• Enable Cheats and Debug Keys

    Find your Game.prefs file in: For Windows 7/Vista C:\Users\{Your User Name}\AppData\Local\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander 2\ Open the Game.prefs file in Notepad. Right at the very top above the "options_overrides" add the following to the very top of the file: debug = { enable_debug_facilities = true } Next Press Ctrl+F in notepad and type in: CheatsEnabled = Then click search, If it comes up change the 'false' into 'true'. If it does not come up in search, find the following text.\: options = { Then below that tab over a few times and add in the following text: CheatsEnabled = 'true', Once everything is done and that you have enabled debug and cheats... Now you can save and close notepad.

    ['Alt-A']Shuts down the enemy AI for the rest of the match (Unconfirmed!?)
    ['Alt-Delete']Deletes all (Selected!!!) instantly without explosion or (nuclear effects) from the map.
    ['Alt-F2']Launches the Create Unit Interface and will create the selected unit at the cursor position.
    ['Alt-N']Prevents (ALL!!) units and players from getting damaged.
    ['Alt-T']Teleports all selected units to the cursor.
    ['Ctrl-Alt-B']Gives (ALL!!) players 99999 of mass, energy, and research points
    ['Ctrl-Alt-Z']Toggles fog of war from the map.
    ['Ctrl-Shift-C']Copies the selected units into the clipboard.
    ['Ctrl-Shift-R']Gives (ALL!!) players all research.
    ['Ctrl-Shift-V']Creates all units that are inside the clipboard.
    ['Z']Brings up the console window for command line cheat input.

    Contributed By: Zidonuke.

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  • Cybran Hidden Campaign objectives

    There are 8 hidden objectives :

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cache and CarryMission 3 : Collect all of the Technology Caches.
    Great EscapistMission 2 : Complete the operation without a unit being captured by the enemy.
    Master of PawnsMission 6 : Win the operation without the aid of any Experimentals.
    Master of the DeepMission 5 : Build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.
    Master ThiefMission 2 : Capture a Rogue Engineer.
    Research SavantMission 6 : Complete all available research.
    Sultan of SoulMission 4 : Build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.
    Survival ExpertMission 1 : Survive Gauge's onslaught after the download completes.

    Contributed By: Arkanen.

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  • Illuminate Hidden Campaign objectives

    There are 9 hidden objectives :

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Czar is BornMission 6 : Build your first Darkenoid.
    Agent ProvocateurMission 3 : Capture all of the Security Stations.
    BlockheadMission 1 : Prevent the blockade from taking more than 25% damage.
    Bot LordMission 6 : Complete the operation with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots (you cannot build any other type of units).
    Experimental FanaticMission 4 : Build at least eight Experimental units.
    Master TacticianMission 2 : Complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.
    Not the Bees!Mission 3 : Take out the enemy air defenses.
    Pro Anti-AirMission 3 : Take out the prison's defensive structures.
    Supremest CommanderMission 6 : Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.

    Contributed By: Arkanen.

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  • UEF Hidden Campaign objectives

    There are 7 hidden objectives :

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Brutal ConquerorMission 4 : Defeat Coleman without the aid of the Fatboys.
    Economic OpportunistMission 2 : Build at least two Mass Extractors in enemy territory.
    ExperimenterMission 5 : Build at least four Experimental units
    Master of the SeasMission 3 : Build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier.
    None Shall Pass!Mission 6 : Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.
    Nuke KingMission 6 : Launch your first nuke.
    SurvivorMission 1 : Survive the initial wave of Cybran attackers without losing any units.

    Contributed By: Arkanen.

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