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You're trapped in another world, one far removed from the reality you know. Fantastic structures and strange creatures swirl around you, a dizzying array of sizes and shapes -- and not all of them friendly. You're in the Netherworld, home of evil demons and fantastic magic, acid bubbles and terrifying dragons. In order to escape, you have to fight your way through the endless maze, avoiding demons and aliens, smashing your way through barriers in search of the only things that can buy your freedom: diamonds.
NETHERWORLD -- by Hewson, British masters of the modern arcade game -- is a visually stunning masterpiece combining the best of fantasy and science fiction! Forget reality -- the Netherworld has rules all its own.
- The ultimate in arcade action! Endless hours of fun for players of all ages!
- Dazzling graphic images and detailed artwork!
- Non-stop action and adventure, through a wide variety of levels and challenges!

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