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by LimeInCoconut

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Sejuani Champion Guide by LimeInCoconut

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/13

Sejuani: Boared to Death

Version 1.00

Created: 2/9/2013

Updated: 2/9/2013

Most Recent Patch: Season 3 Full Release + Annie Visual Remake


I'm LimeInCoconut. You probably don't know me. I've been on GameFAQs since 2005, and I frequent the Current Events, Politics, Film, and League of Legends boards.

On League I go by 'TeeveeSquared' and before the recent updates I was sitting around 1200 elo. I know that's not very impressive, but in season 2 I was an 800 elo player and I've been climbing ever since then. I struggled to find a niche for a long time in season 2, and I lost frequently as a result. When I started getting serious about jungling though, I noticed I started progressively winning more and more games. Jungling is a tough role, arguably the toughest, as far as having to know about how the game works in general. You've got to know when and where things are going to happen, champion matchups in all lanes, and you've got to know how to protect or adapt to counterjungling and objective control.

Season 2 was pretty good to me in the jungle. I played a lot of Nautilus, and his ganks were supreme. A braindead monkey could follow up on them and still probably get a kill. Then I discovered Hecarim, before he became GameFAQs' favorite pony. I did pretty well with him too for a while.

Once Season 3 hit, I found I no longer could really keep up with them like I could in season 2. They didn't change much, and Hecarim arguably got better in the transition. Inexplicably, my win rate with both champs suffered. I needed someone else.

I found... Sejuani.

After hearing some hushed whispers of her season 3 buffs, and then some promotion and guidance from the boards, I took her into normals where I immediately stomped face. Whether it was her rarity or naturally powerful kit, I don't know, but the enemy was not prepared for her. Not in the slightest.

Since purchasing her, I've played about thirty games total (20 ranked) with her, and won an overwhelming majority of them. I thought it was a fluke at first, but I've come to realize that she has some very powerful tools at her disposal that have been consistently underrated for a long while. I know it's only a matter of time before a professional or the public catches on, her winrate's high and she's slowly becoming noticed, so I figure I might as well be the one to start spreading the word. Sejuani is viable, Sejuani is strong, and Sejuani can secure wins very, very easily.

At the time of writing this guide, I am currently 16/4 (80% W/L) with Sejuani in ranked, averaging 4.5/3.7/13.6 K/D/A per game. I haven't lost a normal game with her yet.

Please understand, that as of writing this guide I am not nearly approaching a professional level of play. This guide is written by and for mid-level solo queue ranked play, and while I absolutely believe that Sejuani can work in an elite 5v5 team, she's obviously not very popular there. The environment of high-level play is a bit different, and may not be as friendly to Sejuani. Regardless, her ability to build full tank and still do significant damage while CCing an entire team is potent and not difficult to support with a good team comp behind her.


Some common phrases I use this guide:

Jungle: The forested area inbetween open lanes. There is often a lack of vision in the jungle and plenty of places to hide. Your role as Sejuani is to farm money from monsters in the jungle, and roam the map helping your teammates secure kills.

Ganking: This is the act of sneakily unevening the odds of a lane. To 'gank' a lane is to jump an opponent and try to disable or kill them before they can retailiate or escape.

Monster : The creatures found in the jungle, specifically. The little pink and blue guys in the lanes are NOT monsters, they are Minions. Be aware of the difference when choosing items and masteries, certain effects may trigger for one or the other but not both.

CC (Crowd Control) : Abilities that slow, disable, or otherwise debilitate your enemies movement or abilities are considered crowd control. CC is EXTREMELY important to winning big fights, and is almost always incredibly useful throughout the game. Sejuani has a lot of CC, with her passive and abilities applying a base 10% slow, which can be turned into a much larger slow with her E. Her ult is a long-range wide AOE stun, which is utterly terrifying for the enemy team to deal with. Learn what CC does and how to use it, it will win games for you.

CDR: Cooldown Reduction. This makes your skills refresh faster, and is incredibly useful on Sejuani, who has long cooldown times on her skills. CDR is one of the focal points of this build.

Tank: A tank, in roleplaying game terms, is a character that can take a lot of damage and is generally a disruptive force in battle. A tank might not deal the most damage out of all characters, but will generally have a strong presence in battle one way or another, either by removing dangerous threats from the main combat, or limiting the actions and responses of the enemy.

ADC: Attack Damage Carries are a term used to describe ranged auto-attackers that build physical damage and critical chance to dish out huge sustained damage, but are often very fragile. Their power levels are low in the early game, but they grow very strong later.

Support: A support champion is often paired with your ADC, and exist to make their lives easier. They do lots of stuff, depending on who you pick. Some supports are designed to set up easy kills, while others spam heal. Supports spend a lot of money on Sight Wards to ensure they can track enemy movement, yet avoid hoarding minion gold to keep it flowing in the pockets of the ADC. They are an underappreciated, but extremely important part of your team and as a jungler, you should learn to love them. They can be your best friend in turning a game around.

Blue Golem (Spawns at 1:55, 5 minutes after death): In the jungle, this is the large stone dude who has a blue circle below him. Killing him awards you a buff that regens your mana and shortens your cooldowns by 20%. Getting this early is important to Sejuani, but if it gets stolen, it's not quite the end of the world. Sejuani is not as mana dependant as many believe, her main clearing tool only costs 40 mana. What's more important is the cooldown reduction, as it will speed her clears tremendously.

Red Lizard Elder (Spawns at 1:55, 5 minutes after death): On the other side of the jungle is the Red Lizard, whose buff allows you to deal additional damage and slows enemies with your autoattacks. It's a more powerful slow than your passive offers, so it's still worth getting if you have the health and time. It also helps your single-target damage, letting you clear a bit faster.

Dragon (Spawns at 2:30, 6 minutes after death): He sits in the pit on the bottom half of the map, and is a big ol' guy. As Sejuani, he's very hard to kill on your own, but when you get a chance, get your teammates to help you kill it. If you succeed, your entire team will earn 190 gold, which is like taking an extra tower. Be careful of enemy wards though, you don't want the enemy team knowing you're there, they'll try to take it from you and might kill you.

Baron Nashor (Spawns at 15:00, 7 minutes after death) : The very scary looking worm thing in the upper river pit. This guy does a lot of damage to you early, and has a lot of health. The buff he gives you is massive, giving you 300 gold, increasing your AD, AP, and HP/Mana regeneration. He's a highly contested objective, and for good reason. Getting the buff can turn the tide of a game completely. Be careful when engaging, and make sure the enemy team isn't coming to kill you while you do. Always finish him off with Smite when possible!

Cooldown Reduction Pig

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration X 9

Greater Seal of Armor X 9

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction X 9

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed X 9

These runes will give you everything you need as Sejuani. The CDR may seem a bit strange, but on Sejuani its an extremely important stat. Early CDR + Blue will make her clears and ganks much stronger, and is very much worth investing in. Without the CDR runes, you'll likely end up at 31% CDR with items and masteries until late game, depending on your build. Taking CDR runes will get you 40% with Masteries, a kindlegem, and Lucidity boots at level 18.

Movement Speed and Armor are necessary on almost all junglers in my opinion, and MS especially, because with the increased base movement in season 3, you can get away with not taking boots for a fairly long time compared to season 2. Magic Penetration is there for your main source of damage, your W aura.

Standard Jungler

Greater Mark of Attack Speed X 9

Greater Seal of Armor X 9

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist X 9

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed X 9

This is what I use on pretty much every other Jungler. I don't reccommend it for Sejuani. Most of her damage comes from her W, not her auto attacks. The attack speed might help her early clear ever-so-slightly, but the magic penetration is way more useful over the entire game. Magic resist is okay since Sej is a big fat tankloaf, but again, I find CDR to be a more important stat on her anyway, especially since magic damage is becoming much less threatening overall compared to the recent wave of AD powerhouses. Your massive health will more than make up for it.

Sejuani's Jungle

1/7/22 http://www.finalesfunkeln.com/s3/#MU5MbvLtZqjUlA

^ Mastery Calculator

Yes, it's unorthodox. The most important thing to note with these masteries, is that we are still aiming for the important stats, movement speed, health, and cooldown reduction. While Sej is most certainly a tank, she absolutely loves the stats she gets from the utility tree. 7 points in defense for the jungling masteries is good enough to keep her alive in early clears, and 1 in CDR assures she will reach 39% CDR with the core build. The 3% spell vamp and lifesteal isn't much but it helps her sustain a bit, which is nice because she lacks it naturally. Buiscuiteer, again, helps sustain a bit more than you would otherwise in the early jungle, where Sej is weakest. Taking utility all the way up to 21 gets you 3% bonus movement speed, which in addition to your Movespeed quints will let you put off boots to rush some health/CDR while still maintaining enough speed to gank. The point in Explorer earns you a 1:00 ward, which I find incredibly useful in avoiding invasions of your blue. I've saved my life, and the lives of my teammates, that would have died in an invasion by having that ward out. I love that ward.

Utility Jungler

0/9/21 http://www.finalesfunkeln.com/s3/#XMbpvEtZqjUqA

^ Mastery Calculator

This is a slightly more common utility jungle build, that nets you an extra 30 health and 2 armor over the previous build. This one lacks the ghost ward, but people are usually okay with that.

Even Tankier Sej

2/15/13 http://www.finalesfunkeln.com/s3/#M75MbTCqTqtZqzqa

^ Mastery Calculator

I'm experimenting with this set up, it certainly has potential. The extra movespeed and CDR are sorely missed, but in exchange you get more bonus armor and 4% extra bonus health. Might be better to run this when you're the only tank on the team, which I'd avoid having happen at all costs anyway.

TheConductorSix's Mastery Build

9/0/21 http://www.finalesfunkeln.com/s3/#MaK7vwdtZqjUqA

^ Mastery Calculator

For a while I was using a varient of this, with 4/5/21, but I've decided this is overall inferior to the previous builds. Bladed Armor will deal more damage in early clears than the small amount of AP you get, and the 8% magic penetration is not worth the sacrifice of your early clears, which are already pretty rough. If you're feeling invincible, go for this, but you'll probably have to base a bit earlier than you would otherwise.

I do not reccommend going further than 9 down the defensive tree You are Sejuani. You shall not be kited. If you somehow get kited, you put yourself in a horrible position and you deserve to die. A lot of the new defensive tree deals with slows and tenacity, which isn't a problem for Sejuani, with a kit based on slows/stuns and owning a dash on a relatively short cooldown.

If you are your team's ONLY tank, which (ideally) should never be the case, maybe invest deeper down the defense tree. Try to avoid this at all costs though. You want to stick around a while and sit on their team, burning their health away while your team pounds on the enemy. If you're the only tank/initiator , you probably won't be able to sit on the enemy team for nearly as long. Having even just one more beefcake by your side to divide their attention will free you both up to deal some massive damage and get your teamfight won.

Summoner Spells


This spell is amazing. Q -> Flash -> Ult is a DEVASTATING long-range initiation, and can make lane-ganks insanely easy. You can out-mobilize almost any champion in the game when your flash is up. Even slippery dudes like Ezreal can't really get away from you when you match them blink for blink.

Dodge, chase, dive, retreat, walljump, initiate... Flash is the best summoner spell in the game. Take it.


You are a jungler. You should be using this, no exceptions. Clear buffs. Secure Dragon/Baron. Remember to use it to finish off buffs/objectives, do not blow it early; all that does is leave you open for a steal.

Other Options

Exhaust is the only other one you should be considering, instead of flash. I can see the appeal, since Sej already has a jump in her Q, but the versatility of Flash in engaging and escaping is just too useful to pass up. 99.4% of the time I'm going Flash/Smite.

Passive: Frost

Sejuani's basic attacks apply Frost, a slowing effect, reducing enemy movement speed by 10% for 3 seconds.

Q: Arctic Assault

Active: Sejuani charges forward, dealing magic damage and applying Frost to enemies. Sejuani stops upon colliding with an enemy champion. Range: 700 Cooldown: 19/17/15/13/11 seconds Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana Magic Damage: 60/90/130/170/210 (+0.4 per ability power)

A fantastic mobility and initiation skill, albeit with a long cooldown at early levels. Leveling this up after W allows you to clear faster, make bigger plays with multiple jumps, and allows you to feel safer in the jungle knowing that you're a hard piggy to catch.

It also applies your passive to all enemies it hits. If it knocked back champions in addition to slowing them, it would be perfect.

I max this second, after W and putting two points in E, but you can max E second instead if you prefer.

W: Northern Winds

Active: Sejuani summons an arctic storm around her for 6 seconds, dealing magic damage each second to nearby enemies. Damage is increased by 50% against enemies affected by Frost or Permafrost. Cost: 40 mana Cooldown: 10 seconds Range: 350

Magic Damage per Second: 12 / 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 (+ 0.1 per ability power) (+ 1% / 1.25% / 1.5% / 1.75% / 2% of Sejuani's maximum health) Maximum Magic Damage: 72 / 120 / 168 / 216 / 264 (+ 0.6 per ability power) (+ 6% / 7.5% / 9% / 10.5% / 12% of Sejuani's maximum health)

Magic Damage to Frosted target per Second: 18 / 30 / 42 / 54 / 66 (+ 0.15 per ability power) (+ 1.5% / 1.875% / 2.25% / 2.625% / 3% of Sejuani's maximum health) Maximum Magic Damage to Frosted target: 108 / 180 / 252 / 324 / 396 (+ 0.9 per ability power) (+ 9% / 11.25% / 13.5% / 15.75% / 18% of Sejuani's maximum health)

Your main damage skill. Since you will be stacking health and CDR, you will have this up almost constantly in fights and be doing plenty of AOE damage. Don't forget that your damage is amplified by 50% against enemies affected by your passive, so keep hitting your main target with basic attacks to keep it applied.

Max this first, always, and try to keep it up in teamfights as much as possible. With a few core items this skill will shred through teams.

E: Permafrost

Sejuani converts Frost on nearby enemies to Permafrost, dealing magic damage and decreasing their movement speed further for 3 seconds.: Cost: 55 mana Cooldown: 11 seconds Range: 1000

Magic Damage: 60/110/160/210/260 (+0.5 per ability power) New Movement Speed Reduction: 30/40/50/60/70 %

An important skill to have when ganking, this turns your passive's mediocre 10% slow into something much more noticeable. Generally a 30/40% slow is enough to make ganks work in your favor until late game, so I max this last. If you're having trouble securing kills early, it may be worthwhile to max it before Q for that heavier slow.

If you're maxing it last, don't use it to farm in jungle unless you're in a hurry. It's not worth the mana for the damage and interrupts your auto attacks. Its main use is to slow enemies in ganks.

R: Glacial Prison

Active: Sejuani throws her weapon, stunning the first enemy champion hit for 2 seconds and all other nearby enemies for 1 second. All affected targets take magic damage and are affected by Frost. Cost: 100 mana Range: 1150

Cooldown: 130/115/100 seconds Magic Damage: 150/250/350 (+0.8 per ability power)

This skill is amazing.


This skill is really, really, really good.

It's a stun, not a root or a slow, but a stun with a huge range, a huge AOE, and is practically impossible to miss unless someone flashes behind you from point-blank.

You can miss your toss by a significant amount, and still have it explode in their face for the half-duration stun, given its rather wide AOE range. The amount of times I've secured kills with blind throws to someone that flashed over a wall or bush is staggering.

A well placed ult can turn an iffy teamfight into an ace, giving your team plenty of time to get shots in while your enemies are helpless. Its range is so large, and your mobility so great, that if you are chasing down an isolated target, that guy is going to die whether he likes it or not. You are relentless when this skill is off cooldown, and you should attempt a gank every time it's up. 8.7/10 times that gank should result in a kill for you or your teammates.

Build Order

Q - Arctic Assaultooooo
W - Northern Windsooooo
E - Permafrostooooo
R - Glacial Prisonooo
  • If the enemy starts pulling ahead early and you need to start ganking immediately, take E at level 3 instead of another point of W.

Generally, your skill priority should be R > W > Q > E, however I take a second point of E before I max Q to make ganking more effective.

Alternate Build Order

Q - Arctic Assaultooooo
W - Northern Windsooooo
E - Permafrostooooo
R - Glacial Prisonooo

Almost every other guide you'll read will tell you to make your E second. It's not a bad idea, your slow gets really powerful after a few levels. However, a 30/40% slow is already signficant enough in early/mid game to make your ganks really strong, and having a shortened cooldown on Q makes you a lot safer and faster in the jungle. Ultimately, it comes down to what you think you need more in that particular game. Sometimes I even level Q and E alternatingly after I've maxed W. Recognize when you may need a stronger slow in your ganks and change your build up appropriately.


Hunter's Machete/5 pots


Well, cloth/5 might work okay, but the damage increase from Machete and its build options is way too good to pass up.

Ideal First Back

Kindlegem (850g)


Giants Belt (1000g) + Pots (35g) or Rejuvination Bead (180g)

You should be aiming for a kindlegem ASAP. Health and CDR are your most important stats, and it builds into a ton of useful items for later. If I'm fed from ganks and know I'll be taking the next couple blues because I have a high-sustain or manaless mid, I might pick up a giants belt for extra early tankiness.

Core Items

- Spirit Stone: The Jungle's new answer to Philosopher Stone, this will give you the sustain you need to clear jungles effectively. I might buy a couple pots in addition to this to keep me near full for ganks.

- Sunfire Cape: Hoo boy. Lots of health, armor, and a fantastic passive. If you get this early, you should be going for kills in lane. Your mid-game damage with this on is a big threat people constantly underestimate. The 40 magic damage per second it offers is probably adding an extra ~50% damage to what you're already doing with your W by the time you get this. Very potent on Sejuani, but it's a little pricey for lower health than you'd get on Warmog's Armor.

- Warmog's Armor: THE tank item. Nerfed along with Sunfire Cape recently due to how good it is for its price. If you have this, Sunfire Cape, and a kindlegem, you're going to be very hard to kill, especially since you can have all three of those plus boots mid-game no problem.

- Boots of Lucidity: The ugly looking boots that give you 15% cooldown reduction. That's a LOT of cooldown reduction for the price you pay, and you can get them pretty early. Between runes, masteries, a kindlegem, and these boots, you will have around 36-38% cooldown reduction mid-game, which is invaluable to Sejuani's playstyle.

Very very good items you should probably get

- Liandry's Torment: Stupidly strong on Sejuani. Gives plenty of health, AP, and Magic Penetration on its own, but its passive is what makes it amazing, shredding a percentage of the enemy's current health every second as magic damage every time they take magic damage and doubling that damage if their movement is being impaired. Since Sejuani is constantly dealing magic damage with W and Slowing/Stunning enemies, this does a lot of damage over time. I've outdamaged AP carries if I get it early. They might have been bad though.

- Spirit of the Ancient Golem: This item's good for tanky junglers, no question about it. It gives lots of health, armor, and damage boosts for farming the jungle. Most importantly, it gives you Tenacity, lowering the duration of enemy crowd control effects. Lots of builds will list this as core on Sejuani, but I've found time and time again, it's not really necessary on her to do well. Your Giant's Belt is better served making Warmogs or Sunfire Cape, and my Spirit Stone is sold later in the game because I love money and Sej will be clearing fast anyway. Tenacity is nice, since you won't be buying Merc Treads with my build, but as I've said before, "You are Sejuani, you shall not be kited." You're the big bad CC monster, and you have a dash/long range stun at your disposal. You should definitely be able to live and thrive without the extra tenacity.

Having said that, it's still a great item and worth getting! Just don't prioritize it over Warmogs and Sunfire.

- Locket of the Iron Solari: One of the possible upgrades for your Kindlegem, this gives you a nice combination of Health, Armor, Regen, CDR, and bundles it together with a nice shield passive for your team. Makes you very useful in teamfights, since you can now dish damage and save your team from it as well. Underrated at lower elo, though it's seeing some pro usage.

- Shurelya's Reverie: Another potential upgrade for your kindlegem, this gives you a great speed boost for you and your team. I usually prefer Locket, as its stats are higher and most supports will be getting a Shurelya's anyway. I don't like having a Philo and Spirit stone at the same time either, so if I do end up building this I'll likely sell my Spirit stone to help accelerate my build.

- Sightstone/Ruby Sightstone: Not a bad choice at all, especially with it giving more health in the recent patch. This is a valuable choice if your team is (idiotically) refusing to ward. Wards win games!

-Boot Enchantments: This is up in the air for you. Any of them work well on Sejuani, go nuts and figure out which one you like best and fits your situation.

What, you still need more big items?

- Abyssal Scepter: Magic penetration is really nice on Sejuani, and this applies it to any enemies surrounding you. The main reason I'd get this is because the enemy team has a lot of magic damage, and health isn't cutting it. Since Health generally is pretty effective against AP casters, I don't think this is absolutely necessary in most games.

- Randuin's Omen: A good item in general. It's a bit pricey, but it's got a good active, nice stats, and a passive that reduces attack speed on people that hit you. Activating it while you're in the middle of the crowd is icing on the cake that is your CC. Worthwhile investment against teams with lots of AD.

- Runic Bulwark: Honestly, you probably shouldn't be aiming to get this early, if at all. The aura is nice and everything, but your money would be better spent on things that give you more health instead. Tell your support to buy this instead. Still not a horrible choice, but not one I'd be excited about.

Please don't buy these things

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter: You have a built in slow. You have a built in BIG slow. You have a ranged AOE stun that can be chained into a big slow. You really don't need your W to slow people too, it's excessive and spending that much on AP is a waste. Turn that Giant's Belt into another Warmogs or something. The only other Sejuani I've seen in the past month rushed this, and I raged.

- Frozen Heart : You don't really need a huge amount of Mana to play Sejuani, but the AS slow and armor is nice to have I guess. Randuin's is generally a better option for Sejuani. The amount of CDR it gives is excessive too, considering the rest of your build.

Gameplay and Jungling

You're probably all hyped up now and ready to go Rambo-pig. Don't, though. Sejuani's greatest strength comes from her ability to set up easy kills with and for her teammates. If the lane you are ganking has any sort of stun or root they can use, communicate with your teammate to let them know you want to chain your ult with their crowd control to lock down that opponent and brutally murder him. Teamwork is key when playing Sejuani, because she's a team carry. She will win teamfights for your team, but not by going 1v5. Use your teammates to your own advantage.

If you specced in utility and movement speed quints like I do, you'll have 372 movement speed before you even purchase boots, which is plenty enough to gank early and even mid-game, depending on enemy team composition (For reference, that's 32 bonus movespeed at start, making you faster than many champions even with tier 1 boots). This is good, because we can put off boots for awhile and focus on immediate early-game tankiness.

Early Game and Initial Clears

Get your teammates to come help you kill monsters. As Sejuani, you want blue buff ASAP.

If you took my advice and got the ghost ward, drop it in one of the various bushes near entrances to the blue buff around 1:00 - 1:20, so that your teammates don't have to use themselves as wards, risking their lives and first blood.

If your teammates are willing to give you some good help, have them weaken wolves for you at 1:40, making sure you get the last hits and gold. At 1:55, Blue will spawn, so make sure to get over there. Level 1 Smite does 490 damage, so make sure you're clicking on the golem to check its HP before you smite it. You want to last hit with smite to ensure you get it instead of a teammate.

After blue, take wolves if you haven't already, and then move on to wraiths. While clearing, don't forget to autoattack the big minions to apply your passive, your W will deal more damage to them this way. You can also save some time in your clears by using Q to jump walls. Don't do this if you're wary of enemies invading though, since you'll want it to escape.

Depending on how well your team helped you get blue, you may or may not feel comfortable taking red. Because you have a significant slow already packed into your kit, I don't always feel obliged to grab red. Sometimes an early gank is more important,

Early Invasions

If you see enemies coming for your buff and your team is in no position to take them on, it's okay to flee without getting blue. Move on to wraiths and clear as many small camps as you can before having to go back to base, the key at this point is to not let yourself get too behind in levels so that you become useless. If you are quick about it, and maybe even get some help, you may even come out ahead in the farm battle with your opposing jungler. Don't be afraid to go to base and pick up an early spirit stone and a couple pots, if they're playing an aggressive jungle game, you don't want to get caught with really low HP.

As for ganks, watch your lanes closely. At level 3/4 you should have your E, and you're very capable of pulling off a gank. Watch for struggling teammates, and overextending enemies in the solo lanes. If they packed CC like you asked them to, you can probably pull off an early kill since you'll out-mobilize most champions. At the very least, you'll get a lot of burnt flashes.

Early-mid game

After hitting level 6 and picking up a couple health/sustain items, it becomes your time to shine.

With some experience, a kindlegem, and a giant's belt, you can pull off extremely early tower dives and get lanes snowballing. Enemies will also severely underestimate your damage in early-mid game, and you need to use this to your advantage. They know to fear your ult, but they hardly ever understand the damage output from your W. Stick to the enemy and stick to them hard, if they're making a move on your teammate to try to kill them, peel them away with your Autos and E. Ranged champions love having you gank their lanes, because your ability to separate them from danger is invaluable in clutch situations where a couple autoattacks can decide a fight.

Sejuani is one of the best bottom-lane gankers at this point in the game. If your support/adc is packing a stun, you have an easy setup. Let them know way in advance what you want to do, and emphasise you want to chain CC together to set up an easy kill for your ranged AD carry.

Late-game and Teamfights

Sejuani is a big player in teamfights. Your ult is a huge threat for the entire game, and your mobility allows you to get in their faces quickly. You deal enough damage simply by building tanky that they'll be forced to focus you to get you off their carries, letting your teammates get in hits with little repercussion. Make sure you keep your W up as much as possible, if you have been building CDR like you should, it should have a nearly permanent uptime. This is a good time to have a Liandry's, you'll be shredding HP like a boss.

Make yourself a threat, you want them to focus you. The more they hit you, the less they're hitting your more fragile companions.




























Jarvan IV






Xin Zhao




Notice something? Most of these champions posses some form of hard CC that makes your job extremely easy. The best ones in solo lanes also have some form of sustained damage, so they can make use of the slows you offer.


Sejuani is a vastly underrated threat at the moment, and season 3 was kind to her with buffs and great itemization options. She's a great tanky initiatior, who is one of the rare champions that gains damage from building defensively. She isn't a champ designed to burst a team down by herself, but instead acts as a huge asset for her team enabling them to carry themselves. Sejuani rescued me from the depths of Bronze, and is still carrying me through the silver leagues, and hopefully through gold as well. A wise afro'd artist once said "Believe that you can do it, cause you can do it." I believe in Sejuani.

Some pig.

Coming Soon: Images


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