What do I think of this idea?: Hidden Toxin Strat?

  1. So I had this idea for a stratagy concerning teemo and twitch. They are the champs that will have a huge impact on the game because they will be the ones ganking lanes with jg. See, they keep going to mid lane, both with slow and burn spells, and use them on mid lane champs to keep them from gaining any headway in the game. What do you guys think of this? Teemo will be top lane and twitch adc while the sup could be a tanky or good other adc that can be alone and not die all the time. So, what do you think? Could it work?

    User Info: CyanGambler14

    CyanGambler14 - 2 weeks ago
  2. You could try but I doubt it would work. Teemo isn’t the best at ganking since he doesn’t have any cc, and even though Twitch is a heavy ganker when played in the jungle, if he’s used bot lane as long as the enemy team knows how to ping effectively and use their map you can tell if Twitch is heading mid or not. They may be able to get good burn damage off, but that’s only if the mid laner is already pushed up all the way and has absolutely no chance of getting out. It will most likely set Twitch and Teemo behind in lane as they can’t really push waves well pre-6.

    I’d also recommend posting this on the Boards instead.

    User Info: nowitsmytime

    nowitsmytime - 2 weeks ago

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