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Swashbuckler Guide by perrinmiller

Updated: 08/10/09


For use with The Mask of Betrayer and Storm of Zehir Expansion Packs
(c)2009 Perrin Miller <perrinmiller@gmail.com>

Version: 1.0

This was written for submission to:

*                                                                     *
*                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                          *
*                                                                     *

 [1.0] Introduction
 [2.0] Swashbuckler Class Description
      [2.1] Description
      [2.2] Stats and Requirements
      [2.3] Special Abilities
 [3.0] Race Choices
      [3.1] Single Class Races
      [3.2] Multi-class Races
      [3.3] Races to Avoid
 [4.0] Ability Scores
 [5.0] Skills
      [5.1] Class Skills
      [5.2] Cross-class Skills
 [6.0] Feats
      [6.1] Useful General Feats
      [6.2] Optional Feats
      [6.3] Feats To Avoid
      [6.4] Useful Epic Feats
 [7.0] Single Class Considerations
 [8.0] Multi-class Considerations
      [8.1] Base Classes
      [8.2] Prestige Classes
 [9.0] Final Thoughts
[10.0] Version History
[11.0] Credits

*                                                                     *
*                         [1.0] INTRODUCTION                          *
*                                                                     *

    This guide is written to examine the different possibilities of the 
Swashbuckler base class for Neverwinter Nights 2 that became available 
with the Storm of Zehir Expansion Pack.  It was mostly focused on the 
character development starting from 1st level going through into the 
Epic levels, on the assumption a player will be using the character 
for any of the NWN2 campaigns or community designed modules. 

*                                                                     *
*                    [2.0] SWASHBUCKLER DESCRIPTION                   *
*                                                                     *

[2.1] Description
    The new base class introduced with Storm of Zehir provides a new 
base class that wasn't previously seen in the earlier versions of 
Neverwinter Nights.  The Swashbuckler excels both in combat situations 
and social interactions, favoring agility and finesse over brute force.

[2.2] Stats and Abilities
  Hit die: d10
  Proficiencies: Armor (Light only), Weapons (Martial & Simple)
  Skill points: 4 + Intelligence modifier/level
  Class skills: Bluff, Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, Diplomacy, Lore, 
                Parry, Taunt and Tumble
  Base Attack Bonus Progression: High
  Primary Saving throws: Fortitude
  Primary Ability: Dexterity and Intelligence
  Bonus Feats:
        L1: Weapon Finesse
        L2: Grace
        L3: Insightful Strike
        L5: Swashbuckler Dodge
        L7: Mobility
        L8: Improved Flanking
        L11: Luck of Heroes
        L13: Acrobatic Skill Mastery
        L14: Weakening Critical
        L17: Slippery Mind
        L19: Wounding Critical
        L23: Bonus feat every 3 levels

[2.3] Special Abilities

[2.3.1] Weapon Finesse (level 1)
    This is the Weapon Finesse Feat that allows character to use DEX 
bonus for their Attack Bonus (AB) if greater than the STR bonus.  But 
it can only be applied to small weapons and rapiers.  Swashbucklers 
also can only use the feat when in light or no armor.

[2.3.2] Grace (level 2)
    This feat provides a +1 bonus on Reflex saves at 2nd level.  This 
bonus increases to +2 at 11th level, +3 at 20th level, and +4 at 29th 
level.  Swashbucklers lose this bonus when wearing medium or heavy 
armor or when encumbered. 

[2.3.3] Insightful Strike (level 3)
    This feat allows for applying the INT bonus to damage (in addition 
to any STR bonus applied) with any weapon that can be used with Weapon 
Finesse.  However, targets immune to sneak attacks or critical hits are 
also immune to the swashbuckler’s Insightful Strike.  Swashbucklers 
cannot use this ability when wearing medium or heavy armor or when 

[2.3.4] Swashbuckler Dodge (level 5)
    This feat provides a +1 Dodge bonus to AC against melee attacks 
from current target or last attacker.  This bonus increases by +1 at 
every five levels after 5th (+2 at 10th level, +3 at 15th, +4 at 20th, 
+5 at 25th, and +6 at 30th).  This feat stacks with the Dodge feat.  
Any attack which causes the Swashbuckler to lose their DEX bonus to AC 
also causes them to lose the bonus granted by this feat.  Swashbucklers 
lose this bonus when wearing medium or heavy armor or when encumbered.   

[2.3.5] Mobility (level 7)
    The feat is granted as a bonus feat even if they do not meet the 
qualifications for it.

[2.3.6] Improved Flanking (level 8)
    This feat provides a +4 bonus to attacks instead of a +2 bonus to 
attacks when flanking an opponenet.

[2.3.7] Lucky (level 11)
    The feat provides the Luck of Heroes feat for free.

[2.3.8] Acrobatic Skill Mastery (level 13)
    This feat allows that all Tumble checks cannot roll less than 5, 
even if in combat. 

[2.3.9] Weakening Critical (level 14)
    The feat causes 2 points of damage to the opponent's Strength 
whenever a critical hit is scored.  Creatures immune to critical hits 
are immune to this effect. 

[2.3.10] Slippery Mind (level 17)
    The feat allows automatic rerolls on failed saving throws against 
enchantment spells or effects.

[2.3.11] Wounding Critical (level 19)
    The feat causes 2 points of damage to the opponent's Constitution 
(in addition to the 2 points of Strength damage) whenever a critical 
hit is scored.  Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to this 

*                                                                     *
*                         [3.0] RACE CHOICES                          *
*                                                                     *

    There really isn't a race that is restricted from being a 
Swashbuckler, but some races are better than others.  However no race 
specifically has Swashbuckler as a Favored Class. 

[3.1] Single Class Races
    Any race that has positive ability adjustments for DEX and INT are 
best.  Also positive adjustments for STR and CON are good for any melee 
class.  Humans and half-humans don't really provide much advantage 
without multi-classing.  Best choices are Teifling, Air Genasi, and 
Fire Genasi.  Okay choices are Shield Dwarf, Sun Elf, Drow Elf and 
Yuan-Ti Pureblood.

[3.2] Multi-class Races
    Human or Half-elf are necessary if needing the flexibility of Any 
Favored class.  The other races mentioned above are good choices if 
combining with their respective Favored classes.   

[3.3] Races to Avoid
    Any race that has a INT or DEX ability penalty is not a good 
choice.  Any races that provide a penalty adjustment for STR or CON 
are probably not the best either unless they have bonuses for DEX and 
INT to compensate.

*                                                                     *
*                         [4.0] ABILITY SCORES                        *
*                                                                     *

    Swashbucklers are generally considered a Dexterity based melee 
class due to their use of Weapon Finesse and only light armor.  But 
they also can benefit with higher Intelligence as well for Insightful 
Strike.  Strength is of lesser imprortance, but it still is useful for 
damage and weight allowance.  Constitution is important for hit points.
Wisdom and Charisma can be neglected at around 10 or 12.

*                                                                     *
*                            [5.0] SKILLS                             *
*                                                                     *

    Swashbucklers are not lacking in Skill Points (SP).  Base number of 
4 plus extra with good INT bonuses allows for plenty to spend on their 
class skills.

[5.1] Class Skills

[5.1.1] Bluff and Diplomacy
    Investing in one of these is useful for roleplaying purposes and in 
the Campaigns.    

[5.1.2] Craft Armor and Weapon
    Probably not the best choice to invest points.  Other classes are 
better suited for crafting.

[5.1.3] Lore
    Lore can save you money getting items identified, and allow you to 
use newfound items immediately.  However, only spending a few points 
doesn't really help without the items to boost it.  If you are going to 
rely on it, some investing is going to be required.  Only one character 
in the party needs this skill.  With the amount of SP available and 
shortage of class skills, Swashbucklers can afford to be the party 
member focusing on Lore.

[5.1.4] Parry
    If use of the Parry skill fits your style of play the max his skill 
out.  Without the use of shields and only equiped in light or no armor 
Swashbucklers may need this skill.  

[5.1.5] Taunt
    Taunt is a Charisma based skill and most Swashbucklers don't focus 
on Charisma.  This skill depends on playing style, either ignoring it 
completely or maxing it out.
[5.1.6] Tumble
    Tumble is probably the best class skill to be alwayws maxed.  The 
Swashbuckler will need the boost to AC and they may need to move around 
the battlefield.

[5.2] Cross-class Skills
    Spending points in the other cross-class skills really depends on 
what other classes are present in the party or on what classes are 
involved with multi-classing.  

[5.2.1] Spellcraft
    If the character is not multi-classing with a spell-caster class, 
then this will be a cross-class skill.  Even if not casting spells, the 
bonuses to saves versus spells for every 5 levels in this skill (before 
modified) make it worthwhile when affordable.  

*                                                                     *
*                             [6.0] FEATS                             *
*                                                                     *

    As Swashbucklers gain several free feats they can afford the other 
good feats that melee characters prefer.

[6.1] Useful General Feats

[6.1.1] Blind-Fight
    Blind-Fight is very useful to any character that has to melee in 
the same area as spellcasters.  When playing the NWN2 Campaigns it 
certainly appears to be a must for any melee character that can afford 

[6.1.2] Cleave
    A chance at a free attack, what's not to like.  However, it 
requires Power Attack as a pre-requisite which also requires a 13 in 
Strength.  Melee characters carrying into Epic levels are finding this 
not as crucial as before.  However the Power Attack feats are generally 
not used for the Dexterity based melee characters.

[6.1.3] Combat Expertise and Improved Combat Expertise
    With their Intelligence being higher, Swashbucklers can almost 
always qualify for it.  The extra bonuses to AC are good if the AB 
penatlies can be adequately covered.  Also Combat Expertise is 
required for the Combat Insight Epic Feat.

[6.1.4] Dodge
    An extra +1 AC bonus is always useful, and the Dexterity of 13 
requirement is not a problem.  It also stacks with the Swashbuckler 
Dodge feat bonuses.

[6.1.5] Improved Critical
    Always a good choice for your preferred weapon.  However it really 
depends on whether the Swashbuckler is focusing on just one weapon.  
Unfortunately it doesn't stack with the Keen weapon property.

[6.1.6] Improved Parry
    This feat is necessary if the character invested SP in the Parry 
skill.  When using the Parry skill, this feat allows the character to 
counterattack when the Parry roll exceeds the modified attack roll by 
5 or more (normally, the Parry roll must exceed the attack by 10 to 
counterattack).  Additionally, the character can Parry once more per 
round before incurring penalties. 

[6.1.7] Power Critical
    When using the selected weapon, the player gains a +4 bonus on the 
roll to confirm the threat for a critical hit.  If the character 
already invested in Weapon Focus then this is useful.  It is not 
negated by Improved Critical or Keen weapon property.

[6.1.8] Toughness
    One extra hit point per level is a definite must for any melee 
character, if not every character.  The real question is when to take 
it.  For starting characters, the utility of a few extra hit points is 
not that earth shattering, but once a character reaches 6th level it 
really starts making a difference.  However at 6th level, other feats 
start becoming available and it can be a question of priorities.  Many 
builds are taking it very early, or otherwise having to wait until 
level 15 or higher.
[6.1.9] Two-Weapon Fighting feats
    These feats are very useful to make a dual-wield build.  Usually 
the Dexterity requirements for the initial feats are not a problem.  
But getting the later ones may be harder with the Swashbucklers giving 
priority to Intelligence instead.

[6.1.10] Weapon Focus
    The extra +1 to AB is good, but it really depends on whether the 
Swashbuckler is sticking with a certain weapon and also planning on 
the feats involving critical hits.  Of course the feat can be taken for 
multiple weapons.

[6.3] Optional Feats
    There are several feats that are questionable in their usefulness 
and can really depend on the whether there is multi-classing involved.  
These are: Able Learner, Disarm, Extra Music, Feint, Improved Disarm, 
Improved Expertise, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, 
Lingering Song, Skill Focus, Spring Attack, and Whirlwind Attack.  
There are also some class specific feats (like Evasion and Uncanny 
Dodge) that are only accessible from certain multi-class combinations 
and often have varied usefulness.

[6.4] Feats To Avoid
    There are several feats that will probably be avoided: The 
background feats, ranged combat feats, monk specific feats, crafting 
feats, knockdown feats (no STR advantage), divine feats, proficiency 
feats, spellcasting feats and metamagic feats.

[6.5] Useful Epic Feats
    Many of the Epic Feats are great for obvious reasons, they are 
epic.  These are the most noteworthy ones that are realistic for a 
Swashbuckler to take. 

[6.5.1] Armor Skin
    Armor Skin is okay, adds +1 to the character's natural AC before 
applying any modifications.  It stacks with everything.

[6.5.2] Epic Prowess
    This feat adds a +1 to all attacks with weapons.  It is not bad, 
but it may not be high on the priority list since the extra +1 may not 
be that big of a deal in epic levels.

[6.5.3] Epic Toughness
    This feat adds +30 to hit points.  It does not add 1 point per level 
like the Toughness Feat.  Also Epic Toughness can be selected multiple 

[6.5.4] Combat Insight
    This feat will add the INT bonus again to damage, basically 
doubling the Insightful Strike.  However it will negate the STR bonus 

[6.5.5] Great Dexterity and Intelligence
    These feats add another point to either of these abitilies and can 
be taken multiple times.  It is definitely useful to continue to boost 
them to higher levels.  Which to choose depends on preference of the 
build for which one has higher priority.

*                                                                     *
*                  [7.0] SINGLE CLASS CONSIDERATIONS                  *
*                                                                     *

    For purists, Swashbucklers continue to gain abilities through their 
pre-Epic levels so there is some advantage to continuing to be a pure 
Swashbuckler.  And after 20 levels a few more benefits are available as 
some abilities continue to slowly increase.  However those bonuses may 
not compare favorably to the many advantages of splashing some other 
classes, particularly when considering Epic level characters.  
Personally, I would not carry Swashbuckler levels to the full 20, but 
then almost all of my characters are multi-classed anyway.

*                                                                     *
*                   [8.0] MULTI-CLASS CONSIDERATIONS                  *
*                                                                     *

    Swashbuckler do have some natural milestones that need to be 
considered when multi-classing, whether the swashbuckler levels are the 
primary class or a secondary.  
    1) First level gains Martial Weapons Proficiency and Weapons 
       Finesse for free.
    2) Third level opens up Insightful Strike, plus the +1 Reflex Save 
       from level 2.
    3) Seventh level gains Mobility for free, plus the +1 AC from 
       Swashbuckler Dodge at level 5.
    4) 11th level provides Luck of Heroes for free, plus another +1 to
       AC and Reflex Save.
Characters going beyond the 11th level investment, then most characters 
should probably stay with Swashbuckler and only splash other classes 
for their benefits.

[8.1] Base Classes
    As mentioned early when considering races, most characters multi-
classing with the other Base Classes are going to have Favored Class 
issues to deal with, thus not being able to use some of the better 
races for Swashbucklers.

[8.1.1] Barbarian
    Barbarians have some synergy with Swashbucklers in that they also 
do not normally use heavy armor.  Also there are no conflicts with 
Ability Scores and it continues on the high BAB progression.  Splashing 
a few levels of Barbarian can provide a small speed boost, but more 
importantly the free feat of Uncanny Dodge at level 2.  However only 
Half-orcs have Barbarian as Favored class so the Swashbuckler would 
likely be Human or Half-elf.
    Imagine this character: Human
    Feats include: Weapon Specialization, Combat Insight, Insightful 
Strike, Precise Strike, movement increase, Canny Defense, Uncanny 
Dodge, Swashbuckler Dodge, and Elaborate Parry.

[8.1.2] Bard
    Bards are not really a melee class, being arcane spellcasters, but 
they are more suited to melee combat than Sorcerers and Wizards.  
However they can wear armor and they do have medium BAB progression 
and access to some of the Swashbuckler's cross-class skills.  But the 
importance of Charisma and the low HP don't make an ideal combination.  
Bards do make good "jack-of-all-trades" adventurers for those solo 
adventurers and using some Swashbuckler levels can help improve a 
multi-classing bard that fights in light or no armor.  Most Bards have 
some points invested in Intelligence to take advantage of the Bard's 
class skills. 

[8.1.3] Cleric, Druid, Favored Soul, and Spirit Shaman
    These divine casters don't have much synergy with Swashbucklers.  
If the Wisdom is 11 or 12, then a splash of one level of Cleric can 
gain two free feats from the Cleric Domains at the cost of 1 point on 
the BAB progression.  Access to a few feats for free make this worth 
considering; Air for Uncanny Dodge, Chaos for Slippery Mind, Darkness 
for Blind-Fight, Earth for Toughness, Luck for Luck of Heroes, Travel 
for Speed boost, Trickery for Feint, and Water for Evasion.  On the 
other side, Clerics really would not benefit from taking any 
Swashbuckler levels.  The other three classes don't really have any 
reasons to multi-class with Swashbucklers at all.

[8.1.4] Fighter
    Fighters are always a good choice for melee characters to multi-
class with.  With the some of the better race choices for Swashbuckler 
having Fighter as their Favored Class this makes even a few levels a 
good choice to get those bonus feats.  However the cost in SP and the 
choices of class-skills will probably reduce the number of levels 
overall.  Unless really focusing on just one weapon, carrying fighter 
to level 12 to gain the Greater Weapon Focus and Specialization feats 
may be too much of an investment.  However those bonus feats can 
really help out dual-wielding Swashbucklers to gain more of the Two-
Weapon Fighting feats. 

[8.1.5] Monk
    Monks are not really great for multi-classing, except as a minor 
tertiary class.  Monks and Swashbucklers don't have Ability Score 
synergy with Intelligence and Wisdom.  But a few levels of monk due 
provide some good benefits for a Swashbuckler.  Level 1 provides Monk 
AC bonus from Wisdom when not using armor and access to the unique 
magic robes and boots only usable by Monks for the cost of one level 
on medium BAB Progression.  For a 2nd level of Monk, the Swashbuckler 
can get Evasion and Deflect Arrows feats at no further penalties to 
the BAB Progression.  On the other hand Monks would not benefit from 
taking any levels in Swashbuckler, they have better choices. 

[8.1.6] Paladin
    Paladins, like the other divine spellcasters, are not really very 
compatible with Swashbucklers.  A few levels of Paladin don't really 
gain Swashbucklers anything since they usually sacrifice Charisma.  
Paladins already have multiple Ability Score issues and cannot afford 
much Intelligence so really cannot gain any benefits from Swashbuckler 

[8.1.7] Ranger
    Rangers are similar to Paladins in their dependancy of Wisdom, 
but without the need for Charisma as well.  However they are good at 
being Dexterity based melee characters fighting in light or no armor.  
The dual-weilding feats for free are also good.  Despite the lack of 
synergy between the classes regarding the need for Wisdom and 
Intelligence, they can still make a good combination together.  Rangers 
have their own milestones for their combat style at levels 2, 6, and 11, 
but also can get Toughness and Evasion for free along the way.  Also 
Rangers get more Skill Points and access to more skills that are cross-
class skills for Swashbucklers.  Splashing a few Ranger levels doesn't 
provide much more advantage than 2 levels of Fighter.  However keeping 
equal levels of Swashbuckler and Ranger could be good and also avoid 
any issues over Favored Class.  Dexterity based dual-wielding Rangers 
could benefit from a few levels of Swashbuckler to gain Insightful 
Strike, but those characters usually don't have high enough 
Intelligence without serious buffing to make it really worthwhile.   
    Imagine this character: Air Genasi
    Feats include: Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Combat 
Insight, Insightful Strike, Toughness, Luck of Heroes, Greater Two-
Weapon Fighting, Evasion, Swashbuckler Dodge, and 3 Favored Enemies.

[8.1.8] Rogue
    The Rogue is really not a melee class, but do offer some advantages 
that can work well with Swashbucklers.  Rogues have good Ability Score 
synergy and access to more skills.  A balanced Swashbuckler/Rogue can 
sneak around doing their Rogue thing, then defend themselves better 
once battle is joined without have to dodge around the fringes.  Also 
Rogues gain access to Evasion and Uncanny Dodge at levels 2 and 4, so 
bringing in only 4 levels of Rogue can help out a Swashbuckler as well 
provide extra damage from sneak attacks when flanking.  

[8.1.9] Sorcerer and Warlock
    Sorcerers and Warlocks that plan to be spell-swords are missing a 
synergy with Swashbucklers using Charisma instead of Intelligence for 
their spells.  As such both classes are better off staying single 
classed or multi-classing with something else.

[8.1.10] Wizard
    Unlike the other arcane spellcasters wizards have the Ability Score 
synergy and can make good spell-swords using Swashbuckler levels.  Also 
the elven races can use their Favored Class to combine with 
Swashbuckler easier.  Epic spell-sword in particular can benefit from 3 
levels of Swashbuckler and Combat Insight to really use that INT bonus 
to increase their damage output. 

[6.2] Prestige Classes
    Since all Prestige Classes rely on a Base Class to start, some 
multi-class combinations are not possible or practical when combining 
with Swashbucklers based upon their requirements.  Each Prestige Class 
is by nature filling a more refined niche in the party and many that 
runs contrary to a Swashbucklers.  

[8.2.1] Arcane Trickster
    Arcane Tricksters based on multi-classing with wizards has some 
possibilities.  However the requirements usually means also having 
Rogue levels as well.  Multi-classing with 3 Base Classes can be 
tricky, and there are probably better combinations for Arcane 

[8.2.2] Assassin
    Unless making an evil Swashbuckler/Rogue type character, not really 
worth considering.  However a Ranger/Assassin character could get some 
benefit from some Swashbuckler levels, but that would likely be at the 
expense of further Ranger levels.    

[8.2.3] Divine Champion
    Divine Champions are good addition to any melee character.  Meeting 
the requirements are not difficult.  Multi-classing Swashbucklers can 
use levels of Divine Champion to gain the bonus feats which having to 
worry about the issues with Favored Classes.  Even if Charisma is 
ignored and like-wise Divine Wrath, the bonuses to saves also provide 
an added benefit.

[8.2.4] Duelist
    Duelists are a great choice to multi-class with Swashbucklers.  
Great Ability Score synergy and the extra abilities of the Duelist 
complement the Swashbuckler's playing style.  The Duelists will be 
dropping their light armor and won't be dual-wielding, but they can 
focus on a weapon of choice like rapiers to pickup those feats.  
Qualification is easy with the required feats being free for 
Swashbucklers and the required skills are class skills.  Duelist 
builds not based on Swashbucklers would benefit from even 3 levels for 
use Insightful Strike and gain Weapon Finesse for free, even trading 
Duelist levels 8-10 for them would be good as the INT bonus to damage 
would be better than the extra +1d6 for Precise Strike.  However, even 
better would be to have both.
    Imagine this character: Human 
    Feats include: Weapon Specialization, Combat Insight, Insightful 
Strike, Precise Strike, movement increase, Canny Defense, Evasion, 
Swashbuckler Dodge, Elaborate Parry, use of Monk robes and boots, and 
Monk AC bonuses.    

[8.2.5] Dwarven Defender
    The Dwarven Defender class can help make a Shield Dwarf 
Swashbuckler better.  The requirement feats are both good feats for 
Swashbucklers.  Adding the Improved Defense, and Uncanny Dodge for 
just 2 levels make even a few levels attractive.  Taking the full 10 
levels provide significant defensive improvements to any Dwarf melee 
    Imagine this character: 
Swashbuckler(6)/Fighter(4)/Duelist(10)/Dwarven Defender(10)  
    With high INT bonus; Weapon Specialization, Combat Insight, 
Insightful Strike, and Precise Strike there is plenty of normal damage 
being delivered.  Defensively with Canny Defense, Improved Defense, 
Swashbuckler Dodge and Elaborate Parry, they would hard to hit, plus 
they have natural Damage Reduction to boot.

[8.2.6] Eldritch Knight
    Wizard spell-swords are mostly likely also Eldritch Knights.  
Adding in Swashbuckler and Duelist levels only help improve their 
combat abilities.  
    Imagine this character: Human, Sun Elf, or Drow Elf
Wizard(10)/Swashbuckler(3)/Duelist(7)/Eldritch Knight(10)  
    Feats include: Combat Insight, Insightful Strike, Precise Strike, 
Canny Defense, Swashbuckler Dodge, Elaborate Parry, and 9th level 
Arcane Spellcasting.

[8.2.7] Frenzied Berserker
    Frenzied Berserkers are more of a Barbarian specific prestige 
class.  Most Swashbucklers won't be using the Power Attack and Great 
Cleave feats.  Frenzied Berserkers can probably find better 
possibilites for their multi-class options.

[8.2.8] Invisible Blade
    Meeting the requirements for Invisible Blade are not too tough for 
dual-wielding Swashbucklers.  But daggers and kukris are not usually 
melee characters first weapon of choice.  The Unfettered Defense can 
make even 5 levels worthwhile since dual-weilding Swashbucklers are 
not going to be taking levels of Duelist.  Also Unfettered Defense does 
not stack with Canny Defense, but also can only be used when not 
wearing any armor.  However use of Unfettered Defense does not depend 
on which melee weapons are being used, but Bleeding Wound applies to 
only small weapons (not rapiers though).  Taking Invisible Blade levels 
also will not hurt BAB Progression either.

[8.2.9] Red Dragon Disciple
    Red Dragon Disciples are a melee-oriented option for Sorcerers and 
Bards so combining with those classes was covered above.  A Bard taking 
a few levels of Swashbuckler is also probably considering the Red 
Dragon Disciple option as well.

[8.2.10] Weapon Master
    Weapon Masters also are good for multi-classing many melee 
characters.  For Swashbucklers, particularly Swashbuckler/Duelist 
combinations, are also good.  Half of the required feats are free 
already with enough levels of Swashbuckler and Duelists generally are 
specialists with one weapon most likely the rapier which also has good 
attributes for critical hits.   

[8.2.11] Other Prestige Classes
    The other Prestige Classes are not really worth mention for multi-
classing with Swashbucklers.  Arcane Archers are not melee characters.  
Arcane Scholsars of Candlekeep, Hellfire Warlocks, Pale Masters and Red 
Wizards of Thay are more for spellcaster characters, not spellswords.  
Blackguards, Doomguides, Sacred Fists, Stormlords, and War Priests have 
the same issues as Paladins and other divine spellcasters.  Harper 
Agents, Neverwinter Nine and Shadow Thieves of Amn are more role-
playing type classes.

*                                                                     *
*                          [9.0] FINAL THOUGHTS                       *
*                                                                     *

    I enjoyed making the guide and hope others will find it useful.  
Considering how long Storm of Zehir has been out many people may not be 
too interested in reading these anymore.  In any case I still wanted to 
make it and use it for my own comparisons of different melee character 

    Considering the time I have spent with this first version I cannot 
foresee any major changes and revisions.  I will welcome comments, 
constructive please, and I certainly plan to correct any mistakes that 
are brought to my attention.  

    Happy adventuring.

*                                                                     *
*                        [10.0] VERSION HISTORY                       *
*                                                                     *

Version 1.0
  - Initial Version

*                                                                     *
*                           [11.0] CREDITS                            *
*                                                                     *

Obisidian and Atari for the Game itself.
GameFaqs, GameBanshee, and NWN2Wiki for providing a wealth of 
information for the community.

Written and (c)2009 by Perrin Miller

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