How do I beat borga?

  1. I am in the gladitorial arena of the kill lady and i have to beat the gamorrean borga. what is a good way to defeat him? ive faced him twice with my companion and we both died :-(

    User Info: clebrownsfanpa

    clebrownsfanpa - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. A great way is get a friend to come and assist, they can enter your quest phase and help with killing him without any penalties.

    If you want to solo it you'll need to say which advanced class you are, gonna be different strategies for Mercenary and Powertech - however it's basically the same idea, you need to kite him. Keep as far away from him as you can so he can't stun and destroy you, use the platform to drop down if necessary and Borga will have to run around the long way putting distance between you again.

    This is the first difficult encounter for the bounty hunter, if you find you are really struggling then do some other quests in the area until you level. Also, make sure you are using a companion! Hope this helps :)

    User Info: smokelax

    smokelax - 6 years ago 1 0

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