How In Legends of Runeterra, champions got new voicelines ?

  1. I know some of the actors are different, but AFAIK, that only means the original ones aren't available. And while its true that some characters are currently fine, its always a good thing to keep them updated for lore reasons. There are some other good reasons as well, Anivia, for example, doesn't have many interactions, while Ornn has and soon, her other brother, Volibear will have due to his VGU, also, Vladimir's voice right now are all stupid puns, so he definitely could use a voiceover update. I have already suggested that champions should not wait for full VGUs to get voiceover updates, and I understand it would cost Riot to bring them just for that, but if Ashe got such an update because her actress was available due to her gaining a skin, the same could happen to champions with their actors being available due to Legends of Runeterra.

    User Info: FabrinRodriguez

    FabrinRodriguez - 1 year ago

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