunner turrets. Two side by side at the north entrance and
one near your first refinery. Mecha Tengus will go there and if not attended
to they could take out your only source of income. There's also another Ore
Node on the cliffs above you which you will need and an Oil Derrick to the
south. From here on its just teching up to the Harbinger.

As enticing as the other side may be DO NOT BUILD A PERMANENT BASE THERE.
You'll find out later. Maybe just the ore refineries to make use of the ore
nodes for your own purposes. At some point Takara will build a Psionic
Decimator. If you were fast you would have a couple of Harbingers by now.
If not, conventional air forces will do. The Vindicator is cheap and there's
not much anti-air defense near the Decimator, just buy a couple of Apollos
to ward off Mecha Tengus. To a certain extent the Vindicator is better against
the Psionic Decimator as the Gunship has to circle the thing leaving it within
range of the base's anti-air turrets.

Keep Takara's HQ up while you mass more Harbingers. The bulk of Tatsu's forces
should be somewhere in the center composed mainly of vast quantities of
Chopper-VXs and MechaTengus, which pose a serious threat to the Harbingers.
As well as the Rocket Angels don't forget about them. The bait and switch
method usually works for anything that flies. Have the Harbingers lure Tengus
and what not to a group of Apollo fighters sitting somewhere in safety. Its a
process of attack and retreat.

As for home defense mass up on Javelins to handle what ever's in the skies,
which would be the bulk of what you're going against, and an extra pair of
Pacifiers to help with what ever is on the ground.

Almost forgot, I suggest you use the Proton Collider on the grayish area
on the upper right corner of the map. This is where Tatsu's Dojo and
Construction yard can be found. A Level 2 Timebomb and the airstrike should
finish off the Construction Yard while the Harbingers make their way on the
right side of the base. Take out the Naval Yard along the way and at the
upper right most area is their last production structure, the Mecha Bay.

Once that's done clean up the rest of the base and watch the Prince
as he rants at you in denial.

4. Empire Campaign
You get nothing good early on so it makes this much harder than the Allied
Campaign. What you do get is useful for their specific roles, but no "easy"
way through.

Probably the first mission that's had a hint of the comedy I liked in RA3.
Anyway, disguise your Sudden Transport as a soviet vehicle. If you want a
smirk at worst or a chuckle at best, disguise your Transport as a Ship and
head over to the objective. Even if you are a Dreadnought carrying at least
50 tons of ordnance onboard a crew of 500 and enough fuel to last for three
years you'll still be picked up by a single Twinblade, go figure.

Sail yourself to the next objective and using your shinobi take out any
infantry that get in your way. Once you get to the VIP bunker have your
engineers capture it. Sometimes thanks to the brilliant pathfinding coded
by EA the engineers will opt to go around the back. Nothing wrong with that
save for the occasional War Bear that's waiting to maul them. If that ever
happens just manually guide them to the front door.

You have enough money to build the following, a Battle Lab, a Crusher Crane,
and, an Airfield. Build some Apocalypse Tanks for defense and start pumping
out the almighty Kirov. While not as speedy as the Harbinger Gunship they are
by a noticeable deal tougher. Escort them with MiGs and Twinblades to take out
ground and air anti-air units.

Unfortunately you won't be able to get any ships with ease since the Empire's
build system lacks an actual build radius. Unless you'd be able to fit your
Docks in a 2x14 grid then be my guest.

If so ever the AI decides to build a super weapon, well you're in for a
great deal. Remember where you were dropped off just a while ago? Yeah?
That place near the two Crusher Cranes and the Super Reactor? The super
weapons are going to be built there. Much like Takara these people like to
waste high priced investments. How do they waste it you may ask? There's
hardly any Anti-air and most of the units are in the middle duking it out
with your friend's forces. So at the cost of a Twinblade you can have
a Vacuum Imploder, an Iron Curtain, and three other structures you can grab.
Sell them and fund your war effort while forcing the AI to waste more credits
by building it again when they won't even get the chance to use it.

While you mass up Kirovs build two V4s and have them destroy the Powerplants
from behind the cliffs. Destroy the Super Reactors also, as well as the
crusher cranes to slow them down from recovering. Keep high power consuming
structures alive such as the Battle Lab and superweapons. Once power and the
Crusher Cranes are down send in the Kirovs to destroy their Structures. Split
them into two groups, once for the Construction Yard and the other for
production structures.

Once all those are gone, Oleg will send some Grinders at you. With the help
of their twinblades you shouldn't have any problem.


Have a Tankbuster garrison the building near the corner of the Allied base.
It will act as bait for the Cryocopters. Sacrifice one of your Sudden
Transports to alert the base. The Cryocopters will turn to you and you are now
free to take them down with the Archer Maidens while they are busy freezing
the lone Tankbuster. Once the four Cryocopters are down, have the Tankbusters
blow a hole in the wall near the Powerplant and destroy it. Once the turrets
are down take out the Barracks and other structures. Using the Imperial
Warriors capture the Pacifiers have them deploy at the locations shown by the
objective markers. Shuffle all your infantry to the other island and have the
Tankbusters capture the Steel Ronin. Have your Archer Maidens garrison the
buildings beside the Tomb.

A small soviet fleet will arrive. Again, lead your shots and concentrate on
the Dreadnoughts. A small group of two should get past on occasion. They will
head for the tomb but the steel ronin defending it will take care of them.

Bunker up in near the Tomb, move the Pacifiers over to the Tomb and have the
Ronin Clean up what ever gets too close for comfort. Move the Archer maidens
nearer to the Pacifiers. Once you get the MCV. Build two Powerplants,
a Dojo for the engineers and two Refineries. Build A Naval Yard and quickly
tech up to the Naginata. The Yari will be no match for the Soviet Akula. Use
the Point Defense Drones frequently they will help lengthen the lives of your
units. Build another Ore Refinery to the East and capture the two Observation
Posts that are near your base and the tomb.

To help defend the Tomb build five Chopper-VX and watch the center channel on
the Radar closely. If ever a red dot appears check if its a Dreadnought, if it
is, have the VXs destroy it. From here tech up to the Shogun Battleship, build
a pair as well as Psionic Decimator.

With five Naginatas and two Shoguns assault the base just to your west near
the Observation Post. From there go around the west side of the island. There
is another base up on the cliffs near another observation post which can be
reached by the Shogun. After destroying that. Fire the Psionic Decimator onto
Moskvin's main base the MCV should be at the center of all those Ore Nodes.
An airfield just to the north of the MCV and the Naval Yards are to the south.
I would recommend choosing the Naval Yards as the Decimator's target to help
thin out any naval opposition. From there clean up with the Balloon Bombs
support power and your Naval Fleet. For any Kirovs and Twinblades use the
Sea-Wings have the Shoguns take out any stationary defenses before moving in
with the Naginatas otherwise let the Akula subs come to you.

Once the main base is dead move over to the central channel another infantry
base should be near the coast in the right island. Once that’s down enjoy your

4.3. Empire Mission 3 - BLOOD IN THE WATER - VLADIVOSTOK

First part is easy enough, deploy all your structures. Build three Ore
Refineries, build three more Sea-Wings and a pair of Wave Force Towers near
your North Eastern Refinery. Tech up to the Shogun, build a pair of them and
take out the Naval Yard to the North. Once that's taken care of. Go to the
West side of the base. Take out the defenses there. Blow up the Airfield bring
your Seawings just incase the Twinblades come. Have a Wave Force tower and a
Refinery on the ore node there. All the production structures are within range
of the Shogun's mighty cannons. Take them all out including the Anti-Air
turrets. But leave the Super Reactor intact. If you saw the map in the 
briefing you'll know that the map is so much bigger than it is now and you 
should be expecting a large battle.

Take control of all the Ore Nodes build your necessary Production Structures
and build up a defense mostly of Naval Units since a lot of the map is water.
But don't restrict yourself to the seas. Have some Ronins and Chopper VXs on
the soil to help out or if any unit gets past your blockade.

Once you're all done, destroy the Super Reactor and be treated for a surprise.
I've have always wanted a floating head weapons platform since I was a little
kid, It may not be in real life and it breath's lasers instead of the more
generic eye laser that I have always dreamed of. It'll do. Seriously they
should have made the Giga Fortress with Eye Lasers and have the mouth crush
stuff. Imagine the ridicule you'll get as one of those things EATS your base,
literally. But meh, on to actual business.

Have the Giga Fortress attack the pair of nearby Naval Yards. Have that fleet
you made head west taking out defensive structures and the three Naval Yards.
Once you have the sea based superiority, have two giga fortresses attack the
right most base and send your fleet to the three Ore Nodes in the western
corner of the map. Build another Giga fortress and send it to your fleet.
Once you take out the left most base Giles will pay you a little visit. Well
give them a warm welcome in the form of the god's breath and several plasma
coated slugs from the Shoguns. Giles has also brought along some Harbingers
for the party. Kick them out of the sky with the Sea-Wings. That's one problem
down. Take control of Giles' Ore Nodes and buy yourself a Psionic Decimator
and another pair of GigaFortresses.

Have two GigaFortresses stay in the middle of the map for Kirov duty. Have
rest escorted by Mecha Tengus attack the bases. From here on its all easy.
From Oleg's bases six GigaFortresses can get to Heroic Rank. Once you turn
to Moskvin all you have to worry about are the MiGs since the Empire's Air
based Anti-Air is far from excellent. But that shouldn't matter, you have
the funds to over compensate on that inability.

Once an objective is done watch the respective commander blame his comrade for
their failure.

Here's something completely new and interesting. A campaign about a faction's
commando without all the fuss and muss of multiple structures and units. Its
easy enough and there are some funny bits here and there. Although the
information about Yuriko inst exactly the most... informative.


First mission is easy and linear; instead of the usual right click, left also
works in the Yuriko Campaign. Wait for your Sister to finish talking and head
out your cell. Goodbye padded comfort hello exploding humans. Get rid of the
group of imperial warriors with your Psychokinetic Burst your usual ability
but wait what's this there are four areas in the panel at the bottom of the
screen. Does this mean? Yes you get more powers, move on to get your first.
The Phsychic Domination Talent... Hmm... That doesn't sound right. Anyway
use this talent to control three of the five Imperial Warriors hiding behind
the desks, they are now your loyal cronies. They will attack what you attack.

Head further down this corridor, a group of Imperial Warriors you should
confront you at the end. Use your Psychokinetic Burst on them and watch them
explode. Head downwards and heal up in the weird looking Med Station while
killing Tankbusters. More imperial warriors should show up from behind.
Once they're dead move on, a Mecha Tengu should pop up from the big hole in
the corner render it useless as you make it do back flips against its will.
Move on and a bunch of Tankbusters should pop out near the boxes. Scream
at them and push forward. Near the door you'll confront a Mechatengu and
some Tankbusters, you handle the Tengu while your cronies handle the
Tankbusters. If your cronies are dead, then wait for two Shinobi to
appear from the back, mind control them or take them out depending on your
situation. Move on to the Med Station guarded by two Warriors. Heal up and
use the computer nearby.

You get the Psionic Shield ability which is cool since it does more than
absorbing hits, it reflects them back at your enemies. A door will open
up revealing two Mecha Tengu, activate your sheild and kill one the other
would die from his own bullets.

Head right and see that the next door has been blocked by all sorts of
stuff. Head down and go against a three Tengus at the Ward several Shinobi.
Using your Psychokinetic Burst, take out the large amounts of shinobi.  Head
further inward and face more shinobi. At the end three Tankbusters are hiding
behind some tables and there is an Archer Maiden in the room. Archer Maiden are
great companions since they can still shoot what you've been flipping around 
in the air, given their anti-air role. At the edge of the room is a computer 
but somewhere near the bottom of your screen is Reinforcement Elevator, these
buildings spawn the enemies that you will be going against so its best that
you take them out.

Head back out; you'll be going against three Tengus first. Two of them are a
bit close together so a single Telekinetic Slam should make work of the entire
group. Head over to your next problem a bunch of Tankbusters will TRY to stop
you from proceeding, take control of two and Psychokinetic Burst the rest. Nex
would be some Tsunami Tanks, use the sheild plus the slam abilities to get rid
of them. Just as you exit the Infirmary several Shinobi will show up. Kill 
them with the Psychokinetic Burst.

Clear out the office furniture with new ability and open the door, two Steel
Ronin should attack; slam the office furniture at them. Head on in and take
out the Archer Maidens, Imperial Warriors and Tankbusters waiting. Head to
the left and take out a single elevator. If you're wondering where these
elevators are you can always check in the map by pressing ESC. They're the
big square objects. Head right and take out a single Steel Ronin and us
your Burst ability to take out the Archer Maidens waiting by the Med Station.

If you want you can head down into the Vehicle Bay from here. You won't get
anything special but there is a reinforcement elevator there and lots of
vehicles. Nice for the Slam Practice.

Whether or not you decide to go through the Vehicle Bay you will end up in an
area with a bunch of Sudden Transports which will release Imperial Warriors
take them out as well as the Archer Maidens there. From the right several
Tsunami Tanks will appear, destroy them with your Telekinetic Slam. Head
further right for some upgrade points.

Head back to the room with the Fan tower on it. Head up and to the right
for another upgrade point and a revelation about Dr. Shimada. As expected
from all them Secret Government Experiment Scientists. From here on in any
path you take will lead you to the exit. Once you get to the exit, fling
explosive barrels and other tanks at the reinforcement buildings and the King
Onis once they're all dead head outside to embrace the sunlight...


Ah... Sunlight, yet its freezing cold. Use your Psionic Sheild Talent and
reflect those beams back to the turrets, once you're free bring them down.
Destroy other turrets to unleash hell on their base as well as your fellow
inmates do a nice job distracting everyone. Exit your Cell Block (I guess
you could call it that.) and head left then up, these rocks seem suspicious
Mirage Tanks will attack you take care of them with your Telekinetic Slam.
Head back south to the edge of the cell block, head north east to more holding
cells and another Terminal. Head further north east to free more units in
particular a Desolator next to a Terminal. Take control of the Desolator as he
is good at hosing down infantry and will slow down vehicles for you.

Once you've freed the Desolator, head over further north but don't enter the
area enclosed by orange walls. Follow the road. Eventually at the corner of
the walls there will be a War Factory behind it. Bring down the wall and smash
the Athena cannons at the Factories. Once the structures are gone, head west
and destroy four Guardian Tanks, and an airfield. A Construction Yard is 
nearby and nearby north of the Construction Yard is another terminal guarded 
by two Peacekeeper Multigunner Turrets.

Head down south and destroy the barracks near the Med Station. Further south
of the med station is another terminal guarded by four Mirage Tanks. Head to
eastern most part of the island. Destroy the base there, use your Sheild
against the spectrum towers and slam vehicles onto buildings. Head further to
the north east and destroy the FutureTech buildings and use the two terminals.

Head across the bridge and destroy all the structures. Head down west and
use your Burst on the infantry that barricaded themselves. Head over to the
McBurger Kong and destroy it. (The Allies should be really mad now) Head
further inward to get your last Terminal.

Head back to the docks and go east. Destroy the Multigunner Turrets and any
other units. Heal up by the deployed engineer. The next part is a bit hard due
to all the vehicular enemies. The moment your life goes down to half activate
your sheild and head back to heal. Repeat this process of Destroy and Retreat
until you've cleared out the seas. Once that's done your going back home
taking along any friends with you.

There's something fishy with your sister, smirking like that at the end of
her message. Oh well. We'll find out when we meet her.


Pick a Med Station and use your Psychokinetic Burst to clear it out. Control
some Warriors and take out the infantry near the terminal to the north. Lure
the Imperial Warriors to you and when they get near activate the terminal.
They should die from their own bullets.

Head over to the administrative area. Two Ronins will attack you as well as a
couple of Tankbusters, dispose of them. Head further inwards and use your
burst ability to clear out the Imperial Warriors, take care of the lone Steel
Ronin in the middle and control what infantry you can, preferably Archer
Maidens. Clear out this first area and head to the right. There should be one

Head further inward, there will be five Steel Ronins attacking you. Activate
your sheild and slam objects onto them. Heal up in the nearby Med Station and
move on. At the next Cross junction clear out the turrets by slamming tanks
and barrels at them. Head to the right of the intersection and heal up.
Mech Tengus will attack, activate your shield and slam them into each other.
Further in this area is a Vehicle Elevator, destroy it and move to the area
opposite where you are now.

Head further into the Administrative Area. The next area is guarded by some
Archer Maidens for you to control and a Wave Force Artillery Unit take it
out and head into the alcove to your left taking out the turret as you proceed
there is another terminal. Head further into the Admin area at the very edge
is an elevator, alas Shimada will destroy it. Head back to the main cross
junction where you started. Head into the Duplication section of the Facility.

Follow the path until you reach a Med Station. Destroy the turret and clear
out the two Steel Ronin that are going to attack you. Destroy the thing that
prevents you from using your powers. Head back to the Med Station and go
straight this time. After you pass the first hole in the corner four Tengus
will rise up from the two holes. Sheild yourself and slam them into each other
move on. Some Archer Maidens, Tankbusters and Tsuanmi Tanks will attack in
two waves. Control the Archer Maidens. Kill the Tankbusters, slam the Tanks
together and move to the next Med Station just ahead. To the left of the path
is a room with a terminal in it. Move on into the next side room. There will
be a obviously fake you standing in the middle. Suddenly two Sudden Transports
will release 10 Imperial Warriors. Use your burst ability on them and slam the
transports together. A shinobi should pop up in the room, take care of him.
From the rear two tank busters will attack, they should die quickly enough.

Move on and destroy the Reinforcement Elevator. There is a terminal behind
the elevator guarded by Steel Ronin, take them out and find out what's mostly
inside the facility's washing machines. Head to the left and a large
horde of infantry will come. Use your Sheild, Domination and burst abilities.
A Med station is nearby if you need to heal. Next area is the elevator but
Shimada will still destroy it. Move on and clear the two side rooms in the
next Cross junction. In the lower room there is a terminal for you to use.
The next few sections are mostly infantry and no Shinobi so you'll have an
easy time with this. Keep going and you should reach a Med Station. Further
ahead is a room full of ore collectors. Smash them together. When you hit
half health activate your sheild and continue smashing. But head back once
the sheild is almost gone to heal.

Once the Ore collectors are gone move on. Destroy the inhibitor and take out
the rocket Angels and Ronins that attack, turn to the Wave Force Artillery.
Another hole in the corner will release three Chopper-VXs Luckily Yuriko takes
down aircraft here much faster than in RA3. Heal up in the nearby Med Station.

Move on and destroy the Inhibitor, take care of the Tanks that attack, head
north so Shimada will destroy another lift. Head south and destroy several
Tsunami Tanks and Chopper VXs that will come after you, move further in to
confront some King Oni, slam other tanks into them and destroy the elevator at
the end of the hall. Move on going east from the elevator. Take out the
Tankbusters and Archer Maidens that will attack you once you reach the Med
Station. Head south from there to an infirmary with two Med Station and a
terminal. After you access the terminals fill the Trauma Center with the
bodies of several shinobi that attack you. Move on, you'll reach a
T-Junction with a turret in it. Hurl the desks at the turret to take care of
it and use your Burst ability at the infantry. Clean up by taking control
of survivors or smashing them onto walls and such.

Move to the west from there into this central area. Hurl objects at the
three Ronin that come to attack you and again the burst ability onto the
horde of infantry. There is another terminal in the corner of the room.
Head back to the corridor you came from and move on.

An inhibitor is up ahead near a corner hole and two Wave Force Artillery
Units. Destroy the Inhibitor, activate your sheild, use your burst to
take care of any traitorous infantry, hurl the Tengus at the artillery.
Head back to the central area for some health if you need it.

Moving on. A single Heroic Steel Ronin will attack you, flip it up into
the air. Head to the Arch the other path will just make you go in circles.
In the corridor two Sudden Transport will release a horde of Tankbusters,
use your Psychokinetic Burst and slam the transports into each other. Move
on. Only place left is the King Oni Coronation Area.

Two King Oni will ram you. Fling objects at them and float one up into the
air. Make your way to the left most area of the facility and take out the
reinforcement elevator. Once the elevator is out you can destroy the Onis
from the safety of a Med Station. Opposite the Reinforcement elevator as in
the far side of the area is two terminals. One on the left is guarded by an
inhibitor and two Onis the other is guarded by two turrets. Destroy the
inhibitors and the onis. Activate your sheild and fling objects at the turrets
to enjoy your information as well as the points. Garrison the elevator to meet
Shimada in person.

Portions of the Reinforcement Elevators are outside the Inhibitor. Take the
nearest two out. Then destroy the Inhibitors themselves, as well as any
opposition. The Giga Fortress attack can be evaded, the first beam is just
a targeting beam. So if you're flipping an Oni up into the ceiling and a laser
passes by you, drop it and evade. They're not deadly but they do start to hurt
when you have five Steel Ronins attacking you.

Once the first two Elevators and Inhibitors are taken out heal up and do the
same with the remaining two. Take out all ground forces and then turn to the
Giga Fortresses. Once the giant floating heads make facial contact with the
hard steel floor turn to Shimada. He's just running in circles like an idiot.
He will occasionally stop but once you get close he'll start running again.
Just expect where he's going next in his circular path attack him with your
regular attack. He won't flip into the air though but he'll still take damage.
Just keep anticipating where he'll move next and damage him until he dies.

I knew there was something fishy when she smirked at you in Guam. Keep moving
around and watch which power has already regenerated. The most common you'll
be using is your Slam power which regenerates the fastest. Show her some
sisterly love by hurling objects and shinobi at her. Keep your fingers on the
1 - 4 keys on the keyboard. The very moment a power is useable, activate it.
The shield will be your second most used power but when its down use the
Burst and Domination power. You can also help thin out the ranks of shinobi
by hurling them at your sister when all the other powers are down. You'll
never run out of shinobi to throw, trust me. Also don't worry about hit
detection on Izumi, she isn't like those regular infantries that are next to
impossible to hit with other infantry.

Eventually your sister will die. And you win. YAY!

6. Commander's Challenge
A better guide is coming to you soon! 

7. Yuriko Terminal Information
Here are the tid bits of information presented to you through the terminals.
Some have story value and gameplay value, others are just somewhat comedic
snippets of the everyday life of a government project and the workings of the
facilities she was housed in.

7.1 The Final Exam

The Dominatrix:
Once I've mastered the Psychic Domination Talent everyone in this facility
started being much nicer to me.

I'm Rubber, you're Glue:
This is test data from my Psionic Shield Training. If they didn't expect I
could reflect live ammunition back at them, then the shouldn't have shot
at me.

Mind Over Matter:
They trained me to move heavy objects with my mind. There are dozens of
accident reports blamed on my so-called Psionic Slam.

Do You Remember Love?:
Each time I learn about myself from one of these data terminals, I regain some
of the power that my captors have been trying to suppress.

Not Safe for Work:
So this is one of Dr. Shimada's data terminals. Nothing but dirt pictures and
Mahjong games.

I am not sure if there is a sixth panel to complete all the Talent Upgrades
If anyone does find it please inform me via the email at the bottom of the

7.2 The Traceless Massacre
Cold Storage:
The base recently received a huge shipment of Cryo Canisters from FutureTech.
I guess it helps keep the prisoners on ice...

The Dregs of Leningrad:
A log of all the Soviet prisoners of war stationed here, who surrendered
after the battle of Leningrad.
How shameful.

One Sick Freak:
That Desolator Trooper, they haven't even figured out how to remove his suit
without killing him.

Rebel Son of the Rising Sun:
Allied propaganda demonizing the Crown Prince Tatsu.
If not for the Prince, I might never have been born...
For better or worse.

The Tokyo Toll:
This is a list of the commanders responsible for the attack on Tokyo Harbor.
They're being hailed as heroes...

Hush Little Baby:
Something about a new bombardment system called the Pacifier.
FutureTech pitched it to the Allies as an alternative to their orbital defense

Contract Negotiations:
Wait, so most of these guys are just FutureTech's hired guns?
The Allies are just buying their military muscle now?

Cold Hard Cash:
The Allies have commissioned hundreds of Cryo Legionnaires from FutureTech to
help "keep the peace."

Panned and Scanned:
They're calling this a "VIP Containment Center" because they freeze their
subjects rather than just lock them up?
This is just a prison camp.

7.3 Ruin and Reunion

Damage Report:
Looks like an old invoice concerning the damage I caused the last time I was
here. So many billions of yen...
But they still dared to rebuild this place.

A Very Special Occasion:
A list of donors to this facility and an invitation to some sort of banquet.
Now home come I didn't get an invitation?

Weird Science:
This must be where they do the cloning. There could be... hundreds of me.

Bows and Accessories:
A detachment of Imperial Archer Maidens volunteered to provide extra security
here in exchange for psychic training.

The Russian Genius:
A profile of Dr. Gregor Zelinsky, considered to be an expert in relativity and
physics, and a complete nut-job. How do he and Dr. Shimada know each other...?

Big Girls Don't Cry:
They seem to surprised by how resistant I've become to physical harm and to
physical pain.
Apparently they've taken quite an interest in trying to find my breaking

Off the Charts:
Izumi's old report cards...
Survivability, A-plus average.
Focus, B-plus average.
Discipline, A-minus average.
Power, S-average.

Buying in Bulk:
This is a laundry list...
What do these people need with 2000 plaid skirts?

Escape Plans:
Such fear lingers here. This must have been Izumi's cell.

Gone But Not Forgotten:
A whole bunch of military-grade gear from this place went missing in the
Sakhalin islands. Someone's gonna be in trouble.

List of Known Side Effects:
It seems they've invested in Psychic Inhibitors this time around to try and
dampen my psionic talents.
We'll see how that goes for them.

Recently Deceased:
This must be the trauma center, I bet I can fill it with bodies.

8. Author Information & Thanks.
If you have suggestions, comments and anything you'd like to share or perhaps
if you've spotted an error please feel free to contact me at


I extend my thanks to CjayC the creator of GameFAQs, EA for making Uprising
and to you the reader for reading my work.

I hope I didn't break my end key checking how many characters each line is...

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