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by Almsivi1

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Nautilus Champion Guide by Almsivi1

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/13/13

Copyright 2013 Michael Giammarco


Welcome to my Nautilus Jungle guide. This guide's purpose is to help players learn how to play Nautilus in the jungle by informing them about what items are useful, which runes and masteries benefit Nautilus the most, and general tips and strategies that will help them in the jungle and in team fights.


1.00 - June 13 2013: The first version of the guide. Reflects LoL patch 3.08 including the jungle changes and nerf to Nautilus' Titan's Wrath damage.

Things to note about patch 3.08:

Titan's Wrath

  • Damage changed to 40/55/70/85/100 from 30/55/80/105/130
  • Fixed a bug where the Ability Power ratio on hits was lower than intended


  • Wolves initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 50 seconds
  • Wraiths initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 50 seconds
  • Golems initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 50 seconds
  • Ancient Golem base experience increased to 340 from 220
  • Lizard Elder base experience increased to 340 from 220
  • Young Lizard base experience decreased to 10 from 40

Titan's Wrath damage was reduced as Riot didn't like how much damage Nautilus was dealing in addition to all his tankyness and CC. Jungle camps now all spawn at the same time so that the blue team can't take advantage of their side of the map and come into lane with a big experience advantage.

Character Overview

Nautilus is a very tanky champion that has a lot of CC. His main purpose is to soak as much damage from the enemy team as possible by drawing their attention with his vast arsenal of disruptive CC. His late game is incredible due to ow tanky he becomes with his shield and how disruptive he can be in team fights. As for his early game, he's best used as a jungler due to how powerful his CC makes his ganks. It's better for him to roam around and influence all three lanes with ganks rather than being anchored down to one lane.

Base Stats

StatBase (Per Level)
Health432 (+86)
Health Regen7.45 (+0.55)
Mana200 (+50)
Mana Regen7.45 (+0.7)
Attack Damage55 (+3.3)
Attack Speed0.613 (+0.98%)
Armor16 (+3.25)
Magic Resist30 (+1.25)
Move Speed325

PASSIVE: Staggaring Blow

Nautilus' basic attacks deal bonus physical damage and immobilize his targets. This effect cannot happen more than once every few seconds on the same target.

Nautilus' first AA on a target does bonus physical damage based on Naut's level and most importantly snares the target for a short duration. During the early levels this is only a 0.5 second snare, but later in the game it lasts for 1 second. It's important to note that this passive can only proc once every 12 seconds on the same target.

Note: This passive isn't a stun, it's a snare. This means it doesn't interrupt channeled casts.

Q - Dredge Line

ACTIVE: Nautilus hurls his anchor forward. If it hits a champion, he drags both himself and the opponent close together. If it hits terrain, Nautilus instead pulls himself to the anchor and the cooldown of Dredge Line is reduced by half.

  • Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
  • Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana
  • Range: 950
  • Damage: 60/105/150/195/240 (+75% AP) magic damage

A skillshot gap closer that behaves differently based on what it hits. If it hits a minion or champion it will drag the minion or champion and Nautilus to each other. If it hits terrain it will drag Nautilus the full length to the terrain and the cooldown will be cut in half. A very good tool in keeping the enemy near or closing the distance. Very good for ganking. Can be used to escape if needed as well.

Tip: try not to use this to start a gank if at all possible. If you can initiate the gank with your Depth Charge or simply running up to them and getting an AA off to proc your passive then do that instead as you'll have this available when they eventually try to run away. But at the same time don't be afraid to start with this either as it's a good gank initiator and you've got plenty of CC to work with, so if you can't close the gap without this to start the gank definitely go ahead and use it.

W - Titan's Wrath

ACTIVE: Nautilus surrounds himself with dark energies, gaining a shield that blocks incoming damage. While the shield persists, his attacks apply a damage over time effect to enemies around his target.

  • Cooldown: 22/21/20/19/18 seconds
  • Cost: 80 mana
  • Shield: 100/150/200/250/300 (+10% of bonus health)
  • Damage: 40/55/60/85/100 (+40% AP) magic damage

Naut's most important ability when it comes to survivability and jungling. Grants a shield that allows him to absorb damage which means he'll take less damage from jungle creeps and be healthier at the end of his clear so he can gank if the opportunity arises without having to go back to base and heal. This shield is also how he does most of his damage. It applies a DoT for 2 seconds to the enemies surrounding his main target and is applied with every auto attack as long as the shield persists. A very useful skill both early and late game.

E - Riptide

ACTIVE: Nautilus slams the ground, causing the earth to explode around him in a set of three explosions. Each explosion damages and slows enemies.

  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana
  • Range: 600
  • Damage per wave: 60/100/140/180/220 (+50% AP) magic damage
  • Max Damage: 120/200/280/360/440 (+100% AP) magic damage
  • Slow: 30/35/40/45/50 percent

An AoE ability that does fairly decent damage as well as slows down any enemies it hits. Upon activation three waves originate from the spot Nautilus was standing when he cast the ability. An enemy only has to get hit by one of the waves in order to be slowed and can get hit by multiple waves, but only at half the damage. Used primarily for the slow though the damage isn't half bad.

Tip: You don't want to waste the slow so don't use this until your CC on the target is about to finish and they'll be able to run away. It's pointless to use this while they're in a semi-long CC or they're about to be CC'd.

R - Depth Charge

ACTIVE: Nautilus fires a shockwave into the earth that chases an opponent. This shockwave rips up the earth above it, knocking enemies into the air. When it reaches the opponent, the shockwave erupts, knocking his target into the air and stunning them.

  • Cooldown: 140/110/80 seconds
  • Cost: 100 mana
  • Range 850
  • Damage passthrough: 125/175/225 (+40% AP) magic damage
  • Damage explosion: 200/325/450 (+80% AP) magic damage
  • Stun: 1/1.5/2 seconds

An amazing CC ability that causes havoc in team fights. Chases down a target enemy champion and knocks any other enemy champions it passes through on its way to the target into the air. Upon reaching the target it knocks the target up in the air, stuns them for a short duration, and causes a decent amount of magic damage. A very good ganking tool if you can use it to initiate a gank and amazing in team fights if you aim at someone in their back lines and have it pass through their entire team. Starts out traveling slow at first but speeds up a lot as it travels.

Note: this spell CAN fizzle if the target puts too much distance between itself and the Depth Charge, though it's pretty difficult to do so.

Pros and Cons

Nautilus has an insane amount of CC and will be very tanky for team fights. His ganks are great and his sustained damage is good while his Titan's Wrath is active. Is a monster in team fights due to how disruptive he is, especially with his ultimate. Has a great gap closer that brings enemies closer to him and can be cast on terrain as well.

He isn't as tanky when Titan's Wrath is on cooldown and does virtually no damage without it. He has very low base movement speed for a jungler.

Pre-game Build

This section will deal with your rune page setup, masteries, and which summoner spells to take. All the things to do before your game actually begins. Many of these choices are to address weaknesses Nautilus has and to help him perform his main jobs better.


Greater Mark of Attack Speed x9 - The increased attack speed allows Nautilus to deal more damage through Titan's Wrath which is good against both champions and jungle camps.

Greater Seal of Armor x9 - Required for every jungler. Reduces the damage you take by jungle camps significantly which is needed so you have more health when you need to gank.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9 - Reduces the amount of magic damage you take. We want scaling instead of flat because we're not taking any magic damage in the jungle, so there's no reason to sacrifice the late game bonus for the early game.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x9 - Nautilus has low base move speed and we want to improve that by using move speed quints. Move speed allows junglers to close the gap faster which allows for more successful ganks and improves your clear time by allowing you to move faster in between camps.




1/1 Summoner's Insight - Lower cooldown on Flash
3/3 Wanderer - While the move speed doesn't work in combat, we want it anyway because Naut has fairly low move speed so we take this to help out with that and allow him to close the gap faster, which leads to more successful ganks
1/1 Improved Recall
3/3 Mastermind - 10% CDR on Summoner Spells. Very useful, especially with Flash
1/1 Runic Affinity


1/1 Summoner's Resolve
4/4 Durability
2/2 Tough Skin
3/3 Hardiness
1/1 Bladed Armor - Allows you to kill jungle camps a bit faster, especially on the initial clear
2/2 Unyielding
1/1 Veteran's Scars
1/1 Block
3/3 Juggernaut - We want the increased health because it allows Naut to tank better and it works very well with Titan's Wrath, which scales off of bonus health
1/1 Defender
1/3 Legendary Armor - Even just one point here helps late game once you've got a lot of items
1/1 Honor Guard

This mastery setup is focused on making Nautilus better at tanking and addressing some mobility issues. He has a low base move speed so Wanderer helps a bit with that so he can close the gap faster while ganking and initiating a fight. Lowering the cooldown on Flash is great because it allows you to Flash more often during a game so you be a bit more liberal with it, especially when it will help with ganks. Runic Affinity allows him to keep Blue/Red for an extra 30 seconds which could be useful if a gank opportunity arises in the last 30 seconds and for being able to spam abilities to get through jungle camps faster.

In the defense tree we take talents that reduce the damage Nautilus takes from both champions and minions as well as the increased health talents which allow Nautilus to take more damage both by getting raw health and by making Titan's Wrath (the shield portion scales on bonus health) more potent.

This is an alternative mastery build to the one above. It focuses more on damage by sacrificing some utility. It might be worth it to sacrifice the lower cooldown on Flash, increased move speed out of combat, and 30 extra seconds on blue/red buff for the ability to clear camps faster (especially considering Naut's slow initial clear). Test both out and figure out which you like better.



2/4 Fury - More attack speed allows more basic attacks which means more damage. Works with Titan's Wrath to apply the DoT more often as well as takes effect of the jungle items that deal more damage to minions and monsters.
2/2 Butcher - Deals more damage to minions and monsters
4/4 Blast
1/1 Arcane Knowledge - Works well with all of Naut's abilities, in particular the damage portion of Titan's Wrath


1/1 Summoner's Resolve
4/4 Durability
2/2 Tough Skin
3/3 Hardiness
1/1 Bladed Armor - Allows you to kill jungle camps a bit faster, especially on the initial clear
2/2 Unyielding
1/1 Veteran's Scars
1/1 Block
3/3 Juggernaut - We want the increased health because it allows Naut to tank better and it works very well with Titan's Wrath, which scales off of bonus health
1/1 Defender
1/3 Legendary Armor - Even just one point here helps late game once you've got a lot of items
1/1 Honor Guard

This mastery setup is focused on making Nautilus better at tanking and addressing his slow initial clear time. The abilities we take in the offense tree are all aimed at allowing Naut to kill jungle creeps faster and do a bit more damage to champions.

In the defense tree we take talents that reduce the damage Nautilus takes from both champions and minions as well as the increased health talents which allow Nautilus to take more damage both by getting raw health and by making Titan's Wrath (the shield portion scales on bonus health) more potent.

Summoner Spells

We only have two real choices on Nautilus as the other spells don't help him nearly as much.

Smite: Absolutely required for junglers. No exceptions. Deals true damage that scales with your level, so we use it to secure a kill on the important monster objectives (Dragon, Baron, and blue/red buffs). We need this to keep control of these important objectives, so if you're a jungler without Smite you're doing it completely wrong.

Flash: Arguably the best Summoner Spell in the game. Allows you to instantly teleport a short distance which you can use to catch up to enemies, run away from enemies, blink through walls so you don't have to run around them, and to augment your ganking capabilities.

Ghost: Increases your move speed by a significant amount which allows you to run away safely from enemies or chase them down and stick to them. Can cover more distance than Flash over the long run but not nearly as useful on Nautilus as Flash is.

Exhaust: Slows down the enemy significantly and reduces the amount of damage they deal while Exhaust is active. Not particularly useful on Nautilus as the target should be more than dead if Nautilus catches them, and if all that CC doesn't get it done Exhaust isn't going to help. Not worth taking over Flash.

Skill Order

Q - Dredge LineOOOOO
W - Titan's WrathOOOOO
E - RiptideOOOOO
R - Depth ChargeOOO

This is recommended because you might need to gank or countergank early, which means you can't put two points in Titan's Wrath early and hold off on Dredge Line until level 4. I like doing this as a "just in case". We max Titan's Wrath first because it's your best tool for being tanky and clearing jungle camps quickly. Dredge Line is a one point wonder, meaning we just care about the utility of it and not its damage, so we'll max this last. Riptide does pretty decent damage and the slow amount is increased with rank so we max this after we're done maxing Titan's Wrath. We take a point in Depth Charge whenever we're allowed to at 6, 11, and 16.

Q - Dredge LineOOOOO
W - Titan's WrathOOOOO
E - RiptideOOOOO
R - Depth ChargeOOO

The same deal as above but with a small alteration. Instead of getting Dredge Line at level 3, we push it off to level 4 and get the second point in Titan's Wrath at 3 instead. Do this if there's nothing to gank and you don't fear having to counter gank until at least reaching level 4.

Starting Items

  • Hunter's Machete
  • Health Potion x 5

There's no real alternative to this start for junglers. Machete allows you to kill creeps faster and the health potions gives you sustain so you're healthy enough at the end of your initial clear to gank if you need to. A possible alternative is Cloth Armor and health potions, but you won't kill the camps as quicky and will end up taking about the amount of damage anyway. You also don't need the damage reduction because the five health potions are enough to keep your health up.

Core Items

  • Spirit of the Ancient Golem
  • Aegis of the Legion
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Ninja Tabi or Boots of Mobility

Spirit of the Ancient Golem is a great buy for Nautilus. It has Health, CDR, health and mana regen, and 35 Tenacity, which is great because it means you're not forced to buy Mercury's Treads for the CC reduction. The sustain keeps him healthy while jungling and keeps his mana up so you can give away blue buff to your mid. The health allows him to tank more damage and makes his Titan's Wrath more powerful. An incredibly good item that you should get ASAP.

You're definitely going to build either Aegis of the Legion or Locket of the Iron Solari, and you'll probably end up building both. Both are great items for mid/late game because of how useful they are in team fights, and if you're doing well and can build one early it just makes your ganks that much better because you're bringing a nice bit of defensive stats or a shield with you wherever you go. Make sure to check with your support and tell them which one you're building. If your support starts building an Aegis then don't start building one too, start building a Locket and make sure you tell your support that so they don't get the same item. As for which one to build, Aegis is more useful in team fights in the middle part of the game because it's always on and the shield from Locket scales with level. Locket has a very useful 10% CDR and the shield is still fairly useful. Just use your best judgement on which to build first. And again, make sure you inform your support so you both don't build the same thing.

With the Tenacity on Spirit of the Ancient Golem you aren't stuck getting Mercury's Treads, so we can get another useful boot choice. Ninja Tabi and Boots of Mobility are the two useful boots we have to choose from. Ninja Tabi is great for survivability against AD Carries and other physical damage dealers that rely on auto attacks. You may want to get these over Mobility depending on the enemy team comp, but if you can get away with Mobility for the early part of the game then you should do that, because they help a great deal with ganking because you can close the gap so much more quickly. If you do get Boots of Mobility, you'll eventually trade them in for Ninja Tabi if the game goes long, because they're not as useful late game. Their primary purpose is better ganks.

Situational Items

These are the items you'll build after you've completed your core set of items (usually, sometimes you can get away with delaying a core item for something else). All of these items are situational and you should choose these items based on the enemy team comp and what they're building. These are all decent items to choose from. Keep in mind that Nautilus' Titan's Wrath scales with bonus health, so items with health on them help him even more than they otherwise would because they make his shield even bigger.

Randuin's Omen - Lots of health and armor. Great against teams that deal a lot of physical damage, though if they have more than one champion that deals a lot of damage through auto attacks you'll want to get Frozen Heart over this. Also has a good active ability that slows down all enemies in range of it which allows your team to stick to any running enemies a lot better and slows down the progress of any enemies that need to get in melee range of your team during team fights.

Sunfire Cape - Health and armor as well as an underestimated passive that causes 40 magic damage to nearby enemies every second. That damage really adds up during prolonged team fights.

Frozen Heart - Tons of armor and CDR and a great passive aura that slows down the attack speed of any enemies in range. Great item to choose over Randuin's Omen for teams with lots of physical damage dealt through auto attackers.

Runic Bulwark - Upgrade Aegis of the Legion into this if the enemy is dealing a lot of magic damage.

Warmog's Armor - A whopping 1000 health with a nice amount of health regen. A good item against poke comps where you're taking a lot of annoying small attacks that add up over time. Very useful with Titan's Wrath. This is also a good item to consider if the enemy deals a lot of magic damage. There aren't any big items to answer tons of magic damage anymore that are similar to Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart, so this may be on your wish list if they have more than one heavy hitting magic user. The only real answer to True Damage.

Spirit Visage - Health, 20% CDR, and a good amount of Magic Resist. Build if the enemy is dealing significant magic damage even if Nautilus can't take advantage of the increased self healing passive because of the large amount of CDR and useful health.

Abyssal Scepter - Magic resist as well as Ability Power which is somewhat useful since all of Nautilus' abilities deal magic damage and scale off of AP. Also has an aura that reduces the magic resist of any enemy in range by 20. If your team needs to deal more damage and you've got more than one person doing heavy magic damage this is a good item to invest in. More of an offensive choice over something like Spirit Visage which is purely defensive.

Iceborn Gauntlet - Has armor, CDR, and allows you to deal some extra damage as well as place an AoE slow under your target. An item to consider if you need the armor but also feel that you should trade in some survivability for the extra damage and utility of the slow.

Wit's End - Gives you a lot of attack speed which works well with the damage component of Titan's Wrath. Also allows you to steal MR from an opponent on hit, stacking five times. You gain the MR that you steal from your opponent. The MR shred combined with applying the DoT from Titan's Wrath more often due to the increased attack speed make this a decent item to consider if you're looking for both survivability against magic damage as well as more damage. Keep in mind that this isn't magic penetration, this is reduction meaning the target will take increased magic damage from all attacks. The combination of this and Abyssal Scepter would be potent if your team deals a lot of magic damage.

Thornmail - Built when enemy auto attackers start doing a lot of damage. Works well when combined with Frozen Heart. The only problem is that the reflected damage is magic damage and is heavily negated by magic resist. This isn't as strong an item as in Season 2 but might have a place if the enemy has a lot of auto attack focused damage dealers.

Shurelya's Reverie - Health, sustain, CDR, and a very useful active that increases the move speed for all nearby allies by 40% for 3 seconds which is very useful for initiations and escapes. Typically better on a support than a jungler, but if you feel you need the item and the support is building something else that's more useful, go ahead and invest in this yourself. Was necessary in every game during season 2. In season 3 it's more like a nice bonus if you have the gold and spare item slot to build it.

Boot Enchantments

Homeguard - You'll build this almost every game even if you're winning. THE boot enchant to buy if your team is losing as it helps you defend your base. Restores your health and mana to full as soon as you step on the fountain in your base rather than restoring it over a certain number of seconds. Gives you a huge speed boost that decays over a number of seconds, lasting just long enough to get past your inhibitors and out of your base. Also useful for offensive purposes by allowing you to restore health quickly to get back out into the map faster to contest/take an important objective.

Distortion - Reduced the cooldown of your Teleport, Flash, and Ghost Summoner Spells by a whopping 25%. Having Flash available more often in games can turn the tide of team fights or help you catch an enemy champion out of position. Definitely worth considering.

Captain - Allows your team mates to follow you more quickly when you initiate a fight. As Nautilus you'll definitely be initiating some fights so you might find this useful.

Furor - Grants you a move speed buff every time you auto attack that decays over 2 seconds. This allows you to stick to targets that are running away better. Not that useful on Nautilus because of all the CC he has to keep targets from getting too far away. Not recommended.

Alacrity - +15 move speed. Unspectacular. Not recommended.


You have two main jobs as a jungler: 1) To control map objectives such as blue/red buff, Dragon, and Baron. 2) Help your team by ganking their lanes as well as helping them kill towers.

Being a jungler is all about map control. You want to make sure your team is getting the jungle buffs, the important monsters Dragon and Baron, and towers. Killing towers and pushing into the enemy base is how you win the game. Take advantage of any opportunity that arises to push towers.

Always buy at least one ward whenever you go back to base. Warding helps you win games.

Spawn and Respawn Times

Memorize the following spawn times and respawn timers and make sure you keep track of them in game so you're in position to take these objectives or else you'll risk losing them to the enemy. Also keep in mind how long the buffs you get will last.

  • Wolves initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 50 seconds
  • Wraiths initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 50 seconds
  • Golems initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 50 seconds
  • Lizard Elder initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 5 minutes
    • Red buff lasts 2:30, 3:00 with Runic Affinity mastery
  • Ancient Golem initial spawn time 1:55, respawn time 5 minutes
    • Blue buff lasts 2:30, 3:00 with Runic Affinity mastery
  • Dragon initial spawn time 2:30, respawn time 6 minutes
  • Baron initial spawn time 15:00, respawn time 7 minutes
    • Baron buff lasts 4 minutes and is not affected by Runic Affinity mastery

Ganking as Nautilus

Nautilus has very powerful CC and that's what makes his ganks so potent. The best way to gank usually is to use Dredge Line to close the distance. If you can land it on the enemy champion then it's almost certainly going to result in a kill. Sometimes minions are in the way so you could potentially aim it at terrain and pull yourself in range of the enemy that way. When you reach level 6 and you have the opportunity to do this (meaning the enemy is at least at the half way point of the lane) use your Depth Charge to initiate instead. Having your Dredge Line available for when they're running away is very potent if you're good at aiming it. Don't forget to use Riptide to slow them down so they can't run away as fast.

If you're in a decent League people will know what wards are. They usually ward the river so unless they're really over extended that's not going to be a good direction to gank from. If you could go in through their jungle and sneak in behind them and get them at their tower, they often don't expect that and it will result in a kill. Keep in mind that this is a tower dive and you'll take lazers to the face, so only try this if both you and your team mates come out alive. Trading 1 for 1 isn't worth it most of the time.

Lane ganking is how I get most of my successful ganks off nowadays. By buying Boots of Mobility and running straight at them through lane (coming from the direction of our base - basically following the line of minions to the lane) you can close the distance fast enough most of the time to get your team a kill, or at the very least cause some Flashes just by showing your presence in lane and running at them super fast. You could also sneak in to your side of the lane bush when the minions are pushed up enough and wait for the lane to push back and surprise the enemy, just don't spend too much time waiting around.

A big thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't put off attempting a gank just because you don't think you'll get a kill. Sometimes it's worth it just to show yourself to force a Flash or walk over a ward you know is there to get the enemy team to back off and lift the pressure they're putting on your team mates.

Something else to think about is who you're ganking for and who the opponent is. If your team mate does no damage and you're ganking a Singed, it's unlikely you two are going to have enough damage to kill him. Also keep in mind escapes, gap closers, and CC on both team's champions as they'll play a part in how the gank goes down.

Early Game

Nautilus has a fairly weak early game because pretty much all of his damage relies on Titan's Wrath being active. At rank 1 the shield isn't that potent so his clear time will be fairly slow, though he won't fall significantly far behind most junglers.

Now that the camps all spawn at the same time we can't start at wolves/wraiths before getting blue/red now, so we just have to start at either Ancient Golem or Lizard Elder camp first now. I recommend starting at Ancient Golem for blue buff first. Ask your team mates for a super leash so you don't have to use Smite and can save it for securing your red buff. Sometimes the enemy jungler tries to invade and steal your red buff from you so you may need Smite up to contest it.

You can either go straight to Lizard Elder from Ancient Golem and get level 3 or you can take wolves and wraiths in between and end up with level 4 by the time your done. I recomend going straight to red from blue because that will get you to level 3 the quickest and you'll have 3 skill points available plus both buffs just in case you need to gank early.

At this stage of the game look for ganking opportunities and try to take advantage of them. Don't waste too much time waiting around for one though as you'll end up behind in levels and gold. Just clear jungle camps and gank. There's not much else to do in the early part of the game.

Mid/Late Game

At this point in the game the first towers should be going down and people will start roaming and grouping for team fights. The objective here is to work with your team to keep control of the map and push objectives like towers and inhibitors as well as take Dragon and Baron.

As Nautilus your job is to tank for your team so they're not the ones taking all the damage. You do this by being a threat with your vast amount of CC. Get in the middle of things and be as disruptive with your CC as possible so the enemy focuses you instead of your more fragile team mates.

Keep lanes pushed so they're going towards the enemy towers and not yours. Time Dragon and Baron attempts when the enemy base is being pressured to force the enemy team to choose between them and their own base. However Baron pales in importance compared to inhibitors. Getting an inhibitor is a huge blow to the enemy team as all your minions gain health so lanes naturally push in your team's favor. Super minions also spawn in the lane that no longer has an active inhibitor, so that lane in particular pushes particularly hard. If you get an inhibitor keeping map control is way easier and taking other towers/inhibitors becomes even easier as the enemy will constantly have to divert attention to the lane with super minions in it allowing your team to take something easily.

Once their base is in shambles don't waste time by going after things that don't matter. If you have your foot on their throats don't ease up the pressure. Take them out and close out the game because you certainly don't want them farming freely in their base otherwise they'll catch up with all that free gold and you could potentially lose the game. It only takes one bad team fight at that stage of the game to cost you because the respawn timers are so high.


This is a list of the most common junglers you'll go toe to toe with in any given game. Nautilus is a poor dueler so you won't spend too much time trying to counter jungle them unless you have their jungle warded up and know exactly where their jungler is. You may encounter certain good duelers who will try to invade you because they know you can't kill them by yourself. You're incredibly tanky so if your team responds quickly this will backfire on the enemy jungler as you can survive until they get there and you have plenty of CC to keep them in range for your team mate to get a kill.


Amumu is similar to Nautilus in that he's got deadly CC and he has a weak early game in the jungle and is very tanky. Amumu is extremely vulnerable to invasion so if your team has the better level 1 then you may want to look into invading him at his blue, which he'll certainly be starting at. You don't have to worry about being counter jungled by him as he's an equally poor dueler. Late game he's just as dangerous as you are, although once his ultimate is used he doesn't have anymore CC to use so if your team survives that you'll be a far bigger threat.


An incredibly similar champion to Nautilus. Has a lot of CC that can be used over and over again and does quite a lot of damage once he hits level 6 because his ultimate deals True Damage. His ganks aren't as potent as yours but they're still powerful and he causes more damage than you to make up for it. He gains bonus health every time he eats an enemy with his ultimate which means he's naturally tanky as long as he doesn't die and lose all his stacks. He can focus on building resistance to make use off all that extra health and ends up being very tanky late game. However killing him makes him lose a lot of health so as long as you don't let him get too far ahead you'll be just as big a threat as he is in team fights.


Naturally tanky because of that powerful shield so she can focus on building damage and act as an AP assassin when ganking. She has high single target damage so running into her in the jungle isn't good for your health. She might try and counter jungle you because you're bad at dueling so keep that in mind. In team fights her threat isn't CC it's her high single target damage and free tankyness in the form of her shield. She can take a fragile member of your team out immediately and not take a lot of damage in return so be ready with CC to prevent her from doing that. Her weakness is that she has to jump through your team to get at the fragile carries and CC locks her down. Also, once her shield is used up she's squishy, so take advantage of that.


She deals a lot of damage for very little AP because her two main damage spells in both human and spider form deal damage based on a percentage of health. She has a lot of sustain in spider form and has a free Zhonya's Hourglass while in spider form. She also has a long ranged stun. A very good dueler with decent ganks. Look out for any counter jungle attemps from her in Solo Q as she can escape rather easly and kill you if she doesn't need to escape. Her weakness is in team fights. She doesn't have a lot of CC and her stun is a skillshot that can't go through minions. She isn't naturally tanky so she can't take as much damage as you. She's more of an assassin type champion now.


Has amazing amounts of sustain if he can channel his spell. His ganks while his ultimate is up are great, otherwise they're not spectacular. He has no stuns but he's got a silence and a fear that are both very useful. If you run into him in the jungle he's not going to kill you right away but he does do a lot of damage so get out of there fast unless a team mate is close by. Be aware that he can solo dragon at a fairly low level because of all his sustain so look out for that and keep dragon warded. He's good in team fights with his ultimate because of how much damage he does. You have a lot of CC to shut him down with it especially if you see him channeling his ult or life drain. If you interrupt him while he's channeling his ult the ult goes on cooldown without him ever using it.


Amazing ganks due to his high mobility and ultimate that can close the gap very quickly. Can knock people back towards his team with his charge and his ultimate fears the people it hits. Does quite a decent bit of damage and can also tank very well when his W is going as it absorbs a lot of health. Not a great dueler and has as slow an initial clear as Nautilus does, so he has the same problems early game that you do. Isn't as tanky when his W isn't up, but it's on a fairly low cooldown so it can be up multiple time in team fights. Doesn't have as much CC as you do so you're still a bigger threat in team fights, but his ganks are as good as yours if not better due to how quickly he can close the gap.

Jarvan IV

Does quite a bit of damage and can kill you by himself if your team doesn't help you in time. He can avoid wards by jumping over walls so he may try to sneak to one of your buffs and steal them. His ultimate is considered temporary terrain so your Dredge Line won't colide with it, which means when he uses it in team fights you can hook him to prevent him from doing damage to whoever he used it on. Your ganks are better and your team fighting is better. Just keep in mind that he's a champion that often focuses on ganking instead of farming quietly so be ready to counter gank.

Lee Sin

An insanely good dueler with good ganks. Deals a lot of damage and is very mobile. Look for him to try and counter jungle you because of how good he is in 1v1's and how easily he can escape. His ganks are deadly if he can land all his skillshots. His ultimate knocks the enemy back a long way so it's almost certain death if he kicks someone away from their tower. No real CC and isn't as tanky as you are in team fights. Is somewhat fragile so he falls off in team fights because he's melee. He'll try to kick people away from your group so they're out of position and you can't help them. Lock him down with CC to prevent this as you don't want a 4 v 5. Has a cool Bruce Lee skin.


Naturally tanky due to his passive and his E scales with armor so he'll be building a lot of it. Becomes very tanky late game and has godly initiation. Does nice damage without actually having to build any damage. He can slow down enemies and absorb their movement speed making his ganks -- especially combined with his ult -- powerful. Can slow down the attack speed of everyone in range with his E. A very strong champion against physical damage dealers because of this attack speed slow and all the armor he's going to build. Beware of his ultimate in team fights. Don't group up too tightly so he can't hit your entire team. Definitely don't try and fight the enemy team in the jungle. Once his ultimate is down his CC isn't that potent, though that attack speed slow (combined with the Frozen Heart he'll probably have) will be a problem if you have too many champions on your team reliant on auto attacks for damage.


Amazingly strong ganks that rival yours. His ult is amazing in team fights because it absorbs damage done on his allies while they're in the AoE and it turns that damage back on the enemy when he cancels it. A great counter to AoE teams. His ganks are downright scary because his gap closer isn't a skillshot and follows people no matter how far away they get, even with Flash. Also does decent damage and can throw mini wards everywhere so he's hard to surprise in the jungle.


Has high damage so his clear time and dueling ability is good. His ultimate is very scary because it removes vision on the enemy team on the entire map except for what's right in front of them. This includes any wards on the map and does funky things with vision in bushes. Not to mention it's a very long range gap closer giving him a way to gank while avoiding enemy wards. Has a spellshield which is useful in team fights and duels. Not as tanky as you are in team fights but he'll jump on your carries and fear them/make them run essentially taking them out of the fight, so make sure you CC the hell out of him so he doesn't do this.


Has a free Smite as an ability which means he has the best objective control in the game, especially when combined with the actual Smite spell. You can't out-Smite him at Baron or Dragon because he has two Smites. Has no hard CC but his snowball spell is spammable. With enough CDR he can have someone perma slowed which means they're not going to escape death if they're too over extended. He gets extra buffs from the jungle camps if he uses his Consume on them making him even better at tanking. His weakness is that he deals next to no damage outside of his fully charged ultimate. If you see him charge his ultimate interrupt him at all costs as it's massive damage if it charges fully. He tanks well in team fights, can heal off minions with his Consume, and peels well with his spammable snowballs.


Can stick to targets very well with all her slows and her ultimate is amazing in team fights. She deals quite a lot of damage without having to build any. Rivals Nautilus in tankyness and amount of CC, but deals more damage than he does. Especially useful against tanks as her damage is based on health. Nautilus still has better ganks because she has no stuns outside of her ultimate so she relies on her laner having a hard CC while Nautilus doesn't care and just wants enough damage as he provides all the CC needed himself.


You're f***ed if the person playing him is Korean.


She focuses on counter jungling instead of ganking. She's naturally tanky and deals a lot of damage so she's a very good dueler. She clears camps quite quickly, so she'll be looking to invade your jungle and ruin your day. Ward your jungle a lot and make sure your team mates know that they have to help you because she'll be in your jungle more than her own. She's great in team fights when she uses dragon form because she deals tons of damage and can tank a lot in return. Only one CC and it's on her ultimate, so she isn't going to be as disruptive in team fights as you are.


Is great at dueling because he steals your stats making himself stronger while making you weaker. Just run if you meet him without any team mates around. Has okay ganks but is reliant on his laner having hard CC because he doesn't have any and doesn't have a useful gap closer. In team fights he'll either gimp your ADC right away with his ult or he'll use it on you because you're the tank and it would make you squishy. Can be decently tanky and do damage at the same time because he steals stats.


Good at dueling and counter jungling. Not a great ganker because his gap closer is a minor speed boost and his only CC doesn't last very long. Is great in team fights though as he can keep that stun going every few seconds and his shield is spammable which means he'll be really tanky. Can also deal a decent amount of AoE damage.


Deals decent damage while building tanky and her ganks are fairly good, but she's in need of a hard CC by a laner so her ganks aren't certain death like Nautilus' ganks are. Not as tanky as Nautilus in team fights and lacks the CC to be disruptive enough to be focused. Makes up for it by shredding armor and allowing her team to deal more damage.


Does good damage while stacking health and being tanky. Has a huge movement speed boost which makes his ganks potent because he flips people over when he catches up to them. In team fights make sure you CC him when he activates his move speed boost so he can't get to your carries and flip them into his team. His passive is very tasty bait, so you'll have to try not to fall for it. Has no real CC and doesn't deal enough damage to be a threat in team fights as long as you CC him so he doesn't get to your carries.


Quick Silver Sash gg.

Xin Zhao

Great ganks and deals high damage. The tradeoff is that he's not that tanky, which will be a problem in team fights. His ult is great for team fights though as he can dive one of your carries and knock the rest of your team away while he pummels them, so make sure to save CC for him when he does this.


AA/Auto Attack: A champion's basic, non-ability attack. Right clicking.

AoE/Area of Effect: Damage or healing done in an area that affects multiple targets in that area rather than being directed at one single target.

AD/Attack Damage: Physical damage. Increases the damage of auto attacks and abilities that scale with Attack Damage.

AP/Ability Power: Magic damage. The stat that increases the amount of magic damage done by abilities that scale with it.

CC/Crowd Control: Abilities that cause loss of control of your champion or otherwise inhibit your champion. Stuns, slows, knockups, fears, etc.

Cooldown: The period of time a spell cannot be cast. Cooldown timers are incurred once a spell is cast and you must wait the given time in order to cast that spell again.

CDR/Cooldown Reduction: A stat that reduced the cooldowns on abilities by a certain percentage. The maximum available CDR is 40%.

Creeps: A nickname for minions and monsters that was used by Warcraft 3 players, most notably on the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) map.

CS/Creep Score: The amount of minions and monsters on which you've landed the killing blow. Another old term that was used in the DotA days that carried over to League.

DotA: The Defense of the Ancients map for Warcraft 3 that League of Legends is based on.

Gank: An attack on an enemy in the form of an ambush/surprise attack.

Farm/Farming: The act of killing minions and monsters for gold. The amount of minions and monsters you've killed.

Inhibitor: The objects in a team's base that inhibits the enemy team from spawning stronger minions. Killing an enemy inhibitor allows your team to spawn stronger minions which means lanes will naturally push in your team's favor. A very important objective.

Jungle: The forested area in between the lanes where the monster camps hang out.

Jungler: The person who kills monsters in the jungle instead of staying in a lane and who roams around the map and ganks enemies whenever the opportunity arises.

Lanes: The top, middle, and bottom "roads" where all the turrets are placed and all the minions march.

Lane Phase: Refers to the early part of the game where everyone is in lane farming.

Last Hit: The killing blow, the final attack which kills the opponent. Last hitting is an important skill to master when it comes to farming.

Leash: When team mates help the jungler kill a camp quickly instead of having the jungler do it by himself. Only really applies to the beginning of the game when minions initially spawn.

LoL: League of Legends.

Minions: The units that spawn from the Nexus and travel through the three lanes.

Monsters: The neutral minions that are found in the jungle.

Skillshot: A champion's ability that requires aim and the ability to predict where the target is moving rather than an ability that automatically hits the target.

Summoner's Rift: The 5v5 map that's based on DotA. The objective is to take down turrets and eventually destroy the enemy base.

SR: Short for Summoner's Rift.

Tenacity: The stat which reduces the amount of time your champion is CC'd.

Tank: A champion with a lot of health and resistance that is supposed to take damage from the enemy team so their team mates don't have to.

Turrets: The things that shoot lasers at your face. AKA towers.

Turrents/Torrents: What stupid people call turrets.


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