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Walkthrough by lord_rashiel

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/20/2011
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Chaos;Head walkthrough
Chaos;Head is a Japanese science fiction/horror visual novel created by
Nitroplus in 2008 for PC. It was later ported to Xbox360, PSP and iOS. Unlike
other woks by this company, C;H doesn't include adult content and is applicable
for ages 15 and up. A beta patch, translating the whole novel into English has
been released by fans in 2008. It was removed, after Nitroplus' partnership
with US company JAST USA.

Media refer to them as "New-Gen" incidents - horrible murders that have
happened recently under bizarre circumstances. Chaos;Head follows a hardcore
otaku Nishijou Takumi, who against his will gets pulled into the mystery
surrounding "New-Gen". One evening, while walking in the city he hears a sound
of a hammer and decides to find out what is happening there. Entering a dark
alleyway he sees a man nailed to the wall with a hundred crosses and a girl
with bloodstained clothes. The girl turns her head, looks at him and calls his

Chaos;Head employs a unique system, where instead of usual choices presented
in visual novels you get Delusion Triggers. In other words, our main character
Nishijou Takumi at certain points in the game will start loosing mental health
and a warning in a beeping sound and two lifelines - green and red - will
appear. If you select the green trigger on the left Takumi will experience a
positive hallucination, the red trigger on the right, however, will give him a
"trippy" paranoid delusion. The third choice is not to select any of the
triggers and just generally click on the screen. In that case Taku will rein in
his delusions and won't experience a "trip".
The game has three endings: A, AA and B (also you can run into a bad ending in
Chapter 6). The first time playing the game only A and AA are available (and a
bad end). Delusion Triggers do not matter in that instance - only the
statements at the last (10th) chapter determine which ending you will get.

--Bad Ending--
The bad end in the 6th Chapter is tough to find and you probably won't run
into it on your own. When you are on the roof-top of the O-Front and are
looking at the people below, you get a Delusion Trigger. Skip it by not
clicking either of the lifelines and you will get some statements that you have
to answer as YES or NO (statements do not appear if you had a hallucination).
In order to progress the game answer thus:
1. I saw a sword (YES)
2. I distinctly saw a sword (YES)
3. If I could move from here, I could go take it (NO)
4. You can see that sword from places other than here (NO)
5. It's not actually a sword (YES)
However if you answer the statements the following way, you get a bad ending:
1. I saw a sword (NO)
2. I saw a sword-esque object (NO)
3. I saw it as a hallucination (NO)
The other statements do not appear. After answering NO three times in a row,
you immediately get a bad ending. 

--Route A--
A ending. Answer the statements in the Chapter 10 as follows:
1. You are me (YES)
2. I am you (YES)
3. I don't exist (NO)
4. You don￾ft exist (NO)
5. I'm not me (NO)
6. You are my bro (YES)
7. You are Nishijou-kun (YES)
8. You are Takumi (YES)
9. You are Takumi-shan (YES)
10. You are Nishijou (YES)
11. You are Taku (YES)
12. I am me (YES)
13. I'm a delusionary existence (YES)
14. I exist (YES)
<Save here>
15. I am Nishijou Takumi (NO)

AA ending:
Load the save and answer the 15th statement ￾gI am Nishijou Takumi￾h as (YES).

--Route B--
Unlike in route A which results in endings A and AA, route B is influenced by
Delusion Triggers. You can only get ending B after you have completed game once
and started a second playthrough. Eleven of 40+ Delusion Triggers will
determine if you get this ending.
B ending:
1. Trigger 1 (Chapter 1. When talking to Daisuke). Do not select anything.
2. Trigger 8 (Chapter 2. During the FES's performance). Left trigger
3. Trigger 9 (Chapter 2. After the FES's performance, while playing ESO). Left
4. Trigger 13. (Chapter 3. At the top of the school after meeting Rimi in the
class). Right trigger
5. Trigger 20. (Chapter 5. The first trigger at this chapter. Happens at
school). Left trigger
6. Trigger 24 (Chapter 5. After school near the shoe boxes, when you meet Kozue
and Rimi covers your eyes). Right trigger
7. Trigger 25 (Chapter 6. When Shogun enters the chat room after the 
earthquake). Left trigger
From here on the number of your trigger might be different, depending if you
skipped a delusion on the O-Front tower or not. I will assume that you skipped
the delusion, got the questionnaire and the additional trigger after that.
Note, that it is not necessary.
8. Trigger 30 (Chapter 7. After waking up in the hospital and meeting Kazuki).
Right trigger
9. Trigger 33 (Chapter 7. While talking with Sena and Kozue). Right trigger
10. Trigger 36 (Chapter 8. When Ayase starts talking to Takumi about the
Knights of Glajioul in her room). Right trigger
11. Trigger 42 (Chapter 9. When Taku hears Nanami's voice after chatting with
Grim). Left trigger

Notable bugs
These bugs only appear after applying beta English patch to the game:
1. You can not save in Chapter 7. Trying to load such saves will crash the
2. The bad ending in Chapter 6 should immediately kick you to the Main Menu.
Instead the game still plays until the first Delusional Trigger and only then
quits to Main menu.
3. Trying to enter "Tips" in the "Extra" menu will freeze the game and
potentially the PC.

Legal stuff
This walktthrough has been created while referencing a Japanese walkthrough at
This walkthrough may be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. I'm not gonna bite.
Created by lord_rashiel 2011.

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