Can I Run This Game?

  1. My pc config is: Dual Core-3ghz, 2Gb of Ram, Nvidia 9500GT, XFX, 512 MB Graphics Card.

    User Info: mobingame

    mobingame - 10 years ago


  1. You can but don't expect to have the graphic settings high

    User Info: Chev350

    Chev350 - 10 years ago 0   0
  2. Should be able to run it on medium graphics nicely...

    User Info: MillhousePS2

    MillhousePS2 - 10 years ago 0   0
  3. U should be able to but just to make sure go to this webstie and scroll down to gird and press RUN

    User Info: Anzxboi

    Anzxboi - 10 years ago 0   1

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