How Much Is My Account Worth?

  1. I'm curious how much my account it worth? I created it in season 2 and have spent 4 grand on it. I am a bit of a collector as far as skins go. Heres a general run down of some of the stuff I have:

    Account has been gold 5-3 since season 3 and has every victorious skin from elise to current
    every ultimate skin (current 5)

    99,000 blue essence
    3335 RP
    10 gemstones
    all champions
    18 rune pages
    36 emotes

    SKINS(only notable ones):
    341 skins
    128 legacy skins
    All of the ultimate skins
    soulstealer vayne
    K/DA Kai'sa Prestige Edition (the gold one)
    Red Baron Corki (from season 2)
    All christmas skins
    All halloween skins
    All soccer skins
    All of the team skins (i.e. SKT, SSG, ETC)
    All of the signature edition SSG Skins (with in game animations)
    All Championship skins with the exception of the origional championship riven, but i do have the 2016 one
    riot blitzcrank
    riot kayle
    draven draven
    sun godess and traditional karma
    all of the vandal skins
    all of the challenger skins
    union jack fiddlesticks
    urf corki
    professor and tribal ryze

    45 total, notable ones below
    Golden edition championship ashe (permanently in the vault as of last year)
    golden championship thresh
    golden championship zed
    Bewitching Janna special edition (exclusive with bundle, never will be released again)
    Golden victorious graves

    Arcade Poro (exclusive in 2017)
    game on ward (exclusive 2017)
    3 victorious wards
    championship ward for 2017 and 2018

    total: 177
    notable ones:
    Gold Edition Baron Play Card (quest exclusive for 2017)
    Shurima perfect ascention (from 2014 event)
    all the honor icons for 2017
    epic golden worlds icon 2018 (from completing 35 quests)
    golden icon for championship zed, thresh and ashe
    ora icon (exclusive for oddessy quests 2018)
    gold rank icons from season 3-season 8
    all the team builder icons

    User Info: TitaniumBoner

    TitaniumBoner - 2 years ago


  1. I'd say somewhere around 350-400 Euros.

    User Info: Akatsuki3910

    Akatsuki3910 - 2 years ago 1   1

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