why is there no sound in game in league of legends?

  1. I have perfect sound in the client and champion select, when I go in game there is no sound. I don't have OBS or any other gaming software and my sound drivers are updated. This started to happen when I first used teemo, before that I had sound in game.

    User Info: QuaintVampire22

    QuaintVampire22 - 10 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Check your volume mixer settings for League - Boot up a game of League, and once you are in-game where it appears to be muted, right click your sound icon on the taskbar and it will bring up volume mixer. You can use it to see if your settings have the game sound turned too low.

    User Info: Skystrike70

    Skystrike70 - 10 months ago 1   0

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