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FAQ by limraz

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/02/09

 Limona Razvan 
  Legal note
This faq/walkthrough belong to me. Feel free to use it,except one situation.
If you obtain money from him,send some to a humanitarian foundation(Children 
Care, Green Peace, fight against antipersonnel mines,etc.). If posted, mail
me to keep track on him.                         

                               Neverwinter  Nights  2

                             Storm of Zehir  Walkthrough
                                    Version 1.1

Update : 2 II 2009 - Added new info about miscelaneous quests Ruined
Keep(Sword Coast) and One of Many (Samarach) grace to J. Urban 

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategy tips
  3. Building a party
  4. Main story
  5. Side missions
  6. Miscelaneous quests 
  7. Teamwork benefits
  8. Cohorts
  9. Bugs and tricks
 10. Credits

  1. Introduction

 Storm of Zehir is an ambitious add on to Neverwinter Nights 2 and, most
likely, the future of Neverwinter franchise gameplay. Since the original
campaign and Mask of Betrayer are not related to Storm of Zehir, you could
only import a character, but not continue the story. The first thing to do
is to consult nwn2forums.bioware.com for a complete list of bugs, glitches
and how to fixe them. Without them, the game will still work, but only
for those who don`t get crazy when they miss a quest. Of course, this faq
will miss some information about loot, enemies number, rewards, etc. If
you like, I appreciate all possible updates and corections. 

 2. Strategy tips

a. Save.In a world where rest is a luxury(inns,crafting station in Samargol,
Crossroads Keep HQ, random dungeons and overland map - if nobody is around), 
you will need a back up.
b. Always buff before fighting. This is a high magic module, full of evil,
acomplished enemy spellcasters who use all the spell possible, from the
old fireball to paralyze, confuze, etc.
c. Shield users, especially those destined to be tanks, live longer.
d. Buy summoning objects to soft up tough enemies.
e. Read all info available on bioware or nwn2.wiki before playing.If you
don`t like spoilers,at least check those threads about building a character,
a party and best strategies to use.
f.Always target first the spellcasters. They are weak, but a well placed
fireball will kill half your party.
g. Remember to have fun ! It may look strange, but if you immerse to deep
in technical data, the game will lose his charm.
h. This is not a game with a lot of good weapons or armors. The only weapons
I found worthy were Malak`s Claw (scimitar) and Fang of Zehir (falchion), 
later in the gameplay,so is best to make your own. Fast.

  3. Building a party

Neverwinter Nights games had been, since number 1, highly unbalanced. While
most encounters and fights could be solved by a combination of experience
and careful planning, the final battles are always overpowering and really
hard. Storm of Zehir manage, finnaly, to give spellcasters a better place,
but, in doing so, they made enemy arcanists a pain in the ... In my opinion
is unlikely or almost impossible to win with a tank formation, bent on
simply crashing everything around. There are, of course, cheats and glitches
who can be exploited, a topic for later. Despite what the Adventurer`s Guide
tell you in the beginning, a rogue is not necessary for the first part. The
most succesful party I created was composed by two tanks, a cleric, a 
sorcerer, plus Umoja (Druid) and Belueth the Calm (Rogue) as cohorts.Your
tanks should be able to whistand a lot of punishment, so i selected 
Bard 1/Fighter 4/Red Dragon Disciple 10/Frenzied Bersekr 1 and Fighter 7/
Dwarven Defender 9. A cleric is essential for healing, more than in previous 
games (Cleric15/Fighter 1), Umoja and his dino pet Yuzhai soften up the
enemies, Belueth deals a lot of sneak damage and she can take one level
of ranger to select Monstruos Humanoids (Yuan Ti) as favored enemy. The
essential party member was, nevertheless, a custom made sorcerer. Yes, both
cleric and druid could punch with magic, but an arcanist will make the 
difference. I choosed evocation as school and bombed everyone to oblivion.
Especially in the final boss battle, the sorcerer will save the day. 

Final thoughts : 

1. Humans do not make good tanks in Storm of Zehir, because you need a
lot of inborn abilities to cover all possibilities.Dwarfs and in some extent
genasi fill this role with stubborness and grace, followed by drows(if you
can wait until they reach level 16). 

2.Tweaking your party to perfection (custom made armor, weapons, amulets, 
rings etc.,enchanted with all damage resistence available) doesn`t mean to 
much to the big bosses. They have already huge reduction about everything, 
so expect battles who last at least (being optimistic !) half of hour, real
time !

3. You`re not invincible, stop acting like one ! This is not NWN2, where
NPC rush blindly, kill everything and have a snack ! With this `tactic`,
enemies in Storm of Zehir will cut your team in little pieces and 
feed them to their summoned pets ! Let creatures came one by one, use
summoned elementals to keep them distracted while your tanks keep choping 
and mages throw fireballs and Isaac`s Missiles.

4. Spread points in every skill necessary. You have one avatar and three 
NPC who could cover a lot of options, from intimidate to spellcraft and 
crafting. I suggest letting Belueth do the spot/hide/move silently work, 
while survival is not that necessary (being fast on the overland map means
nothing if some mob is able to see through your hide ).

 It`s not usual to present the quests so early in a faq. After reading a lot
of them and making some of my own, I understand that is really frustrating 
to scroll down a lot of pages to find that one advice you REALLY need. Since
you get a lot of things to do, i decided to split the quests, avoiding a
lot of confusion (also, I am to methodical for my own good !). I didn`t
bother to make a list of races, classes, skills, feats, spells, traders
and prices. This data can be found online on many faqs posted on
Game Faqs and Game Spot or in the work of fans (Thieves - Guild.net,
nwn2.wiki, nwn2forums.bioware.com )

 4. Main story

                               A. PRELUDE
 Create or import a character(up to level 30). Welcome to the ship Vigilant,
lead by captain Lastri Kassireh, a lightfoot halfling. After speaking with
her and Volo, you have to make a decision. Read by yourself the Adventurer`s
Guide and earn 1000 XP or make first a team and read the same book for 250 XP
each. I prefer the second one, because I want my team to level in the same 
time. Register your party, keeping in mind what cohorts you`ll encounter
later and rest.

TIP : Spend as much time you like in customizing the party. Remember, a
game need a balanced team, something that pleases you. If you feel happy
about the initial choices, no matter how strange may look,the game will
be less frustrating.

                              B. SHIPWRECK

The game will show a cutscene with Volo the bard starting his new book about
your adventures. Next, Vigilant will be doomed by a combination of sabotage
and storm, ending as shipwreck on the coast of Samarach. Speak with the 
rest of her crew, earning a longsword and a shortbow by use of diplomacy or
intimidate. Stay close to Volo, involved in speaking with 3 groups of
batiri, canibalistic goblins, lead by Ghzermag the Wild, Clawkeeper Kzheemoc
and Shoudul of the Skulls. Every time, he will fail to understand them and
make you battle for extra XP.Be careful of that Goblin banner, he will 
damage with sickness the first one who get past him, only one time, while 
fighting or chasing the batiri.In the end a patrol of Samarach Elite show up, 
accusing everybody to be yuan ti in disguise ( I wonder what will happen if 
one of your team is a yuan ti, available in this expansion ?). Still, i had 
the time to check the debris and scrubs for extra weapons, scrolls, magic
wands and potions, plus one more coin of life. Also, ignore the locked cave 
and receive the Protector feat for keeping everyone alive (+1 Survival). 
Click one of the Samarach patrol when you`ve done everything. In Samargol 
the merchant Sa`Sani will interfere in your favor, asking to rest in Leira`s 
Trick Inn before speaking to her again.

TIP : Don`t bother using Sleight of Hand. The only one who can be pick-
pocketed is Volo and he`s empty.

                    C. Samargol City - SAMARACH

TIP : Explore first the city. The crafting station is the only place you 
can rest for free and merchants like Vadiny`a, Osi Tchaluka and the 
priestess of Waukeen got weapons, armor and recipes. Vadiny`a has low
prices for armors, but she also offer low prices for everything.If 
you get enchanted items, ancient trap parts or delicate totems, keep it
until `Golemkin` from Lantanese lumber camp is available. 
TIP : With patience you could steal some gold pieces from merchants. I 
didn`t wait enough to see if they drop weapons and armor. 

a. Crossroad Keep - Missing Associates

 Before speaking with Sa`Sani, you`ll overhear her discusion with Volo and
Na`Sirin, regarding her missing associates in Crossroad Keep. The quest
will update later.

b. Samargol - Unnerving Evidence

 Sa`Sani first task is to investigate the shipwreck area for evidence
pointing to a sabotage. On place kill 6 velociraptors, 6 batiri scavengers,
2 batiri guards and 1 jungle beetle. The first clue is a body on the way to
ship, followed by the ship hull (where she is broken in two), a rope and
a broken spear near the place with a coin of life in prelude. There is also
a zalantar spear in a rack near the locked cave ( Hint for a Stormlord
NPC/Avatar ?! ).

c. Samargol - Job  Aplication

 Along with quest b. Sa`Sani require some of her cargo recuperated.Depending
the game and resources already in your cargo,shipwreck area will give 2 - 6
ore, near the shore and cave entrance.

d. Samarach - The Lady`s Apprentice (non stop quest)

 Along the game, resources will be available from buying and finding all 
over the overland map. The job is to exchange them for trade bars aka
cheques nowadays, making a profit for Sa`Sani Merchant Company.

TIP : Samarach is a bad place for buying/seling, because all three towns
have the same prices and rare resources like salt can`t be sold for profit.
Simply sell what you find, waiting the Sword Coast to make a significant

e. Samargol - Missing personnel

Sa`Sani believe Lastri Kassireh may be alive and sugest to search the
area surrounding the shipwreck. Going south from there is the cave of
Stone Knives batiri tribe. Kill those 3 - 4 from entrance, go ahead
until main chamber. Lastri is prisoner in a wooden cell and wants revenge
against chief Zhechrrog, two matrons, 1 elder and 2 batiri young for
eating one of her mates.Kill them,free Lastri with the key taken from chief,
loot the place (especially the short sword called Shard who deal negative 
damage) and return.

f.Samargol - Seeking the truth

Sa`Sani want Luaire tracked down to the Lantanese Lumber Camp to find out if 
her message to Crossroad Keep was sent.In the camp Dall Nickleplate say that
Luaire is missing and the portal is broken. To repair him an `unknown` hero
should inquire further, finding out what is needed :
    f.1 :Samargol - Local Troubles ( Pesky Dinos, Disturbancies )
  Dall have a couple of problems. Someone is messing arounds with the
equipment,a essential part is missing and the local dinos started to like to 
much gnome dishes ( with gnomes as dishes ! ). Get outside to kill one dino
party and bring back 3 claws. Wait until midnight, then head near the gnomes
chopping of a tree where a ghost do nasty thing. Engage and after a couple
of hits, she get out of her rage, stating another gnome, Leva, killed her/him
to steal a new invention. Find her remains(N, near a tree,in a mound) and
present them to Dall. Finally, the missing piece. There are two options : 
with a good spellcraft or craft check you`ll be able to replace the piece
or start searching the megaraptor who eated the original one. He is outside,
near the camp, on the overland map. 
In the end the portal is repaired, but the arificier is dead, killed by
some exotic toxine, now in your posesion. Dall send you back, promising he 
will deliver a mesage to Crossroad Keep and Sa`Sani.

g. Samargol - Sabotage

 Sa`Sani ask to find more about the toxine. Inquire Vadiny`a who point in
the direction of Chokemist,a plant who create addiction in those who
try to kill other with it. Head to Chokemist Cave, buffing once inside
against mind affecting substances(Protection against evil do nicely).Kill
Luaire and his three corrupted spiders,loot(interesting Assassin Stilleto)
and report back. After you reveal the yuan ti origin of Luaire, suddenly the
town captain bug in and order Sa`Sani to remove herself from Samargol and
be happy she is still alive, despite her `involvement` with yuan ti. Geee,I
think the fact she control much of Samargol commerce didn`t matter at all!

h. Samargol - North Bound

Sa`Sani will go to Crossroad Keep and suggest you do the same.The portal
malfunctioned again, sending you to a crypt in Sword Coast. Fight a 
necromancer and 2 skeletons, loot the place and head to keep, along the 
road.Entry the keep, watch Khelgar and Sa`Sani speak, receive some XP
and head to the Company HQ (on the left ).

                             D. SWORD COAST

a. Crossroad Keep - The next step

 Sa`Sani require your presence in Company HQ. Enter the building to receive
100 trade bars and 300 XP.

b. Crossroad Keep - Sword Coast Trader

 To increase the commercial influence of your company at least one town
around the keep should have a trading post. Inquire to find out they need.
For example Highcliff want 100 trade bars and 5 timber. Go back, speak to 
Sa`Sani and build a caravan using the services of Caravan master O`Dell.
Don`t forget to upgrade your caravans from the beginning at level 3 for extra
income and resistence against bandits and mobs on map.Do not create more
than 3 caravans in a unpatched game, because you`ll be flooded by trade

c. Crossroad Keep - Missing Associates

 Sa`Sani ask to travel in Neverwinter City and speak with the representatives
of three merchant companies - Circle of Friends, Forgotten Lords and Fated 
Winds (good, chaotic, evil ), all three in the shrine of Waukeen. The first 
one will increase your diplomacy by one and the second appraise by two. I 
didn`t try Fated Winds, even knowing those missing associates spoked with
them. In order to join a company pay a fee of 250 trade bars and find out
the representatives had been seen in the company of Jordan Wright, leader
of Fated Winds.He refuse to even speak about the matter, so go back to
Sa`Sani who ask that you work to enhance the status in chosen company
and find more about their fate. 

d. Neverwinter, Forgotten Lords Quests
 To advance further in finding the missing associates we need to help
Forgotten Lords company in three quests :

 d.1 : Port Llast - Under New Management

 * This is the mother of all glitches in Storm of Zehir, without a fix.
Even when the fix is installed, many other bad things can and will
happen. I didn`t bother to use a fix, so Septimund, one of prospective
cohorts, will crash the game if taken as cohort. Also, Umoja will lose
the ability to summon his dino Yuzhai permanently ! Since I didn`t like
Septimund to begin with, I simply choose, on the second play, to ignore
him while resolving the quest and choose another cohort instead of
Umoja * 

 Because of the Luskan occupation, Port Llast has been cut off from land
and sea trade. Your mission - if you choose to take !!!? - is to restore
commerce for 1000 trade bars. From here are two directions :
 - fast -- pretend to work with Luskan and use Umberlee wraith or Lord
Adreum undead army to defeat them. In my opinion this solution is for
those who breeze through gameplay without paying to much attention to
sidequests and extra XP in order to get as fast as possible at the end.
 - steady -- deal yourself with Luskan army, then solve the trade issues.
Since evil answers tend to bore me, here it is the steady solution.
Enter Port Llast Garrison and kill the Luskan leader Rynn Shepherde
and his two Elite soldier, plus two guards at entrance. Buff properly and 
head directly where Platinum Pride is docked to face 1 cleric, 1 soldier,
7 buccaneer from the ship and 3 patrol soldiers. At level 13 the cleric 
will lose Auril`s Accoutrements armor with resistence against cold.Return
to garrison, free Haeromon Dothwintil and receive Sigil of the Last
Port ( AC +3 against orcs, Con +2 ). Then you`ll need to solve two 
problems who plague the city.

 d.1.2 : Port Llast - Army of the Dead

 The land trade has been severaly hampered by an undead invasion.You could 
take Septimund as cohort, paying 3000 gp for the wyrmsage he need to
protect the city in his absence over the night.Fight two wraiths who enter
the city by night, exit and head to Gothaladreum graveyard. In the first
yard roam 8 gravetouched ghouls and in small graveyard on right 3 ghouls
plus 2 ghast. 5 skeletons move past the stone walls and in the graveyard
in front of you will be  6 more skeletons, 2 skeleton warriors and 3
wraiths. Loot the gravestones, then retrace your step to the ruined
buiding on the left, past the stone walls. Inside Nya perform necromantic
rituals in her effort to save Port Llast from Luskan occupation. If your
conversational skills are low, simple choose the lines saying Port Llast is 
free and Haeromos also. Septimund have a good diplomacy check, so he can be
useful here. Loot the book next to her for scrolls and exit. Ignore the
Ghostly Visage from the small graveyard on right, as you enter the area, 
because she will do the same ! ( On the other hand, if you`re working for 
Luskan, he will appear as Lord Adreum, the figure with whom Nya conspired
to bring the undead against Luskan forces. A word of advice in this case : 
to kill him, no matter why, is a tough choice. He will go down, but the
team leader need some Death Ward spell protection, because if you fail
the check against his touch, you`ll die in one hit !)
Return to Haeromos for 500 gp and 1200 XP. A bluff check will net 1000 gp
more, but in a bugged game the journal believe the extra money is the 
reward for the next quest and he will update accordingly !

 d.1.3 : Port Llast - The Wrath of Umberlee
 NW of Port Llast can be found The Priory of Dephts, a temple for the godess
of sea and oceans Umberlee.Click,swim,enter the temple and read the placard
saying you will pay Umberlee for times in gold, mind, blood and song.First
payment most be 2000 gp or 150 trade bars ( be sure you have at least 8000 
gp or 600 trade bars on you ! ). The door will open for the next payment. 
Read the 4 placards, click the statue and answer the question : Who should
fear the Queen of Dephts ?(Everyone); What death covet most the Queen of 
Dephts ? (Drowning) ; What`s Umberlee divine symbol ? ( A blue - gree wave
curling left and right ); What domain Umberlee rule ? ( Seas and oceans ).
A wrong answer will net some electricity damage and four correct one will 
open the next door. Loot Khralver and 4 drowned people on the water to
trigger their attack. While fighting them, 2 larger elementals show up
from left/right rooms. Kill them also and click on the levers to get acces
into the last payment. The song room is mostly bugged. Put your avatar on
each 9 arms of the symbol in order to see who light up green and who deal
electricity damage. Install your 5 NPC/cohorts on the safe ones and don`t
hesitate to summon a pet on other spot if 3 blue lights still do not show
up near the right door. I did it by moving randomly by avatar on center 
and the rest of arms and eventually you`ll trigger the right patern.Inside 
the priestess can handle a decent conversation for once, even if she is
demanding and crazy.It looks like she belong to Kraken Society and made
a deal with another member, a High Captain of Luskan, to stoped by
storms any vessel heading to Port Llast with Neverwinter reinforcements.
After that Luskans decided not to pay the price and she let the storm
ravage the coast until someone else will pay. I did have the option to
kill her, but i opted to pay 6000 gp to stop the storms. Return to
Forgotten Lords for 1000 trade bars and 1400 XP. Buy a new status in the
company for 1000 trade bars (!?) and ask for another task.

 d.2 : New Leaf - Shortage

 A shortage of goods need to be investigate in New Leaf. Enter the inn and
speak with quartermaster for some cryptic answers. Exit, face a bandit mob
and loot a serpent figurine who glow brightly near the bandits cave. Go
south to find out Forktongue Hideout, past some rocks. There are 3 bandits
and a cleric just ahead. Take them fast, buff if you can, because 13 bandits
and 2 clerics will jump full force, attracted by the battle noises. Take all
out, go left - right - left to find in the main chamber Myrkul, 1 Forktongue
Barbarian, 1 cleric and 2 bandits. Bang their heads, return to the 
quartermaster and your company for 1800 XP. Ignore the journal, he doesn`t
update properly. Your company leader is worried, because Myrkul work for
Fated Winds and all companies can be kick out if Nasher suspect foul
play in bussines dealings. When ready, join him in  a meeting with merchant
company leaders to deal with the matter.
  d.3 : Conyberry - The Meeting

 Enter the inn in Conyberry and put the weakest member(sorcerer/wizard) in
front because your back will be soon in flames ! Click on Jordan Wright when
he get in and trigger the battle with `weak` answers to his questions (I`m
not sure if agreeing with him change anything ?). A bunch of Yuan ti get in
( you did take Foe Hunting - Monstruos Humanoids, did you ?) aka 3 holy
guardians and 5 abominations. Kill them and return to Sa`Sani.I wanted to 
rest, but those silly yuan ti killed the innkeeper !? Damn !      
 e. Crossroad Keep - Missing Associates

 Sa`Sani make a brief speech about her lost associates wanting a meeting in
Night Rest Inn, near Phandalin. Kizu and Il`foss are in the right chamber
with a couple of Tavern patrons(What this mean exactly, since I saw them
like forever in Neverwinter games? Do they have a share in tavern profits?).
They tell the story about a yuan ti Sauringar princess Sa`Sani, working for
god Sseth to bring her people to dominance in Faerun, whom they betrayed
changing sides for god Zehir, adept to a much more direct approach aka
war and plunder.Kill them for good loot (Emerald Stave and Kizu short sword
coated with Wyvern poison) and return to the Keep.

 f. Crossroad Keep - Murder at Crossroad Keep

 In your absence Sa`Sani killed Nas`Sirin and head back to Samarach.Use the
portal, speak with Dall and go to Viper Temple.

 g. Chult - The fall of House Se`Sehen

 Enter the temple and buff properly before speaking with Sa`Sani, mainly
protection against evil, haste and death ward. Also put a tank in the back,
since your party will be stuck before the battle on the stairs. She tell
the story about Viper Temple, ancient home of Sauringar clan and her work 
for Se`Sehen clan who betrayed Sseth for Zehir, planning to conquer Faerun 
by infiltrating spies and war. Get 2400 XP for speakin with her and Se`Sehen
cronies get in fast. 2 snaketongue zealots came from back to distract the
attention from the main force up front ( 2 abominations, 2  snaketongue 
zealots and Es`San). Take the abominations and zealots fast with tanks and 
magic, while Es`San will teleport to safety when damaged enough. Speak with 
Sa`Sani who suggest to attack fast and stealthy the Temple of World Serpent 
where all leaders od Se`Sehen gathered. Loot, get in touch with Volo for some 
nice items (Rejuvenating Ring and Custom Chicanery) and exit to World Serpent 

 h. Chult - Infiltrating the Temple of World Serpent

 Speak with preacher Madeem at entrance. Use your rogue, in stealth mode,to
buy some stuf at the merchant on right, then take the party on the east 
stairs. Open the locked/trapped door, loot the armory (trapped door)and up
to the next level. Do not speak with any yuan ti on the way. Explore the 
level, find the almanach (didn`t care at this point to explore further,
so I find out from forums about his presence) and reach Serpentlord Ar`Sulis
chamber. Open the door in front of him and save before trying to get to the
next level. The door in front ask 3 questions about seasons and months. Here
the answers i got from trial and error : Leaffall - Midwinter, Highsun -
Highharvestide, Melting - Midsummer ;; Eleasis - Tarshakh. Receive 2750 XP
for your succes and to the next level. Use the rogue, if any,in stealth 
mode to disable the traps and open the doors, keeping away from yuan ti.
Head back, rejoin the party,take the guardians out and open the throne room 
door. Now came the most difficult boss battle ever to be found in 
Neverwinter games. The enemy number is low - 6 cultists,Hierophant N`Safa
and Herald of Zehir, but they sure punch hard. I suggest to avoid a direct
confrontation. Keep the mages on the balcony, the way you came, buffed
with death ward, protection against evil, haste, etc. Put the tanks on the 
stairs to protect them, all in stand your ground position. Head to the 
yuan ti party to trigger the battle. Soon enough 2 cultists will be on top
of you. Run in the direction of balcony, letting the mage kill them with
some lighting bolts. The hierophant and Herald will came after you and
is time to use those summoned pets to keep them distracted. Use the other
road to kill the 4 cultists who pray near the throne, healing your enemies,
plus some fireballs from arcanists. The mages should keep summoning 
elementals against those 2 big bosses long enough, then start pounding
with everything you have at the herald. He is the lord of damage reduction
on almost everything, except cold iron and sonic, but a tank do not 
stand to much against his falchion and foul magic. I restored myself and
some companions at least 3 times, while Umoja and the sorcerer use all 
their magic and wildshapes. 

 Of course, a lot could go wrong. Eating potions require precise timing, 
some spells fail, you got disarmed without knowing,one or more of your 
NPC/cohorts can`t go near the target because of the crowded place,do not 
notice the 4 bozo near the throne ( he-he, my bad !) etc.
 Loot his falchion Fang of Zehir (divine magic 2d6, EB+4,Keen,On hit :
Poison Blood of Zehir) and a wisdom amulet from N`Safa. Speak with Zehir
near the throne to brag about your victory and chalenge him to a open
fight (with a somewhat low voice !), but he refuse, stating his return
one day. You also gain the feat Serpent`s Bane who make the yuan ti
on the overland map avoid attacking your party.
 Exit to Overland map and get the option to speak with Sa`Sani
or return to map. I spoke with Sa`Sani and killed her, making Volo
to run from Viper Temple and the game ask if you want to retire. I 
didn`t get back to the Temple of World Serpent to finish the rest of
yuan ti, so the final cutscene mentioned their presence inside some human
One final mention : the ending cutscene employ some beautiful made
paintings in white and black who reminded my of the Aquanox 2 ending.
Overall, Storm of Zehir is enjoyable and I give him 7,5 out of 10. 
He deserve a 9 for effort and imagination, but the bugs and frustrating 
encounters on the overland map need to be solved in the future.   

 5. Side missions

 This quests can be obtain be speaking with different NPC, residing in towns 
or related to other missions. In order to keep some order, I decided to point 
precisely who and where will give them.

                                    I. SAMARACH

 1. Samargol - Vadiny`a ( a shaddy merchant,considering she is a tiefling, 
                         located in Samargol bazaar)

 1.1 : Samargol - Plainsrunner

 She wants the tusks of Bal-alak the Ferocious, a dire boar roaming N of
Samargol on overland map. Kill him and bring back the tusks.Reward - 750 gp

 1.2 : Samargol - Heavy Weaponry

 Her bodyguard Artiuk will look more impressive with a fire greataxe from
firenewts living in Mines of Sergol (see sidemissions,towns,Torich below).
The reward is 3000 gp.

 1.3 : Samargol - Batiri  Bargain

She heard that the batiri tribe of Shattered Spear posses a flawless gem and 
want one, no matter how you decide to obtain it.There are two ways that I 
tried :
a. exterminate them and loot the gem. 
b. do first a quest for Volo ( Samargol - Sightseeing, see below) to acquire
a spear needed by the batiri matron and get 1600 XP from her in a separate
sidequest called Shattered Spear Tribe - Relic of Shattered Spear Tribe.
I understand, while browsing the forums, that you could steal it, using 
sleight of hand, but NEVER thought about it. Well ...
Do not forget to loot the chests and racks stranded around the cave. The
batiri will ignore your looting, so no trouble.

 2. Samargol - Volo ( big mouth, strange quests, in love with nymphs, 
                        near Sa`Sani company building )

 Volo is interested about a lot of things, so his quests could be defined as 
general and local, linked to Samarach and Sword Coast local flavor.

 General : He want as many information possible on Samarach and Swoard Coast
to write a book. Sharing your experiences in different places and dungeons
will net the following feats : Tourist (+1 Search), Wanderer (+1 Search,
Spot), Wayfarer (+1 Search,Spot,Listen ), Pathwalker (+1 Search,Spot,Listen,
Survival),Traveler (+2 Search, +1 Spot, Listen, Survival), Nomad ( +2 Search,
Spot, +1 Listen, Survival), Journeyman (+2 Search,Spot,Listen, +1 Survival)

 Local flavor : 

 2.1 : Samargol - Pretty bird

 He want a parrot(talking bird) from Vadiny`a, but he can`t approach her
because of some past misunderstandings. In exchange Vadiny`a require some
exotic pet. Head to the Underdark Black Market, purchase a Caged Glacier 
Snake from Xo`rill and make the exchange.(Do not kill yet the mindflayer to 
free the slaves - see Underdark Black Market quest below).

 2.2 : Samargol - Sightseeing

 Volo heard about the yuan ti and want a fragment from one of their ruin, N 
of Samargol. This is, without a doubt, the first difficult fight in the game,
if you didn`t do the Underdark quest yet and didn`t cheat yourself better
weapons, armor and items. First sneak past the denizens in the jungle. 
Enter the ruin,buff and avoid the electrical trap in front and right(DC 25). 
Go left, kill 1 Holy Guardian yuan ti and two spider construct.Loot the 
bookcase for scrolls, a shattered spear (keep it) and the fragment,pull the 
lever in the next room, go back and enter into the rooms on the right
( 1 Holy Guardian, 2 spidey ). The middle corridor hide the most powerful 
enemies.I suggest to plant your team at the entrance and attract the enemies 
on the corridor to fight them one by one, while the arcanist unleash their 
magic from distance. This way 1 spidey, 4 Holy Guardians and Serpentguard 
D`shai are more manageable. Loot the treasure room (locked and trapped 
chests, be wary!) and go back for 1400 gp and a a magical artifact.

 2.3 : Local Delicacy

 Compared with 2.2, this one is a breeze. Go kill some dino, roaming around
the yuan ti ruin before and bring him back a dinosaurus steak.

 3. Samargol - Bounty Hunter Kwesi

 She will redeem bounties placed on different monsters and creatures
ussualy roaming the overland map.

 4. Underdark Black Market

 A bunch of mindflayers run an underground market using their contact and
spies in Samargol government. There is a broken mindflayer near Zhiir who`s
mind was destroyed while `looking` in the mind of a god. Along with the 
doomsayer in Samargol, they are hints about the future of Faerun world
in the next games when magic/Weave will dissapear. 
 4.1 : Underdark Black Market - For special customers only

 Before giving acces to his special stash of magical items (nothing huge,by
the way !), Zhiir need a book of lore from the wizards in Tempest Fury, a
keep in NE plains, near the road to Torich. A sylph inside inform you that
Shamal, a djinni, is the new master after he slayed the wizards who
imprisoned and tortured him. Loot the skeleton in the main hall ( Scarab
of Protection +1, Brace of Armor +1, Quarterstaff +1) before opening
the doors and fight 1 water elemental and 3 - 6 ice mephits. Open the small
chest in every room, hidden beside junk and old furniture, for the 3 keys
necessary to open the vault and loot(be careful - the one in the left room
deal at least 40 points electrical and the second 15 - 25 cold damage).Open
the vault and the chest inside, but before looting the content buff the 
team properly. There are two options :
 - easy - use the looted ring of summoned djinni to capture Shamal and deal 
with his 4 summoned air elementals
 - hard - attack everyone, despite Shamal superior magic and his elementals
damage reduction.
 4.2 : Freeing the slaves

 This is not a quest per se, because the journal will not update something.
When speaking with Xo`rill a info about a slave group will pop up and you
could ask to buy them and decide to free them. Before doing so, I highly
recomend to consider. Their magic and damage reduction make mindflayer 
the toughest fight in Samarach. Buff properly and take them one by one to
cumulate the weak damage your team could muster in the beginning. Open the
locked door to the prison and free them, plus one of the cohorts (see 
cohorts quests below). Loot everything, including the easily to miss chest
left of Xo`rill initial position, plus a bottle of Deepwine from Zhiir.

 5. Town/village/camp quests 

 5.1 : Rassatan - The Singing Pendant

 A bard called Redfeyer lost his pendant while exploring the Singing Cavern,
a place full of spiders and bats ! Enter the cave and explore her 3 arms.
Move forward and right to find the chest with the pendant,protected by a web 
trap and 4 green spiders, common defence for all chest. After the chest is 
open 8 bats show up, atracted, I presume, by my taste ! Go straight ahead, 
engage 4 bats plus one giant green spider (queen?), loot the Dirt Mound and 
a chest in the left. On the left arm is another chest, 8 bats and an Arcane 
Nexus, useful later. 

 5.2 : Taruin - The Finest Wine

 The halfling Ottelmar need a bottle of Deepwine. Head to Underdark Black 
Market and Zhiir, who`s price can be reduced with appraise (?) ( I don`t 
remember, sorry !). Another way is to kill the mindflayers and loot their 
bodies, but not before completing Zhiir quest above. Receive 5500 gp and 600 
XP from Ottelmar.

 5.3 : Torich - Into the salt mines

 Essien mentioned the Mines of Sergol being overrun by firenewts. Enter and
loot the bookcase on the left. Room in front - 3 firenewts and an armoir,
who contain a lens of detection,useful in team without rogues.Take the right
path and choose between two direction : forward( a room with some archers 
and a sorcerer ) ; left - 2 hellhounds, 2 archers and 1 alchemist in the 
first chamber and the bosses behind a door on the left again (Overlord 
Flamespar, 1 sorcerer, 1 hellhound,2 archers, 1 alchemist, 4 elite warriors)
Essien will give 600 XP and acces to salt resource, while Vadiny`a will
want the greataxe of fire wielded by the Overlord.
 5.4 : Nimbre ( small place on the road from Samargol to Torich with one
                 merchant and a bunch of ingrate villagers )
   5.4.1 : Nimbre - Agents of Serpentfolk

 Enter the village and speak with captain Akuma about his presence. Looks
like someone pointed the villagers as being in league with the yuan ti and
the proud captain will simply take them to Samargol, without any 
investigations. Leave him for now and enter the Loremaster house. A good
spot check (Umoja) will reveal a snake tatoo on Haldric arm, turning the 
meeting into a brawl. Buff properly to fight him and 2 surprisingly tough
snaketongue cultist. Search the body for a bloodied note revealing his
masters unexplained intention to empty the village of his people and loot
the rooms around.Present the note to captain Akuma.
 On the other hand you could simply refuse to let the villagers go with
him and fight for some loot, especially a Gilded Armor (AC 5 +1,Intimidate
+3), propriety of captain Akuma.

   5.4.2 : Nimbre - Inquisitive Pig

 Near the other exit could be found some boars and an inquisitive pig,
interested in a mound in front of him. Choose search, fight the boars for
their teeths and a Periapt of Wisdom +2.

 6. Lantanese Lumber Camp

  6.1 : Lumber Camp - Infestation

 Ahri `Golemkin` ask for your help in retrieving 4 cloackroaches part to
find out why his trusted golems run amok. I suggest to hunt them around
the camp before taking the quest, just to be sure ( many glitches !). The 
reward for succes is 600 XP and one summoning cloackroaches item.

  6.2 : Bounty Hunter Nill Sheafrustle

 He will redeem bounties placed on different monsters and creatures
ussualy roaming the overland map. 

                            II. SWORD  COAST

                             A. Neverwinter City

 1. Merchant Company (Forgotten Lords for me)

   1.1 : Neverwinter City - The trade post ( Actually this should be 1.4, 
but i choose to put the first three in the mainquest, being related to 
Missing Associates) - buy the trade post from Sir Nevalle. If he is not
outside, Sir Nevalle can be found in Wailing Wench Tavern and agree in
exchange of 8000 trade bars.You receive a key and 1000 XP

   1.2 : Neverwinter City - Sating the Sensate
 A genasi calling himself Phineas the Sensate require 9 rare resources to
be displayed in his museum. Another bugged quest, because there are only
8 : Adamantine (Leilon), Mithral (Highcliff), Harvest Mead (West Harbor),
Darksteel (Conyberry), Zalantar (New Leaf), Cold Iron (Phandalin), Salt
(Torich) and Knuckelhead Ivory (Port Llast).

 2. Thayan Enclave 

   2.1 : Neverwinter City - A knot in the Weave
 Akila from Thayan enclave in Neverwinter need somebody to investigate 6
arcane nexuses with attenuators. As reward the chests around him contain 
Thayan learning scrolls aka 1000 XP each and the gnoll merchant will improve 
the quality of items he sell ( bracers of armor +8 and +7 after all 6 
attenuators have been charged). The location are : 
Samarach - Singing Cavern, Tempest Fury, Ruins (W on map, on the peninsula)
Sword Coast - Parruna`s Rock, Shadow Fortress, Undead Barrow, Arcane
Brotherhood Outpost, Banite Enclave, Snaketongue Bandit Cave, Pirate Cove
Along the line you find the Shadowars - remember Hordes of Underdark ? - 
are responsible for this knots who link Samarach and Sword Coast. Akila 
should be approached after the Viper temple battle who open the northern 
part of Samarach.

   2.2 : Chult - Fixing a Hole

 Go back to Samarach, past the Viper Temple on the right until you find the
Foreign temple.Enter to be confronted by a Champion of Shade.Put your team 
against him and click the portal to be send on the other side, where a
wizard is healing the champion (through portal!), making him invincible.
Kill fast the wizard, bring your team ( make each one click the portal)
and explore the northern part of Sword Coast, inaccesible before. Return
to Akila who express his concern about shadovars, get 1600 XP and that`s
all. No climatic final battle against the agents of Shadowar, no huge 
rewards for spending hours on map !!? Rushed quest.

 3. Neverwinter City - Think of Children

 Sir Nevalle need a suitable place for an orphanage, since the Shadow War
left many children without parents. Propose Crossroad Keep and convice
Khelgar stating the need of children to look up on a great hero like him. 

                          B. Crossroad Keep

 1. Khelgar Ironfist (Inside the keep)

   1.1 : Crossroad Keep - Recruitment Drive

 Khelgar need some mercenaries in Phoenix Tail Inn to train his greycloacks.
Speak with their leader Nall using the conversational skills :
 Intimidate - throw a veiled threat about ambushes on the road
 Diplomacy - rant about Nall being a hero
 Bluff - hint to a coming war who Nall doesn`t want to miss

   1.2 : Crossroad Keep - Shadow Fading

King of Shadows former servants entranched themselves in a ruined keep near
West Harbor and prepare their forces for a strike. Head there and face first
3 shadow mastif and 4 - 6 ghouls/ghasts. Go left, using the rogue to
disable the fire traps, fight 4 - 5 wraiths and in the room up front
where the guilty party reside - 1 Shadow High Priest, 2 shadow priests, 1 
vampire, 1 warlock and 2 greater shadows after the priests die. Kill the
warlock first, then concentrate the missiles and fireballs against the
rest. Left from the main chamber is the smithy with 2 ghostly blacksmiths
and loot. Travel through a hall with 3 - 7 dire rats, exit and get a reward
of 1100 XP and 1500 gp.

   1.3 : Crossroad Keep - The Bard`s Tale

 The bards in the courtyard stole the Ironfist Clan gauntlet and run to 
Neverwinter Woods. This is one tough place to find. She is actually S of
Veluuthra camp, near a rock formation. Circle around the stones slowly 
until the map will update itself. If not, we both have a problem. This
happend to me,also. In desperation, I enter the Veluuthra camp, killed the 
elf wizard, exit and the Log cabin appeared ( nice glitch !). Inside there
is a raucous (!?) celebration. Except the bards, there are 8 party guests,
5 bouncers, 1 cook and Feargus Orc - Heart (innkeeper ?). Ask Feargus about
the bards, use Belueth connections to Shadow Thief of Amn to pinpoint
their locations and buff. This is a crowded place and you know by now what
to do. Azahr, Venn and William rest in the next door. When I get inn they
recognised me and the battle started. It will take sometimes, because 
there are 24 people in one small cabin (!). Open the locked door near
Azahr and the chest for gauntlets. Reward - 1200 XP, 2000 gp.
 I have the sensation I should keep the gauntlets or steal it back, if
possible. The same goes for the Singing Pendant, back in Samarach, who
acted as Mass Vigor when used.

 2. Crossroad Keep - Upgrading your company status 

 Speak with Variel to upgrade your company status/bussiness oportunities :
   2.1 : Upgrading Greycloacks armor - donate 500 trade bars and return
with 5 mithral - 5 adamantine
   2.2 : Upgrading Greycloacks weapons - donate 1000 trade bars and return
with 5 cold iron - 5 zalantar  
   2.3 : Propaganda (pay people to promote your company) - donate 2000 
trade bars and return with 5 lumber - 5 skins - 5 ore
   2.4 : Build the Shrine of Waukeen - donate 5000 trade bars and return
with 5 mithral - 5 lumber
   2.5 : Upgrading the portal - return with 5 adamantine and 5 darksteel

 3. Crossroad Keep - Nimble Fingers, Light Step(near Adventurer`s Society)

 A nobleman called Jaris inherited his uncle building, full of unstable
chemical compounds. He want the chemical clutter stabilized. Enter, use 
the rogue to sneak on stealth mode past the crates full of vials on the 
left, while the rest is standing. Open the locked door, take the vials, 
go back. Transfer the vials to the party alchemist, enter the door on 
right, click the table. Use the green vial to neutralize the compound and 
the purple to check the result.  Remove silver vials and blue ones, go back 
for 1400 XP, 1000 gp and one Bag of Holding - 100%.

 4. Crossroad Keep - Protection Money
 Sa`Sani will give this quest when your merchant company is famous and
rich. A band of trolls and ogres, lead by the fey troll Tuka - Akut,
demand protection money. Head to Crystal Cave. My advice is to fight from
the beginning, because trolls and ogres are far to dangerous to let
them encircle your team in the main chamber,where you could speak to
Tuka - Akut. Kill 1 worg and 1 ogre guard at entrance, plus the ogre
coming from the tunnels. Advance to find 1 ogre beastmaster, 3 worgs
and 2 trolls (chamber on right), 3 ogres and 2 trolls hampering on the
tunnel and 2 trolls (chamber on left) until main room. Tuka - Akut lead
3 ogres, 2 trolls and 1 troll cleric. Keep in mind that trolls can`t
be killed until you use fire or acid to keep their inborn regeneration
kicking in. Loot the place and receive 1900 XP from Variel.

 5. Crossroad Keep - Volo

 In order to expand his knowledge about Sword Coast Volo want to research
other people life experiences. 

   5.1 : Crossroad Keep - Researching Merchants
 Volo want to ask 6 merchants about their experience. Speak with Jacoby - 
Variel (Crossroad Keep), Tamas - Aruna - Sheydann (West Harbor), Akila 
(Thayan enclave, Neverwinter City). Others - merchant company leaders 
(Shrine of Waukeen, Neverwinter City), Osi Tchaluka - Vadiny`a 
(Samargol), etc. Reward - 2000 gp

   5.2 : Crossroad Keep - Researching Bandits

 This one is really crazy ! Approach bandits on the overland map, bribe to 
let go and click the last line, letting them know you want to see their 
bosses ! After 3 encounters a Bandit group(blue light) show, stating they
are Wilted Rose Marauders working for Snaketongues. Reward - 2000 gp and one
ring of acid resistence. 

                           C. TOWN QUESTS

  1. Phandalin - The Cold Iron Mining Company

 The bussinessman Danley want an investigation about the cold iron mine,
taken over by two strange merchants. With a spot check Daniel Merriwether
and Chester Paulson are identified as ogre mages Radbur and Gromcheck in 
disguise. Take them fast, before unleashig elemental damage,loot a 
Falchion +1 and Gromcheck`s Walking Stick and proceed to clean up the 
mine. Fight through 4 ogre foremans and 7 - 10 workers, open the chest
at the end of mine (potions, adamantine bullets/arrows). Go back to Danley
for 1000 XP and 1000 gp. If possible, use a Bluff check for extra 500 gp.

  2. Conyberry - Parrum`s Rock

 Jesentus Parr, former manager of the Parrum`s Rock mine, asked to 
investigate the mine and bring back the deed.Fight 5 drowned in the first
room and 4 ghast plus 2 drowned in the next. Read the corespondence on floor
to find Parr is to blame for the drowning and the mine foreman have a son,
working in the inn back in Conyberry. Open the locked door on left, buff
and face what it looks like big, angry wraiths - 1 Smothered Conscience and
2 Echo of Regret. Do not attack the barrel with weapons, because they
are going to explode. Instead use some long range missile do damage the
wraiths instead, then engage the enemies. Loot the place and go back. I
handed the deed to the boy for 1400 XP.

  3. West Harbor

 3.1 : West Harbor - Dragon Hunt

 Two black dragon keep West Harbor under pressure. Find the wizard Tamas,
missing in the dragons cave. I just started to buff inside and my heart
popped when 3 silhouettes start walking to me. Fortunately, not enemies 
(for a change !). Tamas, escorted by Pitney and Ginni Lannon, explain 
shortly what happened, trigering a question in my paranoid head - how they 
survived in a dragon cave ? I let it go for now, suspecting the Lannon`s 
are the dragons in disguise. Use the rogue in stealth mode to scout and
disable the traps. On the right is a stone with a suspicious barrel,
containing Harvest Mead and a locked door. Buff with spells against
energy and elemental damage,open the door and attack 2 mages,1 shaman and 
2 warrior lizardmen. Loot them and the chest who contains the Shawl of 
Aruna (see next quest), retrace your step on the main tunnel and go left. 
Kill 3 lizardfolk, 1 beetle thrall and 3 more beetle attracted by the noise
(sometimes those 3 will attack before you have the chance to take left).
Follow the tunnel until a statue of Tyr. Click her to make 1 fire mephit
and 2 ice mephits attack. Continue forward, disable the trap and buff
for the toughest fight inside - 1 Lizardfolk chieftain, 2 warriors,1 large
water elemental, 1 mage and 1 shaman. Send a fast NPC to distract the 
arcanists long enough your sorcerer/druid kill them and engage the rest.
Take the orison key fromthe chieftain, open the cell ahead and speak with 
Tamas. He is the real one ! Loot and go back in West Harbor. Speak with
Lazlo, who tried to bribe the dragons in protecting the village against
undead and now is stuck with them. Buff and challenge Voareg. Use missile
against him and his brother Waervaer, with the tanks in front, while
the villagers deal with the lizardmens. Slay them and gain Dragon Slayer
feat. Now you can trade with West Harbor, buying their Harvest Mead.
Go back to the dragons cave, loot their treasure chest and return later.

  3.2 : West Harbor - The goodwife`s Shawl

 Goodwife Aruna lost his shawl in Mere and need your help to recover it.
Solving the quest above is enough. Return the shawl for 1000 XP.

  3.3 : West Harbor - Whispers in the Marsh (I got this quest at level 16)

 Speak again with Aruna who accuse Sheydann evil pourposes in convincing 
Jan Buckman join a cult. Head to the place. Buff before speaking with 
Sheydann on the right and use conversational skills to make Jan doubt and 
refuse to join the so called merchant in the battle. Dispose also of those 
two near the entrance and follow the road to fight 3 more plus a mage.
Loot, especially Sheydann`s scimitar, speak again with Jan who let go
a amulet called Unwiling Pendant. Reward from Aruna - 1700 XP and 
Gardener`s Glove.


  6. Miscelaneous quests

 They pop up randomly on the overland map, divided in places (dungeons,ruins,
towers,etc.) and parties who roam the land. Usually parties can appear both
in Samarach and Sword Coast, with a few exceptions. I mentioned the places
as happened to my gameplay :


 a. Charm Peddler - a half elf who try to sell fake magical objects. Use 
Appraise or Spellcraft to reveal his knockoff items.

 b. Samarach Soldiers - ask to stop and submit to a test revealing any
suspect dealings with yuan ti. Of course, no matter what you say, all 
travelers are suspect and need to pay a 2000 gp fee. Pay or fight
against 12 of them, mainly archers.
 c. Diseased Townsfolk - a group of people believe you infected them as
yuan ti in disguise (!?). With Heal they can be cured for 500 XP.

 d. One of Many - will show up, I believe, if at least one member in your
team is chaotic or evil. He need to be feed with cohorts for extra XP. For
example, at level 6, Umoja meant 800 XP and Chir 750 XP. 

Below the info send by Sylesis :

~_ one of many : will reward you with xp for each companion you feed him, 
including those in the swordcoast. After some victims, he'll also give 
a feat called minor negative energy aura ( +1 int I think ) then negative 
energy aura (+1 str, dex, con, int). I got the first feat after feeding 
him the 3 companions in samargol, the second after I gave four. I gave 
two more companions but One of many is still hungry. Unfortunately I 
can't find any other companion : Septimund didn't want to leave 
the surroundings of Port Last until the undead problem was sold, 
and disappeared after.I hope this will be useful ~

 e. Delirious Hunter - poisoned by spiders resilient to fire, can be
healed for 500 XP

 f. Demons of Samarlogh - three spiders resistent to fire, related to the
quest above. Easy to kill, providing you don`t use only fireballs and fire!

 g. Sister Horta - a hag with 3 ogre bodyguards crack and eat some bone`s
marrow. With a Bluff or Intimidate check she will retreat for 400 XP, while
fighting mean 98 XP, one ring of wizardry and 2 gems.

 h. Korath Embersmith - a giant `collecting` tribute from human lands. Kill
him for 73 XP, 5500 gp and 433 XP at exit (with two summons).

 i. Cabin (SE corner of Map, near the end of coast) - a hidden cabin with
a journal about some drowned sailor and small loot. A bugged quest, in need 
of a fix.

 j. Crypt (SE of Taruin) - wraiths and loot.

 k. Tower (N of Chokemist Cave) - small dungeon with 3 bugbears.

 l. Kobold cave (S of Chokemist Cave) - a bunch of kobolds attack on sight.

 m. Ruin (S of Kobold cave, near the end of peninsula) - 4 - 6 lizardfolk
warriors and loot.

 n. Crypt (W of Chokemist Cave) - a sarcophague surrounded by four 
undead who will attack after you loot the coffin.
 o. Destroyed Temple (NE of Viper Temple, available after the battle here) - 
click on temple and use a search check to loot the yuan ti bodies for

 p. Yuan Ti Temple (SE of Temple of the World Serpent,available after the 
battle at Viper Temple ) - left and right door shelter 3 Erinyes and 6 - 7
imps, while the center lead to a chamber with a Yuan Ti diabolist, 1 horned
devil and 2 Erinyes. Since the place is crowded, attract them on the corridor
one by one and pound missiles until they`re gone.Loot the chest.

 r.Zecorian`s Demesne (S of Temple of the World Serpent,available after the 
battle at Viper Temple ) - this quest is the main reason you should try
to become an epic character. First a spellcraft check is needed to lower
the magical defence of the tower.The entrance is protected by a huge skull
who block your search check long enough to miss deadly and epic traps
who can kill NPC with low HP easy and 3 dread wraith.Put the party in stand 
your ground position and wait for the wraiths to come close, before 
pounding. Buff your rogue with protection against energy and resist 
elements, put him in stealth mode, save and find a route to the door from 
left or right, past the traps.Save again beside the door and try to open her 
and trigger in the same time a search check to make the trap appear. Move
the rest of your team by the same route and to the next level.Level two - 
5 hellfury skeletons who explode when defetead. Heal, reach level three
and buff with everything available. This is the second toughest battle 
in Storm of Zehir, against 2 vampire lords and Zecorian himself, an
ilithid lich. Throw fireball at vampires to kill fast, then concentrate
all you got against Zecorian with greater dispel magic in tow. At first I 
believed he is invincible, but after a while (15 - 30 min. real time !) 
he start to lose damage reduction. Loot (not enough for the troubles
I had here !) 1 ring of divine power,bracers of armor +8, ring of protection
+4. On the way out remember the traps still work !    

 s. Temple (SW of Demesne) - nothing

          SWORD COAST

 a. Kana - she refuse to join and agree to teach some fighting moves for
500 XP

 b. Human Mob - a bunch of slaves revolted against their Red Thay masters.
I opted to help them, then speak with Garish to receive Zouldrin`s Bauble
(AB +1 against humans, Open Lock +5)

 c. Christov`s Crew - approach this band of adventures, lead by Christov
Darkmoor. With a lore check he will be identified as the pirate Christov, 
but he prefer the term privateer. After his ship Shadow Cutter was lost
in Port Llast storms, they decided to raid ...earn their living on land.
A spot check identify their succes ( fat purses and good weapons) and
a choice : leave them by or attack for some golden pieces and Eyepatch
of the Great Sea Corsair (Spot+5, See Invisibility 1use/day)
 d.Ograth`s Marauders - the leader of the orc band try to perform a rite
called Eye of the Gruumsh. Browsing forums i learn that you could direct him
to the elf camp Veluuthra, but I didn`t discover that location yet. So,
I decided to help him. He cut out one of his eyes and charged at me. Kill
him and his buddies for one Halberd +1, 466 gp and a dagger +2.

 e. Liam Harvestead - near West Harbor Liam is stucked under a log by a
hag who made him believe she was a beautiful women and put it there to
marinate ! Ask for more info and a reward of Mead, then head South. Enter
Swamp Cave (NW of the Crypt you end in North Bound mainquest), kill one 
ogre, 3 hags and loot their eyes ( I have the strange feeling this is
another bugged quest, well ... )  

 f. Fowl Play - a group of chickens(!) show up on the map. Speak directly
with Wild Emphaty (Umoja) or read the paper on the leader beek to use a
click once, click twice kind of conversation. Use Dispel Magic to find out 
he is Darius North, leader of Alabaster Eye Adventuring Company (my !!), 
transformed by a evil wizard in chickens. Reward - chain shirt +3.
Mentioned in the jornal.

 g. Onyx Cave ( N of Neverwinter City ) - Use Darkness on the locked door,
decorated with the symbol of evil godess Shar. Face the monks of Dark Moon
sect aka 1 Superior, 2 acolytes and 2 clerics. Take out the clerics fast, 
while the other 3 are easy. Loot the treasure on left ( next door ) and 
engage in the room ahead 1 master and 1 Divine Champion. On the right 
there are 2 cells. Open the first to free Ribsmasher who will wait at Keep 
as cohort. Since i got this location early, after speaking with Sa`Sani,
I believe the game want me to use him. Maybe in the next replay !

 h. Malarite Hermit`s Cave (SE of Gothaladreum) - a cave with one mad
malarite and 2 dire bears. Reward for the kill - Greataxe +3, Scalemail +3, 
one chest with scrolls and a heal potion.

 i. Gnoll Cave (E from Malarite Hermit cave ) - 4 gnolls ahead, followed
by 6 plus a leader attracted by the noise of incoming battle. Rest is
allowed and you get a flail +2 on top some gp.
 j. Forgotten Ruin ( N of Gothaladreum) -An Iron Golem protect the ruin and
4 chests with recipes, gems, potions and scrolls.

 k. Arcane Brotherhood Outpost (NE of Gothaladreum)- First floor: 3 Luskan
Pirates, 2 Hosttower apprentices. Attack the mages first, before casting
confusion spells. Loot the chest in the next door for a bowl of comanding 
water elemental and up to stairs. Second floor : 2 Luskan Bersekr, 1 
Luskan pirate captain, 2 hosttower wizards. Same tactic. Loot the gold
staying in piles all around and the chests in the room ahead.

 l. Drow Kinslayer - a battle between drow and wood elf. Join the last and
loot the evil drow  - cloack of resistence +2, Spidersilk Jerkin light
armor (arcanists), 3 drider silk, full plate +2, Bolt of Piercing.

 m. Eldrith Veluuthra Camp (NE of Phandalin, E of worg cave) - the camp
of elw wizard supremacist Veluuthra. Kill him, 1 cleric and 5 rangers or
wait to meet Ograth above ( d quest ) 

 n. Undead Barrow (N of Veluuthra Camp )-fight 3 ghasts and 2 wights to get
acces in the main chamber. Loot the sarcophages (the big stonish one is 
trapped) full of enchantment recipes and items to wake up 2 vampires. Use 
fire for a easy score and rest.

 o. Strange Gnomes -they usually hang NE of Neverwinter City and speak with
yes and no ! I didn`t get anything useful, even that one time they hint
to a treasure somewhere. 

 p. Cabin (SW of Conyberry) - she is inhabited by Skullsmasher. Find out 
about his travels and receive an enchanted morningstar. Now is time to fight
him carefully. Plant the mages near the chest in front of Skullsmasher, 
behind the table, buff and ask him his greatsword. He will summon 3 - 5
Ivory Shieldmaiden and punch quite strong for an old warrior. Use Ice Storm
spells, who don`t allow saves, to finish him fast and loot his weapons and 
a summoning Ivory Shieldmaiden item.

 r. Banite Enclave (N of Veluuthra camp) - fairly straightforward dungeon.
Right chamber - 1 banite cleric and 3 bodyguards. Don`t bother loot the 
place because a strong wave of enemies will show up to join the battle - 
2 clerics, 2 agents, 1 blackguard, 1 skeleton. Go right on the corner and 
face a intersection : right - trapped door, with a statue in the back 
dealing negative damage. Destroy her and loot the treasure chests ;left - 
one Timothy Arneson will expect to clear the place in a cell(strange
enough, the cell is not locked ?) and in the end of the corridor face
the leaders of banite group - Interceptor Krassus, Painbinder (!?)
Zyrax, Fell Emris and Sulakh of the Ebon Hand. Target the arcanists like
Zyrax and Emri first, then move upon the other two for 1200 XP and a 
feat Bane of the Banites. Clean the place, speak with Arneson for extra
500 XP, rest and leave. Mentioned in the jornal.   

 s. Abandoned Mine (near Banite enclave)- exploited by 5 duergar miners and
one wizard. Dispose of them and open the chest in back for trap recipes.

 t. Illefarn Ruin (NE corner of map ) - inhabited by drow. Kill 1 phase
spider (first door on left), 1 Drow Arachnomancer and 1 warrior (second
door on left) and 3 drow warriors, 1 Priestess of Lolth, 1 Arachomancer on
the right.

 u. Hunting Cabin (NE of Banite Enclave) - a Malarite druid, helped by 2
dire boars and 3 dire wols, killed the hunters inside. Kill him, loot the

 v. Ruined Keep (SE of Illefarn Ruin) - a broken bookcase with a lot of
recipes and 4 gargoyles who didn`t even notice my party (bug, again !)

Sylesis opinion about the quest :
~ _ ruined keep : the gargoyles not attacking is not a bug, as you haven't 
touched the real treasure they protect. A skilled character using the 
bookcase will get a message saying there is something behind : break it 
and you'll find a chest with an epic trap on it. I don't remember what's 
in, I managed to disarm it on my first game but not this one ( my 
thief-like character has rather poor skills ) ~

 x. Pirate Cove (S of Port Llast,down to shore) - this cave is exactly the
same as the lizardfolk cave in NWN2, before reaching Fort Locke!. On right
reside 1 wizard, 2 pirates, 1 archer, followed by two more on stealth mode.
Left can be found 3 pirates and in the main chamber the leaders: Captain
`Blunderbuss`McGant, Buffo`The Navigator`, Chaplain Alessa, Chef Gronk
and first mate Sparks. Speak and attack, while Buffo will teleport away, 
leaving only 4 to slaughter. Ignore the pirate wenches, notice the Arcane 

 y. Forgotten Crypt ( NE of Dark Temple, available after the battle at
Viper Temple, accesible from a Thayan quest - see Neverwinter, Thayan 
enclave ) - the current residence for 3 greater shadows, 4 shadows, 5
mummies and 1 death knight. Loot rare gems, weapons and rings. 

 z. Hotentow Cave (NW of Dark Temple, available after the battle at Viper
Temple, accesible from a Thayan quest - see Neverwinter, Thayan enclave) - 
lair of 5 - 6 fire giants led by King Karagg. Despite impresive size, they 
do not punch hard, so kill them, loot the bodies and the racks near the 
left wall.

 w. Sword Coast - The Enraged Worgs

 Packs of enraged worgs will track you, no matter the hide/move silently
check and attack. Speak with Ulweth in Ohoenix Tail Inn ( Crossroad Keep)
and head to the worg cave, SE of Thundertree city. Kill 5 enraged worg pups
at entrance, 1 pup and 1 worg on the left, then go back and up ahead.
Face 2 worg,2 pups and the den mother on right and explore the left tunnel 
until you see a scroll where someone stated he will return if the
worgs are killed. Exit the cave, do some stuff and return. The place 
contain Tyburn the Mad and 2 Umber Hulks. Kill him for a scimitar called
Malar`s Claw (Wounding DC18) and a chainmail +2. The quest will appear in
the journal.

 7. Teamwork benefits

 I only have quest related information for the feats i used, so please 
update me on the others. 

 Teamwork Benefits are a group of 12 team based feats with specific 
requirements. East of Phoenix Tail Tavern (Crossroad Keep) you could see
Daerred sitting idly. He boast a strange idea of him being a disciple
of the famous Knight - Captain and founding member of Adventurer`s 
Society/Company. The training start after you build the first trading
post and caravan. Another condition is that you could train a feat at
level 1,4,7,10, 13, 16 .... Choose carefully. Even at level 30 you can
take only 10 feats, but some are destined to be used by specific parties 
like archers, rogues etc.
His team will upgrade cohorts to your current level and teach the 
following feats :

 a. Awareness - Your team knows where to look and what to listen for to 
anticipate ambushes. Leader Prerequisite: Listen 12, Spot 12 ; Team Member 
Prerequisite: Listen or Spot 2 Ranks. With this every member gains a +2 
bonus to Listen and Spot checks. Pay 1000 gp and play a game. Spot 3 
halflings hidden in a house S of Highcliff. In my game they hide in the 3 
room on the N side. It`s possible the last one is above your spot check
and the only way to see him is to cast a dispel spell in the room. Get 
1300 XP.

 b. Camp Routine - The regular routine your group has established allows 
you to set up, watch, and break down camp quickly and efficiently. As a 
result, the party is 25% less likely to have a hostile encounter when 
resting. Leader Prerequisite: Survival 8 ; Team Member Prerequisite: 
Survival 1. I didn`t take it.

 c. Improved Camp Routine - The regular routine your group has established 
for resting has been honed to perfection, allowing you to set up, watch, 
and break down camp with the utmost speed and efficiency. The party is 
50% less likely to have a hostile encounter when resting. Teamwork 
Prerequisite: Camp Routine ; Leader Prerequisite: Survival 12 ; Team 
Member Prerequisite: Survival 2. I didn`t take it.  

 d. Circle of Blades - The members of your team can combine their attacks 
to slice through the defenses of a foe they have surrounded and get +2 
bonus on damage rolls when attacking an flanked opponent. Leader 
Prerequisite: Weapon Specialization, BAB +6 ; Team Member Prerequisite: 
Sneak Attack +1d6 OR Weapon Finesse. I didn`t take it.

 e. Fearsome Roster - Your party projects an air of menace, which causes 
some would-be foes to flee when your team approaches them on the Overland 
Map.Hostiles will run from the party if their CR is 3 levels or more below 
the party level (without this benefit, enemies will run away if they 
are 4 levels or more below the party). Leader Prerequisite: Intimidate8 ;
Team Member Prerequisite: Intimidate 1 Rank or +1+ Charisma. Pay 1000 gp 
and choose an intimidating action from what you have done before.

 f. Improved Fearsome Roster - Your team has become even more menacing, 
causing many would-be foes to flee when you approach them on the overland 
map.Hostiles on the Overland Map will run from the party if their CR is 2 
levels or more below the party’s level. Teamwork Prerequisite: Fearsome 
Roster ; Leader Prerequisite: Intimidate 12 ; Team Member Prerequisite: 
Intimidate 2 or +14 Charisma. I didn`t take it.

 g. Foe Hunting - Your team is especially good at tracking down and 
destroying specific types of creatures, gaining +2 bonus to damage rolls 
against the leader’s favored enemy. Leader Prerequisite: Favored 
Enemy (any one) +4 ; Team Member Prerequisite: Survival 1, BAB +4.Pay
1000 gp and exterminate 4 Umber Hulk in a cave near Leilon for 1300 XP.
This is the best because with one level of ranger and feats like 
Favoured Enemy and Improved Favoured Enemy : Monstrous Humanoids aka
Yuan ti, you`ll be dealing all the damage required.

 h. Group Trance - You and your teammates reduce your susceptibility to 
sleep by learning the ways of the elves and sleep 4 hours instead of 8. 
Leader Prerequisite: Elf or Half-Elf ; Team Member Prerequisite: 
Concentration 1. Pay 1000 gp. Find the elven tower SW of Conyberry, click
him and choose meditate for 1300 XP.

 i. Missile Volley - Your team excels at firing as a group, unleashing 
a saturated wave of arrows and bolts. Each member places her shots so 
that the target cannot dodge them all. Enemies get a stacking debuff of 
-1 AC vs. missile weapons when attacked with a missile weapon. The 
debuff lasts for a round. Leader Prerequisite - none ; Team Member 
Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot. I didn`t take it.

 j. Steadfast Resolve - Your team members can use their camaraderie 
and shared experience to shrug off the effect of fear, gaining a +2 bonus 
to saving throws vs. fear. Leader Prerequisite: Concentration 8, Iron 
Will feat ; Team Member Prerequisite: Base Will Save Bonus +2. 
I didn`t take it.

 k. Superior Flank - Your team is good at harrying foes by taking 
maximum advantage of their divided attention. All party members get 
a +2 bonus to hit when attacking a flanked opponent. Leader Prerequisite: 
Sneak Attack +4d6 ; Team Member Prerequisite: BAB +3.Pay 1000 gp and
kill 5 assassins in a graveyard N of Neverwinter City for 1300 XP.

 l.Team Rush - Your team travels faster than normal as a group. The 
efforts and assistance of the faster characters allow the slower ones 
to keep up. Each party member moves at the speed of the fastest person 
in the party. Leader prerequisite: Survival 8, Toughness feat ; Team 
Member Prerequisite: Survival 1. Pay 1000 gp and kill and old,deadly
goblin camped near the Banite Enclave for 1300 XP. 

 8. Cohorts

  Along the game 11 cohorts could be enlisted to help in different quests.
Here is the list with a couple of necessary information :
a. Inshula sar Mashewe (Human Ranger) can be found near his sister, bounty 
hunter Kwesi, in the Open Palm Bazaar in Samargol. She ask for 300 gp, 
with a diplomacy/intimidate check or you can get her for free after playing 
a game of cards where a rogue will remove the negative cards with Sleight 
of Hand. Marginally useful in the beginning for a party without points 
invested in hide/move silently.

b. Umoja (Human Druid)reside near Vadiny`a in Open Palm Bazaar in Samargol
and he will join without any conditions. He is, in my opinion, the best 
cohort so far. A druid have acces to powerful spells and wildshape feats, 
plus a familiar like Yuzhai. This dino can hold his position against mighty 
bosses for a while and have a lot of health, around 200 on level 16.

c. Lastri Kassireh (Lightfoot Halfling Swashbuckler)stay in Leira`s Trick 
Tavern in Samargol. You need first to solve her quest called Samargol - 
Unaccounted For. She is concerned about the second mate Nerul(?) and give 
a key for the locked cave on the shipwreck beach. Fight through a bunch of 
batiri and trained dino lead by Chieftain Taelunangul. Receive from Nerul 
a amulet called Sailor`s Shelter and loot the place for ore and Jungle 
Headress(+3 Survival).Upon returning with the good news,Lastri will 
offer her services. She is not that bad in combat, but Swashbucklers look 
weak in Storm of Zehir against tough monsters.Do not forget she is 
available after you free her in a quest given by Sa`Sani.

d. Chir Darkflame (Deep Gnome Wizard) is one of the slaves kept by
mindflayers in the Underdark Black Market. She will join after you kill 
all of them, but the ECL penalty (+3) given by her race is far to great for
those who can`t wait to deal with the Herald of Zehir. Otherwise, fight
all the mobs with EL 17 in Northern Samarach, close to The Temple 
of World Serpent, to achieve faster epic levels.

e. Finch (Half elf Bard) can be found in every inn on Sword Coast, except
Neverwinter City. Before joining he ask to help him in a quest called Sword
Coast - Price of a Song. While in Neverwinter he was falsely accused of 
stealing a noble timepiece, blocking any chance to perform in the city.
Visit Blacklake district, speak with Sir Nevalle and Lady Jeanelle to 
clear his name and obtain an entry paper. Keep in mind that you need 
your own papers before asking for him, so join a merchant clan first.
I only used him once - Port Llast Undead problem and he did a good job
against weak enemies.  

f. Belueth the Calm (Aasimar Rogue/Shadow Thief of Amn) can be found
in the shrine of Waukeen (Neverwinter City). Pay her fee of 5000 gp (I 
heard a Diplomacy check will lower the price to 3000 gp, but I never had
high diplomacy among my team). The second best cohort and she could take
a level of ranger for Favorite enemy Monstruous Humanoids and Assasin for
extra damage, while hide/move silently come handy on the overland map.

g. Grykk Bannersworn (Half Orc Paladin) reside in Wailing Wench Tavern 
from Neverwinter. Ask him to join and donate 1000 gp to his monastery. If 
you are lawful good he will join for free. I didn`t use it.

h. Quarrel (Half Drow Warlock) is one of Tamas pupil in West Harbor.Deal 
first with the dragon problem, then ask Aruna what`s new and she will point
to Quarrel. Quarell blame his low understanding of magic as the failure to
deal with the dragons and hint about a master aka Ammon Jerro. A quest will
pop up ( West Harbor - Path of the Master ) when you suggest he should
visit Crossroad Keep. Be inside the keep and ask him to join. Warlock magic
is good in Samarach (yes, I started with a NPC warlock one time !), but
not enough in Sword Coast (check him against the warlock in the Shadow 
fortress, for example).

i. Soraevora Aeravand (Sun Elf Favored Soul) can be found next to Khelgar
in Crossroad Keep. She is the best solution for a party without a cleric
and her magic, while somehow limited,is strong enough to complement a
custom made sorcerer or Chir Darkflame. 

j. Ribsmasher (Human Monk) is a prisoner in Onyx Cave (see Sword Coast,
Miscelaneous quests). I didn`t use it.

k. Septimund (Human Cleric/Doomguide of Kelemvor) is involved in the 
mainquest ( see Port Llast - Under New Management ). I used him once to deal
with the undead army attacking Port Llast and he can be a useful player.
Unfortunately, I don`t think Doomguide is a good choice, because I like to
have a third hybrid tank. A cleric with a couple of fighter or Stormlord
levels is much more powerfull.   
 9. Bugs and tricks
  There are plenty of bugs in this game. A couple of quest can`t be 
updated or crash if you bring certain cohorts ( see Port Llast - Under 
New Management), other relate to the amount of trade bars earned or non
functioning portals. The list can go on, but is best to consult the extensive
list on nwn2forums.bioware.com, Storm of Zehir. 

 Tricks are usually a way to earn money or XP using ingame odities. For 
example : 

 1. you can earn more XP by summoning extra pets before exiting to 
the overland map, after a random battle. 

 2. The Phandalin Cold Iron mine quest is the equivalent of Lorne quest in 
NWN2. Take your reward, exit and go again in the inn to receive the same 
amount of money and XP every time you do it. Be careful - if you load a save 
game and try to do this again the journal will update properly and stop
the glitch ( I think, didn`t tested !). 

 3. To get a boost on the overland map and escape a mob to fast otherwise -
when they approach click parley, then evade. Pause the game fast, then click
on the map and your team leader will go faster for some seconds.

 Once again, check for more on forums. 

10. Credits

 All credits go to Atari, Obisidian and all the RPG fans who love to find 
and fix everything. 

 Copyright 2009 Limona Razvan

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