The game want start up?

  1. Ive got more than enough spec and when i press play the screen goes away but the game dont run

    User Info: stevehowden88

    stevehowden88 - 10 years ago

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  1. UPDATE (posted 15 May 2010): Here is THE solution to the problem caused by the IE security update that does NOT require you to remove IE8 OR remove security patches:

    To anybody using XP SP3 having problems loading the game (ie. the game won't start, no error message, the processes start for a second and then quit):

    The solution: download d3dx9_37.dll and msidcrl40.dll and put them in your game folder

    I followed this solution and put the files in the Program FilesActivisionQuantum of Solace(TM) directory and loe and behold the gamse started and seems to play fine. A simple fix and so easy to add into a patch yet STILL nothing from Activision or Windows Live on this problem!

    User Info: Perth2008

    Perth2008 - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. This solution from fixed the problem for me.

    Originally Posted by Lordgalla
    "ok guys,this fixed the problem! right form the source. go to add and remove programs,check box for show updates at the top.Scroll down and find explorer 8 security updates,uninstall Internet Explorer Security update KB969897,Reboot try try game. I installed the game again,and it runs fine.All other games seem ok to.Waiting for a response as to what to do with this security update because I am running Explorer 8.But it did fix the game.

    Microsoft says it's ok to uninstall this update,as long as you are not having any Active X addon Issues,and to try installing the next cumulative update for explorer 8,when it becomes available.Enjoy the Game.Hope it works for you. "

    User Info: mrebman88

    mrebman88 - 10 years ago 0   0
  2. NOTE: the suggested solution, of uninstalling certain specific IE8 security patches is only temporary as newer IE8 security updates will overwrite those fixes. Also not discussed is how removing the security patches may compromise your PC.

    At present (26 Dec 2009, yes it was a Xmas present) the ONLY reliable way of getting the game to work is to uninstall IE8 completely and use another browser. I reluctantly did this, opting for the popular Firefox, and am enjoying the game, so far without problems. (See my blog for links.)

    User Info: Perth2008

    Perth2008 - 9 years ago 0   0
  3. ur computer does not contain high graphics and your graphics is low
    ur graphics is compatible with GTASanandreas not for high graphics game and u should check that u have direct x10 if not u should download...

    User Info: karan_coolboy07

    karan_coolboy07 - 10 years ago 0   1

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