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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/07/2008

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People!! (Wii Version)
Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.1
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints & Tips
4. Free Country USA
   4A. The Peoples
   4B. The Places
5. Hint-throughs
   5A. Part 1: I Feel Fresh as a Bagel
   5B. Part 2: The Good Times Are Over!
   5C. Part 3: Wanted - Everybody I Hate
6. Step-by-Step Walkthrough
   6A. Part 1: I Feel Fresh as a Bagel
   6B. Part 2: The Good Times Are Over!
   6C. Part 3: Wanted - Everybody I Hate
7. Collectibles
   7A. TGS Ideas
   7B. Game Manual Pages
   7C. Coach Z's Trophies
   7D. Costume Pieces
   7E. Prank Calls
8. Extras
   8B. Snake Boxer 5
9. Standard Guide Stuff
   9A. Legal
   9B. E-mail Guidelines
   9C. Credits
   9D. Version Updates
   9E. The Final Word


Good evening, and tonight.  Welcome to my incredibly incredible FAQ and 
Walkthrough for the first episode of the new gaming craze that all the kids 
are talking about: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People!  In this 
guide, I pander to the masses and provide you with the means to get through 
Strong Bad's first day of awesome adventure.  In addition to a usual 
walkthrough and notes about all the extras, I've also provided hint-throughs, 
giving you just a little push in the right direction, leaving you with some 
small sense of actually accomplishing something in the game.  That said, 
let's begin.

2. FAQ

Q: What is SBCG4AP?

A: An episodic series for the Wii and PC, featuring the characters from the 
 popular cartoon website: homestarrunner.net (it's dot com!)

Q: Do I need to be aware of the cartoons to play this game?

A: It would certainly help, but it's not required.  A basic knowledge of how 
 everybody does their thing should suffice, which I provide you.

Q: How can I get this game thingy?

A: If on the Wii, you need to be online and have access to the Shop Channel.  
 You can purchase this from the Shop Channel for 1000 points.  If you're 
 considerably less cool and have to stoop to getting it for the PC, simply go 
 to telltalegames.com and purchase and download from there.  Ask your parents' 
 permission.  Void where prohibited.

Q: I have a problem that seems to be specific to the PC version.  Can I ask 
 you about it?

A: I'd rather you didn't, since I certainly can't be crapped to pay for 
 this game twice.  I reserve that honor only for the highest in Videlectrix 


Here's all the simple information for simpletons.  First tip: Wii-mote does 
not go up nose.

3A. Controls =

Pointer: Used to manipulate the cursor on-screen.
A Button: Used to activate pointer where it's pointing.  Will be used to 
 walk towards stuff, manipulate stuff, talk to stuff, and mash stuff.
B Button: Used as a cancel button.  Also can be used during any dialogue 
 scene to skip it.  Warning: Skipping Strong Bad's awesome dialogue is 
 considered a crime in multiple states and territories.
- Button: Access the inventory in your pants.  Most people would say 
 "pockets".  I say "pants".
+ Button: Check your game status, which includes your handy map of FC USA 
 (self-drawn), your collected extra items (self-fulfilled), and your overall 
 stats of stuff you've done (self-loathing).
2 Button: During the basic run-around gameplay, you can use this to bring up 
 Photo Mode.  In Photo Mode, you can take snapshots to save to your Wii so 
 you can annoy people by sending them.


Movement: Click a spot anywhere in the field and the big SB will shuffle his 
 tape legs over there.  If you double click, Strong Bad will pick up the 
 pace a little.  Also, holding down the A button will make Strong Bad try to 
 follow your cursor as diligently as a one-legged puppy.

Interaction: Any time your cursor comes upon a "hot spot", you'll see a small 
 text blurb describing it.  Click on it and Strong Bad will walk over and 
 talk about it, to it, or try to do something with it.

Dialogue: Click on any of the famous h*r characters to begin negotiations.  
 Sometimes the conversation will be scripted and that'll be it.  Other times, 
 you'll be given a little dialogue window with topics to talk about.  
 Furthermore, you will sometimes be given a little be-halo'd SB, or a horn-ed 
 SB to select.  These can be used to vaguely compliment or rudely berate who 
 you're talking to, respectively.  Safe to say, it's always awesome to try 

Items: Once you snag and bag an item, it will be in your inventory.  You can 
 access that item by clicking on the inventory button at the upper-left 
 corner of the screen, or by pressing the - button.  Click on whatever item 
 you wish to play with, which will be attached to your cursor.  Then, click 
 on the object or person in the field you want to use it on for maximum 

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a game from the beginning.  Any autosave data you have from a 
 previous game will be erased, so be sure to log that.

Save/Load: You can pick any of the three files to save your current game to, 
 or you can load 'em up one of your previously saved games, including the 
 recent autosave.

Settings: Tweak-a-the-game.  I will describe this, forthwith.

Quit It: Return to the Wii Menu, you quitter.

Preview: Check out a quick preview of the next action-isode.


Settings Menu -

Give Hints: You can set this for "Low", "Medium", or "High".  The higher you 
 set it, the quicker Strong Bad (or another nearby character) will 
 occasionally interject with a hint about what you're supposed to be doing 

Subtitles: With these on, you'll be able to see and read all The Cheat's 
 "mehs", and all of Pom-Pom's "bubbles".

Pop-up Text: This is the text that lets you know of a "hotspot".  You can 
 turn it off for a serious pixel-hunting challenge.

Music/Voice/Sounds: Adjust these sliders to adjust the relative volume of 
 the auditory stuff you will experience in the game.


Main Game Display -

The top of the screen contains all the buttons you'll ever need:

The three in the top left are the Inventory, Map (and status), and Photo 

The button in the top right scrolls up the Main Menu, which won't remove you 
from the action, but let you save, or tweak the settings if you wish.

3C. Hints & Tips =

Play the tutorial for a hold-your-hand look at how your average adventure 
game works.  If you're familiar with the concept, it's not really necessary, 
but there are some elements exclusive to this series you might want to know 
about.  I don't plan on providing a walkthrough for the tutorial, as they 
really do hold your hand, and it really is as uncomfortable as it sounds.

This is a point and click adventure, which automatically means one simple 
thing: point and click on EVERYTHING.  Hunt everywhere for "hotspots" to 
interact with, use every item on everything, talk to everyone about 

Remember, if you feel you're stuck in boring dialogue (rare as it occurs in 
this game), you can always mash B to skip to the next line.

Your map is a nice easy way to warp around town.  Although you can return to 
it by walking out of the current area by any stone-marked pathway, you can 
also use the + button or Map button in the upper-left part of the screen, 
select a spot, and immediately jump there.

And hey, even though it's not required to get through the game, going to 
homestarrunner.com and viewing some of the awesome cartoons they have there 
may give you some ideas, or at least clue you in on the habits of these weird 
animal peoples.


Heretofore is a quick rundown of the encountering encounters you can expect 
while traipsing about the game.

4A. The Peoples =

Strong Bad - "I'm charming!"
 Warrior, poet, wrestleman.  Strong Bad truly is the last great guy.  As the 
 most popular character on h*r, Strong Bad rules over his Internet-based 
 subjects with an iron fist, and a caramel tongue.  Can often be found 
 checking his e-mail and reasserting his status.

Homestar Runner - "Everybody loves the me!"
 When there's a goal that needs surmounting, you go to Homestar Runner, 
 unless that goal involves intelligence, tact, ingenuity, memory, or 
 basically anything mental-related.  But, if you've got a race that needs 
 running, or a sport that needs playing, he'll be there, throwing his lack of 
 arms at the challenge.

Strong Sad - "Each day we die a little more."
 Strong Bad's little brother, lifetime member and founder of the Dump Poets' 
 Society.  Always willing to put his best elephant foot forward, except on 
 days when he's feeling downtrodden, depressed, or decrepit, which is pretty 
 much all of them.

Strong Mad - "BREAKIN' STUFF!"
 This large square of a man is Strong Bad's older brother, who speaks more 
 through his actions than his words.  This is largely because he knows more 
 actions than words.  It is advised one not stand in his path, lest ye become 
 the path itself.

The Cheat - "Meh!"
 Part cheese, part anvil, all squeaky rodent thing, The Cheat is one fine-
 looking young man.  Living up to his name, including the integral article, 
 he's always looking to get an advantage in life, in any way possible.

Marzipan - "Homestar, I'm breaking up with you."
 Marzipan is unique among all the characters for one very obvious reason: 
 she enjoys organic food.  This purple-dressed stick lady is fiercely 
 independent, or so she claims, and maintains a very consistent on/off-again 
 relationship with Homestar.

Pom-Pom - "Bubble bubble."
 Homestar's main man is a Pom from the Isle of Pom.  Big, round, eloquent, 
 stylish, and with tons of lady friends, it's a bit of a mystery how he 
 fits into the h*r amalgam.  Former Strongest Man in the World after 
 abdicating his title.

Bubs - "I don't look half bad!"
 The finest representation of capitalism in Free Country, USA, Bubs runs 
 the local concession stand, which supplies the populace with pretty much 
 everything they need except psychiatric help.  Also has knowledge of several 
 funky-fresh dance moves.

Coach Z - "I've hit rack battam!"
 A well-past-his-prime athelete, old man Coach Z is a coach by day, and an 
 aspiring hip hop artist by night.  To accomplish both ends, he immerses 
 himself in the traditional hip hop lifestyle of sleeping in the locker 
 room, avoiding showers, and generally being a creepy old man.

The King of Town - "Let the King have some!"
 It's unknown whose authority actually pulls more weight, Coach Z's or the 
 KOT's.  Either way, neither pull much.  Maintaining a castle with several 
 loyal subjects, the King lords over not much more than his own appetite, but 
 believe you me that he lords over it enough for everybody.

The Poopsmith - "!!!"
 Gainfully employed by the KOT, it's easy to see why Poopsmith refuses to 
 speak what with the job he has.  In short: okay guy, crappy job.

Homsar - "Sure beats breakin' up with me!"
 Obviously the only one in town who knows what's going on.

4B. The Places =

The House of Strong -
 The starting point, or at least "central hub" of your adventures.  This is 
 totally where the action is.  A lovely three-level abode, the brothers 
 Strong all live here, and the Cheat spends most of his time here as well, 
 catering to the machinations of the patriarch.

The Track -
 Where champions are made and waylaid, here you will find competitions 
 between titans.  The matches are tests of strength, speed, agility, or just 
 who can cheat the best.  Near the track is Coach Z's Locker Room.

Marzipan's House -
 A tribute to all things organic, it's possible her house is made out of 
 recycled animal whatsit, but such rumors are unconfirmed.  What is confirmed 
 is that Marizpan keeps a clean domicile.

The Field -
 A large field area, this scrolling zone houses several points of interest 
 for the interested pointer:
  Bubs' Concession Stand - Your one-stop shop for goods, services, drinks, 
   snow cones, and other picture postcards.
  The Stick - A true monument to fortitude in the face of adversity, the 
   Stick tends to be a nice meet-up spot.
  Cool Car - This jaunty jalopy has moved about three inches in the last 
   seven years, but is still the hottest ride in town.
  Photo Booth - This space and time warping phenomenom recently popped up in 
   FCUSA, where those who choose to flaunt their fantastic physique get their 
   shot at the big time.
  The Whale - Nine seventeen.  Sever your leg please, sir.  It's the greatest 
  Strong Badia - Strong Bad's personal abandoned field-kingdom, which he 
   tends to with a gracious hand.

The King of Town's Castle - 
 This be-tongued edifice houses one of the greatest natural disasters in 
 history and his Poopsmith.  It is truly unknown how much food or close-
 enough-to-food is stockpiled within its stoic walls, but the rumors go to 
 the tune of "several small nations worth".


The purpose of this section is to give you juuust enough of a push in the 
right direction, so you can at least use a small portion of that crap-heap 
you call a brain.  They're set up in the style of UHS or "Invisihints", in 
the sense that you can get vague hints at first, then scroll down to get 
more specific hints.  You won't get walkthroughs here, so go to that section 
if you need them, cheater.

Also, I won't discuss things that have to do with the Extras in this section.
So, nothing about the Metal Detector, since that's only involved in digging 
up extra stuff.

5A. Part 1: I Feel Fresh as a Bagel =

What's my objective in the beginning?

- To find Homestar and pummel the snot out of him.

- Well, first I guess it's best to actually find Homestar.

- Strong Bad already mentioned where Homestar probably is.

- Access your map and select the Track after you pencil it in.


How can I participate in the Race to the End of the Race? (FANFARE!)

- Start by asking the facilitator.

- Talk to Coach Z about it.

- Well, looks like the only competitors are Pom-Pom and Homestar.

- You could still participate.

- If it wasn't obvious that you were you.

- You'll need to disguise yourself as one of the competitors.

- Homestar, obviously.


How can I disguise myself as Homestar?

- You need two elements for the disguise.

- A head and a body.


How can I get a Homestar body?

- Just the clothes will be enough to fool everyone.

- There's only one apparent set of Homestar clothes in this game.

- Yes, sadly, the ones on the owner.

- You can't force him out of them against his will, and that's probably for 
 the best.

- Where might one go without one's clothes, particularly in the locker room 
 that Homestar's currently in?

- You need to convince Homestar to take a shower.

- Note that he smells himself if you tell him to take one.

- Have you visited Marzipan's garden, yet?

- Note what she's growing.

- Take an onion, then give it to Homestar.

- Once he's in the showers, go to his locker (the middle one), and grab his 


How can I get a Homestar head?

- Sounds kinda fun, but no, the original one this time will not work.

- Have you seen a convincing replica around?

- Have you visited Marzipan's garden, yet?

- You'll need a tool to remove that.

- Have you talked to Marzipan, yet?

- And observed her crap hedges?

- Talk to her about the hedge.  She'll mention her hedge shears being at 
 Bubs' Concession Stand.

- Getting them is as simple as talking to him, but how to use them on the 
 Homestar float without Little Miss Watching You noticing?

- You'll have to get her attention away from the house.

- Someone recently dropped the means to do that.

- Go to the track and grab Homestar's cell phone.

- Use the cell on yourself to make a call and pick Marzipan.  She'll head to 
 the track and you're free to go there and eviscerate the work of art.


How can I win the Race?

- Try your best and follow the onscreen prompts.

- To wit, you can't at the moment, but completing the race will get things 

5B. Part 2: The Good Times Are Over! =

I've got a Homestar(s) infestation!  How do I get him(them) out?

- Yeah, you're just going to have to buy the whole time-space distorting for 

- Three spots with Homestar, and you'll need three elements to get him out 
 of each spot.

- Talk to each of them to figure out what they (he?) want.

- One laments his crime, one laments his lack of victory, and one laments the 
 loss of his lady love.

- To get Homestar completely out of your house, you'll need to destroy his 
 criminal record, win the Race guised as him, and get him back together with 


How can I destroy Homestar's criminal record?

- He tells you the source of the problem if you look at the TV.

- His criminal record is in the King of Town's castle, so head there.

- Now it's time for some stealth action.

- Strong Bad will let you know when it is and isn't safe to skulk around.

- Specifically, when the Poopsmith is shovelling, it's safe to move, but 
 when he's moving, it's not and you have to hide.

- There are a few hiding spots in the area, and they're rather obvious.

- You can hide behind the statue, the privacy screen, and the bonsai in the 
 second room.

- Unfortunately, all this stealthery can't get you to the last room, where 
 Strong Mad is diligently guarding.

- Have you played with everything in the two rooms you can roam around in?

- Notice two things that aren't hiding places?

- Take the plunger in the second room and put it on the drain in the first 

- You can now access the vents above.

- It still doesn't move Strong Mad, though.

- It's actually rather easy to get him in motion, and you may have done 
 this already.

- Simply get the Poopsmith's attention and Strong Mad will come out after 

- I suggest standing on the plunger when you do this.

- With Strong Mad distracted looking for you, climb into the vents, and you 
 can get to Homestar's criminal record with little difficulty and/or personal 


How do I win the Race?

- The Strong Bad way, of course.

- That is, to cheat.

- Let's take this by each leg of the race, shall we?

- By the way, once your preparations are complete, you'll still need to 
 get Coach Z's attention to run it again.

- Just tinker around with stuff.

- Like the camera.


-- How do I cross the log more quickly?

--- Building up your log-running skillz isn't an option.

--- You're going to have to simplify matters for yourself.

--- Ever see the sbemail "winter pool"?

--- Well, anyway, you basically have to keep the log from rolling.

--- You can't freeze the water, but can you do anything else to it?

--- Something showed up in your house following the first attempt at the Race.

--- Take the Jela-Ton in your house and use it on the water in the pool.


-- How do I do the pogo stick part faster?

--- You need to make the weight you're carrying a lot lighter.

--- See anything around town that could lighten a lourde?

--- Marzipan stopped you from fiddling with something earlier, but she won't 
   be around to do so this time.

--- Go to Marzipan's house and snag the balloons.  Tie them to the lourde.


-- How can I clear the hurdles?

--- Unfortunately, you cannot prevent Strong Bad's loss of breath and 

--- That said, have you tried playing with the three hurdles?

--- When you click on one, you can exchange its place with another.

--- With you getting progressively tired as the race goes on, the order 
   should be obvious.

--- Order the three hurdles thus: hurdle, turtle, curdled milk.


-- I now have a good time on the Race, but Pom-Pom still beats me!  Now what?

--- You're never going to beat just over five seconds.

--- You'll have to knock Pom-Pom out of the race for good.

--- Have you been checking your e-mail this episode?

--- Your e-mail is giving you a spammity spam for a free sample of Total Load.

--- Having replied to it, it will show up at Bubs' Concession Stand, so pick 
   it up.

--- Strong Bad doesn't seem to want to use it, on account of the "pants 
   issues" it provides.

--- Perhaps we could use it against Pom-Pom?

--- Have you found Pom-Pom's locker?

--- It's the first on the left.

--- Sprinkle the Total Load in Pom-Pom's bag, then speak to Coach Z in his 


How do I fix Homestar's relationship problems?

- Homestar just doesn't seem to be into the concept, so you'll have to help.

- Have you been checking your e-mail?

- Bubs is giving away free candy at the Stand.

- It also mentions coupons.

- Go to the track and snag the coupons, then redeem one for the candy.

- Ew.  Organic packing peanuts?

- Who likes organic stuff?

- Drop the candy off at Marzipan's door.

- D'oh.  Freakin' KOT.

- Notice what he walked across to get to the candy.

- Did you find a spare something in the King's castle earlier?

- Get the shovel from the castle and use it to dig the dirt where the King 

- If you get more candy and try it again, you'll find the KOT is a little 
 less dense than we originally thought.

- Time for a craftily laid trap.

- Have you been clipping hedges?

- Clip any messy-looking hedge.  There's one right next to Marzipan's house.

- Take the hedge clippings left behind.

- Drop them on the hole.  Now, place another box of candy.

- Well, Marzipan's happy again.  Now, you just have to tell Dumpface.

- Notice she called Homestar on the phone.

- Who has Homestar's phone?

- Oh right.  You do.

- Head back to Homestar and show him his phone.

5C. Part 3: Wanted - Everybody I Hate =

Cuh-rap!  Homestar's happy but now Marzipan's party is at my house!  How do 
I get everyone out?

- Explore for ideas.

- Note that banana peel on the ground.

- Can't get to it with the King in the way, though.

- Mess with the CD player.

- Keep messing with it until you get a reaction out of everyone.

- Hey!  Conga line!

- Well, now you can get the banana peel.

- Sadly, if you try dropping it, everyone just momentarily slips and that's 

- You need to direct the line to a more dangerous spot.

- Manipulate the Luxa Lounger.

- Ah!  Now the line's going toward the window!

- Use the banana peel on the conga line as they approach the window.


Okay, Cheaty McFailatGames, it seems you need it all spelled out for you, 
so here's the walkthrough, from beginning to the bitter end of this 
particular episode.  I'll also bring up points about the Extras, but I won't 
go through them step by step all at once.  That's later.

6A. Part 1: I Feel Fresh as a Bagel =

All right.  We start this rollicking rollercoaster ride the Strong Bad way: 
checkin' e-mail.  Incidentally, you can also use the Lappy to send your own 
e-mails to the folks on your Friend List.


The House of Strong

So, anydangway, your objective du jour is to beat the snot out of Homestar.  
Strong Bad mentions the track that Homestar usually frequents, and that 
will be added to your locations.  Simply open your map and pick any spot so 
SB can pencil it in.

You can head there right now, but let's explore the magnificent House of 
Strong, shall we?  Strong Sad has barricaded himself in his room, so no 
interacting with El Dumpo today, but one of the trophies does involve 
getting him out of the house for brief moments.  Another trophy involves 
interacting with certain stuff, which I'll point out as they come up, sooo 
throw a lightswitch rave twice on the switch at the wall.  

Head downstairs to the kitchen/living room area.  Open the fridge to check 
out the contents.  Going to the left from there will lead you to Strong Bad's 
own room, where you can play Snake Boxer 5, and work on a new Teen Girl Squad 
comic.  Both of those are described further in a later section, and neither 
can be "completed" at the moment, but access both for some fun and to learn 
about the Manual Pages and Ideas that need to be found.  Also, grab yourself 
the *METAL DETECTOR* sitting next to the Fun Machine, there.  Check the 
Videlectrix poster twice.

Head down to the basement.  Not much to do here, but kick The Cheat into 
the dryer, but doing so begins your quest for yet another trophy, so kick 
away.  Lastly, head outside.  You can use the Metal Detector here to find a 
spot near the box.  You'll mark it, but won't be able to do anything with 
it, yet.  Finally, open your mailbox to find Costume Item #1, the Heist 
Hat.  Now, you can either access the map and select the Track or just head 
off the path and you'll look at the map as well.


The Track

Hey, and there he is!  Before heading straight for the big HR, use your 
Metal Detector under the banner to find another treasure spot.  You can try 
to interact with stuff, but Coach Z will yell at you not to for most stuff.  

Talk to Homestar about all topics at least twice.  Yes, he's training for 
The Race to the End of the Race! (FANFARE)  Strong Bad will decide to put 
off the horrific beating, intrigued at the concept of the race.  Once done 
talking, Homestar will get a call from Marzipan.  He'll then leave his 
*CELL PHONE* behind and head into the locker room.  Take the phone.  If you 
take it out, then click it on yourself, you can make a call.  One of the 
extra tasks is to prank call seven people, so prank yourself, Bubs, The 
Cheat, and Pom-Pom for now.  You'll have to leave the Track area to prank 
#5, Coach Z.  Marzipan's pranking is part of the puzzle, so let's leave off 
it for now, but once you do, the seventh and final is Homsar, who will show 
up once you dial up the other six.

All that extraneous stuff done, go talk to Coach Z about all topics at least 
twice.  He'll explain how to win the race, and that you can't race.  
Bummer.  Also, note that Marzipan's House has been added to your map, so 
truck on over there.


Marzipan's House

So here's the dirty hippie (without the dirt) getting ready for Homestar's 
Victory Party, which seems to be more focused about her garden, but 
whatever.  Note the giant Homestar float.  Also, go to the nearby garden 
patch and pick an *ONION*.  Speak to the Marzipanpan about all subjects at 
least twice, and be sure to use at least one Devil comment on her.  Also, 
make sure to look at the hedge at the side of her house and ask her about 
that.  This will open up Bubs' Concession Stand.  Once you're done talking 
to her, you're done here, so head on over there, now.


The Field

This is actually a large area, and in addition to the Stand, five other 
locations will pop up on your map as you explore.  It's one big circle, 
though, so you'll end up back at the Stand.  Search under both boxes in the 
area to find a Manual Page and a Costume Item (the Data Boys Polo Shirt), 
use the Metal Detector just south of Strong Badia's flag for another 
treasure spot.  Also, check out the Stick twice.

Now, let's speak to Bubs.  If you've been talking to Homestar, then 
Marzipan, then Coach Z about your manual pages, talk to Bubs to finally get 
it.  Also, insult him twice.  Also, ask about Marzipan's *SHEARS* to get a 
rather awesome rendition of their former glory.  Head over to the nearby 
hedge (to the left) to trim it awesome like.  There are two other hedges you 
can trim at the moment: one at Marzipan's and another at the Track.  At each 
hedge you can also pick up some *HEDGE TRIMMINGS*.

Now, let's head back to the Track.


The Track

Head into the locker room.  At this point, you'll see a "envelope" pop up 
in the upper left corner.  You can answer the e-mail at any time, but you 
must do so at some point.  You'll find Homestar getting his gameface on.  
Talk to him about all subjects, and especially talk to him about the race 
three times.  The idea now is to disguise yourself as Homestar so you can 
race, so you're going to start with the outfit.  Homestar is convinced he 
doesn't need to shower, so give him a hand by giving him the Onion.  
Mention the shower again and he'll get a-washin'.  You can now go to his 
locker (the middle one) and take *HOMESTAR'S CLOTHES*.  Also, while you're 
here, open the right hand locker and take a look at Strong Mad's lunch box.

Now, for the finishing touch.  Get out the Cell Phone and call Marzipan.  
You'll tell her the race is starting, so she'll head right over.  Head right 
over to her house.


Marzipan's House

Marzipan will be gone, leaving you free to shear the head right off that 
float.  Marzipan will be a bit miffed, but you'll have *HOMESTAR'S HEAD*, 
giving you the *HOMESTAR COSTUME*.  Now, back to the Track.


The Track

It's Race Time!  Balance as best you can on the log using the Wii Remote's 
pointer, then press A with the right timing to jump with the pogo stick, then 
over the hurdles as best you can.  You... won't do well, but it's not 
important right now.  What IS important is that you've ruined Homestar's 
stellar reputation.  Not a bad day.

6B. Part 2: The Good Times Are Over! =

The House of Strong

Well, the good news is that Homestar's life is ruined.  The bad news is 
that he's taking out his depression by crashing at your place.  Actually, 
three different places in your place, however that works.  The idea is to 
appease three aspects of Homestar's depression.  First, check out the TV to 
see the local news, which allows you to access the King of Town's Castle, 
so you can remove his criminal record.

Next, head upstairs to your drawing table.  With Homestar stuck there, you 
can't work on your awesome comics.  He needs the heart of a champion again, 
so you're going to have to win the race for him.  Lastly, Homestar's in the 
kitchen, trying to make something for Marzipan, so you have to help him get 
back together with his broomlady.  Phew.

Okay, to start, grab the *JELA-TON* crate on the table.  Next, head upstairs 
and check your e-mail.  If you checked it earlier, you'll have ordered a 
load of Total Load Enhancement Powder and it arrived at the Concession 
Stand just now.  Okay, done here for the moment.  Let's go to that Castle 
thingy we just learned about.


King of Town's Castle

Trim the hedge (should be your last one) and use the Metal Detector on the 
spot just north of the end of the stone path to find the last marker spot.  
Now that that's done, head on inside the castle.

This part is a stealth-based thingy.  The Poopsmith basically walks back 
and forth between piles of whatsit.  While he's shovelling, he won't see 
or hear you, but when he's on the move, you better be outta sight.  If he 
spots you, Strong Mad will show up and attempt to escort you forcefully 
from the castle, so try to avoid that.  To not be seen, you can hide behind 
the statue, or the privacy screen, or the bonsai in the next room.  Don't 
bother entering the last room, though, because Strong Mad's right there.

First, grab the *SHOVEL*.  You don't need it now, but later.  Next, head 
to the right, avoiding detection.  In the second room, grab the *PLUNGER*, 
then head back to the first room and use it on the drain so it'll get 
stuck.  Then, climb onto the plunger and wait.  Once the Poopsmith notices 
you, Strong Mad will come on out.  As he comes, click on the vent above 
you to crawl into it.  Go through and out the other side to drop into the 
room with Homestar's *CRIMINAL RECORD*.  At any point, also check out any 
of the piles of whatsit lying around.

Now, you're outside.  With the shovel in hand, dig at the treasure marker 
for another manual page.  Next, head to any part of the Field.


The Field

You can dig in the spot at Strong Badia for a TGS Idea, and use the Shovel 
on the Cool Car for another TGS Idea.  Talk to Bubs and ask about your 
*TOTAL LOAD* to get it from him.  Now, let's go to Marzipan's.


Marzipan's House

There's other stuff to do here, but for now, take the *BALLOONS* on the 
mailbox.  Also, dig a hole in the loose dirt near the mailbox and drop some 
Total Load down there to find another TGS Idea.  Back to the Track!


The Track

Dig up the spot near the banner for the last TGS Idea.  Next, head to the 
microphone and use it twice, the first time which will dislodge the Mustache 
from the speaker.  Also grab the *CANDY COUPON* near the camera.  

Now, to set this race up so Homestar (that is, you) can win it.  First, dump 
the Jela-Ton into the pool.  Next, use the Balloons on the heavy lourde.  
Lastly, go to the hurdles.  Interact with each and you can switch it with one 
of the others.  Since you obviously have problems at the end, it's best to 
organize them in descending order: hurdle, turtle, curdle...d milk.  

Now, go to the camera to erase the tape so the race can be run again.  You'll 
now get a much better time, but it's still not enough to beat Pom-Pom's.  
You're going to need to spike the competition.  Go to Pom-Pom's locker (the 
one on the left) and use the Total Load on it.  Go to Coach Z's office door.  
First insult him, then tell him about the Total Load and Pom-Pom will be 
disqualified.  Hooray!  You get the *RACE TROPHY*!  This is not one of the 
other trophies, mind you, but hooray!

Okay, two parts down, one to go.  Head to Bubs'.


The Field

Go to Bubs' Concession Stand and give him a Candy Coupon to get *CANDY*.  
Specifically, these are chocolate covered organic packing peanuts, a perfect 
gift for a dirt-eating weird girl.  Head over to Marzipan's.


Marzipan's House

Now, you can experiment with what to do here.  If you set the Candy down on 
her doorstep, the KOT will come by and scarf it.  First, and this is 
important for an extra, dig a hole in the loose dirt near Marzipan's mailbox, 
then drop Candy down it.  With that done, you need a better trap.  Go back 
and get some more Candy.  Now, place Hedge Clippings on the hole (which you 
can get around any shorn hedge), and place the Candy at the doorstep again.  
After all is said and done, check on the hole to talk to the KOT once more.
All righty.  We're almost done.  Back to the House of Strong.


The House of Strong

Before presenting your winnings, first dig up the front yard in the spot 
you marked for the last manual page.  Also, check the dirt pile left 

All righty!  Head back inside and give each Homestar the Criminal Record, 
the Race Trophy, and the Cell Phone (which has Marzipan's message on it).  
Homestar is elated and you're free at last!  Oh yeah, and you can get 
Homestar's Chef hat for the last Costume Piece.

6C. Part 3: Wanted - Everybody I Hate =

Or so you thought.  Now everyone in town is at Marzipan's stupid party, which 
is at your house.  Fortunately, getting rid of them isn't too hard or long 
or complicated.  First, hit your Luxa Lounger near the window to set its 
back down, then flip the radio four times to get a conga line going.  Pick 
up the *BANANA PEEL* near where the KOT was standing, and lastly, use the 
Peel on the conga line as they approach the window.  Game, set, match, Strong 

Congratulations!  You read through my entire walkthrough!  Now, wait 
patiently for another month, and the next episode of SBCG4AP and my next 
awesome FAQ for it!  Yaaaaay!

At this point, you can now finish up your awesome Teen Girl Squad comic and 
play Snake Boxer 5 to just about completion.  Once everything's in the 
green on your "Awesomeness" sheet, you can consider yourself having played 
the game 100%.


In this section is a list of all the stuff only nerdcore nerdulars care 
about.  All that extra crap that gets piled on for the sole purpose of 
squeezing that last drop of fun out of the game.

7A. TGS Ideas =

1. Once you have the Metal Detector and Shovel, dig at the spot near the 
 flagpole in Strong Badia.

2. Once you have the Metal Detector and Shovel, dig at the spot under the 
 banner at the Track.

3. Once you have the Shovel, use it on the Cool Car.

4. Once you have the Shovel and the Total Load, dig up any of the holes 
 at Marzipan's House, then sprinkle some Total Load down it.

7B. Game Manual Pages =

1. Under the box near Bubs' Concession Stand.

2. After playing the game once, talk to Homestar about the manual, then 
 Marzipan, then Coach Z, then Bubs.

3. Once you have the Metal Detector and Shovel, dig at the spot outside 
 the King of Town's Castle.

4. Once you have the Metal Detector and Shovel, dig at the spot outside 
 the House of Strong.

7C. Coach Z's Trophies =

These four trophies are awarded in "percentiles", as in when you complete one 
part of the requirements, you get a percentage, showing you roughly how much 
you need to do to get the whole 100.


Exploration Trophy

This trophy is earned for examining and manipulating several specific objects.  
As a general rule, it's best to hit everything at least twice, and after every 
time you change something about it.  However, these eight occurences are what 
you need for the trophy.

1. In the House of Strong, upstairs in the computer room, use the "Rave 
 Switch" twice.

2. In the House of Strong, open the fridge once.

3. In the House of Strong, in Strong Bad's room downstairs, look at the 
 Videlectrix Poster twice.

4. In the Field, examine The Stick twice.

5. In the Locker Room at the Track, open the rightmost locker and examine 
 Strong Mad's lunchbox twice.

6. After the first time you race, use the microphone at the Track twice.

7. Inside the King of Town's Castle, examine any pile of whatsit.

8. At Marzipan's House, after dropping the King of Town down the hole, talk 
 to the hole.


Hedge Trophy

You get this for trimming all four hedges in the game once you get Marzipan's 

1. Next to Marzipan's House

2. At the Track near the hurdles.

3. At the Field near the Stick.

4. At the King of Town's Castle just outside the door.


Nuisance Trophy

You get this trophy for being a general jerk to all your stupid friends.

1. Kick The Cheat at least once into the dryer, then talk to him while he's 
 in it.

2. When Homestar's in the locker room, talk to him about the race three times.
 Also, you can talk to him twice (at Marzipan's) in Extended Play.

3. Talk to Marzipan, click on her picture, then the Devil comment.  
 Alternatively, when she's in the backyard, ring her doorbell four times.

4. Talk to Bubs, click on his picture, then the Devil comment twice.

5. Talk to Coach Z after the Race (in his office), click on his picture, then 
 the Devil comment.


Strong Sad Trophy

To earn this trophy, you must do actions that provoke Strong Sad to leave the 
darkness of the house and actually step into the light.

1. Talk to Bubs, click on his picture, then the Devil comment twice.

2. Once you have the Metal Detector and Shovel, dig up the spot in front of the 
 House of Strong, then check the dirt pile.

3. Once you have a Shovel and Candy, dig a hole outside Marzipan's near her 
 mailbox, then drop the Candy into the hole.

7D. Costume Pieces =

Heist Hat - In the snail mailbox outside the House of Strong.

Data Boys Polo Shirt - Under the box just east of the Photo Booth.

Old-Timey Mustache - After the first race, use the microphone at the Track 
 to dislodge it from the speaker.

Chef Hat - Once you give the Homestar in the kitchen the phone with the 
 message from Marzipan, you can take the hat.


Also, there are some secret costume pieces.  Once you put together the 
Homestar costume, you can access each element separately in the Photo Booth.

Lastly, there is a hidden shirt in the Photo Booth.  Go over to the backdrop 
area and click on the lower-left light.  You can drag the secret shirt off 
the light and use it.

7E. Prank Calls =

Once you get Homestar's Cell Phone, you can prank all the good citizens of 
Free County USA.

NOTE: To prank someone, you must not be in the same general area as they 
are.  That means that even if you're in the locker room and Coach Z is 
outside at the Track, you can't prank him.

You must prank the following people:

Coach Z
Strong Bad
The Cheat
Marzipan (part of the story)
Homsar (only shows up after the first six are done)


Here's all the really fun stuff that Strong Bad does when he says he's 
doing something constructive.


Yes, you too can experience the awesome power of Strong Bad creativity by 
creating your own Teen Girl Squad comic!

The comic is presented in three parts.  In each part, you're allowed to use 
"ideas", presented at the bottom of the screen, on any one of the girls.  
Simply click on an idea, then click on the girl you want to use it on.  The 
idea of this is to slay all the girls in elaborate ways before the comic ends.

In the lower right corner is a counter stating how many more ideas you can 
use in this scene before you automatically move onto the next scene.

First Part: 2 ideas
Second Part (outside): 2 ideas
Final Part (basketball game): 3 ideas

So, here's the point of all the ideas, and how you can get maximum fun out of 
them.  The default ideas can be used on any girl.

Basketball - Use in the Final Part to get dropped through the hoop. (Kill)

Kissyface - Use in the Final Part on the girl who already has Perfume to 
 get mustard gas'd. (Kill)

Perfume - Use any time before using Kissyface.

Sun-Tan Lotion - Use any time in the First Part, or as the first idea in the 
 Second Part.

Mirror - Use during the Second Part on the girl who already has Sun-Tan Lotion 
 to get alternate energy source'd. (Kill)

Hairspray - Use any time in the First or Second Part and once the Final Part 
 begins, the girl with it will be fundementals'd. (Kill)

Ring-tone - Use this to summon a rat.

Txt Msg - Use this any time on the girl who used the Ring-tone to get her 
 all "Rats Like Metal"'d. (Kill)


Here are the hidden TGS Ideas that you need to find (listed above).  These can 
only work with one specific girl, and some can only work at a specific time.

Candy Bar - Use this on The Ugly One during the Final Part to get voip'd by 
 the security penguin. (Kill)

Book - Use this on So-and-So at any time for her imagination to run wild and 
 kill her. (Kill)

Car Keys - Use this on What's-Her-Face during the First or Second Part to 
 get asplode'd. (Kill)

Megaphone - Use this on Cheerleader during the Final Part to get Medusa'd. 


The way to get a maximum score is to use the four preceding ideas.  Use the 
Car Keys and Book in the first two parts (and two other harmless items), then 
use the Candy Bar and Megaphone in the Final Part.

Getting a max score on TGS will get you the Roach Idea.

Roach - Use on any girl at any time to get Air Kafka'd. (Kill)

8B. Snake Boxer 5 =

The latest in the vaunted Snake Boxer series, this is the episode's 
Videlectrix game, which pits Joe Boxer against a series of progressively 
aggressive and colorful snakes.

Hold the Wii Remote sideways to play:

Controls -
Up/Down - Move the boxer
Right - Block
2 Button - Punch-a-punch
+ Button - Start game at title screen
- Button - Quit game

So, you'll be on the right and your snake adversary will be on the left.  The 
snake randomly moves up and down and will rear back before striking.  If 
you're not blocking, a strike will damage you.  Retaliate using your punches.  
If you can punch a snake twelve times, it will go down and you'll move on to 
the next snake, who is faster and will do more damage if it hits.  The game 
ends when you use up all three of your lives.


Now, once you find all four manual pages in the game (see the section for it 
above in Collectibles), you can use the code to access the Forbidden Cobra 
Mode.  Incidentally, the code is Up, Up, Down, Up, then press Plus to begin.

In Cobra Mode, three things have changed.  For one, your boxer dude is now a 
sleek and green cobra.  For two, your random right/left punches are now 
replaced with a straight striking attack.  For three, and most awesome, hold 
Right on the Control Pad for a few seconds.  When you see an aura around you, 
release Right to unleash your FLAME BREATH.  While flame breath only covers 
about the same area as a normal strike, it will do three hits in succession, 
meaning you only need to hit four times to finish a snake.  Also, the fact 
that you're blocking the entire time keeps you from being attacked.


It looks like the score you need to make it green in the Awesomeness sheet 
is 15.  After that, you can continue, but the snakes get pretty nasty, able 
to drop you in one hit, and moving so fast, you're best off just randomly 
breathing fire.

9A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2008 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the Strong Bad guides, but, trying 
to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites that I 

8B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines:

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with the Strong Bad game.  I don't want 
spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  I also don't really care too much 
to discuss the h*r site itself through e-mail.  Compliment me on the FAQ all 
you want, though.
- Make sure you say "Episode One" at one point in your e-mail.  I plan to have 
FAQs for each episode, so make sure you tell me which one you're talking 
about, since I can't always figure the question out without specifying 
what game you're asking about.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll be baleeted.

8C. Credits =

The Brothers Chaps for their whimsical and hilarious group of characters.

Telltale Games, for giving a franchise like this the proper game it 
deserves, with all the humor and setting intact.

Bill Laird, for another way to get a Nuisance point.

CJayC, SBAllen, and all webmasters, for having this on their sites.

8D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - (8/13/2008) - Barring a couple of missing data points, this 
 FAQ is pretty much complete.  It will certainly get you through to the end 
 no problem, so enjoy!
Version 1.1 - (8/18/2008) - Those couple of data points are now filled, so 
 we should be done.

8E. The Final Word =

This is a great start to what I hope will be an awesome episodic series, and 
a wonderful example of what a game can be when a development house is very 
faithful to the original material.  Kudos to Telltale and the Brothers Chaps 
for their work.

Tonight, folks, and have a great job!

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