Jedi vs Sith?

  1. I'm wondering if this is gonna be like wow with their horde vs alliance thing,but jedi vs sith.

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    MeGaSmUrF - 8 years ago

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  1. The setup is somewhat similar to World of Warcraft-- the Republic and the Empire factions are like the Alliance and Horde. You cannot communicate or group with the other faction. The classes for each faction are equivalent to the other faction but with different animations and ability/skill names, but the story lines for each class are unique. Your choice of race does not affect your stats or combat abilities, only appearance, social bonus ability, and some NPC reactions.

    In PvP you will normally only fight the other faction, except in Huttball you can face the same faction as it is a "sport" instead of a battle. There is also a free-for-all PvP area on Tatooine where you can compete with anyone over gathering resources, mobs, and vendors. Some planets are only available to one faction, some are visited at different level ranges, and the rest are shared at the same level ranges.

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  1. I don't play WoW so I'm just going to take a gander what I think your asking.

    There will be PvP in SwtoR but the main bulk of the game will be on the story development of your single character and his/her companions inside the Star Wars Universe. But yes, you will be divided into two factions (Galactic Republic vs Empire) with eight classes to choose from (four each) when you play the game and battle each other.

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  2. The Old Republic will be similar to WoW in that aspect, in a way.

    It takes place during a stalemate in the Great Galactic War (as I believe it is called). Tensions are high, but neither side, Empire or Republic, wish the war to begin again. Neither side can afford it.

    There will be PvP in this game. You have four (4) classes on each side, two ranged and two Force-users (aka Jedi and Sith)

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  3. Yes mainly there are two main factions and several player classes and races inside each faction.

    But, Bioware encapsulate one more feature and this is the guilds .Each guild may have ally and enemy guilds . you can read more about Guild Alignment at and about player classes and races at

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