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Crysis Wars® features numerous improvements over the original Crysis multiplayer including a whole new mode, TeamInstantAction, as well as 7 new maps. All the original maps from Crysis are available as well as all of the new weapons from Crysis Warhead. The team at Crytek has been working on Crysis Wars for a while now and will have a dedicated support team to meet the needs of the community.


* TeamInstantAction is a new team-based mode pitting Raptor Squad forces agains KPA forces, all clad with Nanosuits. It features a intelligent Spawn System which ensures you will always spawn the furthest away from any enemy and closest to your teammates. Its also a very easy mode to jump in and out of. TIA is really for fast and intense multiplayer fun.

* Many of the new maps have been specifically tailored to create vertical gameplay, meaning you can use every ounce of your Nanosuit's powers to dominate your opponents. Stake out a high ledge to jump out of the line of bullets or use your cloak to sneak past the enemy on the prowl. Every map in Crysis Wars has been carefully crafted to create a fun and unique multiplayer experience.

* 21 maps including 7 never-before-seen maps. All the original Crysis InstantAction maps have been improved and re-worked.

* New and improved HUD elements make for an informative and enjoyable experience. Get your kill count up on your opponent to rub in how many times you owned him. Lots of polish has gone into this aspect of the game.

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