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by CJ_Boy

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Lulu Champion Guide by CJ_Boy

Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 03/21/13

1.0 Introduction

Hey I'm CJ-Boy, long-term member of gameFAQs and amateur League of Legends player. My IGN is pijaGorda1. I've been playing since about May/June 2012 and my main role is support. As of the time of writing this guide, I have 474 Normal wins and I'm in Silver Division 4 with 18 wins in 33 games. I have not been playing too many ranked games because I want to have a bigger champion pool before diving hard into ranked. I can play a lot of champions but these are my go-to champs:

  • Top: Urgot, Nasus
  • Mid: Brand, Orianna, Diana
  • Jungle: Skarner, Nasus
  • AD Carry: Vayne
  • Support: Lulu, Thresh, Alistar, Leona

This guide is aimed mostly to people from low-mid to high-mid elo, but hopefully anyone can pick some tips up from it. Here's hoping you enjoy the guide and learn plenty from it.

2.0 Champion Overview

Lulu is one of the safest support picks and in my opinion the strongest support in the game. She's got AoE slows, a polymorph(a silence that doesn't allow auto-attacks), movement speed and AP steroid, a shield that works as a reveal if used on an opponent, and AoE knockup which gives bonus health to an ally. Her kit overall is really strong, her presence both in lane and teamfights is huge.

Other than being a god-tier support, Lulu can also perform as mid-laner and top-laner and can win easily on 1v2 lanes. The only problem for Lulu is that she lacks the sustain for lane, you have no healing skills(other than your ult) and you have to know how to manage your mana.

In lane Lulu deals tons of sustained damage with her autoattacks, she's a very strong harasser and an excellent anti-dive support. Your poke is great and one of your biggest advantages is that you can potentially kick someone out of lane by level 1-2 just by yourself.

3.1 Runes

Lulu is very versatile, so for a rune page you have many options to choose from, here's the rune page I use for her:

  • Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration x9 = +8.1 Armor Penetration, 5.58 Magic Penetration, 7380 IP
  • Greater Seal of Armor x9 = +12.69 Armor, 1845 IP
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 = +12.06 Magic Resist 1845 IP
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x3 = +4.5 Movement Speed, 6150 IP

This rune page makes the most out of Lulu's auto-attack and passive, making her insane at poking, while still being tanky and quick. The armor penetration works with the autoattacks(you have to autoattack the enemy laners as much as possible to make the most out of your passive) and the magic penetration works with the passive, her E and Q, which deal magic damage. The flat armor and magic resist runes will give you a defensive edge in trades, I choose flat magic resist, because some adc's and most supports deal magic damage with their spell, so flat MR mitigates that damage on lane better than scaling MR. I prefer taking flat Armor and Magic resist instead of scaling because I prefer the advantage of having more Magic Resist in lane, it allows me to be very offensive, but because I've got a lot of resistances the damage I take is greatly diminished.

Runes almost always just go down to taste, so I'll be explaining to you the reasoning behind not using the "default" rune page. The common rune page for most supports is Armor Reds and Yellows, Flat/Scaling MR Blues, GP10 Quints. Armor reds are strong, I do not use them because for Lulu the Hybrid Penetration reds are much more stronger on Lulu because of your harassing than Armor can be(in lane you're not expected to be the one taking the damage, you're the one doing the damage).

GP10 Quints are in my opinion the biggest gimmick for support rune pages. Sure, getting some extra gold is nice because you're not farming creeps or taking kills(hopefully), but what you get out of the GP10 Quints is ridiculously bad. If you do the match a full set of GP10 Quints will give you 3 gold every 10 seconds. At the rate of 3 gold every 10 seconds, you're making 18 gold from the Quints every minute. So it would take you 4 minutes and 10 seconds to get gold for a free ward out of the Quints. Feel free to take GP10 Quints if you like them, but I strongly advocate against them, the Movement Speed Quints make it so that it's not necessary for you to buy tier 2 boots in a game.

Other runes that you may want to look at are:

  • Greater Mark of Armor: Lulu's base armor is only 9, so if you feel you're constantly too much damage from the enemy ad carries when you have offensive marks, switch them to Armor marks.
  • Greater Quintessence of Amor: Same reasoning as above, if you like the offensive marks, but feel like you're getting too much physical harass, you could use armor Quints to reduce the pressure.

3.2 Masteries

My Lulu mastery page looks like this:


    • I also put 2 points in Wealth, the editor didn't let me put them in.

Masteries really boil down to opinion, my page is very unconventional, so I suggest you play around with the masteries until you are contempt with a page. The perks that I suggest you always have are: Pickpocket, Awareness. Pickpocket syncs very will with your high autoattack harass, and awareness let's you go back to base often(this gives your adc a lot of solo exp which is great) without falling behind.

Recommended perks when building a rune page for support Lulu are:

  • Meditation: Gives you extra mana regen, if you have this perk and buy a Faerie Charm as starting item, you'll be able to use spells almost carelessly.
  • Greed: At max rank, this perk gives you 2 gold every 10 seconds, I recommend this especially if you're using the GP10 Quints.
  • Veteran's Scars: Will give you way better durability in lane by giving you flat health and more health per level.
  • Hardiness: Lulu has a low base armor, so picking this up is never a bad choice.

Passive - Pix, the Faerie Companion Pix is like a pet, that follows Lulu everywhere. When Lulu autoattacks a target, Pix attacks the same target, firing 3 bolts. Each bolt deals 3/7/11/15/19/23/27/31/35 magic damage. The bolts can be blocked by other enemy units (in which case the blocking unit will receive the damage).

Pix is what makes your autoattack harass so strong and the reason why you should constantly autoattack the enemies.

Q - Glitterlance Cooldown: 7 seconds Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 Description: Lulu and Pix each fire a bolt that deals 80/125/170/215/260(+50% AP) magic damage and slows the enemies hit by 80% for 1/1.25/1.50/1.75/2 seconds. The slow decays over the duration.

This is one of Lulu's best tools in terms of aggression. Glitterlance is a skillshot with which deals plenty of magic damage and has an AoE slow, it's also a great tool for engaging and disengaging. Using Glitterlance in combination with Help, Pix! helps you shoot the Glitterlance in a lot of different and useful angles.

When you cast Glitterlance the bolts will shoot towards your cursor. The mechanics take a bit getting used to, so I recommend you play a bit with it against bots if you don't feel confident. Remember that when you use this ability, Lulu fires one bolt, and Pix fires the other, both bolts are fired towards your cursor, so you have to take into consideration both your positioning and Pix's. The fun part is that you can play around with Pix's positioning by using Help, Pix! to reposition him. This is very useful when you want to chase/engage with Glitterlance but it's out of range: cast Help, Pix! on a target that's between you and the enemy you want, and then use Pix's position to fire Glitterlance. Because you closed the distance by repositioning Pix, you should've had an easier chance of hitting your target.

W - Whimsy Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds Mana Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 Description: Casting on Ally: The targetted ally gains 35% Movements Speed and 20/30/40/50/60 bonus Ability Power for 5 seconds Casting on Enemy: Polymorphs an enemy champion, disabling them from attacking or using abilities for 1.5/1.75/2.0/2.25/2.5 seconds, and lowers their movement speed by 60

Whimsy on an ally functions nicely as a gank/initiation-aid tool with junglers like Hecarim and Rammus that benefit greatly from higher Movement Speed, it can also help when you need to get a teammate out of trouble or you need to chase someone, you cast this on the teammated that's chasing/getting chased and you can help save them or help them get a kill. The bonus AP isn't very significant although you can use it to slightly boost your punch or your AP carry's strength.

Lulu's polymorph is in my opinion OP because not only does it get to be 2.5 seconds at max rank, but it's also 3 cc forms in one, plus you can make that 6-stack Cho'Gath become a tiny furball! Champions with channeled abilities, like Katarina's Death Lotus will hate you for your polymorph because you can instantly cancel that ability. In bot lane trades it's immense because if your adc and theirs go head-to-head and you polymorph the enemy, he will not be able to autoattack for a good while, which makes him 100% useless for the duration.

Whimsy is very important for its polymorph, so unless you're using it with a strong initiator, save it to either cancel channeled abilities, shutting down the adc or silencing ability-dependent champions like Riven/Akali

E - Help, Pix! Cooldown: 10 seconds Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Description: Casting on Ally: Pix jumps to an ally for 6 seconds shielding them from 60/105/150/195/240 (+60% AP) damage. When Pix is on another ally, he will get the "Pix, the Faerie Companion" passive ability(you don't have it while Pix is on your ally". Casting on Enemy: Pix jumps to an enemy for 6 seconds, dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+60% AP) magic damage, and revealing and following them for the duration.

On an ally the shield can make a difference when in teamfights or trading, you can also help it to help yourself reach the enemies with a Glitterlance(you can cast the shield on minions). Using the shield is recommendable mostly when taking objectives and fighting, shield your adc so he can deal more dps with the Pix attack passive.

Casting on an enemy "Help, Pix!" will be another great tool while harassing in lane. You can cast the E on the enemy support, this opens up your angle for using the Glitterlance, making it easier for you to hit both laners with one glitterlance. It also brings great utility against champions with stealth, because if an enemy champion goes into stealth when Pix is on them, your team will still have vision of them. This is useful against champions like Twitch and Akali that can make great use of stealth to go aggressive.

R - Wild Growth Cooldown: 110/95/80 Mana Cost: 150 Description: Lulu enlarges an ally, knocking enemies near the ally into the air. For 7 seconds, the ally has 300/450/600 (+50% AP) bonus health and gets an aura that slows enemies by 30%/45%/60% for 1 second.

Wild Growth is a great tool both offensively and defensively because it can help initiating or countering a dive. If you've got a strong initiator, take Malphite for example, don't doubt on using it on him when he initiates, you'll get  Malphite's Unstoppable Force knock-up and the Lulu's Wild Growth knock-up in succession, which is a great initiation because of the high AoE CC these 2 ultimates have. Offensively, use it on those champs with strong initiation.

Defensively, you should use Wild Growth when you have an ally that's been strongly focused, or when the enemy team has strong initiaton or burst. This will help them survive for longer and can hopefully help your carry win you fights.

4.2 Leveling



This leveling order allows you for higher harass in lane, you're a poke support, and arguably one of the best at it in lane.

If you're losing the trades badly(this shouldn't be happening unless you're getting constantly caught by hard CC, or if you're playing against strong poke adc's like Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Varus, etc.), max your shield first, instead of the Glitterlance.

If you're teamfighting early, you may want to max W second, because it's way stronger in teamfights than E.

5.1 Starting Items

Because I take the extra gold from the Greed mastery, I start out with Faerie Charm, 2 Sight Wards, 1 Vision Ward, 1 health potion and 1 mana potion. The Faerie Charm and mana potion allow me to use spells without having mana problems. The health pot might save your life in an all-in trade.

Regardless of your masteries, you should always start with at least 1 Vision Ward and 1 Sight Ward. With this as base, you might buy either more wards and some potions, or an ingredient for the Philosopher's Stone with a ward or potions. Any of these is very good.

I don't recommend starting Boots or Ruby Crystal, if you're using the Movement Speed Quintessences you won't need boots for a while; while the Ruby Crystal gives you plenty of HP, it also leaves you without money for other items, so you've esentially lost any chance of warding or sustaining yourself in lane, for some extra hp.

5.2 Early/Core Items

  • Ruby Sightstone
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Kage's Lucky Pick
  • Boots of Speed

The first item you want to get will be a sightstone, sightstone gives you a total of 4 wards, from which you can have 2 placed at any single moment. Sightstone recharges wards everytime you go back to base, plus it gives you a good bit of health. I suggest getting Sightstone before any GP10, because the stats you get and the amount of money you save, is by far better than those you get while having a GP10. After you get your first GP10, buy a Ruby Crystal and upgrade to a Ruby Sightstone as soon as possible, the extra ward and health are 100% worth getting early.

A Philosopher's Stone will be giving you some extra gold, and better lane sustainability. Kage's Lucky pick also gives you more gold, and it gives you stronger harass with the extra AP. I usually get Philosopher's Stone first because I already have 1 item from the starting buy. You don't buy these items only for the GP10(which is quite ironic because you have to use gold to get more gold), you buy them mostly because of the items that they build into, and the nice synergy they have with Lulu.

Because I'm using Movement Speed Quintessences, I can afford to play without boots until far into the laning phase. If you're not running MS Quints, you might want to get Boots after your first GP10.

5.3 Mid-Late Game Items

  • Locket of the Iron Solari/Aegis of the Legion
  • Twin Shadows/Shard of True Ice
  • Shurelya's Reverie

Communicate early on with your jungler/top and ask them if they're gonna get either Locket or Aegis, so that you don't end up building the same item. If you have a heavy initiator, buy Shard of True Ice. If you need the MR and the extra MS, get Twin Shadows. Many people rush Shurelya's as first item, I prefer not to do so to keep the GP10 longer. While the Active and the health on Shurelya's are great, I don't consider they are better than having an Aegis/Locket early, and I upgrade my Kage's earlier than the Philosopher's because they synergize better with Lulu's kit.

5.4 Full Build

  • Tier 2 Boots
  • Runic Bulwark/Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Twin Shadows/Shard of True Ice
  • Shurelya's Reverie
  • Ruby Sightstone

If you bought the Aegis, upgrade it as soon as you complete Twin Shadows/Shard of True Ice and Shurelya's leave tier 2 boots for last. When you buy your boots always look at the enemy team to know which boots you want to buy, if they have heavy autoattacks, get Ninja Tabi, if they have a lot of CC or magic damage get Mercury Thread's. Always have an open slot for pink wards. Pink wards are extremely important, and if you can afford 2 on every back get them; try to ALWAYS go back to lane with 1.

Runic/Aegis and Locket are vital in basically every team, if none of your teammates are picking these items up, do your team a favor and pick them both yourself, although Twin Shadows and Shard of True Ice have incredible synergy with Lulu, Bulwark and Locket are way more important and useful for the team.

6.1The "Bot-Lane Hierarchy"

In the bot lane, there is what I call a "trinity" of types for the lane. There are the sustain lanes, the poke lanes and the burst lanes. They work in a similar way to rock-paper-scissors: Sustain beats poke, poke beats burst, and burst beats sustain. There are some lanes that may be hybrid but they usually aren't very good at one of their attributes if they are hybrid. Lulu can make a good laning partner with basically all the ad carries, but her best pals are Miss Fortune, Varus and Draaaaaaaven.

Supports fall into these divisions:


  • Lulu
  • Sona
  • Lux
  • Zyra


  • Blitzcrank
  • Alistar
  • Leona
  • Lux(post-6)
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Zyra


  • Janna
  • Nami
  • Soraka
  • Sona

In season 3, burst lanes have been the most common. Tons of Thresh and Taric everywhere, this is the reason why Lulu is so strong right now. When you get to lane against a burst lane, the first thing you want to do when minions get to lane is ward their lane brush. If you get your poke down before the burst lane can CC you, you've done your job, after this you should be able to take their bush and zone them out for good. Remember that your combo consists of E'ing on of them, and then trying to hit both with Glitterlance; also remember to autoattack as much as possible.

The main thing you have to take into account when harassing their ad carry is to poke them when they're about to get a last-hit, if you do this, their ad carry is forced to choose between killing the creep or trading. Remember that as Lulu it is possible to win every lane because your harass is incredibly strong, and even if they have a very strong burst at 6, your Wild Growth can counter that burst.

6.2.1 Supports

Alistar: The mighty beast. You can kick him out of lane or get him really low level 1. Either way, you need to harass him a lot in level 1 to get him low and prevent him from going all-in level 2 with good health. If I'm not mistaken, you can polymorph Alistar while his Headbutt animation is halfway through, cancelling his ability.

Blitzcrank: Do not let him go into an unwarded bush ever, invisible hooks are always dangerous even though Lulu is a strong pick against Blitzcrank. When you're laning against Blitz, tell your ad carry in advance that if you or him get pulled, you're both going all-in. When you get pulled, instantly use Whimsy on their ad carry and go hard on him with your full combo. When your ad carry gets pulled do the same, but use your shield on your ad carry. When you get pulled only use the shield on yourself if the enemy lane has very high burst. Practice dodging hooks, it's not hard and honestly it's the best counter to Blitz.

Janna: She's very uncommon, but not hard at all to lane against. Go hard on her ad carry or on her unless her ad carry has her shield, ad carries will out-trade you by far if they have Janna's shield. Tornadoes are easy to predict and her slow isn't too powerful.

Leona: Laning against Leona is similar to laning against Alistar, I find Leona to be a bit harsher because of her passive and ultimate. Try to pick up some kills early, the later it gets the stronger Leona gets.

Nami: Nami is extremely weak right now, while her HP sustain is good, you can just force her to go oom if you harass her. Avoid her Aqua Prison at all cost. Her Tidal Wave is the best part of the kit, but even if you're caught with both the ultimate and the Aqua Prison Nami's so weak that you can survive and win the fight with a good ad carry and some good decision-making.

Nidalee: If you and your ad carry avoid the spears and traps, you automatically win. Support Nidalee is completely useless if she doesn't accomplish anything in lane. Don't be afraid to go on an autoattack battle against her, you both have the same range, but your passive helps you beat her.

Nunu: Most Nunu's take Blood Boil on level one, if they do this, abuse the fact that you can kite them infinitely and harass as much as possible before they get level 2. Remember to save your polymorph for when he's channeling his ultimate so that you can cancel it.

Sona: You can trade head to head level 1, and you'll win the trade, but once she gets her W it's gonna be harder for you to win the trades. Tell your ad carry to poke her as often as possible because Sona, like Lulu, has the lowest base armor in the game. Her ultimate is very strong so be careful when she hits 6.

Soraka: Boring as hell to lane against, she has pretty high Magic Resist ratings and an aura that will give her ad carry bonus MR. Her sustain is incredible as well(it's Soraka after all). Theoretically a counter to Lulu, try to harass her level 1 and 2, if it doesn't work ask your jungler for help. Luckily for you basically no one plays Soraka any more.

Taric: Very strong support, harass his ad carry as much as you can but be REALLY careful, you don't want to get stunned on a bad position. Never focus him, he's way too tanky.

Thresh: In my opinion this and Lulu are the strongest supports(if you ever want to witness how strong they are play Thresh as adc and support him with Lulu, free elo). Play against him like you would play against Blitz. The difference is that surviving Thresh's hook is basically impossible, learn to bait him into missing it and only harass when it's on cooldown. He's got bonus damage on his autoattacks, but only his first autoattack will hurt very noticeably, you should deal more damage with sustained autoattacking.

Zyra: Zyra's strength is her combo. If you get caught by her snare you will get dealt plenty of damage and can be killed if her ad carry engages on you. Try to dodge it and then go in for harass. Do not underestimate her plants' damage, if you tank them for long they'll deal plenty of damage. Abuse that Zyra is pretty squishy and it will not take much harass to drop her low.


7.0 Strategies/Advice

For the names I'm going to give to the bushes, refer to this map:


7.1 Early Game(0-15 minutes)

Your job early game is to establish dominance and presence in the lane. When the game starts you may want to go to the enemy wraiths before the minions spawn and drop a Sight Ward or an Explorer Ward in the Wraith Bush, this will help you keep track of the enemy jungler and avoid prevent possible enemy ganks in all the lanes.

When you get to lane focus on harassing, while taking the least possible amount of damage. The first things you want to do when you see the enemy laners is look at their items, look at their stats and from there you may decided what you want to do. Always keep track of how many wards the enemy support has. If you're at Blue Side, he will at one moment leave the lane to ward, when he comes back count his wards again to know how many he put down.

To set up ganks from your jungler make sure that the Tribush is clear of wards(this works for both blue and purple sides. If you're on blue side with your tribush clear, take note of whether they have river bush or your side bush warded. If river bush is warded tell your jungler to do a lane gank(push your lane a bit so that your jungler can get into the side bush and when the lane pushes back he'll be able to gank). If river bush isn't warded then just tell him to gank through river as soon as the opponents overextend. If you're on purple side and the tribush is clear, your jungler can get a really easy gank on the enemy is they're overextended the slightest bit.

Know when to push and when to freeze:

Freezing is manipulating the minions to have them "fight" closer to your turret, but not in range of it. This can be done when your wave is dead and theirs still has a couple of creeps, tank the minions for a bit(tank them near your tower, just outside of its range) until the new creep wave arrives. If you can freeze the lane and zone the enemy from experience and farm, do so. Good moments to freeze the lanes are when their support goes back to base, and the ad carry is left alone, if this happens tell your adc to last hit only while you put a lot of pressure on their ad carry. Also when they push lane a bit too hard, and you're already winning, you can freeze the lane by getting bush control of your side bush and exerting pressure from there.

Push the lane when both you and your ad carry have a lot of gold to spend. Push the lane when your team is going to take Dragon, so that you can help them out. Push the lane when their ad carry goes back to base so that she misses creeps and experience to the tower. Do not push the lane when your jungler comes in for a gank, unless you're 100% that you can do a successful tower dive or if you know how to reset the lane(this way your jungler can get an easy lane gank). Resetting the lane is pretty hard because it requires the enemy to clear your wave as soon as it gets to your tower, most people just last hit it which ends up freezing the lane in their favor.

Later in the early game, nearing the 10 minute mark you should be trying to pick up your first dragon, and by the end of early game, your team should have taken down some towers.

Play Smart

Know when to be aggressive, and when to be passive. If the enemy mid laner is missing, don't be too aggressive, especially if you don't have good ward coverage. If you see the enemy jungler ganking another lane, don't be afraid to turn the aggression on. Lanes can be lost very easily if you're not paying attention, so keep your eye on that map, and keep the wards up and running.

7.1.1 Early Game Warding

First of all, save your Vision Ward, especially if they have one, and try to bait him into using his first so that you can clear the more important wards with yours.

If you're on blue side, you will always want to have vision in front of the dragon pit, most junglers usually gank through the river and the players on purple side usually use their pink on the river brush, so if you ward on dragon pit you'll have plenty of time to respond to a gank and your ward will be out of range from Vision Wards in the river bush. If you push hard and they have a jungler like Nocturne or Fiddlesticks, that can gank from their Ugly Tribush, ward that bush.

If you're on purple side, know that you're less likely to get ganked. Learn to recognize when the enemy is pushing in an attempt to do a lane gank(this is why you want ward vision). If you see the enemy lay a ward by the dragon pit or on the river bush, ignore the ward(don't pink it) and tell your team when it was placed, or when it's running out. If river is warded but Tribush is clear, your jungler and mid can always gank through the enemy jungle.

For both sides:

To establish bush control you might want to place an explorer or sight ward in the enemy lane bush, once you ward that bush, they've got nowhere to put free pressure from. If the enemy pushes you to your turret, always leave a sight ward on your side brush when retreating. Use your pink ward when the enemy the Tribush, this is the most important bush and you need to have control over it at all times.

Tell your jungler or mid to ward the bottom side wraiths this helps you keep track of their jungler and will avoid a lot of ganks. If they refuse to do it, report them(huehue) and ward it yourself.

After the 10 minute mark, you want to make sure that you have vision of dragon. Dragon is a big objective, worth a lot of global gold and global experience, you don't want to lose it easily. If you place a pink ward in the corner(the one closest to the dragon/Baron) of the small bush(this works on both the Baron and the Dragon side of the river), it will give you vision of wards placed in front of the pit and on its ledge. This is a great spot because sometimes the after you use it to take out a ward near the pit, the enemy try to pink your ward by putting a Vision Ward of their own, but they place theirs in front of the pit, and you get another free ward kill.

7.2 Mid-Game (15-25 minutes)

As the game progresses, having and denying vision becomes very important. During mid-game you should be a bit more careful, laning becomes way messier after towers go down and laners start roaming so do not overextend, and if you're gonna be pushing make sure that you ward beforehand. If your jungler pulls a successful gank push their tower down as soon as possible if it isn't down.

Teamfights will start to happen, be ready. Teamfighting is very general and boils down to mechanics, good focus and good positioning. I cannot give you many tips on these aspects of the game, except practice a lot.

7.2.1 Mid-Game Warding

Warding in this stage of the game is crucial. When dragon's up always keep a ward on it, preferably a Vision Ward to deny vision.

If you're on blue side, try to get a ward on the enemy Blue Buff brush, so that you can get its timer and your jungler can counterjungle it later, this also gives you more map control. If you can get a ward on their wolves bush(on the corner closest to the banana bush) do it, it will give you vision of almost ALL the movement in this side of the jungle. When you have taken the bot tower down you have the freedom to go to their other side of the jungle. Ward their Wraiths bush, and if possible also ward their Red Buff bush this gives you vision of all their jungle movement.

On purple side, you should always keep the enemy Wraith bush or Ramp bush, and Tribush warded, this allows you to have more control when you're contesting dragon. When you get a break(be careful, don't do this when the enemy mid or jungler may be around) ward the enemy Red Buff bush to get its timer. When you take down bot tower, roam, place ward on your purple side ramp bush.

For both sides: Keep control of the wards on dragon and baron, you need to always have vision and deny as much vision as possible. Use the small bush trick spot for your pink wards. When a mid turret goes down, place a ward deep in the lane towards their side to see when people go through the lane

7.3 Late Game (After 25 minutes)

Most likely it will be teamfight after teamfight, don't get caught, roam with your team, wards should help your teammates to not get caught. Late game strategy is similar to mid-game, except that you must be with your team, if one single member gets caught the advantage and pressure that the enemy gets is way too big unless you're immensely far ahead.

7.3.1 Late Game Warding

Ward everywhere you should have as much of the enemy or your jungle(depends if you're losing or winning) warded as possible. This lets you track their movement, and possibly catch people out of position. When sieging on inhibitor towers you should ward on the other side of the walls, by where the unnamed bush is(if you're defending your tower) or by the little stump in the base(if attacking their base). These wards will help you see incoming skillshots when sieging.

7.4 Objectives/Timers

During mid-game you want your team to have control of as many buffs and big objectives(Baron, Dragon) as possible. This is why you ward them. All of these monsters have fixed respawn times after their camp is cleared. Both Red Buff and Blue Buff respawn 5 minutes after their camp is cleared. Dragon respawns 6 minutes after its death, Barons respawns 7 minutes after it's dead.

Red and Blue Buff last for 3 minutes after their previous owner was killed. Baron lasts for 4 minutes, not transferable. If you didn't see when the camp was cleared, you should be able to have an approximate time of respawn by taking note of when the buffs expire.

A nice aid for keeping Dragon and Baron timers is to turn on the "chat timestamp" option, if you have vision of the Baron/Dragon getting slain it will show up in the chat, and you can use this to time the next Dragon/Baron. Type out all the timers you have knowledge of in the chat, and if possible remind your team in advantage when buffs, Dragons and Barons are going to spawn so that they can prepare.

7.5 General Information

Be careful to not take too much minion aggro when trading early, minions will focus you when you autoattack an enemy, to stop the minions from attacking you, you have to either get away from them or make them lose vision(going into the lane bush for example). A nice trick to know if a lane brush is warded is to walk into the bush when enemy minions are close by, if your character starts autoattacking the minions(you have to be in range obviously), the bush is warded.

Minion waves spawn every 30 seconds, the first wave spawns at 1:30. Minion waves consist of 3 melee minions and 3 caster(ranged) minions. Tank minion wave is a wave that has a tank minion at the end, these waves happen every 3rd minion wave(2:30, 4:00, 5:30, 7:00, 9:30, 11:00,12:30, 14:00, 15:30...). After 35 minutes, tank minions start spawning every 2 waves. When you take down an inhibitor one super minion spawns with every wave in that lane(tank minions stop spawning in that lane), and all of your minions will get 100 extra health. When all inhibitors are down, 2 super minions start spawning in every lane. Inhibitors have a 5 minute respawn timer.

Towers have a "protocol" when targetting. First they target pets(Pix is an untargetable entity so it doesn't count), then tank minions, then melee minions, then caster minions and then champions. Tank minions also take less damage than regular minions so try to coordinate your push with a tank minion wave for better effectiveness. If you are under the enemy turret and want to harass them, do it only between the tower's autoattack: Let the tower autoattack one of your minions, and instantly harass the enemy. This will give you enough time to get your harass down and getting out of turret range without taking tower hits.

8.0 Closing

If you have some questions, corrections, extra info that you think I should add, or petitions, feel free to PM me. I hope that you enjoyed this guide and learned a bit from it. Remember that to get better you have to practice, so practice a lot without fear of failing.

9.0 Patch Notes

v1.0.0.149 - 2012-10-17

  • Fixed a bug where Lulu's autoattack could be interrupted by Pix

v1.0.0.144 - 2012-08-01

Wild Growth :

  • Fixed: Now completes its effects even if the allied target was about to take lethal damage at the time of casting

v1.0.0.140a - 2012-05-23 Glitterlance

  • Damage adjusted to 80/125/170/215/260 from 80/130/180/230/280
  • Ability power ratio reduced to 0.5 from 0.6

v1.0.0.139 - 2012-05-01

  • Updated Wild Growth tooltip to reflect knock up ability rather than knock back

Glitterlance :

  • Ability power ratio reduced to 0.6 from 0.7
  • Mana cost increased at later ranks to 40/50/60/70/80 from 40/45/50/55/60

v1.0.0.138 - 2012-04-17

  • Fixed a display error for Lulu's passive - passive now correctly states how much damage Pix is doing.
  • Fixed a bug where Pix could remain helping an ally after it had returned to Lulu.
  • Fixed a bug where Lulu was taking damage credit while Pix was aiding an ally.

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11.0 Guide Version History

v1.0 - March 19, 2013

First version released

v1.0.1 - March 19, 2013

Added Index
Added Guide Version History
Fixed a formatting error on 3.2 Masteries
Added numbering to the following: Skills, Leveling, Starting Items, Early/Core Items, Mid-Late Game Items, Full Build

v1.0.2 - March 20, 2013

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