Anyone knows what song is played in All Stars 2017 Champ select?

  1. This is more of a non in-game question. In Allstars 2017 ( if you haven't watch them already) there is a specific track played in champ select between the regions:
    Allstars LCK vs EU LCS Day 1
    Allstars China vs Korea Game 1
    Kores vs EU in group stage

    If you listen closely to the bgm in champ select, they all play the same track. Ive went to forums and search google, as well as youtube. Now ive been searcin for a while for this track's title but no luck, and so finally i decided to ask. So, anyone knows what this song's name/title is :)

    User Info: Sanje

    Sanje - 3 years ago

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