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by IamtheKOG

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Morgana Champion Guide by IamtheKOG

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/21/13

Morgana, The Fallen Angel, by Kog (K0G in League of Legends in-game, IamtheKOG on gamefaqs boards)


I'm Kog, a person who's been playing league of legends since beta. I first started playing Morgana when a friend of mine who got me into the game, challenged me to play a more difficult champion. At the time, all I played was Garen and Katarina and stuck to playing them until I ended up accepting the dare to play a higher skillcap champion. At first the results were disastrous and I was terrible at her. My friends (whom we all insult each other facetiously) would often poke fun at how I would miss dark bindings or not black shield important targets.

I got better at her after a long time of dedicating myself to learning the champion and managed to get gold in season 1 with her. Following her massive suite of nerfs in season 1, I still played Morgana diligently and kept on. When season 2 came about and Brand was released, I stopped playing her for a while and played Brand a lot. I felt they had similarity in dealing a ton of AOE damage, and the importance of landing a CC skillshot. Shortly after that, I picked her up again when I realized that she was still good. I would eventually play her to the point where I got diamond in both solo queue and ranked 5s with her, and another champion, Ahri.

Now, in season 3, since the introduction of the new black cleaver and the reign of AD casters, you'll be hard pressed to find Morgana in mid. I tried playing her some times in mid in season 3 and came to the conclusion that she felt too weak compared to current mid picks. I tried playing her support with a bit more success, but it wasn't the same impact on the game for me. Once again, I had to pick up another stronger mid pick at the time (Diana) and wait until they gave Morgana some favor. With slight buffs in patch 3.5, I gave her a shot again. Though I'm diamond again in season 3, I didn't get there by using morgana this season. However I'll still play her out of being a fanatic of the champion in normals/ARAMs whenever I get the chance.


Morgana is an angel from a faraway land of immortals not inside Runeterra. She was Kayle's younger sister who was considered an outcast for not joining the cause of 'justice' amongst their kind. Morgana perceived this 'justice' as tyranny, as means to stamp out freedom and individuality, and so was eventually pit against her own sister. She searched far and long to find ways to challenge Kayle, delving into forbidden arts that no one from her people dared to use. When Morgana was finally ready to fight Kayle, she was transported to Runeterra, where she was promised more power in return for service in the League. Knowing that Kayle has arrived in the League, she continues fighting until the League no longer holds her back from putting an end to Kayle.


Morgana, in the current meta of season three can be played as a reactive utility mage, with great pushing and roaming ability in mid-lane, with some potential to outright demolish other mid-laners. She can also be played as a counter-pick support for aggressive CC-loaded bot lanes, though this guide will be covering her as a mid-laner which is my favorite way to play her.

Morgana in mid-lane is known for being an unmovable wall of sustain and crowd control queen, while being near ungankable with her black shield and plethora of CC.

Passive: Soul Siphon

Morgana is granted 10%/15%/20% bonus spell vamp.


Morgana's passive, Soul Siphon, even though its icon is really misleading and odd-looking, grants her bonus spell vamp starting at 10% at level 1. At level 7, it becomes 15%, and at level 13, it becomes 20%. Used in conjuction with her W, tormented soil, Morgana pushes minion waves with ease and maintains high health.

  • Morgana gets full spell vamp from dark binding (Q), deathfire grasp, and ignite/smite. She only receives 33% per target hit on tormented soil (w) and soul shackles (r).
Q: Dark Binding
  • RANGE: 1300
  • COOLDOWN: 11
  • COST: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 mana

ACTIVE: Morgana releases a sphere of dark magic that travels in a line. Upon contact with an enemy unit, the sphere will deal magic damage and snare the unit for a few seconds.

  • MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 90% AP)
  • SNARE DURATION: 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3
  • Projectile Speed: 1200

Morgana's Q, dark binding is a slow moving, high damage linear skillshot that snares the first enemy target hit. The snare duration starts at 2 seconds and goes up per level of the skill, maxing out at 3 seconds.

  • Dark binding will stop before it's full travel distance if you hit an invisible target or a target in fog of war. The stopping sound is distinct and can tell you where an enemy is when you cannot see them.
  • Dark binding is not only your primary CC tool, it's also a third of your damage. Make your shots count. If you can, wait until other CCs are applied to land an easier dark binding.
  •  Dark binding is commonly combo-ed with tormented soil for harassment in lane.
W: Tormented Soil
  • RANGE: 900
  • COOLDOWN: 10
  • COST: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 mana

ACTIVE: Morgana infects target 175-radius area for 5 seconds, causing enemy units who stand on the location to take magic damage and have their magic resistance reduced each second. The magic resist reduction lasts 1 second after last being affected by tormented soil and can stack.

  • MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+ 20% AP)
  • MAX MAGIC DAMAGE: 125 / 200 / 275 / 350 / 425 (+ 100% AP)
  • MAX MAGIC RESIST REDUCTION: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40

Morgana's W, tormented soil, is a ranged AOE damage-over-time spell that reduces the MR of those who stand on it. It ticks five times.

  •  It reduces MR for one second per tick and will reapply more MR reduction the longer the enemies stand in it, for a maximum of five seconds.
  • The first tick is applied immediately after placing tormented soil
  • This is your farming tool, mostly. With AP quints you can clear caster minions at level 3 tormented soil with one cast.
  • Managing to get the full damage and MR reduction on an enemy champion will be difficult, as smarter players will buy mercury's treads, and will rely on you dropping W before CCs are applied to keep an enemy in it for the full duration.
E: Black Shield
  • RANGE: 750
  • COOLDOWN: 23 / 21 / 19 / 17 / 15
  • COST: 55 mana

ACTIVE: Places a shield around target friendly champion for up to 5 seconds, absorbing magic damage and preventing disables while the shield holds.

  • SHIELD STRENGTH: 95 / 160 / 225 / 290 / 355 (+ 70% AP)

Morgana's E, black shield, is a targeted magic damage absorption shield, that negates applied effects of crowd control upon black shield's target.

  • Physical damage and true damage will still go through the shield and damage the black shielded target. the shield ONLY blocks magic damage.
  • However, if the physical damage spell has a CC, the CC will be negated.
  • If the shield target is hit by a spell that does enough damage to break the shield and also applies a CC, the shield checks for CC first, and will negate it even though the shield expires.
  • Black shield is best saved to: initiate with your own ult and prevent yourself from being knocked away, shield an initiator such as skarner, or protecting high value targets on your team such as Vayne.
R: Soul Shackle
  • RANGE: 600
  • COOLDOWN: 120 / 110 / 100
  • COST: 100 mana

ACTIVE: Morgana latches chains of energy onto nearby enemy champions for 3 seconds, dealing initial magic damage to them after a brief delay of 0.5 seconds and reducing their movement speed by 20% if the target(s) stay within 1050 range.

If the target(s) does not break the tether after 3 seconds, they are dealt magic damage and stunned for 1.5 seconds.

  • MAGIC DAMAGE: 175 / 250 / 325(+ 70% AP)
  • TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE PER TARGET:350 / 500 / 650 (+ 140% AP)

Morgana's R, soul shackles, is a multi-target PBAOE (point blank area of effect) that latches onto nearby enemy champions, dealing initial damage and slowing as long as the champions remain in range. Then, after 3 seconds, the shackles detonate dealing the same damage as the initialburst and stunning all enemy champions still in range.

  • Spell shields and banshee's veil have to be used on the initial proc of soul shackles; if the shackles are still on the target when they have a shield up, the second proc will still stun.
  • Soul shackles has a small channel time of about half a second before the first proc of damage. If there are no targets in range during the channel, there will be no chains and soul shackles will go on full cooldown.
  • Cleanse will remove only the slow effect during the 3 seconds tether is active. It will not remove the stun. Quicksilver Sash, however, will remove the tether, and there will be no slow or stun.
  • Soul shackles can tell you when stealthed champions are nearby because its icon will light up when someone is near. Activating it will not reveal them, but it will show their initial location upon activation.
  • In a revival/invulnerability state like Guardian Angel, Chronoshift or Zhonya's Hourglass, if soul shackles was active before going invulnerable, it will still countdown the 3 second timer to stun targets.

Skill Order

90% of the time I will take one point into dark binding at level 1. For invades or counter invades, or to get early ganks on someone in lane with jungler assistance. There will be times where you need to take tormented soil first and push your enemy to their tower constantly, and possibly level up black shield second at level 2 to prevent really early level two aggression that some people deal out.

In any case, you want to get 3 points into tormented soil as soon as possible. I usually start maxing out dark binding after that, then continue maxing tormented soil, leaving black shield as a one point wonder and taking soul shackles whenever possible at 6, 11, and 16. You can still continue to max tormented soil even after you get it to level 3, but if you're rolling movespeed quints and lack the AP you might need 4points into it first, and at that point you may as well max it out. I prefer maxing the dark binding out after level 3 soil because of the base damage increase and I feel really confident in my skill to land binding.


There are a few setups you can use.

Aggressive rune setup:

  • 9 Magic Pen Marks
  • 9 Flat Mana Regen Seals
  • 9 Flat Magic Resist Glyphs (or 7 Magic Resist and 2 Magic Pen)
  • 3 Flat AP Quintessences







Defensive rune setup:

  • 9 Magic Pen Marks
  • 9 Flat Armor Seals
  • 9 Flat Magic Resist Glyphs
  • 3 Flat AP Quintessences







Also acceptable runes to use:

  • -Seals: HP per level
  • -Glyphs: AP per level Flat CDR Flat AP Magic Pen
  • -Quintessences: Movespeed (You will need AP in glyphs or level 4 tormented soil to clear waves, because level 3 will not)



I like a more offensive setup, based on dealing more damage

  • 1 Summoner's Wrath
  • 4 Sorcery
  • 4 Blast
  • 3 Havoc
  • 1 Arcane Knowledge
  • 2 Mental Force
  • 1 Spellsword
  • 4 Archmage
  • 1 Executioner


  • 1 Summoner's Insight
  • 3 Meditation
  • 3 Mastermind
  • 1 Artificer/Improved recall (whichever you prefer)
  • 1 Runic Affinity


You can go utility and it won't kill ya, but it'll hit your damage a bit and your killing potential in lane, which sometimes you'll need.

  • 4 Sorcery
  • 4 Blast
  • 1 Arcane Knowledge


  • 1 Summoner's Insight
  • 3 Meditation
  • 3 Mastermind
  • 2 Artificer
  • 4 Greed
  • 2 Wealth
  • 1 Biscuiteer
  • 1 Explorer
  • 3 Intelligence
  • 1 Nimble

I don't like the defense tree for Morg really because you end up building for defense 90% of the time...

Summoner Spells

I prefer Ignite and Flash for the killing potential of a burst mage. I play aggressive on Morgana because I feel like I know the champion in and out and what I can get away with and what I can't. Some people take teleport which isn't a bad idea if you like to roam a little harder or just take teleport to follow twisted fate or pantheon around. You can take barrier but only if you're a complete pansy. I don't recommend anything else.


  • Flask, 3 health pots. Intended for max sustain.
  • Cloth Armor, 5 health pots. Intended to lane against AD casters and to make an early armguard.
  • Faerie Charm, 2 wards, 4 health pots. Intended for an earlier chalice and sight.
  • Boots, 4 health pots. For mobility, not really all that good anymore, but allows for faster sorceror shoes.
  • Doran's ring, 2 health pots. Good start since the 400 gold doran's ring change that just came through.

Early Game


  • Seeker's Armguard. Builds into Zhonya's, gives decent source of armor and AP. You will be building this first 90% of the time.
  • Chalice of Harmony. Good for fighting tough AP matchups or keeping a good mana pool for laning against manaless champs. Builds into grail, which gives much coveted CDR.
  •  Kage's Lucky Pick. While risky, it builds into both morellonomicon which gives CDR and AP, and also twin shadows which is good for initiation or running away.
  • Catalyst the Protector. good source of health and mana, as well as the passive to sustain you in lane.
  • WARDS, WARDS, WARDS. If you intend to roam, you have to cover your own ass. Warding both ramps on your side or enemy wraiths will do. not only will good players follow you or try to cut you off, but if they try to roam you can follow.
  • Sorceror's Shoes or Mercury's Treads, maybe Ninja Tabi. Boots of choice. Sorcs for more damage, Mercs for the resist and CC reduction if your shield is on CD, Tabi for the passive against autoattackers. Sorcs most of the time.
  • Needlessly Large Rod or Blasting wand. Sources of AP, pretty self explanatory. You want needless large rod more often because it builds into zhonya's and is a huge source of AP standalone.

 Mid Game

  • Zhonya's Hourglass. Staple. Absolutely must have this item. You engage with it to prevent oncoming damage or to take aggro then go invulerable. You activate it to avoid CC, to avoid certain death situations like a Karthus ult or a final towershot that might kill you after a dive.
  • Haunting Guise. HP, AP, and more magic pen, and upgrades into liandry's. not a bad thing and is pretty darn good if you're really ahead.
  • Rod of Ages. HP,  AP, mana, and the ever useful catalyst regen passive. good if you need the extra beef. it slows your initial damage down, though.
  • Unholy Grail. Has MR, CDR, and a bit of AP and mana regen. The only thing you don't make too much use of is the 12.5% mana boost, but that is never a bad thing.
  • Abyssal Scepter. MR, AP, and reduces MR of nearby enemies. great with morgana who gets in the middle of everyone. if you don't want grail, get this instead.
  • Morellonomicon. If you don't want the grail and you need CDR and AP, this is a great, if not better option.
  • Twin Shadows. Decent AP, some MR, pretty cheap, and the effect isn't half bad; it can help you do a walk up > ult, also.

Late Game

  • Distortion Boot Upgrade. Let's face it, you need flash on a lower cooldown to get into the middle of teams easier. A bonus if you're running teleport, also.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap. Great for amplifying your AP. If you already have Zhonya's and you are doing fantastic and they have no Mr, you can get this second.
  • Liandry's Torment. A nice item because of the health, ap, magic pen, and %health burn passive that doubles because of Morgana's crowd control. Great for burning down squishies really fast or softening front-line bruisers.
  • Void Staff. For when a majority of the enemy team is building MR.
  • Randuin's Omen. Good source of health, armor and the item effect is nice because you can pop it in the middle of teams after or during your ult.
  •  Frozen Heart. Armor, CDR, mana, and a great ASPD slowing effect.
  • Spirit of Spectral Wraith. Not a bad item. More AP, spellvamp and some CDR. noticably cheap as well.


Lane Matchups

(Difficulty: 1 lowest, 10 highest)


A lot of people make kneejerk reactions about this matchup. People keep referencing that bad xpecial vs. reginald video, jumping to conclusions and say "ahri counters morg xD!!!". Well honestly, it's just not true; it's very much a skill matchup. In fact, Morgana is one of the few people that can CC Ahri to death before she can get away with her ult. (The others being Malzahar, Annie, and Brand). However the chances of you starting your combo with ult and killing her successfully is low. You're gonna have to bind her first. At early levels before she gets AP you push faster than her and your shield can ignore her charm. You also have higher base and scaling AD if it comes down to a early level slapfight.



Seriously? Buy pink wards. Push her shit in and don't let her get an auto on you with a Q mark. It'll hurt. If she tries to get aggressive before 6, hit her with a Q into W. Otherwise, keep pushing her to her tower and placing W under both her and the ranged creeps. If you both ding 6, and you feel you have the advantage, go in with a pink ward so no shroud shenanigans happen. If she just hit 6, she'll only have 1 charge of her ult so don't let her get 3 of them.



Annoying passive prevents you from being really aggressive. Get a jungle gank and break her egg/kill her. Otherwise just push really hard pre-6. If she is being aggressive and autoing a bunch, place W under her and ranged creeps. Shielding the stun can sometimes be difficult (it damages both on pass and detonation), but it's better if you strafe it. Pray you get a jungle gank or that anivia does something terribly dumb or over-aggressive. Once she hits 6, you're not gonna out-push her anymore. It's winnable when she has no passive, a stalemate when she does.



Shield her stun, you outpush her, your Q and W have higher ranges than anything she has; take advantage of these. Don't challenge her early without your shield. This matchup is honestly not a problem unless you do something terribly wrong.



Shield the stun, you push him, etc. Sort of like annie. His range is better though, and even with your shield, he is still capable of bullying you early; and possibly kill you. so be careful.



She's very annoying pre-6. Her Q has high range and she can chase you down unless you bind her. Her waveclear is pretty good early, because she can drop Q>W and not care. If you take too much harass and miss binds, she can kill you. Around 6, if you've managed to do well, shield her ult when you go in. Try to kill her ASAP, because as long as she's alive, you can still die to her. She is very susceptible to ganks though.



Better push hard as early as possible before his sustain becomes too hard to harass him through. He can put down the hurt easily with his W and if you don't shield the silence, you can actually die to him. If it comes to a push war, it'll likely stalemate until he can oneshot waves. Very killable early otherwise if you manage to make him tank creeps.



A weird matchup, but doable. She can tank minions because of her W and her Q plus passive clears pretty fast. However this puts her at a threat of eating dark binding/tormented soil. You push her butt in early and try to wear her down. At 6, as long as you aren't too low she can't all-in you unless you miss bind. Shield her moonfall. Honestly if she tries to challenge you when you're too healthy, you should just ult > W > Q > ignite her. Don't let her auto you in this fight.



Not a matchup I'm greatly familiar with, but she can be annoying because of her % damage. However she won't push well. Don't try to trade with her unless she's taken damage from W placement and creep tanking. Your ult will not stun her or damage her if she rappels the second proc. Shield the cocoon.



Push. Push. Push. Look for binds, punish her for her low waveclear, pink ward the ramps so she can't roam. If she goes on you, that's what you want since that's an easy ult > w > q for you. I never have problem with this matchup in lane. She can roam and mess up your other lanes, though.



The fear is hard to shield because it's instantaneous. You should just push, don't duel him; his drain will beat you in trades. Try to make him tank creeps and then use your combo. He's extremely easy to gank; you can just shield your jungler or yourself after you go in. Ward a bunch, though. and make sure he doesn't catch you by surprise.



Pretty tricky matchup (no pun intended) because of how his E works. Similar to Elise rappel, if he uses E on the second proc of your ult, he won't get stunned or take the damage. So you gotta bind him in the middle of your ult so that it stops his movement ability. Most fizz players will try to cheese you and all-in you at level 2. Save your bind and take black shield at level 2 if you're afraid of that. Otherwise, do what you'd normally do against no waveclear assassins. Push. Shield his ult knockup if the fish hits you.



Galio is quite tough. Realistically, he pushes as hard as you do, and his Q can dole out some punishment. His W is pretty strong against damage over time spells like tormented soil. And to top it all off, he gets offensive strength by building magic resist via his passive. Your best chance is to get a gank or roam, as his scaling into late game is actually very poor and not as strong as yours.



Gragas is yet another tough matchup. He can clear waves fast once he gets some levels into Q and some AP, has some brutal early game harass that has high range. He's got a few ways to also get away from your all-in combo. He scales well also. The only thing that is a negative for him is that he's melee, which depending on the Gragas player, can be a boon or hindrance to you.



Let's be real here nobody plays this champ and he's basically food for you if by some chance you do encounter one. Early on you push better than he does, but if he gets some AP and levels his turrets, he can push pretty decently. Problem is if he levels turrets his grenade and rockets will hit like a wet paper bag. Unless this guy takes exhaust, just flash ult ignite W Q him and he'll die.

gg2ez, 1/10


With the popularity of sending Jayce mid as a poke oriented AD caster, I figured I'd include this matchup. While being able to push really well with Accelerated Shock Blast, he either has to use it to push or to harass. If he uses it to harass, you can push with your soil while trying to avoid him. He's susceptible to being dived if you manage to stay healthy and you can disregard one of his disengages; his hammer E, with your black shield.



Karthus matchups really depend on the karthus player. He can push really with Q and E, but he can also play aggressively for the first few levels. Once you get to 4-5 as long as you managed to play conservatively against his aggression, you can probably all-in him at 6. Provided that he has no exhaust, a easy matchup at mid game, but he'll outscale you hard, so either kill him a bunch or roam.



Really you should be abusing his no-push power early. Make him tank minions/soil if he wants that CS. Look for binds into early kills. After 6 he'll be hard to kill. If he plays aggressive with his riftwalk you have to act fast with your all-in before he riftwalks out. Easy pickins before 6, quite difficult afterward.



Push her to death early. At she can escape your all-in by shunpo-ing to minions or wards. If she tries to go in on you at 6, as long as you're not too low you should be able to survive with your black shield and counter all-in. You have to follow her if she roams though. If you aren't pushing hard enough to compensate for not following her, you may eventually lose.



Shield her Q, push, and try to get ganks on her. Early you can push her in really hard as most kayles will not max their E. If you can't do that, roam. You won't kill her solo if you're both 6 if Kayle times her ult right.



Annoying little rat. They can either be aggressive or passive. Most of them try to be aggressive early poking with their Q and autoing you to get their W and passive stacks onto you. Be sure to take note of the amount of their passive stacks onto you and shield the ability that would stun you. If you play aggressive, they can run out of your ult with Lightning Rush. Be sure to bind them so they cannot use it. He can't push like you early, so abuse that and make good judicious uses of your shield.



Like the other AD casters, Kha'Zix can be difficult or mediocre. His waveclear got hit in this patch, but with a bit of armor pen and AD, can end up hurting quite a bit. He doesn't clear as fast early so push him in, like the other assassins. he can easily escape your all-in combo and still remains dangerous. Shield his passive to prevent the damage and slow. Get ganks on him with other CC oriented champions.



Assassin, you know what to do. push her in, shield her silence and avoid the chains afterward. She has a lot of mobility and damage, but you can make the game last more then 30 minutes even if she gets fed, you'll be more useful. You still have to respect her burst, though. You'll likely not kill a good LeBlanc without a good amount of CC that is not just your own. Go roam or prevent her roam.


Lee Sin

Not sure if mid Lee is still a thing, but just in case. Your shield blocks his E, but not his Q. Beware of him jumping to an allied melee minion to close gaps and deal craptons of damage early. Not that strong of a pusher, but a great roamer and damage dealer with items. He can escape your all-in pretty easily with his W. Get ganks if you intend on fighting him.



I'll be real here. I've not fought this matchup. But in theory: Lissandra should be a pain. She's got a low cooldown Q and ample CC and defensive utlity. Her ult when selfcasted can prevent the second soul shackles proc. Her E can make for some easy escapes from morg's all-in combo. A difficult matchup on paper. She doesn't push very well early, however.



Kinda hard. Her shield which was nerfed should be much more manageable to deal with. She can be really aggressive with her autos, passive, and E. She should never be able to kill you or snare you, though. Push against her early and make her tank creeps to get CS. Engage when you have a clear advantage.



Kinda annoying because if you try to all-in him at 6, he can burst your shield and maybe kill you with his ultimate/voidlings. His voidlings are the real problem here as they can block your bind. His push is decent, but good use of your shield will save you here. Also he's malzahar so unless he gets horribly fed, you'll be far more useful in teamfights. Don't underestimate his damage.


Master Yi

Annoying, but killable with ganks. You probably won't be able to kill him solo because of his meditate. His Q can be weird to deal with because of its random factor. Push a bunch, and roam. Make sure his meditate is on CD before you try to engage.



This matchup is hell. HELL. Morde pushes fast, does more damage than you, can out-trade you, and you cannot all-in him at 6. A good morde will manage their health costs and be aggressive while using the creeps to gain shield to zone or make trades in his favor. If you try to all-in him he will ult you and most likely kill you if he has spell vamp. He's quite easy to get ganks on, but you'll need to be careful because if he gets a ghost, he can kill both you and your jungler possibly.



Annoying, I hate this champion, and I hope she dies and gets nerfed and the live balance team takes a metal bat to her knees. Can't really push until six, but her poke is annoying and sustain is rough to deal with. Get ganks on her and make her useless by repeatedly beating her senseless afterward with all-ins. If you let her farm, you'll have trouble.



Also annoying, can auto you a bunch, has a shield, and has a boatload of utility. Fragile as hell, though. but she'll win slapfights, so push a bunch and get ganks. Once you're ahead she can be pretty easy to kill. just make sure you use shield for her ult if you decide to duel her.



Rough matchup early. spears and heartseeker are pure physical damage, and his spear harass is kinda long range. You'll have to have really fast reaction time to shield his stun. He can roam hard with his ult. get cloth 5 and just take as little damage as possible. at best, your job is to not let him snowball. He's very fragile though so ganks are a plus.



He does a shit ton of damage, but shouldn't be able to reach you. Make sure to shield his slow. Just push a bunch and make sure to move out of his ult if you want to all-in him.



He outscales you and is able to bully you early, but has no pushing power until 6 and even then it's not as frequent as yours. Beat him early or roam, otherwise, he'll be trouble. You'll be able to kill him early at 6 as long as you stay healthy. Shielding his snare is really difficult but it's possible.



Easy. You outpush him until he gets enough levels and AP into his shield to clear waves. He should never be able to stun you 1v1. EVER. Him being melee makes it really easy to push him around with tormented soil and auto attack harass. Most sions roam though, so you'll have to follow or punish him by pushing the shit out of mid.



much like ryze in the vein that if swain gets items, he'll be pretty hard to kill and can dish out some pain. he should never be able to snare or slow you though. I'd push a bunch for this matchup and roam, unless you have a clear, clear advantage. always make sure to have ignite ready if you wanna go in. otherwise his mid-fight sustain will keep him alive.



Stupid sexy Syndra. her harass range is long and her damage output is nuts. she pushes well and contributes to skirmishes and roam with her damage. If you try to trade with her upfront you'll likely lose if the Syndra is any good. Just push and engage with a jungle gank or if you somehow procure an advantage. In a longer engage, she'll most likely kill you even through your shield (if she is good, anyway)...



I'll be frank. This is another one of those highly exaggerated matchups that everyone seems to think is literally impossible to win. While extremely difficult, it is winnable. You push harder than Talon until he gets some AD and a bit of armor pen. You won't have much competition in pushing until he starts one shotting caster waves with Rake. Stay out of Rake's harass range early and keep yourself healthy. Most Talons will wait until they have a few points into Rake and be around level 4-5 until they get aggressive. You have to really know cutthroat's jump range in order to try to black shield the silence. It's incredibly hard to do, but the ability to punish his combo after jumping onto you is paramount and will weaken him a bit. Your best bet is to get ganks before 6. Because after 6 if you don't have pink wards, even if you are beating him, you will most likely not be able to kill him through his stealth. Don't engage with your ult 1v1, use your bind and land it first, that way the majority of your combo is used first. Talon's roam is also really nasty, so you'll have to take towers, or follow him because a fed Talon will mean lights out for your carry.


Twisted Fate

Kill him a bunch. You should never die to TF 1v1. the only problem is his roam is the strongest in the game. While pantheon's jump does a buttload of damage, it takes time to land unlike TF's ult where you teleport in much faster. He can clear waves pretty fast after some AP and levels into wild cards, but you should be able to murder him in lane.



He is a strong anti-caster lategame, but with your shield and merc treads, he should never have the ability to oneshot you. Early game you can straight up murder him because your black shield will help you walk through his stun. His waveclear isn't great until he has a load of AP and high levels into dark matter. Just ensure that everyone buys merc treads to make his stun not as effective.



Viktor's laser is pretty long range but won't be a good clear tool till he has his death augment and some levels into it. What you need to do is just look for opportune times to shield through his gravity field and go all-in. Be careful though as his damage at 6 is pretty strong.



No longer all that difficult like much longer ago when vlad's pool disjointed everything. However once he hits 9 he'll be a pain with revolver. Your ult will still stun him in his pool if he does not leave tether range. You still push much harder than he does but be advised about your level 1 trades. He can just walk up to you and Q you repeatedly before you have your combo. He will outscale you, however difficult this matchup is for you. I personally haven't had much trouble with the current vlad.



Xerath's harass is absurd. His range is long as hell and he does quite a bit of damage. He will outscale you and be safer from harm lategame. He has the weakness of being a squishy caster that can be gone-on in lane, but you must time your shield correctly versus his stun from Mage Chains. Be very careful because his damage is enormous with his locus up, even if you bought early MR, (which I'd honestly still rush hourglass).




But, seriously. This is a pretty rough matchup, but easier than Talon, to be honest. Zed's waveclear a few patches ago got hit before Kha'Zix's did, and right now he's not too bad. He still has a lot of 'go-in' potential along with a lot short-range mobility that can break the tether from your ult. Zhonya's hard-counters his ult though, and you'll be much more threatening in teamfights if you are equally as fed as he is. He can eke out a lot of damage pre-6 though, so be careful how you approach. He also gets a slight invulnerability from his ult. Just remember that if you plan on fighting him. Engage only with a clear advantage.



Who even plays this champ? Yeah he can be annoying and kind of slippery, but he's honestly angelfood. Just watch for getting hit by Qs and his passive-autos. Otherwise push, look for binds, and ganks. He's super squishy. Just don't get poked down before you're able to commit to killing him, and if you're chasing, be sure to shield his satchel so it doesn't blow you away.



Hell of annoying champ pre-6 and even more annoying afterward. He is killable pre-6, but you have to be pretty careful not to receive too much harass in return. He has decent push and damage, and when he's 6, can completely nullify your all-in. You'll do more damage late game, but just pray that there isn't some super fed late game target that he can resurrect, like a Jax or Vayne.



Shouldn't be a problem. But mistiming your shield can end disastrously, as she has a snare, slow, and a knockup. While she is squishy and won't push as hard as you until she has some AP, going all-in might be scary cause of her passive. Your soil can kill her plants pretty easily, too. I'd recommend shielding the snare so you can still move toward her during your ult. The knockup isn't scary at all unless you towerdove, for some reason.


Early Game

Take bind at level 1, for invades or counter invades. If neither are happening, and you're scared of level 2-3 ganks, take pool first and black shield second. Otherwise, always take bind first, and then soil. Push and farm a bunch. If they take a bunch of damage from soil and creep tanking, make good judgment to see if you can get a kill or not. Make sure to support your jungler if he gets invaded or if he finds an opportunity to kill the enemy laner or jungler. Once you hit 6, if you've bullied your lane opponent enough, go in for the kill if they're less than 70% health. If you can't kill them, go find places to roam to. you'd influence bottom lane more, though.

Mid Game

Keep your farm up. You need Hourglass and Sorc shoes by this point, and maybe working on Abyssal/Deathcap... possibly even distortion boots. If you're fed and have those already, you might need Void Staff or CDR (Morello or Athene's) afterward. But more importantly you'll need to keep farm. If lanes are lost or won it'll be harder to keep up CS because of others taking them while your soil still ticks. Be supportive of other lanes (remember Morgana's kit is supportive in nature, even though you can do a lot of damage), and gank/roam a lot. Black shield yourself before flashing in and using your ult. You can zhonya's to nullify knockback/away CC or to negate focus and avoid damage. Whichever you choose, make sure it counts because it won't be available for another 90 seconds.

Late Game

At this point, you should have Hourglass, Abyssal or Deathcap, Void staff, and CDR of some sort, and also distortion enchanted boots. You need your flash and ult up ASAP between fights, so the distortion enchant is necessary. Make sure you get ult chains onto as many people as possible and save it for teamfights or at the very least killing important targets. If you miss your ult onto people you need to kill or you don't shield yourself to avoid getting cc'd away, you may as well have lost the teamfight. If you can, shield an important initiator to engage (skarner, malphite, zac, sejuani, vi). Or shield a carry from getting jumped on (vayne, varus, MF) if they don't have an escape spell. You should be able to avoid getting cc'd away with a good flash -> ult -> zhonya's. Your method of madness here is to do damage, CC, and at the very least, disrupt enemy position and blow their summoner spells or kill them. SAVE YOUR BIND. Even with a 20% CDR item and blue buff it's still 6 or so seconds of damage and CC. Don't waste it.

Adapting to the Unexpected

  • Cloth armor + 5 pots starts for going against AD mids.
  • Take shield at level 2 with soil at level 1 to avoid level 2 or level 3 ganks from certain junglers.
  • Your ult can still trigger with a nearby invisible opponent. Use your ult indicator to detect stealthed champs or nearby champs in fog of war.
  • Hafu sucks.
  • Your bind will stop short and make a different sound if it hits someone in fog of war/invisible
  • Your shield is your 'haha can't gank me button' but can still be broken, and better players will bait out your shield or wait for its long cooldown.

Conclusion and Contact Info

That's all. *toot*