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Guide and Walkthrough by GameDestroyer23

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/23/2008



  4   4
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      4  (FOR)
   A A
 A     A

 111111  (EPISODE 1):


 RR   RR
 RR   RR

version 1.0!!! 100% original FAQ!

          1. Confusing ASCII art Title (allegedly)
          2. Table of Contents (hard to find, this one)
          3. Walkthrough (this is why you're here!)
            3.1 House of Strong
            3.2 The Track
            3.3 Marzipan's House
            3.4 Bubs' Stand & area
            3.5 The Track/ Marzipan's House
            3.6 The Track (is this getting a bit... repetitive?)
            3.7 House of Strong
            3.8 King of Town's Castle (yes, that's his name)
            3.9 Bubs' Stand/The Track 
            3.10 Bubs' Stand/ Marzipan's House 
            3.11 House of Strong
          4.FAQ/Contact info (all spam will be BALEETED!!)
          5.Teen Girl squad/ Snake Boxer5
            5.1 TGS guide
            5.2 Extra Ideas 
            5.3 Snake Boxer 5 Manual Pages
           6.1 Hedge trophy
           6.2 Strong Sad trophy (I thought he was a symbol of sucking!)
           6.3 Explorer trophy 
           6.4 Nuisance trophy 
          7. Costumes *note: I may be missing one or two. If so, e-mail me!*
          8. Lawyer Crap (a.k.a. Legal stuff (but no tender!))
          9. List of people who made me mention them (er, Credits)
         10. Retrospective (Version History)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Anything I screwed up on should be told to me!

-Hi, I'm everyday GameDestroyer23. This is my first FAQ, so if you spot an
inaccuracy, typo, inaccuracy, acidentally copied stuff, inaccuracy, omission
(or forgotten stuff), or any inaccuracy, let me know. If you found this guide
helpful, please make a gold state of me/ my name and send it to me with $1000
in cash, or reccomend this guide. Thank you.


  1. House of Strong
When the game begins, you will be in the House of Strong, where Strong Bad,the
game's main character,resides.In the opening song, you'll also see 3 secondary
characters. The guy singing is Strong Bad.The yellow thing he kicks into his
dryer is The Cheat, his abused partner in crime/ lackey. The big, blocky guy
is Strong Mad, Stong Bad's hulky brother. If you played the tutorial like a 
good boy, then you should know the grey guy across the hall from Strong Bad's
room is Strong Sad. If not, I hate you for getting me to explain that he's 
Strong Bad's depressed and abused (by Strong Bad) brother. Nice one, jerk!
Anyway, following the cutscene, Strong Bad will be told in an e-mail to beat
someone called Homestar up. As you can see, Strong Bad hates Homestar Runner,
the hapless athlete who's constantly a pain in Strong Bad's rear. Strong Bad 
says to go to the track, but don't do that yet, we have unfinished buisness

Go downstairs (as seen in the cutscene), then go to the room left of the 
doorway to the basement. There should be a drawing table, a TV/ video game 
setup, and a metal detector with a skull on it, leaning on the wall. Grab the
detector, then use the TV set to start a minigame called Snake Boxer 5. Play
as much as you want. When you're done, Strong Bad will mention a cheat code in
his manual for Snake Boxer 5, yet it is gone (see section 5.2). Likewise, the
the drawing table launches the hilarious Teen Girl Squad minigame. Again, when
you're done, Strong Bad says he made other funny ideas, but alas, they are    
gone (5.2). Use your new detector outside to find that there's something in 
the ground. SB will mark the spot with a tiny flag. OK, now head to the Track.

  2. The Track
Upon your arrival to the Track, you'll see a guy with pinwheel hat and a star 
on his shirt. This is Homestar Runner. Talk to him for a bit. Afterwards, 
he'll talk to Marzipan, his occasional girlfriend. He'll then throw away his
cell phone. hey, free phone! Call everyone on the phone, exept the one of the
girl, that's Marzipan. We need to talk to her in person. You'll see a new
character, the salesman Bubs. Afterwards, head right a little to see yet ano-
-ther new character, Coach Z, who is in every way Homestar's mentor. Talk to 
him. Use the detector to find a hidden treasure, then go to Marzipan's house.

  3. Marzipan's House
While going left to find Marzipan, note the poorly kept hedge. Then continue 
to find a party in the making. A little too confident, maybe? Anyways, talk
to Marzipan for a bit. She'll mention a hedge clipper. Go to Bubs' Stand (do
not collect $200)  

*Note*: If you talked to Homestar about Snake Boxer 5, so will Marzipan.You'll
need to go to back to the Track to talk to Coach Z about it before going to
Bub's Stand (see 5.2).

  4. Bubs' Stand and area
Head to Bubs' Stand and talk to him. You'll get Marzipan's shears. Now run to
the right and don't stop, unless you see a box (observe to find goodies) or a
hedge (use your new clippers!). You'll get a few bonus locales: Strongbadia,
the Blubb-O's Whale, The Stick, Photobooth, and Cool Car. Use your detector 
in Strongbadia. Now, let's crash a pwarty!

  5. The Track/ Marzipan's House
Head to the Track and prank call Marzipan. She'll then leave her house. Fini-
-sh all the calls and you'll unlock Homsar, the bizzare anomaly in Strong 
Bad's world. Afterwards, go to Marzipan's House. Grab the balloons for future
use, as well as an onion from the patch near the float. Then use the shears 
on the float. Strong Bad will see to it that Homestar never will have a party
that he isn't invited to, while getting a Homestar mask in the process. Now 
go to the Track. Homestar humiliation isn't over 'till Strong Bad says it's

  6. The Track
Head left into the locker rooms once you arrive at the track. Homestar has 
just had a shower (thank god), so let's make him stink again! Use the onion
on Homestar, then talk to him about showering. Homestar will then dash into
the shower. Proceed to steal his clothes (in the middle locker). Ah, poor 
Homestar. His clothes and the Homestar head automaticly combine to make the
Homestar costume. Run to Coach Z. In a cutscene, Homestar, in the nude, is 
forced to go outside, scaring everyone in the process. Note the guy in the 
red robe, large mustache and crown. That's the King of Town. Oh, boy. Poor
Homestar. Anyway, use the costume on Strong Bad, then talk to Coach Z. You'll
start the Race To the End of the Race minigame.

The first obstical in the race is the only one without a set delay, but can
be the most devastating one as well. Point and run straight ahead. If Strong
Bad slips, move the pointer in the opposite directon until he regans his bal-
-ence. Don't worry if it takes you a while, as it's already impossible to get
first or second. The next obstical is the pogo stick with the Heavy Lourd.
Strong Bad will be unable to carry the weight at first, but he'll get back on
his feet and continue the race. Press A when indicated to move on to the 
final challenge: the 'hurdels'. Press A to jump over the turtle and curdled
milk, but Strong Bad won't have enough energy to make the actual hurdle. No
matter how well you do, you'll get dead last. But remember: YOU didn't screw
up, HOMESTAR did! So, now you've destroyed Homestar's reputation, Strong Bad
is happy, and all is well, right? Wrong.

  7.House of Strong
Great. Now Homestar's a criminal fugitive, a shamed athlete, and a brokenhea-
-ted lover, AND THEY'RE ALL MESSING UP STRONG BAD'S STYLE. There are 3 Homes-
-tars moping about in the House of Strong: The fugitive Homestar is taking up
the TV, the ex-athlete is using the Teen Girl Sqaud table to fanisise about
winning the Race, and the lost lover is uglying the kitchen. Aw, man! Go up
and check the e-mails. Other than a few junk e-mails, there's one with a cro-
-wn next to it. Open it up. Strong Bad will order a sample of Total Load, an
illeagal (in competitions) drug to enhance performance. Before leaving, grab
the crate on the table in the kitchen. Let's go get Homestar's record first,
as you'll also get the useful shovel item. To the KOT's Castle!

  8.King of Town's Castle
Outside the actual Castle, there's a hedge and a buried treasure (remember 
the detector!). Head inside. The place is guarded by the Poopsmith (who lite-
rally has a crappy job) and Strong Mad (no, he won't help you). Get the shov-
-el in the upper left corner, then hide behind (by observing) either the 
privacy screen or the statue until the Poopsmith moves to the left pile of...
well, you-know-what, then go to the room on the right. Grab the plunger, then
either continue right to let Strong Mad throw you out, or hide behind the
weird plant 'till the Poopsmith comes to the nearby pile. Use the plunger on
the drain to the right of the statue, then hop on it by observing it. Wait
untill the Poopsmith sees you, then quickly click on the vent above Strong 
Bad. Strong Mad and Poopsmith will stand below you, dumbfounded at your vani-
-shing. Continue right through the vent untill you see Homestar's Record.
Grab it, then Strong Bad promptly escapes with record. You can now visit the
House of Strong and show the fugitive Homestar your prize. The TV is yours!
Next, let's get Homestar out of Teen Girl Squad's way!
  9.Bubs' Stand/ The Track
Head to Bubs' Stand and talk about Total Load. He'll give it to you. Unfortu-
-natly, it has a nasty side-affect, so you can't use it on anyone directly,
but we still need it. Now go to the track. Note a stack of coupons for free
candy @ Bubs' Stand. Intresting. Grab 'em. Now, let's make the Race easier:
Pour the Jello-ton (the stuff in the crate in the kitchen) into the pool.
Then tie the balloons you stole from Marzipan on the Heavy Lourd. Now examine
the turtle and replace it with the curdled milk, then replace the milk with
the hurdle. The end result is (from left to right) HURDLE, TURTLE, CURDLE, or
for short, HTC. Still, it will be impossible to beat Pom Pom's 5 seconds, so
we'll have to *heh, heh* ELIMINATE HIM. Or disqualify him.

As I said, Total Load is an RTER no-no, so plant some in Pom Pom's locker to
show he's a supposed cheater. (You can also put some in Strong Mad's, but
that just activates an easter egg. Funny if have the time, otherwise just put
it in Pom Pom's.) Knock on Coach Z's office door and talk to him about Total
Load. He'll then test the honor of his athletes (he even disrespects the tape
on Homestar's locker!!!) and finds the Total Load. He then kicks Pom Pom out
of athletics for good. Now, go outside and tamper with the camera. Like the
KOT, Coach Z needs documentation on everything, so the Race To the End of the
Race starts anew!

The second round of the RTER is similar to the first, only now it's possible
to win, and you have a time limit of 22 seconds. No problem. The log no long-
-er moves, so just go straight. The pogo stick has no delay, and it only tak-
es a few bounces to get to the hurdles. Strong Bad clears all the hurdles 
easy, even the last one. You shouldn't take more than 15 seconds to clear it,
and you- I mean, HOMRSTAR will get a trophy to prove it. If you want, go home
and show the no longer 'ex' athlete Homestar the trophy (and hit him with it,
for good measure). 2 down, one more to go! Teen Girl Squad for everyone!!!

  10. Bubs' Stand/ Marzipan's House
Okay, Dr.Phil, let's get these lovers back together! As Homestar suggests 
upon asking about Marzipan, she should be given candy. Go to Bubs' Stand to
get some crappy chocolates. PERFECT! Now leave them  at her door and... oh,
no! The KOT comes and eats it. Go get another one from Bubs, then head back.
Note loose dirt near where the KOT appeared. Dig a hole with the shovel. Now,
if you use the chocolates now, he'll see the hole and sidestep it. Nor will
he jump into the hole if you throw chocolate down it (however, that will fuf-
-il a reqirement for the Strong Sad trophy, see 6.2). Shear Mazipan's hedge 
if you haven't yet, then collect the clippings below it. Put the clippings on
the hole to trap the KOT when he comes around again. Marzipan then get the
chocolates (she's organic crazy) and leaves a message on Homestar's cell. If
you haven't called up to Homsar yet, do so now. Now show the cell phone to
Homestar. He then leaves the House of Strong for good. Homestar's out of the
house, Strong Bad is the greatest athlete known to Free Country, USA, and all
is well...

  11. House of Strong
It seems irony isn't finished with Strong Bad yet, as Homestar's victory par-
-ty is relocated to the House of Strong. All pwarty-goers MUST be violently
thrown out. Note the following : a CD player between the kitchen and a window
(as well as the window itself), a bananna peel, guarded absent-mindedly by 
the KOT, and an armchair called the Luxa-Lounger 5000. Click on the chair to
block the left wall. Click on the CD player (or Jee Dee Spinner) until a con-
-ga line forms. Grab the bananna. Now, when the conga line reaches the window,
use the peel on them. Everyone is thrown out. Congradulaitions! You have won
the game. 

*Note*: Apart from the trailer at the end, you can actually find a hidden set-
-up for the next game: At the KOT's Castle, the KOT himself waits outside. I
won't spoil what he says, but you can bet your boots it's a premonition.

FAQs/ Contact Info

Here are some FAQs that I know are circulating. If you have a question of your
own, e-mail me at mattys4@msn.com- note that spam e-mails cannot reach me, so
don't bother. EDIT: If you don't get an answer, my junk mailbox deleted it -_-'
, so please be a persistant bugger!

Q: Can I get into Strong Sad's room?

A: No, aside from the tutorial. Whether it's a setup or an excuse, you can't
get him to open the door. A rumor once said you could get in through a window.
That is 100% fake.

Q: Can I get the phone in extended play?

A: Nope. You snooze, you lose, pal.

Q: I put hedges on the KOT's hole, then threw chocolate down it. I put hedges
back on it, and now I can't get the Strong Sad Trophy!

A: There are 2 other loose dirt areas. Dig holes there and throw in chocolates
to get the cutscene.

Q: I did it with those ones, too...

A: Niiiiice. Thankfully, you can talk to the KOT in his hole, then use the
chocolates. Just be strong, as it may take a while.

Q: Why didn't you mention the yellow shirt?

A: Because I suspect it's a glitch. Prove to me that it's not, then I'll list

Q: What is the yellow shirt? 

A: Some determend players found a hidden shirt in the photobooth. Because it's
not given a close-up, I call it a glitch. You can find out about it here:

Teen Girl Squad / Snake Boxer 5

  1. Teen Girl Squad Guide
Teen Girl Squad, or TGS, uses matches with scene, combos, or characters, that,
when used correctly, will brutally kill one of the characters: Cheerleader,
So-and-so, What's-her-face and The Ugly One. Not killing any will get you 0
points, killing 1-3 will get a low score, killing all with only given ideas
will get you a adequate score, killing all with a combination of given and
hidden ideas gets a good score, and using all hidden ideas wins you a perfect
score (5000). Here's a list of all the ideas and how to use them (hidden ideas
will have a *):

Ringtone:   Type: Combo.          Use: With Txt Message.
Sun Lotion: Type: Scene/Combo.    Use: With Mirror in Scene 2.
Hairspray:  Type: Scene.          Use: Before Scene 3.
Perfume:    Type: Scene/Combo.    Use: With Kissyface in Scene 3.
Basketball: Type: Scene.          Use: During Scene 3.
*Megaphone: Type: Character/Scene Use: On Cheerleader during Scene 3.
*Car Keys:  Type: Character       Use: On What's-her-face.
*Book:      Type: Character       Use: On So-and-so.
*Chocolate: Type: Character/Scene Use: On The Ugly One during Scene 3.
*Cockroach: Type: 1-hit KO        Use: Anytime.

  2. TGS Hidden ideas locations
There are 5 hidden ideas to Teen Girl Squad. You'll need the shovel (see 3.8)
before you can look for them:

Megaphone: Under treasure marker in the Track area (see 3.2)

Car Keys: Use the shovel on the Cool Car (see 3.4)

Book: Under treasure marker in Strongbadia (see 3.4)

Chocolate: Use Total Load on a hole in Marzipan's House area (see 3.10) 

  3. Snake Boxer 5 manual
There are 4 locations to look for parts of the Snake Boxer Manual. The last
one you find has the following code: Up,down,up,start. Whether or not it is
possible to use the code before finding it is unknown. Here are the locations:

-Talk to Homestar, Marzipan, Coach Z, and Bubs about it (in that order), or
talk to Bubs in Extended play.

-Look under the box next to Bubs' Stand.

-Dig under treasure marker in front of the House of Strong (see 3.1).

-Dig under treasure marker outside the KOT's Castle (see 3.8).

There are a few trophies in the game that are rewarded upon activating certain
easter eggs. They are always avalible to collect in Extended Play, and most
can be unlocked during the game.

  1.Hedge Trophy
Awarded for: Shearing all hedges.
Requirements: -Shear the hedge near The Track.
              -Shear the hedge near The Stick.
              -Shear the hedge near The KOT's Castle.
              -Shear the hedge near Marzipan's House.

  2.Strong Sad Trophy
Awarded for: Finding all hidden Strong Sad scenes.

Requirements: -Dig up the treasure marker near the House of Strong, then look
               at the leftover hole.
              -Use chocolate on an uncovered hole in Marzipan's garden.
              -Insult Bubs twice.

  3.Explorer's Trophy
Awarded for: Looking at certain optional items.

Requirements: -Look at the lightswitch twice.
              -Look at Strong Mad's locker contents.
              -Look at the KOT when he's in the hole.
              -Look at one of the Poopsmith's piles of crap
              -Use the microphone after getting the mustache.
              -Look at the Videlectrics poster in the bedroom twice.

  4.Nuisance Trophy
Awarded for: Annoying all main characters.

Requirements: -Ring Marzipan's doorbell 4 times while she's in her garden.
              -Talk to Homestar 3 times in the locker rooms, or talk to him 
               twice in Extended play.
              -Kick The Cheat into the dryer, then look at the dryer.
              -Insult Bubs.
              -Insut Coach Z in his office, or talk to him in Extended play.


There's a photobooth in the game where you can customise Strong Bad's clothes.
There are some outfits included, but some are hidden as unlockables.
Here are all the clothes I have found:

Black Knit Cap: Check the mailbox marked 'sb_snailmail.exe'.
Homestar Head: Part of storyline.
Homestar Clothes: Part of storyline.
Chef Hat: Get rid of Heartbroken Homestar (see 3.10), hat is on microwave.
Polo Shirt: Under box near The Stick (see 3.4).
Belt: Achieve 'Chainsaw Bocce Bowler' Rank, then oberve SB5's TV set.
Mustache: Use the microphone.

Copyright 2008 John Mattys

Update: Supercheats.com and Neoseeker.com have been approved to publish this 


- telltalegames.com Forums users, for reminding me what I did, and helping me
win the trophies, as well as for a couple of my FAQ questions. I really owe
you ALL one, guys.

-Videlectrics, for assuring that SBCG4AP is legit.

-Mike and Matt Chapman, for creating such awesome characters and the HR world.

-Telltale Games, for making Strong Bad come to life.

-GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.

-And veiwers like you, for making sure this guide is used. Thank you.


08/22/08 Version 1.0 finished & submitted. Accedental spaces. Resubmitted.
08/26/08 Accepted! First try! Also put on Supercheats.com!
09/02/08 On Neoseeker.

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