Defeating Rafnir the dragon?

  1. Im kind of stuck in this level... Let me tell you my gameplay before:

    While my advisor was talking i went building 3 guard towers around the castle. 2 of them got wiped out by Rafnir and a bunch of serpents nearby. Now i go building a clerics guild, then a warriors guild then... POOF! butted down :( and oh! I forgot! I built a marketplace too and researched health,mana and regeneration. I built a rangers guild to train up and get to exploring, they kept running away (yes, i destroyed the snake den nearby north) then i built a blacksmith yatayatayata. Then when i finnaly reached the NOICE witch she gave me the minotaur quest! I GAVE UP!

    The thing i need is, how do you distract rafnir? And most importantly. What kind of party should i form? Like you know, a just right team to take down magical stupids like Rafnir over here! How???

    User Info: RainboN1nja

    RainboN1nja - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Build guard towers on either side of the castle, and build all buildings to the south of the castle, that forces him to attack a guard tower instead of production buildings, because he is timed from how long he leaves his home (He won't be able to breathe on a building). Once you complete the witches quests, Rafnir is pretty easy by then because you should have some good tanks in the lvl 15-25 ranges.

    User Info: tyr2009

    tyr2009 - 1 year ago 0   0

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