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Guide and Walkthrough by cmbf

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/10/2009

Stormrise FAQ/Walkthrough – Version 1.0 – 10 June 2009 

           ____   _                                 _            
          / ___| | |_  ___   _ __  _ __ ___   _ __ (_) ___   ___ 
          \___ \ | __|/ _ \ | '__|| '_ ` _ \ | '__|| |/ __| / _ \
           ___) || |_| (_) || |   | | | | | || |   | |\__ \|  __/
          |____/  \__|\___/ |_|   |_| |_| |_||_|   |_||___/ \___|
       |_     _|_|_  _   /~` _ _  _ _|_.   _    /\  _ _ _  _ _ |_ |  
       |_)\/   | | |(/_  \_,| (/_(_| | |\/(/_  /~~\_\_\(/_| | ||_)|\/
          /                                                        /
                      FAQ/Walkthrough by CMBF


T A B L E  -  O F  - C O N T E N T S

Introduction (INTRO)
My Comments (MYCOM)

Act 1 (ACT1)
Mission 01: Domestic Disturbance (MIS01)
Mission 02: Assault Charge (MIS02)
Mission 03: Double Jeopardy (MIS03)
Mission 04: Multiple Counts (MIS04)

Act 2 (ACT2)
Mission 05: Self Defense (MIS05)
Mission 06: Innocent Victim (MIS06)
Mission 07: Unfair Surprise (MIS07)
Mission 08: Reasonable Doubt (MIS08)

Act 3 (ACT3)
Mission 09: Shock Verdict (MIS09)
Mission 10: Prison Break (MIS10)
Mission 11: Hot Pursuit (MIS11)
Mission 12: Natural Justice (MIS12)

Achievements (BLING)
PS3 Trophies (BLANG)
About Me (ABOUT)
Legal Info (REDTAPE)



As Stormrise begins you get a lengthy CS that feeds you the back-
ground on what has happened to the planet...  An ecology control 
experiment has gone horribly wrong, and the world as we know it 
has ceased to exist.  Fortunately there is a very well protected and 
secure military facility with lots of stasis pods in it and a power 
supply that will last hundreds – nay – thousands of years!  Unattended.
Because you don't have to do maintenance in a video game...  Sorry, 
pulling my tongue out of my cheek.

So!  Your side – a mixture of military and the wealthy – send out 
a radio broadcast telling survivors to come to the facility where 
you will give them comfort, medical care, and shut them into a stasis 
pod.  The only problem is that there were more survivors than you 
thought – more than you have pods for, so you make the tough choice 
and lock the rest of them out – which it turns out makes them not 
like you very much.

Lots of years go by, the earth has sort of recovered, and you leave 
your pods to discover that all of those people that you thought would 
be dead have actually evolved into some pretty freaky life forms.  
Not only that, but they STILL do not like you!

Now I can see how it is natural that you would come out of your 
stasis pod after so long and want to get right back to ruling the 
world – you are a member of the ruling elite and, here is a sticky 
point – you are still human.  They, clearly, are not.  But that's 
okay, it makes you feel less guilty about killing them to take over 
their post-apocalyptic paradise, right?

So you survivors form a faction called the Echelon, while the mutated
freaks have their own faction, called the Sai.  The battle is for 
supremacy and control for the earth – are you ready for it?


(MYCOM) My Comments

Stormrise got slammed by the media and on the boards after it was 
released.  I understand why that happened, though I suspect that a 
major part of the heat it took was due to people not understanding 
that this game is an RTS game, not a shooter.  

As an RTS game it is okay – but unlike most RTS games, the programmers
sacrificed certain aspects in order to make the control system work.
A major point of sacrifice was unit control – you can not order the 
units under your command to attack specific targets, which takes 
a lot of the strategy out of your hands.  

Another problem is the AI – it makes some bad choices and often gets 
confused, so your units stand and die rather than fight.  For all of
these bugs, it is still a pretty good game.  The graphics are 
excellent, and the units – when they work correctly – are pretty 

This walkthrough took about a week to complete, and a few of the 
missions took me more than 24 hours to figure out.  If you bought 
this game – and you like it – you did okay, but if you are thinking 
of getting it I would rent it from Gamefly or a rental place, not 
buy it.  There is good entertainment value but no staying power or 

I give this game 6 stars out of 10!



Like most games of this type, the first mission is the tutorial to 
get you in touch with the basic control system for play.  The reason 
that most RTS games are almost exclusively created for the PC is 
because they always require a LOT of commands available – but it 
looks like the wizards at Creative Assembly have actually managed 
to address that weakness without resorting to a gimmick like voice 
control (like was used in Tom Clancy's Endwar which was really 
buggy).  Nope they came up with something original here, so what 
you will want to do is spend a few minutes getting used to the 
command setup.

I am not sure how fond you are going to be of the interaction in 
this game with respect to CS activity – there is an awful lot of 
it that repeats and you cannot skip any of it.  Still it adds to 
the story and you get flavor and background from it, so go ahead 
and enjoy it, mate!

You learn the targeting system and movement, and then you learn to 
move other units.  Once you complete those steps, you have the option 
of joining boy wonder (Coop) at the shuttle or taking out the rest 
of the intruders at the base.  I chose to take out the intruders 
because I wanted to get a sense for how damage worked – and I failed 
to figure that out!  So eithertake out the bad guys at the base or 
head for the green dot that marks the shuttle – Coop the wonder boy 
will constantly nag at you to come with him now and let the other 
teams hunt down the bad guys – which I guess is your introduction 
to the peer pressure in this game :)

The thing is, if you give into him you will miss an achievement – you 
get an achievement for taking out the remaining bad guys – so unless 
you want to repeat the tutorial later, I would go ahead and take out 
the muties now, but that is me...

–	Getting Your First Achievement

Okay this may be a little confusing because Ava implies that the 
bad guys will be at the orange spots – and while this is true, 
she does not mean that they will be AT the orange spots – just 
NEAR them.  The target spots are just supposed to take you to the 
infested area, after which you need to search around for the muties.

The first set that is by the building at the end of the loading dock 
(with the several flights of stairs) will be tucked into the corner.
The next group is on top of the building – which means you need to 
get your soldiers up the stairs because you cannot get up them.  
This is where you will hit your first game bug – sometimes foot 
units get stuck on stairs.  You do not want to just send them up 
on top of the building because some of them will get there and some 
will get stuck on the stairs, and you end up losing your units because
not enough got up to dominate the enemy through superior firepower!  

A better tactic is to go up one flight of stairs at a time, and 
if (when) some get stuck, change to a different unit and let the 
game eventually get them past the bug.  If your unit gets wiped 
out, do not worry – you do get replacements!

The next set is in the cave-like area under the shipping containers 
with the troops on top nearby.

Now if you move closer to the warehouse marked with the big “HQ” 
and go to the container stacks ahead and to the left as you face out 
the door you will fight your first group there.  Behind that set 
of stacks is the next group.

The last target – and this is the one that people seem to get 
frustrated by – is actually a hidden enemy near the corner of one 
of the containers by the shuttle.  Just have your marines walk 
around the containers there until he is revealed, and kill him!  
There you go!  You just earned your first achievement: Clean 
Sweep (10 GP)

Once you arrive at the shuttle you get a CS that details the fact 
that you are now heading into an abandoned area of the city – and 
not to a bar full of hot chicks like boy wonder was bragging – 
obviously to do combat with muties.  This ends the Tutorial, and you 
get your second achievement: Qualify for Duty (15GP)!  

So now that you have completed the tutorial mission, let me ask you 
something – doesn't Ava remind you of GLaDOS from Portal?  Man I hope 
Ava has better moral coding than her, because if she asks me how I 
like cake I swear I will run screaming from the room.


(ACT1) Act One of Story Mode

Your time in the stasis chamber is marked by dreams – no – nightmares
in which the world as you know it has changed.  You toss and turn, a 
high pitched voice whispering in your ear... The cake is a lie...  
The cake is a lie... Wait, sorry, wrong game.  You awake to discover 
that the nightmares were nothing of the sort – they were memories!  
The world is really that messed up but no worries mate, you are there 
to fix it, right?

As you begin Act 1 you will acquire the knowledge – and skills – you 
need to solve the mystery that plagues your every waking moment: 
where did you park your car before going into stasis??


(MIS01) Domestic Disturbance

Now that you have completed the main tutorial, you are ready to start 
both Act 1 and Mission 1 – Domestic Disturbance.  The reason that I 
say that you have completed the “main tutorial” is because it was 
just that – it taught you some really basic commands.  You are going 
to learn more – and more advanced commands, as you progress through 
the missions.

When the transport drops you off, you want to concentrate on moving 
your skirmish line forward, so that the cannon fodder – oops, I mean 
the Enforcers – are ahead of you.  You do not want to take damage 
yourself, right?  Besides that is what they are there for according 
to Coop, so go ahead and commit them to taking out the wandering 
pests.  You will notice that there are red targets and then yellow/
green targets around you.

The red targets are infestation points, and you should ignore most of 
those for now – since you cannot resupply yet.  You want to work your
way forward to the first yellow/green dot, and you will take out two
infestation points as you do so.

The first strategic target is located at a bridgehead – you want to 
take out the turret that is there, so that you can replace it with 
your own.  That first turret will automagically have a warp portal 
installed in it – which is how you will gain replacement troops!  But 
use of it is based upon available energy reserves, so the first 
thing you want to do is secure that bridgehead by spreading your 
men in a skirmish line to cover the bridge so that they can take out 
the enemy when he tries to cross – which he will do in waves.

Once you have that covered – and you should make a few more units to 
be sure you have enough using the turret – upgrade the refinery level 
on the turret.  Once it is upgraded, upgrade it again – and then 
upgrade the actual gun turret and shield.  

Ideally what you should try to do is max out the upgrades on it, 
while building a lot of extra units at the same time.  Once you have 
it pretty near maxed, target the next turret spot and start sending 
in groups of units to kill the enemy guarding it.  The next spot is 
in the dry river bed below.

You are going to lose units – that is why they are called cannon 
fodder – but eventually you will take that turret spot over and one 
of yours will deploy.  The first thing you want to do – assuming 
you have enough units left to hold that turret, is upgrade the 
refinery to max or at least twice, then stagger upgrading the gun 
turret and shields.  That will help suppress the enemy waves still 
coming over the bridge as well as the waves now targeting your newest
turret in the dry river bed.

Once you have it upgraded to the max and have replaced your forces, 
target the next turret spot, further down the river bed.  Rinse and 
repeat until it has max refinery, shields, gun etc.  and rebuild 
your forces.

Okay, you remember the red infestation spots that were behind us in 
the house areas when we landed?  May as well take them out now, right?
So organize a sweeping party of about six groups and send them back 
past the landing site to deal with those infestation points.  Once 
you have done that, send them back to the first turret we acquired, 
at the bridgehead.

Now, the last turret site is on the other side of the bridge.  Leave 
a few groups with your mech suits to guard the bridgehead, and place
the target cursor on that last turret site while you have the 
bridgehead turret selected.  Begin pumping out units – you should 
have plenty of energy now, and nearly unlimited replacements.

The reason that you kept the cursor on the last turret site is that 
that is where the new troops will automatically marshal at when you 
create them.  Keep creating them as you lose units until they have 
taken that site!  Now switch to that site, and upgrade the turret 
there completely – bearing in mind that it is more efficient to 
upgrade the refinery first, and build a few additional units as 
needed to hold the site.

Once you have completed upgrading the last turret, place your target 
cursor on the nearby enemy units and begin pumping out troops.  There
should be four or five enemy groups at the foot of a tower down the 
street from the last turret near the very large energy source (molten
rocks and glowing magma should clue you in to its location).  Once 
you have taken out the units on the street, target the two units on 
top of the tower and pump out troops.

Eventually you will take the tower, and this mission will end with 
a CS that sets up the next mission!  You also earned your first 
storyline achievement – Mission 1: Domestic Disturbance (20 GP).  
Very spiffy!


(MIS02) Mission 2: Assault Charge

The opening CS gives you most of the information you need with a 
little speculation thrown in for good measure.  You need to target 
the building with the large red beam of energy emerging from it in 
the train yards – that is where the energy from the source points is 
focused – but you are likely to have trouble assaulting it.

This is where you are introduced to the Seeker Drones – an 
important strategic unit in your toolbox!

Follow the CS prompting you to move the Seekers to the target, 
and you get some intel on the layout of enemy troops as a result.  
Once you move to the second target spot with your Seekers you spy 
the energy refinery/collector – and Coop teaches you to do indirect 
unit assignments.

Follow this mini-tutorial to have your infiltration unit position 
near the target, and then switch to them and select demolition charge
as their weapon mode in the menu.  Now target the energy collector 
and blow it up!  Nice!  You just nailed another achievement: In 
Transit (20 GP)!

Now however the enemy is aware of your presence.  Go ahead and 
capture the spot you just demo'd and upgrade all of its gear – the 
highest that you can upgrade to is level 2 by the way, and you do 
not get the warp portal option with this one.

Now this is where this mission gets a little confusing – so bare with 
me for a bit while I explain...

So far we have learned that we need to secure the turrets to mine 
energy to obtain new troops, right?  So we grab that first turret 
which gives us a trickle of energy that we can use – if we are 
willing to wait around 45 minutes to accrue 4,000 energy units.  So 
obviously the best plan would be to capture the other turret locations
on the other side of the bridge in the train yard, right?  Well, not 
so much really because the cost in units to grab – and then hold – 
those spots is so high that you will end up spending hours and hours
getting the energy to replace them.

No this mission is one that calls for finesse but of course the CS 
does not give you a clear route to completing it.  Well, I will!

Build 5 Infiltration units, and then run them past the turret we 
seized to the containers in the back of that area, and then up to 
the tracks above the containers.  Take out the enemy forces that are 
at the end of the tracks, and then go up the ramp on your right just 
past the overpass to the FIRST landing – do not go up the second ramp
ahead of you!

Instead, turn around – you see the ramp going up to the next level 
in that direction?  Take your units to the top of that, and they will
be able to snipe the enemy that are across from you in the original
direction we were heading.

Once they take all of the units you can reach from here – there 
should be two you cannot – go back down and up the second ramp 
just to a point before its top – and your guys can now take out 
the last two units without taking damage.

After that, send one of your units to the energy source for a brief 
CS in which the Seer kidnaps you (even though you are not actually 
there) and the mission ends with victory for you...  So I am guessing
you were supposed to get kidnapped then, right?  Well I hope so, 
because you did!

If you want to understand why taking the other turret locations 
was not the way to go, take a look at the resource count in the 
stats at the end of the mission – specifically take a look at the 
enemy resource count...  More than ten times as much as YOU have – 
so it is no wonder the frontal assault route was set for failure!


(MIS03) Mission 3: Double Jeopardy

The first half of this mission is pretty straight forward – view the
CS and then take the turret locations using waves of Enforcers.  You 
may be unaware that there are two turret sites on the left side of 
the map as you are facing the main road – don't forget to grab those.
Once you take the last location before the main enemy area you will 
get a communication CS from the smart mouthed Mech Trooper that you 
have taken the bridge head.  

At that point you will be prompted to upgrade the last turret – but
you probably already started to before it asked.  As soon as you 
build the warp module in it, you get your next achievement: 
Telepathic (20 GP) for establishing the portal.  

The next hop is going to be brutal for you if you try to do it 
with a frontal approach, the enemy spawn rate is high – and you 
get to meet a new enemy unit – what a brute huh?  The trick to this 
is really simple – suppression combined with firepower!

After trying a bunch of different strategies the one that I found 
that worked best was to create two Infiltrator units and a Seeker 
unit at the turret on the far left (remember the two that are 
down that road past the first really hardened one?).  Then take 
those three units (DO NOT combine them) up the buckled concrete to 
the roof of the building overlooking the second hardened enemy turret
and set them up so that they have a field of fire on the passing enemy
units without the turret being able to hit them.

Set the Seeker to target assist mode and leave those units right
there – you will not be moving them again.  Now go to the turret 
nearest your forward point that you can build at and build another 
pair of Infiltrator and a Seeker, and position them at the forward 
turret set up the same way – a good field of fire but cannot be 
targeted by the enemy.

Finally build three of the dune buggies and group them, and then 
place them on the slope above the ramp leading up to your forward
turret – so that they can easily chop up the enemy as they try to 
hit that forward turret.  Okay, your defenses are now in place, so 
here is the trick – do not try to take the second hardened turret yet.

Using the two turrets that you can build at – the same ones you made 
the Infiltrator/Seeker sets – target the green dot that is beyond the 
hardened turret and begin spamming dune buggy production alternating 
between the two turrets.  Why?  Because eventually some of the 
buggies get through to the green dot location, triggering a CS and 
causing two more Mech units to appear and capture the two turrets on
either side of the power source – effectively capturing that power 

Once that happens, SAVE your game!

Now simply spam buggies at the final turret and you will easily take 
it down, whereupon the mission ends after a disastrous CS in which 
you learn that the mealy-mouthed hero unit that has been trash 
talking you all along is wack-a-doodle!  Go hide in a cave mate, 
it is time for the next mission!


(MIS04) Mission 4: Multiple Counts

Well after that CS you are probably wondering just who are the 
good guys and who are the bad?  And what side are we on?  I don't 
know about you but I was sort of expecting something like this to 
happen...  I mean from the way that the Seer was talking – and our 
partners attitude about taking out that “weapon” in the previous 
mission...  Still something of a surprise though and now we have 
to get used to building and commanding the Sai units!  What fun!

Okay after the CS group up with your escort – you should end up with 
two groups, one mech assigned to each – and then head for the green 
dot to score your first warp portal.  Good on you!  Now start 
building your army and exploring the caves looking for the exit 
to a place you can be extracted from.

The most efficient way to progress from here is to built six Ranger 
units and combine them into two groups, and then together work your 
way along the corridors and stairs, taking out the enemy units as 
you encounter them using crossfire strategy where possible.  

Eventually you will reach another turret location – a level 3 capable
one with a warp portal – so take it, upgrade it, and that will be your
resupply point.  If any of your groups lost a unit, now would be 
the time to replace it.  It is also a good time to save your game.

The next turret is down into the lower area – take it, and then 
build a few more Ranger groups and send  them to that turret before 
deploying them at the bottom of that slope, where you will find two 
of the giant bugs.  Kill them both, and then resupply your troops 
as needed before heading down to the next level, towards the green 

Basically what is going to happen here is that as your men move 
through the area you will encounter a HYDRA – and kill it.  Once you
reach a certain point along the way you get a CS that adds three 
of the mega bugs to your forces.  Use these to take out the mech 
units guarding the (unkillable?) turret, then send your regular 
troops after the final target.  Use the matriarch’s Acid Rain ability
from the weapon book now to get achievement: Spray and Pray (15 GP).

There will be another HYDRA along the way, but you already should 
have received the achievement for killing a HYDRA in this level.
Once your guys reach the final target, the mission ends, as does 
Act 1 – and you get an achievement: The Other Side (25GP).

Now in theory the plot should thicken from here on....  


(ACT2) Act Two of Story Mode

Part of the mystery is revealed in the Act 2 CS – which opens 
with you (and your memory problems caused by the “fever”) being 
interrogated by the High Seer – remember that chick who was standing
stoically outside the hatch that you sealed during the Act 1 CS?

D'accord, there is more to this story than we were aware.  If you 
were like me, you probably assumed that the vast majority of the 
Echelon people were in cryogenic sleep and the whole government 
thing and taking over did not take place until YOU woke up.  Now we 
know different.  It implied that the Echelon has been active for 
quite some time!

Another thing is nowhere near as much time has passed since the 
disaster that caused the Echelon to seek the safety of its stasis 
pods as was hinted at.  It seems that the Echelon controls several
human settled sectors and has had relation with the Sai all along.
Even more interesting is that some of the Echelon troops appear to 
be from the Sai!

Now it is on to the first mission in Act 2!


(MIS05) Mission 5: Self Defense

Mind the CS now, because you are getting a peak at how the Sai view 
the world and the situation with their enemy, the Echelon.  It is 
a different perspective than we had before, but then again this 
mission is a lot different than those that came before it – in 
fact while a lot of people thought that Mission 3 was hard, this 
one is maybe a bit harder because how you engage and handle your 
units is key to it being either really brutal or really easy!

According to the briefing, your duty is to take out the anti-air 
defenses at the Echelon HQ – but before you can do that you need 
to create a beachhead of sorts beginning with nailing down some 
portal and turret points.  

As the mission begins one of the enemy will approach in a tricked 
out combat vehicle as you are taking control of the portal close to 
your spawn point.  Now that you have taken care of him and seized 
control of the portal, start by building a basic defense force for 
your Seer and Mech – a few Rangers should be enough...  Do not go 
overboard – a little experimentation should show you that two 
groups of  Rangers should suffice but may need to be supported
every now and then.  Once you start to expand away from the initial
warp portal you will not need to maintain the defenses there.

- First Turret

Now build a few Rage and target the turret nearby, being sure to 
use the Rage Smash ability to get achievement: Unleashed (15 GP).
Once you have taken that turret, upgrade it as quickly as you can 
and then reinforce it with defense units because it will become the 
target that the enemy will focus upon rather than the first warp 

- The Refinery Turret

The problem that you will have with the turret in the refinery area 
is that it is close to a portal that the Echelon uses – and they 
will constantly spawn a group if infantry with a vehicle to 
attack the node.  The node itself cannot defend itself, and what 
units you have left will die slowly from attrition, so you MUST 
resupply them.

This is complicated by the fact that you do not at present have 
sufficient power source to operate the warp portal for this turret 
even if you build it – and bare in mind that you need to upgrade 
that turret as soon as you can, which will likely mean waiting for 
the energy to accrue in order to do that.

The bottom line?  Use 5 groups of Rangers to take the turret, then 
resupply them to hold it while you upgrade the turret.  Once that 
happens things should get a little easier as the range of the turret 
laser is extended.  

You will still suffer attrition – there is no way around that – but 
you should be able to get a handle on it quickly.  The only way to 
take the pressure off of this turret is to take the next few turrets
deeper into the zone, but before you do that you need to take out 
the turret by the shipyard first.  

The reason why you should make the shipyard turret your target 
instead of the level 1 turret that is between you and the airfield 
turret is simple: the distance that the enemy units have to 
travel to get to the turret in the Refinery is longer than to the 
level 1 turret giving you more time to resupply and reinforce as 

- The Shipyard Turret

I ended up choosing to hold my ground at the Refinery and go after 
the Shipyard turret first – and that was no easy conquest!  Yes 
there is no Mech Unit there like there is at the Airfield, but there
is a heavy weapons vehicle and it is constantly resupplied, so it was
something of a balancing act.  The trick is figuring out how many 
units you NEED to keep in place to defend the forward turret at 
the Refinery, and divert all of the others to the target while 
juggling population.

What ended up working best for me was five groups of Rangers and a 
group of Matriarchs.Basically I took the Matriarchs in by hand first,
setting them just out of range of the enemy, then ordered each Ranger
group to assault the turret.  As soon as the Rangers were almost 
in range of the turret, I used the Matriarchs to take out the heavy 
vehicle, and while the turret concentrated its fire on the Rangers,
I used the Matriarchs to destroy first its shields, then its turret 
gun – with the Rangers help of course.

When the fight was done, I had two full groups of Rangers and one 
group with two Ranger units in it.  I did not lose any Matriarchs.
Once the Shipyard turret was fully upgraded, I then shifted all of
these units back to the Refinery turret, and replaced the missing
Ranger unit in that group.

- The Level 1 Turret

This is located just outside of the gate to the Airfield.  I 
created three more groups of Rangers and then sent everything 
at the Refinery turret to the Level 1 turret.  There was some 
death and destruction, and as units died, I replaced them with
Rangers that were sent streaming directly to the Level 1 turret.  

The reason that I did that was because you don't just have to take 
that turret, you have to HOLD it as well, and the enemy sends in 
groups constantly to try to take it back, since it is now the forward
target for them.  Once you have the Level 1 turret secured and 
upgraded fully, some of the pressure comes off.  This is now where 
you will be stacking up your units.

- The Airfield Turret

Taking this is impossible as a frontal assault.  Instead, create one
group of three Matriarchs and move them into the far corner of the 
Airfield, then create one group of three Rangers and move them to 
the Matriarchs.  You will notice a Mech Suit between the turret and
you along that back wall – use the Matriarchs to kill it from 
distance so that it dies and you do not take damage.

The enemy is massing its attack waves from the Airfield Turret – so 
wait until it has created the next wave and that wave has left to 
attack the Level 1 turret, then move the Matriarchs in close enough 
so that they destroy the Airfield Turret.  The enemy may spawn units 
to defend that turret – but your Matriarchs should be able to take 
those out as needed.

Note: An easy way to obtain the Puppet Master (20 GP) achievement 
is to precede your attack by taking a single Spectre in while 
invisible, wait for the turret to spawn a unit, then use mind control
on the turret so that it kills the unit.  You will probably lose the 
Spectre in the process, but you do get this achievement.

As soon as the turret is destroyed, move the Rangers in to trigger 
the take-over, and move the Matriarchs in to protect the Rangers, 
the get all of the units from the Level 1 turret to the Airfield 
turret with NO delay, because the enemy will be sending in mech 
suits and some other units right away.  

Once your turret is up, immediately begin upgrading it, starting 
with the laser and shields.  The last thing that I added was the Warp
Portal – and that triggered the CS that shows the final anti-air 
turret that you need to destroy – located on the level above and 
behind the Airfield Turret.

Remember that this is now your forward turret, so this is what the
enemy is going to target.  You can bring your heroes up now if you
want, or leave them at the starting point – either way you should not
need them for the next step.

- Another Level 1 Turret

Once you have reinforced the Airfield turret, build a group of 
Matriarchs and a group of Rangers, and move the Matriarchs by hand to
the right of the ramp that leads up to the final anti-air turret 
(between the building and the ramp) where you will see a pair of Arc 
Hammers defending a low level turret.

Position the Matriarchs to take out the first Arc Hammer – they 
may take some damage and you could lose one, especially if they get 
confused and stop fighting the Arc Hammer to fight the waves being 
sent down the ramp at you.  Kill the first Arc Hammer then move 
the Matriarchs further into the area to take out the second Arc 
Hammer just outside its attack range.  As you finish these off, 
you get an achievement: Hammer Time (20 GP).  Good on you!

Now move your Rangers and the Matriarchs in closer to the turret
that the Arc Hammers were protecting and let the Matriarchs take 
it out from a distance.  As soon as it is destroyed move in the 
Rangers to take it over.

Taking out the final anti-air turret is problematic for several 
reasons – not the least of which is that on this particular 
section of the mission the controls, the camera angles, and an 
unfortunate bug in the game make this a seriously frustrating task.

The bug is that you cannot target the Level 1 turret and send troops
to it once you take it.  Trying just gets you the failed buzz that 
says no dice.  This is a problem because that turret will be 
constantly attacked, and you will need to reinforce it if you plan 
to hold it.  After hand walking the reinforcements in three times I 
gave up and let the enemy take it back – figuring I would get it 
after I took out the warp point above at the final anti-air turret!

- The Final Anti-Air Turret

This one is a problem because situated where it is, you cannot 
stage your units with any reliability.  When you try, the camera 
position will make it brutal, the snaps will send you to the other 
side of the map – in short every weakness in the games control 
design comes into play here.  Factor in that the enemy has staged 
units all over the area above, and you are basically thrust into 
a gauntlet in which you have very limited control over your units.

Now bare in mind that you usually cannot control WHAT enemy unit 
your units target anyway, and that makes this even more of a 
pain – if you try to stage from the top of the ramp that is.  

Instead of that, create a Spectre and trigger his invisibility, 
then hand walk him up the ramp and through the gate, bang a u-turn 
and take him to the corner near the edge behind the shipping 
containers.  You now have a unit in a safe place that you CAN 
target to move OTHER units to.  Leave him right there!

Now start building waves of Rangers – and each time you have 
three groups of three, send them to that Spectre.  Not all of 
them are going to make it – you should expect some losses, but 
enough complete groups will get through so that after five or 
six waves, you should have a good fighting force in place, 
where they can do some damage.  But be aware – do NOT try to 
group the orphans up there – it may group with the Spectre which 
you do not want.

If you end up with a lot of groups missing a unit and single units,
use those to attack the enemy units elsewhere on the field nearby.
Once you have taken out all of the enemy units not by the turret – 
and remember you need to take them out because the enemy will call 
them in on you when you attack the turret if you don't – you should
be good to go.  But you should save before you make your assault 
just in case (A) you do not have enough units or (B) things go wrong.

Once you have your troops massed above, bring up groups of Matriarchs
and use them to take out the pair of Arc Hammers that are on either
side of the turret.  Keep bringing up groups until you have taken 
out the Arc Hammers, then reinforce your Matriarchs and take out 
the turret and its reserves.  Finally move in the Rangers to take 
over the turret site FtW!

You get a reassuring CS in which you see the final Echelon walls 
crumble, and you are informed that you must rescue your partner 
before the Echelon exacts its revenge.

Grats on finishing this mission – I really think that it was 
harder – and longer – than Mission 3, and Mission 3 is the one 
people have come to hate :)  Oh and as it turns out that last 
Level 1 turret did not really matter, so kudos for us!


(MIS06) Mission 6: Innocent Victim

Before we start this mission you need to know that there is a 
significant bug in it.  After you take over the warp portal at the
start and begin building units DO NOT GROUP THEM.  If you do group 
them, you will find that you cannot get them up the stairs to the 
next level up – where you NEED to go.  Wait until you have them up 
the stairs BEFORE you group them, or you are going to have problems.

Now we get the CS that starts off the level, and you may have 
noticed that the turret nodes we will be taking along the way are 
all pretty much stacked on top of each other.  How that makes any 
sense I cannot say – I mean I thought that the turrets were supposed 
to be built on top of energy streams – but then again I did not write
the plot for this game :)  

There are three distinct stages to this mission – if you plan on 
completing it that is.  I'll explain that in a moment, but first, 
use Geary to take over the Warp Portal right in front of you.  First
he will need to take out the Echelon troops above you, but moving 
him to the portal will accomplish that.  Once the enemy is dead, 
you will get possession of the portal and a CS.

Create 6 Ranger units and send them up the stairs WITHOUT grouping 
them.  The easy way to do this is create one unit, hand walk it up 
the stairs and through the open blast door, and then target it at 
the portal and make five more units so that they rally on the 
first.  Once they are all there, create two groups of three and 
begin sweeping the base to kill the enemy units scattered along 
your path down the first well.  

When you get to the bottom of the first well, stay away from the 
red forcefield-protected door for now – Coop is behind it with some 
troops but we do not want to trigger that CS yet.

Position your two Ranger groups so that they are along the left 
side of the open area at the bottom of the well, not near enough 
to Coop to trigger the CS, then snap back to the Warp Portal.  You 
may need to wait for your energy level to build up – you will want it
to be above four or five thousand for this stage.  Once it is, target
one of the groups of Rangers and begin pumping out more Rangers.  
Keep doing that until you reach your population limit.

Now snap to the rally point and group them all, until all you have 
is groups.  Now WAIT!  Let the energy build up to a minimum of 5,000 
units – then save and continue (in case something bad happens).

The next stage (stage two for this mission) has to happen without 
interruption, and you cannot delay it.  First move a group over to 
Coop for the CS – you convince him that you are not bad, and while
he still refuses to join you, he agrees not to oppose you!  Once 
he leaves the main blast doors to the second well open, at which 
point you cannot afford any delay here.

Target the top turret (green/red dot) and commit ALL of your 
Rangers to it.  As soon as all are on their way snap to a unit 
nearer the target and wait for it to fall.  AS SOON as it falls 
immediately target the second turret on the level directly below, 
and have ALL your units attack IT.  If you do this quickly you 
will take that turret and you will not lose too many men in the 
process.  As soon as you take that turret you should start upgrading
it – first add the gun, then shield, then warp portal, then refinery.
Max out the refinery – alternating between the first turret above 
and the second one until all of its options are maxed out.

Note: The reason you needed to complete this stage without delay 
is because if you did not – if you just took the first turret and 
then tried to reinforce your troops, by the time you were set to 
go after the second turret it would have been so well defended that 
you would have ended up in a stalemate!  Any delay between taking 
the first and second turrets makes this mission impossible to win, 
so don't delay, right?

–	Stage Three

Using your new Warp Portal replace all of the Rangers you lost, group 
them, and target the third turret and commit them.  As soon as it 
falls, target the last turret and commit again.  It will fall quickly,
you will now get the final CS for this mission in which you learn 
of an anti-Sai WMD that the Echelon has created, and you get a new 

At some point during Stage Two the Seer you are teamed with effected 
the rescue of your friend – I cannot really say one way or the other
if you could have done that or helped to do that yourself, because 
I did not.  It happened on its own as I was wrapping up stage two 
and I got the achievement for this mission without actually trying 
to rescue her – so I don't believe you need to do that yourself at 

If you tried this mission any other way than outlined above, I 
would imagine you found it pretty frustrating eh?  Well, on to 
the next mission then!


(MIS07) Mission 7: Unfair Surprise

This mission did not go the way that I thought it would go...  So I
ended up having to replay it to actually get the full experience.  I 
should explain that, so here goes:

On my first attempt what I ended up doing was taking the Level 2 
turret at the head end of the avenue that you start on, and paying 
in a few Ranger units to protect it while I upgraded it.  I then 
took a shot at the turret on the right, at the other end of the 
bridge – and while that was going on the NPC Seer attacked the 
airship, doing significant damage to it, though I had nothing 
to do with that really.

My attack on the bridge failed, and as I had used up most of my 
energy, I held my ground at the Level 2 turret and waited for 
the energy to build to 10,000 – at which point I built a group of 
Matriarchs and moved them to the Level 2 turret.  I then built 
two more Matriarchs and grouped them with the Seer that we started
with, and moved that group to the turret at the bridge on the right 
– the one I had failed to take.

Well I took the turret this time, but that ended the mission, because
as soon as I took that turret, the NPC Seer took out the airship, and
I got the Victory stats screen.  Well obviously that is not how the 
mission was supposed to play out!  You are supposed to take the 
bridges – you get an achievement for that after all – so as I say, 
I had to replay the mission from its start.

Taking the bridges is fairly easy using a combination of Matriarchs
and other units, but by the time I took the second bridge, the 
mission ended again!  I will be revisiting this mission to see if 
I can get the achievement but as it stands now, it looks like the 
only way to get that is to make this a quick and dirty fight, 
because based on my two experiences there seems to be a concealed 
timer that ends the mission here...  In victory if you can imagine 


(MIS08) Mission 8: Reasonable Doubt

As you begin this mission you are told in the CS that you need to 
secure the turrets to permit the Sai air units free operations.  
Your starting position is at an open gate – ahead of you is a 
turret spot, behind you your Warp Portal.  Once you take the turret 
spot ahead of you and upgrade it, you can use it as your first 
staging area.

To your left around the wall is another turret – an active one – 
and some Echelon troops including a Mech unit.  That turret is your
first target – but remember that this is like previous missions in 
that the enemy will try to retake the turrets that you capture – the
reason for that strategy is that these turrets function as your 
energy supply line for portal equipped forward turrets.

Essentially what you will be doing is hopping from turret to turret –
and it does not look to me like there is any way to disrupt or destroy
the Echelon spawn point, so you will just have to tolerate the waves 
of attacks and, if you fail to maintain your defensive forces, take 
back the turrets if they are captured.

Once you take that turret your next target is the turret closest to 
the nearest green/red dot – the green/red dot being another warp-
portal capable turret.  The easiest way to do this is to make a 
group of Matriarchs and use them to take out the turrets, and then 
move in grouped Rangers to hold them.  As soon as the Matriarchs 
take out the next turret, target the nearby portal-capable turret 
and take it out, then capture that spot.  Reinforce these two, but 
hold your Matriarchs at this location for now.

Up on the airfield is your next target – a standard turret – but it 
has three artillery units deployed near it, and they will wipe out 
any units you try to attack with before they can engage the turret, 
so the arty is your first priority.  Build a group of three Spectres 
and activate their invisibility cloaks, then move them to the arty 
unit on the right, and attack it with them.

Your Spectre Group will take out all three arty units, at which 
point you should pull the survivors back and cloak them, then move 
the Matriarchs in to take out the turret.  Once you have captured 
it, upgrade it and reinforce it with Rangers.  Now would be a good 
time to save your game because after this it is going to be a 
balancing act of figuring out how to defend your turrets while still
creating the force you need to go deep into the base and take out 
the other turrets!

- Mission Part 2

This is one of those situations in which you really need to pay 
attention to your objectives, and not what seems obvious...  There 
are two entrances you need to “secure” at the beginning of this 
part of the mission – a large one and a small one.  The small one 
will continue to generate wave after wave of Echelon troops – usually
in the form of two infantry grouped with a vehicle.  These waves just
keep coming and coming, and if you are into military games, well, 
your first instinct will be to take out the warp portal that is 
spawning them.  That would be a bad move.

Instead build up a very large force of Ranger groups outside the 
SMALL entrance – basically you group your three heroes together and
send them to the turret nearest the large entrance, then pack your
entire remaining population at the small entrance, where it will 
simply engage each wave as it exits.

The waves are trying to take back the surface turret points, so 
setting up a strangle point at that door is the way to go!  Remember
to monitor your population bar – when it gets around half depleted, 
pop back to a warp point and reinforce the small entrance.

Using your heroes, enter the large entrance and work your way down,
taking out a few enemy and taking over the turret you encounter.  
Upgrade that turret then send your heroes to all three power sources
(red/green dots on your HUD).  There will be a single infantry unit
guarding each which will be no problem for you!

After you take out the third power source, you get a CS that indicates
you have been betrayed – that the Sai had an ulterior motive all along
– and what is more, there is a hint that all may not be as it seems 
with Ava!

A new target is now on your objectives – the data source.  Simply 
target that and send your heroes to it – ignoring any enemy that 
you encounter on the way.  Seriously they cannot stop you, and 
there is no point in engaging them, as you are on the way to the 
end of this mission!  

Once you reach the data source – Coop will be there waiting for 
you – get the final CS and the hint about Ava and the mission ends.
Well, now you know a lot more than you did before don't you??

You will have received the achievement Power Up (20 GP) for taking 
the three power sources, as well as the achievement The Other Path 
(25 GP) for completing Act 2 of the story line.  There is no Act 3 
achievement but I think it is save to assume that there is an Act 3.


(ACT 3) Act 3 of the Story Line

Well, at this point you should be pretty proud of yourself, and you 
should have a pretty good idea of what strategy to use with each unit!
You are better than half-way through the campaign, but it seems that 
you no longer know who to trust and you have switched sides – you 
are back with the Echelon now!


(MIS09) Mission 9: Shock Verdict

As the introduction CS for this mission plays out, you may draw some 
conclusions that can hurt you – for instance a big deal is made about
taking out the laser towers – the anti-air and anti-land laser towers
– and they go out of their way to give you the impression that you are
meant to do this with ground units.  Maybe you could do it with ground
units, but the amount of time it would take... You would be playing 
this mission for a day or more!

The strategy I used was not what was implied in the CS, and was based
upon the certain fact that the units in this game are not meant to 
be retained.  They are, to put it bluntly, cannon fodder.  With that 
in mind there are two stages to this mission:

–	Stage One

Using ground troops, begin taking out and taking over turrets. You 
may find it helpful to “spot” them from the airship, and you will 
also probably find it annoying that you cannot target ANY of the 
turrets from another turret that you have captured, so there will 
not be any waves from your warp portals.  No, on this mission you 
have to do everything by hand, a fact that you will likely find 
very annoying.

For this stage the only thing that you will be using the Eclipse for
is spotting – you will not be moving it or killing anything with it 
because it is very vulnerable to the towers.
Carefully work your way through the area, taking over the turrets 
along the road to the right and left – don't worry about the turrets
on the upper plateau, as you will be getting those in the end of this
stage.  Right now your sole goal is to take over and upgrade the
turrets to both hold them and increase your energy production.

Once you have all of the turrets on the lower plateau – basically 
the three of four along the coastline – you should have pretty 
good energy production.  At that point you are going to start 
making two groups of three Hunters, and use them to target the 
towers and turrets on the upper plateau.  

Be aware that two fresh groups of Hunters should be able to take out
a tower with some surviving – but the survivors do not concern you
since each time you take out a tower you want to do it with a fresh
group of six Hunters – so after you take out a tower, use the 
surviving Hunters to take out the turret near the tower, and then 
target them and send in a group of Enforcers to actually capture that

This is the strategy that you will use from here on out – create a 
fresh pair of Hunter Squadrons and a group of Enforcers, use the 
Hunters to take out a tower and then its turret, then send the 
Enforcers to capture the turret.

A special note on the far right turret (the one equipped with a Warp
Portal near the entrance to the winding road that leads up to the 
Citadel) – you will want to permanently reinforce it with a group of
three Stalkers and three groups of Enforcers, and of course have its
weapons and defenses fully upgraded.  Maintain that defensive 
posture because this turret will be constantly under attack.

D'accord, if you followed this strategy you now control all of 
the turrets except the one marked by  a green/red dot up inside the
walls to the Citadel, and the three towers that are too high for any 
of your air units to attack.  It is now time for Stage Two!

–	Stage Two
Snap to the Warp Portal turret near the entrance road, then snap
to the group of Stalkers and target the Level One turret that is 
up at the first switch-back on the road and send the Stalkers there.
Once they reach that turret, target the green/red dot (the turret 
powering the last three towers) and send them to it.  They will kill 
a few units along the way and you may lose one of the Stalkers, but
with two remaining you will reach the target and take it out easily,
causing the three remaining towers to explode.

Now wait to take over this last turret and upgrade it, then snap to 
the Eclipse and bring it towards the last green/red dot until you 
get a CS that ends the mission in Victory for You!Yay You!

Note: Using this strategy I did not get the achievement for this 
level (defeat Sable) and you likely will not as well.  If you want 
that you will need to replay the level, and use ground troops after
you take out the last turret to hunt down her group and defeat her.


(MIS10) Mission 10: Prison Break

This can be a really tough mission if you do not pay attention to 
what they say in the CS...  Your only worry is to rescue Eona then 
secure one of the beam channels in order to disrupt the forcefield 
that is closing off access to the weapon below, so that you can 
rescue Ava.

The problem is taking and holding the beam channel, which consists 
of three turrets in a line up and down.  The reason it is confusing 
is that there are multiple channels, and if you mess up and secure 
one on one channel than another below on a different channel, it is 
not going to work.

There is a Level 3 turret in a room with a lot of balconies and 
stairs near your starting point.I would take that because you can 
use it as a safe staging area for grouping troops before you send 
them to reinforce the turrets you will be desperately trying to hold.

First though, before you try to take the turrets, you need Eona – so
make three groups of Rangers and send them to her target icon – as 
soon as they get outside the door to where she is being held she 
will be freed and you will get the achievement.  Good on ya!  Now 
send her and your remaining units back to the Warp Portal and your 

Build up enough energy to make three more groups of Rangers and 
reinforce the ones you have from the rescue, then pick one of the 
glowing red shafts as your “target shaft” and go to the Level 3 
turret (move all your units there).  On either side of the balcony 
room is the top turret for one of two shafts – pick the one you are
going to hold and take that top turret.Upgrade it and place three 
groups of Rangers there to protect it.

Once it is reinforced, snap back to your Warp Portal and make three 
more groups of Rangers – send them to the staging area (hereinafter
known as the Level 3 turret).  Move your forces – 3 Ranger groups 
the heroes and Eona to the turret below the one you just took and 
take it.  Upgrade it, and send your reserve units to defend it from 
the staging area.  You may lose units moving them down, so be 
prepared to create and deploy reinforcements as needed.

Repeat this process to take the final turret in the shaft, at 
which point you must QUICKLY get your heroes down to capture the 
weapon because the enemy will now be pushing huge waves to capture 
one of the turrets you are holding to break your hold on their power
and restore the forcefield.

If you move quickly you should not have to retake any of the turrets
you are holding – if not?  Well now it is a different kind of action

Anyway once you get down to the weapon platform target the red dots 
around the top where the beams are redirected – you should only need
to take out two of them...  Monitor your population meter and when 
it goes back into yellow, snap back to your Warp Portal and send a 
wave of all the Rangers you can at to the lower turret – where you
should have left Eona to help out.  

Make sure to check the turret status while your heroes are taking 
out the second beam – it may have had its guns and shield destroyed 
– and if so, rebuild them.  This is a holding action, you just have
to hold on long enough for your heroes to take out the second 
beam, and it is CS FtW!

Grats – you rescued Ave – now let me ask you, did you think she was
a computer chick?  I did and I was a bit weirded out when I realized
she was not... 


(MIS11) Mission 11: Hot Pursuit

This mission begins with a CS showing Huntsman pretty much being 
true to form – his plan is to take out the council and anyone else 
he does not like.  You must stop him – but you also should not pay
attention to the instructions in the CS.  If you try to use your 
Eclipse to stop his Eclipse yours dies – it is as simple as that.  
If you fail to delay Huntsman, you fail the mission – he cannot 
complete his plan.

This is actually a lot simpler than it seems – using your initial 
air units, engage Huntsman.  Start taking the turrets – all of 
them this side of the bridge – and once you have done that, 
move your heroes (grouped with a mech unit) to the turret at 
the bridge head.  Build a bunch of buggies and move them to that 
turret as well – Huntsman will move his Eclipse there, and 
the combination of your heroes, anti-air buggies, and air units 
will keep him occupied while you take out the rest of the turrets.

Once you have taken enough turrets to generate good energy assign 
more air units to harass Huntsman – no matter how much damage you do
you cannot kill his Eclipse – it is scripted to blow up at the 
end of this mission, but you do need to delay him and this is how.

Once you take out the second to last turret you get a CS, Huntsman 
is killed, and the mission ends FtW!  You also should get the 
achievement: In Pursuit (25 GP).


(MIS12) Mission 12: Natural Justice

Considering how hard some of the previous missions were this one 
starts out not seeming that bad – but then again looks can be 
deceiving :)

Your mission is to take over the power uplink nodes so that they 
can be “re-calibrated” and turned against the enemy.  The problem 
is the enemy does not want you to do that!  After a few tries the 
best strategy is to picture the battlefield as a flat map and proceed
as if you are water spreading out onto it.  

In order to convert a node, you have to take out its corresponding 
turret, placed elsewhere on the map.  By progressing in a uniform 
way, you can accomplish that.  Air support is very helpful, but 
expect their Matriarchs to do serious damage to it.  You are going
to spend a lot of time reinforcing positions here – there is no 
way around that, and the snap-to navigation in this game makes 
that difficult at times.

As you progress through the turrets and uplinks you will notice that
certain spots become the focus for the enemy – pay attention to which,
as it is better for you to be fighting at those points – easier too –
than to lose them and have to retake them.  Don't forget to defend 
your forward turrets – my rear area turrets never got attacked, it 
was always the forward ones and it should be the same for you.

The ending CS is interesting, and getting to that point really was 
a challenge – though it was more of a challenge because of the 
controls and the refusal of units to engage the enemy than it had 
to be.  According to the rumors the second official patch was 
supposed to address some of these concerns, but the company has 
announced that there will be no more patches because of the cost 
of certifying them so I guess we will never know, right?

Anyway good job on nailing the final mission!  Now go online 
and fight some human opponents! 



There are 43 achievements worth a total of 1,000 GP in Stormrise.  
I suspect that this is not a game that you are likely to get 
1000/1000 in if you are renting it or getting it from Gamefly – 
unless you decide to keep it and play it for quite a while.  
While achievements are not the reason that I play games, I have 
to admit that often they are a nice addition to the games...  

I have organized them here in what I consider to be a sensible 
way – alphabetically and by type.  I have not actually gotten all 
of these – and likely will not – but I will add any helpful 
suggestions that I have for the ones I actually got if it is 

Achievement marked with an '*' were obtained during the normal story 
mode play through and did not require significant extra effort.  
Achievements marked with a '-' require special effort or play to 


 * Clean Sweep (10 GP) Destroy all hiding Sai insurgents in the 
 * Qualify for Duty (15 GP) Complete the Tutorial

 * First Assault (20 GP) Complete Mission 1: Domestic Disturbance
 * In Transit (20 GP) Secure the Control Node powering the turrets 
   in Mission 2: Assault Charge
 * Telepathic (20 GP) Establish a portal in Mission 3: Double Jeopardy
 * H.Y.D.R.A. (20 GP) Defeat the Hydra in Mission 4: Multiple Counts
 * Hammer Time (20 GP) Take out the Arc-Hammers in Mission 5: Self
 * Evacuation (20 GP) Rescue Vantage in Mission 6: Innocent Victim
 * A Bridge Not Too Far (20 GP) Secure all 3 bridges in Mission 7: 
   Unfair Surprise
 * Power Up (20 GP) Secure all 3 power junctions in Mission 8: 
   Reasonable Doubt
 * Fur Coat (20 GP) Defeat Sable in Mission 9: Shock Verdict
 * Rite of Passage (25 GP) Rescue Eona in Mission 10: Prison Break
 * In Pursuit (25 GP) Secure the AA Turrets in Mission 11: Hot Pursuit
 * Reverse Polarity (25 GP) Recalibrate the airfield station in 
   Mission 12: Natural Justice

 * The Other Side (25 GP) Complete Act 1 of Story Mode
 * The Other Path (25 GP) Complete Act 2 of Story Mode
 * Epic Campaign (30 GP) Complete Story Mode on Easy or Normal
 * Epic Saga (50 GP) Complete Story Mode on Hard

 - Appetite for Destruction (25 GP) Destroy 77 units using the 
   Stalker's SAMs
 - Calling all Units (15 GP) Recruit one of every unit type in any 
   game mode
 - Eradicator (30 GP) Beat the AI on all Skirmish maps
 - False Sense of Security (25 GP) Attack 24 cloaked Spectres while 
   using the Infiltrator's Thermal Vision
 * Pest Control (20 GP) Kill 80 Broodlings
 * Puppet Master (20 GP) Destroy an enemy unit with one you have 
 - Scrap Metal (20 GP) Destroy 27 Stalkers
 * Spray and Pray (15 GP) Use the Matriarch’s Acid Rain ability
 - Totaled Eclipse (25 GP) Destroy 9 Eclipses
 * Ulterior Motives (10 GP) Use the play book to switch weapons
 * Unleashed (15 GP) Use the Rage Smash ability


 * Formidable (50 GP) You destroyed 500 units
 - Full Repertoire (50 GP) You have used all unit abilities at least 
 * Whip it Good (20 GP)You whipped 250 times during a map or match. 


 - Decked Out (35 GP) Win 10 ranked matches fully equipped
 - Demolisher (25 GP) Destroy 55 Control Nodes with the Demo Bomb 
 - Demoralizer (20 GP) Destroy 11 enemy units in the first 5 minutes
   of a ranked match
 - Feeding the Habit (15 GP) Play 16 ranked matches
 - First Down and Ten (20 GP) Win a ranked match in under 10 minutes
 - Gone Shopping (20 GP) Lose a multi-player match while the 
   deployment queue is open
 - Maximum Firepower (20 GP) Upgrade a Control Node to have level 3 
   turrets (multi-player or skirmish)
 - Playing Both Sides (15 GP) Win 8 ranked matches with each faction
 - Slice and Dice (15 GP) Use the Spectre's Rapid Slice ability to 
   kill an enemy commander (multi-player or skirmish)
 - Veteran's Affair (40 GP) Win 99 ranked matches
 - Winning Streak (25 GP) Win 6 consecutive ranked matches


(BLANG) PS3 Trophies

Achievement marked with an '*' were obtained during the normal story 
mode play through and did not require significant extra effort. 
Achievements marked with a '-' require special effort or play to 

(BBRONZE)  Bronze Trophies

* Clean Sweep - Destroy all hiding Sai insurgents in the Tutorial 
* Qualify for Duty - Complete the Tutorial 

* First Assault - Complete Mission 1: Domestic Disturbance 
* In Transit - Secure the Control Node powering the turrets in 
  Mission 2: Assault Charge 
* Telepathic - Establish a portal in Mission 3: Double Jeopardy 
* H.Y.D.R.A. - Defeat the Hydra in Mission 4: Multiple Counts 
* Hammer Time - Take out the Arc-Hammers in Mission 5: Self Defense 
* Evacuation - Rescue Vantage in Mission 6: Innocent Victim 
* A Bridge Not Too Far - Secure all 3 bridges in Mission 7: Unfair 
* Power Up - Secure all 3 power junctions in Mission 8: Reasonable 
* Fur Coat - Defeat Sable in Mission 9: Shock Verdict 
* Rite of Passage - Rescue Eona in Mission 10: Prison Break 
* In Pursuit - Secure the AA Turrets in Mission 11: Hot Pursuit 
* Reverse Polarity - Recalibrate the airfield station in Mission 
  12: Natural Justice 

- Appetite for Destruction - Destroy 77 units using the Stalker’s 
- Calling all Units - Recruit one of every unit type in any game mode 
- Demolisher - Destroy 55 Control Nodes with the Demo Bomb ability 
- Demoralizer - Destroy 11 enemy units in the first 5 minutes of a 
  ranked match 
- False Sense of Security - Attack 24 cloaked Spectres while using 
  the Infiltrator’s Thermal Vision 
- Feeding the Habit - Play 16 ranked matches 
- First Down and Ten - Win a ranked match in under 10 minutes 
- Gone Shopping - Lose a multi-player match while the deployment queue
  is open 
- Maximum Firepower - Upgrade a Control Node to have level 3 turrets 
  (multi-player or skirmish) 
- Pest Control - Kill 80 Broodlings 
- Playing Both Sides - Win 8 ranked matches with each faction 
* Puppet Master - Destroy an enemy unit with one you have Mind-
- Scrap Metal - Destroy 27 Stalkers 
- Slice and Dice - Use the Spectre’s Rapid Slice ability to kill an 
  enemy commander (multi-player or skirmish) 
* Spray and Pray - Use the Matriarch’s Acid Rain ability 
- Totaled Eclipse - Destroy 9 Eclipses 
* Ulterior Motives - Use the play book to switch weapons 
* Unleashed - Use the Rage Smash ability 

(BSILVER) Silver Trophies

* Epic Campaign - Complete Story Mode on Easy or Normal 
- Eradicator - Beat the AI on all Skirmish maps 
* The Other Side - Complete Act 1 of Story Mode 
* The Other Path - Complete Act 2 of Story Mode 
- Veteran’s Affair - Win 99 ranked matches 
- Winning Streak - Win 6 consecutive ranked matches 

(BGOLD) Gold Trophies

* Epic Saga - Complete Story Mode on Hard 
- Full Repertoire - Use all unit abilities at least once 

(BPLATINUM) Platinum Trophies

- Platinum - Unlocked automatically when all the trophies have 
  been unlocked 

(BSECRET) Secret Trophies

- Decked Out -  Win 10 ranked matches fully equipped (Silver)
* Formidable -  Destroy 500 units (Gold)
* Whip it Good -  Whip 250 times during any map or match (Bronze)



Q1. How do I get my units to attack a specific target?

A1. You do not.  The AI in the game determines what target that the 
unit will shoot at, not you.  You can influence this by placing your 
units so that the enemy you want attacked is nearer to them than the 
others, but that is pretty much all that you can do to guide their 

Q2. How do I ask you a Question?

A2. You send me an Email at the address below with Stormrise as the 
start of the Subject.  If you did not put Stormrise as the first word 
of the subject and you are not in my address book, your question 
never got past my Spam Filter.

Q3. Where do you play Stormrise?

A3. On the Big Comfy Couch of course.  Where do YOU play Stormrise?



I have been gaming on console since before most of you were born, 
starting with Pong in the early 1970's.  I quickly moved on to the 
Intellivision and then the Atari 2600 and never looked back.  In 
real life I write a column for the Cape Cod Times Business Section 
called Digital Grind, covering the Internet, technology, and every 
now and then, games. 

I can be reached via email at chris@boots-faubert.com
My personal web pages are at chris.boots-faubert.com

If you are writing me about this walkthrough, please be sure to 
begin the subject line with Stormrise as my spam filter can be 



This guide Copyright © 2009 CM Boots-Faubert.  This document 
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