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As part of the British Military's elite Special Forces unit, Special Air Services, you've been called in to track down an extremely well organized terrorist group who has rescued their leader from a high security prison. Join the SAS and support the fight against terrorism!
When the situation gets out of hand...that's when they call in the SAS.
- Take part in missions in such places as: a riot filled prison, a financial center in London, ice deserts of Greenland or an underground nuclear reactor.
- Switch your M4 rifle from assault to sniper mode anytime during the mission.
- Use standard SAS equipment, including infrared visor, M84 flashbangs or S10 gas mask.
- Using the element of surprise and stun grenades, eliminate enemies and save the lives of hostages.
- Compete with your friends in multiplayer mode--up to 16 players in three playing modes.

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