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Crest Location FAQ by KBTerrier

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/19/09

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Video Game for Wii:
Location of 125 Regular Crests Guide

Fixed lines that were too long.
Added note to #107.
Made correction to #77 stating hallway instead of classroom.
Added #124.
Changed one of the #28 lines to #125.
Added note about Weasley Fireworks showing up later.

Date:  07/10/09
Copyright 2009

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Special thanks to some crest locations to the following gamefaqs people:

Hidden in Weasley Fireworks
There are five hidden in fireworks that require Incendio to light them,
and then Repairo to fix them.  These show up after Slughorn's party.
The five locations are:

#1  Center of Clock Courtyard

#2  Hufflepuff Training Grounds by dueling board

#3  On path towards owlery, take the right fork that goes down to head
     towards cave.  On the right, there is a fireworks box.

#4  Slytherin Courtyard, on the second floor.

#5  On the gravel path, between the Boathouse and the Castle.

Helping Tasks by Lion Statues
There are 10 lion statues that you talk to by pressing A in front of
them.  They suggest that you help someone in order to get the crest
that they are holding.  You'll know if you finished this one because
the crest will be gone after you pick it up.  You can only do one task
at a time.  Some tasks require abilities or spells, so you may have
to wait to do them.  You MIGHT have to do some lions before others,
but I am not sure.  Look for a person or persons close by to help.  Press A
to talk to them to start the task.  After finishing the task, return
to that person and press A again.  Potion tasks require you to go to
the Potions Club to use their equipment and ingredients.

#6  Entrance Courtyard:  dueling

#7  Clock Tower, mid level:  dueling

#8  Hufflepuff Training Grounds, along wall:  dueling

#9  Hagrid's Hut:  dueling

#10 Suspension Bridge:  dueling

#11 Clock Tower, courtyard level:  Volubilis potion

#12 Library:  girding potion

#13 Herbology:  Antidote to common poisons potion

#14 Transfiguration Courtyard:  opulus potion

#15 OUtside Astronomy Tower:  draught of peace potion

Crests Out in the Open
Many crests are out in the open around the grounds or in the castle.  Many
can be "walked over" to pick up, or use Wingardium Leviosa to get them
(indicated with WL at the end of the description).  There are 40 of these

#16 On path from train to castle

#17 On path from train to castle

#18 On path by Hagrid's Hut, just past Lion Statue

#19 On path between Hagrid's Hut and the castle

#20 Gryffindor Dorm room between beds

#21 On Grand Staircase, just right of Quidditch Gate Shortcut portrait

#22 On Grand Staircase, on dead end landing, on same side as Great Hall

#23 From Entrance Courtyard going to Boathouse on stone stairway, look on
     side near the beginning (WL)

#24 From Entrance Courtyard going to Boathouse on stone stairway, almost
     to Boathouse

#25 On gravel path from Boathouse to Castle in bush

#26 In Slytherin Courtyard, in covered hallway around perimeter in corner

#27 In Grand Staircase, in the basement

#28 Outside Viaduct Entrance by the stairs

#125 Inside Viaduct Entrance, on other side

#29 In clock Tower behind bells (WL)

#30 In clock Tower on top landing

#31 In Covered Bridge by Clock Tower

#32 On path, come out of bridge to Stone Circle, make a right like going to
     Owlery and head towards cave that takes you to Quidditch Pitch

#33 In caves by Owlery along the path

#34 In Quidditch Gate Room (WL)

#35 Outside Quidditch Gate Room, up stairs under the bench (WL)

#36 In Hufflepuff Training Grounds along path sitting on a stone (WL)

#37 In one of Herbology Greenhouses, not the building with the Potions
     Club.  Hidden in shrubbery. (WL)

#38 Inside Herbology Greenhouse with the Potions Club, in back room

#39 In the Dungeons Cave, on path

#40 In Dungeons cave, on gravel path at one end

#41 In the Library, between aisles of books

#42 In Charms classroom, on the side (WL)

#43 On the Seventh Floor by the 3 purple Hogwarts banners, in little side
     alcove (WL)

#44 In Dungeons, in dead end passage that is by the little theater area.  go
     down stairs to get to passage.

#45 Inside castle by door that leads to Herbology there is a pot.  In pot

#46 Start in castle by door that leads to Herbology.  Walk under 3 purple
     Hogwarts banners and go to bench in corner.  (WL)

#47 In Transfiguration Courtyard, in center of curved building there is an

#48 In Transfiguration Courtyard, in covered hallway around perimeter at
     one end

#49 In Hufflepuff Training Grounds along brick wall on small stairs

#50 In Owlery, on first floor

#51 In Owlery, on second floor

#52 In Clock Courtyard, in covered hallway around perimeter at end with
     Dumbledore's Office

#53 In castle on Third Floor, behind humped Statue

#124 On path between train and Hagrid's Hut

Crests in Set of 3 Purple Hogwarts Banners
There are 4 areas where there are 3 purple Hogwarts Banners that are above
a walkwaythat hold a crest.  The same purple banners are on some walls, but
those do not have a crest.  The first of the banners is hanging down, but
the other two are folded up.  You need to run (walking does not work well)
and hit A when under the first banner.  If done successfully, the second
banner will unfold.  Continuerunning and hit the second banner by pressing
A when under it.  If done successfully, the third banner will unfold.
Continue running and hit the last banner with the crest by pressing A when
under it.  If done successfully, the
crest will fall down.

#54 In Castle on Seventh Floor

#55 In Castle by door leading to Herbology

#56 In hallway off of Viaduct Entrance

#57 In castle on Seventh Floor by Room of Requirements

Crests Embedded on Stone Walls
Numerous crests are mounted or embedded on stone walls.  If you need to get
one, you will notice that it sparkles or emits sparks.  After retrieving
one, that location will no longer sparkle.  To get it down, you will need
to throw something at it like an urn, boulder or bench.  Use Wingardium
Leviosa to float the object and then flick the remote to throw the object.
Some areas are harder and require you to move closer or further back.  In
addition, the object you are throwing may need to be closer to further to
the crest in order to hit it properly.  There are 39 of these crests.  Note that
there are some special wall crests noted in a next section that require
more magic spells to get them.

#58 On the roof of Hagrid's Hut, use bucket or pumpkin

#59 In Gryffindor Common Room above fireplace

#60 In Gryffindor Common Room, high on wall

#61 On Grand Staircase, go to Seventh Floor and turn around.  Look high up.

#62 In Entrance Courtyard over main doors

#63 In Entrance Courtyard over main doors

#64 Back of Boathouse, there is a boulder along building to use

#65 On side of Boathouse, stand on paved courtyard

#66 In Slytherin Courtyard in arched doorway leading to gravel pathway to

#67 In tunnel above doorway to Paved courtyard from the Grand Staircase

#68 Inside Viaduct Entrance, on side above small doorway

#69 Inside Viaduct Entrance over big door.  YOu will have to partially go
     up stairs to be able to hit it.

#70 In Dungeons, in little theater

#71 On Floor 5, down hall from Clock Tower by White Statue, enter stairwell.
     It is above doorway.

#72 Outside Hospital Wing on side wall

#73 Bottom floor of Clock Tower on clock's pendulum.

#74 Go to Stone Circle and look above doorway of Covered Bridge

#75 Enter caves by Owlery, at end of caves, use boulder

#76 In Herbology outside greenhouses, use usn

#77 Just outside Charms in hallway, use bench or whatever

#78 In Castle on Seventh Floor above a doorway

#79 In Castle on Seventh Floor by 3 purple Hogwarts banners

#80 In Transfiguration Courtyard by corner of curved building

#81 Classroom by Transfiguration Courtyard above doorway.  (Explore the
     different doorways by this courtyard to find this classroom.)

#82 In hallway off of Viaduct Entrance, past the 3 purple Hogwarts banners,
     above doorway

#83 On Stone Bridge on wall

#84 On Stone Bridge above door

#85 Round room off of Stone Bridge in Floor 1 hallway above door

#86 In Hufflepuff Training Grounds by wall with arches, use boulder

#87 In Charms Classroom, on wall, use box

#88 On outside Owlery wall

#89 Start at Hufflepuff Training Grounds and head towards Astronomy Tower.  It
     is just inside doorway on wall

#90 On Suspension Bridge, use boulder

#91 Start at Suspension Bridge and enter Castle.  Go to tunnel and look to
     the side for knight on inside ring holding crest.  (WL)

#92 OUtside Astronomy Tower above doorway

#93 In Astonomy Tower, on wall in corner.  Use chair to hit it.  This can
     be a hard one to hit.

#94 In Spiral Staircase off of Seventh Floor, there is a knight holding the
     crest.  The knight is in an alcove.

#95 Just before entering the Transfiguration Courtyard above doorway

#123 Go to Quidditch Pitch and then go up wooden staircase.  You will see
      Grand Staircase Shortcut portrait.  go up further and look out to
      see a crest on wall on a Hufflepuff Training Grounds tower.  Use
      urn on lower portion of staircase to throw at it.

Crests That Are Behind Gates
There are 7 crests that can be seen behind iron gates.  If you try to use WL
to get them, they cannot get through the iron gates.  You need to use
Wingardium Leviosa to float them in the air and then flick your remote to
throw them.  This should break the crest into several pieces.  Use
Wingardium Leviosa again on the pieces.  They should be small enough to
float through the iron gates to your side.  Then use Repairo and pick up
the crest.

#96 In Hufflepuff Training Grounds, along brick wall

#97 In Hufflepuff Training Grounds, along brick wall

#98 In Library, in the back which is the Restricted Section

#99 In Dungeons, in little room off of Grand Staircase shortcut portrait

#100 In Owlery

#101 Go to Suspension Bridge, then enter Castle, right there

#102 In Astonomy Tower

Broken Crests
Some crests are out in the open but are broken into pieces.  They can be
missed if you are just looking around, but they should respond to you
moving your wand over them.  Just use Repairo on them and pick them up.
There are 4 of these crests.

#103 In Clock Tower Courtyard

#104 Outside Herbology Greenhouses by Dungbomb box

#105 Outside Library by desk

#106 In Entrance Courtyard, towards Paved Courtyard in corner

Crests Requiring Incendio Only
There are 6 crests that require you to burn a bush or cobwebs to get to
the crest.

#107 In Dungeons, in hallway outside the little theater, behind cobwebs

#108 In Hallway off of Viaduct Entrance behind cobwebs

#109 In Hufflepuff Training Grounds on wall behind cobwebs (WL)

#110 By Quidditch Pitch in corner, burn plant

#111 In Stone Circle, burn bush

#112 At Hagrid's Hut, burn bush

Crests Gotten by Dung Bombs
At one point, dung bombs show up in the game.  These 3 crests are
then available.  Use Wingardium Leviosa to float the bomb and then
flick your remote to throw it.

#113 At the beginning of the caves by Owlery

#114 Outside Herbology Greenhouses

#115 In Dungeon caves

Crests Gotten by Exploding Cauldrons
At one point, exploding cauldrons show up in the game.  These 2
crests are then available.  Use Wingardium Leviosa to float the
cauldron and then flick your remote to throw it.

#116 Start at Library, walk down hallway towards Charms classroom, to
      stairwell.  The crest is on wall high up in stairwell.

#117 In Transfiguration Courtyard, in covered hallway around perimeter

Crests that Require Several Spells
There are 5 crests that use several spells.

#118 In Hufflepuff Training Grounds on outside wall.  Look for crest on wall
      hidden by plant.  Use Incendio to burn plant, flick a dung bomb at it
      to get it off the wall.

#119 In Clock Courtyard in covered hallway along perimeter, there is a crest
      on the wall hidden by a plant.  Use Indendio to burn the plant, use a
      dung bomb to get it off the wall.

#120 Just outside Slytherin Courtyard, crest is on wall behind plant.  Use
      Incendio to burn plant, throw urn to release the crest.

#121 In Slytherin Courtyard on second floor, crest is on wall behind plant.
      Use Incendio to burn plant, throw object to release crest.

#122 On gravel path between Castle and Boathouse, the crest is on the rocky
      wall behind plant.  Use Incendio to burn plant.  There is a boulder
      just to left of crest to throw at it.  If the boulder goes down the
      path, just flick it into the lake below.  The boulder will reappear
      at the original position.

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