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by umeshu

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Walkthrough by umeshu

Updated: 06/24/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

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•´¯`•. ву αиgє ωнιтѕσи .•´¯`•


I'm in the middle of moving, so I was sadly delayed in playing Book Five. My saves also got DELETED, awesome. Since in replaying, I noticed several changes, I decided to write an all new walkthrough including ALL ze books.

Also, look at me using the special e AND the chapter titles and everything. Fancy stuff, that. You're impressed right? No? Well, whatever. No one asked you.
Some of the Header names are odd, but they all have to be unique, so hopefully nothing is too confusing.

I put wayyyy more time into this than I should've, because I'm neurotic and hate myself. You're welcome. BUT, I did not replay all choices, so if there are discrepancies from what's written here, please let me know so that I can amend the FAQ.

To the people who leave rude comments on my other walkthroughs and will probably leave them on this one, go f*ck yourself.
To all others, please enjoy this guide that I tried very hard to keep void of any hint of personality, because it's apparently so unpalatable.

Feel free to share and whatever, just don't claim as your own and all that.


Book One: Reborn



We begin in Zoë's dream hospital room. Examine all the items in the room before entering the next area – the vortex across from the bed that says ‘spirits'.
Proceed through the area saving people from their dreams until you come to the little girl being tormented by a closet-monster.

Speak to her and then read her thoughts.
Under the bed, you need to use your light power.
Now, go to the other side and grab the flashlight.
Freeze time on the monster and then burn it away with your light.
Open the wardrobe.

Go to the campfire and speak with the Vagabond.
Now, to wake yourself up.

Look at your unconscious self, and then interact with the life support system to the left.
Now, use your freeze power on the machine's vitals screen.
Freeze your body and then use your mind power on it.
Speak to your younger self and choose which path you will take.


Escape from Friar's Keep

Get up from your bed, exit your cell, and head to the left.
The gate is locked, so continue in that direction and push the guard off the dying prisoner.
The guard has keys and a shiv. You may grant the prisoner a quick death, or leave him.
Use the key on the lock, go up the stairs, and talk to the Captain.

To the right is a broom, grab it.
Continue around to the open cell and grab the pillow off the bed.
Combine the pillow and broom and use it on the window.
Use the arrow to pick the lock and go up another flight.

Appeal to the Warden's sense of Family to get him to open the gate, and continue through.
Spare or kill Murron and then follow Bachim.

Go back to the gate and lower the dumbwaiter.
Grab the napkin from the table.
Combine the napkin with the arrow and light it with the brazier on the wall.
Use the lit arrow to melt the grease on the dumbwaiter's chain.
Climb the chain.

Now on the roof, interact with the switch next to the door.
Grab the sword to the left.

Speak to the Captain, then decide to sacrifice or spare him.

First Therapy Session

After the session, speak to Roman as much or as little as you desire.
You can also look in your file, open on the screen at the desk, but there's nothing there.
Now, exit the office.

Bring Reza Food

Just outside, a food cart proprietor is being hassled by police.

Watch as the food cart operator is confronted by the Eye operatives.
Afterwards, you'll get a call.
Go talk to Nela, the woman at the aforementioned cart, and get food for Reza.

To get to The Hand, go straight and down two ramps and two flights of stairs.
From the corridor, turn right, and go straight until you hit a wall with an Uminska poster on the right corner.
This is the building we want, so go all the way around to the left, and enter the door.

Reza is to the left. Go have a conversation and give him his food.
You can talk to Sully afterwards, or just leave.

Working in Propast

This section is split into two parts, depending on whether you work at Pandemonium or the Lab.

Working at Pandemonium

To get to Pandemonium from The Hand, simply walk back up the river.
The garage is on the left, across from the currently inactive ferry.
Interact with the screen and then inside we go.

After talking to Mira, interact with the bot on the table.
Take Shitbot, and go back outside.

Select any of the personality modules and follow Shitbot.
Human Interaction
Follow and then sent him in any direction.
Go back up the stairs and one of the ramps we took to get to The Hand.

Bot to Bot Interface
Follow him until he stops and then talk to him.
Move closer to the bot welding the windows on the art gallery and direct him to it.
He really likes wel-ding.

Repair Program
Follow and then talk to Shitbot.
Look at the maintenance instructions on the wall to the right.
Direct Shitbot to one of the broken fuses and watch him break it more.

Security Program
Not really anything to do here.

Follow Shitbot back to Pandemonium

Talk to Mira.

Working at the Lab

To get to the Lab from the Hand, head up river and go up the steps on your left.
Now, take the stairs on your left again, and the lab will be directly across from where you are.
Take the walkway across and turn to the left.
The Lab is the second door on the right, and it says Cape Town University on it.

Enter the sliding door ahead of you on the left, and after speaking to Ada, examine the algae, also on your left.
After being introduced to Kidbot, you can speak or Ada again, or simply leave.

Once outside, speak to Kidbot and then follow them.
Having arrived at the river, speak to Kidbot again and then follow them to the first testing site.

After sending them to scan the site, direct them to the green square.

Follow Kidbot to the second site, and they will automatically scan it.
Direct them to the barrel on the left, and then the one on the right.
Direct Kidbot to grab the rope on the ferry, just ahead and to the right of the barrel.
Use the rope on Kidbot and direct them to the left-front corner of the boat.
Direct them to the barrel so that it's attached to the boat.
Direct them to the paper lantern above the old bell, to your left.
Finally, direct Kidbot to the green square.

Speak to Kidbot and then be interrupted by Mira.
Back at the Lab, speak to Ada, and then leave.

Meet Baruti at the Campaign Headquarters

To get to the campaign offices from Pandemonium, head back down the river towards The Hand.
Instead of going to the left, go straight past it, and our destination is at the end.

To get there from the Lab, go straight up the stairs and go right twice.
Then, go down the stairs to the left twice, and make a right.
Go straight past the Hand, and our destination is at the end.

Talk to Baruti, and collect the 2,000 Yuan chip.

Queenie's boat is just a little further up the river from Pandemonium, but if you work at the lab, basically just go back up the river and it's the dragon-carved boat in the Chinatown area.
Talk to the blind girl outside the boat and then look at the gifts.

Two merchants sell the baiju wine we need. Bypass the first one and go to the second, who is arguing with a customer.
When they get to a stalemate, use your yuan chip.
Talk to her about the baiju.
Now, go back and talk to the first merchant.
Go back to the other merchant, and use your chip to pay the 2,000.

Give the baiju to the blind girl.
Go onto the boat and talk to Queenie.

Find Nela

Nela isn't at her cart, but there is a note telling you where to find her. However, you don't need the note or to go to the cart at all.

The Collective, where she is, is on the left side of the large corridor, just downriver from being opposite Queenie's boat.
Your goal is the building with the green, glowing façade.
Interrupt or eavesdrop, and then talk to Nela.
Head back to HQ.

Go more or less straight, hike a left, go through the Souk, and make a right at the dead end, followed by another right.
Interfere or stay out of it, and then talk to Baruti.
Go home immediately or explore.

To get home, go basically as far upriver as you can, and take the stairs to the left.
Your apartment is under the Sunny Living sign.
Talk to Reza.


Interact with your crib.
Grab the pillow and climb again.
Follow the wisp thing.
Walk slowly by Papa and go the right behind the wheel-cart thing and under the table.
Follow the wisp and try to touch the door handle.
Touch Mama and she'll open the door for you.
Pick up the rattle on the floor ahead of you.

Book Two: Rebels


From your room, go right and then left. Our goal is the center of the main chamber, with the round table.
Walk around the outer edges of the main room, talking to Jakai, Likho, Enu, and the General.
Return to Shepherd and collect your assignment.
Go back to your room and change your clothes.
In the main hall, take the stairs down and go into the tunnel to the left.
Talk to your compatriots and then get on the boat.

Now in Marcuria,we have three main tasks and a possible optional task involving Arn Stont.
I'm starting with the Mole, because she's closest, but then I jump to the Traitor because it's on the way.

Find and Help the Mole

Take the first left, and the basement straight ahead is our destination.

Talk to the Mole and then leave.

Up the stairs to your left and through the door on your left, and you're in the Magic Market.

Catch the pickpocket, Bip, who starts you on the Traitor mission. Follow or leave him for now.

Exit the market to the left, and we're technically on the runner's path, but need to intercept him at the checkpoint.
Go to the right and you'll see stairs in the distance to the left. That's what we want.

Once you're at the top, the runner will appear, so follow him.
He's going to stop at a T intersection, and we don't need to go any further for now.

Swap the signs for right and left. If you did it right, he'll spawn close by.
Follow him to the dead end.

Collect the letter from his body and return to the Mole.

Find the Traitor

In the Magic Market, you meet Bip, after he tried to pickpocket you.
Follow him, and then exit the ghetto, and follow him again.

The place we need to go to is across the way to the right.
Speak to the guard and then pick up two scraps the angry woman dropped.
Catch up to her and talk to her to get the other piece.
Combine all three pieces and then examine them.
Return to the guard and speak the passphrase, Honor and Humanity.

After watching the scene of the speech, examine the attendees.
Use all senses available to you on each person.
Once you've done that, head back to the magic market, unless you're doing Arn Ston's mission, and then do that now.

Back in the market, which is straight down and then through a guarded iron gate, we need to find the Traitor.
Speak to Likho.
We want the guy in the blue shirt and straw hat that smells of camphor, or lavender oil.

Destroy the Weapons Shipment

To get to the docks, take the right side exit in the Magic Market, and then up ahead, there's a giant archway to your right with one door open.

There are crates filled with black powder. Grab a pinch.
Just to the right of the crates is a little platform that extends into the lake, with a rope hanging on the short column at the end. Grab it.
Inside the doors to the right, there are crates of flintlock pieces. Grab one.
Farther along the wall where the doors are, on the opposite side, there are barrels of oil. Dip the rope in one.
Just past the oil, in the middle of the short wall are steel nails. Grab one.
Now, go back to the docks.

Place the rope, then the powder.
Place the nail at the end of the rope.
Use the flintlock on the nail.
No more weapons shipment.

Arn Stont's Promise

From the Nation Front meeting, exit to the right and take a right.
Gerdi Stont is sitting at the bottom of stairs up the path on the right.

Rooster and Kitten after Three Jobs in Marcuria

From the door to the docks, we're going straight forward, and the bar is to the left before you reach the fountain.
Go upstairs and speak to your ‘friend'.

Go back downstairs to see Likho and Enu.

Follow them.

Catch the arrow with your non-magic Apostle powers

Attend the briefing in the main hall.
Reveal of stay silent about Na'ane.

If you stayed silent, confront her, and decide what you will do.

Zoë's First Dream

Turn around and speak to Abnaxus.

Follow him and teleport across the chasm.
Speak to him again.

Look down to the left and then teleport.

Look at and then touch Lux.

Second Therapy Session

Get dressed and go outside.
After speaking to the EYE operative, go to Roman's office.

To get there, take a left and a left, and go down the stairs.
Go more or less straight to the fountain (by the Hand) and go up the stairs to the left.
Go up the stairs to the right, up the ramp ahead, and our destination is up ahead at the end of the way.

Before heading inside, talk to Nela about Hanna.

A Favor for Baruti

The memorial fountain is just in front of The Hand.
To get there, go straight and then right and take the first accessible stairs to your left.
Go right, and Baruti is leaning against the railing in front of the Hand building.

Might as well check in with Reza since you're already right here.

Data Theft

Head up the river and it's the garage on the left with PANDEMONIUM spray painted on it.
On your way, you'll see one of Hanna's dragonflies. Follow her to the hatch, and then we'll come back to this later.

Get the data tracker from Mira and go back outside.
Activate the software and after talking to Mira via phone, follow the arrow.

The first access point is Queenie's boat, but we can't use it.
The next one is in the artificial sun in front of your apartment.
The next one is upstairs (next to the Lab), but it's blocked off, so take the stairs by the river.
The final access point is in the WATI logo.

You can't return to Mira until after finding Hanna, so do that now if you haven't.
Take the data to Sully or to Baruti, who is at the outdoor seating area by your apartment.

Finding Hanna

You can get a map of the tower things from Crow Boy.

The first hatch we need is just to the left of the EYE HQ, collect the key.
The next is straight ahead and to the left of your apartment, collect the key head.
Now go back to the hatch by Queenie's boat.
Take the blue head off the handle and put the yellow head onto it.
Use the yellow key to open the hatch and go inside.

Try talking to the girl.

Go downriver and there's a derelict tower on your left with an EYE operative across from it.
Activate the adbot when it gets in front of you, and ask for the full pitch.
With the view obscured, reattach the blue keyhead to open the hatch and go inside.

Examine the stuff around Fort Hanna, and take the picture on the wall.
Return with it to the girl.
Show her the picture.
Look around in the boxes for the pink key head.

The tower we need is at the very end of the river, but the opposite side from the Hand.
Put the pink key head on the handle and enter the hatch.
Look inside the pipe and speak to Hanna.

Return to Queenie, and then we can continue with Data Theft.

Go Home.


We start in the Rooster and Kitten. Ulvic will interrupt you on your way out the door.

Find Anna

Head north from the pub and then left at the fountain.
Go straightish until the large stone staircase to your right, take it and go left.
Continue up past the steps and into a clearing with benches to your left. Anna is next to the fence.

Warn the Mole

You have to take the route by the docks since the other way is blocked.

Find the Azadi Officer

Go straight from the Mole's basement and it's just ahead to the right – there's a soldier outside.

Create a Diversion

Talk to Bip, who is on the fountain in the center of the Magic Market.
Speak to the Sand-witch, she has a stall to the left, and ask for a sand-witch.
When she's distracted, try to grab the chemicals.
Get Bip to help.
When she's distracted, direct Bip to the chemicals.

With sand-witch in hand, return to Bip, who is at a picnic table across the way on the right.
Glowy balls – toad testes and sun essence.
Fire powder – crimson crumb and Irhadi ash.
Put fire powder in waxed paper tube, followed by the glow-balls.
Give Bip the fireflower. You may also give him the and-witch if you like.

Head towards the house with the Azadi officer, and Bip will follow.
When nearby, direct Bip to the guard, and he will launch the firework.
Enter and decide what to do with the officer.

After a few cutscenes, it's time to return to Stark.

Propast, Zoe's Apartment

Put on the Dreamer.

Check in with Baruti or Reza about the Data

This is dependent on your previous choices.

If you gave the data to the hand, go there.

If you gave the data to Baruti, go to the Campain HQ.
To get there, turn right at the fountain in front of the Hand.
Hike a left, another left, and then turn right and go inside.

Follow Nela

Follow her and then run when prompted.

Book Three: Realms

We start this book as Saga, a few years older than before.

Interlude II

Go see Papa.

There are two drawings in the kitchen.
One is under the folded over part of the tea tray. You have to look at the drawing before you can lift the side up to get it.
The second is across from the tea tray, on the high shelf. You have to have Papa help, but he's busy; so you might as well collect this one last.

In the dining room there are two drawings.
One is on a dining chair, and the other is on top of the cupboard next to the guitar.

In the play room, we have one drawing.
It's on the wall by the door to the foyer, to the right of Mama's portrait.

From the foyer, head upstairs.
To your right is a light switch. Turn it on and find a drawing on top of some boxes.

The remaining drawings are in the bedroom.
Close the door to get the one on the back of it.
The next is in the dollhouse.
There is a drawing in the music box, but you need the key to open it. To get the key, close the dollhouse and grab it.

Tell Papa you collected all the drawings.

Now you have to put them up in your room, the order is as follows:
The White Dragon
The Big City
The First Shift
The Rolling Man
An Ancient Evil
The Stone Disc
White Dragon Reborn
Among the stars


We begin with a conversation between Likho or Enu.

Go straight, right, and right to get to the Rooster and Kitten.

Get the Mechanic's Tools

To incapacitate the maintenance worker, we need fetch a special herb.
Leaving the pub, go left twice.
Under the arch, there's a house on the right.
Examine the sleeping goats at the left of the house and grab the Evensong herb.

Go back to the Rooster and Kitten and give the Evensong to Ulvic.
Open the toolbox and take the pipe tool and the maintenance map.

Investigate the Pipes

There is an access panel to the right and behind the house where we found the sleeping goats.
There is another access panel straight across, at the end of the lane.

Go to the harbor.
To the right, there's a boarded up gate that used to lead to the ghetto. Nearby are crates with pipe sections in them.
Grab one curved pipe and one straight pipe.

Insert the curved section into the access point at the end of the lane.
Pick up the metal sphere.
Follow the pipe back and eavesdrop on the guards.

Catching a Rat

The rats are to the left, back towards the fountain north of the pub. You'll be interrupted by Bip.
There are two ways to do this, GarinaRayne for the tip!
Note: before advancing, now is your last chance to return the tools. Take them yourself or give them to Bip.

Set down the pipe section.
Examine the cheese-and-meats plate on the table and grab some cheese.
Put the cheese at the end of the pipe and grab a rat when they go for it.


Grab some Evensong.
Combine it with the cheese.
Set down the cheese and grab the rat that falls asleep.

Put the rat in the access panel next to the goat house.
Enter the building that was previously being blocked by guards.

Go down the stairs to the right and confront the engineer.


We begin in Zoë's Apartment.
Stir the food twice and then put it on the plate on the coffee table.
Sit down on the couch and then eat.

Walk straight and to the right, to open the cabinet.
Jiggle the fuel cell.

Replacement Fuel Cell

Follow the arrow after talking with the bot, and go inside Pandemonium.
Talk to Mira.
Grab a fuel cell from the box to the left of the Jukebox.

Go back to your apartment and plug in the fuel cell, after a brief visit with Queenie.

Examine and use the dreamer.
After the dream, dodge or distract.

The Underground

Follow Hanna.
Walk through the second gate and then pull down the lever.
Follow Hanna.

When you start beeping, examine and open the box.
Examine the pin.

To the right, pass through two gates and turn left.
Down on the right, past the gate, is an access point.

Follow Hanna to the warehouse.

Mr. London's Warehouse

Straight ahead, turn right and then right again.
Walk straight, go left at the end, and then right twice to the area with the bots and scanner.
Interact with kidbot/shitbot.

Leave this area by going left twice and right twice.
To your left, just ahead, will be illuminated boxes.
Grab the bot personality chips.
Put the stealth chip into shitbot/kidbot.

Now go back to where the first guard is across from the entrance.
Direct stealthbot to move a large crate near the men guarding Mr. London.

Walk ahead and into the aisle that's now unguarded.
Grab the catcherbot module on the left.
Put the haulbot chip in kidbot/shitbot and direct it to move the heavy crate near where the guard was standing.
Take the illegal dreamer from inside.

Behind you there are several document boxes.
We need Penning, which can be found in the second column from the left, on the bottom row.

Take the antimatter device to the scanner where we found shitbot/kidbot and scan it.

Put the catcherbot module in our bot friend.
Head to the right and then left, where the guy is tied to a chair.
Direct catcherbot to the guy so it can catch the ball.

Direct catcherbot, with the ball, to the alarm at the exist.
We will remember you.


In the Journeyman, Crow is in a nest on top of the bar.
After talking direct him to the chandelier on the right where the door handle is.
Put the handle on the door and go outside.

Finding the Rebels

Go to the Rooster and Kitten and talk to Ulvic about Rebels.
To get there, you're basically just going to keep following the path ahead more or less straight and then turn right at the fountain.

Leave the tavern, and after talking to crow, go left twice.
Continue straightish along the path until you come to the open gate.
Take the right before the gate, with a cart on the left and an Elgwan on the right.
Knock on the door across from you, once inside the Smithy Green.

Board the Airship to the Prison Camp

At the enclave, talk or don't talk to whomever you like, and then board the boat to Marcuria.

Once in Marcuria, walk over near enough the guards by the gate to hear them talking.
One will walk away. Stealth takedown the one that stays when he turns his back.
Pull the lever to raise the portcullis.
After speaking to Anna/Alayna, go through the door.
Sneak behind the guard and take him out.
Ring the bell on the platform.
Take Likho or leave him behind.

Book Four: Revelations


After the conversation with Shepherd and Enu, you can look around and talk to people.

Crow is where Likho normally stands, talk to him about April.
Observe or interrupt Jakai as he acts suspiciously in Kian's room.
Go to the library which is the farthest area to the left in the hall with the bedrooms, going from the main hall.

Talk to Enu and then talk to General Formerly Blind Bob, who has the key to Abnaxus' Abode.
Talk to Shepherd.
Get on the boat for Marcuria.

Abnaxus' Abode

If Ulvic wasn't arrested, you can stop and talk to him on the way, possibly warning him about Jakai.

To get to the abode, go straight from the docks and left at the fountain.
Turn left at the end of the crumbling stone wall to your left and go down the stairs to your left.

Talk to Onor Hileriss, exhaust all options.
Get Crow to fly at Hileriss.
Tell Hileress Crow is at the wagon.
Have Crow fly to the wagon.

Use the key to go inside.
Interact with the book on the table and get interrupted by Brian.
There are three notes downstairs and one upstairs by the bottom right corner of the bed (it can be tricky to find it).

Give Brian the notes.
Pick up the fallen note and give it to Brian.
Take the map off the wall.

Find the Fingerlings

Follow crow.
Go behind the green puppet theater on your right and speak to Roper.
Watch the show.
Talk to Crow.

On the Cloudship

If Likho is with you, talk to him or sleep. If he is not, watch the small scene.


Begin by getting thrown off your Elgwan and talking to Crow and then Ben.

Follow the path until you get to the house.
Clear the weeds and knock.
Talk, and then use your dreamer mind ability.

When the house monster attacks, use the dreamer ability with the hand, taking off the door.
Close enough for the hourglass reticle to pop up, use it, and then reach for the heart stone when close enough.

The Yaga's Lair

Keep walking toward the glowing purple stone until you meet Baba Yaga.
Decide what you will give the sisters.

Return to Ben.

Ge'en - The Prison Camp

Walk toward the giant headless statue to the right, just to the right of it, you can climb a wall with a bunch of visible handholds.
Examine it, grab the first outcropping, and continue upwards.

Go to the far side of the statue and climb the vines.
Jump to the walkway when you reach the end of the fingers.

Go past the guards with the farglass and jump to a ruined tower.
From the ruined tower, you can see the door down the stairs. When a guard comes out of the door, observe him using a code panel on the wall.

Shimmy on the ledge to return to the two guards keeping watch and take the farglass.
Head back and use the farglass to observe the guard entering the code.
The code is BR, TR, BL, BR, TR.

Ge'en Tower

There are several doors, the one we need is the Office of Scientific Progress.

When the guard comes out, his key will get stuck. Knock over a brazier to draw his attention away.
Take the keys he left behind, open the door, and then return the keys.

Inside the Science wing, look around as you like. Our objective is the desk.
Open the middle drawer and remove it. Unlock the bottom drawer, and open it.
Take the head and put it on the statue in front of the desk.
Rotate it to the right three times.

When she gets ready to shoot, turn the statue to the left to drop her into the pit of bodies.


Walk forward until a scene plays, showing you the long-sought Purple Mountains.

Continue on, going left at the first intersection and right at the second.
Slowly approach the Oular and then speak to him.

Go straight, turn right twice, and then reach for the ladder.

Talk to Abnaxus.
Use the soul-stone on Lux.

It's time to wake up, for real this time.

Interlude III

Dad's glasses are right in front of you on top of a book on the table. Pick them up and put them on.

The first ward is on the ceiling of the room we're in. Touch the photograph, the window, and the scratches on the floor.
The second ward is in the brick wall behind the door between the dining room and kitchen. Touch the drawing, the suitcase, and the trowel.
The final ward is in your bedroom, in the picture of you, to the right of your bed. Touch the rocket ship, the unfinished painting, and the schoolbooks.

Use the locket in your inventory.
Enter the shift.

Book Five: Redux


Interact with the bed to go back to sleep and be woken up by someone familiar.

Talk to Wonkers twice, he doesn't sound right.

There are seven different lines when you click on the display to the left of the bed.

Interact with the card on the flowers until you can grab it.
Do the same with the family photo, the picture of you and Reza, and the graduation photo.
Take a closer look at each of the items in your inventory.

Speak to Wonkers.

Go around the room, everything should turn white as you approach.
Look at the window behind the television.
Exit through the door behind the bed.

Go down the hall.

Ge'en Again

Decide what to do about the Sister, and how you feel about General Hami.

Rebels Gathered at Rooster and Kitten

Talk to everyone you wish, and then a short conversation with Anna/Alayna before we leave.

Find your way into the Tower

Go left and left from the pub, and make a right to the large stone stairs where a crowd, headed up by Onor Hileriss, is gathered.

Talk to Crow, who is caged atop a pyre.
Grab the flagon on the table to your left.
Note: You can fill the flagon with water from the birdbath and then drink it. No real purpose, but good for a laugh.

Go to the wine merchant, and ask for a taste of any wine.
Take the tasting cup and replace it with the empty flagon.
Now get another taste of wine.
Pour the wine on the kindling in front of the pyre.

Grab the pitchfork in the haystack to the left of the table where the flagon was.

The Journeyman

Go behind the bar and to the right.
Examine the boards and then kick them.
Walk to the end of the cellar.
The order of the notes is: High, Medium, High, Low.

Walk back to the previous room and examine the lantern to the left, and grab it.
Use the egg on the hole.
Order of the glyphs is: Right, Middle, Right, Left.

Row, row, row your boat, merrily down the stream.

The Tower

Make your way towards Roper, pulling the lever to lower the raised section.

Sneak up behind him and grab him.
When he goes to stab you, punch him.

Pull the lever on the right to speak with Ferdow.
Put the machine in manual mode by pressing the middle of the three red buttons on the console to the left of the one with the speaking tube.

Talk to Crow.
Direct him to the panel directly opposite him, on the far wall.

Go to the right, and pull the lever.

Jiva Lab

Go down the hallway and to the right.
Check out the incubation pods, and then the message on top of the scanner.
Use the access panel and go through the door.

Go to the right, the access panel is locked.
Turn around and go to the right, avoiding the guard.
Examine the dead body and take his ID before heading back to the locked panel for Sequencing.

Use the access panel across from you.
Close the door and go to the right.
Use the access panel to enter the Control Room.

Dream Monastery

Read the journal.
Leave the chambers and go left, right, and left.


Go to the end of the platform, towards the fire.

Interlude IV

The rope is hanging on the hooks by the door.
The spatula is in the kitchen, on the stove.
The elixir would be among the potions on the side of the kitchen towards the dining room, but it's empty.

Open the compendium, which is the book on the left.
Blood-bog blossoms are on the dining room table.
The void oak leaves are on the nightstand in your bedroom.
The strong liquor is a bottle of baiju in the living room/library, on the wall by the front door, left side.

Put the items in the flask at the potion station, first the alcohol, then the leaves, and then the blossoms.
Grab the flask after the poof.

Collect the sledgehammer from in front of the stairs and to the left of the toys, by the front door.
Use sledge hammer on the brick wall between kitchen and dining room.

Get out of this place

Turn around and go to the end.
To your right, there's a gap, interact with it.
Against the wall, on the right, is a Torque Modulator.
Put the spatula in the modulator and pull it down.
Go through the gap.

Go right and follow the path.
Go to the right, and at the end, attach the rope to the railing, and then climb down.
Use the elixir on Kian.

The Longest Journey

Follow crow to each of the memories.

Escape the pod

Look at vortex.
Look at the Reality Distortion on the ceiling.
Use your hand power on the pod console.
Use your mind power on Helena.
Use your hand power on the pod console.
Use your hand power on the glass casing Helena is walking towards.

Get to the Prophet

Go to the left and pull the lever at the end.
Proceed forward and shimmy along the walkway.
Go forward and grab the chain to your left to go up.

Go to the left and dodge Klack's projectiles.
Climb the coupling on end opposite Roper's voice.
Take the Spear of Gorimon.

Control Room

Use all of your dreamer powers on Brian.

Rebel Enclave for the Last Time

Go to the main hall.
Examine the memorials.
Speak to Shepherd/Likho.

Epilogue: Those Who Walk Between Worlds

Activate the fireplace.
Go to the chair.
Open the window.
Sit in the chair.

The END, of the Game.

Thank you for traveling with me on this very long journey.