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by AdvsInfinity

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AdvsInfinity

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 03/28/16

Copyright Information

Exclaimer: I do not own any property of the game, and the views and beliefs expressed in-game do not necessarily represent my own. Nor do any of the views and beliefs I express in this guide reflect those in the game

This text document is Copyrighted under me, Thomas A Halter Jr. This document cannot be rerecorded or hosted anywhere without my consent. I have given my consent to host my document to: Gamefaqs.com. As of the posting of this FAQ I do not wish to have my FAQ hosted outside GameFaqs or otherwise outside the GameSpot network. Any reproduction without my consent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in any case of copyright violation.

Any characters, licenses, and/or software and other copyrighted objects are copyright under their respective owners and entities. Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void and its associated characters are property of Blizzard Entertainment and it's respective entities.

Version History

Version 0.10 12-07-2015

  • Initial Walkthrough Outline created
  • Gamefaqs Markup mechanics implemented
  • Copyright information created
  • Table of Contents created
  • Version History created
  • Author's Note created
  • Intro created
  • Multiplayer changes
  • Walkthrough created (Up to but not yet including Temple of Unification)
  • Protoss Tricks/Terminology created
  • credits Added
  • The rest of the missions and achievement list have yet to be added

Version 1.00 12-17-2015

  • Remaining missions added
  • Achievement List added
  • Formatting corrections

Version 1.10 3-27-2016

  • Proofread, some grammatical errors and typos fixed
  • Video examples embedded for each mission

Author's Note

Now I also run my own Youtube channel where I do let's plays in a walkthrough/commentary format! If you want to see a lot of these strategies in video form I'll be going through the Legacy of the Void campaign there! The channel is Adventure's Infinity at the url: youtube.com/AdventuresInfinity.

I purchased a copy of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void on the U.S. release date of 11/10/15, and I played the campaign mode and wrote the guide as I developed methods for beating Brutal and the Mastery achievements. The purpose of this is to provide a walkthrough that does not spoil the events ahead of the text, provided the reader doesn't skip ahead missions.

That being the case I will most certainly miss hidden collectibles, easter eggs, or other valuables throughout the first iterations of this walkthrough. I would be absolutely ELATED for the GameFaqs community to help fill in the gaps and I will of course be abiding to GameFaqs's golden rule of giving credit to my help. Simply send me an e-mail at Taenju@hotmail.com to give me the information you wish to provide. The only caveat to this is I will not include creative content that I cannot credit to someone. So if you are giving me a suggestion for a strategy for a mission or challenge please give me a GameFaqs username I can credit or the content will NOT be added to the game.

As far as my experience with Starcraft goes, in order to give a background to my validity writing this walkthrough, I have played Starcraft I casually for a couple years before getting Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and playing competitively for the first time alongside the campaigns. For those of you that are curious as to my skill level, I have practiced up to a Silver level 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 as well as a Gold level 4v4 primarily playing as either Terran or Random (This is current as of the first week after Legacy of the Void's release). Now to argue for my walkthrough before everyone dismisses the lowly silver player, I have beaten the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm Campaigns fully on Brutal Difficulty and I definitely think it takes a different capacity to overcome campaign challenges than it does to be proficient at multiplayer. If you wish to see my profile in game I go under the username "AdvsInfinity" where you can see my rankings and campaign achievements.

I will be writing this walkthrough at this time of me being a Silver player and I will be providing strategies for Brutal difficulty to ensure that my walkthrough will apply to a reasonable amount of skill without having to be a Platinum or Diamond level Starcrafter. Starcraft II campaign or not you still need to understand basic strategic concepts like the build order, macro, micro, and planning but when going through the campaign it is more of using the tools available to you to overcome a challenging problem whereas in Multiplayer it is much more about strategies and counter-strategies. The walkthrough will be written with all of this in mind and this is the background that's going to inform the in-game decisions like upgrades and progression.

This is going to be my ninth guide as well as my seventeenth contribution to GameFaqs overall, including reviews.

For those of who interested on what other guides I've written they are Dark Void, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Aliens Vs Predator (2010), and Dante's Inferno (my FotM winner). I also won't go over all of the game's mechanics because that would end up being half the guide, though I will mention multiplayer changes and Protoss tips & tricks. If you want a full explanations of all the game's systems go to the in-game tutorial section as they give a pretty comprehensive overview of the bare mechanics much better than I ever could in text format. To access this tutorial click "Menu," (which, at the time of writing this was in the bottom right corner) and then select "Help," you should be brought to a screen with various help functions and at the top is a button labeled "Launch Tutorial" and that will bring you to the main video tutorial menu.

Now one thing to keep in mind for my walkthrough is that I will be primarily focusing on strategies and methods that succeeded in getting me either the Brutal difficulty completion or Hard difficulty Mastery achievement. You can also obviously apply these methods to beat each mission at lower difficulties if you wish, just keep in mind that because you might be doing that some of the things I suggest may seem like they are overcompensating/overkill for the challenges you'll face.

Protoss Gameplay tricks/Terminology

Protoss Tricks

Feel free to suggest other tricks that make gameplay easier!

Defensive Blink Micro

Useful regardless what mode your playing, this trick mostly concerns Stalkers as the main unit though it can apply to anything with the "Blink" ability or any teleportation ability similar to it.

First in a situation where you have a lot of Blink units and you're going up against forces that could kill part of your army you can actually do some simple micro to preserve your forces and take on odds Stalkers or other units couldn't handle if just attack-moved and left alone

Attack your units into the force you're trying to overcome and then pay attention to your army's health bars.

Depending on the situation, wait until the first few units taking damage loose all their shields or are about to die.

Select the specific units that are under attack either individually or by band-boxing (dragging the selection box) over them and then blink them to the back of the army

Most of the time this should result in low shield/health units going to the back of the group and then immediately running back in to shoot at enemies that are now focused on new fresh targets in the front

Repeat until the fight is over or you decide to retreat.

This will often finish fights much more quickly as well as preserve your fighting force so you can immediately get back into the fight and keep pushing forward, eliminating the usual downtime of re-supplementing your forces.

Blink Train

A convenient traversal mechanic though it's usefulness doesn't appear often. Often when trying to blink armies across a threshold can prove problematic with parts of the army not making it across, then you have to wait for the cooldown to expire to attempt the blink again to unite your forces. A shift-queueing of certain orders can fix this if you have the dexterity to pull of this mildly tricky sequence.

First have your army some distance away from the chasm/threshold your trying to cross your large army through, however much space you need to set up the entire sequence.

Order a move command to the first side of the threshold, now you have to set up the rest of the sequence before the army arrives.

Hold shift and keep holding it through the next steps.

Select Blink (preferably through the hotkey, B usually) and target the other side of the threshold. For simplicity's sake don't target outside of the usual blink's casting range from the first move command target though this should still work regardless.

Give another move command past the Blink target spot, giving enough room ahead for the entire army to stand.

Release shift. What you should be left with now is your army going in an orderly line going to the first move target, blinking to the blink target on the other end of the threshold, and then moving out of the way for the rest of the army.

A tricky move but one that can save valuable time, this can even be used to scale cliffs with large armies as well as the usual bottomless pit or wall obstacles.

Move it, Mr. Archon

Something that comes in use for a couple situations, namely when you're trying to make Archons on the run or even when you're trying to get through forcefields. This is also much simpler than the blink train and is more of a single trick than a complex sequence.

For making Archons on the run, keep in mind that Archons that are forming can still be moved by your army, so move your templars to the front of your forces and start forming the Archon, then your forces can push the ball of gas. To make this easier keep ordering the move command consistently shortly ahead of the archon, then resume moving your army as normal when he finishes.

And for getting through force-fields, another thing to keep in mind about the Archon is he does, in fact, have the "Massive" tag amongst his modifiers, just like Ultralisks, Brood Lords, Thors, Battlecruisers, Tempests, Carriers, Colossi, Motherships, etc, etc. This means when he "steps" on a forcefield (or in this case floats through it) he will dispel it, and this includes when he's still forming.

So if you get force-fielded and you just have to get through immediately, and have a couple templars ready, you're in luck! Start forming the Archon and then, just like the last trick, shove him with your army into the force fields, causing them to break and your army can continue fighting through.

Charging your Lasers: Void Rays

Note: this is more for the Legacy of the Void campaign, Multiplayer Void rays still use the adjusted ability that you just use on-command for anti-armor damage.

Since campaign Void Rays get increased damage (amongst other things) when they continuously attack, one simple thing you can do is have void rays attack something like rocks or a building out on its own in order to give them time to "Charge Up" their lasers before having them go in and actually attack units and give them an advantage

This can even be used on your own high-shield units like the Archon, or even your own buildings to prepare for an attack wave for instance. Just keep in mind not to accidentally kill the target you choose if you own it...

You Missed Me!

One thing about the game's mechanics that is more easily abused by the Protoss than others, though things like Burrow and transport units can still make this happen.

The thing about how the game works in this sense has to do with ranges attacks that have a visible "bullet," the types of things that the Terran Raven's Point Defense Drone can protect against. The thing about these attacks is if the target is no longer visible or is... I guess "placed" in another location such as with teleporting or getting picked up in a transport vehicle, when the attack is still flying through the air: then the attack will become "detached" from the target and fly to where the target was but not inflict the damage.

You can take advantage of this, though it's tricky, with Blink. It can be done with other things like, again, transport vehicles and cloaking abilities, but it's most easily done with Blink and slow-moving projectiles like Stalker shots. Blink when the attack is moving through the air to "detach" the shot.

This might interrupt the attack pattern of your unit, and to be completely honest this trick isn't that useful except for situations with extremely few units involved, but it can help if you have the time and energy for it. In a situation where it's say, 1 versus 1 stalker, if one detaches the other's shots then that one will win.


Supply Blocked/Capped: This happens when you reach your supply limit for your Army and is generally something you need to avoid unless you're at the ceiling of 200 supply.

Drops: Usually referring to a tactic involving a unit that can transport other units, for Zerg that's the Overlord with the transport upgrade, Protoss it's the Warp Prism, and for Terran the Medivac. For example if I'm saying to destroy a target with "Roach Drops" I'm referring to transporting roaches to a location with overlords and dropping them at an advantageous location.

Macro: An overarching term referring to economy, production and base-building. To have good Macro is to be gathering a greater amount of resources, consistently improving your base, and being able to consistently develop attacking units.

Micro: Another overarching term referring to the ability to control units during a confrontation to provide an advantage over allowing the computer to handle the action through a process like Attack-moving. To Micro well is to kite melee units with ranged, to move your army mid-fight to have a more advantageous confrontation or backing weakened units out temporarily to win more decisively. One example of this is using, say, a Hydralisk to attack a Zealot and moving the Hydralisk back after each shot so the Zealot can never get into melee range and he can kill the Zealot (This specific form of micro is referred to "Kiting" the Zealot). Micro can save units and let you win fights that you wouldn't win if you simply had the unit A.I. auto-attacking for you.

Shift-queue: The idea of giving a unit a series of commands, so instead of having to tell a unit to move, then have them do what you wanted to do, then going back to control them afterwards you can simply give them all those commands by holding the "Shift" key and lining up all of the commands. This is important in several ways, like giving scouting workers or zerglings a list of places to check, telling SCV's to build something then immediately go back to the mineral line, telling one probe to warp in multiple buildings and then focus on something else. It is a worthwhile technique to include in your regular play.

Control Group: A functionality in Starcraft II that allows you to save a selection of units or structures to a number key on your keyboard and recall that selection by pressing that number. A very crucial tool for players that have learned the fundamentals of Starcraft two along with Hotkeys, you create a control group by selecting units or structures (let's use a few roaches for an example) and pressing ctrl-# where the # is a number key on your keyboard (let's say ctrl-1) and then you can go do something else, like using a Queen to spawn larvae, and then press the number key you used (1 in the example) to automatically re-select all the units you had in that control group (the roaches we selected earlier)

Hotkeys: This is another functionality in the game where every building, ability, or unit has a "hotkey" associated to it. One example of this is the hotkey for "Zergling" is "Z", so instead of having a larvae selected and clicking the Zergling icon on the bottom right you can have the larvae selected and press "Z" on your keyboard. Using hotkeys for making units, structures, and using abilities is generally accepted as simply the faster way to produce units and structures and combined with control groups are essential to extremely fast play.

Saturation: Refers to the level of workers at a base, "Full saturation" of a base usually means that each gas geyser and mineral node has at least 3 workers harvesting, essentially meaning that particular base is running at peak efficiency before adding more workers would start giving substantially diminishing returns. "Over saturation" is another term used for when there are far more than 3 workers per resource node at a base, and is usually a very inefficient way to use workers. In Heart of the Swarm a counter is displayed overlaying the base to show saturation as a faction, i.e. 13/24 would be 13 workers at a base that would need 24 workers to be considered "Fully saturated."

Surround: Mostly referring to Zerg (more specifically Zerglings), but is a concept that applies to every melee unit practically, is the ability to get "the Surround" or a full saturation of your melee units around an opposing army. This is the goal for the most efficient melee damage without having, say, 20 zerglings running around the confrontation trying to find an opening to run in and attack.

Concave: Similar to "The Surround" but applies more to everybody and their ranged units, "The Concave" refers to having your units having enemy units surrounded in a small arc. In contrast, the units that are being hit by a good "Concave" are caught in the inverse "Convex" although it is more accepted to refer to the team with the advantage having a good "Concave" rather than refer to the team with the disadvantage being caught in a "Convex." Generally speaking, if two equal teams of units were to be caught in this situation, the side that is in the "Concave" formation will come out on top.

Proxy: A "Proxy" refers to building a structure more nearby to your opponent as opposed to building that structure within the pseudo safety of your own base. Applies more towards Protoss and then Terran, one common "Proxy" strategy you will see will be in multiplayer where Protoss players build a "Proxy Pylon" near an enemy base so they can warp in units at that pylon rather than build them at his own base and have to run all the way across the base. It is also common to see strategies like a proxy Barracks to build units right at the enemy's doorstep.

Scouting: In Starcraft "Scouting" is used as a generalized term for the information you have on an enemy's base. Good scouting means you saw the opponent's buildings or units. Typically in multiplayer matches it is common to send a "Scouting Worker" early in the match to get scouting information on your opponent.

Macro-Hatch: For Zerg play specifically, a Macro-Hatch is a second Hatchery built nearby to another functioning base (usually the first base) who's purpose is purely to provide more Larvae with which to make more units more quickly.

Studderstep: Applies mainly to ranged units, most commonly Terran Marine/Marauder groups: it is the idea of micro'ing so that the units will fire a ranged attack, step forward during the time you would have to wait to fire again, and firing again. Doing this well repeatedly allows an army to move, even slowly, without suffering a serious hit to their damage output. Again this is most common for Marine/Marauder groups due to their high rate of fire allowing a reliable damage rate while moving.

Multiplayer Changes from Heart of the Swarm

Note: Take heed that these changes are current as of 11/16/2015, and are subject to change by Blizzard balance patches. If there has been a recent patch this list may not accurately reflect all of the units described.

Many changes were implemented to the existing Heart of the Swarm structure, and anyone who wants to play competitively and played Heart of the Swarm to any degree will want to note these changes:

  • Game Speed Altered to match that of real time. Before standard "Faster" setting of matches meant that game time was slightly faster that real time.
  • Starting worker count increased from 6 to 12, base structure supply contribution increased accordingly.
  • Vespene Geyser have reduced gas. Half of the mineral patches at each base have reduced minerals. This combined with more starting workers provide for matches that have a shorter time to "Get up to speed."
  • New Unit: The Adept. Can be made with only a gateway much like the Zealot. Has a range of 4, just like Zerg Roaches. Anti-ground ranged infantry with bonus damage to light targets. Can used the ability "Psionic Transfer" to send out a shade. The shade can be moved independently and is invulnerable with timed life. When the shade times out the Adept teleports to the shade's location. The upgrade "Resonating Glaives" can be researched from the Twilight Council for 45% increased attack speed.
  • The Warp Prism can now pick up units from some distance away, moreso simulating "warping" units to and fro.
  • New Unit: The Disruptor. Made from Robotics Facility. Has the Purification Nova ability which shoots a ball of energy over 2 seconds, dealing massive splash damage and extra damage to shields at the target location. Good versus clumped units with low health, much like Psionic Storm from the High Templar and just like that ability is also one of the only Protoss abilities that will deal damage to friendly targets (except other disruptors). Moves slightly faster than a non-speed zergling.
  • The Colossus had its extended thermal lance upgrade range reduced. It went from 9 to 8, a drop of 11.11~%.
  • The Oracle had it's Revelation and Envision abilities merged to the latter and can now cast Stasis Ward, a trap that temporarily puts enemies in stasis and unable to attack or be attacked or be enhanced/hindered while under its 21 second effect.
  • The Protoss Carrier gained the Release Interceptors ability, launching them to a target location with timed life.
  • Immortals no longer reduce damage to their shields to 10, and instead have an activated Barrier ability that absorbs up to 200 damage for up to 2 seconds.
  • The Tempest now moves slightly faster and has the Disintigration ability, dealing massive damage and preventing the target from healing/repairing for a time
  • New Unit: The Ravager. Morphed from roach. Can use the ability Corrosive Bile to launch a projectile into the air that falls onto the target location about 2 and a half seconds later for massive damage. This shot can destroy force fields and hits both ground and air targets. Can be upgraded to increase the range of the ability from 9 to 13, it's regular ranged attack has a range of 6.
  • New Unit: The Lurker. Morphed from the Hydralisk after the Hydralisk den has been morphed into a Lurker Den. Can only attack when burrowed. When they are burrowed they shoot spines up out of the ground in a straight line through the target doing a form of splash damage.
  • The Corruptor no longer has the corruption ability, instead now having Caustic spray which deals 7 damage per second to the target for a little over 4 seconds before that damage jumps up to 35 damage per second making it suitable for building removal.
  • The ventral sacs upgrade for Overlords is now morphed on each Overlord individually and is no longer a global upgrade. It costs 25 minerals and 25 vespene gas.
  • Nydus Worms no longer take damage until they actually unburrow.
  • Brood Lords no longer have the Frenzied ability like Ultralisks, which prevented them from being stunned or having their movement altered. Their range was increased to 11.
  • Swarm Hosts can now spawn locusts while un-burrowed, but it must be activated manually now and the cooldown has been extended. Locusts can be upgraded to fly over terrain and then "Swoop" down onto their targets.
  • New Unit: The Liberator. Much like the Valkyrie in Starcraft 1 Brood War, it is an air unit with anti-air splash damage. Can be deployed into a "Defender Mode" which functions much like a siege tank without the splash damage, dealing heavy single-target damage to ground targets and the Liberator cannot move while in this mode. Advanced ballistics can be researched from the Fusion Core to increase the range of Defender mode by 4.
  • New Unit: The Cyclone. Extremely fast ground mech made out of the Factory. Can use the "Lock On" ability to deal 400 damage over a little over 14 seconds time. The Cyclone must get to a range of 6 to activate lock on (it's regular attack has a range of 5) but after activation the Cyclone can move while channeling and can go up to a range of 9 before the ability cancels. The Targeting Optics ability can increase this range from 6-9 to 12-15.
  • Siege tank can now be loaded into a medivac while in siege mode, but it will take up all 8 slots just like a Thor. After being dropped in siege mode it will fire after a short delay.
  • The Thor abilities High Impact Payload and Explosive Payload it received in Heart of the Swarm have been removed, and now only has it's standard splash damage anti-air attack.


If it isn't already obvious, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is dual parts expansion and sequel to Wings of Liberty/Heart of the Swarm and this walkthrough is going to be written informed by the previous plots. Obviously if you don't want spoilers to the Wings or Hearts campaigns... well... you're an expansion or two too far ahead, play Wings/Hearts first, they're awesome games!

Here's going to be where we pick up the plot left behind by Hearts, you have been warned:

We left Kerrigan after she got her vengeance on Valerian Mengsk, and now she turns her gaze to the incoming Amon threat. With Zeratul having verified that both the Terran and the Zerg have played their part in preventing the destruction to come, he now rushes back to the Protoss in an attempt to get them ready. The only problem is they are distracted by the campaign to take back their homeworld of Aiur, and he knows there is little time before the entire Koprulu sector must rally together to stand against Amon...

Campaign Walkthrough

So now it's finally time for the part most people will probably skip right down to, the walkthrough. I will be including primarily collectible locations and base normal/hard strategies to begin with and then I will work on adding Brutal difficulty strategies and Achievement guides immediately after. If I missed anything that you've found please e-mail me at Taenju@hotmail.com and it will be updated, I will not accept anonymous contributions for creative tips and strategies so please include your GameFaqs username so that I may properly credit you.

Prologue 1. Dark Whispers

The beginning of a 3-part prologue for the Legacy of the Void campaign and can be seen as it's introduction. However, keep in mind that these missions are actually sit on a end-game level as far as the difficulty curve, it's almost like it's expected that you know how to play the game by now after 2 campaigns. On the other hand there are no Mastery achievements this time around, so you can just finish the game on Brutal and then bump down to Normal for the achievements. Despite that though I will advise on how to get achievements while still playing on Brutal for those interested. Just something to keep in mind.


  • Free First Captive Protoss
  • Station Reactor Must Survive

Bonus Objectives:

  • Destroy Pylon Containment Units (0/2)


Dark Whispers: Complete the "Dark Whispers" mission in the Whispers of Oblivion Campaign.

Massive Aggressive: Destroy 30 Zerg units during the "Dark Whispers" mission.

World of Warpcraft: Destroy 6 Terran units as they are warped in during the "Dark Whispers" mission on Normal Difficulty.


Brutal Strategy:

Now like I mentioned above, this is a weird set of missions set in an end-game like difficulty curve, but this first mission has an equally weird set of unlocks. You can't make a twilight council but you can make templar archives and a Dark Shrine.

As for the actual strategy, we have chrono boost but we're not really going to use that much at first, and when we do it's going to be on gateways or a robotics bay. To begin with, start powering probes, immediately transform the gateway into a gateway (you have warp gate pre-researched for this mission) and warp in a zealot. Then get a pylon started. Make another zealot when you're able and then transfer probes to the gas that's already set up.

Gather enough gas to make a sentry and then move your army up to the brige to the right, sitting on the right side of the bridge with zealots in front and the sentry in back. Also make a pylon on the far right side of this bridge so that it can power cannons next to the bridge but not be in the way of walking paths for large units. Keep making probes and get the protoss attack upgrade started at the forge and chrono boost it a couple times, we aren't using it for much else anyway. We're not using it for probes because we can't support making this force and getting pylons up while still chronoboosting anyway. Get the other assimilator up and harvest the other gas as soon as possible. Warp in another sentry.

You should get an attack on the right side preceded by some dialogue, the first sentry should have enough energy for guardian shield to help with the attack. It would be great if that sentry survives but if it doesn't, whatever. Make a Dark Shrine as soon as possible now.

Have a probe make a pylon opposite the other bridge one on the left side so that you have full coverage of this area but again, with a walking path. I suggest binding this particular probe to a control group and bringing him with the army now. Start warping in two more gateways. Warp in another stalker at this point and cross the path to the left after the zerg run through (should be their second run). Bring your hotkeyed probe and have your army attack the bunker while the probe sets up a pylon.

Try to have your forces stay here and not attack the next Terran force, but not so far back that you aggro the passing Zerg. Make a couple more sentries while you wait for the dark shrine to finish. Put a 3-pack of cannons on the right side of the bridge we set pylons next to. When the Dark Shrine is done, warp in 2 Dark templar and let them loose against the enemies ahead while you work on your base. By this point you should be almost full on probes and starting the armor upgrade at the base.

You can't wait around forever though. Get a Templar archives started back at home, I like behind the mineral line next to where I put the dark shrine. Now attack the rest of your army in and get a pylon set up where the second set of Terrans were (the one with several marines, a couple marauders, and a couple medics). By this point one or both of your Dark templars probably found their way up the ramp and destroyed the bunker up there, making your main assault easier. Watch out for the swarm of reapers to the left, guardian shield from the sentries helps with this. Go back to base at this point and make sure another 3 pack of cannons are started on the left side of the bridge we're guarding.

Be careful that the Dark Templars don't get themselves killed in the next room, as there is a Raven that can see them, but you may want to get rid of the bunker and/or siege tank to the right that are outside of the raven's range. Have your army probe set up another pylon in the first bunker room. Hopefully by now the Templar Archives are done, nevertheless warp in three High Templar and actually put 4 cannons, 2 on either side of the west-most forward pylon (the one that we put before the second bunker). Weird, but it will help later.

Now have one of your High Templar feedback the raven and immediately fall back. If you're able select the rest of your army attack in. Have your probe set up another forward pylon in here and get three more gateways started back at home. After the cutscene you get a few more zealots, warp in a few more if you're low, stalkers if you've got a dozen or more now including the new ones. At this point you want between half a dozen to a dozen each of stalkers and sentries, at least 5-6 High Templar, and at least a dozen zealots and if you're doing well just maintain similar proportions. Place a couple pylons in this room for supply more than anything.

Now run your High Templar into the next hallway, you'll have medics that will usually fall back into the next room, but feedback them before they can get in there. Now reinforce your army if your gateways or up, take a second to maintain your base if you need to and replace cannons that were lost back at home from the consistent base attacks. Hopefully the Templars have enough energy for Psionic Storm, but regardless, attack your army in, maybe get Guardian shield up from the sentries, and Psionic storm the warping-in Terrans, it'll hit your own zealots that are charging in but you'll kill most of them before they get shots off.

While your forces are finishing them off have a stalker on either side of the army blink to the sides of the room and collect the resources sitting around. Also have your probe put a pylon at the end of the hall... actually it could be put anywhere but that's where I like to put it. That's going to be a common theme for the rest of the mission. Put extra pylons up back at home if you need more supply but we're hoping our forward pylon probe will be enough.

I suggest saving here, provided it's been a good run.

Hopefully getting to this point hasn't taken too long, the sooner the better but I would say you want to be at this point at or before roughly the 13:30 mark. Head back to base and we have a bit to do, make a couple pylons at the left entrance of the base, enough room to make another few cannons as well as 3 more gateways and 2 robotics facilities and get those facilities on a hotkey preferably (I like using the 3 key for production).

At this point, we. need. to. MOVE! But we also need to preserve our forces as much as possible, such is the dilemma, thus the save point I suggested. Run forward and at about the point your zealots have engaged almost everybody take your stalkers and blink them down to engage the bunker, storm once or twice with your templar. Make a pylon in this room and continue both your army and the probe across the Zerg's path.

Attack down into the next area, blinking the stalkers forward to get them out of the way and have your probe start a pylon in here. You should have enough time to reinforce your army from the last pylon and run them across without being run in by Zerg. As soon as the robotics facilities finish get a couple immortals started and chronoboost them and get yourself a lot of reinforcements, having a couple dozen zealots actually helps a lot.

As soon as you get the immortals joining you from across the bridge (which is why I wanted the walking path clear) attack down into the next area blinking the stalkers ahead to the right just to get them out of the way. Feedback the thor (they gave them energy for the 330mm cannon ability but they don't use it/don't have it) and the raven if you get a chance, but it's rather squirrely. Storm the marines and if you have acceptable losses, get a nexus started here and a pylon. Keep powering as many immortals as you can muster. Attack forward to two Thors, feedback and immortals will kill them quickly then collect the resources.

This would be another good save point, we're hoping to be here around the 18:00 minute mark. Prioritize making immortals and then army, you probably won't be using all 6 gateways 100% but that's more for later when we stop making things out of the robotics facility. You want about 4 immortals with you then attack into the next area, doing an attack then stepping forward, attacking again then stepping forward until you're close enough to have the entire army attacking, you don't want guys stuck in the back without targets. Start making Colossi then chronoboosting them whenever you're able, we're going to want 3-4. Use the resources down the ramp to the right to help, and put another pylon in this hallway.

At this point, set up at least 4 turrets outside your base's left entrance, then take all but 6 probes off of minerals to transfer into the gas and minerals of the expansion, don't bother making more probes, we don't really have time for that. When you have a couple colossus (hopefully at about the 20:00 minute mark) move a High templar in to feedback the forward Raven then immediately retreat. Take your whole army and scooch up the right side, annihilating the bunker and feedback the banshee, that should immediately kill it. Start a couple more colossi to get to 3 or 4, immortals if you already have that many but after that stop producing out of the robotics facilities.

Make a pylon in here and attack into the left side of the room, feedbacking the thor and then storm any viking that takes off to shoot the colossi, retreat them if they're taking too much damage. We're hoping for 3-4 colossi and 5-6 immortals at least. If you have that, cool, start warping in templars and zealots, any more than 3-4 high templar morph into Archons upon warping in. Start dumping all of the chronoboosts from both of your bases into the warp gates.

Move forward into the next hallway and blink your stalkers forward then do the same studderstep/shoot-then-move-then-shoot pattern to get everyone on top of that tank then push into the right side with the other Pylon containment unit. Storm the warping in Terrans for easy warp-in kills for the World of Warpcraft achievement. Hopefully the first Zerg attack against the last second is either just starting or is in progress.

Warp in a couple more templars, this time make archons regardless and zealots and make your way across before the second Zerg attack against the Station Reactor segment (22-24ish minute mark, it's rather random). Step and shoot your way through the bunkers and tanks and set up a forward pylon, maybe make one wave of 6 zealots and run them across if you have time.

If you aggro the next group, cool! But step and pull them back away from the rest of the group, this is picking apart the hybrid force. Warp in more Archons and zealots and then attack and pull more back away from the pack. When the second zerg push against the Station Reactor segment happens just attack in, step and shoot in to quickly take care of the tanks and hybrid and feedback the thor as well as the raven if you get a shot. Provided enough forces survived from one altercation to another you can succeed here and finish the mission.

As for the achievements, if you've been psionic-storming the warping in Terrans that should be plenty of leeway to get Warpcraft, as for Massive Aggressive bump down to normal and play through to the second pylon containment field and then meet the Zerg force head on. That's probably the easiest way to guarantee it.

Prologue 2. Ghosts in the Fog

A much simpler mission, though still hard at the start and can take a while to complete safely.


  • Breach the Temple Entrance

Bonus Objective:

  • Destroy Rock Formations (0/3)


Ghosts in the Fog: Complete the "Ghost in the Fog" mission in the Whispers of Oblivion Campaign.

Gassed Up: Acquire 3500 vespene gas from eruption sites during the "Ghosts in the Fog" mission.

Nixed Nexus: Destroy all enemy Nexuses during the "Ghosts in the Fog" mission on Normal difficulty.


This one is much simpler, most of the hard strategy is in the start. Begin by starting a forge as close to the west ramp as possible to make the start of a wall-in as well as probes and zealots (again, you get Warp Gates pre-researched). You also get access to the void ray, which against Protoss is the counter to just about everything. Place your pylons so that you get good coverage of the ramps at least at the start.

Keep making zealots until you have 5 then attack the left geyser, pull back the first wounded zealot so he survives and then leave him at that geyser while you warp in another zealot and head to the right-side geyser. You can body-pull the zealots without the stalkers attacking, making things easier. Give time for your Void Ray to catch up each move.

Start a 3-pack of cannons on the left ramp, a Stargate, and collect all the gas from the eruption sites then gather everyone back home. The first attack should come in, wait until they engage the cannons to run the other guys in so that you preserve standing army. Now you should have enough gas for 3 void rays, so make those, chronoboost them out and spend the rest of your minerals on zealots, pylons, and probes. At some point get a couple gateways acting as wall-in on the right and a couple cannons behind them.

After the second attack from the left take your forces, we want all the void rays out at this point that we have gas for, and attack upward. At the warp prism have the void rays focus the warp prism as it will stop the warp-ins and stop the cannon. Collect from both the fissure eruptions and use the void rays to attack to the right to open up the vespene vent, pull the void ray that's taking the most heat back and leave it so that you keep them.

Go back home at this point and continue building up your forces, but use some of your gas for Air Attack from the cybernetics core and the shield upgrade from the forge (which affects all your units). Power more void rays and zealots and the next attack will come from above, again wait until they engage your buildings to attack. Replace any lost buildings then push out to the left to the next vespene vent, taking the ground path to let the zealots help. Zealots are mostly there to keep the void rays alive.

Go ahead and take from the central of the three current geyser eruption spots and then head back to build up again (maybe even troll the Tal'Darim base to the right by having the void rays snipe the pylon there). This time start the air armor upgrade from the cybernetics core and ground attacks for the zealots and power more Zealots/Void Rays.

After the next attack, this one coming from the left, attack up towards the base in the center of the map. At this point you should have enough void rays to take this encampment without much in the way of void ray losses. Once it's cleared out make a base and get a couple pylons set up and at least a couple cannons on the top side, power Void Ray/zealots and set the Stargate rally point to the new base. Transfer most of your probes to the new base, leave 3-6 to harvest the last available minerals but they should be close to running out anyway.

Once the attack happens up above cannon the bottom approach and then take your army to attack the vespene eruption sites to the northwest. Up here you'll find a carrier amongst the forces which the void rays should focus down while the zealots have things distracted. You'll likely be brought down to just void rays at this point but that's fine, clear out all the production facilities to the north and build up zealots at the expansion. Once the area is cleared bring the zealots to gather up the gas then head back to the expansion.

You should have about 16 Void Rays at this point, and the next attack will be from the bottom. This time don't send the zealots in if you even have any, but still keep making them. Have the void rays solo this one and replace any lost cannons, maintain 3 at either entrance. Get a Fleet beacon started back at home, the Ground Armor upgrade from the forge, and a second Stargate also rallied to the expansion. After the attack take all your forces (including zealots) and attack upward into the Tal'Darim base, should be easy enough if the archons and cannons are targeting zealots. After it's cleared out it's now time to build up again. Once the Fleet beacon is done alternate void rays and Tempests.

After this next attack attack towards the west taking the upper route. From here attack towards the low-ground area just to the southeast of the last vespene vent to clear out the enemy void rays and carrier, then attack to the west itself to fight another carrier and open the Vespene vent. After this you probably don't have any zealots, this is fine, attack to the south-east and clear out all the structures and enemies. You might even catch the next attack before it even comes at you.

Regardless after this attack you should have around 20 void rays and 6 Tempests, and still be powering Zealots off of 3-4 gateways. With this army attack up to the northwest. The only major thing to be careful of here is the same thing the rest of the map, other void rays and carriers. Once they're dead there's not a whole lot they can do. Make sure you get the Nexus to the left so that you get the Nixed Nexus achievement then destroy the door to finish the mission.

Prologue 3. Evil Awoken

Zeratul's in for a big surprise, then again what kind of drama would it be if we wasn't?


  • Investigate the Temple
  • Zeratul Must Survive
  • Destroy Void Catalyst
  • Escape the Temple

Bonus Objective:

  • Destroy the Particle Cannons (0/3)


Evil Awoken: Complete the "Evil Awoken" mission in the Whispers of Oblivion Campaign.

Blade of Shakuras: Kill 20 Units with Zeratul's Shadow Strike ability during the "Evil Awoken" mission.

One With the Shadows: Do not lose any units before destroying the Void Catalyst during the "Evil Awoken" mission on Normal difficulty.


A much simpler start, but this mission is going to require some blink micro. Whenever a stalker is hurt blink them to the back. For the warp prism have Zeratul kill a couple of the zealots ahead of time to make things easier, but have the stalkers focus down the warp prism otherwise it will keep warping in more zealots.

Up ahead Zeratul will reveal his void armor ability. This ability adds shields but if a unit is above its usual max it will only bring it down to its max, not remove the entire bonus. This can be used as a heal in a way because of this. Void armor up and focus down the pylon. Blink across the next chasm but careful not to immediately aggro the immortal. Send Zeratul in to shadow strike then immediately blink the stalkers in afterwards to take down the warp prism before it warps in zealots.

The particle cannon defenses ahead can be easily picked apart by sending Zeratul in, shadow striking the right-side cannon then blinking away, then blinking towards the left to shadow strike the pylon powering the other 2 cannons. This leaves them without detection, or cannons for that matter and so the stalkers can come in and easily fight with blink micro to ensure they aren't damaged.

Up ahead Zeratul wants to shadow strike the Hybrid, but blink Zeratul down and use it on the pylon instead then he can mop up the opposition easily.

Now he suggests moving carefully outside the observer's vision, but I say egg it on and pull the void rays back to the stalkers, use void armor and blink micro to eliminate them completely.

Blink Zeratul across the chasm and shadow strike the archon then kill the lower zealots when possible. Blink the stalkers in and shadow strike one of the upper zealots before running in and dealing with the warp prism. Then I suggest dealing with the nearby void rays just like the previous one.

Zeratul can handle the next group, then pull the void rays again. Past that act quick to blink in and shadow strike the pylon, both deactivating the cannon and stopping the zealot warp-in.

Void armor can get you through the next encounter handily, and you'll run into the second Particle cannon. Zeratul can blink in and shadow strike the pylon, ninja'ing the area. Void armor up the stalkers and bring them in to easily handle the scouts.

Now you'll have a couple templars, don't morph them into an archon just yet, just go to the next objective. After the scene there will be enemy templars to the left and if you run straight in you'll get stormed. So run in and body-pull the zealots back to deal with them, then an archon will be forming of the other two templars that you can shadow strike.

Void armor up before you run ahead and have Zeratul ready to shadow strike a colossus on the left, blink micro the stalkers to keep them alive. Next you can sent Zeratul forward and you'll be force-fielded out, but also body pull zealots. Kill them and keep your main forces back. You can also pull the observer away and kill it. With them gone you can put Zeratul forward to get sight on the templars and sentries and hold position just to have sight on them. Then you can queue up 4 feedback attacks with your own templars to instantly kill all 4 of them.

Next is a cannon outpost with a single pylon, blink and shadow strike the pylon and Zeratul has it easy. Only have Zeratul go on to the third Particle cannon area, dance in and out of the observer range to get cheeky hits and shadow strikes without taking health damage. Afterwards armor up, blink across the chasm and shadow strike the pylon. Stalkers can now be brought across to deal with the scouts and quicken killing the cannon.

Up ahead is a little tricky, but the easiest way is to armor up and body-pull the group, get their attention and then run them back towards the particle cannon. Armor up again at this point and then attack in, dealing with the group in a piecemeal fashion. Shadow strike the colossus if he's fighting or the Archon/Hybrid. Keep up the blink micro to keep your guys alive.

Up ahead you'll see more Warp Prisms and Pylons, but wait for a group of zealots and sentries to come close. Feedback the sentries and kill the zealots, blinking unshielded stalkers back. Afterwards run Zeratul forward and deal the dudes, kill the first pylon, shadow strike the second pylon, then deal with the second group of enemies to walk forward.

Make Archons at this point before you aggro the last line of dudes that include the 2 immortals. Run forward with Zeratul far enough to have them walk forward then immediately run back because there's a hybrid trap there. Have the Archons tank for the stalkers so the immortals don't immediately own them.

Now dealing with the hybrids, edge your armies up and down the edges of the opening to pull the white hybrids one at a time. then you can just armor up and run in to kill the last one, Zeratul alone can shadow strike and kill him before he actually damages Zeratul.

Now is the hard part, regardless of how many units you preserved you'll be brought down to 4 stalkers, and they don't really help much anyway aside from distraction for Zeratul. Run forward and ignore the enemies, just blink past the chasm. Run the stalkers further down the peninsula to give poor Zeratul room to run up. Void armor at this point whenever it is available even during relatively safe moments, the extra shields will suffice when blink is down. Also having those shields sooner rather than later sometimes means your units will survive long enough for it to come off of cooldown again.

Sprint forward and blink forward, stopping only long enough to shadow strike the colossus on the way. You'll lose the stalkers, whatever. Blink forward one more time but 2/3rds up the vertical segment start saving it. Blink across the chasm ahead and head up to the upper left corner, using Void armor to "heal up."

Now is a pretty good time to save, with a little over 3 minutes left on the timer. Void Armor up again and blink across the next chasm but hold here for a moment. When blink is almost ready to use again run up the ramp. You'll be surrounded by zealots that will effectively stop your movement, but that's why you wait for blink to recharge, blink past them then go on a wide-arc through the next segment, blink across the next chasm and catch another breather on the upper side of this next platform away from detection.

With over 2 minutes left we're golden, when blink is ready run down and blink over the last chasm. Talis' forces are here and have the enemies pretty well under distraction at least, run by and finish the mission. Zeratul doubts Talis will survive but I have faith, just hang out for a second and target her to watch her health! She can't be brought below 1 hp, what a warrior! :P

For Aiur!

With the true threat of Amon revealed, Zeratul races back to warn Heirarch Artanis!


  • Clear Warp Conduit Location (0/3)
  • Kill the Hybrid

Bonus Objectives

  • Destroy Zerg Hives (0/4)


For Aiur!: Complete the "For Aiur!" mission in the Legacy of the Void Campaign.

Shadow of the Colossus: Kill 120 Units with Colossi in the "For Aiur!" Mission.

In Living Khala: Lose fewer than 100 units during the "For Aiur!" mission on Normal Difficulty.

Oblivion Awaits: Destroy all Zerg forces in less than 10 minutes in the "For Aiur!" mission on Hard difficulty. (Mastery Achievement)


Brutal/Oblivion Awaits Strategy:

Now back to something that's closer to an early-game difficulty curve, mostly because this is considered the beginning of a new campaign, but we have a few objectives here that aren't too difficult to get. With this mission in particular it's pretty easy to just charge through the entire mission with reckless abandon.

The only things I really want to mention is the "Select entire army" hotkey: F2 will be your best friend here and it's highly recommended to put your stalkers and immortals on a seperate hotkey (I use the 2 key) so that you can shoot-n-scoot them forward and avoid guys running around behind the firing line not getting their shots off.

Immediately charge your army forward and set up the Immortal/Stalker control group. You'll be joined by Colossi ahead so don't hold back your charge, just keep going. Focus down the ultralisks with your Immortal/Stalker group and then keep up a pattern of shoot, step forward, shoot, step forward again so all of your ranged units will always be firing and not running around the back of the group.

Keep up this charge towards southwest here, zealots are probably dwindling but everything else should be fine. Wait for reinforcements to join your army here, set up zealots to be in front of your army ahead of time before the next run, then continue charging.

Just maintain the overall pattern of using F2 to charge your whole army forward then switching to your Immortal/Stalker hotkey to step-n-shoot their way forward. You'll get more reinforcements here, including more stalkers to be added to said hotkey. Let the zealots lead the charge across the bridge to continue.

For reference the reinforcements should be warping in just before the 3:00 minute mark. The game also checkpoints for you pretty regularly so you can go back to roughly this spot if you have tough luck later.

As you cross the bridge select your stalker group and blink them forward to kill the Guardian shooting down at your forces. Afterwards move your army up to the northwest to clear out another hive and claim reinforcements. Immediately attack to the northeast from here to help out some stranded units. You might trigger these accidentally while you're taking out the other hive but they'll actually win on their own and join you either way (Just getting help will preserve some of the zealouts).

Add the additional stalkers and immortals to your control group hotkey and continue the charge down and then to the northwest towards the third hive. Focus down the ultralisk with the Immortal/Stalker group and take care after all the ground forces are taken care of to run the blink stalkers forward and blink so that they end up right under the Queen (the Starcraft 1 style flying one).

This is so she isn't pushed off the ground-traversable map, if she does get pushed off and made so that your forces can't kill it then that makes getting the Oblivion Awaits achievement impossible.

Assuming you were able to kill said queen, take the reinforcements here and attack down to the southwest towards the last Warp Conduit station. Gather your reinforcements and cross the bridge. Ideally you want to be crossing the bridge before the 6:30 minute mark.

This is the tricky part, thankfully the game should have auto-saved halfway through your attack at this Warp Conduit location so retries will be simple. For reference my typical autosave is at about 6:10.

Make sure the zealots are solidly in front of the army then cross the bridge but get a little hesitant on the other side. Don't step and shoot here, let the zealots run in but pay attention to your stalkers. Blink back 2 or 3 at a time as they start to get damaged. The goal here is to have all your stalkers, immortals, and colossi to survive, don't worry about the zealots.

Attack down to the southeast towards the last Zerg hive. Here you probably don't have any zealots, so again don't step'n'shoot but focus on blink micro with the stalkers. And again, we want to not lose any non-zealot units. At the next hive there is another Starcraft 1 Queen so take care to either run or blink under it before firing so you kill it before it runs off screen.

You'll get the last of your reinforcements here and this is a good point to save if you're able to get back to the bottom of the ramp going up to the northeast (the other path you could have gone after crossing the last lightbridge). Saving at the bottom of the ramp you want about a 8:00-8:10ish time and no non-zealot units lost.

All bets are off here, units will be lost, it's more about making it through to the end. Attack upward and focus your Immortal/Stalker group on the left nydus worm, then blink the stalkers to the right and kill the right-side one. Run the front-of-the-line stalkers back as they start taking heat and clear out the forces.

Up ahead there will be a hybrid ambush, trigger it but go off to one side, let's say left but either way will work, and have your army focus one down at a time. They have splash damage so even one or two surviving zealots running forward to meet them will greatly shield the rest of your army.

Once they're down attack forward and blink micro the Stalkers taking damage to the back of the group to preserve them. Careful not to dive in to far without being prepared (Well, mentally more than anything) for another 3 hybrid ambush. Again handle them from one side and one at a time if possible rather than getting all 3 of them surrounding you which will wreck your army immediately.

If performed with no downtime between attacks (keeping in mind you'll be hurting for shields if you do this) you can finish the mission comfortably between about 9:40-9:55 and get the achievement assuming you cleared out all the hives (including structures) and didn't have a random queen fly away from your reach.