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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MissingMyHead

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    Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
    Created by Missing_My_Head
    Table of Contents []
    Table of Contents []
    Version History []
    Introductions []
       About the Game []
       About the Guide []
    Plot []
    Game Basics []
       Controls []
          Default Controls []
          Optional Controls []
          Recommended Positions []
       Weapons []
       Enemies []
       Items []
    Walkthrough []
    FAQ []
    Contact []
    Credits []
    Legal []
    Fin []
    Most of you should know this, but to get to a section, copy the code next to
    its name, then open up the Find function in your browser (Command+F or
    Control+F) and paste the code in. Use the Find function to jump straight to
    the section.
    Version History []
    Version 1.0
    Basic walkthrough complete. Got some information on weapons and enemies.
    Future updates might include information on items and perhaps a transcript of
    the game's commentary and/or dialogue.
    Version 1.1
    Got a tip in an e-mail about stopping the Combine Elite from destroying the
    stairs. Added that and made the appropriate changes here and there.
    Introductions []
    About the Game []
    Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is a bonus chapter for Half-Life 2. Anyone who owns a
    copy of Half-Life 2 can get it for free on Steam (yes, this does include The
    Orange Box, however you aren't eligible if you were gifted the game).
    Lost Coast is basically another chapter within Half-Life 2 and seems to be
    canon from what I can tell. The chapter takes place between the chapters of
    Highway 17 and Sandtraps. It's pretty short, only about half an hour's worth
    of gameplay, but it has a few gameplay and story elements that aren't present
    in other Half-Life games. Plus it's free. Can't complain now.
    Lost Coast also happens to be the first Valve game to contain commentary. You
    can turn commentary on or off in the main menu. When it's on, little orange
    speed bubbles with "..." inside them will appear in various locations. You can
    then "use" them with whatever key you have set to "use" (default E) to hear
    the developers talk about how and why they did certain parts of the game. This
    commentary system is also present in other, later released Valve games,
    including Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and Portal.
    I recommend playing through the game once without commentary and then playing
    through it again with commentary. That's what I did, and, according to
    Wikipedia, that's what Valve intended.
    About the Guide []
    Hi there. The name's Missing_My_Head. I decided to write a guide for this game
    after taking a peek at GameFAQs' message board for Lost Coast and seeing a
    post by the user ceder02 asking why nobody had made a Walkthrough for the game
    yet. I figured I had nothing better to do, so I did this. Congrats ceder02,
    you've been immortalized.
    Since this game is short as heck, I can be really exhaustive and cover way
    more than I could with a full sized game. In other words, this guide is going
    to be a lot bigger than it needs to be because it can be and because I've got a
    metric assload of free time.
    This is my fourth guide on GameFAQs. The first was a Sonic the Hedgehog series
    character guide, which can be found on the FAQ listings of most Sonic the
    Hedgehog games. The guide's a bit outdated right now, seeing as how I haven't
    updated it since God knows when, but I do plan on _eventually_ updating it.
    The second one is a MASSIVE, comprehensive guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee.
    It's currently the recommended guide for the game. I actually don't think it's
    all that great, but the people seem to disagree. Lastly, I've also got a guide
    for an obscure little PC game known as FunPack 3D. The game is complete
    garbage, but I made a guide because it was easy and nobody else had written
    one at the time.
    Anyway, that about explains the guide. So wake up, Mr. Freeman, and read the
    Plot []
    Half-Life 2: Lost Coast takes place between the chapters of Highway 17 and
    Sandtraps in Half-Life 2. From what I can tell, the story of Lost Coast is
    canon to the overall storyline. The idea is that Gordon Freeman ends up near
    the town of St. Olga, which the Combine are in control of. He meets an unnamed
    man known only as The Fisherman, who tells Gordon that the Combine have
    installed a headcrab shell launcher in the monastary overlooking St. Olga and
    asks him to disable it. Interestingly, this is the only time you get to what
    launches headcrab shells.
    And that's about it. Again, this all seems to be canon, so you can imagine
    that all this actually happened between Highway 17 and Sandtraps.
    Game Basics []
    Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is a First-Person Shooter, which means your view is
    through the eyes of your character, Gordon Freeman, and you use weapons
    (mainly firearms) to defeat enemies.
    On your screen is a Heads-Up Display, or HUD, which is provided by your
    Hazardous Environment Suit, or HEV Suit. The HUD will display your Health in
    the lower left hand corner or the screen. It starts at 100, goes down when you
    take damage, and you die when it hits zero. You also have a suit charge. When
    your suit is charged, some of the damage you take is redirected to the charge
    instead. Losing your charge is harmless, but it lets you take more damage. You
    start with zero charge, but when you get a charger item or use a charing
    station, the "SUIT" panel will appear on the HUD. Your suit charge can go up
    to 100.
    Also, depending on what weapon you're using, the HUD may have ammunition
    counters in the lower right hand corner. If you're using the Crowbar or
    Gravity Gun, there will be nothing there, since those weapons don't use
    ammunition. If you're using Grenades or the Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher
    (RPG), it will show how many Grenades or Rockets you have. If you're using the
    Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, or Crossbow, it'll show you two numbers. The one on
    the left shows how much ammunition is currently loaded inside the gun. The one
    on the right shows how much you have that isn't loaded in the gun. Note that
    the Crossbow can only have one loaded ammo at a time and automatically reloads
    after firing, so you should only really care about the number on the right.
    Lastly, if you're using the Submachine Gun or AR2, you'll see three numbers.
    The left and middle ones equate to the left and right ones I just described.
    The far right number shows your secondary ammo. The Submachine Gun and AR2
    both have secondary attacks which use different ammo than their normal attack.
    You don't have to reload the secondary ammo, so there's only one number. It's
    important to note that although the AR2 supports a secondary attack, the
    ammunition for that attack does not exist in Lost Coast, so you can ignore the
    0 on the right side when using the AR2.
    You'll find boxes lying around throughout the game. Big cubical ones are
    empty, so they're only good for cover and as Gravity Gun projectiles (you'll
    learn about that later). Smaller ones with markings on them contain items, so
    break these open. I recommend using the Crowbar to open them because using the
    Gravity Gun runs a risk of losing the box and using other weapons wastes ammo.
    You can also get items by killing enemies. Combine Soldiers and Combine Elites
    drop items. Poison Headcrabs and Hunter-Choppers don't. Items can be new
    weapons, ammo for current weapons, medkits to heal your health, or chargers to
    charge your suit. Wall-mounted first aid kits and charging stations also
    exist. Walk up to them and "use" them (Default E) to either be healed or
    charged, respectively.
    That's about it for the absolute basics. See this sections subsections for
    more basic info.
    Controls []
    Default Controls []
    You can mess with the controls if you want, but here are the defaults.
    Mouse - Look Around
    Moving the mouse causes you to look in the direction in which you move it. You
    can spin a full 360° horizontally, but you are limited to roughly 180°
    W - Move Forwards
    Makes you walk in the direction you're facing.
    A - Strafe Left
    Makes you walk to your left without changing which way you're facing.
    S - Move Backwards
    Makes you walk away from the direction you're facing.
    D - Strafe Right
    Makes you walk to your right without changing which way you're facing.
    Ctrl/Control (Either One) - Crouch
    Reduces your height. You will move more slowly when crouching. It also changes
    the Grenade's secondary fire from a light toss to a roll along the ground.
    Shift (Either One) - Sprint
    If you press W, A, S, or D when holding down Shift, you will go faster than if
    you weren't holding down Shift. Whenever you move with Shift held down, your
    AUX Power will deplete. You can't sprint while crouching.
    Alt (Either One) - Slow Walk
    Holding down Alt makes your walking marginally slower.
    Esc (Escape) - Menu
    Pauses the game and brings up the menu. If you're already paused, it'll return
    you to the game.
    Space - Jump
    Makes you jump into the air. You can't change direction in the air, so make
    sure your momentum is what you want it to be before making a jump.
    Left Click - Primary Fire
    This causes your weapon to use its primary attack style.
    Right Click - Secondary Fire
    This causes your weapon to use its secondary attack style if it has one.
    Weapons with secondary attack styles are the Gravity Gun, the Submachine Gun,
    the Shotgun, the Crossbow, and the Grenade. The AR2 Pulse Rifle has a
    secondary fire, but its ammunition is not present in Lost Coast, so activating
    it will only result in a click. The Crowbar, Pistol, Revolver, and RPG have no
    secondary fire. Note that the secondary attack styles for the Gravity Gun and
    the Crossbow aren't actually weapons, but more like tools.
    Scroll Wheel - Cycle Weapons
    This creates a HUD of your current weapons on the top of the screen. You can
    scroll with the wheel to select a weapon. Weapons in yellow can be equipped,
    weapons in red are out of ammo and cannot be equipped. Obviously, the crowbar
    and Gravity Gun will never be in red. When you have selected your weapon,
    click to equip it. If you accidentally scroll or decide against changing your
    weapon, you can either scroll back to your current weapon and select it or
    just do nothing. After a while, the HUD will fade away, although you won't be
    able to fire your weapon until it does. If you don't like this system, you can
    go into Options > Keyboard > Advanced... and choose "Fast Weapon Toggle." This
    makes you automatically switch weapons instead of having to click.
    1 - Weapon Category 1
    Weapons are categorized into five categories (well, actually six, but you
    don't get the sixth in Lost Coast), as can be seen when scrolling through
    weapons. Each category (except six) has two weapons. Pressing 1 will bring you
    to category 1 (Crowbar and Gravity Gun) just as if you had scrolled there with
    the wheel. It defaults to the Crowbar, and then you can press 1 again to
    switch to the Gravity Gun, then again to go back to the Crowbar. You can
    select weapons just like with the scroll wheel. With Fast Weapon Switch
    activated, you will automatically switch to the weapon instead of having to
    2 - Weapon Category 2
    Weapons are categorized into five categories (well, actually six, but you
    don't get the sixth in Lost Coast), as can be seen when scrolling through
    weapons. Each category (except six) has two weapons. Pressing 2 will bring you
    to category 2 (Pistol and Revolver) just as if you had scrolled there with
    the wheel. It defaults to the Pistol, and then you can press 2 again to switch
    to the Revolver, then again to go back to the Pistol. You can select weapons
    just like with the scroll wheel. With Fast Weapon Switch activated, you will
    automatically switch to the weapon instead of having to click.
    3 - Weapon Category 3
    Weapons are categorized into five categories (well, actually six, but you
    don't get the sixth in Lost Coast), as can be seen when scrolling through
    weapons. Each category (except six) has two weapons. Pressing 3 will bring you
    to category 3 (Submachine Gun and AR2) just as if you had scrolled there with
    the wheel. It defaults to the Submachine Gun, and then you can press 3 again to
    switch to the AR2, then again to go back to the Submachine Gun. You can select
    weapons just like with the scroll wheel. Note that you do not start
    Lost Coast with the SMG or the AR2 and you must obtain them from enemies.
    Pressing 3 without either of the weapons will just result in a buzzer noise.
    With Fast Weapon Switch activated, you will automatically switch to the weapon
    instead of having to click.
    4 - Weapon Category 4
    Weapons are categorized into five categories (well, actually six, but you
    don't get the sixth in Lost Coast), as can be seen when scrolling through
    weapons. Each category (except six) has two weapons. Pressing 4 will bring you
    to category 4 (Shotgun and Crossbow) just as if you had scrolled there with the
    wheel. It defaults to the Shotgun, and then you can press 4 again to
    switch to the Crossbow, then again to go back to the Shotgun. You can select
    weapons just like with the scroll wheel. With Fast Weapon Switch activated,
    you will automatically switch to the weapon instead of having to click.
    5 - Weapon Category 5
    Weapons are categorized into five categories (well, actually six, but you
    don't get the sixth in Lost Coast), as can be seen when scrolling through
    weapons. Each category (except six) has two weapons. Pressing 5 will bring you
    to category 5 (RPG and Grenades) just as if you had scrolled there with the
    wheel. It defaults to the RPG, and then you can press 5 again to switch to
    Grenades, then again to go back to the RPG. You can select weapons just like
    with the scroll wheel. With Fast Weapon Switch activated, you will
    automatically switch to the weapon instead of having to click.
    6 - Weapon Category 6
    Weapon Category 6 only exists in Half-Life 2, but the engine still recognizes
    it as a category. Pressing 6 won't do anything, but it'll make the weapon
    changing noise.
    7 - Weapon Category 7?
    Now here's something interesting. 7 does the same thing as 6, but you never
    get a seventh category in any Half-Life game. Makes you wonder. Also, this
    control is not listed under the options menu, so you can't change the key.
    The only other control whose key can't be switched is the Developer Console,
    which is always ~.
    G - Gravity Gun
    Switches your equipped weapon to the Gravity Gun. If you have the Gravity Gun
    equipped, it switches back to whatever you had equipped before that.
    Q - Swap Weapons
    It's like G, except replace the Gravity Gun with whatever weapon you were
    holding before and the weapon you were holding before with the one you're
    holding now. In more simple terms, imagine you're holding Weapon A and you
    switch to Weapon B, then to Weapon C. You press Q and you switch back to
    Weapon B. You press it again and you switch back to Weapon C.
    E - Use
    Press or hold down E when facing a usable object to manipulate it.
    R - Reload
    Pressing R causes you to reload your weapon, restoring its loaded ammunition
    to its maximum amount. This takes time, and the time varies from weapon to
    weapon. The shotgun has to load each cartridge separately, and you can fire in
    between cartridges, although you will have to press R again to resume
    reloading. The Crowbar, Gravity Gun, Grenades, RPG, and Crossbow do not
    require reloading, although the latter three still use ammo.
    F - Flashlight
    F toggles your flashlight, which creates a cone of light in front of you.
    Using the flashlight drains AUX Power.
    Z - Zoom
    Hold down Z to use your HEV Suit's Zoom function, which lets you, well, zoom
    in. It's like a sniper scope. You can't fire your weapon while zoomed.
    However, the crossbow's secondary fire is identical to the zoom, except it
    lets you fire the crossbow while using it.
    F5 - Take Screenshot
    I don't know how this works, but it's listed under the control menu.
    F6 - Quick Save
    This automatically saves your game.
    F9 - Quick Load
    This automatically brings you to the last time you saved.
    Pause (also Pause Break) - Pause
    Wow, really? This button stops all action and displays "PAUSED" on the screen.
    Pressing it while paused unpauses the game. It's like pressing Esc, but without
    the menu coming up. You can't use this while paused with Esc, but you can
    pause with Esc while using this.
    ~ (also the ` key) - Developer Console
    In order for this to work, you have to go to Options > Keyboard > Advanced...
    and click the box for "Enable developer console (~)." You can then press ~ to
    bring up the Developer Console, which is a text input box where you can type
    in commands to screw with stuff. It's sort of like hacking the game, but
    without hacking it. It's some fairly advanced stuff and I'm not going to
    evaluate on it. Also, this and 7 are the only controls which you cannot change
    the key for. Since this control is accessed differently from all the others,
    its key can't be changed from ~. 
    Optional Controls []
    These controls have no keys assigned to them when you start the game, but you
    can still assign keys to them through the Options > Keyboard menu.
    Toggle Closed Caption Sound Effects
    Switches between Subtitles and Closed Captioning. The difference between the
    two is that Subtitles just show voices while Closed Captioning shows sound
    effects in brackets (i.e. [Weapon Pickup]).
    Quit Game
    Closes the game completely.
    Look Up
    Rotates your view up as if you had moved the mouse up.
    Look Down
    Rotates your view down as if you had moved the mouse down.
    Look Left
    Rotates your view left as if you had moved the mouse left.
    Look Right
    Rotates your view right as if you had moved the mouse right.
    Swim Up
    Causes you to move straight up when underwater.
    Swim Down
    Causes you to move straight down when underwater.
    Strafe Modifier
    When you hold this key down, moving your mouse in a direction will cause you
    to strafe in that direction.
    Keyboard Look Modifier
    I'm not entirely sure what this does, but it disables your ability to walk
    forward and backwards while it's held.
    Recommended Positions []
    When playing Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, I recommend you have your hands in this
    -Right hand on mouse
    -Left pinky on Left Shift
    -Left ring finger on A
    -Left middle finger on W
    -Left index finger on D
    -Left thumb on the Spacebar
    I've found this to be the optimal position when using the default controls.
    This setup assumes you are right handed. I don't know how being left handed
    would affect it. Also, this position applies for other Source games, and
    probably a lot of other first-person shooters, too. I've found it to work with
    Crysis and Crysis Warhead, though I haven't played any other PC FPS's, so my
    knowledge is limited.
    Weapons []
    I'll be using the following template for Weapon entries:
    Name: Weapon name as displayed on the HUD [Weapon name as I'll call it]
    Category: Which category it falls under
    Secondary Fire: Whether the weapon has a secondary fire (Yes/No)
    Works Underwater: Whether the weapon can be fired underwater (Yes/No)
    Max Loaded Ammo: How much ammunition can be loaded in the weapon
    Max Unloaded Ammo: How much ammunition you can have out of the weapon
    Max Secondary Ammo: How much ammunition you can have for the secondary fire
    How to Obtain: How you get it
    Notes: Other notes
    Name: Crowbar [Crowbar]
    Category: 1
    Secondary Fire: No
    Works Underwater: Yes
    Max Loaded Ammo: n/a
    Max Unloaded Ammo: n/a
    Max Secondary Ammo: n/a
    How to Obtain: You start with it.
    Notes: The Crowbar is a melee weapon. I recommend only using it to open boxes.
    The only time you'll need to use it is if you're out of ammo and there aren't
    any good physics objects for the Gravity Gun around.
    Name: Zero Point Energy Gun (Gravity Gun) [Gravity Gun]
    Category: 1
    Secondary Fire: Yes
    Works Underwater: Yes
    Max Loaded Ammo: n/a
    Max Unloaded Ammo: n/a
    Max Secondary Ammo: n/a
    How to Obtain: You start with it.
    Notes: Ah, yes, the beloved Gravity Gun. The Gravity Gun's primary fire emits
    a charge which causes any physics object in front of it to be blasted away
    instantly with enormous force. The secondary fire slowly draws objects towards
    the gun. If an object is light enough, it'll be picked up by the gun and held
    in front of you, allowing you to fire the object at will. The secondary fire
    has a huge range, so you can grab things seemingly impossibly far away.
    The Gravity Gun can also be used directly on Poison Headcrabs to blast them
    away and damage them slightly. It cannot, however, directly pick up any NPCs.
    Name: 9MM Pistol [Pistol]
    Category: 2
    Secondary Fire: No
    Works Underwater: Yes
    Max Loaded Ammo: 18
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 132
    Max Secondary Ammo: n/a
    How to Obtain: You start with it.
    Notes: The Pistol is a simple gun. It isn't particularly powerful, but has a
    relatively good rate of fire. It's also the only true gun to work underwater.
    This doesn't mean much in Lost Coast, but I figured I'd note it.
    Name: .357 Magnum [Revolver]
    Category: 2
    Secondary Fire: No
    Works Underwater: No
    Max Loaded Ammo: 6
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 30
    Max Secondary Ammo: n/a
    How to Obtain: You start with it.
    Notes: The Revolver packs a hell of a punch, but it's slow and its kickback
    will mess with your aim. Also, it only has a magazine of 6 rounds, so you'll
    be reloading frequently. The Revolver is equipped when you first start Lost
    Name: SMG (Submachine Gun) [SMG]
    Category: 3
    Secondary Fire: Yes
    Works Underwater: No
    Max Loaded Ammo: 45
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 175
    Max Secondary Ammo: 3
    How to Obtain: Most Combine Soldiers in the game are armed with them, and thus
       drop them when killed.
    Notes: One of two rapid-fire weapons. The SMG has a high rate of fire and low
    accuracy. It also has a large 45 round magazine. The SMG also houses a grenade
    launcher for its secondary fire. Only three can be held at a time. Using the
    secondary fire shoots the grenade a few feet forward and it explodes on
    Name: Overwatch Standard Issue (Pulse Rifle) [AR2]
    Category: 3
    Secondary Fire: Yes, but you can't get its ammo in Lost Coast
    Works Underwater: No
    Max Loaded Ammo: 30
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 60
    Max Secondary Ammo: 3, but it's unavailable in Lost Coast
    How to Obtain: One of them is lying next to some boxes at the top of the first
       staircase. Also, the single Combine Elite in the game is armed with one,
       and thus drops it when killed.
    Notes: The AR2 is a rapid fire weapon. It's fairly accurate, at least at close
    to medium range, but kickback will slowly throw you off track, so it's best to
    use it in short spurts. It also does a pretty good amount of damage. The
    weapon has a secondary fire which fires a ricocheting energy ball that kills
    everything it hits, but the ammunition for that doesn't exist in Lost Coast.
    However, the sole Elite in the game fires the secondary fire to destroy the
    wooden staircase early in the game.
    Name: Shotgun [Shotgun]
    Category: 4
    Secondary Fire: Yes
    Works Underwater: No
    Max Loaded Ammo: 6
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 24
    Max Secondary Ammo: 3
    How to Obtain: You start with it.
    Notes: The Shotgun behaves very much like a normal shotgun. Each round is a
    cartridge. When you fire the gun, you use one cartridge, but you create
    multiple bullets which scatter in multiple directions. This means that the gun
    is unbelievably powerful at close range, but its accuracy is a joke at long
    range. The shotgun's reload sequence forces you to load in each cartridge
    individually, which can take a very long time depending on how much ammo you
    need to load, so I recommend reloading whenever you get the chance, instead of
    waiting until the gun is empty. Actually, you should always do that, but it's
    most important for the Shotgun. You can fire inbetween cartridges when
    loading, but it will interrupt the reload process and you'll have to start up
    again. The shotgun's secondary fire fires two cartridges at once, doubling
    power and damage, but also using twice as much ammo.
    Name: Crossbow [Crossbow]
    Category: 4
    Secondary Fire: Yes
    Works Underwater: Yes
    Max Loaded Ammo: 1
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 9
    Max Secondary Ammo: n/a
    How to Obtain: You start with it.
    Notes: The Crossbow's damage is unreal, but it can only load one bolt at a
    time and it takes a while to reload. The Crossbow's secondary fire, however,
    is a scope, which basically lets you use your suit's zoom function while still
    being able to shoot. This makes it most effective as a sniper, shooting
    enemies from far away. The bolts are heated red-hot with an electrical
    current, which makes them very effective against organic opponents. In fact,
    if you shoot somebody with the Crossbow and they're up against a solid
    surface, they'll be impaled by the bolt and nailed to the surface.
    Name: Grenade [Grenade(s)]
    Category: 5
    Secondary Fire: Yes
    Works Underwater: No, but only for throwing them. You can throw the grenade
       into water from the ground and it will still explode underwater.
    Max Loaded Ammo: 5
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 0
    Max Secondary Ammo: 5
    How to Obtain: They're found in various boxes throughout the level. You can
       first get one from the boxes near the gate at the beginning of the game.
    Notes: Grenades can be thrown, and will explode after a few seconds. You can
    hold down the mouse to delay the throw, but it won't affect your throwing
    power or how long the Grenade waits to explode. Explosions do more damage as
    you get closer to the center. Being near the grenade when it goes off is
    usually instant death, while being on the fringe of the explosion will do less
    damage. Be warned, Grenades can harm you, too! The secondary fire is about the
    same as the primary fire, except instead of throwing it you just kind of toss
    it, reducing its distance. If you do the secondary fire while crouching,
    you'll roll the grenade along the ground, which can be used to get under
    Name: Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) [RPG]
    Category: 5
    Secondary Fire: No
    Works Underwater: No, but the rockets can still function underwater after
       being fired
    Max Loaded Ammo: 3
    Max Unloaded Ammo: 0
    Max Secondary Ammo: n/a
    How to Obtain: You start with it.
    Notes: The RPG fires a laser-guided rocket. Wherever you point the crosshair,
    the rocket will go towards it. The rocket will explode on impact. Rocket
    explosions are far more powerful than Grenade explosions. The RPG is the only
    weapon which can damage the Hunter-Chopper at the end of the game (I think
    Grenades and the SMG's secondary fire can technically damage it, too, but
    they're FAR harder to hit the chopper with, aren't as strong, and the RPG has
    infinite ammo supplies right by the chopper, anyway).
    Enemies []
    There are only four enemies in Lost Coast.
    The Combine Soldiers are the guys in the dark blue clothing. They're armed
    mostly with SMGs, some of them have Shotguns, and some of them also carry
    grenades. They are by far the most numerous enemies in the game. They often
    drop small medkits and chargers in addition to whatever weapon they were using
    and the ammo they were carrying with it. Note that Combine Soldiers wielding
    shotguns are still normal Combine Soldiers. In Half-Life 2: Episode Two,
    shotgun wielding soldiers were counted as a separate enemy with red eyes
    instead of blue, known as the Combine Shotgunner, but that wasn't done until
    after Lost Coast was released.
    Only one of these is in the game. He is the one that destroys the staircase
    early in the game. He has an AR2 and is a bit tougher than the soldiers.
    Three of these are released when you jam the launcher. If they bite you, your
    health will instantly fall to 1. No, I didn't forget a digit there. ONE. It'll
    slowly crawl back up, 10 points at a time, but you're an easy target in the
    meantime. Note that this does mean that a Poison Headcrab will never kill you,
    they just make it easier for other enemies to kill you. Also note that
    although the Headcrabs are being used by the Combine, they are in no way
    allied with them. Poison Headcrabs will attack Combine Soldiers and
    The Hunter-Chopper is the final boss of the game. It attacks you a few times
    throughout the level, but you never get a good chance to fight it until the
    very end. It can only be damaged by the RPG (like I said above, Grenades and
    the SMG's secondary fire may be able to damage it, as well, but they're
    incredibly hard to hit it with and are in limited supply, anyway). Three shots
    from the RPG are enough to take it down. It will shoot at you with a fast,
    high-powered machine gun.
    Also, three honorable mentions are the Dropship, the Leeches, and the Seagulls.
    They aren't technically enemies, since the Dropship and Seagulls never attack
    you and the Leeches can't be killed, but they serve similar purposes. The
    Dropship can be seen flying over you early in the game. It can't be killed and
    it doesn't hurt you, but it's still recognized by the game as a Combine NPC.
    Also there are the Leeches. If you go too far into the water, Leeches will
    start attacking you and rapidly draining your health. This is designed to stop
    you from venturing off the map. Not all water areas have Leeches, however, such
    as the one you start in. Lastly, a few seagulls can be seen flying around near
    where you start. They're harmless, but if you manage to land a bullet in one
    of them (or a crossbow bolt, or a physics object, or hell, even a rocket),
    it'll die and The Fisherman will scold you for killing them. It's actually
    kinda funny.
    Walkthrough []
    You start out on the beach. You should see a wooden bridge in front of you.
    Make your way over to the end of the bridge, trying to avoid the water as much
    as possible. Go across the bridge and approach the fisherman there. He'll
    start talking to you and will recognize you as Gordon Freeman, although he
    can't remember the name ("Friedman... Fishman... am I right?"). He'll assume
    that you're here to fight the Combine and will walk over to a gate. Follow
    him. There are two supply boxes near the gate. One is behind the booth and one
    is floating in the water. Break them open with the Crowbar and take what's
    inside. You'll get some ammunition and chargers, and possibly a Grenade.
    The Fisherman will open the gate and tell you to go take out the headcrab
    launcher that's attacking the town nearby (you'll see and hear it as you
    progress up the cliffside). Before you go up the cliff, notice that he drops
    his harpoon after opening the gate, which turns it into a physics object. Now,
    you don't have to do this, but I recommend picking up the harpoon with the
    Gravity Gun. Notice that it automatically points straight forward. The harpoon
    is one of very few objects in the Half-Life 2 games which automatically orients
    itself somehow when picked up with the Gravity Gun.
    Go up the path, still holding onto the harpoon. After the first small
    staircase you may notice a ledge going in the other direction. Ignore it, it's
    a dead end. Go up the next staircase, but don't go all the way up yet. You'll
    see a pair of Combine Soldiers with SMGs going up the next staircase. Wait for
    them to get ahead of you, then sneak up behind them. If you didn't take the
    harpoon, you can just shoot them, but if you do have the harpoon, use the
    Gravity Gun to chuck it at them. For some reason, I've found that hitting one
    or both of those guys with the harpoon can cause some hillarious deaths,
    usually sending them flying through the air. Pick up their SMGs to get one of
    them as your own and continue up the staircase. Another soldier with an SMG
    will be waiting at the top. Kill him with the SMG. Run over and grab the AR2.
    Two soldiers with SMGs will begin shooting at you from a ledge behind you, so
    turn around and take them out with the AR2. Use the crowbar to open up the
    boxes that the AR2 was near. You should get an SMG grenade. Now continue up the
    stairs. Ignore the big wooden boxes, they're useless. Go up the wooden
    staircase. Partway up, a Combine Elite above you will fire his AR2's secondary
    fire and destroy the staircase.
    Before I continue, there's something I'd like to note here. For a while, I had
    been trying to see if there is any way to either stop the stairs from being
    destroyed or to get up them before it happens. My idea was that you might be
    able to kill the Elite with grenades before you go up the stairs, but it didn't
    work and I think the game doesn't spawn (create) the Elite until he fires the
    gun, so there's nothing to kill beforehand. However, I received an e-mail from
    a reader named Tom who told me of a method that does indeed work. If you pull
    out your Gravity Gun before you go up the stairs, you can grab the energy ball
    with its secondary fire if you're fast enough. Then you can just fire off the
    ball and go up the stairs. If you choose to do this, skip down and start
    reading at the paragraph that starts with the text "Turn around and go up the
    path." You should be near said path and you can pick up from there. Assuming
    you didn't do that, you can continue reading as normal.
    Turn around and try to get a good line of sight to him. He'll begin shooting a
    you with his AR2. I recommend using the Crossbow to kill him. Two more soldiers
    should appear behind you, one with an SMG and one with a Shotgun. Turn around
    and kill them both, I recommend either the Crossbow or the AR2. Go down the
    wooden stairs. If the Elite dropped anything off the ledge, take it.
    This paragraph is entirely optional, all it does is get you a little healing
    and two Grenades, so if you don't need that, move on to the next paragraph.
    Go down stairs until you reach two boards and a large wooden rectangle and
    turn around. To the left of the stairs you should see a ladder. Go down the
    ladder and jump off to get on the ledge. Work your way down the ledge, making
    sure not to fall off, until you get to a little nook in the wall with a medkit
    and two Grenades. Take them and go back to the ladder. Climb up the ladder
    (you have to jump to get on it) and go back up the stairs.
    Look for a ledge with a supply box on the end of it. Sprint towards it and run
    along one of the boards sticking out of the wall. Jump over to the ledge. A
    soldier with an AR2 will walk around the ledge and shoot at you. Take him out
    however you like. Now use your Crowbar to open the box near you and take all
    the supplies. Walk down the ledge, taking the soldiers AR2 if it didn't fall
    off the ledge.
    A soldier with an SMG will attack you. Kill him and continue on. Two more
    soldiers, one with an SMG and one with a shotgun, will be waiting for you. Kill
    them, too. Before you continue up, backtrack a little. Look for a grass-
    covered pathway that goes up in the opposite direction of the way you were
    going before. Go up it to find a supply crate and some RPG ammo.
    Continue along the ledge until you get to a gap. Two soldiers with
    SMGs will drop down from above and two more, also with SMGs will come running
    down the path below you. Kill all four. Jump over the gap and land on the
    boards. Keep going along the ledge. It gets really narrow here so stick to the
    wall. When you get to the end there will be two soldiers below you and one
    behind you. The one behind you has an SMG and the two below you have an SMG
    and a Shotgun. Take out the one behind you first, then the two below you. At
    this point you are where the stairs would have taken you if that Elite hadn't
    blown up the stairs.
    Turn around and go up the path. Turn around again at the top and go through
    the tunnel. Go under the archway in front of you to get some RPG ammo and a
    supply crate with some Pistol ammo and a medkit. After that, head out of that
    area and go to the dark corner to your left to find another supply crate. This
    one has an SMG grenade and a medkit in it. Go through the open door.
    On your left is a series of archways. Behind the archways is a supply crate
    with a medkit in it. If you still need healing, get it, but otherwise leave it
    for later. Also, on top of the wooden platforms, there are two more supply
    crates. You can get the crates down by either dragging them to yourself with
    the Gravity Gun or by destroying the boards holding them up.
    Now go up the stairs near the wooden platforms. Go around the corner and face
    the slightly open double doors. "Use" them (Default E) to open them and go
    inside to enter the church. Go through the church to the opposite end. There's
    a boatload of supplies here, including a first aid console, a suit charging
    console, a large pile of pistol ammo, some rockets, medkits, supply crates,
    and other things. Take what you need and then equip the Gravity Gun. See that
    big metal thing on the wall that explodes every now and then? That's the
    Headcrab Shell Launcher. Go over to it and use the Gravity Gun's secondary
    fire to pull off a couple of metal panels on the front. Toss them aside.
    Now pick up something with the Gravity Gun. Any physics object will do, but
    those golden pillars lying on the floor will instantly orient themselves in a
    good position for what you're about to do (like the harpoon from earlier), so
    I recommend one of those. Take your object and hold it inside the machine.
    Note that you may have to wait a second for a shell to be launched to make
    room. Hold the object inside until the shell holder comes down. It will get
    stuck on your object and the machine will jam. You can let go of the object
    An alarm will sound and the headcrab shells will open. Each one will release
    one Poison Headcrab (for a total of three). A Hunter-Chopper will also begin
    circling outside, shooting through the windows. Right now you have to focus on
    the Headcrabs. You can use any weapon you want to defeat them. Note that a
    Poison Headcrab attack instantly reduces you to one hitpoint, which slowly
    heals back to normal. Thus, these headcrabs can't actually kill you, but if
    the chopper nails you when you're at one health, you're dead. Take out the
    Poison Headcrabs as quickly as possible. You might have a second or two here,
    so grab any supplies you want. Two soldiers with SMGs will drop from the
    ceiling. Take them out. Two more, also with SMGs will blow down the door you
    came through. Take them out and go outside.
    A few more soldiers with SMGs will be waiting outside. Kill them and move back
    to the open area. When you get there, a couple soldiers with SMGs will be on
    the rooftops shooting at you. I recommend using the Crossbow and its scope to
    kill them. The chopper will also be shooting at you. Ignore it for now. More
    soldiers will drop from the rooftops.
    It's difficult to precisely list all of the soldiers that will appear, so just
    keep shooting folks. Keep an eye on the blocked door above the staircase you
    didn't use to enter the church. Eventually it will explode and a soldier will
    come running out. Kill him and run up the stairs.
    I should also note that if you start running low on health, you probably
    didn't use all the supplies in the church and the open area, so you can more
    likely than not get some healing.
    Anyways, go up the stairs through the newly opened door. Grab some rockets if
    you need them and pull out your RPG. There are twosupply crates to your sides,
    but they only contain pistol ammo and small chargers, which you don't really
    need. There is also a medkit by the RPG on the ground which you might want. The
    green metal box contains infinite rockets in case your aim really sucks.
    Once you've got what you need, it's time to take on that chopper once and for
    all. It should be flying in front of you, shooting at you like crazy. The
    Hunter-Chopper actually behaves like a Gunship here, so three hits from the RPG
    is enough to bring it down. Remember that the rockets are laser-guided, so if
    you miss at first, keep the laser on the chopper and the rocket should turn
    around and hit it, unless it's already flown away and you've lost control, in
    which case just fire another rocket.
    After a good three hits, the chopper will burst into flames. It'll crash into
    the balcony, so back away a little. After it's gone, go forward to the edge of
    the balcony and look down to see some wooden board below yourself. Walk off of
    the balcony onto them. Isn't it odd how the last 3 lines began with the phrase
    the balcony? Hey, that makes four.
    Anyway, go to your right slowly and make your way along the boards and metal
    supports. Keep going that way. You'll have to duck under an X-formation of the
    metal bars. Keep going until you come to a right turn. Go around it to see a
    large metal basket supported by ropes. Duck under another metal bar and walk
    into it. It'll slowly lower you to the ground. Unless you want to die right
    now, resist the urge to blast the basket with the Gravity Gun.
    When you get to the bottom, The Fisherman will congratulate you on destroying
    the gun and beating the Combine. He'll invite you to a feast (with leeches),
    but your screen will begin to fade black. He'll act confused as to why you
    seem to be fading away, but figure you've "got other places to be."
    Congratulations, you have finished Half-Life 2: Lost Coast!
    FAQ []
    Q: How do I get Half-Life 2: Lost Coast?
    A: You must own a copy of Half-Life 2. Copies have also been given out to
    owners of certain graphics cards.
    Q: Does it count if I bought The Orange Box?
    A: Yes, that counts as a copy of Half-Life 2.
    Q: What if I was gifted Half-Life 2?
    A: Unfortunately no, that doesn't count.
    Q: What does Half-Life 2: Lost Coast cost?
    A: It's free, though of course you have to pay for Half-Life 2 to get it.
    Q: How long does it take to beat Half-Life 2: Lost Coast?
    A: Around 20-30 minutes.
    Q: Does the G-Man appear in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast?
    A: No.
    Q: Is it possible to kill the Combine Elite before he destroys the staircase?
    A: No, but you can still get up the stairs. This is also in the main guide, but
    reader Tom sent me a tip on how to do it. If you're quick with the Gravity
    Gun's secondary fire, you can grab the energy ball before it hits the stairs.
    This will let you go up them. As for actually killing the Elite before he
    shoots, I've tried to direct hand grenades, SMG grenades, and RPGs onto the
    ledge and they've never killed him. I think the game spawns the Elite right as
    he shoots the gun, meaning that before the Elite shoots the gun, there's no
    Elite there at all.
    Q: Is it possible to get ammo for the AR2's secondary fire from the Elite?
    A: I've never gotten it. I don't think he drops any, but even if he does, you
    have to be really lucky for it to drop off the ledge and onto a place where
    you can reach it.
    Q: My question isn't answered here.
    A: E-mail me at missingmyhead@gmail.com. If it's a question that only applies
    to you or a small group of people, I'll e-mail you back. If it's a question
    that more people would want to have answered, I'll probably just put it in the
    FAQ for the next version of this guide.
    Q: Wait, I thought your e-mail was something else.
    A: It used to be. That e-mail was run off of an old website I created years
    ago. However, the website expired, so the e-mail did, too. None of my guides
    have been updated since then, so they still have my old e-mail address.
    Q: Are you ever going to update your damn Sonic Series Character Guide?
    A: Someday. Multiple technical issues have been encountered, such as the loss
    of every e-mail sent to me about it and the immense backlog created by computer
    downtime and procrastination. It'll happen eventually, but don't hold your
    breath for it.
    Q: What you say?
    A: You have no chance to survive make your time.
    Contact []
    If you've got questions, comments, praise, criticism, suggestions, death
    threats, or anything else to send me, I want it. You can e-mail me at
    Please make sure your question isn't answered in the guide. Also, sending me
    advertisements, chain letters, or other similar things will result in your
    address being permanently blocked. I hate that stuff.
    Credits []
    Valve - They made the game
    The Combine Overwiki - The Half-Life Wiki. I got a fair amount of minor
       information there.
    Gordon Freeman - Without him, there'd be no Half-Life!
    Myself - Well, yeah.
    You - Thanks for reading!
    Tom - Sent me a tip on how to get up the wooden
       without the Combine Elite destroying them for me. I wasn't sure how he
       wanted to be credited, so I'm just calling him Tom, since that's what the
       return address said.
    Legal []
    Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Gordon Freeman, The Combine, and all
    other related properties, concepts, characters, items, songs, logos, etc. are
    property of Valve Corporation. I do not claim any ownership of the Half-Life
    This guide is copyright me. You may not use this guide on your website without
    permission from me. If you get permission to host it on your website (which is
    very unlikely, I might add), you must not change it in any way and must fully
    credit me for its creation.
    Fin []
    Well, that's it. Hopefully this guide was of some assistance to you. If it
    wasn't, don't be afraid to shoot me an e-mail and request some improvements.
    So in the meantime, this is where I get off.
    *walks off into blackness and exits through a white rectangle*

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