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PVP Guide by NecroticGG

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/05/19

                                  SWTOR PvP Guide 
                                  by. necroticgg
NOTE: This guide using the CTRL + F Function to search for a particular area -
in this guide (seen in the index below) so that you can gain access to areas
for easier reading.

UPDATES - (Newest to Oldest)
Version 1.0: Added in Search Function, Some Overhaul and new sections. 

Version 0.2: Rewrote some parts and fixed mistakes (Typos...etc)

Version 0.1: Guide written and started. Will fix mistakes soon if any.

                            i. Introduction                 (Intro-000a1)
                           ii. Contact                      (Conta-000b2)
                          iii. Social                       (Socia-000c3
                           iv. Twitch Stream                (Strim-000d4)
                            v. Donate                       (Donat-000e5)
                           vi. Copyright                    (CRPro-000f6)
                          vii. Hosted Sites                 (Hoste-000g7)
                            1. Basics                       (TORPVP-00001)
                            2. Mechanics                    (TORPVP-00002)
                            3. FOTM Warning                 (TORPVP-00003)
                            4. Maps/World PVP               (TORPVP-00005)
                            5. Adranels/Medpacks/Stims      (TORPVP-00006)
                            6. Buffs                        (TORPVP-00007)
                            7. Accuracy Rating              (TORPVP-00008)
                            8. Win Trading                  (TORPVP-00009)
                            9. Etiquette                    (TORPVP-00010)
                           10. Duel/WZ Debate               (TORPVP-00011)
                           11. Strategy/Tactics             (TORPVP-00012)
                           12. Target Priority              (TORPVP-00013)
                           13. Armor Builds                 (TORPVP-00014)
                           14. Target Markers               (TORPVP-00015)
                           15. Cheaters                     (TORPVP-00016)
                           16. Ending Comments              (EndC-0000En)


Hello there! Welcome to my in-depth Guide/Tutorial on PvP in Star Wars: The -
Old Republic which was released on 12/20/11. In this guide you will learn the
the tips, tricks and strategies that are common through out PvP that each and
every class will use to their advantage. Keep in mind that this guide is not a
CLASS guide. Here you will find simply concepts/strats/trips to help you on -
your way to dominating in Warzones, Ranked and World PvP. So if you are either
a new player wanting to get in to the action, or a vet that needs a refresher
then look no further.

PvP (which stands for Player verus Player) is an activity that you and other
players can do in SWTOR, that allows you to group up in teams. You can also -
do this on any planet (besides starting ones.) known as World PvP (which is 
only done on PvP instances as World PvP Servers no longer exist) Learning how
to play this game type can take a toll on a new player, so this guide has been
created to help you get a better sense of things/surroundings in:

Lowbie (10) - Mid (30) <-> Endgame PvP (Level Cap)

PvP in SWTOR isn't some big secret. Anyone can do it, if they are wanting and
are willing to practice, in order to get better. Here at the start we are --
going to go over basic tips/strats to think about when you are attempting to
PvP for the first time or vet players, who want to dive deeper in to concepts
or recap on some things. 

This guide will be updated if needed, or if I wish to add new things in to in
the future. There will be no true "Final version" of ths guide, since SWTOR is
an MMORPG (thus things are constantly changing.) If you have any Ideas, tips
or strats to help make this guide better: let me know via e-mail and I will
put them in this guide (with credit due/server shout out!) Also, I will most
likely be adding in Skill levels in PvP later down the road. (Medium/Advance
and Pr) later on.

I wrote this guide to help all players of any skill level. I honestly want to
see (personally) good players and new and up coming good players, because I -
in fact enjoy challanging fights. So if I can help you get better, not only ha
-ve I done my job (by helping you), you can help me with more fun and interest
-ing fights! :)


To contact the authour of this guide, please keep in mind that there are some
rules that are in place. Contacting should only be directed for tips, ideas,
tricks and strats for the process of this guide. Anything added from you, that
is sent via E-Mail will recieve credit in the guide upon a future update.

Rules -

1. No Spam!
2. No Hate Mail!
3. English Only!
4. Business Only!

For submitting a question to be answered or a trip/strategy or idea (which as
well, will be tested in game by the author) please use the subject lines or
they will not bed read/replied to. Please wait 24/48 hours to be contacted.


E-mail: necroticgg@gmail.com


Looking to see when the author has Updated a guide or when he Stream and other
future coming events? Look no further! Uou can connect with necroticgg at the
following -

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/necroticgg
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/necroticgg

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Come hang out with necroticgg on Twitch! Watch games he is currently playing
or going to write a guide on next and, or, other events in the future!



Donations aren't needed but are accepted and of course appreciated. They are
tips, however they aren't directly tied to my Walkthroughs/Guides/FAQ work, as
all donations are in fact go for helping my Twitch Channel grow and will not
be used for personal gain once so ever. Donations are strictly to help give
back to the viewers who wish to build a community with me, and will be done
in the ways following -

1. Help make a better Stream/Channel
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Star Wars is copyrighted and trade marked by Disney/Lucas Films as of 1977 ---
Current; characters, music, art...etc all rights reserved.

The Old Republic is a trade mark of EA and Bioware from 2011 to current and is
owned by EA/Disney all rights reserved. 

This guide is copyright by necroticgg, anyone may use this guide for research
purposes, however if caught stealing from this guide and or selling it for your
own work, will be dealt with legal action. Plagiarism is not accepted, and if
you are to use sections of this guide, on your guide, please give credit where
it is due.

You may print this guide for your own research...etc.

                           Hosted Site(s)

GameFAQS: https://www.gamefaqs.com


CLICKING vs. KEYBIND DEBATE: If you're going to PvP as a Tank/DPS, I have some
serious news for you; clicking is abad idea. It doesn't matter your prefence
or what anyone else says. This is law, period. If you are going to take PvP
serious (in a fun way, or at a very competitive level) you will want to get -
used to setting up (comfortable) keybinds and start building up that muscle -
memory. Clicking requires you to use the Mouse Curs. (followed by Sens and 
its DPI; Dots Per Inch.) Clicking on abilties requires and uses up more time
to activate and use abilities, you absolutely do not have time to stand still
in a WZ, as you must always be on the constant move while chaning from Offense
and Defensive play. 

Though, clicking can have an advantage, if you need to emergency target any of
the players on your team or an enemy. However, I recomend getting use to Tab
Target (pressing Tab to target to switch between enemies.) And also setting up
a comfortable keybind that targets friendly players.

Target focus is also helpful (you can find this bind in the key options) even
though I personally do not use this. Get used to tab targeting instead, once -
you are used to it, you'll be able to (very) quickly tab to a target (new or
current) that is closest to you.

If you wanting to play a Healer, clicking is okay, if you have proper Raid Fra
-mes set up, and are using healing abilties only. Defensives should be used as
key bounds.

There is also what is known as Keybind Modifiers. These are used to set up
to different binds, so that you don't get main simple binds confused/and or -
conflicted (overturned and erased)

These are - Shift, CTRL and ALT

For an example how these work, you can set an AoE taunt to shift + space. And
it won't remove the Jumping action keybind. So by hitting shift and the space
bar at the same time you will AoE tautn instead of Jump, thus saving the Jump
bind (which is Space)

Also, you will want to get used to your Pinky finger, for CTRL moded binds. --
This may take a little bit of getting used to. Try it, and build that Pinky mu
-scle up!

Also, you will want to set your A and D key to -

A: Strafe Right

D: Strafe Left

And get used to using the mouse and WASD keys for faster movement (and turning
in PvP)!

PANIC BUTTONING: Engaged in combat with another player, or players? Are you
feeling that rush/excitement?  Is your adrenaline pumping? Do you feel that
yourself are shakey when the match (or combat) is over? Or during? This is --
commonly known as Panic Buttoning and it isn't a good thing. as it will cause
you to make mistakes. The tick in PvP is to absolutely remain calm at all the
time, in any situation, especially when fights become dire. So remember just -
to breathe, relax and have fun. Enjoyment is the key!

The issue with Panic Buttoning is that you do not have control of yourself or
your character fully. This basically will destroy calm rational thought and -
make you press wrong buttons, for an example of this is using the wrong attack
abilities or Defensive abilities.

CAMERA POSITIONING IS EVERYTHING: Even in Raids, you will want to do this.
But in order to build proper Awareness in PvP (which helps making huge improve
-ment on PvP/Raid Awareness.) So, in Options I suggest maxing out your camera
Zoom and pin it all the way out, so that you can see EVERYTHING going on. Not
just your character, but other players (friendly or not.) Also, make sure to
turn off the auto-centering rotation in the options. This option sets you back
behind your character when you let go of the camera.

Doig this allows you to gain what is known Situational Awareness. If you want
to master PvP, you need to master this. Doing so in PvP will even make you a 
better Raider. As in PvP the battle is always constantly changing in the split
seconds of a match or engagement. So you will absoutely need to be aware of --
all that is going on.

MOVEMENT: This is crucial; as mentioned above, so below. You will want to make
a keybind of Strafing instead of doing natural "keyboard turning" (as mention
in the above portion of this guide) as it is slower. It is better to just use
your mouse for making turns instead and quickly as possible. Movement is very
imporant in PVP under two things:

1. Psychology - Your enemy o nthe other team will have a much harder time
                in a battle when your on the constant move. If you master the
                movement, they will have to keep up with your constant turns
                (and such) You will want to do this in a random fashion, do -
                not keep using the same pattern over and over again. Trick
                Movement is the key.

2. Avoiding Most Damage - Getting behind an enemy is key, or getting out of -
                          their attack radius (Melee/Ranged) and of course in
                          avoiding AoE (Area of Effect) attacks. When going -
                          behind an enemy, this is semi-LOS (Line of Sight)
                          which will negate damage to you (as they can't see

3. Escaping - Always have an escape plan, period. It doesn't matter which of
              the classes you play. If you need to get out of combat in order
              to stay alive, make sure you do this. This will allow you to 
              break off an attacker, and find cover (and, or heal if your
              class allows it.) However, keep in mind you will encounter a
              lot of players that will chase you. This why you must always
              have a back up plan in terms of escape. An example when doing
              this is to back off so you can wait on DCDs to be back in your
              rotation. (Defensive Cool Down)

              Some players look at this as a "cowards" action, but you're in
              PvP, you're at war! Live to fight another day! Do not let them
              get to you, because you are playing smart!

4. Back Pedal - To do this, just press S or W and you'll walk backwords. DO 
                NOT do this. As your movement will slow down. The only time -
                that you should do this is when you are scouting an area for
                incoming threats, and that you are ready to start your natural
                quick movement or threats to an objective to win a match.


This isn't some big in game secret. But there are some guide lines you need
and should follow as aa potenial PvPer. Using these to your advantage will not
just help you stay a live/live longer, but will also fool the enemy you are --
in battle with.

LOS - This means Line of Sight. This doesn't just mean to simply behind a wall
 as it is very common technique used by Arenaist known as the Pillar Hump. You
can also use this to your advantage to tactically stop an enemy's cast bar --
timer, that certain classes use to channel abilities. or to avoid/trick enemie
-s, while you attempt to regain your ground. Also good to be trolly!

You can also use LoS to break the sight from Ranged based classes. If you are
far enough away, they will have to get closer to you. So use this to harass
them, and force them out of their comfort spot, to set them up, or to engage
them personally when you see a chance to attack.

KITTING - This is a skill that must be practiced. Kiting is easy to learn, but
is hard to master. Kiting is to: keep a distance from an attacker at all times
while you do damage to them, to be defensive or set them up for an ambush. To
counter a Kiter is to Snare or Root them. However, they can do the same to you
to catch up to you (so keep this in mind.) All classes, melee or ranged should
take the time to learn how to kite properly. As a melee kiter, you can use it
as harassment or make an attempt to Pillar Hump (LOS) Remember, distance is a
key. A good Kiter will also know what you're doing and will try and know how
to counter you, so keep this in mind as you go along, okay?

PEELS - Have you ever been in a WZ an under heavy fire, when a fellow team
mate comes along and stuns an attacker that is hurting you, with a Hard or
Soft stun? This is known as a Peel. A peel can also be as simple as a Root.
A peel is a defensive move that you can use to help your fellow players out
and help them survive. (or live longer!) This is an excellent method to --
practice. especially when you need to help a Tank protect a healer, or if 
if no Tank is present (you get the idea.)

Healers love this, just saying.

INTERUPTS: I cannot stress this enough, and is a pet peeve to good players; I
see many players not using their interupts! Do NOT take your class's Interupt
forgranted, or see it as useless ability, PERIOD! This ability type will not
only interupt a players Cast Time Bar, but will also prevent said player from
using the ability again for 4 (four) seconds. Skilled players will use this
tactically. An example of this is that a Healer can be shut completely 
down and deny their team (or themselves) heals! 

However, Interupts aren't just an ability type. An Interupt can be caused by
Knock Backs, Stuns (of either type.) So do this tactically. Remember control is
the main key in any battle!

RESOLVE: Resolve in SWTOR makes PvP slightly diffrent, yet it feels balanced
at the same time. In most other MMORPGs (Wow as an example) will not use this.
Instead, they use DRs (Deminishing Returns) when it comes to stuns. A stun DR
is when you basically apply a stun on an enemy, and another team member comes
up and stuns the target after you do. This causes a DR, this will cause their
stun (due to your previous one) not to last as long. For an example yours last
4 seconds, theirs will be cut down by 2.

However this isn't the case in SWTOR, we have Resolve instead! The meter is a
bar that fills up to white, and at this state an enemy player cannot be CC'd -
(Crowd Controlled.) This however only last a few seconds and will go away. So
remember to turn on the Resolve Bar in your options. This will place a bar -
below their health bar. (Keep this on at all times.) However Resolve does not
work in PvE.

NOTE: Resolve is NOT affected by Slows.

STUNS: There are three types of stuns in SWTOR. Soft, Hard and Mez. A Soft Stu
-n will keep an enemy under CC, but if you or someone else damages them, the 
stune will automatically ware off at an instant. However a Soft Stun is time -
longer than a Hard Stun. Hard Stuns normally last 4 seconds, and when you infl
-ict damage on an enemy, they will stay CC'd and will have to naturally wear -
off or use a Stun Breaker. 

A Mez last longer than a Soft or Hard Stun, however acts as a Soft stun, but
can only be used on an enemy player if when they are out of Combat. Mez stuns
are mainly used by Stealth classes as a form of harassment or can be used when
they vanish to drop your combat to turn the tide of a battle.

As mentioned before, a Soft/Hard stun can also be used as a mini-Interupt, how
-ever, this type of interupting, does not prevent them from using said ability
for four seconds.

Also to keep in mind - Think carefully on stunning an enemy. Use it tactically
and carefully. Do you want to interupt them? Do you want to lock them? Are you
Peeling? Or using it to get out of a battle situation? Or wanting to keep an
enemy CC'd during a combat sitaution (Defenisve/Offensively) The choice will -
be yours.

ROOTS: This too apart of Resolve. Targets who are fully Resolved cannot be --
rooted. What is a Root exactly? A root is an ability (or utility talent) that
will pin a target in place, denying them from moving around. If you are being
rooted, use your Clense or Purge ability to remove it. Rooting is an excellent
tactic for Peeling, Escaping or keeping a target in place when attacking. All
classes have this ability in shape or form. So read your abilities and utility
talents. This ability type is also good on Escapee's, when they are trying to
get away frm you.

SNARES: Snare are basically slows and are not effected by Resolve at all. Even
though some players dislike this, it is just the nature of things. Slows are
a good awya to slow down an enemy player from either Pillar Humping, Escaping
or Trick Movement. Slow Targets are easier to hit and track than unslown. Keep
this in mind. If you find yourself Snared, you can tell by noticing a small --
yellow circle around your feet and your movement is slown down. Do not use a
Stun Breaker for this (unless its dire). Instead use your Purge ability. Some
slows can also be removed with your Clense ability.

This can be used both in Offensive or Defensive play. Also good for Kiting.

CLASSES/UTILITY BUILDS - As for PvP, you will want to keep in mind that PvP is
not always about High Burst or does Most Damage. In order to be a good PvPer,
you must not only learn the class that you want as your main, you will also
have to learn other classes and theory utility builds. Either do this by making
that class archtype or carefully studying enemy players classes.

Making a class character, allows you to study their abilities, rotation, and of
course craft utility builds you see common or uncommonly in PvP, this will ---
show your their Strengths and Weaknesses, their Pros and Cons and how to explo
-it them. 

THE ROTATION: Learn your main classes rotation (there is no such thing as a
PVP "rotation", a Roation isn't even in managbale DCDs. The rotation or also
a Priority is what you do in Raids to damage a boss. You will do the same Rota
-tion in PvP. But this isn't just why I bring this up. Learn other classes -
Rotatioins. That way when you are your PvP main, you will know when to play

DEFENSIVE COOL DOWNS: Learn how your DCDs work., also learn other classes of
their DCDs. Each class's CDs have an animation so learn it! That way you can
counter them, by either attacking, stunning, using your DCDs. Just note when
attacking, learning their DCD strategy will tell you when you have an opening
for an attack. Though depending on the battle, you will have to attack while
their DCDs are activated and are on CD.

TALENT TREE - Learn each classes Talent Tree and of course your own. Do this,
it is law.

UTILITY TALENTS - Learn each of the classes talent tree and of course your 
own. Doing so, you will find strengths, weakness to avoid and exploit. You
can also build, builds that counter other builds. Theoretically studying ---
studying another classes utility build allows you to guess what build type
they are using (see, this is what is called strategy!) For an example of this,
some Operatives will have Heal builds. Or Sith Warriors will have a talent --
that when Force Leaping to you, will prevent them from being CC'd for 4 secs.
If this does happen, try to remember the player in the match so that you can
counter their strategy with your own.

                            Flavor of The Month Warning

It is very common to find PvPers, who play the FOTM class. (Flavor of the Mont
-h.) These players (you will not change my mind of this.) will go from class
to class, when the FOTM changes. If you know how to exploit said class, then
awesome, because these players aren't really good PvPers, period. Unless it is
their main class.

I would recomend avoiding the FOTM class, unless you are absolutely sure you
want to Main it. Good players will adapt to the changes in their Main. FOTM
players, will get mad and change to a new class. Good players, PvP or Raider
will ADAPT (adapt...adapt...) with each new patch that comes if class changes
take place. Eventually the FOTM class will get the nerf bat, and the FOTM play
-er will scream and cry. These types of players are usually frown down upon --
and made fun of. So remember, adaptive is the key if you're planning to become
a good PvPer.


Learning your area of battle is crucial for a lot of things. LoSing, Kiting
and of course fighting! In WZ's this is very crucial, as in Objective Maps,
there are Power Ups. and you will want to always know their locations and if
you want to: time their repsawn. That way you can take advantage of Berserk,
Healing, Speed or Quick cap Power ups.

Arena maps are diffrent (4v4) they are much smaller (even though they do look
pretty big.) have more ways to escape and LoS, but have no Power Ups.

World PvP Zones/or any Planet in general for World PvP. Learn the area (quickl
-y) that you are doing battle in, or feel threated in. World PvP is open game,
just like Objective WZs, However, you don't just go back to a normal Spawn poi
-nt. You will most likely want to be spawned back at a Medical Droid. Using --
your Medical Probe is a bad idea in PvP, as this leads to Spawn Camping.

Spawn Camping is when an enemy attacks your Spawn Point and not allowing you
to live. This is very common in World of Warcraft. But they also are able to
destroy Flight Points and control them, to cut off incoming enforcements.

TRAPS - Huttball maps are pretty much with these (Void Star has pits.) These
can either kill you, or an enemy (or yourself) can use them to your advantage.
Killing another player in a trap is rather insulting (and funny.) Just know
the player will get mad at this and try to respawn and chase you down.

Acid Pit - A pool of acid, dose slight DOT Damage as long as you stand in it.
This can be used against you, if you aren't careful (I.e Roots/Snares/Stuns)

Acid Drops - Only found on Quesh Huttball (currently.) Acid Drops will do a
hight DoT hit, which will kill you instantly 

Electricity Pads - These will do light damage (not a DoT) and will stun you.

Fire Pads - Will instantly DOT and Kill you. Unless you're quick enough (just
as Acid Drops) and get out of them.

Pits: Pits can be found in Huttball (new), Void Star and Odessa Proving Ground
-s. Knocking an enemy off into a pit will instantly kill them.


These are common items which are used in PvP, however: a certain portion of
these items cannot be used in Warzones and vice versa to World PvP. This is
due to keep a certain balance in Warzones and World PvP as a whole.

Normal Medpacks - These can be used outside of world zones as a emergency heal
                  in World PvP battles. There are many types of these Medpacks
                  and of course, higher tier ones are made by Biochem. Mostly
                  used for PvE content, but can change the tide in a World PvP

Normal Adrenals - There are many types of these, which depends on what class
                  and utility build you are using. Some help with Companions
                  while others are minor boost to certain stats for a certain
                  amount of seconds. Mostly used in Raiding which help push
                  Tanks/DPS/Healers to their limits. However, these cannot be
                  used in Warzones; but are used in World PvP.

Warzone Medpacks - You can find these on any PvP Vendor and sold for a certain
                   amount of credits. These heal you to a degree (RNG based)
                   and can be used in Warzones, not World PvP

Warzone Adrenal - Used to decrease damage recieved by another play by 15% for
                  a few seconds. Can only be used in Warzones and not World -

Stims - Stims are minor stat buffs which can last for 1 hour or 8 hours. These
        can be Tank buffs, Healing Buffs or DPS buffs. (More on this soon.)

Knowing -HOW- to use and -WHEN- to use your Medpacks/Adrenals are the right ti
-me is cruical in PvP. It honestly depends on you, but if you know your Class
well enough, you'll know exactly when to use these minor buffs to help you --
turn the tide in any battle situation.


Class Buff 1 -

Each class is given one Buff at the start of the game. Once you finish Chapter
2 on your class, other classes will recieve that Buff (mirror classes are also
included.) However, this common knowledge, never leave your spawn point not -
prepared. Buff up! If you do not have a certain buff unlocked, ask for Buffs.
However, most players who are re-spawning in will do this automatically, so -
you never normally need to ask (unless you are starting a fresh WZ match)

In World PvP you want to have all these buffs Open to you. Not having these 
in ANY PvP situation will hinder your stats, defense and damage overall. So
keep this in mind as you play.

Class Buffs 2 -

Some classes have the ability to have a very special Raid buff, which last a
for 10 seconds. Any one in your raid team that is 40 meter radius will of cour
-se recieve these special buffs. These boost your attack and other certain --
stats significantly and used for huge damage or cast time or GCD (Global Cool
Down) increase. These buffs are commonly used in PvE raids, however they can
be used in normal Warzones (except Areans; AKA 4v4)!  

                              Accuracy Rating

There is a common debate with Accuracy in PvP due to Bolster. However this is
not true, if someone tries to question this. If you are a DPS, you will need a
Accuracy Rating of 105% (the .0 can be slightly above, but keep it in the 105%
range.) Tanks only need 100% as the same with Healers. The reasoning for Tanks
is that their accuracy was buffed in a past patch.

In PvE you will need 110% for Raiding. If your Accuracy is lower than 105% in
PvP you will commonly miss players. Adding an extra 5% to normal raid Accuracy
negates other Main Stats for a DPS class. So please keep this in mind.

                              Win Trading

Win Trading you will probably hearing a lot of PvPers accusing others or of a
guild doing. This however, if caught is a banning offense. This action is when
a PvP team (guilded or just friends) grouping up with other guilds/friends of
the same guild (...etc...etc.) is when one team forfeit's a match so another -
team gains a higher rating. Players do this so they can yield easier rewards 
during a season and the end of the season, they use this technique to cheat in
order to gain titles and Ranked Only PvP items.

Do not do this, as this is frowned down upon. Some guilds will use Win Trading
at late night hours to do this, which is normally the key time this goes on --
when PvP is not very active.


In the early days of MMORPG PvP - Old school active PvPers had a rule. An unsp
-oken rule. Respect, fun, mannors, and a saying "If it's Red, it's Dead." But
what do I mean by all this?

RESPECT - It's a very common ground that PvPer's will 'crap' talk one another.
          Common indeed, however old PvPers who have been around for many of -
          the MMORPG genre: the good players respect one another, even though
          they 'put' on a show to hate each other. Yes, it's okay to have a -
          rival, but it's not okay to put someone down just because they are
          new to the world of PvP. You were new once, so help out! If you're
          new, Respect will allow you gain new friends/allies in PvP and of 
          course Raiding/Group content in any MMORPG in general.

FUN - Don't take things too seriously (unless you're at a tournament making
      mone; still have fun doing it!) If you die in PvP, don't get mad. Just
      keep playing. If your team loses - don't get mad! Just say Good Game --
      (GG) at the end of a match and before the match starts (GLHF) Goodluck,
      have fun! Did you just fight a player that matches your skill level?
      If you win or lose say GF or GD (Good Fight/Duel). Getting mad makes you
      make mistakes (i.e Panic Buttoning...etc), so remain calm and enjoy the

MANNORS - Of course, it being the internet, this thing doesn't happen. But you
          can be a change of that. I shouldn't have to write a minor paragraph
          as to why this is important, as this is and should be common.

"If it's Red, it's Dead." - This is an old saying, basically when you PvP your
                            name plate is normally Red. Which means you're a
                            a Target. It doesn't matter if its a fellow guild
                            mate on the other team. The sooner you accept the
                            old saying, the sooner you'll be a better player.

This is where things become an even longer discussion. There is another term -
that is used by PvPers in SWTOR known as 'Bottom Feeders', basically in their
mind, that you will purposely attack a target with Low Health instead of one
that has max Health. I'm going to shatter your reality: This is PvP. This is 
War. It doesn't matter if a player has Max Health or Low Health (The saying 
falls in line of this.) A player with just minor health is just as big as a
threat as a player with max health.

So all this talk of "1v1 solo Kills" are nice and all, but getting these shoul
-d not be your main objective in Warzone PvP (not Area/4v4). So if someone --
calls you this, ignore them.

                              Duel/WZ Debate

Duel's are fun way to practice PvP with other classes. However, there is an ac
-tuall debate on if Dueling a player means 'skills', yes and no. It's really a
50/50 thing. It depends on who you are playing and what class they are playing
and of course their Utility build. 

PvP in most MMORPGs are the RPS (Rock, Papper Scissors) approach. Certain DCDs
and CDs will counter other CDs, as well Utility builds. Certain builds will in
fact counter other classes (or same class) builds. 


Always think a head and be two steps a far. Calculate patterns, movements, ---
DCDs (Yours and Theirs). Make strats accordingly on how to plan for different
battle engagements. Learn classes, their builds, rotations and CD combos. Be
one with Strategy, which will be key, so always have your next move planned
(another and another if your current does not pan out.) This may be difficult
at first, but know that this will be as easy as breathing if you practice it

                            Target Priority

When facing an enemy team in WZ or Arena (4v4) you must take advantage of what
is known as Target Priority. This method is knowing which Target is a more so
of a serious threat than others. 

Common Priority: Healers > DPS > Tanks 

Good Healer: CC/Interupt Healer <-> DPS <-> Tank

Good Tank: Isolate/CC Tank > - Healer > DPS

Good DPS: CC/Interupt DPS > Healer > Tank

This is just an example. However, Target Priority isn't just about CCing or a
good use of tactical interupts with other team members. Target Priority is -
also about taking a certain class down before moving on to other classes. Once
the main threat is removed, you can easily play clean up.

                          Armor Builds

Learn which stats are good or bad for your class, so that you can theorycraft
(aka math) to min/max your character properly. There are websites that help -
you out on this, however it is better to do this by yourself, or with the aid
of a friend who will offer help doing it for you. 

Some armor builds will alow substained DPS in PvP, while others grant hard and
fast heavy burst damage. The same applies to Healing and Tanking. (Yes ther is
a such thing as Burst Heals.)

DPS Burst Builds are designed to quickly damage an enemy player with very high
and max damage and get out of the situation to move on to the next target as
quickly as possible. 

This kinda applies to Tanks. As some will be strictly Defense, some tanks
will use DPS Gear to generate insane amounts of damage while still having some
strong defensive abiltiies.

                           Target Markers

If you see a Target Marker above an enemy's player head, it means they are a
threat. If you see certain Target Marker Icons above certain players they are
either a Tank or Healer. Target Marker's are usally placed on enemies or on yo
-u by enemies that make you the serious threat in any game. These targets are
either Healers or very good players who refuse to die. So always go after a
marked target (just keep in mind of Target Priority though.)

Just remember that if the Enemy has placed a marker above you, they will only
see it (and vice versa for their team) and not you.


Many new PvPers will accuse good PvPers of 'Cheating' or 'Hacking', Sadly for
them, it honestly really isn't that hard to spot a player who is botting/cheat
-ing/Hacking, if you have played long enough. This also goes for players who
use exploiting to their advantage. If you come across any of this of a player
on your team or against your team, just leave the match and report them. CS
Droids will investigate your claim. 

                          Ending Comments

I hope this guide has been very helpful to you. This is pretty much the basic
knowledge I've obtained through out all my years of being a PvPer (in many --
diffrent MMORPGs). I have put many hours in to SWTOR PvP (as many others.) So
take this information with you and practice, practice, practice.  Remember to
have fun doing so. Also, if you like this guide vote for it on GameFAQs and if
you wish, please use my paypal e-mail to donate (not required!) Also, follow
me on Facebook or Twitter (URL is at the beginning of this guide) to know when
I Stream, news updates (Streaming/Content/Guide updates) that are incoming.

Until then, I'll see you on the battlefield and may the Force be with you!

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