How to fix screen tearing without V-Sync? Nvidia

  1. Hello guys,

    I recently bought my first gaming PC. (Nvidia GTX 750 TI, Intel i3 4160) Wasn't really planning on using it for big new triple A titles, so mostly games like League of Legends and some steam games. When I first started playing League on my new pc I turned off V-Sync to see my maximal fps (around 250), but noticed a lot of screen tearing. Even when setting the fps cap to 60 (my monitor's refresh rate) I can still notice it, which I find pretty weird.

    I really don't want to enable V-Sync because it causes input lag, even with adaptive V-Sync and triple buffering enabled.

    So the weird thing is that my brother which almost had the same setup (Nvidia GTX 750 TI, Intel i5, exact same Philips monitor) does not have this issue. Another friend with a gaming pc also does not have this issue and, like my brother, can play on uncapped without problems. The only other difference I can think of is that my brother downloaded Nvidia Geforce experience from the internet and I downloaded it from a disc. (I already updated my driver and tried to reinstall it by downloading it again and choosing advanced settings and then clean install, but have no idea if this works) (I think i first downloaded it on recommended settings)

    I would like for my pc to work the same as my brother's. So if someone has an idea on how to fix this screen tearing I would greatly appreciate it! (I am a big noob when it comes to PCs so please explain it as if I am pretty stupid). I really feel bummed out since I would've expected to just play with high fps on max settings like others.

    P.s. My brother used to have an issue where the screen would 'scroll', kinda like an old tv when he first played it uncapped, but now he doesn't have this anymore. I think I can also see this if I play on uncapped.

    I hope someone can enlighten me :)

    User Info: Pikocho

    Pikocho - 6 years ago

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  1. Bumpppppppp.

    User Info: Pikocho

    Pikocho - 6 years ago 2   0


  1. Windowed would be mu suggestion. reset your nvidia settings. and max everything out. i normally run with vsync for this game cause everything else is on so why not. run heaven or valley on both your brothers and your computer. see how much of a difference there is with everything maxed. could be your card.

    User Info: wild_kat_marker

    wild_kat_marker - 6 years ago 1   0

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