Fatal error resc10?

  1. I can't able to play gta 4, While playing showing fatalerror resc10. my confg is intel i3, 2gb ram ddr3, igb graphic ati hd 4350, sp3. Pls help to solve this and where is the problem. I have reduse my screen resolution also, but still having the same error.

    User Info: sasijayaram

    sasijayaram - 9 years ago


  1. Delete the SETTINGSCONF file and the game will be able to run fine. Otherwise:

    -Click 'Run'
    -Type regedit.exe and run it.
    -Click on SessionPoolSize and change the value to 99999999 (8 nines).

    That's it! Your game will run 100% perfect.

    If one of the following instructions I gave above doesn't work, patch your game.

    User Info: sharan_ke

    sharan_ke - 6 years ago 0   3

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